Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - Brothers in Arms - full transcript

Oliver and Diggle face their biggest challenge yet; Curtis is disappointed to find out his new boyfriend has a firm anti-vigilante stance.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Star City needs
the Green Arrow,

so I'd like it
to be you.

John: The nerve damage
in my arm spread to my back,

and because
of the steroid use,

I caused permanent damage.

Oliver: As soon
as you're healed up,

I want you to put
that hood back on.

I've been good for the past
two months--good--

but instead of giving
me back the hood,

you've had Cisco make
me a new suit.

Ricardo Diaz is
pushing Vertigo.

I checked for any
Vertigo-related cases.

They've all been kicked
by Captain Hill.

She did it for Diaz.

The Orchid Bay Night Market
runs 3 blocks east-west

along Arguelo.

About midway down,
there's an alley.

Now, that's where Anatoly Kknyazev
has been making his drop.

He is not
a physical threat,

but the two men who
will be with him are.

I've been to this market,
a lot of civilians there.

Hopefully not
in the alley.

We're gonna pin them in,
take them out clean and fast.

- Any questions?
- This group's a little light

to take on 3 Bratvas.

Well, Diaz has God knows
how much of the force under his control,

including Captain Hill.

The only cops I'm sure I can trust
are here in this van.

Still, be nice to
have some backup.

We're covered.
Trust me.

All right.
Two minutes out.

Let's get ready.

Tango's heading
into the alley.

Dinah, on comms: Move in.

John: Looks clean
so far.

any surprises?

Aha. Tricky, tricky,

Thermal reads 4 bogies,
east alley.

- I'll flank left.
- I'll take right.

Ok. Good. Now that
we are alone,

I know this might not
exactly be the right time--

you understand that I'm gonna be
punching people

- in about 60 seconds, right?
- Yes, but it's been about a week

since you decided that you're not giving
John the hood back,

and I was just wondering when you were
planning on talking to him about that.

I'm waiting for
the right moment.

That moment is
not now.

That's a fair point.

You should try apples.

Is good season.

[Vehicle approaching]

[Tires squeal]

Man: Aah!


You are under arrest
for possession

and attempt
to distribute.

Ms. Drake.

Cuff him.


I see your face.

That maybe not
so good for you.

Load them up.

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Brothers in Arms
Original Air Date on April 5, 2018

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Dinah: Toss the 3 stooges
into lockup for processing.

I want Knyazev
in interrogation.

Hill: What's going
on here?

Dinah: Oh, we just got
Diaz's right-hand man.

Incredible, huh?

Why wasn't I informed?

Oliver: Oh, that was
my fault, Captain.

I authorized
the operation.

I figured you wouldn't mind
given the stakes.

Quentin: And we also
took the liberty

of calling in
D.A. Armand

to expedite
the charges.

There's no sense
in waiting, right?

Guess not.
Good work, Lieutenant.

Thank you for letting
John and I backstop you tonight.

Because you think we couldn't
have stopped Anatoly otherwise?

Because I appreciate
the trust.

Well, try necessity.
Curtis is busy

watching Zoe while Rene's
in the hospital

nursing the wounds
you gave him.

Yeah? I told him
to stand down.

Matter of fact,
I gave him every chance.

You guys made a move
on our team in the field.

A--all right. These things
are in the past, all right?

Tonight is
a good night.


- Where's Anatoly?
- Interrogation.

Can you buy me
a few minutes with him?


Thank you.

[Quentin sighs]

Oh, how nice.

You come to visit.

Came to see
you locked up.

Hmm. Enjoy it--
kak oni skazali--

"while you can."

I know all
about Captain Hill,

crooked cops
on the force.

Oh. You think this is
just your police force?

Heh heh. Ha ha ha!

This is your city,

Your entire city.

Diaz has people

all levels
of government.

We got a problem.

Armand: I'm sorry,
Mr. Mayor, but Mr. Knyazev

wasn't arrested pursuant
to an arrest warrant.

That's crap.
You know it.

You're really gonna
kick this case on a technicality.

I'm not bringing charges
that will only get dismissed

the first time they
end up in front of a judge.

Oliver: You have
made exceptions before, Sam.

You're gonna draw
the line now

on this case?

You're under indictment,
Mr. Mayor.

Do you really want to
add a civil suit

for wrongful imprisonment
on top of that?

Cut Knyazev
and his friends loose.

Sorry, Mr. Mayor.

What the hell just
happened here?

Oh. Seems
pretty obvious to me.

It's not just Hill
who's working for Diaz.

He's got
Armand, too.

So Diaz has the police captain,
the D.A., and--

Other members
of the city's infrastructure.

Anatoly wasn't

He just said that
Diaz has people everywhere.

Felicity: I'll run
background checks

on all
the city officials.

Makes sense to start
at the top,

work your way down.

Look, Oliver.
If you need to spend

more time at city hall,
I get it, man.

Keep your focus there.
I can cover us here.

No. My focus is fine.

But, Oliver, why split yourself
in two, man?

Let me carry
the load for you.

The city needs
the mayor now

more than
it ever did.


It also needs
the Green Arrow.

And that's not me

I've been waiting
for the right moment,

the appropriate moment,
to tell you.

I'm not giving up
the hood.

I guess I should
have taken the hint

the way you kept
putting me off, right?

You know, John,
this--this team,

this mission,
it's all of us.

You helped build it.
I don't understand

why it matters what
somebody's wearing.

I guess it doesn't.


That's the moment
you were waiting for, that one?

At least now
he knows.


John's an adult, Felicity.
He'll be fine.

Hope so.

Hey, pal. Get your
butt off my car.

You eat like crap,


I heard about you.

You're real brash.

You got to show everybody
how tough you are, huh?

Poking around where you
don't belong.

Get your hands up.

Funny thing about
that, though.

You always end up
pissing off the wrong guy.

[Muted gunshots]


You didn't want to
torture him a bit,

you know, maybe slit
his throat?

What happened to all that Russian
vengeance I heard so much about?

Is new suit.

His dead body
send good message to other police.

That's right. They're
all on borrowed time.

Still no suspects in the death
of Officer Hurst,

a 6-year veteran
with the SCPD

found dead last night under
mysterious circumstances...

Not so mysterious if
you're Ricardo Diaz.

Need to contact Dinah
and have her sequester

the other officers involved
in arresting Anatoly.

What about your
D.A. friend?

Any idea how Diaz
flipped him?

Felicity: I'm guessing
cold, hard cash.

- Cash he took from the city?
- Should all be dried up by now.

- So he has another source.
- Well, according to Curtis,

Diaz is involved in an extensive
Vertigo operation,

and if my math is right--and it
definitely is--

he'll be pulling in at least
a million a day.

So we take out his Vertigo stash,
we kill his cash supply.

Unless he's got a rich aunt somewhere,
yeah, that'll work.

Right. So I'll check in
with Lyla,

see if A.R.G.U.S. can
give us any information

on this Vertigo operation that
can help us.

Yeah, that'd be great!
Thanks, John!

- That was unbearable.
- He was fine.

The fuming, the standing
in the corner--

that was--
that was fine?

John is not gonna
get bent out of shape

over a uniform.

He's a soldier, Oliver.

Look. I get what
you're saying,

that this is
not like John,

but you have to see
what he's not saying.

He's upset.

Then he's gonna
have to get over it.

This is not
our first fight.

Well, if you don't want
it to be your last,

you should probably
say something.

- Like what?
- Something to ease the pain.


We need to know more
about Diaz's Vertigo operation.

I need to get to city hall
and talk some sense

into Hill and Armand
before somebody else gets killed.


Think I found
a secure location.

To sequester the clean cops?
I'll come with.

Oh, no, Curtis.
I'm the one who brought

these guys
into the fight against Diaz.

I'm the reason he's
retaliating against them.

This is all on me.

Don't be all
Oliver Queen on me now.

If we have to take out Diaz, there's
gonna be casualties,

and they're not gonna
be your fault, Dinah.

No, they're not because
I'm going to make sure

there are no more

We're gonna
make sure.

I'm gonna bring cops
to a secure location

nobody knows about except
my good friend Curtis?

I'll be
your tech guy.

Look. I don't like
the idea of you doing this

without backup.

That, or you want to
spend some quality time

with your new boyfriend?

We've only been on 3 dates,
but, yeah, he's cute,

and I don't want him
to get murdered, so sue me.

- Fine. Let's go, lover boy.
- Yes!

This is everything
A.R.G.U.S. could find

on the Vertigo trade
in Star City.

Yeah, thanks.

It's not free.

- I need Intel in return.
- What kind of Intel?

The kind where you tell me what's
going on with you.

Lyla, you know
what's going on.

I'm frustrated that
Oliver strung me along for so long.

the Green Arrow...

You know what
that meant to me.

But you save the city
every night as Spartan.

It's not like you
to care this much

about a title
or a hood.

Oliver made
a similar point.

- But?
- But I don't know.

I just don't know.

This is bothering me way more
than I expected.

I think you owe it
to yourself

and to your partnership
with Oliver

to figure out why.

Thank you both
for coming.

I have to say, Mr. Mayor,
I'm more than

a little uncomfortable
meeting with you

without your attorney

Well, it's not
about the case, Sam.

It's about the two
of you working for Ricardo Diaz.

Who? I'm not sure I've
ever heard that name--

You're smarter
than this.

You're better than this.

Both of you are
better than this.

Talk to me.

Less than 24 hours
after you promoted me

to take over
Pike's command,

I got an e-mail--

surveillance photos
of my niece,

my father,
and my sister.

So he found a way
to apply pressure.

- Yeah.
- Ok.

My boy has cancer,
leukemia, stage IV.

Even with
the city's insurance,

we couldn't afford
the treatments.

- I needed Diaz's money.
- All right.

We can protect
your family.

We can pay for your
son's treatments.

- The city--
- Is bankrupt,

and the idea of you
protecting anyone is a joke.

The whole force is
under Diaz's thumb,

or were you offering
your protection as the Green Arrow?

If I was the Green Arrow...

I don't think you'd want to
be in this room right now.

I don't think
either of you would.

Are we done here?

You are.

You're both fired
effective immediately.

You can't do that.

If you work for him,

then you don't work for me.

Get out.

I know you're
the Green Arrow,

but this is unlike anything you've
ever gone up against.

Diaz has already
beat you,

and you don't
even know it.

Bethany Snow: Still no suspects
in the death of Officer Hurst,

a 6-year veteran
with the SCPD found...

Looks like you've had
an exciting day.

I wouldn't call the death of a respected
SCPD officer exciting.

It is when you've been sitting
on the couch all day.

Well, no one's
holding you prisoner.

Why don't you get out?
Go get some sun maybe.

No. Sounds boring.
Helping you

with your Diaz situation,
now, that sounds interesting to me.

I'm guessing the death
of that cop wasn't exactly

random, though, was it?

You know something
about that?

I know Diaz,
and he's not gonna stop

at one officer.

Yeah. We figured that.

We sequestered the rest.
They're safe.

Safe where, though?


How do you expect me
to be like Laurel

when you won't let me
act like her?

You want to act
like Laurel?

Why don't you do
something good, huh?

Get a job.
Help this city.

Never had a real job
in my whole life.

I don't even think
I know how to write a resume.

You don't need to
write a resume.

You're Laurel Lance,

How well did I do
in law school?

Wait here.

Quentin: Kept all
of Laurel's old law books.


Look at that.
Maybe you could start right here.

You want to
home law-school me?

Beats sitting around
on the couch, doesn't it?

I mean, who knows?
You could give it a shot.

You might just enjoy
doing something good for a change.

[Elevator whirring]

Hey. How did it--oh.
I can tell by the look on your face.

Won't even ask.

Would you please give
me some good news?

Well, Lyla clued us in on one of Diaz's
suppliers--Marshall Katz.

I'm running a location
on him now.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.


- I'll be right back.
- Mm-hmm.

Thanks for grabbing
that Intel from Lyla.

Oh, no problem.

About the hood.
I'd like to apologize.

Oliver...It's just
a piece of cloth

just like you said.

- You were right.
- I was wrong

about a few things.

It's very important
that you know this.

When I asked you
to take over for me, I meant it.

When I put the hood
back on and said,

"it's just until you get
back on your feet,"

I meant it, but I
did put the hood back on,

and it's a part of me.

And it makes me
feel like I'm being

the best version
of myself,

and I feel whole,
and I feel complete,

and I really, really
hope that this is making sense.

Yeah. The hood is
part of you now.

I should have been
up-front with you,

and I avoided having
what I thought

might be
a tough conversation.

Well, um, I appreciate
you telling me this, Oliver.

Thank you.

Felicity: Got a location
on Katz.

- Yeah. Let's move.
- All right.

Baby, I want
some "V."

I told you before--
can't do it.

- Hmm.
- Only top grade for my lady.

Heh. Well, don't you
know how to make a girl feel special.


We got a problem.

Mo downstairs spotted
one of the masks.

- He's on his way up.
- Go! Do something!

- Get behind us!
- Yeah, no kidding.


Oliver: You're gonna tell us where
you make your Vertigo shipment.

And turn
on the Dragon?

You'll have to
shoot me, man.

I don't want to waste
my arrows.

I think you should.

This punk deserves it.

I'm not nearly as stingy
with my bullets.


Where do you ship
the "V" from?

I--I--I'm too high
to die, man, please.

- Spartan, stand down.
- When he tells us

what we need to know!

Y-y-you--you wouldn't
kill me in front of my lady.

Last chance.
Where's the Vertigo?

Spartan! Stand down!

And what?
Do this your way?

He'll fold. Talk!

Fine, but y-you got to send
me to, like, Mexico, man.

Diaz will find me.


No. My loyalty
is to Diaz, not him.

[Dart whooshes]


That was a bust!
Get it?

Because it's drugs,
it's like a play on words,

and it's almost
a little fun.

Never mind. Tough crowd.
What happened?

We lost Katz.

Oliver, he was
gonna talk.

If you had just let me keep
the pressure on him

for one minute longer,

we would be
at the location right now

instead of back
at square one!

No. He still would
have gotten shot

because you picked
a fight.

You pulled our focus,
and you allowed

our target
to get killed.

Because you know

and I just need to
keep my mouth shut!

I'm sorry. What?

Look, guys, we're
all just whipped up

with adrenaline
from--from the field,

and--and we're gonna
catch Diaz.

We always catch
the bad guys,

so we're just going to
breathe together, inhale.


John, what's going on
with you?

First, you were mad
at me because

you're not
the Green Arrow,

and that is--that is

that is way out of character
for you, my friend,

but I explained myself,
I apologized,

you accepted,

and now you're gonna
take a shot at me like that?

I was getting
someplace with Katz,

and you didn't
back my play.

- Because it wasn't working.
- No, Oliver!

Because it wasn't
your play!

Let me know when you
find the Vertigo.

I need some air!


I already told you

I don't know where they
sequestered the cops,

and if you're here
to put pressure on Lance, don't,

because I'm all
healed up now.

You want to calm down.

I brought you dinner.

I'm not hungry.

What are you
doing here?

Just checking up
on things.

Looks like
some light reading.

Just trying to
maintain my cover.

Don't waste your time.

People like us don't
learn the law.

People like us,

we are the law.

You trying to make
your daddy proud?

Why would I ever
want to do that?

Because I used to be
like that with my old man

before he died.

It's exhausting trying
to be something you're not.

Oh, so what?

You're gonna tell me
what I'm supposed to be, is that it?


I see what I like.

I know you're pretending
to be the real Laurel,

but the one standing
in front of me right now...

She don't need changing.

Your fries are
getting cold.




Everything all right?

Fine. I've been
out of town for so long,

I just found the gift
you left for me back in December.

I wanted to say
thank you.

You're welcome.

Funny, though, the same
day you delivered it,

I also found a security breach
on my computer.

I guess I now know
how Cayden James got ahold

of our nanoaluminum

I was gonna tell you
about that, Lyla, but, um...

The city was at stake.

Oh, yeah. Well, the city
is always at stake.

You don't have to lie
to your wife in order to save it.

absolutely right.

- I'm sorry.
- I know.

What brings you by?

Well, Oliver apologized
for stringing me along about the hood.

It was actually
a good apology.

Wow. That's not exactly
Oliver's strong suit.

No, it's not.



I don't know.
I thought we cleared the air.

We go out into the field,
we come back,

and then I--I...

I just take a piece
right out of him

over nothing!

It was--it was
over nothing.

You're right.
There's something wrong,

and I'm worried that
when I find out what it is,

I'm not gonna like it.

Well, from everything
you've told me,

there's not a lot
to like these days.

The team breaking up,
Rene's in the hospital,

Diaz is running rampant.

Maybe the reason Oliver
holding on to the hood

bothered you so much
is because you think

none of these things
would have happened

if you had been the one
still wearing it.

Nick: Seriously, thanks
for helping us out here.

I mean, anything
for Dinah,

and maybe I was a little
worried about you, too.

I'll be fine.
Just hate leaving

the city to be
overrun by a bunch

of corrupt cops
and vigilantes.

Don't you think there's
a little bit of a difference

between bent cops
and vigilantes?

None that I can see.

They're both
criminals, right?


Hey. Felicity, you think,
uh, we can have the room?

Uh...Yeah. Yeah.
Of course.

Oliver: Get some air?

Yeah, I did

and with it
some clarity.

Well, Oliver, it's totally
within your rights to keep the hood.

It's yours,

and you're right.

My frustration was never
with the uniform.

It was with the man
underneath it.

- I don't understand.
- I didn't either, not at first.


I so appreciated
your apology,

but something about it
gnawed at me...

That you needed
to be the Green Arrow,

that it completed you.

This was supposed to be
about saving the city,

helping the people,
not ourselves.

I know that.

It's a little
too dangerous,

and I've lost just
a little too much

along the way for it
to be about that.

But yet here you are.

You've gotten married,
raising a son.

- You've become the mayor.
- So what?

So, Oliver, you were never
supposed to stretch yourself so thin

and in so many
different directions

that the people suffer.

We have been
in tough spots before.

We have, with a team.

Even before Curtis,
Rene, and Dinah,

there was Roy,
there was Thea.

But, Oliver, the way
you lead alienates

everyone and everything
around you.


Putting the team
under surveillance was a mistake.

We had an opportunity
to save the vigilante.

You made
a different call.

The same with Laurel
and the money.

When did all of these
just magically become my decisions?

I seem to remember
you right there next to me.

Begging you to exercise
restraint, caution, Oliver,

but that's not you.

You have changed,
and you've grown so much,

and it's been my honor,
it's been my privilege to watch you,

but, Oliver,
you're still you,

and if you're just doing this for you,
like you just admitted--

I didn't say I was
doing it just for myself!

If this isn't 100%
for our city,

then you are not
the hero that it deserves,

and you never will be.

Ricardo Diaz has
God knows how much

of our city
in his grip,

and you're picking
now to lecture me

or to whine about not
getting a promotion?

Promotion? This isn't
about a promotion, man.

This is about you.
And Diaz?

You still can't see it.

See what?

He's already won,

He has the city wired,

and it happened
under your watch.

He showed up while you
were the Green Arrow!

You bought drugs
from him, John!

You funded what
he is doing right now!

The entire time
I put you in that hood,

and you hid having
a drug problem!

And I was putting
my body through hell

for the sake
of our city.

No. You put the team
at risk by lying!

I had to dive off a bridge to
save Rene's life

because you were
in the field,

you weren't 100%,
and nobody knew it!

You really want to
bring up Rene right now

when he is still

for the beating
that you put on him?

We were in the field
against Dinah, Curtis, and Rene.

He pulls a gun
on me!

You think he
gave me a choice?

I think that you leave
a trail of bodies

every damn place
that you go!

Sure you've changed,

but what comfort's that
to William,

whose mother's dead because
of the bad decisions that you've made?

My trail of bodies...

Doesn't include
my own brother.



[both grunting]

Felicity: Stop!
What are you two doing?

That's enough!

Have you two gone
completely over the edge?

Diaz is running
through the city like a cancer,

and you two are in here
doing...What exactly?

Ok. This is
what's going to happen.

I am gonna go back
to work,

looking for the needle
that is Diaz's

Vertigo operation
in the city's haystack,

and the two of you
are going to pull

your heads out
of your asses!

She's right.

She usually is.

I'm sorry I punched
you, Oliver.

I'm sorry
I punched you back.

For what it's worth,

I know you've done
a lot of good.

I know lately it
seems like everyone's

been questioning
your leadership,

me included.

Felicity: Found the location
of Diaz's Vertigo operation.

Have you two found
any shred of sanity, perhaps?

Let's go.

So he just drops
it casually--

"I hate vigilantes,"
not hate but "hate,"

like capital letters,
hates vigilantes.

This is Paul
all over again.

Well, that's
kind of a leap.

Paul divorced me
because I was a vigilante.

Curtis, you're getting
ahead of yourself.

Yeah, you're right.
He's not gonna break up with me.

- That's the spirit.
- He's going to arrest me.

I know I'm the last person
who should be giving you relationship advice--

yet you're about
to give me some.

It's more
of a life philosophy.

Just live in the moment
because you can only see

the step that's
ahead of you.

You don't know what's
at the end of the road.

[Cell phone beeps]

Someone just set off
one of my proximity alerts.

Make that some-many.
All headed toward the front door!

- How did they find us?
- Who?

Diaz's men. They're
about to hit us

from the west,
the north, the sou--

they're about to hit us
from every angle.

I know.

I'm sorry, but we
can't defeat Diaz.

We tried,
and we failed.


You stay
with Curtis.


Count 13 bogies
in this den alone, heavily armed.

Oliver: No Diaz.

Got at least 20 million
in Vertigo here.

He's gonna miss it.

The only way that we
make it out of here

is if we trust
each other.

We've been
through worse, Oliver.

I'm not sure that
we have, John.

You're quarterback.
Call it.

Let's move.

Man: We're under fire!
Get the product out of here now!


Hold on, Curtis. We're gonna get you
to a hospital, ok?

Hold on.

[Coughs, groans]

I'm ok. Actually,
that's a lie.

I think my ribs
are broken.

- You were shot point-blank.
- No!

- You're--
- It's not what it looks like.

[T-sphere whirs]

Ok. It is what
it looks like.

Ok. Go.

[Arrow whooshes]

Place is bigger
than expected.

How many more explosives
do we have?

John: I'm all out.

Then we improvise.

Vertigo's flammable
in its liquid state.

- Headed there now.
- You won't make it.

Not alone I won't.


[T-sphere whirs]

[Gun cocks]

He's just like
John Wayne.

It's better to have
loved and lost

than to never
have loved at all.

Are we getting out
of here or not?

[Bullets ricocheting]

Ok. There's an opening
on the east side of the building.

No, no. There is no opening
on the east side of the building.

Well, then make one.


[Canary cry]

All right! Let's go!

Move, move, move,
move, move! Let's go!

Everybody, come on! Move!

Do it.


Thanks for having
my back.

Judging by the burn radius
of the warehouse,

looks like we got all
of Diaz's stash.

Oliver, I'm, uh, really sorry
about what I said.

You apologized
already, John. So did I.

I know.

I know...

But what I said
about the calls you made,

where you brought us,
the team, the city I--I just can't shake.

You can't shake
that you said it?

I can't shake
that it's true.

Oliver, for 6 years,
I have followed

the chain of command
without question,

even when my heart
told me there was a better way.

I trusted it,
I trusted you,

but the inescapable truth
is, is that people

have lost faith
in your leadership.

Truth is, Oliver,
you have become a better man

but, with your focus split,

a worse leader.

The Green Arrow allows
you to become

the best version of yourself,
and I respect that.

I respect you,

but if I'm gonna be
the best version of myself...


It can't be with you.

I hope you find
what you're looking for.


Don't do this.

Thank you so much
for helping me get Zoe off to school.

Oh, yeah, sure.
Just don't understand

how a girl so small generates
this much mess.

You know, I actually
don't mind tidying up.

Kind of like it. Heh!

Keeps my mind
off of things

like the fact that my boyfriend's
gonna break up with me

because he found out I'm a vigilante
and he hates vigilantes.

So he is
your boyfriend.

My mind works
in hyperbole.

Ignoring for a second
the operational risk

of having a cop
know your identity,

do you regret
him knowing the truth?

[Knock on door]

Besides the fact that it means the end
of our relationship,

I don't.

Well, then it was
worth it.

Speak of the devil.
It's Nick.

Wait. What?

Lieutenant Drake.

Not looking for me,
I assume.

No, but I'm glad
you're here.

Hill just
canned me and you

and the rest
of us,

anyone who
wasn't dirty.

Last thing she did
before clearing out her desk.

We're gonna fight
this, Nick, ok?

Don't worry.

Come in.

I should probably find
a reason to leave.

See you later, all right?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You go first.
- Ok.

Heh. Listen.

I know you're not
a fan of vigilantes,

and so I get it if--if you want to
step away from this.

Curtis, I just lost
my job for being a clean cop.

I know.

With the department

maybe vigilantism
is the only way

to take back
this city.

I don't know.

To be honest,

I don't know how I feel
about vigilantes...

But I do know how
I feel about you.

You ok?

I know it had
to be done.



You had to do this
your way.

I wish I knew
what this was, Lyla.

I know I want to keep
fighting for this city.

I just don't know
what that looks like on my own.

Maybe you don't
do it alone.

Maybe you do it
with me.



I've got people breaking
into my office,

stealing stuff.

And, really, I could use an extra
pair of hands.


I know it's rough,

but you'll always
have me.

I'm not going

[Cell phone vibrating]

What's up, Quentin?

Quentin: Turn
on the TV. Any channel.

Obviously the mayor
terminated us

to impede the prosecution
of his activities

as the Green Arrow.

What Oliver Queen did
is an impeachable offense.

It was a gross
overstep of power.

Our mayor should be
held accountable for his actions.

Thank you.

Armand said
that was your idea.

Looks like reading
those law books really paid off.

Guess I was wrong.

You were right
about something else, though.

I'm not changing
who I really am.

I have one last surprise
for you.

There's one left.

And I know just
how to use it.

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