Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Lost Souls - full transcript

Felicity is frantic when she learns that Ray is alive and being held by Damien Darhk. Felicity's guilt over not finding Ray sooner causes tension between her and Oliver.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

This city needs someone

to stand up who isn't
hiding behind a mask.

It needs a leader.

So, I've decided to run for mayor.

Ollie, this is Alex Davis,

the new political strategist
that Walter recommended.

At the house, I looked Sara
in the eyes. She wasn't there.

I'm the one who killed her
in the first place.

That's why she's after me, you know.

It's blood lust; She's consumed by it.

It's the same pain I feel
when I think about ra's.

If she kills me, she'll be ok.

There's more to the recording...

something overlapping with it.

What I need you to know is,

I'm alive, and I'm in trouble.

Open new file.

Atom project, update gamma.

This will be miniaturization
test number one.


Why can't anything ever
work the first time?


All right, guys, I know
it's been a long haul

figuring out your platform,

but the good news is, we're almost done.

Just two more things here on the docket.

Mmm, actually, only one.

I figured out where we're going
to hold Ollie's fundraiser.

It's going to be at Gerard's.

From what I remember,

that place is a little pricey,

leading us to our last
talking point, the budget.

You have it, right?

If by "you", you mean Felicity,

then, yes. She was supposed to be here,

but she's just been slammed

at Palmer tech for the past few days.

She's really taking this
whole CEO thing seriously.

Well, one of us has to have
a job that actually makes money.

I'll speak with her,
I'll get those numbers for you.

Alex, thank you so much
for all your hard work.

I'll see you later.

I was thinking,

maybe we should check out
Gerard's tomorrow night.

You know, just to make sure

it's the right type of venue

for introducing our candidate.

Are you asking me out on a date?

To be honest,

it's been so long, I don't even know.

I just am... my life is
really complicated right now,

and I don't think going on a date
with my brother's campaign manager

is going to make it any easier.

No, you're right.
That was totally unprofessional;

something I would normally never do.

I just...
thought there was something there.

Probably just consumed
a little too much msg.

How about we just erase
these last five minutes?

Absolutely not.

It was nice.

I'll see you later.

I'm alive,

and I'm in trouble.

I'm alive,

and I'm in trouble.

I'm alive...

I thought I said you could use my lab

if you clean up after yourself.

The keyword being "after",
which assumes finished,

which clearly, I am not.

Well, how's it going?


That well?

I'm alive...

Do you have that playing on a loop?

I've been trying
to trace to Ray's message

back to its point of origin,
but he must have ping-ponged it

off of like a thousand servers,
and the back trace algorithm

won't compile, which means
there's no way of finding him,

and... ok!

You need to stop right now.

I can't. You have to.

You are no good to Mr. Palmer
in your current state.

Now, how long has it been
since you took a break?

I dozed off for about two minutes

about an hour ago, does that count?

You're married, he's straight,

you're married, he's straight, ahem.

Ah, perfect. Oliver Queen,
Curtis Holt. Curtis, Oliver.

Curtis! Felicity's
told me a lot about you.

She's told me virtually
nothing about you.



What you doin'?

The green Arrow showed up
right about the time

that you came back into town.

Nah, it's not you, though.
Jaw's not right.

That's what I keep telling people.

Would you give us a minute?

Sure thing. Nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you, too. Ahem.

Hey. Hi.

I thought that you were going to come by

the campaign offices
to go over the finances.

I thought that meeting was on Wednesday.

It is Wednesday.


What's going on?

I'm alive...

And I'm in trouble.

That sounds like...

ray. Because it is ray,

because ray isn't dead. What?

That's impossible. Ray was...

killed. In an explosion
that blew up the top

of this building six months ago.

But that's obviously not what happened,

because he sent this
message six days ago,

and dead people don't generally do that.

Ray's alive. He's out there somewhere.

I have to help him,

why didn't you ever tell us
about this place before?

I didn't know it was here.

But it sort of seems like you did.

I know this island
isn't all that it seems.

You've done well, Mr. queen.

But you let the british guy get away.

Whoa, wait. Reiter.

Constantine said that
there was some sort of

barrier, like magic.

I have no interest in the chamber.

What is that?

A message, from the ancients,

leading to a very special gift.

A heart of water.

Have you seen a cove on the island,

surrounded by mountains?
Yeah, I know of one.

I want you to go to that point
and lead an excavation.

Take a dozen of the
laborers and work them

until you find my gift.

Can I talk to you for a sec?

All right, first,

what aren't you telling me
about what we're doing here?

I mean, apart from everything.

And second? Queen is a mole.

Don't start trusting him just
'cause he gave you a piece of bling.

Accompany Mr. Queen to the cove.

I know.

I know.

I love you, too, mom.

I love you so much.

Ok, bye, mom.

How'd that go?

Easier than the last time

mom found out that I wasn't dead.


You ok, honey?

Yeah, fine. It was
just something mom said

about how I got lost when I was
walking home from school once,

and... and how I promised
that I'd always come back.

But I can't remember.

You're probably better off
not remembering

all the messed up things
our parents did to us, anyway.

Hey, you two turned out
perfectly, all right,

and more importantly, you're both home.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

I tell you Ray's in trouble
and your first response is,

you need a shower. And a nap.

You're not going to be able to help...

Oh, stop. You're starting
to sound like Curtis.

Well, Curtis is a smart guy.

Did Ray's message indicate
what kind of trouble he's in?

If it did, it would have been
the first thing I told you.

Ok. Is there anything
that I can do to help?

Well, have you magically learned to code

in the last 72 hours? No.

It was a rhetorical question. I know.

I will, however,

accept your undying support and backrub.

You can have both as soon as you...

Shower. And take a nap.

Come on.

Come on, come on.


I set an alert just in case
the back trace program

ever finished compiling.

Felicity... Two seconds!

It's been taking forever.

What are you doing?

Absolutely nothing.

Felicity, Felicity, is that you?

Oh, my god, Ray!

Ray, where are you? I don't know.

And if that wasn't enough,
I think I'm being held

against my will. What?!

Yeah, they want my suit,
or at least the tech.

The good news is, the tech is

useless to them in my current condition.

Ray, if you have your suit,
then why don't you just...

bust my way out?
Yeah, that's not really happening.

What, the suit doesn't work?

Actually, it worked a little too well.

# Arrow 4x06 #
Lost Souls
Original Air Date on November 11, 2015

They want my suit, or at least the tech.

The good news is, the tech is useless

to them in my current condition.

John is never going to believe this.

Neither is Thea.
And, well, Ray is...

the size of a tater tot.

Ray modified his suit
with the same nanites

I injected into him
after Bad Arrow shot him.

It's a long story involving
a lot of molecular physics.

The bottom line is that Ray

jury-rigged a short-range message burst

that was intercepted by
whoever's holding him captive.

Ray thinks they want the
suit for its technology,

but they can't use it while its small.

And while he's small, it's like looking

for a needle in a city of haystacks.

Ray has something he thinks could help.

Back at Palmer tech, I've got
schematics for a machine

that should be able to resize me.

Well, now that you're both filled in...

Where are you going?

To Palmer tech to pull up the schematics

for Ray's device. I'll come with you.

Why? Are you going to build the thing?


There must be some other way I can help.

There isn't.

This isn't over, you know.

You and me.

I'm so glad.

We need to get a
couple people in the water.

Dive down, see what you can find.

Everyone is tired.
We've been here for hours.

If you want them to work,
they have to be able to.

Are you their leader?

I'm the guy telling you
to let them rest.


You brought food.

Take 15 minutes and eat.

Well, ain't you employer of the month.

I'm going to need you
to keep an eye on them,

and I'm going to go
enjoy my lunch in peace.

Hey, Ukraine.

My name is Vlad.

Well, Vlad,

how'd you like your life
to get a little better?

Doctor Palmer got
miniaturization to work.

He made the space between atoms shrink.

I mean, this is like solving
cold fusion and ultimate theory.

Do you have any idea
how amazing this is?

Yes. But the fact that
Ray is being held hostage

and could be killed at any moment

because he is the size of a
cheeto has dampened my enthusiasm

somewhat. Can you build this?

Yes. Um, all the materials
are here at Palmer Tech,

um, except for that.

That is a quantum manifold.

Never heard of it.
Where do we get one?

Only one place... the manufacturer.

They hold the patent on it...
well, actually, 16 patents.


Kord industries. I'd ask them to
do us a solid and loan it to us, but...

They're our biggest competitor.

The good news is,
things can't get any worse.

You just had to go and say that.

There you are!

Mom. Oh.

Ha ha ha!


Oh, what are you doing here?

Well, I went to your office, Miss CEO,

and your assistant
told me you'd be here. I am.

Not here-here, Star City here.

Well, Oliver told me that
you've been working nonstop

this past month, so I suggested

a visit from your mom... uh-huh.

Is exactly what you needed,
and guess what? What?

He agreed. Oh.

Oh, hi.

And who are you?

Oh. Hi.

I'm Curtis Holt.

It is an absolute pleasure
to meet you. Oh!

I can see where Felicity got her, uh...

Blonde hair.

Well, she dyes it, actually.

So, what do you want to do first?

A trip to the mall, mani-pedi.

You know what, you must be
exhausted from your flight.

Why don't I get a car
to take you back to my place?

A car? No, baby, I...
I came here to see you.

I know! And you will.
It's just that, right now,

Curtis and I are trying to figure out
how to build a very important

piece of equipment,
or someone could die.

Die? Metaphorically speaking!

You start constructing the machine,
and I will get you the manifold.

But it's proprietary!
How are you going to do that?

I'm not! Awesome.

The green Arrow's going to be
kicking some ass tonight.

If I don't kick his first.

I thought it would be a good thing.

A good thing?

What on earth made you agree to this?

Well, you know, your mom doesn't really

take no for an answer. You've faced down

Mirakuru soldiers and
the league of assassins.

Are you honestly telling me that
you couldn't say no to my mom?

She said she missed you
and then she texted me

one of those emojis
with the single tear.

You have been texting with my mother?!

How long has that been going on?

You guys think we can find
a better time to fight about this?

John? I thought only
Oliver's line was open.

Nope. Mine is open.

And mine. And mine.

I don't remember there being

so much chatter on these missions.

Are you ok?


I need a little normal.

And for me, this is the kind
of thing that passes.

I hacked the security panel,

but it needs to be
accessed from the inside.

Only problem is that
the building's interior

is protected by pressure
sensitive flooring,

which means Chatty Kathy, you're up.

Chatty Kathy?
Your new code name,

the only one appropriate
enough I could think of

to use in polite company.

Once the loading dock's doors are open,

you'll have 90 seconds
to find the manifold

and amscray before
men with guns show up.

Chatty Kathy?

You know, when I get back,

you and I are going to have a talk.

I'm at the panel.

Stand by.

Punch in 4, 5, 8, 7.

90 seconds, clock's running.

Are you sure it was a good idea
to bring Sara along?

She'll be fine.

Something's wrong.

The security cameras
are coming back online.

I've got it.

No, don't you understand?!

If kord upgraded their security,

they probably improved
their response time.

Wait, I think this is it.

Sara, stop!



We have to go.

We're clear.


Is anyone there?


Any luck with the schematics?

I realize the quantum manifold
could present a challenge.

Nothing a little late night shopping

at Kord Industries couldn't solve.

Oh, that's great.
Thank you, Felicity.

Now we just have to figure out how to...

Ray, you still there?

Oh, no.


What happened out there?

Sara, she, um...

Had a moment with the security guard.

Laurel and Thea took her home.

Are you sure it was Darhk
that you saw in Ray's camera?

Just as sure as I am that Ray
is not getting out of this!

It's actually good that Darhk has Ray.

This would be the same level of delusion

that made you think my mother coming
to town would make me feel better?

Because it's Darhk, that means that

we have an asset. Lance.

I'll ask him to get us a location.

And what if between then and now,

Darhk decides to squish
Ray underneath his shoe?

If Darhk wanted to hurt Ray,
he would have done it by now.

Dig's right. We stay focused.

We get Curtis the manifold,
keep him working,

and we unfortunately just have to wait

and see what Lance finds out.

I hate waiting and seeing.

I have to do something.

Your mother's in town,
spend some time with her.

We could do dinner. I'll cook.

You already made dinner
plans with my mother,

didn't you?

What? No.

Yes. Oh! Oh, my god!

It is like a sickness with you!

It wasn't intentional.
We were having a nice conversation;

the subject turned to cooking,

I mentioned that I make
a spectacular chicken cordon bleu.

She said she'd never had one.
It's just dinner.

He's right, Felicity.

Besides, you look like you haven't...

Eaten or slept.

A man's life, a friend's life

is in danger.

Doesn't seem like the
right time for cordon bleu.

I promise you that there is
nothing that we can do

until we get what we need
from Lance and Curtis.

So, dinner.

7:00 P.M. I'll be there

as soon as I'm done with Lance.

Nice instincts.

I wasn't sure you were coming back.

Well...I said that I would.

I guess it's no surprise to you,

but I have lost faith
in people doing what

they said they're going to do.

Do you notice reiter interested

in anything other than the camp or drugs?

Yeah. He also enjoys

stealing people away from their families.

Well, have you seen him
do anything, uh, mystical,

or even... magical?

He always has been a little odd.

And very religious.

He's even blessed some of the prisoners.

Claims he's healed their
souls or some craziness.

I'm beginning to think

that drugs are just a front

for what he's really doing here.

What could be more tempting

to a man like him than money?


I can't stay long.

I can't have Conklin being
any more suspicious of me

than he already is,
but you still need to stay here.

I'll come back as much as I can.

This time, I believe you.

Heh, I thought it was
past time that we met.

My engineers have had no success
in restoring you to your proper size,

so I thought I'd appeal
to your cooperation.

And what do I get if I help you out?

Apart from probably death.


I don't think it's your life
you should be worried about.

I'm sorry, Felicity, this is my fault.

And who is this "Felicity", I wonder?

Certainly not your
former vice-president,

current CEO, girlfriend.

Don't you touch her.

Don't make empty threats.



Oh, and by the way,

we weren't listening for a distress call

from a dead man. It was pure luck,
really, that we intercepted

your message. But isn't luck

just another word for destiny?

Sorry I'm late.

I, um, I tried following the recipe,

but, you know, I think
your oven might be broken,

because I was supposed to
put in for like 20 minutes,

and, I don't know,

smoke just started billowing out,

and I think the chicken's just a little,

slightly undercooked.

I think the technical term is raw.

It's... it's fine, it's fine.

I'm home now. I'll whip something up.

'Cause you just always fix everything.

A man who cooks.

You put a ring on that.

How'd that very important
doctor's appointment go, hon?

Uh, good, yes.

Dr. Lance is just going
to find out where the pain

is coming from.
Pain? You ok, hon?

Fine. I'm just trying to figure out

what I've done wrong.


I'm going to go get some take-out.

The best part about arguing
is the make-up sex.


Inviting your mother
for a surprise visit

wasn't the best idea.

I totally accept that.

What I'm not accepting,
or understanding,

is just you shutting me out.

I am not shutting you out.

I'm trying to focus on finding Ray,

but I can't do that with
all of these distractions.

Distractions? What is going on with you?

You're acting like it's
my fault that Ray...

it's my fault.

What's happening with Ray...

to Ray... is my fault.

Felicity, it really isn't.

Ray was sending distress calls

for weeks after the accident.

I wasn't here to receive them

because I was too busy
traveling the world with you.

I took the voice's word for it
that no body could be recovered

because I was so swept up
in being with you.

I'm sorry.

It was my choice
to uproot my entire life,

leave my home and my job,
which turns out, I am very good at.

I lost myself in you,

and I was never that girl.

That girl who just
loses herself in a guy.

That is not who I am.

This isn't about Ray.

It's about us.



I don't know.


I'm going to give you some
space until you figure it out.


It says the traffic cameras are online.

Yeah, you got to give it
a minute to upload.

What are you doing here, anyway?

I thought I was waiting
for Lance and you were

having dinner with the smoak ladies.

Went that well, did it?

Do you know what I miss
about our old space?

That trunk, with the bottle
of Russian vodka in it.


Is for wimps, anyway.

Vodka is for wimps?

Tennessee whiskey.

Put some hair on your chest.

It's hard to imagine

dinner with Felicity and
her mother not going well.

Donna's not the problem.

I am. Felicity says that
she's lost herself

in our relationship, which means
that she doesn't know who she is,

and that if we hadn't have left
Star City when we did,

she would have been around to help Ray.

Metahumans, magic, resurrections...

I thought I'd seen it all,
but Oliver queen jealous?

I'm not jealous. I just got to know

if Ivy town was as good
as it gets for us,

because we've come back here.

Everything has just
gotten super complicated,

and it just makes me wonder,

why did she choose me?

Oliver, I've heard you say a lot
of crazy things over the years,

but that has to be the prize.
You know what I mean.

It takes me ten minutes
to log into this thing;

Felicity does it in two seconds,

and Ray probably invented it.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Except, Felicity didn't choose Ray.

She chose you.

Sure, she has a lot in common with Ray,

but sometimes what looks good on paper
isn't what works in real life.

What if something happens to him?

We don't get him back?

Felicity Smoak is one of the smartest,

most bad ass women on the planet.

She comes through this,
she'll get Ray back.

You seem pretty sure.

I married a woman just like that.

Twice, Oliver, twice.

Yes, you did.

Look, man, relationships
have their ups and downs.

Sometimes you just have
to give it some time,

a little bit of space.

It's Lance.

Meeting with Darhk in 20.

You good?


Thank you.

What the hell?!

Appreciate you meeting me.

I know you're a busy man. I am.

But I may have found a way
to make this city

useful for once.

I don't understand. Oh, you will.

Everyone in this city will.

Well, maybe I could
find out sooner than others.

My daughter, Sara,
she's, uh, she's back,

but, you know, not all the way.

Something about her
is still a little off.

I assure you, the relevance escapes me.

Well, I was thinking,
maybe if I could help you

a little more, than maybe
you could help me.

You know your way around
this magic mumbo jumbo.

Mumbo jumbo?

I'll consider it, captain,

but this will be the
last time you summon me.

John, he just left. He's heading
south down Victoria Street.


I brought you some hot milk.

I'm not ten, mom.

I'll bring it back downstairs.

No, wait, wait, wait.

Since you went to all the trouble.

Do you remember when
you were a little girl

and I told you you couldn't
go to space camp?

You locked yourself
in your room for two days.

Well, to be fair, it was space camp.

But I told you,
I couldn't bear the thought

of sending you away for eight weeks.

The truth was, hon, I...

I couldn't afford it.

Then why didn't you just tell me that?

Because, I was embarrassed,
you know, that I had no money;

that I had no idea
where your father was,

and even if I did, he never paid
a dime in child support, anyway.

I'm sorry. I had no idea.

I put everything into your father.

My love, my trust, my twenties.

My point is, you...

Are not me.

You are the CEO

of a bajillion dollar company.

And Oliver, he's not
like your father, hon.

He loves you.

No one has ever looked at me
the way he looks at you.

He's wonderful.

In a million different ways.

But that's the problem.

It's too easy

to lose myself in him.


That's how it's supposed to feel

when you love someone.

Believe it or not,

he's lost himself in you.

And you'll find yourself

in each other.

Just don't get in your own way.

And don't ruin something

that most people never get.

'Cause if you do, trust me, you'll never
find another guy that hot again, who cooks.


He is definitely hiding
something in there.

Latin building.
Before the city went to crap,

it was touted as the most
secure building on the west coast.

Every access point is protected
by a retinal scanner,

and a voice print.

There is no way we're getting in there.

Well, not from the outside, at least.

How's Curtis doing
on the resizing device?

He said he could have
something functional in an hour.

I don't think we have that kind of time.

He's going to have to
assemble it in the field.

Wait, with us?

Are we sure we want to have
your assistant in on this?

It's my employee, actually.
And I'm not sure our company

health plan covers
supernatural dismemberment.

We need him. And if Curtis
can re-size Ray on the inside,

then we have another hand
getting us all outside.

Then how about one more?

I don't think that's a good idea.

Laurel, I don't know
what's going on with me,

but I need to know that
I can control this.

Suit up.



These are very nice.


Leave us.

Package is delivered.





Or as ready as I'll ever be.

When I told hr I wanted a little
bit more excitement from my job,

this really isn't what I had in mind.

You were the one who said
you wanted to help Ray

and that you were an
accomplished base jumper.

Oh, god, I really do
have too many hobbies.

We're all right, spartan, let's do this.


We have a guest tonight.

All right,
disengaging security systems...



You two ok? Uh-huh.

We're not dead.


Let's go.

You mind if I take a little peeksie?

I mean, I have my suspicions, of course.

But I just want to see
if I'm right, as usual.

Didn't you learn anything
from our last go-round?

I guess not.



How do you open this?

My best guess is it needs
an asymmetric cipher.

You can open it with five years
and an NSA-grade computer.

What if we enlarged him now, and then
use his size to break the cube?

The quantum field won't be able
to penetrate this polymer.

You know, it is a shame
that you won't live

to see the new life that
I breathe into the city.

The new life that I breathe
into this world.

You won't get the chance.

They put mini-cams in here with me,

and those cameras...

Need to draw power from somewhere.

Ray, you are a genius.

Well, I don't know
about that, but I have

siphoned off enough juice
to power up my exo-suit.

Dr. Palmer's doo-hickey's ready.

If you don't mind my use
of a technical term.

Do it!

I'm not dead.

We got Ray, let's go.
Copy that.

Don't move!



Come on. We have to go!

Come on!

We have to move.

Good to see you, Ray.

Nice suit.


The worst part wasn't being small...

it was that everything else was so big.

The explosion at Palmer Tech

tossed me into an abandoned
construction site.

The cockroaches were the size
of golden retrievers.

I'm not exaggerating.

Uh, I think we don't
need to know that, really.

Ah, the entomologist in me
was actually really fascinated.

I mean, you can't appreciate the
size of the mandibles until the...

mmm, mmm, no, I've heard enough.

I got a thing against cockroaches,
and snakes and spiders,

but especially cockroaches.

Sorry, Ray, not everyone shares

your enthusiasm for bugs.

But it is good to see the
experience didn't change you.

Indeed. I got your medical tests back,

and aside from a very
noticeable iron deficiency,

all your results are positive.
There don't seem to be

any side effects from the,
um, micro sizing.

Relieved to hear it. So are we.

So, this guy who wanted
to make me his lab rat?

Damian Darhk.
He's the leader of an organization

we believe to be known as hive.

Oh, like "Spectre"?

That's so cool!

And terrible. Be assured, Palmer,

that if they wanted your tech,
it wasn't for any good reason.

One other thing...

they overheard my message to you.

I'm a possible target. I figured.

I wouldn't be doing this
if I couldn't handle

being threatened by a super villain

every now and then.

Come on. I'll take you home.

I can catch you up on all the latest

at your company. Uh, actually,

until I decide to come
back from the dead,

it's your company.

What in the hell?!

You better have a story
to go along with that body.

Look, Thea told me

that this was a side effect of the pit.

And I thought that I could fight it.

I just...

I couldn't stop myself.

And the worst part of it was,

I felt better.

Look, Sara, controlling this,

it's not going to come easy, ok?

It's going to take you some time.

And how many bodies?

Look, I respect the way that

you could deal with this, Thea,

but I need to handle this
in a different way.

Different how?

Laurel, I owe you everything.

You gave me the greatest gift
that anyone ever could.

You gave me a second chance,

and the ability to start over.

I think it's time that I really do that.

But Sara...

we just got you back.

Sara, you don't have to leave.

I know it doesn't seem
possible right now,

but you can have a normal life.

It's been a long time since

my normal has ever been normal.

Look, I'll go visit mom in central city,

and then, somewhere...

Maybe a few somewheres,

just until I figure things out.

If you're sure that
that's what you want to do.

It's your life.

And you have to do what makes you happy.

I'm just really going to miss you.

I love you, sis.

Always and forever.

I love you, too.

Hey. Hi.

How'd it go with Ray?

Fine. Until I told him I sold his condo.

I wanted... before we...

oh. Hmm.

You go first.



I think we should...

Clear the air.


I wanted to thank you.

For helping save Ray,
and for being so understanding

in the midst of my mini...

gargantuan freak out.

Well, I'm sorry that
I'm not the best listener.

But all of this is just, it...

it's kind of new to me.

And to me.

I didn't exactly grow up

with the best example of a normal,

healthy relationship.

Line forms behind me.

It's kind of amazing
that we've made it this far.

We're going to be fine.

How can you be so sure?

'Cause we found ourselves in each other.

Feeling lonely?

You don't even know the half of it.

I might.

I, um,

I came to town to visit my daughter,

but she kicked me out of her apartment

to finish a fight with the man I hope

will become my future son in law.

Ok, it's your turn.

Well, one of my daughters is leaving town

after being back a whole five minutes.

Sounds like a reason to drink.

Oh, I always got a reason.

But this is club soda.



Hey, Thea. When your brother comes in,

could you have him sign
these for me, please?

Yeah. You ok?

Just a little stressed out.

Maybe, um...

Maybe I need to get a drink.

It's a little early
for a cocktail, but...

Not now. Later?

With you, at Gerard's?

But I thought you...

I just want to have a normal life.

Meet me there at 8:00?

Yeah, absolutely.

I'll leave these here.

Dr. Palmer's molecular's realignment

was premised on a power draw
from our system,

which resulted...

just because I understand science

doesn't mean I'm not bored by it.

Bottom line it for me.

We were able to recover some residue

from Dr. Palmer's dwarf star alloy,

and use it to fashion
into a power source.


Test it out.

On this.

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