Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 6 - Episode #7.6 - full transcript

Previously on "Arrow"...

- And you want my help.
- Yeah. I never thought this day

would come either, but here we are.

- Time to go, inmate.
- Where are you taking me?

You're going back to level one.

- Where did you get this?
- Felicity.

She's the one
who sent us to Star City.

I'm so sorry to be the one
to tell you this,

but Felicity Smoak is dead.

Just making good
on an old promise.

Isn't that right, Anatoly?

You, uh...

You remember the last time
we saw each other?

You killed my brothers, all of them.

Let me, um...
let me jog your memory.

You betrayed me...

After I trusted you...

I gave you my friendship.

Man like you has no friends.

Where are your friends now?


Oliver Queen!


The arrow team...

They're all gone, brother.

You picked the losing side.

What are you waiting for?

Kill me!

Not yet.
I got a little job for you.

You're gonna help me

destroy Oliver Queen.

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== ==

I thought that mind control
stuff only happened in movies.

It wasn't exactly mind control.

This place seems like
it's gotten a lot worse.

They came in after
you stabbed that guard.

These guys are professional jerks.

Less yard time,
cell checks every half-hour.

Have they been rough on you?

No way.

I'm glad they're here.

Brick's been pissed ever since
you shut down his fight club,

and I'm the only one
he can take it out on.

If they weren't here,
he'd have come after me.

You totally saved me.
Typical Green Arrow move.

Pick it up.

I thought Dunbar was
on Brick's payroll.

Not anymore.
Ever since that fight club fiasco,

Dunbar's got a slap
on the wrist.

Now he treats Brick like, well, you.

On your feet, 4587.

- Speaking of.
- Time to go.

Have my meal privileges been revoked?

I said, let's go, inmate.

- Err.
- I'm not telling you again.

That's what I thought.

You have a visitor.

I thought I didn't have any visitation.

Well, it must be your lucky day.

What do you want?

Try sounding a little
bit more grateful, Ollie.

I had to file an emergency motion

just to get in here to see you,

and it's a good thing
that I did because you

look like crap.

Just need to document...

- Hey.
- Your injuries really fast.

What are you doing?

We got the Level Two psych records

from wherever or whoever you had
sneak them out of Slabside.

How did you do that, by the way?
No, no.

Never mind.
Don't tell me.

It's better for your case
if I don't know.

What do you mean, my case?

- Your case.
- What... what are you working

with Jean loring?

No. I'm working with your wife.

Felicity would have told me
if she was working with you,

and the only reason that
you would ever help me

or anyone is if there was
something in it for you.

- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.

You're the reason that Diaz
got away in the first place.

Do you remember?

You know, the Ollie I knew,

he had a hard time taking
responsibility for his failures, too.

You know what's amazing?

You're nothing like her.

So go ahead and pretend to be Laurel,

my Laurel, for as long as you want.

You never will be, ever.

Stay away from my wife.

I can't believe she's dead.


I don't really drink.

Well, I do.

So what happened?

How did she die?

It was a couple weeks ago,

give or take.

She was murdered.


Who would hurt Felicity?

Roy, the Felicity you knew
was very different

than what she became.

We wanted her to join us,

but she cut ties.

Instead, she went underground.

She started calling
herself the calculator.

- Like her father?
- She ran in some

dangerous circles.

You walk that path long enough,

sooner or later,
it catches up to you.

I'm sorry, William.

However Felicity died,

whatever the circumstances,

she still sent me this signal,

and I need to know why.

You don't owe her anything, William.

Well, maybe she owed me.

Ok. I noticed this earlier.

You see the color variation?

I think Felicity was
trying to lead us there.

This is kind of crazy.
You know that, right?

All I know is
I've come this far.

I'm not stopping now.

Has the Silencer's flight
touched down from Moscow yet?

An hour ago in Star City
just like we thought.

My facial recognition algorithm
indicates she hasn't had a rendezvous

yet with Diaz,
but I did get an update

on why Diaz sent
the Silencer to Russia.

Anatoly Knyazev?

I can't get specific confirmation,

but the rumor on the dark web is

that the entire bratva
was massacred

two nights ago in Moscow,

which doesn't bode well
for our frenemy Anatoly.

How'd things go with Oliver?
Is he ok?

He's fine. He hates me,
he thinks I'm a monster,

and he doesn't want my
help, but he's fine.

Oh. Ok. Listen. I mean, prison's
obviously been rough on Oliver.

I mean, that's the whole
point of prison. Duh!

But he doesn't know the new you.

I mean, he just knows the old,
scarier, murdery version of you.

I don't really care
what Oliver thinks of me,

but he doesn't want me
representing him,

and I don't know how quickly you're
gonna find substitute counsel.

No way. We are not changing
our strategy, not now.

Oliver's constitutional
rights were violated.

A prosecutor stepping over to the
opposite side of the line to defend him

is the best leverage
that we have.

I just got a hit.

Diaz and the 3 Longbow Hunters were spotted

outside a munitions plant
in orchid bay.

He's probably looking
for some kind of weapon.

Too bad he's not gonna live
long enough to get it.

We have to move before
they change locations.

Why do bad guys always
pick the creepiest places?

Oh, wait.
Was that a serious question?

Well, I mean, you used to be a bad guy...
well, gal,

so I figured you'd know.

This doesn't look like
official D.A. business.

Did we have to invite him?

- Are you two, like, friends now?
- It's a long story,

but the punch line is that the
Silencer and Diaz are inside,

which means we're finally gonna
get a chance to bring them down.

And you know this how?
Oh, wait.

Let me guess.
Long story.

Can we just leave it at that?

- So are you in?
- You really got to ask?

Where the hell is she?

According to my tracker,

she's... she's in there.

- Bomb!
- Go, go, move, move,

move, move, move!

A.R.G.U.S. has been
tracking Diaz ever since

he slaughtered
the bratva in Russia.

The SCPD was responding to a
munitions plant break-in,

so please tell me, Felicity,

how the hell do you end up in
the middle of my op again?

Why don't I just say
exponential search algorithm,

and we'll just leave it at that?

We planted a tracker
on the Silencer's belt.

Obviously, Diaz must have found it

and is using it as bait against us.

How did you manage that? You were
nowhere near the Silencer at the CDC.

That thing at the CDC was you guys?

Uh, Felicity wasn't near her.
I was.

We snuck her out together.

So you two captured the Silencer?

But Felicity and Laurel were the ones

that tortured her.

Actually, I convinced her not to.
You're welcome.

So now you're working with Laurel?

- I'm standing right here.
- To be fair, she did help

shut down that illegal
psychiatric program at Slabside.

Wait. Hold on a sec.
You're gonna give me

crap about working with
the new Green Arrow,

and meanwhile, you're siding
with the black frickin' siren?

Again, still here.

You're working with
the new Green Arrow?

Guys, I think
that the whole point of this

is that maybe we could all pick
up our phones a little more, huh,

shoot a text.

Yeah. I am totally
talking about the fact

that everyone forgot
my birthday last week.

Your party is next week.
Act surprised!

Ok. Now that all of our
deep, dark secrets are out,

do you think that we could switch
our focus back to the psycho

who just tried to blow us up?

Sounds like good idea.

First, ground rules.

No new Green Arrow.

Secondly, no one who isn't from this earth.

You're kicking me out?

Well, you are the D.A.

You could have been exposed tonight,

and I think there's
no need to risk that again.

So an international
mob boss gets to stay

and I have to leave, is that it?

Huh! Unbelievable.

- Laurel, wait.
- Dasvidaniya.

Laurel, please wait.

It looks like you and your husband
don't need my help after all.

He does, we do, I do,
but, more importantly,

I need the D.A. to help Oliver.

Well, I was happy to help
your little charity case

when I had some downtime, but now
that Diaz is back in, I don't.

Laurel, Laurel, please!

If I could trade places with you

so that you could go get Diaz, I would,

but this is my only chance
to get Oliver out of prison.

This is it! This...

This is my only chance
to get my husband back.

Laurel, please.

You know, sometimes, I really
hate being your Laurel.

I promise you that when we
catch Diaz, I will call you

and we will finish this
just like we planned.


We're close. Should be
just up here.

All these years, and you're
still that boy who hates

not knowing stuff.

Are you still that girl who
loves getting into trouble?

You know it.

It's good seeing you.

I tried to keep in touch
after everything.

Yeah, I know.
Guess it was just easier

for me to move on
than to hold on, you know?

Wish I could do
the same sometimes.

I cannot believe that
they're full-grown adults.

Which means we're old.

I never thought I'd
see you again.

This is the last place I ever
thought I'd come back to.

I wanted William
to leave me on Lian Yu.

How did he convince you?

I found a message
inside of Oliver's bow,

the Mark of four.

That's impossible.
Who could've put it there?

I don't know,
but I think it's best

that we keep this between us.

None of us have seen
William for years.

You sure we can trust him?

He's Oliver's son.

That is exactly what worries me.

Hey. According
to the map, it's only

a few hundred more
feet this way.

- Let's go, inmate.
- What? Where?

Oh, you're going
to the hole permanently.

What's going on?

Officer Dunbar was
killed last night,

and this little bastard was
the last one seen with him.

What?! I didn't kill anybody.
It wasn't me!

Wait. How do you know
it was him?

Oliver, it wasn't me, I swear!

It must have been Brick!
He set me up!

Oliver! Oliver!

Look who just got out
of the loony bin.

You learn any
life lessons in there?

Maybe those doctors helped
get your head on straight.

Tell me what you know
about Dunbar's murder.

Sounds like you're
accusing us of something.

I heard the poor chap
got stabbed 8 times.

Messy way to go.

You and he had
a falling out, Brick.

Maybe we did,
and maybe we didn't.

Maybe an innocent man is rotting
in the hole in your place.

There are no innocent men in here, Queen.
You should know that.

Brick, Stanley
didn't kill that guard.

Well, I guess he's got
nothing to worry about.

The truth will set him free.

Go ahead.

Then you can join your
friend in the hole.

Hey, Brick.

If you or anyone in your crew

had something to do with
this, I'll find out.

Come on.

Meet pyotr roslov...

Former kgb, lots of deep, scary
ties to the Russian military.

Oh. He looks like
a real charmer.

Hmm. He is not. Pyotr and
I were associates at kgb,

but we had a disagreement.

Then why did Diaz
have you call him?

Diaz wants to buy some kind of
very powerful weapon from him.

He wants to destroy Oliver Queen

by destroying
what he loves, his city.

That's why Diaz
was trying to steal

the directed energy weapon.

And whatever was at the CDC.

We find out where Diaz plans to
launch his attack, we snag him there,

we find out what roslov
sold him,

and you're gonna help us.

No, no, no. No.
Pyotr can smell a rat.

Anatoly, we will help you.

I play hero once before,

and Diaz killed all of my
brothers as punishment.

- Never again.
- Oliver was your brother, too,

and he would want you
to help us get Diaz.

Yeah, but Oliver tried
to do the same thing.

Look where he is now. No. Time for
me to go somewhere nice, tropical.

Maldives maybe.

I think it's
really hard to travel

when you're on homeland
security's most wanted list.

Yes, but I am on no such...

You are threatening me?

Call it an enthusiastic

A couple minutes
in roslov's office,

you download his hard drive,

you're on your way
to the Maldives.

You're not Felicity Smoak
I remember.

Well, she couldn't catch Diaz.

Maybe this one can.

I got a visual.

Anatoly Knyazev.

He's in.

I suppose I owe
you a debt of gratitude

for sending the dragon
my way, Knyazev.

Oh. I'm pleased your dealings with Mr.
Diaz were, uh, profitable.

Oh. Yes.
Very profitable.

Speaking of, you need
4k TV, sarin gas?

All fall off truck, I swear.

Anatoly, you
need to get to that computer.

Eh, pyotr, why don't we sit down

like old friends?

Good. Now distract
him and insert the drive.

Something wrong?

I... I was promised

Um, on rocks...


He's got incoming. Anatoly's
been compromised.

We have to get him out of there.

The drive still needs a minute
before he can retrieve the data.

Felicity, he doesn't
have a minute.

Anatoly, there is
no immediate threat.

Keep him talking.

Forgive me, pyotr.


Losing bratva was very painful.

The pain taught me to see all
the pain that I have inflicted.

I'm hoping that you can see it
in your heart to forgive me.

A snake may shed its skin,

but it is still a snake.



God. Yes. We got it.

Damn it.

Hey. How's Anatoly?

He'll be out cold
for a few hours,

but he'll be fine.

- Good.
- Felicity, it wouldn't have been

if I showed up
a few seconds later.

But he is fine, and we got this.

It's encrypted
and probably in cyrillic,

so it's gonna take me
a while to decode,

but it is a huge lead
on what Diaz is planning.

And this would have been
worth Anatoly's life?

Well, think about how many
lives we're gonna lose

if we don't stop Diaz.

We all have to take risks
in the field, dig.

That's true, but this was a risk

that you coerced him
into taking, Felicity.

I'm sorry that
he got hurt, I am,

but we got intel on Diaz
because I didn't give up.

Give up? Felicity,
I didn't give up.

You pushed me out. You wanted
to do things your way,

and I supported that decision,

but that was before
I knew your decision

involved risking innocent lives.

Anatoly is hardly a girl scout,

and don't lecture me, especially
because you haven't been around.

I am willing to do whatever
it takes to end this.

But then what?

Felicity, I've known you
for a long time,

and you are a good person,

but I've been
to the front lines,

and I know exactly
what that does to people.

I just hope when
this war is over,

you still come out a hero.

Hey. You ok?

The guards, they took
turns hitting me.

They think I killed
their friend.

Stanley, did they say why?

They haven't even found
the murder weapon.

Dunbar's a jerk,
but I would never hurt him.

I would never hurt anyone.

Oliver, if they pin this on me,

I'm gonna be in here forever.

Hey. I'm not gonna
let that happen.

I heard that it happened
in the shower.

- Ok.
- But that doesn't even

make sense because I wasn't even
close to there when that guy...

I know if anyone can find
out what really happened,

it's the Green Arrow.

Just sit tight, ok?


Of course.

I'm sure you're
wondering what a state D.A.

Is doing here in federal court,

representing someone on the
opposite side of the law.

I am.
This is highly unusual.

I'm here as an officer
of the court.

This... is Oliver Queen's
current condition.

He has been
psychologically tortured,

harassed, and assaulted.

Upon information and belief,
Mr. Queen also had

the opportunity
to escape Slabside

but instead smuggled information
out to help his fellow inmates.

And you feel these things
should negate his conviction?

Yes. Oliver Queen made
a deal with the FBI

to protect his city,
but the FBI failed

to hold up their end
of the bargain.

Meanwhile, Diaz has
continued to commit

numerous other crimes
and nearly succeeded

in murdering Mr. Queen's
wife and child

while they were
in federal witness protection.

Anything further,
Ms. Lance?

Your honor, the hardest
thing to do is to be a hero

when no one expects you to be.

The easier path
is to be a criminal.

The past 6 months,
Oliver Queen has chosen

the hard road and has been
a hero in terrible conditions,

and since the FBI has not
held up their end of the deal,

Oliver Queen deserves
to be a free man.

I agree that
a federal investigation

into the conditions
of Slabside should be ordered.

However, I'm unconvinced that Mr. Queen
should be released at this time.

his conviction stands.

Your appeal is denied.

Got your message.
Are you in?

Felicity had the brilliant idea

to use a cyrillic dictionary
attack on the table

of hashed passwords.

It was pretty brilliant of me.

Our friend roslov, on the
other hand, less brilliant.

His decryption key
is the Russian equivalent

of "password69."

Once we translated all the data,

this is what we got.

Say hello to betab-500.

Yeah. That's a
top-of-the-line aerial explosive,

razor-thin precision,

able to cut through
concrete like nothing.

Well, Diaz has two of them,

so that means our list of
potential targets just doubled.

Keep working on that hard drive.

What are you gonna do?

Prepare for a mass evac of Star City.

Why'd you do it, Turner?

What the hell are you talking about?

Why'd you kill Dunbar?

I didn't kill that guard.

Your blade says you did.

Guards found prints on it.

Turner, you're going
to the hole,

and this time, you're
never coming out.

You did this? W-wait.
You got the wrong guy.

You got the wrong guy.
I didn't do this.

Hey. I heard you were up.

How are you feeling?

Heart pounding in head.

Each beat... pow...
Like knife to brain.

I'm sorry. I should have
gotten you out sooner.

So you are not new
Felicity Smoak after all.

What do you mean?

You want to be ruthless

to pursue madman,

I'll not judge you.

I am, after all,
wanted criminal.

I actually thought you'd be more
pissed I almost got you killed.

Yeah. Of course
I'm angry.

You threaten my life,

but I don't like apologies.

You cannot take away
mistake by wishing it so.

In my line of work,
you make choice,

you do not look back.

Ah. So you don't regret working
against us with Diaz last year?

Regret, guilt. These are demons
you choose to live with,

a trade you make
to get what you want.

How bad do you want
to kill Ricardo Diaz?

More than anything.

Well, then you embrace demons.

No more half measures.

When I work with Oliver
in Russia,

he was not villain,

but he did what
needed to be done.

You remind me of him then.

What would that Oliver
have done in this situation?

He would have ended Diaz,

and he wouldn't care
about the cost.

Hey! Laurel,
you look a little upset.

Why don't we go cool off?

Get out of my way.

It seems like you were
about to open your mouth

and do something you're
going to regret, counselor.

I'm not an attorney,

as you've reminded me
many times.

You sure looked like one
in that courtroom today.

Yeah. Well, it doesn't
matter, does it?

Oliver's not getting
out of prison.

Now, if you don't mind, I have

some unfinished business
with that judge.

Did you even bother to
listen to yourself in court?

You spoke from your heart.

Big surprise, by the way,
you do have one.

You said, "the hardest
thing to do was to be a hero

"when no one expects you to be.

The easier path
is to be a criminal."

What do you care, anyway?

If anybody knows the
true me, the real me,

it's you.

You know, you've been telling
people for 6 months now

you've changed.

It wasn't until I saw
you in that courtroom

that I actually believed it.

Do not throw that away just
because it's getting hard now.

I don't want you coming to one of
my court appearances ever again.

This has to be
where Felicity was hiding out.

Yeah, but doing what?

Uh, guys.

You have
triggered security protocols.

If you do not provide
access credentials

in 30 seconds,

you will be terminated.

All our weapons were targeted.

Please say you can hack this.

Hack Felicity?
Yeah, right!

She wouldn't lead us here
without access.

What are those?

No freakin' way.

Get the bow.

Remember how
my dad used to train?

Access granted.

You'd think Felicity would
have made that a lot easier.

She's obviously
trying to protect something.

I'll bring up the last
files she accessed.

These are structural maps

of all the buildings
throughout Star City.

City hall, central library,

old rockets arena...

All areas outside the Glades.

Yeah. Along with schematics
to build explosives

and the money to fund it.

This is a plan to level
all of Star City.

What you got?

Anatoly said in order to catch Diaz,
I couldn't worry about the cost.

Felicity, you know how
I feel about this.

I know, and that's not
the point.

The point is that Diaz
does worry about the cost.

I mean, it's basically
his whole M.O.

Diaz wants to make a statement.

The man carries around
a flamethrower.

Subtlety isn't his strong suit.

So I started wondering, what is
a statement worthy of a dragon?

I ran an algorithm

the betab-500 and the
manufacturer's specification.

Turns out that this model
is a new version,

where you can attach
it to a pipe.

For instance, a pipe
underground filled with gas.

- Gas plant.
- Mm-hmm.

That building's
totally fireproof.

Rest of the city, not so much.

If Diaz sets off those bombs,

a whole river of gas
underneath the city

goes up in flames literally.

Ok. A.R.G.U.S. will
continue the evac.

We'll handle these bombs.

Does that mean what
I think it means?

Call the whole team.
We're gonna need all the help

we can get on this one.

I miss good old says

when bomb could be turned
off by computer far away

in dark warehouse.

Yeah. These are not
those type of bombs,

and since we're on the
topic of freaking out,

the bombs are linked, which
means we can't disarm one

without detonating the other.

Which means we'll have to
disarm them at the exact same time.

It's like
the world's worst trust fall.

Ohh. I was hoping it would
look less scary in person.

- Wishful thinking.
- Bogey number one is attached

to the main pipeline leading
straight into Star City.

We got eyes on the second bomb.

Guys, this timer's
started already.

Mine, too.

This timer was
activated manually.

Diaz is still here.

Dinah, meet me outside.

Anatoly, Rene.

We'll keep an eye
on the bomb squad.

Bring in our exfil.

I want to watch the fireworks
from above.

Curtis, each linking device is
protected by its own crypto-key.

We decrypt the passcodes, and then we
input them at the exact same time.

Yeah. I'm gonna need a little
bit more time on my end.

You got the easy bomb.

We do not have more time.

- When can we run?
- Not now.

Guys, we have a problem.

My little bundle of joy came
with a backup detonator.

- Cell phone transmitter.
- Can you remove it?

Not if we don't want
to set it off.

We can't input those passcodes
until we have that master phone.

Once Diaz realizes that
the timers have been stopped...

He blows us up with phone call.

You go get that phone.
I got this.

Got the passcode.
Ready to input it.

I'm ready, too.
Dig, Rene, do you copy?


Come on. Come on, Rene.

We cannot wait any longer.

They're gonna come through.

Ok. On 3.
1, 2, 3, type.

Now we run.


but it's pointless.


Breaking news out of Star City.

Notorious fugitive Ricardo
Diaz is behind bars tonight,

thanks to the efforts
of the unidentified Green Arrow.

Earlier this evening,
the vigilante foiled

an attempted bombing
at the natural gas plant,

leaving many to wonder
should the anti-vigilante law

be revoked.

Well, just like the good old days, huh?

The Green Arrow swooping
in to save the day.

We do all the work,
and he gets all the credit.

About time he got some credit.

The important thing is
we caught Diaz.

And this is a huge
collar for the SCPD.

The feds are gonna be pissed
they didn't get him first,

and we are gonna charge Diaz
with every crime in the book.

Guys, we caught Diaz.

This is what can happen
when we all work together.

I don't want to say
I told you so...

- But you are, right?
- Yeah.

You know what? Let's
go get a drink and celebrate.

- We deserve it, huh?
- Oh, yeah.

Well, Felicity, after
everything, you did it.

How's it feel?

Well... Diaz is
behind bars.

What could be better than that?

I mean, I thought
I made myself clear.

I don't want your help.

That's just too bad because
as your legal counsel,

I am obligated to inform
you of your case status.

That should be your copy
of the court's ruling.

Spoiler alert...
We lost.

Must be difficult to win a case

when you're not a real lawyer.

Says here the judge is
ordering an investigation

into prisoner abuse at Slabside?

Turns out the government
isn't a big fan

of lobotomizing their prisoners.

That will help a lot
of people in here.

Ahem. Thank you.

I don't want your thanks.

I didn't do this for you.
I did this for me,

and, no, I am not your Laurel.

I'm not the old Laurel.
I'm me.

Everyone has good
and bad inside of them,

and you can't put people
in one box or the other ever.


What, because I am Russian?

That is stereotype,

but da, yes, vodka.

I only have a bit left.

I hope they have vodka
in the Maldives,

that is, if you can do
an American accent.

Hello. I am Jason brown

from Denver, Colorado.



You're a strong person,
Felicity Smoak.

You catch dragon.

Now don't look back.

Doesn't make any sense.

Felicity wouldn't do
something like this.

Like we said, she changed.

Ok. Let's say you're right

and Felicity somehow
became Overwatch of evil.

Why lead us here?

Maybe she had a change of heart,

tried to back out last second.

It'd explain why someone
would want her dead, right?

Not to state the obvious,

but if we start poking
around, it's gonna make

us targets, too.

None of us have any idea what
Felicity's intentions were

or why she reached out to you.

Following this lead
means taking a risk.

I don't know what happened to
Felicity these past few years,

but what I do know is there was a
time when all of us loved her.

Isn't finding out what really
happened worth the risk?

Fine. We'll start by tracking
down whoever she contacted last.

Ok. Last call out was to someone named...


That doesn't sound ominous at all.

I swear to god, if this gets me killed,

- I'm gonna murder you.
- Noted.

I liked you better with pink hair.

You don't scare me.

I don't think that's true.

See that camera?

No red light.

That means you and I
are completely alone.


You took my husband from me.

I had to send my son away.

You destroyed my life.

What you gonna do about it?

You don't have the guts.

No. I do.

You see, that's the problem.

I do have the guts because
you made me into this person.


Go ahead.

Sweetheart, this is
the big boys' table.

You should leave.

Felicity, don't.

Couldn't be without me,
could you, baby?

I'm ending him, Laurel.

No. You don't want to
do this, trust me.

- Yes, I do.
- No, you don't!

We need him to help Oliver.

What do you mean?

I made a deal with the feds, a trade.

Diaz for your husband.

If Oliver agrees to assist them

with their case against Diaz,

he'll be a free man again.

Oliver's coming home?


How did you do it?

I knew the Green Arrow was good,

but I didn't think
he was that good.

Stanley, I'm just glad you're ok.

Ok? I'm great!
I was this close

to being stuck in here
for the rest of my life.

If you hadn't found
Turner's blade,

it would have been
all over for me.

How'd you know it was
Turner's blade?

- What do you mean?
- You were in the hole, Stanley,

so how'd you know
it was Turner's blade?

I guess I must have
heard it somewhere.

You gonna eat that?

Synced & corrected by MaxPayne
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