Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 16 - The Thanatos Guild - full transcript

Nyssa al Ghul returns to Star City to let Thea know that a group of renegade League of Assassins members are planning to attack her.

Previously on "arrow"...

Mr. Ramirez suffered
a traumatic hemothorax.

I'’m recommending
he be transferred
to a facility

that can provide
the care he needs.

-Where'’s my dad?
-Have a seat.

He'’s gonna be ok,

but I need to tell you
about it.

-Want to keep going,

or are you
gonna testify?

We'’re leaving.

I'’ve seen
what having Felicity

in my life
has done for me.

You deserve that
same kind of happiness.

I'’ve located the heir
of ra'’s al ghul.

So where are we going?

Wherever you want.

It'’s up to me?

I'’m the
well-traveled man.

I'’ve been every place
in the world there is.

But you want to get
out of here

because if the police
knew you were alive,

they'’d come after you.

The arrow, too.


If someone knew
where I was,

it would be unfortunate
for both of us.

So why did you reach
out to me?

I Don'’t want to hurt
or get hurt. Never again.

I can teach you
to be strong
in heart and body.

I can teach you
to protect yourself

so no one will ever
hurt you again.

That'’s what every father
wants for his daughter.

Malcolm merlyn'’s legacy
lives on.

This is a new dawn.

Al sa-her was going to
bestow on us a new golden age

and lead us
into the realm of thanatos,

yet for what greatness
merlyn possessed in his soul

he lost in his heart.

He swore that our great journey
would be nothing

without his blood legacy
at our side,

and thus before
he gave up his life,

he made sure this journey
could not commence

until his beloved
was ready.

Step forward.

I have to say

the new uniforms
do not impress me.

We have cleansed ourselves
of your father'’s sins

for our rebirth,

which couldn'’t be further
from your fate,

daughter of the demon.

I would
so relish slitting
your throat, Athena.

One thing we have
in common.

Except i'’ve grown a taste
for the contemporary...

Such as plastic explosives.

♪ I still want you...

Oh, my gosh. You'’d be
in so much trouble

if your dad saw
you doing that.

You'’re lucky you
have such a cool
aunt, you know,

who approves
of bad behavior.

-I'’m gonna miss you.
-And i'’m gonna miss you, too.

Just promise me that
you'’re gonna watch
over your dad, ok?

But he'’s the green arrow.

You know, before he was
the green arrow,

he actually used to be
really afraid of the dark,

and he needed
a nightlight
in his bedroom

till he was, like,
what, six--16?

It was not a nightli--
I was--

it was not a nightlight.

I couldn'’t sleep
with it being pitch black.

By the way, I did see that.
Go get a fork

and a--and a plate
and get yourself

a reasonable slice
of cake.


Thank you
for doing this.

It'’s actually
pretty cool.

Why do you sound

Yeah. I--i Don'’t know.
I just thought that

maybe you would--

you'’d be a little more
anti me going.

I'’m the one who encouraged
you to go follow your heart.

I know, I know.
It'’s just that now
that it'’s all real,

I just--i...

I thought that maybe
you would be, like,
a tad less supportive.

I am completely supportive
of anything and everything

that makes you happy.

Speaking of which,
I did tell Roy

that the two times
that I shot him
with--with arrows

would be nothing compared
to what would happen to him

if you end up unhappy.

-Ah. Yeah.
-Do you understand...?

I spy an overbearing
big brother.

Yeah. No, no.
He'’s never been
like that.

Never. Never.

I know we'’ve said it
a million times,

but we'’re gonna
miss you.

We'’re really
going to miss you.

Well, you guys have
to come visit us

once we find out
where we'’re gonna land.

Where do we think
that'’s gonna be?

Well, we Don'’t
really know exactly,

but that--that'’s kind
of the best part.

I mean, we'’re
gonna figure it out
as we go along.

Oh. That'’s so spontaneous
and romantic.

As long as we'’re
together, that'’s really
all that matters, right?

Roy: Heh heh.

So how'’s your
new roommate?

She'’s just as messy
as my Laurel,

but, uh, surprisingly,
she'’s a better cook.

-You trust her, Lance.
-I'’m not stupid, you know.

I--i know who she is.
I know what she'’s done,

but, you know, she
says she'’s--she's
trying to get better,

and, you know,
that intel she gave
you last week

on, uh, Diaz,
that panned out.

Yeah. He still got away.

Don'’t they always,

I see a--
ahem--work conversation,

so where are we
with the scpd?

Well, uh, dinah and Curtis,
they'’re growing a list

of possible cops
on the take,

but that could end up being
the least of our worries.

-How so?
-The d.A.'’s office's refusal

to drop your case
without Roy'’s testimony,

that doesn'’t sit
right with me.

And who'’s to say that
the scpd'’s the only part

of the city'’s power structure
that Diaz has got

his fingers in.

Yeah. Oliver, you let me
worry about Diaz.

You spend a little more time
with your sister

before she gets
out of here.

And you think this guy'’s
gonna stop worrying

about things
all of a sudden?

Well, ever since he trusted
me to take over.

If that'’s still
on the table.

I'’m gonna go grab
some cake.

You brought this
up last week.

I Don'’t know, man.
I thought we were clear.

You wanted out,
I wanted in.

-Has something changed?

Yeah. It'’s--it's just
you and me,

and we Don'’t know
what Diaz has,
what he doesn'’t,

and bottom line,
i--i Don'’t think that
it should be just you.

This is definitely
one of the jerks

who beat Roy
to a pulp last week.

I wonder what food
they'’re serving

at thea and Roy'’s
good-bye party.

Pizza, apps--

heh--maybe, like,
some mini-desserts.

That'’s this new thing.
Like, you go to a party,
and then they serve you

these desserts,
like mini doughnuts, and you
just dip them in the sauce.

I mean, that would be reason
enough to crash the party.

Not that i'’m saying I want to
crash the party. I'’m not
expecting to be invited,

but, you know, Felicity
is my business partner...

-So I just--
-Curtis, focus.

We need to find out
how many of these
cops are dirty.

Well, officer hester
makes 10.

Yeah, and counting.

You know, the more
cops who are dirty,

the harder it is to
believe captain hill
didn'’t know.

Who'’s next?

-Nick anastas.

More like hotnastas. Wow!

Well, just because you
have the hots for him

doesn'’t mean he's not
on Diaz'’s payroll.

All--all his stats
check out.

He hasn'’t had any
influxes of cash
into his account,

no pressure points
for blackmail.

Look. I'’m just saying
you never mentioned to me

that you work with such
a hot police officer,

not even once.

I guess I never

Yeah, just like you Don'’t
notice beautiful sunsets
and rainbows.

Look. You just Don'’t
see beauty as--hey, z.!

How was school?

-Good. Hi, dinah.
-What'’s up, Zoe?

Feeling like some
Mac and cheese tonight?

-Can you get sick

of Mac and cheese?

-Definitely getting there.
-Oh, come on.

Going to my room
to do homework.

Heh heh.

You two seem to be
getting along well.

Yeah. You know,
it'’s nice having
a little munchkin around.

Well, i'’m sure Rene
appreciates somebody
he trusts

taking care of her.

Yeah. You know, he
should be starting
rehab soon.

Hopefully, he'’ll be back
to normal asap.

I really, really
miss that guy.

Me, too.

Hey. It'’s your boyfriend...


Homicide. Got to go.

You keep digging.

I got to find out who
at work I can trust.

He'’s not my boyfriend yet.

I'’m on it.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

I can'’t believe we're
actually doing it.

Yeah. I can'’t
believe it either.

Happily ever after.

Yeah. Ever after.

Ok. That wasn'’t
so convincing.

Look, thea.
I--i'’m thrilled.

I just--i Don'’t
want to jinx it.

Ok, and since when do you
believe in superstitions?

Well, ever since
I met your brother,

there'’s not a lot
I Don'’t believe in.

♪ with an open mind...

Ok. Now I may
believe it, too.

Uh-huh. Are you ok?

Oh, yeah, i'’m fine.

♪ Could be south L.A...

Please tell me you'’ve
packed some weapons


Follow me. Hurry!

Nyssa, what--
what is going on?

-We need to move.
-What, are there more coming?

Many more. These
are the scouts.

They look
like league of assassins.

No. The league of assassins
was disbanded.

This can'’t be them.

Nothing stays dead

Your father made
sure of that.

Ok. Well,
i--i Don'’t care, ok?

I'’m--I'm sorry.
This is not me anymore.

I have nothing
to do with this.

Like me, you are
an heiress
to the demon.

That is something
you can never
truly run from.

Hey. What happened?
Thea, are you hurt?

No. I'’m--I'm fine.
I'’m ok.

I'’m doing pretty
fine myself.
Thanks for asking.

Felicity: They weren'’t
even at city limits,
and they got attacked.

That'’s because she
jinxed it.

played no part.

I hear you'’ve taken
my husband as your own.

Yeah. Well,
we can talk
about that later.

In the league, such talk
would take the form

of mortal combat.

What the hell
is going on?

Thea: Apparently,
my dear old dad decided

to recruit some loyalists

Nyssa disbanded
the league.

For what?

To start his own,

the thanatos guild.

Began hearing whispers
about them shortly

after we all returned
from lian yu.

He couldn'’t have
led for long

he didn'’t leave
the island.

Moses never entered
the holy land,

and yet his legacy endured.

His second in command,
Athena, took charge,

a contemporary
of mine and a rival.

Her involvement alone
suggests a very dark
purpose at work here.

Why would this
guild attack thea?

Before merlyn
gave up his life,

he discovered
a map that leads

to something
ancient, powerful.

I do not know what it is,
but I do know that he yearned

for thea to be at his side
when he unearthed it.

It'’s really funny
he never mentioned this.

Because he knew you
were not ready.

Athena believes
thea to either be
in possession of the map

or at the very least
have knowledge
of its whereabouts.

Well, you have fun
on your treasure hunt, ok?

I told you.
You cannot run from this.

Watch me, ok?
I--Roy and I
are getting

out of here and back
to our lives.

I need your help
obtaining the map.

You cannot deny
your father'’s legacy

any more than I can
deny mine.

They will find you.

What do you want
from me?

Merlyn had an associate
in star city.

If he shared the map'’s
location with anyone,

it would have been
with her.

You haven'’t
spoken to her?

She...does not
care for me.



But she would not
deny merlyn'’s daughter.

Ok. Fine. I will go
with you to talk to her.

We--we will help
you find your map,
and then that'’s it.

I'’m done,
for real this time.

It'’s a drug deal
gone bad.

Very bad. Man was shot
over a dozen times.

Maybe he pissed off
the competition.

I'’ll take it from here,
lieutenant Drake.

Captain, this is
a drug-related homicide.

Isn'’t it a little below
your pay grade?

It'’s part of a larger,
uh, sting operation.

I wasn'’t aware
of a larger sting--

you weren'’t aware because
it'’s above your pay grade,

Oh. We will head back
to the station, then.

Hey. You can leave
the evidence with me.

Of course.

Now I see why
you didn'’t want
the boys to come.

That is tigressa.

Looks like the only
thing she knows how
to kill is vodka.

She has over 200
confirmed kills,

one of them being
her own brother because
he matched her quote.

Al ghul, I should
take your hand

for what you did
to al sa-her.

I never understood
your affection
for merlyn, tigressa,

but I always
respected it.

-This is his--

You think I wouldn'’t
recognize Malcolm'’s
own blood?

Your father had
much faith in you.

Yeah. Well, with that
new league he created
running around,

I can'’t say
the same for him.

So you'’ve met

She'’s not the leader
your father desired.
You are.

Yeah. Well, i'’m sure
death has cured him
of his disappointment.

Look. The only reason
why we'’re here is
because Athena thinks

I can open some map
for her.

With good reason.

Your father made sure
you were the only one

that could actually
unlock its secrets.

Of course he did.

And that is why
Athena needs you.

Your father secreted
the map...Here.

And why didn'’t you
just take it?

Heh. I rejected
the path

of the league
of assassins

a long time ago.

One day, you'’re
gonna have to tell me
how you did that.

-Thank you for this.
-Well, when you find it,

you may not be
so grateful.

I was being polite.

We should contact
your brother.

There'’s safety
in numbers.

Overwatch, are you sure
we'’re alone here?

Yes. It is just the five of you.

No other souls
for two blocks.


Be cautious.

Merlyn would have laid traps
to protect this place.

Yeah. What kind of traps
are we talking here?

We talking "raiders"
or "temple of doom"
kind of traps?

You ok?
Yeah. I will be

once this is all
over with.

Yeah, me, too.

Get down!

-A trap. Excellent.

We must be close.

Thermal imaging
is showing

that what we'’re looking at
is what we'’ve got.

No hallways, no doors.

Malcolm had a secret chamber
in his office.

Maybe he has something here.


Iodine dixonium,
a component

magnetically attracted
to the same type of steel

my father used
to encase relics.

Ok. That'’s not
a map.

The map is inside.

It'’s an ancient league

-Does it need a code?
-Try my birthday.

There are 18 digits
across 3 alphabets.

Ok. So it'’s not
my birthday.

Guys, about you being
the only souls for two blocks,

funny thing
about those ninjas.

I want
al sa-her'’s daughter

and the map.

I'’m always merciful
when I get what I want.

I know you better
than that.

Stand down.

Not gonna ask twice.

Come with us, and we
will let your friends continue

to draw breath.

Stay where you are,

and blood will be shed.

I'’ll go with
shedding blood,

it will be yours.

Get that
someplace safe. Go.

Hey. The exit is kind of
blocked right now.

We can help with that.

You'’ve had the same footwork
since you were 8 years old.


Kevlar held...
Barely. Let'’s go.

Make your father proud.

Come with us.

Felicity, I know you
were wondering.

It'’s from "raiders."

Kiss the floor.

I'’ve got
thea and the map.

Let'’s move!


Hold on. Here.
Let me help you.

Ok. Ow. God, that bitch
has a really powerful kick.

I think she might have
broken one of my ribs.

I assure you that will be
the last time

you have to face her.

Yeah. You'’ll get
no complaints
from me.

This Athena doesn'’t
seem like a type

who will give up easily.

I intend to take
the choice out of her hands

by taking merlyn'’s map
far from here.

I know the toll a father
can have on a child

even long after he'’s gone.

This is my burden,
not yours.

You didn'’t tell me
that this was the box

from "hellraiser."

Take care of each other.

Wow. That was a lot
easier than I thought
it would be.

Ok. Wait. No.

How are you
gonna open it?

I'’ll find someone who can
unlock the cipher.

My people invented
mathematics after all.

Yeah. No, no, no.
Not this type of mathematics.

Wait. Look. You can'’t--
ugh--you can'’t go out
there by yourself,

not with Athena'’s assassins
looking for you.

She said that'’s
what she wanted
to do, thea.

Yeah. No.
It'’s not what I want.

-You made it clear

once I acquired the map

you'’d have no interest
in your father
or the league.

And you made it clear
that this map, it leads

to what, something
ancient and powerful.

Ok. You cannot--
you cannot take this
on by yourself.

Plus we have the world'’s
greatest mathematician
right there

and the protection
that you are gonna need

to keep that thing safe
while you try to open it.

I appreciate the gesture.

-Can you do it?
-Well, in my experience,

anything locked
can be hacked.

Usually by me.

Thea, are you
sure about this?

Nyssa'’s right.
You did say that you want

nothing to do
with Malcolm'’s legacy.

I know, ok? Look.

I can'’t believe that
I am even saying this,

but...after seeing
those assassins, i--

this all just became
too real.

But nyssa gave
you an out.

I Don'’t know why
you Don'’t take it.

I Don'’t know how to
explain it to you
right now, ok?

I just--i--i need
you to trust me.

All right.
You ready?

To go to prison
for stealing evidence?

No, not really.

I'’m doing the stealing.
You'’re doing the hacking.

Look. Something tells me
the police Don'’t make
that distinction.

This could be
the last time i'’m here
not as a suspect.

How long is this
gonna take?

My worry is 25 to life.

Come on.

Keep watch.

I thought you said
no one else was
gonna be here.

We'’re here,
aren'’t we?

Oh. This might
take a while.


Curtis: Come on.

This is
police access only.

What are you
doing here?

Nick anastas. Hey.

It has been a while.

Do I know you?

Yes. Of course.
Curtis holt.

We met through dinah Drake.

She'’s my friend
and your sergeant

or lieutenant,
or was it just detective?

Uh, either way,
i'’m meeting her here
for, uh, dinner,

but I kind of got--heh--
lost in this new building.

I mean, I really haven'’t
seen this place

since--since it was
blown up.

Well, I could give you
a tour if you want

while you'’re waiting
for lieutenant Drake.

She usually doesn'’t
show up for her shift
for another hour.

Totally dinah.

She'’s, like,
a major slacker. Ha ha.

-Come on.



Ha. You got to
stop doing that.

I--i do have
a wife now,
and, um...

She doesn'’t
like it.

But that'’s the fun of it.

Thea might want you
to stay...

Doesn'’t mean
you have to.

Her point about
Felicity'’s utility
was well taken.

So was her point
about wanting nothing
to do with Malcolm.

It is her life,
and she must find
her own truth.

I think her truth is
a new life

that she'’s earned.

She'’s earned
your support
for her actions,

whatever those
may be.

I can understand why
she would be conflicted
with Malcolm.

He was her father.

I am not conflicted.

He was evil,

and thea should not
be charged with
righting his wrongs.

My father was
also evil,

and i'’ve dedicated
the rest of my life
to righting his wrongs.

From what I understand,
you'’ve done the same.

But my father
asked me to.

With his dying wish,
he asked me to.

Back on lian yu,
merlyn gave up
his life for thea

just as your father
did for you.

I believe thea owes
him the same debt.

Well, it is convenient
for you to believe that

because thea gets you
closer to what you want,

so do not pretend
that you are selflessly
supporting her

and never, ever
lecture me

on what I owe my sister.

If you think
I would use--

Nailed it!

I nailed it!
I got it! Whoo!

-You'’ve unlocked the map?

Ok. So what do you mean
by "nailed it"?

Well, I figured out
how to unlock
the "hellraiser" cube.

I just thought you
should do the honors.


You'’ve heard of
the fibonacci sequence, right?

-Let'’s assume not.
-The fibonacci sequence is

a mathematical pattern
dating back

to pingala'’s formula
in 450 b.C.


When you said ancient,
you were not kidding.

-I never kid.
-Except where my marriage

is concerned apparently.

The fibonacci sequence,
every number is the sum

of the two previous numbers,

so finding the two
starting ones,

that'’s the tricky part.

What are
the starting numbers?

10 and 13.

Is she right?

1013 was the year that
the league was founded.

And Malcolm'’s birthday.

Ok. Sit.

Try 10....13....



I was always good at math.

No. That'’s--
that'’s right.


What does it say?


Why are you
burning it?

She'’s heating it.

The league writes
in hidden text

that can only be revealed
through flame.

-You Don'’t remember?
-I Don'’t want to.

I Don'’t know what's
going on with him,

but just keep
working on it.

Why isn'’t
the flame working?

There'’s two
possibilities for that.

Either Malcolm was using

a different type
of invisible ink...


Or there'’s nothing
on this,

and we are
wasting our time.

What'’s this?

I thought since old school
wasn'’t working,

i'’d try some new school.

This scanner can make
a 3-d voxel-based

I didn'’t start using
a computer until I was 25.

Heh. That explains
a lot.

If I can duplicate
the map digitally,

there might be some
hidden markers on there
that we can trace.

-Sounds complicated.
-It is. Very.

So it would be
really great

to not be distracted,
you know?

Very true. I'’ll stay here
to make sure

you remain uninterrupted...

Sister wife.


Ok. So somebody'’s grumpy.

I'’m sorry. I'm--i'’m
trying to be supportive.


But--but I Don'’t
understand why
you think

that this is
your responsibility.

He died for me, ok,

and I Don'’t know
what it is,

but ever since I found out
about this,

I just--i f...

I feel like I can'’t
run away from it yet.

Well, you see, that'’s
where we'’re different.

You see this as us
running away
from something,

but I see this
as us running
towards something,

something way better.

You know, I just--
I Don'’t know.
I just feel like

recently you'’ve
just been finding
any excuse you can

for us to stay here.

Unlike all my boyfriends
in the past,

i--i do find it
kind of cute

when you'’re being

I just Don'’t want to
lose you again, thea.

That map is not
my future.

You are.

I love a good old
murder board.

Yeah. Feeling very
Alan j. Pakula.

Sometimes, I forget
you'’re not Felicity.

Now, look, I know this
has probably already
occurred to you,

but all hill did was
take the evidence
from your hands.

That'’s not
necessarily proof.

Not to mention her
name didn'’t pop up
at all when--

she'’s dirty.

Are you asking me
or telling me?

You tell me. If these
drugs are the same
kind Diaz pushes...

And hill took it
off your hands,

that would be
pretty damning.

And the fact that so much
of the department

is so crooked would make
a lot more sense

if it was rotten
from the top down.

-So are they Diaz'’s drugs?
-I Don'’t know yet.

Maybe we should
just try it.

Or we can read
the analysis.


It'’s vertigo.

I heard of this back
in central city.

It'’s a hallucinogenic, right?

Yeah, but, I mean,
the good thing is

that this isn'’t Diaz's
drug of choice.

-So hill is clean.
-Looks like.

You actually look

Well, just because
it means we are
back to square one.


Think you might take
that thing with you?

100% no.

You ok?

And why wouldn'’t I be?

I mean, Roy only thinks
i'’m gonna leave him,

and a bunch of crazy
assassins my dead dad

are trying to kill me,
so my life is just...


You know, thea,
you Don'’t have to do this.

You Don'’t have to leave
everything to nyssa.

Myself and John
and Felicity,

we will stop Athena.

You can go. You can--
you can live

your happily ever after
with Roy.

Here I thought you
were supposed to go
live yours.

Felicity--she told
me you stopped being
the green arrow.

Yeah. That was the plan.

Life interfered.

-John got hurt.
-He did.

He'’s not hurt

I worry that he would be
in over his head

going up
against Diaz alone.

I Don'’t think anything's
over John'’s head.

You might be right.

I Don'’t know. I--i--

I gave it up

because I wanted to be
a better father,

but William accepts
the idea that i'’m
the green arrow,

plus I Don'’t want to
give it up.

I Don'’t know why.

I do.

Because being
the green arrow'’s

what makes you
feel complete.

-For some reason, when you--

you put that hood
on, it enables
you to become

the best version
of yourself.

We'’re supposed to be
talking about you.

Maybe we are. Heh.
I Don'’t know.

Maybe that'’s
the reason why
I can'’t seem

to give
this life up.

I...i Don'’t know.

Maybe i'’m hoping
that somehow

i'’ll get
the same thing

and find the best
version of myself,

whoever she is.

John: Athena'’s group
of assassins--found them.

-Where are they?
-Star city gas plant.

They can
cut off the city'’s
entire supply.

Or worse,
they could blow it up.

Why? It'’s not
their m.O.

It is if they'’re
using the plant

to leverage us
into giving up
the map.

Felicity: Clearly, Athena
doesn'’t know you very well.

Yeah? Well, too bad.
It'’s not Ollie's
choice. It'’s mine.

You can'’t give
in to them.

I can'’t let them hold
the city hostage, ok?

This is still my home.

So what,
am I going alone?

Overwatch, do you
have eyes on the guild?

No, not yet, but i'’m reading
a frequency spike,

which means they just
activated a bomb.

Athena'’s way
of putting pressure
on our negotiation.

Let'’s fan out
and find the bomb.

Multiple heat signatures, guys.
They got you surrounded.

Head on
a swivel.

Well, where are
the new assassins?


Thea: You want your map
so bad?

Come out.

Let'’s talk.

Athena: Perhaps your father
taught you some sense after all,

but you are mistaken
if you think that

all we want is the map.

The map is meaningless
without spilling your blood.

You'’re really starting
to piss me off.

Your father spoke often
about you.

He was always ashamed
of your weakness.

Felicity: Don'’t forget, guys.
We still have a bomb situation.

There'’s always
a bomb situation.

I can trace the frequency root
of the detonator.

It'’s 17 feet to your right.

-Lead the way.

Merlyn said he tried
to teach you to be strong.

Clearly he failed.

I'’m not my father.

This isn'’t working.

I know.
It'’s a collapsible circuit.

I can freeze it.
I'’ve done it before.

No. No.
It'’s a Mercury switch.

That will definitely
set it off.

-What do I do?
-You can...Short-circuit it.

You know, i'’m kind of
out of electricity arrows

right now at the moment,

Green arrow.

On its way!

Got it.

Whoo! Nice work.


You have lost.

It'’s as clear
as your imminent death.

You Don'’t know what
you'’re talking about.

I know that you bleed.
I win.

You Don'’t want to
do that.


Are you all right?

Learned a few tricks
from merlyn.

Wait. Where did
she go?

That woman is hard
to kill.

Were you really
going to burn it?

To ashes.

The other assassins
either fled,
or they'’re wrapped up.

I really didn'’t
miss those guys.

Speedy, the map.

They were being literal.

They needed
your blood to spill.

That'’s definitely not
"x" marks the spot.

-Wait. Where does it lead?
-I believe I know where.

The map'’s printed
with bacteria.

Ugh. That'’s gross.
Felicity: And when exposed

to the enzymes in thea'’s DNA,
it will reveal itself.

Ancient league secret?
Felicity: No, no, no.

This is bleeding edge science.

This requires
an atomic force microscope.

-Leave it to merlyn.
-Nyssa, you said you know

-what this map leads to.
-These are ley lines.

Oh, great. Ley lines. Yeah.
We had some experience
with those with Damien darhk.

These are different.

I thought they only
intersected in
one place on earth.

Doesn'’t look that way
from this.

Nyssa: Indeed.
These lines are global

and suggest
the existence

of 3 intersections
of the kind I thought

only existed
at nanda parbat.

Right, but what only exists
on nanda parbat really?

I mean, besides
really depressing decor.

I know now why merlyn
called his new league
the thanatos guild.

Thanatos is
the personification
of death in Greek mythology.

I believe these lines

suggest the existence
of 3 installments.

-But 3 what?
-Your father discovered

the existence
of 3 Lazarus pits.

Of course he did.

Thea, come on.

Hey, Roy.
Just let'’s give
her some space.

Curtis: Oh. Officer.

Nick, or should I just
call you officer

because we'’re at work?

Nick'’s fine.

You'’re becoming
a regular
around here.

Yeah. Well, you know,
I was just stopping by.

To see lieutenant Drake?

To ask you out
to dinner

or--or drinks
or, like, just coffee,

or we could just, like,
walk down the street
and talk.

-I mean--

-I get off of work tonight

at 7:00.


So should we say

8:00 is awesome. Heh.
8:00 is perfect. Heh.

Yeah, I mean, i'’ll
make reservations,
and i'’ll text you.

Sounds like a plan.
See you tonight.


-What are you doing here?

Getting back
on the horse, d.,

back in the game,
back in the saddle.

I'’m gonna get really
right into--

what'’s wrong?

I checked intake
and evidence lockup

for any
vertigo-related cases.

-There aren'’t any.

Is that not
a good thing?

There aren'’t
any vertigo cases

because they'’ve
all been kicked

and the evidence

by captain hill.

So she'’s dirty,

and she did it
for Diaz.

Ricardo Diaz is
pushing vertigo.


Hey. Look.
I'’m--I'm sorry

for storming out
last night.

It--i just
really needed some space,

but it--it really had
nothing to do with you.

It'’s fine. I'm just
trying to figure out

if you packed that
bag to come with me
or--or nyssa.

I mean, it'’s
pretty obvious
she wants to destroy

the new Lazarus pits
just like she did
with the original one.

I mean, well,
can you blame her?

I mean, what would happen
if the league

or the guild or just anyone
got their hands on it,

how dangerous
that would be?

So you--you are gonna
go with nyssa?

Look. Last night,
Ollie and I were talking,

and we were talking
about how when, you know,

he becomes
the green arrow, he--

he feels complete,
and I was thinking

that maybe that'’s
because when--when he
puts that hood on,

he gets to right
our father'’s wrongs,

and maybe this--
this could be
my calling,

this--this could be
what...I'’ve been
looking for.

So you'’ve made up
your mind?

You know what?

So have I.

-I'’m gonna go with you.

No. No. You Don'’t
need to do that.

Yes, I do.

I told you it doesn'’t
matter where we go

as long as we go

God. How did I get
to be so lucky?

Hmm. Let me think.
I think it has

something to do
with a stolen purse.


Oliver: Just--just
be careful, all right?

And if you need anything--

and if you Don'’t
need anything,
just--just call me.

Keep her safe.

You know I will.

I missed you.

You drew her back
into this, nyssa.

That carries with it
a certain responsibility.

Thea'’s your sister
and the daughter
of Malcolm merlyn.

She has less need
of protection
than you think.

This is
a horchis dagger.

In the league
of assassins,
it symbolizes

the cutting
of marital bonds.

I hereby annul
our marriage.

Heh heh.

Nyssa, as--as
wedding gifts go,

this, uh, isn'’t
half bad.

Be well, Oliver.

Well...this is it.

Thanks for clearing
a few things up for me.

Of course.

-One more piece of advice.

If you'’re gonna
wear the hood,

you shouldn'’t string
John along anymore.

Thought I was the one
who gave the wise
sibling advice.

Nope. That has never
been the case.

I am gonna miss you
so much.

You'’ll be with me
the whole time.

Good-bye, speedy.

Greg, move your head!