Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Doppelgänger - full transcript

Roy Harper returns to Star City and Oliver and Thea take action to save him when they discover the reason why he's come back.

My name is Oliver queen.

After 5 years in hell,
I returned home

with only one goal--
to save my city.

Today, I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead star city
as its mayor,

but by night, I am someone else.

I am...Something else.

I am the green arrow.

Previously on "arrow"...

The new police captain--
she's on my payroll

along with a few other
city officials.

See, guys like you
never understand.

Why destroy a city
when you can take it over?

Dr. Schwartz:
Mr. Ramirez suffered

a traumatic

The injury caused his
lung to re-collapse.

Oliver queen,
you're under arrest.

On what charges?

Murder, assault,
burglary, and kidnapping,

all stemming from your
activity as the green arrow.

I think I just
found something.

There's a record
on how Watson found out
you were wild dog.

an audio recording.

The FBI's provided
definitive proof

that Oliver queen
is the green arrow.

I'm gonna release
the defendant on bail.

What's your name?

Laurel Lance.


Jean here has
some good news for you.

I'm only used to good news
if it's accompanied

by bad news.

Well, this news
is unequivocal,

I can get the case
against you dismissed.

Uh, have--have a seat.
Tell me--tell me more.

I pored over
the discovery documents

by the district attorney.

Apparently, the FBI
leveraged Rene Ramirez

to testify against you
based on surveillance
that was leaked

by a known criminal.

-Cayden James.
-Fruit of the poisonous tree.

It's a legal metaphor
positing that

if the source
of the evidence is tainted,

the evidence itself
is tainted.

Mr. James' actions
were not only illegal,

but his death makes it

to corroborate the evidence
against Mr. Ramirez.

So if there's no
case against Rene,

there's no
case against me?

We're going before
judge mcgarvey

on my motion
to dismiss this afternoon.

Jean, are you sure?

You--you can just
make this go away?

Ollie, she's positive.

Ok. I know you're not
used to getting good news,

but this is
what it sounds like.

Mr. Mayor, we
got an emergency at scpd.

Like I said,
it was accompanied
by some bad news.

Jean, this is

I will see you
at the courthouse
this afternoon.


What's up?

Laurel just walked
into police headquarters.

-What, to surrender?
-Not exactly.

She told them
she's Laurel Lance,

our Laurel Lance!

Ok. Why is she claiming
to be Laurel Lance?

Well, dinah's out
for blood,

and Laurel Lance,
public figure, is

a much more difficult
target than...Black siren.

Except it's a lie.

It's all
one big lie.

Well, we need to get
to her before she gets
to the press.

Laurel: I woke up
in a cell...

And I managed
to break down the door,

and I just--i ran.

They held you
for two years?

I don't remember.

They kept me drugged.

Female reporter:
The black canary
was reported dead,

in a prison riot.

Damien darhk--
he stabbed me,

and the next thing I knew,
I was--

I was in--
I was in that cell.

I don't know how,
but this is really,
really bad.

Bad that we should
have seen this coming.

Should have known
that she'd eventually try

to pull something
like this.

Why would Damien darhk
do this to you?

Female reporter:
Why would he fake
your death?

I don't know why he would
want to fake my death.

to torture the green arrow.

So you know who
the green arrow is?

Ollie! Ollie! Ohh!

I never thought I'd
see you again.


Daddy! Oh, dad.

Can you tell us
any more information
on where you've been?

You notably
outed Ms. Lance

as the black canary
at her funeral.

That now seems
a little suspicious

in light of the recent

that you are
the green arrow.

It doesn't,
and it's not.

I have made no secret
of the fact

that when necessary
I have been in contact

with green arrow
and his team.

He told me
about Laurel Lance.

Well, I wasn't
talking to myself.

Is that true,
Ms. Lance?

Ms. Lance, is Oliver queen
the green arrow?

I really do think that
Ms. Lance could--

could use some time
with her family

and some privacy.

Quentin: Let's go.

-Ms. Lance...
-Ms. Lance...

What do you think
you're doing?

What? You said you
wanted me to be
more like Laurel,

so I thought I'd
give it a try.

Ohh. I really wish
I believed that.

Where's the
money you stole
from the city?

Yeah. About that,
slight hiccup.

So I went to where
I stashed it,

and it's been
cleaned out.

It's gone. Poof.

So without the money,
you what--

decided to become
Laurel Lance

because she's
a public figure

and harder to kill?

You're really that afraid
of dinah Drake, aren't you?

Not just afraid
of dinah.

Afraid of whoever
manipulated Cayden James

into thinking
I killed his son.

Because that's
probably who
killed James, too.

Who did it--
anatoly or Diaz?

Thea: Or you.

I mean, she could
have just easily killed

both of them.

While I don't exactly
have an airtight alibi

for Cayden,
I believe his son

was killed when I
was incarcerated
at a.R.G.U.S.

Oliver: Who did it?

Anatoly or Diaz?

Talking out of school
will get me in trouble.

Look. Whoever went
after James

is clearly coming
for you next,

so why don't you
cooperate with us?

Help us find the money,
and maybe we can

just protect you.

Little trivia.

There's a thea queen
on the earth

that I come
from, too,

only she's not
as pathetically
naive as you.

This is a lot simpler

than you're making it.

You're gonna protect me,

and you're going to
help protect me

by going along
with this story that

I'm the real
Laurel Lance.


Why would we
do that?

I don't know.

Maybe because

of all the reporters that
are just in the next room,

you know it's only
a matter of time

before they ask me who
the green arrow is again.

What would you like
me to tell them?

We're done here.

Mr. Mayor, may
I speak to you
for a minute?


What's all the fuss?

Laurel Lance just
turned up...Alive.

Believe it or not,
she's actually--

I know who she is.

Sorry to pull you away,
but payday's Friday,

and my officers
aren't gonna get
their checks.

Captain hill,
I'm still working

on recovering the money
that was extorted.

And I have an idea
to buy us time

that I wanted to
run past you.

Let's hear it.

The department has years
of seized assets--

sports cars, mansions,

even a stuffed polar bear,
if you can believe it.

-At least 2/3 of the property

has cleared
the court process for sale.

If we auction it off,
we can raise

as much as 30 million.

30? Set that
in motion.

That's--thank you.

-Don't talk to me.

-Captain hill.

Can I talk to you
for a minute?

It's about Laurel Lance.

That's a hell of a thing,
isn't it?

She said they faked
her death

and then she was held
captive for two years.

Yeah, it sure is.

Anyone catch
that case yet?

You want it,
it's yours,

but right now, she's
going to the hospital
for a GSW.

I'm patient.

-Hey, Zoe!

Great. Love that that
name's sticking around.

That's amazing!

The babysitter
had to go home
two hours ago.

Where's my dad?

Have a seat.

Something happened.

He's gonna be ok,

but I need to
tell you about it.

Jean: This is

My motion should be
heard in open court.

I requested
it be heard in chambers.

Oh, to what,
hide the embarrassment

of having your
case dismissed?

Actually, we're taking
Mr. Ramirez off
our witness list.

Considering he was
your sole witness

against Mr. Queen,
I renew my motion
to have this case--

-he's not our sole witness.
-What? No, no, no, no.

Discovery on this case
is closed.

This is newly discovered
information, your honor.

We'll make the witness'
proffer available
to the defense

in accordance
with "Brady v. Maryland."

Who is the witness?

Someone with enemies
on both sides of the law.

Mcgarvey: That's why we're
doing this in chambers

and why I granted
the district attorney's

request for
a suppression order.

Right. I get it.
It's sensitive.

What is
the witness' name?

Roy Harper.

Felicity: How did they
even find Roy?

We didn't know
where he was.

We didn't even know
what name he was
working under.

I didn't think
anybody did. Did--

-did you?
-No, no.

God. I couldn't even
find him for you guys'
wedding reception.

John: Doesn't matter
how they did it.
They did.

Now we have
to figure out
what to do next.

He's definitely not
cooperating voluntarily.

Well, it's been two years.
I mean, there might be

some pressure points
that we don't know about,

some people
he cares about, some--

it's been a long time.

Either way,
we need to know what Roy

is going to say in court,

which means we need
to know where he is
right now.

Oliver, he's
a state witness.

I know our whole
thing is extralegal,

but maybe we should
let your lawyer
deal with this.

The da's office does not
have the capabilities
of finding Roy,

which means this was
either Diaz or anatoly.

You think whoever's
pulling strings on this
is still tugging them?

Well, if you're
in the mood for some
witness tampering,

I think I have a line
on where the da
is holding Roy.

They've rented out
several rooms
of the top floor

of a hotel downtown.

guarded position

with lots
of civilians.

We break in,
get spotted, Oliver,

we make their
case for them.

Guys, if Ollie is right
and Roy is in trouble

with Diaz or anatoly,
we need to be protecting him.

So we wait until dark
to do recon

and then find
possible points of entry.

No exertion
or sudden movements.

Don't want
to risk reopening the wound.

Quentin: Ahem.

Hey. Uh, could--could you
give us a minute, please?

What, is mom coming
to visit or something?

Ok. Firstly,
she's not your
mom, and second, no.

I caught her right
after your little

for the cameras
and told her to
hold off for a bit

while I checked
you out.

That poor woman's
been burned enough
by this sort of thing.

More of Laurel's stuff.

And I was just getting
used to the last outfit.

Well, forensics
has that one.

Anyway, you want to
pass for the real Laurel,

you better get used
to her style.

You call this...Style?

Look. Are you here
just to make sure

my health insurance
is up to date,

or are you here to
protect me from her?

Just get dressed.


Laurel Lance--she died
in this hospital.

I pronounced her.
There was an autopsy.

Of course, I've seen
my share of things

I once would have
considered miraculous.

I mean, in a world
where a man can run
faster than light,

I suppose anything's

That's why I need
to rule out the chance

that this person
could be an imposter.

The DNA test
will tell us that.

Man on P.A.: Code blue,
room 317.

Excuse me.


Look. I know what
you're doing here,
all right?

You're going after Laurel
because of what happened
to your friend,

and I get that, ok?

It's what I would do

if someone I loved
was dead.

You mean, it's just
what you'd do with
a criminal, Quentin,

which, by the way,
is what she is.

Yeah. Well, you and I
both know that,

but, you know, she's
turned herself into
a beloved public figure.

She's also said
that she's got
no compunctions

about outing
Oliver, and...

I don't think she'll
stop with him.

Oh. So you're doing this
for my sake?

No. For all
of our sakes.

I've been making
progress with
her, dinah, ok?

I'm not finished,
but if she lives
as my Laurel--

she is not your Laurel.

Your Laurel wouldn't
have murdered Vince
or anyone else.

She did,
and you are delusional

if you think
you can change her.

No. I'm telling you

I've been changing
her, ok?

All I'm asking from you
is just a chance.


What's taking her so long?

Where'd she go?

The police officer
took her,

said something
about a safe house.

No, no. I am
the lead detective
on this case.

You did this.

What are you
talking about?

I want to know
where she is, too, you know.

Is my father not coming?

Where are you
taking me?

To see Mr. Diaz.

Guessing Roy's
in the room with
the police outside.

Yeah, reading the wrong
end of a phone book.

It's risky terrain.

You just told me he's
getting beaten on.

You still not sure
we should do this?

Two-man team
on the balcony.

If we can get
past them, that's
our best bet.

John, he's in there
because of me.

He's been on the run
for 3 years.

Oliver, that's
his choice.

I know that,
but did I learn
anything from it?

Roy put on the hood.

He sacrificed himself
for me,

and I asked you to do
the same thing

at the expense
of your safety
and your family.

Difference was
I wanted

to put on the hood,

Listen. I've been good
for the past two months--

good--but instead
of giving me back
the hood,

you've had Cisco
make me a new suit.

There it is.
There's a 15-second opening.

That is our window.

We got her from here.

Head back to scpd
before you're missed.

s vozvrashcheniyem.

Is it Laurel
or Laurel these days?

So confusing this
doppelganger business,

but you seem to
figure it out.

-Diaz killed Cayden.
-He told me.

No honor
among thieves

or crime lords,
I guess.

Oh, well.

Diaz manipulated

the both of us,
lied to the both of us.

This whole time,
he's had his own agenda.

That doesn't bother you?

I'm not sentimental.

I am Russian.

I am in this city
for two reasons only.

One is revenge
against Oliver queen,

and two is money.

I'm happy to work
with whoever can
get me either.

You're in this city
because the bratva
cast you out.

Well, there's
that, too.

There is
a 15-second window
where neither roof guard

is watching
the hvac vent.

-We can get in that way.
-All right.

Well, did you see him?
Is he ok?

We can get
him out.

I know,
and I'm coming with you.

I thought you didn't
do this anymore.

Ollie, it's Roy.

Right, but, thea,
you shouldn't do this,

and I understand
it's hypocritical
pointing out that

you have a personal

Doesn't make me

More importantly,

you have not
been field ready

since you got out
of your coma.

I'll be fine, ok,

and did you guys even
measure the vents?

Because you should be
asking if I'm the right size

to fit through them.

Don't think either
of you two can.

Where are you guys
keeping my suit?

You ok?

It's just like
riding a bike.

It really isn't.

I can buy you
a few extra seconds.

-I'm ready.
-All right.

What's that for?

There's not a home game
tonight, is there?

Unh! Agh!

Want to keep

or you gonna

You know, I'm not
a lawyer,

but I'm pretty sure
torturing your witness

isn't gonna be great
for your case.

You don't think we
know how to put you
in a world of hurt

without leaving
a Mark?

No. Ohh!


Are you getting this?

I'm enhancing
their badge numbers.

Just when you thought
Oliver took down all
the crooked cops last year.

I'm going in.
I wouldn't.

They got 6 more guys
in the hall.

Stand down.
I know it's hard,

but you have to wait.

Roy: Unh!


I'm working up
an appetite here.

Hey. We're gonna get
some big belly burger.

You decide to play nice,
I might give you
the fries.

Is that my hood?

It looks good on you.

I--I'm sorry if
you're seeing someone--

I'm not. I didn't
take your advice.

No kids, no wife,
and I really, really
hate minivans.

How did they find you?

I was in St. roche,
and the star city cops,

they tased me,
and they threw me
in the back of a Van.

They knew everything.
They knew about Oliver,

they knew about me
faking my death,

they--they knew it all.

Scpd SWAT incoming.

Speedy, you want to
get out of there now.

Speedy, move!

Ok. We're leaving.

Roy:ou're leaving.

I'm in no shape to be
swinging from rooftops.

-I'm not leaving without you.


They're coming in hot!

You got to go
right now.

Damn it, speedy!
Get out of there!

-I'm getting you out of here.
-No, no, you can't.

-You have to go.
-No. I'm not leaving you.

Speedy, they're
right outside the door!

I'm not losing
you again.

SWAT team in position.

-Just go sit.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

I needed some air.

You're gonna need air.

What the hell did you
just do?

I just saved
your life!

There was too many
of them in there.

They would have
killed you both.

Look. We will
get Roy back.

I am promising you.

We will get him back.

They're really circling
the wagons now.

upped security tenfold.

He was bleeding internally,
so if we don't get to him soon,

-they're going to kill him.
-They will not

because they need him alive
to testify against me.

Not they. Diaz.
I pulled financials

on both the police officers
that were torturing Roy.

They both receive
generous dividend payments

from stocks in
a corto Maltese-based
shell corporation.

It financed a company
that was manufacturing

the drug I used
to treat my injury,

Ricardo Diaz's

Both officers were
on duty when Cayden James
was killed,

and all the officers
that were there tonight,

we have reason to believe,
are working with Diaz, too.

So Diaz has been
playing us since
the beginning.

Or he's just been
playing you.

She's upset.
She's worried about Roy.

Yeah. So am I.

I had to pull
you out of there.

No. You--you could
have come in.

I come in there,
and it's you and me

against a SWAT team
in a tight space.

Nobody comes out
of there,

especially not Roy.

You know, there are times

that I feel like my life
completely fell apart

when Roy left--

from my bloodlust
to Malcolm to the coma.

Knowing he was
out there, that he was ok,

it made my life just
a little bit easier.

Ever since mom died,
I haven't known much

of anything other than
the fact that I want to

make sure he is safe,
and I will do

whatever it takes
to make sure
that happens.

We all will, speedy.

John: Felicity may
have just found something.

Scpd just requisitioned
a transport prison Van.

They're moving Roy
to a new safe house.

We just don't know when.

That's it.

That's when
we get him.

There's something else.

No, no, no, no.
Ok. You know what?

Who can tell me
where Laurel Lance is?

Can you tell me that?

And when will he
be available?

No, no, no, no.
No, thank you.

I'll call back.

I swear this isn't
me, all right?

I need to speak
with you.

You, too.

Turn the cameras off.

Cayden James was murdered
right there by Ricardo Diaz.

Oh, my god.

And it was covered up
by the scpd.

I thought Cayden James
was killed

by another inmate
on his transfer
to iron heights.

Felicity found out
what actually happened.

Never made it
to iron heights.

The cops on duty
are on Diaz's payroll.

They faked
the transfer.

-Doing that would take--
-a systemic breach

of the police

worse than last year's

I didn't think that
was even possible.

Neither did I.

Dinah, I know that you
don't believe in me
right now,

and I know the two
of you don't trust
each other

for good reason,
but the both of you believe

in the badge.

I need you working

I need
to know how deep this goes.

I need to know who
in that room we can trust,

which means you got to
put your vendetta on hold.

-We can work out of my place.

Walls here got ears.

And this is why
I couldn't find Laurel

because those
bent cops sprung her.

Or they took her
someplace worse.

Anatoly: Diaz's feelings
were so hurt when you
tried to run.

It's as if you don't
trust him or something.

I'm still trying to
figure out why you do.

Hmm. For me, it's more
matter of money than trust.

Either way, Diaz better.

Why blow up city
when you can, uh,
control it, yes?

You're as good
as they said you were.

But you know that
fighting for trophies--

not the same
as fighting
for your life.

We'll break you
of your bad habits.

Welcome to the team.

That's a lot of money
for man with bad foot.

I didn't break it.

I just had to
break him.

Building a family,

Family. Isn't that what,

uh, bratva means,



See, family, they
rely on one another.

Family trust each other.

See, when the family
does well,

each member

but if just one person

betrays that family...

Give us the room! Move!

Anatoly: Udachi.

The money that you
stole from Cayden

was also my money.

I earned it
just like you

except I didn't take
more than my share.

Well, you've got it
all back, obviously,

so why am I here?

It's because our business
has not concluded.

You might have
convinced anatoly

that you're worth
staying in bed with,

but I have
a psycho vigilante

coming after me.

Dinah Drake. Hmm?

I see all.
I know all.

I control it all.

I've been working
on this for months.

See, Cayden, he's just
a small piece

of a much larger puzzle,
and so are you.

I just want to get
the hell out
of this city.

Where do you want
to go?

Hmm? Do what?

Live without always
having to look
over my shoulder.

I don't want you to worry
about dinah Drake.

I don't want you to
worry about Oliver queen
or any of those chumps

who can't see two inches
past their face.

Anatoly said that you
had a plan to take
control of this city.

Now, isn't that something...

Worth staying in bed for?

I don't know, Felicity.

Maybe it's a little soon
bringing up taking back
the mantle from Oliver,

but it's been two months.

A hell of a two
months, though,

and Oliver's just not
ready to step down,

not with everything
that's going on.

It's too much.
It's crazy--

They're moving Roy
in 10 minutes.

Don't move.

Roy, back away
from the door!

It's a decoy.

They faked Cayden
James' transfer.

They faked
this one, too!

So where is Roy?

Mr. Harper, it's
good to meet you.

you said that they
were moving him.

Yeah. They must
have put Roy into
a different vehicle

when they were
in the underground

and I didn't have
eyes on them.

Which means he could
have been picked up
at any point last night.

How many cars
left the hotel
in that timeframe?

Nearly 300. I'm
tracking license
plate numbers,

but it's gonna
take some time.

If it takes more
than an hour, I'm gonna
start breaking fingers.

There's that queen temper.
I'll contact Lyla,

see if a.R.G.U.S. Can
help with finding Roy.

How are you
holding up?

-I've been better.
-Yeah, I know.

It's because you're
blaming yourself
for Roy's situation

instead of accurately
blaming Ricardo Diaz.

Well, Roy wouldn't be
in this situation

if he didn't fall
on his sword for me
3 years ago.

That was his choice,

and I believed then--
and I still believe--
it was the right one.

I'm worried that
I didn't rescue him
from that hotel room

because I wouldn't
have been able to bear
the responsibility

if things went bad.

You didn't go
into that hotel room

because your gut
told you

things would go bad,
and that gut's

kept you alive
for 11 years,

and it kept Roy
alive last night.

Maybe. How do I know?

I could ask Cisco
to find a parallel
universe in which you did,

but in the meantime,
if you could just stop
finding ways

to blame yourself,
that would be so great.

Is that what I'm doing?

That's what you're
always doing.

-Well, maybe you have a point.

Last night, John
basically asked me

why I haven't given
him the hood back.

Yeah, I know. He told me.
I told him you probably

just thought it
wasn't the right time.

Am I on the money?

I don't know.

Diaz: You have a strength
one doesn't see much.

You want to
join my team?

Sure. Do you offer
medical and dental?

You know, my police
friends are telling me
you're not cooperating.

You're not playing ball!

You won't testify
against queen.

If you actually think
that I would do that,
you're an idiot.

Yeah. One of us is.

See, but I'm not
the type of guy
that believes

giving a beating...

Is the only way
to cause some pain.

How's speedy?

She came out
of retirement.

Why would she do that?

Why the hell would queen
let his baby sister

dress up like
will Scarlet?

I mean, I got to ask--

eh, it's a moot point.

You see, the real
question is...

Who do I got to bring
the pain to?

Do I got to bring
it to you...

Or her?

Shift sergeant was
definitely in on it.

Look at this.

Diaz has got
his fingers in deep.

Listen. Thanks
for doing this,
all right,

backing off Laurel.

It's temporary

until we can get
the department back
under control.

[Knock on door]

-Hi, daddy.

Speak of the devil.

Can I talk to you?

Yeah. I've got a lot
I'd like to say.

Can we not do
the whole screaming thing?

Because the only thing
that's gonna happen is

my father's gonna have to
renovate his apartment,

plus I'm here
about Ricardo Diaz.

I'd ask how you're
doing, but...

Felicity and a.R.G.U.S.
Are working

on locating Roy.

You know,
it's been a while
since I offered you

a little
big brother advice.

Do you mind?

This should be good.

When we find Roy--

not if but when
we find Roy...

I think maybe you
should go with him.

-Wherever he's going.

I mean, i--
thea, I'd miss you
like--like crazy,

but you said that
you haven't been
the same without him,

so maybe you shouldn't
be without him.

You really think
I should go?

I don't want you
to go, obviously,

but you've seen what--
what having Felicity

in my life
has done for me.

You deserve
that same kind of
happiness, speedy,

wherever it is.

Got news!

Location on Roy?

Laurel. She showed up
at Lance's apartment

with intel
on Ricardo Diaz.

He has some plan
to take over the city,

whatever that means.

I don't exactly
have details.

No. He just let you
leave after you stole
all that money,

let you come
over here and tell
us all of this.

Well, I'm rather charming,
don't you think?

So where's Roy?

They had him brought
to some run-down casino.

I heard some guys
talking about it
on my way out.

I can take you there.

So Diaz can take
these guys out?

Is that part
of the plan?

Look. We really
don't have a choice, ok?

We need to take
this chance.

All right.
Why are you doing this, huh,

going against Diaz?

Because it occurred to me
that if I'm gonna be Laurel,

I should probably start
acting like it.

Yeah. John, we have
a location on Roy.

Let's get ready
to move.

All right. Fine.
Just this once.

No. You don't
trust me,

I don't trust you,

so I'd rather be
in the field

Only two guards.

Diaz clearly
wasn't expecting us.

Black siren
didn't warn him.

Let's go.
Wait. If we go in there

without knowing our
primary objective,

no one is coming out.

Our primary objective's
to get Roy.

What about Diaz?
He's in there, too,

and we just found out
that he's the one

that's behind everything
bad that's been happening

in the city
for the past 6 months.

So let's get them both.

Oliver: Overwatch,
you in yet?

Felicity: Uplinking...Now.

Huffing and puffing
and blowing all those
firewalls down,

but before I finish,
if he's a smart guy--

and we know that he is--

this will definitely tip him
off that you're there.

-We need to know where Roy is.
-Copy that.

I pulled up the blueprints
of the casino from the city.

I'll guide you through.
Head up the escalator.

3 vigilantes, including
your red girlfriend,
just showed up.

It's time for a change
of scenery.

You know what to do.

4 hostiles with full autos
right in front of you.

-Which way?
-According to thermals,

Diaz has Roy through the door
on the north wall.

Unit 545 requesting backup.
Shots fired.

Arrows. Make that
arrows fired.

Get away from him!

On the ground! Now!

I love it when you
visit me, Mr. Mayor.

I love it even more
when you leave.

No kill shots.
I need him alive.

Speedy, no!



We have a problem.
One of Diaz's cops alerted

the legitimate cavalry.

The scpd is headed
your way en masse.


So you're just
a hired hand?

I used to be pakhan.
You cost me that.

I've got him.
Go help speedy.


You ok?

Don't move.

Not all those guys are
on my payroll...Yet,

but even the ones
who aren't,

they find
the antivigilante bill

very motivating.

Speedy, get in the Van
and drive Roy away.

-What about Diaz?
-I got Diaz.

No, you don't.

You know that, right?

You stay here,
you're gonna get
yourself a collar,

and it's not like
you could just take me
away with you, right?

But you already knew that.

That's why you let
your sister drive off.

You made your choice.


-How do you feel?
-Ugh. Like I've been beaten

within an inch of my life
with a telephone book.

Two broken ribs
and a bruised lung.

You'll have to take it easy
for a few days, Roy.

Well, that's the good part
about being a fugitive.

There's nowhere else
I have to be.

How's anatoly?

Scpd. I had to bail.
What about Diaz?

Same. How are Quentin
and dinah doing

with their investigation
into the scpd?

They're working on it.

I'm not a lawyer,
but what are the effects

of us having
the government's
star witness

in our protection
instead of theirs?

-Not as much as you would think.

They'll add
witness tampering
and obstruction

to their very long
list of charges.

Hmm. Cherry on top. Heh.

Well, you did it
all for thea.

And for Roy.

I would have done it
for any of you guys.

My father's asleep.

I came to see you.


You didn't set us up.

Gee, Ollie,
you sound surprised.

So I came by to say
thank you.

And yet still

You're not Laurel,
not our Laurel,

and saying that you are
to a bunch of press, no,

that does not
make it so.

You're right.

I'm not,

but I'm willing
to try,

and I can't make
any promises.

I am who I am, but
I'm willing to try

if you're willing
to give me
the space to.

That sounds fair.

You're staying here.

my father offered
me his couch.

He was pretty on
point with the whole

rescue Laurel Lance
story, so...


I'll be checking in.

Looking forward to it.

-Home, sweet home.
-Nice. Heh.

For the past 3 years,
I've been sleeping
with the cockroaches.


I--i feel like I
should have been
there with you.

Is that too presumptuous
or confusing?

I--i know that last time
we saw each other, I said

that we should probably
see other--


Master, I've located
the heir of ra's al ghul.

Greg, move your head!