Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Level Two - full transcript

Oliver and Felicity each make drastic moves to find Diaz; the new Green Arrow swoops in when arsonists target Rene's community center; Dinah faces pressure from the mayor to capture the vigilante.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 6 years of being a vigilante,

the only way to achieve my goal

and save my city was to confess
to being The Green Arrow.

Now my family and friends must
carry on my mission without me.

I am no longer a hero.

Now I am inmate 4587.

Previously on "Arrow"...

- Where'd you get that?
- Felicity gave it to me.

I opened it up, and I found this.

They're GPS coordinates
for this island.

I know exactly where this is.

Grab your stuff.
We're going back.

- Back where?
- To star city.

The silencer's the only lead we
have on Diaz. We can't let her escape.

Isn't this kind of what we've
been doing the whole time,

stepping in when
the system fails?

Isn't that sort of
the vigilante M.O.?

Sometimes, you have to
cross the line for that.

Listen. Nobody believes
in that more than me.

I'm just not sure
that's what this is.

You'll never get to the demon

because you're on the wrong level.

The demon is on level two.

Let's go, 4587.

You're going downstairs.

I am Dr. Jarrett Parker, chief
psychiatrist on level two.

Keeping me in here
without food or water.

I understand these conditions

may cause some discomfort,

but your recent behavior
indicates that you are

a danger to other inmates and yourself.

Until I can determine you are
in the right mental state

to be with the other inmates,

it will be just the two
of us for a while.

I'm here to conduct your
psychiatric evaluation.

But I'm not crazy.

That's what I aim to determine.

Now let's begin.

What is your name?

You know my name.

Please answer the question.

My name is Oliver Queen.

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== ==

I don't belong here.

I'm hearing someone who doesn't
want to take responsibility

for his actions.

The choices that led
you to slabside are

of your own design.

You're not understanding me.

A man named Ricardo Diaz
tried to kill my family.

Somebody on this level
has a connection to him.

I need to find this person.

The only reason that I am here

is because I put myself here.

- Do you understand?
- For the sake of argument,

what will you do after
you find this person?

I will use them to stop Diaz.

How? By hurting or killing him

and then Mr. Diaz?

Recidivism is the likelihood

that a violent criminal offender

will commit another
violent crime

when set free.

That is what I'm
trying to prevent,

but I believe everyone here

has a chance at redemption,

even people like you.

I don't need your help,

and I don't need redemption.

You don't?


How many people have you hurt

besides the prisoners and guards
you sent to the infirmary?

I don't know.

How many people
have you murdered?

Hmm? Would you say you
have violent tendencies?

I would say I'm trying
to protect my family.

And they do seem
like a lovely family.

We'll unpack this more later.

Where is Diaz?

No food or water,

heat on blast.

Call this an interrogation?

It can only get worse for you.

You don't have the stomach to do

what you need to do.

Diaz is only getting stronger.

You have no idea what's coming.


- Any luck?
- No.

Actually think she might
be enjoying herself.

We're gonna need to
turn up the heat.

Any hotter, she'll
turn into soup.

I meant turn up the stakes,

do whatever it takes to make her

give us the information.

- You don't mean torture?
- I don't not mean it.

Felicity, you don't
know what you're saying.

Torturing someone is a line
you do not want to cross.

When the Navy discharged me

for what I did to a prisoner,

I learned the lesson about
the cost to my humanity

because I still have
nightmares of what I did,

even though I saved lives,

so when Tobias church tortured
me for over 20 hours,

it was the universe
paying me back.

That's evil for evil.

I'm sorry about that.

I am.

Church broke you.

You gave up Oliver's
identity, Rene.

It worked.

She tried to kill
Dinah and Laurel

and us.

Diaz hired her.
He's not gonna stop

coming after us
until we are all dead.

Oh, shoot. I was supposed
to meet with Dinah

5 minutes ago for a town hall.

She is not going anywhere,

so we're gonna take a break,

and we're gonna figure
this out later.


Star city's seen better days.

God, this place.
I swore I'd never

set foot here ever again.

Yeah. Me, too.

Sounds like I'm not the
only one with bad memories.

The coordinates have
changed since lian yu.

Something must have
triggered it.

Felicity. She must
know we're here.

Well, let's see
where she wants you to go.

Sorry. Lost track of time.

We're just about to start.

Hey, hey. Don't you want to know
what's going on in your community?

I need to know what's going on
for my algebra quiz tomorrow.


The rich part of star
city gets 5 squad cars

for every one that
the glades get.

Ma'am, I assure you
that's not the case.

When my store got robbed,

it took SCPD two hours
to get there.

You know who showed up
only minutes later?

That new Green Arrow.
Where were you?

I apologize
for that response time.

We are doing the best we can
with limited resources.

You and mayor pollard are

in way over your heads.

Ok, guys. Look.
Captain Drake is here.

She's trying to help.
Let's all be reasonable.

Well, facts are, Rene,
things were better off

with the vigilantes.

Huh? Yeah? Come on.

All set.


Fire! Fire!

Everybody stay calm,
make your way to the exit.

Let's go.

Guys, you heard the lady.
Move your asses!

Hey. I got to get Zoe.

This way. Hey. She's over here.
She's right here.

Sweetheart, are you ok, huh?

I'm ok. The Green Arrow
saved me.

It's all right.

Although the origin
of the glades youth center fire

has yet to be determined,
the SCPD has a leading suspect.

The new Green Arrow was spotted
at the scene of the crime.

We believe he may be involved.

Now I've instructed
captain Drake and the SCPD

to utilize every resource
to find and apprehend him.

Vigilantism will not
be tolerated.

What a load of crap.

The guy's a hero.

He saved her life.

How's she doing?

Doc Schwartz says
she'll be fine.

They're just holding
her as a precaution.

She's a fighter

just like her not-so-old man.

I got her a little something.

Hey, man. Isn't she
too old for that?

Do not hate on beebo.

He brings comfort
to people of all ages.


Hey. Let's let her rest.

So if it wasn't the new green
Arrow that started that fire,

then who was it?

Maybe it's a homicidal
maniac running around town

with a shiny, new flamethrower,

goes by dragon, hates our guts.

- It wasn't Diaz.
- How do you know?

Because the perps used
an accelerant that's

also been used in a rash of
other fires around the glades,

one on the same night
Diaz broke into the CDC.

That gives him an alibi.

This is A.R.G.U.S.
We have to go.

Keep us posted.

- How's Zoe?
- She'll be ok.

- Good.
- The guy who did this won't be,

not when I get my hands on him.

Yeah. We'll find him
and that vigilante.

I've got patrols
combing the city.

We both know
that new Green Arrow's

not who you should be
looking for.

Are you implying I don't care
about finding who did this?

No, but the mayor doesn't give a
crap about a fire in the glades.

She cares about locking up
the new Green Arrow

because it will
make her look good.

He saved Zoe's life.

Doesn't definitively
make him innocent.

What was he doing there
in the first place?

I'm sure he has a good reason.

Look. Let me help you by finding
the guy who really did this.

Rene, I already have one
vigilante to deal with.

I do not need two.

I'm not talking about wild dog.

That's my kid there, d.

I became a vigilante for her

because I wanted her to be
able to walk the streets

and not get attacked,
not have her purse stolen,

and not be offered drugs

because her mother died
in these streets already.

I just want
a better life for her.

Look. I care about Zoe, too,

and I promise I will find
out who set that fire,

but you saw what happened
at that town hall, Rene.

These people have completely lost
their faith in law enforcement

because Diaz corrupted it.

My job is to
catch whoever did this

and restore that faith.

All I'm asking is that
you have faith in me.


Yeah. I got it.

Good morning.

Good morning!

I see you've found a way
to keep track of time.

I'm impressed.
An active mind means

you're thinking about things.

What is your name?

I'm not answering any
more of your questions.

Still resistant. Hmm.

I suppose we'll have to
try a different approach.

Ugh! Agh!

What wa... what was that?

That will help make you
more comfortable,

allow us to have
a real conversation.

You don't have to fight anymore.

You've fought enough
in your life.

You consider yourself a hero.

The question is,
when was the moment

the playboy son of a billionaire

became the man known
as the Green Arrow?

You can survive this,

make it home, make it better,

right my wrongs, but you got
to live through this first.

You're struggling.
What do you see?

I'm with my father at sea.

Are you on the Queen's gambit?

No. We're on a life raft.

Gambit's already gone down.

Was there anyone else there

with you and your father?


His... his bodyguard ha-hackett.

We... there were the 3
of us who survived.

Ohh! Dad?



What did you see?

I see my father asking me
to right his wrongs...

Right before he shot
himself in the head.

He sacrificed his life for mine.

Is that why you became
a vigilante?

- Yes.
- Because he put his sins on you?

Would you please stop?

A father passes on more than
just his name to his children.

He provides them their legacy.

What became of hackett?

There was only enough food
and water for one person.

My dad shot him.

Your father shot him? Then what?

Like he doesn't matter
in this story,

just collateral damage?

People without the last name
Queen are human beings, too.

They have hopes, dreams, lives.

Your father wasn't a hero.

Mr. Queen, he was a murderer.

He saved me.

He condemned you.

He is gone,
but here you are caught

in the same vicious cycle,

paying for his crimes.

How'd you get past
my SCPD detail?

You know I went to mit, right?

It's like Harvard
for computer geeks

with an acceptance rate of 6.7%,

so if I can get in there,
I can get in

pretty much anywhere
except for here,

which is why I had to
resort to saying that...

We were sorority sisters.

Wow. So you are
actually practicing law.

Why does everybody find
that so hard to believe?

Well, probably because
you're not the real Laurel

or a real lawyer.

Ooh. Try saying that 3 times fast.
What a tongue twister.

Ok. Listen. I am doing
this for Quentin,

so if you don't mind, I'd
like to get back to work now.

Yeah, I get it. I mean,
prosecuting criminals

must be a lot harder
than being one.

- You're still here.
- I have a case

that you might be interested in.

Your Laurel might have done
the whole pro bono thing,

but this Laurel doesn't.

Hypothetically, if there
was a female assassin

who went by, I don't know,
the name the silencer,

who had... for purposes
of this illustration...

Only attacked the d.A. With a
belt device that canceled sound,

well, if someone has
captured said assailant

and was holding her hostage,

do you think the d.A. In this
perfectly random hypothetical

might be interested
in serving justice?

You kidnapped and
imprisoned the silencer?

No. No, not me.

- Just asking for a friend.
- And you want my help.

Yeah. I never thought
this day would come either,

but here we are.

You are a hell of
a lot more interesting

than I thought.

Where is she?

Hey. They didn't
have strawberry,

so I got you some options.

You still like
cantaloupe, right?

For, like, the 100th
time, I'm fine.

Shouldn't you be out looking for
the bad guys who started the fire?

Hey, hey, hey.
I'm your pops.

I'm right where I need to be.

Besides, your aunt Dinah
doesn't want me doing that.

There's a fire at the lofts.

Dad, you got to go.

You taught me only punks
forget about their community.

Why you always got to
listen to everything I say?

Hey, hey. I'm on
your side, remember?

He got away.

- Who got away?
- Jon Cortez.

Is he the one who's
been setting these fires?


Put your weapon on the ground.

Raise your hands
above your head slowly.

- D.
- I got a call about

a suspicious fire.

I had a hunch you
might be involved.

He's just trying to help.

Then he can prove that
by turning himself in!

Step aside, Rene.

No. Go!

- Damn it!
- I'm sorry, d.,

but I just couldn't
let you arrest him.

- Turn around.
- What?

Turn around!

Are you kidding me?

I warned you the last time.

I asked you to trust me.

Instead, you just actively
tampered with my investigation,

so now I have no choice.

Are you serious?

Rene Ramirez,
you are under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Everything you say
can and will be used

against you in a court of law,

so I suggest you
shut the hell up.

Let's go.



Good morning.

Please state your name.

Oliver Queen.

You were just now meditating.

- Yeah.
- Where did you learn to do that?

- Hong Kong.
- Who taught you?

Tatsu yamashiro.

When we last spoke,
you mentioned

your father killed
a man... hackett...

So you could live.

That's right.
I feel like my father

had to... make
an impossible choice.

An impossible choice?

How do you think
your son would feel

if he knew his grandfather
was a murderer?

Dr. Parker, please leave
my son out of this, please.

At times, love can
blind a person

to the harm they're
inflicting on their families,

the cycle of violence
they're creating

that they have learned
from their own parents.

I would never intentionally
harm my son.

Did you know that children
of the incarcerated

are 3 times more likely to
enter the justice system

than children of non-offenders?

William is nothing like me.

That may be true,

but what effect do you think
you're having on William?

I think he's alive.

Alive but with no father,

his mother dead, and no home?

Does that sound like
a good life?

No, it doesn't.

Everything that I've done
I've... I've done for my son.

I don't doubt that,

but it is my duty to point
out uncomfortable truths

so that you can reform yourself
so that you can become the man

you want to be for your son.

You created your
vigilante persona

so that you could avenge
your father's wrongs.

Isn't any part of you concerned
that William will take your lead

and become a murderer
just like you?

Then listen to me.

That promise
to your father was made

when you were vulnerable
and desperate.

It tainted your mission
from the start,

infecting you and now your son.

It wasn't fair of your father
to ask what he did of you.

You must let go of the past.

Only then can you
spare your family

from paying for your sins.

Go to hell.

He's not responding.

Prepare the machine.

Tell me exactly what she said.

Besides telling me to go
frak myself, nothing.

Well, lucky for you, I've been
working on my cross examination.

Your witness.


Remember me?

What's the matter?

Cat got your tongue?

You have no idea who I am,

what I survived.

You're in way over your head.

I don't think I am.

A little advice
from someone who used

to work with that
psychopath Diaz...

You think you're being loyal.

The only loyalty
he knows is to himself.

He'll kill you without
a second thought.

I'd do the same thing to
anyone who got in my way.

I don't think you're hearing me.

Maybe I need to talk
a little bit louder.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Got a call...
From Rene.

Oh. Of course he called you.

Why? To talk some sense into me?

I just came by to find out
why you locked him up.

Because he broke the law again,

and I can't keep
making exceptions

just because he's
our friend, John.

Sometimes, it's hard being
on the other side of this.

Enforcing the rules. Yeah.

That's been a tough
transition for me, too.

Look. I know Rene believes he's
doing the right thing here,

but our circumstances
have changed.

There is no way any of us can
help anyone if we're arrested

by the FBI for violating
the immunity deal.

More importantly, this police
force is a complete disaster

after everything Diaz did to it.

Dinah, you're under
pressure, a lot of pressure.

I get that,

but you sure it's not
something more?

Hey. You know what helps me?

Spending time with J.J.

Family, Dinah.
That helps us through.

John, living in the shadows is

when all the worst
things happen.

Oliver going to prison,

Vince... first undercover,
and then...

That's the real reason,

because as much as I
believed in team Arrow,

I had to move on.

I had to be
a different kind of hero

for this city.


You know, sometimes, I wonder
if there's any form of justice

that's 100% on the level,
even at A.R.G.U.S.

I think sometimes you need
vigilantes and law enforcement

working together to get results.

Quentin Lance...

He did things by the book,

but, Dinah, Lance
was willing to work

with anyone who could help him.

This Green Arrow isn't Oliver.

I can't risk everything
for a stranger.

But a stranger with good intel.

Rene asked me to look
into Jon Cortez,

a merc arsonist with
his own crew for hire.

What you do next with that
information is up to you.

So this was Smoak tech?

Must have been something
in its heyday.

This was Felicity's office.

You know, it makes sense
that she would lead us here,

but wouldn't it just be easier
for her to reach out to me?

Why is she playing games?

I have no idea.

I mean, ironically, she was
the one who influenced me

to go into the tech field,

even after everything
that happened.

Well, you're a lot more
forgiving than me.

Looks like a system Felicity
showed me when I was a kid.

Back then, it was
just a set of designs.

Can you fix it?

It's an extremely
outdated model, so yes.

Just a simple
recursive algorithm

followed by a little
Felicity special.

This is a restricted area!

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry about this, guys.

I... I was supposed to
meet an investor,

and, um, obviously,
I got the wrong address.

You're such a bad liar. Shut up.

Please don't kill us!

I'm not gonna hurt you.

You shouldn't have
come back here, Roy.

I knew Dig was the right
choice for that phone call,

and Felicity didn't answer.

John's not bailing you out.

Listen. I can't have
you out there trying

to catch those
arsonists on your own.

You don't like that, you can
stay locked up in here,

but your intel... It was good,

so help me catch them
by working with me.

I... I'm sorr...
I... I'm sorry.

Just, ears are a little clogged.

It just sounded like
you wanted to team up.

Not permanently, no,

but in this case,
bending the rules

might be the only way to
serve the greater good.

That sounded like something
captain Lance used to say.

Exactly. Look. Right now,
the SCPD on its own,

we just... we can't get
justice for the glades,

so I am willing to give
working together a shot

if you do it my way.

"If"? I've been trying to
make this happen for weeks.

All right. A.R.G.U.S.
Found something

I don't have jurisdiction
to get to... bank records.

Jon Cortez has been receiving regular
payments from patbane holdings.

So let me guess. Patbane
holdings isn't on the up and up.

It's a shell company,
one that's been buying

these torched-up properties
at highly reduced rates.

So somebody's been burning down the
glades and then buying it back up?

So who's at the top
of the patbane food chain?

That's what we need to find out.

Ok. Time to bail you out.

You scared the crap out of me.

You find out where Diaz is?

No. She's not being very chatty.

Of course she's not.
Make her chat.

That's why you're here.

I tried, and if I keep trying,

I'm gonna kill her.

Since when did you care
about anybody's life?

I don't, but if she's dead,
she can't talk,

and then we have nothing.

Which is what we have now.

We need that information.

And you're gonna get it
with a rusty screwdriver?

If Diaz taught me anything,
it's Patience.

He waited 30 years to get
revenge on one person.

We don't have 30 years.

- This isn't you.
- This is the new me.

This is the me who doesn't
wait around to get murdered.

This is the me...

This is the me that fights back.

I respect that.

In fact, I can actually stand
being around this new you.

It's just once you do this,

it's... it's really hard to get
back to who you were before,

and I don't know
if you ever can.

Well, I've already accepted
that my old life is over,

so I don't have
anything left to lose.


I used to be just like you.

Well, that I find
hard to believe.

On my earth, I loved my father

and my Ollie, but they
were taken away from me

because they were murdered.

It's when you lose the
people who matter most.

Once you get through the grief,
you get angry,

you want revenge, and I took it,

but the darkness, it swallows
you the more you feed it,

and digging yourself
back out to the light,


It's really hard.

In fact, I wish someone
would have warned me

before I got blood all over
my hands the first time.

Maybe that way, I would have
been more like your Laurel.

I don't know what else to do.

We need to play
the long-term game here.

I need you to use
that big brain of yours

and think.

You took out those cops.

They would have killed Roy
for being a former vigilante

just like they
would have killed me.

I don't understand.

You were police captain.

What happened?

That was a long time ago.

Yeah. There were
police everywhere,

and you just dragged us through
the sewer to get here.

What the hell happened
to star city?

Star city fell
when the glades Rose.

They built a wall.

They closed their borders.

No one outside the glades
is allowed to enter.

The SCPD are basically
hired guns.

They protect the glades from
what's outside their wall.

I think maybe we should
have stayed on lian yu.

But then we wouldn't
have gotten this.

What is this thing?

It's a new form
of electrical therapy

that targets areas
of memory in the brain,

the places where our
greatest fears are held.

I've used it to help reform
slabside's more stubborn cases.

I don't need to be reformed.

Your will is one of the
strongest I've encountered,

but even mountains
fall over time.

Don't fight it.

You can survive this,

make it home, make it better,

right my wrongs, but you got
to live through this first.

Are you on the raft?


What is your father asking you?

He's asking me
to right his wrongs.

And setting you
on a road to ruin

that will one day
poison your son.


I'm scared.

Come here.

I'm gonna take care
of everything, all right?

You're gonna be fine.

Those last moments on the raft,

your father asked you
to redeem his own life,

but if you had been
in his place,

what would you have
told your son?

We're gonna die here.

You're gonna make it
through this.

You're gonna get off this raft,

and you, William, you are...

Are gonna have
an amazing life...

Because you're destined
for great things,

not to die on this raft.

Promise me that you
will forget about me,

and... and go live your life.


- Dad!
- William, I love you.


You were talking just now.

You told your son
you loved him. Why?

Because he's the most important
thing in the world to me.

Then it is up to you to
end your father's cycle

for the good of your son.

Only you can do it.

Do you see that now?

There. Guys in cyber untangled
the patbane holdings web.

This is our guy... Marcus fish,

a real estate investor
here in star city.

He managed to buy up real
estate on every glades block

where a fire happened.

Can't be a coincidence.

Cortez has been getting
paid in two installments...

Half up front, half the
day after the job.

There's an odd number
of payments.

Patbane made a deposit
earlier today

but no second payment.

That means the next attack
is happening tonight.

You know, I heard somebody
was trying to buy

the starling palladium,

old movie house over on 8th.

Owner's a crotchety bastard.

Ain't no way he'd ever sell.

And that's just
a few blocks from here.

I've made a vow not to kill,

but it seems I must.

Aah! Ohh!

We got company.

Hey, dummy. Hands up.

Watch out!

- Thanks for the save.
- Where are the other two?

Guessing over there.


Nice shot.

Back to work.
I'll take care of her.

Drop it now!

You ok, d.?

Yeah. You got the others?

Yeah, we stopped them.
How do we stop this?

The sprinklers are jammed. There's
nothing to keep this from spreading.

Help me get him.


You guys better clear out
before the cops arrive.

Whoa! Stand down,
stand down!

I'm a friendly.

You're not, uh, here to
arrest me again, are you?

Uh, no, not today.
I actually just came

to drop this off for Zoe

and to thank you

and your new Green Arrow friend

for helping catch the arsonists.

I really appreciate
what you did tonight.

Feels good to be fighting
side by side again.

Aunt Dinah,
what are you doing here?

Hey. So sorry, kiddo. I
didn't mean to wake you up.

Just checking to
make sure you're ok.

Brought you a little something.

This is so cool.
Is it a bird?

Yeah. It's a canary.

Here. Let me help you.

Good evening.

Now that you've had time
to think things over,

have you come
to any conclusions?

- Yes.
- That's good to hear.

State your name.

My name is inmate 4587.

Where's Diaz?

If your friend isn't
getting it out of me,

you definitely aren't.

Diaz took everything from me...

My husband, my family, my life.

I don't have anything to lose!

- Felicity!
- I'm getting that information.


What the hell is wrong with you?

You told me to use my brain.

Your brain? That was
you using your brain?

You need to stop
with your little games

and let the grownups
handle this.

She's gone.

How'd you know she was
gonna take the belt?

Lucky guess. The RFID chip
I installed in it

is gonna lead us
straight to Diaz.


- What?
- You're different.

You remind me of the
Felicity from my earth.

We know each other on earth two?

Everybody knows you.

You run your own empire.

- This girl?
- Yep.

Except for she's ruthless.

Are you prepared to be ruthless?

Because once the silencer
leads us to Diaz,

we won't just be torturing him.

We're gonna have to kill him.

Can you handle that?

This is a waste of time.

How much longer are we
gonna be trapped in here?

You used to be
a lot more patient.

Shouldn't be too much longer.

Felicity told me that
making a pattern on a rubik's cube

is like running an algorithm.

My favorite was cube in the cube

because it's a puzzle
within a puzzle.

A cube in the cube.

Still, no answers.

Wait. What? What just happened?

Is that some sort of map?

It's the glades.

You two remember Zoe.

Hi, Roy, William.

Wh... what are you doing here?

I'm with the vigilante

one of the few left
fighting to save star city.

Is your dad here, too?

My dad wouldn't be caught
dead in star city.

This map shows secret routes
in and out of the glades.

Where did you get this?

Felicity. She's the one
who sent us to star city.

No. That's impossible.

William, I'm so sorry to be
the one to tell you this,

but Felicity Smoak is dead.

Synced & corrected by MaxPayne
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