Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - The Demon - full transcript

Felicity learns something new about Oliver that shocks her. Meanwhile, Diggle asks Curtis to go undercover for ARGUS. Dinah works with an unlikely ally.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 6 years of being a vigilante,

the only way to achieve my goal

and save my city was to confess
to being the Green Arrow.

Now my family and friends must
carry on my mission without me.

I am no longer a hero.

I am inmate 4587.

Previously on "Arrow"...

I am Dr. Jarrett Parker.

I'm here to conduct your
psychiatric evaluation.

- What is your name?
- My name is Oliver Queen.

You kidnapped and
imprisoned the Silencer?

She's gone.

How'd you know she was
gonna take the belt?

The RFID chip I installed in it is
gonna lead us straight to Diaz.

- Where is Diaz?
- I don't know,

but I know who does.

Everything that goes on here
goes through the Demon first.

What will you do
after you find this person?

I will use them to stop Diaz.

Still resistant.


What is your name?

My name is inmate 4587.

On your feet, 4587.

- Who are you?
- Your new best friend.

Now on your feet.

Hold out your hand.

This will be on you at all times

to ensure the safety of yourself

and the other prisoners.

Where's Dr. Parker?

He said you're ready
for phase two,

which means you belong
to me now.

- Move.
- Where are you taking me?

Down the rabbit hole.

Welcome home.

Inmate 10-13.
Inmate 10-13.

No, no.

No, please, please.
No, no.

Where are they taking him?

Pray you never find out.

Your wife is dead.

Friend of yours?


Is there a problem?

No. No problem.

Good. Keep it that way.

When's visitation?

There's no visitation down here.

No... what do...
what do you mean?

It's probably best that you forget

about anyone on the outside.

They'll eventually forget about you.

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I read through your mission report

from the Switzerland op.

Director Michaels signed off,

but I noticed a few abnormalities.

Sir, if this is regarding the 23 minutes

of unaccounted time in our field log,

it is because we took a pit stop

for chocolate.

When in Rome, right?

Do you want some?
You should have some.

- Actually, I'm diabetic.
- Oh, ok. Don't have some.

And I was referring to the intel
we got from that mission.

This is Malcolm Byrd,
a black market arms dealer

specializing in chemical
weapons trading.

The data we pulled from the bank

tipped us off to
an ongoing transaction

involving a gentleman...

Dr. Nyambi Somto, biochemist.

Two weeks ago, Somto
went missing

along with a cache of nerve agents banned

by the Geneva protocols.

We believe that Somto's trying to sell

these chemicals to Byrd.

Fortunately, A.R.G.U.S.
already has Somto in custody.

So mission accomplished.

Not exactly. Byrd still believes
the buy is going on,

which means we can catch him.

That's where you come in, Holt.

Why is there a mock-up photo of me

I.D.ed as Dr. Somto?

We need an undercover operative

to impersonate Somto

and make contact with Byrd.

Somto claims he and Byrd
only interfaced online,

never face to face, thus the mock-up.

Uh, why does it have to be my face?

We need someone who can pull
off a convincing charade.

You have 14 phds, including one

in biochemical engineering,

and you're fluent in 5 different languages,

including Somto's native tongue.

6, actually.
Nowadays, I'm more

of a chill in the back of a Van,

surrounded by monitors kind of a guy.

Curtis, we don't need you to engage.

Just put eyes on Byrd.

Me and my team will handle the takedown

and package retrieval.


It's an order.

Guess I better start
brushing up my French...

Remember me?

I need to talk to you.


I know it was the Demon
who hired you to attack me.

Stop talking to me.

Tell me who the Demon is.

- Leave me alone.
- Hey. Hey.


It was an accident, I swear.

Looks like you're having a relapse.

We warned you about this.

You know what happens now.

I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

Get him up.


Not through there, please.

The tracker is now paired with
a facial recognition program,

targeting all cctv and traffic cameras

within a 5-mile radius of the Silencer's
location, updating in real time.

So when the Silencer
finally finds Diaz,

we'll get an immediate alert?

Yeah, as long as you don't
adjust any of the inputs,

change any of the settings,
or click any buttons.

I mean, basically,
don't touch anything,

and, yeah, we will be...
we will be... we will be just fine.

I'm not sure I needed
an in-person tutorial

on how to watch a blinking dot blink.

I'm just really anxious, you know?

We're so close to getting Diaz,

and the last time I saw
Oliver was a while ago,

and it didn't end so well.

Relax. Visiting your husband
is not gonna cause

our operation to fall apart.

Although when the blinking dot disappears,

that's not good, is it?

- Crap!
- Hey. I wanted it noted

for the record I did not touch anything.

- Is the signal dead?
- No. It's just faint.

It's still pinging, but I'm
gonna need to boost the signal

to get a secure lock on her exact location,

which may take a while,
so maybe I should stay here,

keep an eye on the program,
you know, just...

You can keep an eye on the
program from the road.

Ok, but the moment...

The signal comes back online,
you want me to call you.

Yes. Look at us,

you know, finishing
each other's sentences.

- We got some...
- Go.


If not for Oliver's sake,
at least for my own.

I understand you've been
looking for the Demon.


You survived the explosion on Lian Yu.

- How?
- You know I'm not

so easily defeated.

What are you doing here?

Oh. I ran afoul of an old foe in Gotham.

What surprised me was to
see you here, a prisoner.

I believe I taught you better than that.

Oh, you taught me many things,

including how to manipulate people.

So the attack in the shower,

Brick's mind games...

You pushed every button
and pulled every string

just to get me down here.

You always were a quick study.

Where's Ricardo Diaz?

- I don't know.
- Liar.

I'm many things,

but a liar is not one of them.

You asked how I survived Lian Yu.

The answer is barely...

And only with the help of
a drug supplied by your Mr. Diaz,

so in exchange,
I facilitated an attack

on the man who murdered my
father, left me for dead.

More than a fair trade.

There was a time, Talia,

when aligning yourself with
a man like Ricardo Diaz

would have been beneath you.

I do what it takes to survive.

Another lesson you seem to have forgotten.

I taught you to separate
the man from the monster.

Instead, you exposed your true identity

for all the world to see

and became the monster
you always feared you were.

What do you want from me?

There is a way out of Slabside,

and I need your help to escape.

You expect me to help you

after all the pain and the suffering

that you inflicted on my family?

What does it tell you that
I would even ask for your help

after what you've done to mine?

You don't understand what
they do to people down here.

They reform criminals.

They destroy them.

You and I once stood on the same side.

We can do it again.

You stood on the same side
as Adrian chase...

And my son lost his mother,

so now I'm here, trying to save

what's left of my family

because I'm stuck

in a cycle of violence,
and I have been stuck there

since the moment

you told me what to do
with my father's list.

You don't honestly believe that, Oliver.

There's no Oliver in here.

I'm inmate 4587,

so I'm asking you, however
you broke into my cell...

Get out.

Uh, excuse me.
My husband is Oliver Queen,

and as your colleagues have
already triple-checked,

I am definitely on his visitor's list.

It's been 20 minutes,
and he's not here.

Inmate 4587 has had his
visitation privileges revoked.

What? What happened?
What are you talking about?

I'm not at Liberty to say, ma'am.

I'm his wife.
I have a right to see my husband.

I'm afraid you don't.

- You're Oliver's wife.
- Yeah.

I recognize you from the picture
he looks at all the time.

You know Oliver.

I'm kind of his sidekick in here.

Can you give him
a message for me?

Can you tell him that
I have a lead on Diaz?

- He'll know what it means.
- I know what that means.

He'll be so excited,

but I can't give him that message.

Why not?

Because he got sent down to Level Two.

What's Level Two?

It's bad, it's really bad.

It's where they send
the worst of the worst.

But Oliver isn't
the worst of the worst.

It's kind of a long story,
but he got set up,

and then he had to
stab a guard or two.

It all kind of happened fast,

and there was a lot of blood.

No. Oliver...
Oliver would never...

He would never do something like that.

I don't know if you've noticed,

but the guards aren't exactly
on the side of good in here.

- I should go.
- Wait just one second.

Sorry about your husband.

He's the best.

Target sighted.

Heading into the sketchy
loading dock to confirm.

Ok, Curtis.
Once you get firm confirmation,

we'll move in but not before,

so keep it cool, ok?

Sure. That will be easy
to do in wool pants.

Are you dr. Nyambi somoto?

That would be me. And you are?

Here to verify the product.

Where is it?

We still don't have eyes on Byrd.

Find out why.

I'm sorry, but I was
supposed to meet Mr. Byrd here.

With the money.

Where is he?

You have more of this, correct?


You do.
Yes, you do, Curtis.

Yes. Yes. I do.

You speak english.

Bring you entire supply to the
Mandrake Gallery tomorrow, 8 P.M.

Monsieur Byrd will be waiting.

You'll get your money then.


A second meeting was not
a part of our agreement.

Do we have a problem, Dr. Somto?

What are you doing?
Just agree to the meeting.


No. No problem at all.

What the hell was that?

You said this was
a one-time deal...

Meet the guy, get out, done.

Getting roped into the sequel
was not part of the plan!

We're in the field.

Sometimes, plans change in the field!

You, of all people, should know that!

Look. My days in the field were over

the day Oliver went to prison.

I would like to keep it that way.

Curtis, we still need to nail Byrd.

We can't do that without you!

Well, then you better hope I have
a twin or a clone or something

because I am not doing that again!

I'm out!

That doesn't make any sense.

Mr. Queen has two hours

of visitation left this month,

so I suggest you get it straightened out,

or I will have the U.S.
attorney so far up your ass

that you'll have to turn
your head to the left

and cough.

Whew! I mean, no offense to black siren,

but I actually think you're
scarier as an attorney.

Black siren gets results.

All the D.A. got was stonewalled.

Prison authorities
insisted that Oliver

already maxed his visitation
allowances this month.

How? I've only been there once.

Something's wrong.


Sorry. Empathy's a word I'm learning.

It's a work in progress.

The prisoner that knew Oliver said

they took him somewhere called Level Two.

We need to figure out
what that is.


Consider it a lesson in empathy.

Ok. I'm accessing
the federal Slabside records...

Employment, inmate sentencing,


I don't know what's more amusing...

The fact that you just broke
6 laws in front of me

or that you're forcing me to
feel empathetic about it.

What? What's wrong?

Wherever they took Oliver is
completely off the books.

There's no record of anything
at Slabside called Level Two.

What the hell happened to him?

You don't recognize a dead body?

What goes on in that room?

That's where they reform you.

Therapy doesn't kill people, Talia.

You have a surprising amount of empathy

for a man who assaulted you.

He's dead because

of whatever happened behind those doors.

Then he's one of the lucky ones.

- What?
- Those who walk out alive

suffer much more.

You have no idea what your doctor
is really doing down here.

Come on.

Dr. Parker's behind this?

Not so quick a study after all.

You fell for Parker's lies.

That's what happens when you fail
to keep your two sides separate.

You become weak.

Whatever is happening,
we need to stop it.

These people are criminals

the likes of which you've spent
the past 6 years putting away.

I'm surprised you want to help them.

But you were the one who pushed
me towards helping others,

towards fighting for justice.

You had honor then.

That was a long time ago.

Now all I care about is
getting out of here.

Are you prepared to help me with that?

Then we have nothing further to discuss.

I need to see Dr. Parker.

That's not how it works.

I need his help.
I'm having a relapse.

Hey, Dinah.
Do you have a sec?

Yeah. Uh, is this about the Hudson case?

Because I would like to get
3 counts if we can.

Hi, Dinah.

Hi. Wow. Ok.
Since when are you two friends?

Well, we decided to start a support group
for women who've been attacked by Diaz.

Or his assassins.
Do you care to join?

Uh, thanks, I'll pass,

but, hey, maybe you should get back

to witness protection

and you should head on back to Earth Two

before you both remember
you hate each other.

Ok. Real talk. We're working
together, and we need your help.

- We?
- It's called empathy, Dinah.

I'm about 100% sure that's not
what we're dealing with here,

but what is going on?

Slabside is denying
Felicity access to Oliver.

They're keeping him
somewhere called Level Two,

but there's no record
of anything at Slabside

called Level Two, so we dove
into the employee records,

- and we found something.
- Yes. A psychiatrist by the name

of Dr. Jarrett Parker with a "P."

We need you to check to see if
there were any complaints made

to the SCPD about Parker
during his private practice.

Surprised you didn't just
hack into SCPD yourself.

Oh, I did. There was just
nothing in the digital records.

I was hoping to do this
the old-fashioned way

and go through the hard
copies in the SCPD archive.

Ok, but what makes us
believe this Parker guy is shady?

Slabside doesn't have a psychiatric
program for their inmates.

Whatever Parker is
doing is not being reported.

Please. If Oliver is in trouble,

we have to help him.

Surprised to see you here.

Thought you'd be out.

Well, still have a job to do,

you know, the one that doesn't involve

possibly dismemberment and/or death.

Since when have you been
afraid of any of that?

- Since always.
- You know what I mean.

You always ran the risk
of dying with team arrow.

Why is it any different
now with A.R.G.U.S.?

It just is.
Let's leave it at that.

No. We can't just leave it at that.

You're sidelining yourself.
I want to know why.

I just don't have it in me anymore.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

Oliver's in prison. Even he
couldn't outrun the risk

that it takes to be out there fighting.

This life has cost me my marriage,

gotten me stabbed,
and people I love shot.

Maybe you and Lyla
and everyone else has

what it takes to cope with it,

but I can't keep lying to myself.

Being Mr. Terrific...

It's just not me anymore.

I've been at war, seen
the faces of men who are done.

Curtis, that is not you.

Yeah. I am pretty sure that is me.

14 phds, fluent in multiple languages,

genius, bronze medal decathlete.

Mr. Terrific isn't just an
alter ego you can lay aside.

It's who you are, Curtis.

The only real risk you're running
is denying the truth in that.

Now, I respect your decision
to sit out this mission.

Just make sure it's the right one.

When did you notice
the rage happening?

When I saw the inmate with
the grim reaper tattoo.

Interesting. Why do you think you
responded so negatively to him?

He was among the group who
attacked me on level one.

Hmm. Well, the good news is you didn't
give in to your violent tendencies.

You came here. That means
the treatment is working.

Dr. Parker, the main reason
that I didn't do anything was

he was dead.

I... I saw him being
w-wheeled out of the room

with the blue door.

Unfortunately, some inmates don't respond

as well as you to the process.

When you're breaking new scientific ground,

setbacks are inevitable.

It seems like a... ahem...
Prisoner dying is

a little bit more than a setback.

Look at what we've done together,

h-how we've eliminated
that part of yourself

that was trapped in a cycle of violence.

Imagine that on a grander scale.

The world would be
a much safer place.

Right, but people are dying.

What about them?

That sounds like something
the old you would say, 4587,

the hero who insisted on
righting the wrongs of strangers

at the expense of the
safety and well-being

of the people he loves.

I thought you weren't
that person anymore.

I'm not.


You need to continue
focusing on yourself,

on the man you need to be

for the sake of your family.

If you're unable to do that,

we'll be forced

to pursue some
other treatment options.

Why is an
arrest report from 1985

in the same box as an
employee file from 2002?

It doesn't make any sense!

Well, after the department
switched to computerized files,

they just stopped taking
care of this place.

You mean, the SCPD is
late to the digital party?

Wow! Shocking.

Felicity, there may be
some other options.

Now I still have friends in the FBI.

- I can call...
- Because the FBI is known

for their speed and efficiency?

Do you have a better idea?

Yes. I asked the U.S.
attorney to file a motion

compelling Slabside to
release all their records.

Oh, and you think
my way is slow!

That could take weeks, months.

Oliver may not have weeks,
he may not have months!

He may not even have days!
We don't know where he is.

I had no idea what his life
had become in there,

the things that he's had to do.

Felicity, you've been focused
on catching a homicidal maniac.

If anybody understands that, it's Oliver.

And Oliver's the one
who decided to go to prison.

This isn't on you.

And I was pissed
about that decision.

I should have visited him more.

I should have been
able to prevent this.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Look. I get it, ok, but trust me,

there is nothing you could have done.

You have to stop blaming yourself.

I thought that the worst
thing that could happen

was me losing my husband to prison.

Well, what if I lose him permanently?

Ahem. If you still want to get
out of here, we go tonight.

Well, I'm glad you've finally
come to your senses,

though I suspect your willingness

to conspire comes with...

I need you to help me expose
the truth about Dr. Parker.

And how do you propose we do that?

The evidence we need is
behind those blue doors.

We break in, we get it, we escape.

That would be unwise.

You've seen what happens to
people who go into that room.

They come out in body bags.

Talia, we are doing this my way,

or we're not doing it at all.

You'd risk both our lives

to help these prisoners, despite knowing

that every last one is
a murderer or worse?

These people are being treated
like they are disposable.

- No one deserves that.
- Tell me, did you feel

that same compassion when you rammed
a sword through my father's chest?

No, because back then,
I still allowed the monster

that you helped unleash take over.

Don't insinuate that my father's
death was somehow my fault.

Look. I...
Ra's' death was my fault.

I couldn't see past what he
intended to do to my city,

so I didn't stop and think
about his family,

and for that, I am truly sorry.

I know you hate me...

But I was your student once,

and we trusted each other completely.

We need to find that trust again

because it is the only way

both of us will get what we want.

Remember, the area surrounding
this meet is densely populated.

Byrd will not hesitate to leverage
this if he suspects something's up.


But he won't, right,

as long as you all send
me in there alone?

Curtis, that's the hope, but
don't worry, man. You got this.

Right. I just need to turn off the
part of my brain going, "aah!"

Ok. Ready.
What's the plan?

We're gonna give him
exactly what he wants.

The chemical will be housed in this.

The case contains
a hidden targeting system.

Use it to scan the building
and locate the hostiles.

That way, we'll know exactly
where to hit and how hard.

Once you locate Byrd, hand
off the case and get clear.

We'll launch the attack on your go.

Dr. Somto.

- So nice to finally make your acquaintance
- like wise Mr. Byrd.

I appreciate all the hospitality
with the angry armed men.

Targets acquired.

Make the exchange and get clear.


You'll find it exactly
to your specifications.


And for that, I apologize.

A binary chemical bomb.

I didn't take you

for someone as crude
as a terrorist.

What you call crude
I see as lucrative.

All I needed was a fall guy,

and you were far too perfect a Mark.

Perhaps you are forgetting
you are standing

right in front of the bomb.

You've heard of remote
detonation, haven't you?

For someone so smart,
are you really this dumb?

Well, actually,
if I wanted to do something

super-dumb, I'd probably
do something stupid like

tackle you to the ground,
take that tablet,

and shove it down your throat.

That's our Mark.
Get ready to move.

Heh heh heh heh!

Heh heh heh heh.

Still a sense of humor.

Quite impressive for
someone about to die.

Guess I'm just ready for it.

I do have one request first.

Can you give me a countdown
before you kill me?

First time I've heard that one.

I wasn't talking to you.

Too bad for you
I am pretty damn smart.

The bomb's disarmed.
Byrd's down.

- Are you all right?
- I don't know.

Do I still have my legs?
I got so much adrenaline

going right now,
I can't even tell.

Come on, Talia.
Come on, come on, come on.



About time.

You know, they say
the Mark of a great teacher

is when her pupil finally surpasses her.


What... what are you doing?

What I should have done
from the beginning...

Let you perish.

- Brace yourself.
- God, I could use a nap.

That's enough of that.

Take them to the room.

Ugh. Yeah. Felicity,
I hate to say it,

but I think we might need to
try a different approach here.

It's not that we're giving up.

It's just that we need to
figure out another way to...

Found him.

During Parker's private practice,

he was also a defendant
in 3 malpractice cases,

all settled out of court.

Check this out.
Robert Goodman.

It's one of his patients.

22-year-old male referred
to Parker back in 2015

after experiencing
several violent outbursts.

Parker promised the parents he
could make their son docile.

Instead, Goodman began suffering
spontaneous bouts of amnesia.

What the hell was this guy
doing to these people?

It's not clear. Some sort
of experimental treatment.

Looks like Parker's
making a career out of it

because I am looking at
about 8 different cases

that are exactly like Goodman.

Oh, my god!

Felicity, what is it?

"As Goodman's amnesia
became more frequent,

he eventually lost all sense
of identity and was"...

This is what they're gonna do to Oliver.

They're going to erase him.

I'm disappointed in you, 4587.

It's always so unfortunate
when a study doesn't work out,

but this failure is
especially painful.

You're a monster.

We could have done
such great things together,

helped so many people.

This isn't helping people!

I misjudged you.

I thought after our work together,

you were committed to breaking
your family's cycle of violence.

My father pushed people away.

He kept secrets,

and I made those same mistakes,

but if I choose to break the cycle,

I'm gonna do it my way.

I suggest you hold very still, 4587.


My name is Oliver Queen!

Well, it seems
like you've picked up

a few new tricks without me.

These things are so barbaric.

Must have an anti-tampering alarm.

Lockdown procedure initiated.

All inmates should return
to their cells immediately.

I've got the key card.

I've got the file.
We got to go.

We'll not be able to go quietly.


Where the hell are you two going?

We're on lockdown.

You're supposed to be in your cells.

I said, get back to your cells.

Straight ahead.

Do you think they
realized they're outmatched?

I think they're about to.

This goes down to the water.

Right. The only way out
is through the morgue.

Shameful way to treat your dead.

They went this way.
Over here!

They won't be long.
We must go.

I need you to give this to Felicity.

If you stay, you will die.

If I leave, I'm a fugitive forever.

I won't do that to my family.

All those years ago,
you were wrong.

Giving the monster an identity
didn't contain the darkness.

It just gave it power.

Separating into two selves,

hiding in the shadows...

That was never the answer.

Someone barricaded this.

Get someone to break this down.

I will make sure
your wife gets this

and that she knows her husband
is as stubborn as ever.

I'll hold them off.

Time to go, inmate.

Where are you taking me?

This whole place is getting shut down.

You're going back to level one.

Despite official
denials of the allegation

of prisoner abuse
at Slabside penitentiary,

documents provided by SCPD

detailing the cruel
and unusual practices

of Dr. Jarrett Parker, a suspect

in the cold case death of Robert Goodman,

appear to connect
the controversial therapist

to the prison, bringing
those denials into question...

Whoo! One for team Felicity.

I'm still workshopping the name.

Question is which guardian angel do we

have to thank for this little baby?

Oh, don't know, don't care.

Oliver is back sleeping soundly

in his regular maximum
security prison cell

with no evil scientists
trying to fry his brain.

This, plus what we got
from the records room,

is enough to earn Dr. Parker

his own cozy little prison cell.

You know, Slabside's got

a real PR nightmare on
their hands right now.

What if we could use that for more
than just shutting down Level Two?

We can use this to appeal
Oliver's conviction.

We can use it to get
Oliver out of prison.


You suffering from a relapse, doctor?

Allow me to provide the cure.


You haven't made it home yet?

Ah. Wanted to get the
mission report wrapped up,

make sure there were no
abnormalities for Bell to find.

Yeah. Well, mission reports
don't usually take all night.

Besides, this was
an on-the-books op.

Shouldn't be any abnormalities.

- Then why'd I find one?
- What's this?

Something I lifted off Byrd
before he went into custody.

- Why?
- Lyla copied the bank data

because she suspected A.R.G.U.S.
has something to hide.

That data led us to Byrd.

If there's a deeper
connection that A.R.G.U.S.

Doesn't want anyone to find,

I figure we should know first.

- Worth the risk, right?
- Did you find anything?

Check it out.

It's a painting?
It took you all night

to decrypt a single image?

Do you realize how many decryption
algorithms I had to run

just to get the drive
to boot up?

This thing's security
had security.

All right. Looks like someone
doesn't want us to see this.

- What's the origin?
- Well, this painting is

from the 19th century by a French
artist named Jean-Leon gerome.

The title is "Dante,
he hath seen hell."

- Hidden meaning?
- Pfft. It's art.

There's always a hidden meaning.

We just need to find out
what it is.

Welcome back, Queen!

Did you get nostalgic or something?

Pretty boy walking.

Did you miss us?

Did someone want to go home?

Guess the morgue isn't
the only way out

of Level Two after all.

I'm just glad I made it out of there.

Felicity will be, too.

What do you mean?

She came looking for you in visitation.

I told her about Level Two.

Was she ok?

Yeah. She asked me
to give you a message.

What message?

She's got a lead on Diaz.

She's close to getting him.

That's good news, right?

Well, all this saving
of your husband crap has...

Well, it's made me very hungry,

so I'm gonna go get a pizza.

- Ok.
- If you...

Want to come or if you're hungry.

I don't know.

Are you asking me out on a friend date?


Power boost is complete,

which means we have a signal.

What is the Silencer doing there?


Get what you came for?


Just making good on an old promise.

Isn't that right, Anatoly?


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