Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Haunted - full transcript

Oliver calls in a favor from old friend John Constantine when Sara takes a turn for the worse.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

I'm going to run for mayor.

Mr. Palmer's last recorded statement

could shed some light on how he died.


What's happening to me?

We're going to Nanda Parbat.

You need to feed this impulse.

Once you do, it will subside for a time.

I want you
to bring my sister back to life.

Even if Sara went into the Pit,

what came out of the Pit
would not be Sara.

Your daughter is alive.

The most loving act you can commit

is to return Sara to her final rest.

You are not going
to kill your own daughter.

She's not my daughter!


Ohh, damn it!

Hey, honey.

Why don't you just
leave that right there?

Get off, bitch.

Oh, my God, thank you!

Hal Ha-tha An-tea?

SCPD! Stay where you are.

# Arrow 4x05 #
Original Air Date on November 4, 2015

I cannot thank you enough
for coming on board, Alex.

Well, then it is a good thing
you're paying me, also.

Sorry for the wait.

Ollie, this is Alex Davis,

the new political strategist
that Walter recommended.

Old enough to vote, Alex?

I owned a bar and I wasn't
even old enough to drink.

I am old enough to do both.

Well, I'm glad that
you're joining the team,

but I don't entirely know why I need
a political strategist.

Well... I guess the question then is,

do you want to take office with
ten percent of the vote or 90?

After you win, you still need
to be able to govern.

Well, what has you concerned?

My lack of experience?
No, we can spin that.

No, I'm talking about the kind
of closet skeletons

that could cripple you on
your first day in office.

Your personal Chappaquiddick.

Wait, like that game from Harry Potter?

Uh, Chappaquiddick was a scandal

involving a can't-lose candidate

whose campaign fell apart when
he was caught having an affair

after his vehicle went underwater

and the girl he was with drowned.

Does that sound at all familiar?

Ah, referencing
the "Queen's Gambit" and Sara Lance.

Yeah, got it.

You're about to do
your first on-air sit down, right?


Bethany Snow?

Ten'll get you twenty,
she brings up Sara and her sister.

Alex, all due respect,
I don't think that people care

about my friendship with Laurel Lance

and an eight-year-old scandal

when the city is disintegrating

and there are masked
armed men helping it.

Not to mention,
there's a woman in Pennytown

that's just running
around killing people.

You're right.

I'm sorry. For a moment,

I forgot how the electorate
always cares about the issues

and has zero appetite for scandal.

You want this city united?

You can't do it as the rich kid playboy
from the tabloids.

And like it or not, Laurel Lance
is a constant reminder of that.

So from this day forward,
when anyone brings up Miss Lance,

you distance yourself from her.

Hey, just in time.

I was looking for you.


I want to talk to you
about something you forgot.

What's that?

Is that how you want to play this?

It's fine by me, pal. Let's go.

I don't appreciate
the intrusion, gentlemen.

There's communications gear in here.

We got ourselves a mole.

You believe it's Mr. Queen.

Look, we've been
on this island eight months

without a single problem.
He shows up; Suddenly two guys

find landmines
and a bunch of drugs go missing.

Yeah, Conklin, you got me.

I didn't, uh, wash up on shore here after
a boating accident;

I parachuted in on a secret spy mission.

You want to die a liar,
that's fine by me.

Man, that's enough.

Enough! There are more pressing
matters at hand.

Perhaps if you were focused more
on external threats

rather than witch hunts,
you would have caught this man

spying on us in the fields.

Oh, I wasn't spying, mate.

Any of you squabblers got a cigarette?

She mumbled something.

It sounded, I don't know,
middle eastern?

All right, um, I'm going to
have you sit down

with a sketch artist, ok?

Take care of that.



What happened?

You tell me.

These two bodies, dropped by a woman.

Probably the same woman
that's been linked

to the murders of three other skels
in the past few days.

A blonde woman.

Dad, I--

I didn't know what
to make of it until tonight,

and then this woman here, she suspects,

speaks some kind of
middle eastern language,

just like Sara.
Is she still at your place?

I've been looking for her.

Why didn't you tell me,
huh?! You tell Queen?


Because he would just see this
the same way as you.

Oh, yeah, and how is
that, huh? How is that?!

That Sara is just... a thing

that needs to be stopped.

This is my daughter.

Then why did I find you

with a gun pointed at her head?

I'm not proud of that, Laurel.

But people are dying.

And if I pulled that trigger,

maybe they wouldn't be.

I'm going to go find Sara, and hopefully

I do before you or Oliver.

Curtis, I need you
to do something for me.

Felicity, look at me.

Gym clothes, gym bag--
do either of those

suggest anything to you?

Physical fitness, but then
I remembered you're a tech guy.

I'm also a bronze metal decathlete.

Bronze medal, huh?

Beijing, 2008.

Beijing, as in the Olympics?

Mr. Palmer's recording. Did you play it?

Yes. There's something off about it.

You sure it's not the fact that
it's a dying declaration from your ex?

I mean, that is some serious
Nicholas Sparks-level stuff.

Don't judge. The man can write emotion.

No, not that. I mean, yes, there's that,

but there's still some artifacts playing

that shouldn't be there.

What about your work-out?

Didn't seem to concern you
20 seconds ago.

Ray, on recording:
I'm sorry, Felicity, this is my fault.

You hear that?

Like there's more to the recording.

Something overlapping with it.

I was hoping you could
clean it up for me.

I mean, after your workout.

It can wait. I'm glad you
changed your mind

about hearing Mr. Palmer's final words.

Thank you, Curtis.

Ah, thank you for coming.

I think we both know
I didn't have too much choice.

No. Well, certainly not since

you literally doubled the number
of daughters

I have to hold over you.

Or did you take my advice

and return Sara to the grave?

You didn't take my advice. Pity.

What do you want?!

Oh, a new beginning for the world,

a nice glass of Merlot--

not necessarily in that order.


And for you to do me a favor.

There's a federal server farm
30 miles outside of the city.

I want you to gain access and plug
this little baby into one of the computers.

And what's this thing going to do?

Oh, it's of no concern of yours.

But don't worry. It's not like

it's going to destroy
the city or anything.

Whatever that spa weekend did
to clear your head,

it also improved your technique.

You're effortless.

Yeah, well, you know

how I love my hot stone massages.

By the way, that political strategist
was a good call.

But his advice was a little harsh.

I mean, distancing yourself from Laurel?

I wasn't expecting that, bu
he made a few good points.

What, like kicking
your friends to the curb?

Well, my friendship
with Laurel is... complicated.

We have been in each other's
lives for like forever.

I mean, you have been
in love with Laurel and Sara,

and Laurel, she-- she took me in at CNRI

when I was completely lost.

Even Captain Lance, ok,

he has been there for us since mom died.

Ok, but your point?

My point is that...

Pretending that you don't
know who your friends are,

it... just doesn't feel very united.

This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak.

We have a P.A. system?

Yet another decision I might
live to regret.

Hi, what's going on?

Code 47 at a nightclub on Ninth.

A blonde woman going cray cray.

And since I'm down here,

it's probably the blonde woman
we've been looking for.

The woman who's
killing people in Pennytown.

Suit up.


Help! Help!


You have got to stop this!



Your sister's alive, she's out there,

and she's hurting people.

How is she alive?

The Lazarus Pit?

You two spent your spa weekend
at Nanda Parbat?

It was the only place
we could get a reservation.

The blood lust is worse
with Sara, isn't it?

Because you brought her back from death.

Yeah, and that's not the only problem.

Sara's not herself.

She's changed.

Why didn't you come to me with this?

Come to you for what?

Your expertise
with magical resurrection?

Or that judgmental look on your face?

For help finding her, Laurel,
before she gets hurt,

or she hurts anyone else.

And if I have a judgmental
look on my face right now,

it's because you played with forces
that you do not understand,

and now people are dying because of it.

Who's he?

John Constantine.

Says so right on the business card
your boss took from me.

He had this on his person, as well.

Do you recognize these landmarks?



Whatever it is Mr. Constantine
is looking for,

I want you to find it
and bring it back to me.

Oh, come on, I'm telling you,
you can't trust him!

Then you can follow him.

What are you doing?
Are you actually praying?


No, these aren't prayers, mate.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Unless you want to redecorate

your lovely hut with his brains,

I suggest you drop your weapon.

On the floor.

You won't escape this island.

Ah, I don't intend on leaving just yet.

Come on, you.

You really know the place on that map?


You do?



You're going to show me. Now drive!

We need to talk.

About Sara?

Laurel told you?

Not exactly.

You got to admire her consistency.

Keeps her death secret from me,
her resurrection secret from you.

Are you ok? Am I ok?

I think there are certain
situations in life

where the word "ok" does not apply.

Well, we're working on finding Sara.

Good. Because we got other problems.

It's a rat.

A remote access Trojan.
Basically a computer virus.

A polymorphic code
designed to target and erase

certain pieces of data.

It's buried under
three levels of encryption.

By the time I've cracked it--

Darhk could be wondering
why I haven't run his errand for him.

I'm not sending you to break into

a federal facility without back-up.

I don't want Laurel knowing
about me and Darhk.

I wasn't suggesting Laurel.

Did Oliver tell you that Darhk works
for an organization?



Hive had my brother killed.

I'm sorry.

And now, Detective, you're telling me

that you were working with them?

For them?

It's a long story. I've got time.

This city's been hurting.

This is nothing new.

Darhk comes to me,
he offers to help fix it.

He's got powerful friends,
he's got money--

and this was months
before the Ghosts, all right?

I didn't see him as anything other
than a concerned citizen.

Ok, and then?

Well, then he's doing
all of his good stuff,

and then he asks me where
the fire chief is going on his vacation.

So I give him the address
of his summer cabin.

Next day, the cabin blows up.

You confront Darhk about this?

Of course I did. And that's when

he shows me pictures of Laurel.

At work,

at home, AA meetings.

So this thing with your brother,

is it going to be a problem

for us working together?

No, Detective.

Because you being next to Darhk
is going to help us take down HIVE.

Any luck connecting Sara's victims?

Just that she's only killed
muggers and street thugs.

I still can't believe that it's Sara

we're talking about.

That she's alive.
I mean, I know how it's possible,

but how is it possible?

The world is a much more...

Complicated place than most people

are comfortable believing.

I received an old message from Ray,

in the moment right before he died.

I almost didn't listen to it,


I didn't--I didn't
want to feel that grief again.

The threat of zombie apocalypse aside,

isn't it kind of nice not having to deal

with the pain of saying good-bye?

Well, if it were that simple.

Not a day goes by that I don't

miss my parents,

or Tommy.

And I think about what I would...

give just to spend another minute,

but what's happening with Sara isn't

healing anyone's pain;
It's just--it's making it worse.

She almost killed those two girls.

I mean, why would she
even go after them?

Her marble collection's
a little incomplete.

Just guessing.

Well, they have something in common?


The waitress was Stephanie Dangess,

and the girl at the club
was Lindsay Paulson.

Oh, my God, both these girls--

they look like Thea.

# When you walk in the room #

# it catches fire #

Last thing I want, judgment for tonight.

Ho-wa An-tea!


I just can't believe that Sara
would do something like this.

She's not Sara.

No, that's not it.

Hey, hey.

How you feeling?

Ah, Sara, she--

Ah, I know, it's ok. You're safe.

She tried to kill me.

She's not in her right mind.

You have no idea.

This is the Pit.

She's going through the same thing I am.

I--Thea, I thought that you were better.

When I went to Nanda Parbat, I...

Killed two guys.


Malcolm served them up
on a platter for me,

and... helped keep my blood lust at bay.

Oh, my God.

Thank God you're all right.

Laurel, come with me.

Is Thea ok?


Not only is Thea hospitalized,

but she has Merlyn
influencing her to kill people.

What are you talking about?

Oh, just another thing that happened

on your secret trip to Nanda Parbat.

Hey! I didn't tell you
that I took my sister

to Nanda Parbat because I knew that
you wouldn't approve.

Why didn't you tell me you took Thea?

What does that have
to do with anything?!

It's the hypocrisy that I can't stand!


It's ok for you to do
whatever you have to for your sister,

but it's not ok for me
to do the same to mine?

Sara was dead.

Thea wasn't.

Then why didn't you tell me

about Thea seven months ago?

Because you don't see me as an equal.

What? Oh, come on.

Laurel, of course I see you as an equal.

No, you don't! You never have.

You never told me
that you were the Arrow--

keep your voice down!

...becoming the Black Canary,

and you never would have told me

that there's a way to save my sister.

My sister, she's out of her
mind right now.

Because of something that I did.

A decision that I made.

Did you ever just stop
and think for one second

about what I might be going through?

I'm sorry about what happened to Thea.

I really am. I love your family--

I always have.

I just wish that sometimes

you would give a damn about mine.

Get out.

You're sure this is the place?

It's the place.

What's going on, who are you?

How much do you know
about what your boss

is really doing on this island, mate?

He's making drugs.

If only.

Your friend Reiter,
he's the dangerous sort.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means there are things on this island

that bad people
shouldn't have access to.

Says the guy with a gun
pointed at my head.

Ah. I'm not a bad guy.

A little hard scrabble, sure,

but, uh, I'm on the side
of the angels, mate.

At least when they're busy
trying to screw me over.

You're right. This is the spot.


De cruinne-ce agus akasha

seall me do solas!

What? You've never seen magic before?

Well, go on then, Alice.

Down the rabbit hole you go.

Nice job getting us in.

You learn how to do that before
or after working for Queen?

Save that for another story.

Yeah, I bet.

Is this the access point?

Yeah, yeah, looks like it.

All right, keep an eye out
for rent-a-cops,

'cause it wouldn't do
my career prospects too much good.

It working?

Yeah, I think so. Looks like the virus

is erasing files on people.

Which people, and why?

Both really good questions.



What are you... doing here?

Waiting for you to wake up.

Thea, I owe you an apology.

No, no, there's no need

for you to apologize for anything.

Yes, I do.

I brought Sara back without
any idea of how to control her.

I'm the one who killed her
in the first place.


that's why she's after me, you know.

This blood lust she's consumed by...

It's the same pain I feel
when I think about Ra's.

I don't understand.

Because the person
that I'm driven to kill,

the one who killed me is already dead.

Thea, what are you talking about?

As soon as she kills me, she'll be ok.

If the only way
to save Sara is to kill you,

then that's no cure at all.

How much longer?

Two minutes.

Wait, wait, what was that?

What is it?

I just saw my brother's name.

What is that all about?

What'd you do?

I didn't do anything!

I just have to get back
to whatever it is that's been erased.

No, no, no, we don't have time.

Security's going to be on their way now.

I'm not leaving.

Drop it! Drop it now!

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
it's all right, it's all right!

Captain Lance,
Star City police department.

I just tracked this hacker here.

All right. Now, look,

go get some back-up, all right?

Call this in, come on, go, go!

It's a good story. I just
wish you would have told me

before you gave me a concussion.

Come on. Then it wouldn't
have looked real.

I didn't know you were still here.


Yeah, I just came to make
sure Thea was ok.

I didn't have a chance to before, so.

She's sleeping.

Trying to.

Look, I--

I know why you're here.

Ok, I get it.

I want you--

I want you to know that it's--

it's ok.

I want you to do it.

About what I said before--

You said some things that you meant.



You sure you want to be here?

I hated hospitals before tonight.

Ah. It's just another
excuse to stay away.

At the hospital,
I looked Sara in the eyes.

She wasn't there. What does that mean?

The Pit is not supposed to be
used on the dead.

It brought Sara's body back,
but all of this is happening--

Because it didn't restore her soul.

We still need to find her, ok?

Sara died long
before you moved in with Laurel,

and she knew exactly
which hospital room to look for you in.

What, you think Sara
can sense Thea somehow?

And here I was just wrapping
my mind around metahumans.

Wait, we've both been in the Pit.

Maybe--maybe that
gives us some type of connection.

A connection we can use.

Thea, you just got out of the hospital.

I don't want to use you as bait.

Well, I guess it's a good thing

you're not in charge anymore.

We'll have her back, Oliver. All of us.

I don't understand. How did you...

Well, that's the great thing
about magic.

Can't be explained.

There are places in this world
as old as the world.

Places of Nexus,

draw bad people to them.

This island is such place.

It's no accident that you're here.

Let me guess--

"Do not enter."

More like, only for the pure of heart.

That's not you, mate.

There you are, my pretty girl.

How do you know it's a girl?

I can do that trick, too.

Clever boy.

I'd usually be more artful,

but I'm on something of a clock.

Get back!

I'm not a bad guy, either.

Mission accomplished.

Well done.

Are you sticking around for a cupcake
or something?

This thing you had me do,

I saw some of the names you had erased.

All military.

And here I had you pegged for a Luddite.

Fast learner.

One of those names--
Sergeant Andrew Diggle.

What is he to you?

He died 6 years ago.

Why are you erasing the record
of a dead man?

You know what, I'm going to tell you.

And only because you completed
your task with such efficiency.

We hired an assassin

to murder Sergeant Diggle.


Afghanistan's an interesting place,

replete with opportunities

for an enterprising
enlisted man to engage in.

What are you talking about?

Drugs, weapons, murder.

Your Sergeant Diggle
was an eager beaver.

Unfortunately for him, our organization

weaved itself into
that part of the world,

and as you know,
we don't play well with others.

So you had him killed?

What is this guy, your best buddy?

I don't see you associating
yourself with crime lords.

Ha, present company excepted.

Now, are we done?


I have to say, it feels
really weird being back here right now.

Don't worry. Everyone's in position.

It's nothing, ok? I--I don't think

this is going to actually work.

Oh, God, I take that back.

Get her out of here!

Dad was right.

There's nothing left
inside of you, Sara!

Tranq arrow.


No, you said it yourself,
she has no soul.


Let's get it back.



It's been a dog's age, mate.

More than. Do you remember that
favor you owe me?

I hardly expect you
to let me forget about that.

How quickly can you get to Star City?

I need your help.

So what, you're going to perform

some kind of exorcism on my sister?

No, an exorcism is a removal
of demonic possession.

What your sister needs
is a restitutionem,

the restoration of her soul to her body.

And you've done this before?

Ah, once. Maybe a year ago.

But don't worry,
it's just like riding a bike.

I'm sure we have a lot
of work to do to prepare.

I assume you brought a list?

Apologies. I didn't have
time to translate that

from its original Aramaic.

You know, if I knew you were
surrounded by so many pretty girls, Oliver,

I would have stopped by sooner.

Where did Oliver find
this guy, the Luxor?

Oh, I'm just glad that the
latest person from Oliver's past

is not another gorgeous woman.

I'm not even going to ask.

You got my message.
I'm so happy you came.

I'm her father, too.

I hate to be the one to say this,
but what if something goes wrong?

Oh, don't worry. If things go wrong,

then we'll all be too dead to care.

Well, then. Now we just need a--

I think I got everything
in here that you wanted,

although I am not entirely sure

what you need a dead
peacock feather for.



Oh, nice one.

That's been bugging me for hours.


I've only got enough juice
to send myself and two of you

to the other realm and back, so.

Oh, I think it should be me.

Um, I'm the reason
why she's like this right now.

No offense, love, but from what I hear,

you're not exactly bringing out the best

in Sara right now, are you?


Do you trust me?

Trust me when I tell you this will work.

Oh, there's, uh, one more thing.

Whatever's locked her soul away,

it's not going to give
it over without a fight.

So be ready.

All right, then.

On with the show.

Pelako ameso yobe eleggua

imbone ukuchila panshita.

De domino vestro, aliquis.

Et stabit de domino vestro.
Audite vocem meam.

Ancor, anchor, candones helosi

et vos eleutis phugori...

De cruinne-ce agus akasha

seall me do solas!


Ah, well, I've had worse hangovers.

So what are we supposed to do now?

Laurel! Laurel, no!

This is new.

Well, new is why you brought me along.


No, no, no, no.

Well, I'm not going to just stand here!

We need a tour guide.

Axis mundi, produco tuus vires.

This way.

Unless you want to be trapped here
for all eternity.

This is what locked away Sara's soul?

How the human mind perceives it, anyway.




Get to the Pit. You need to work
together to get her out.

I'll take care of our new friend.

No, Sara!

You want some of me?

You know, any time today would be good.

Per j?dicem viv?rum et mortu?rum!

Qui habet potestatem
mittere in infernum!

Abire ex regno--

2, 3!


You're all right.

Everything's going to be all right.

What happened?

What is she?

Did we...



Thank you, John. I owe you one.

I believe I owed you one, mate.

Hows about we just call it even, eh?

How about any time,
anywhere you need me,

I'll be there.

I'll take that.

You know, the hair
on the back of my neck

has been standing up
since the moment I got into town.

That is probably our current problem--

Damian Darhk.

Ohh, you've heard of him.

You watch yourself on that one, mate.

He'll make what you saw in the other realm
look like a bloody gnat.

Any helpful advice?


Leave town. While you still can.

Well, he's a very specific
kind of yummy.

Oh! I'm going to pretend
I didn't hear you just say that.

Are--are we ok?

I mean, I just keep
waiting for you to blow up at me.

Because you lied to me
about Nanda Parbat?


Thea, I don't have the right to be mad

at anyone for keeping secrets.

But I'm sorry that I made you
feel as though you had to.

Come here.

Thanks, mate. I owe you one.

What the hell is all this?

Oh, this is the Orb of Horus.

It's actually a grimoire.

An ancient spell book.

You asked.

And, uh, what are you going
to do with it?

Same as I do with all
the other mystical objects I find--

I keep them in a safe place,

away from the Baron Reiters
of this world.

Remember what I told you
about this island, mate.

This Reiter bloke is not
only here for the narcotics.

But then again, it's not
your problem, is it?

Come back with me.

I've got a boat on the southern shore.

You saw those people at camp.

I can't leave them behind.

Well, aren't you the hero?

I also can't come back empty-handed.

Conklin suspects me enough as it is.

Fair enough.


Goons like Reiter,
they're only interested

in the sparkly bits,
anyway. The real power

is in the spell.

Here. Here, I'll show you.

Yateeka masaha la hasra laha

watahseen hayda albaled almodeef...

Lift up your shirt, mate?


Mah qoo-wat min aldaw alzalam.

What the hell did you just do?

I gave you some
insurance against Reiter.

And when the time comes,

you'll know how to use it.

Now, I believe,
that concludes our business.

I--i need you to punch me in the face.

Right. My, uh, escape attempt

left a bruise, right?

All right. I must warn you,

I've got a hell of a right hook.

I'm--I'm fine.

Thanks very much.

All right, so just stay on message.

Unity, united community.

United. Got it.

All right.

Hey, Laurel.

Ok, maybe we need
to work on your understanding

of the phrase "distance yourself."

Only if you insist on continuing to use it
when it relates to my friends.


It's your campaign.

You pay me whether you win or lose.

Um, I am going to go
keep him from quitting.

But I'm very proud of you right now.

How's Sara?


It turns out that getting your soul
back is exhausting.



I don't know how I'm ever going
to be able to thank you.

Just like that.

Well, thank you.

And thank you
for inviting me here tonight.

After what I said to
you in the hospital,

I thought that I'd be the last person
you'd want to see.

Well, you were right. I--

I haven't always been
the best friend for you,

but I--I'd be grateful
for the opportunity

to try and start to be.

How can I say no to the man

that helped me save my sister's soul?

Mistakes that have
hurt people close to me.

But I'm not here to run from the past.

Because the past has
contributed to making--

I thought you'd be out
celebrating with Sara.

Yeah, there's enough time for that.


I figured I owed you something.

I asked Darhk about your brother.

He, uh, gave me something.

You don't have to read this.

You can remember
your brother how you knew him.

Are you sure about this?

Yeah, it's legit.

I'm very sorry.

Thank you, Detective.

Gut punch doesn't deserve a thank you.

I wanted to know why...

HIVE had my brother killed,

and now I do, so...

Felicity! Welcome back!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

How many of these have you drank?

It's "drunk," actually, and many.
But worth it.

You cleared up
the rest of Ray's message?

I think so. Uh,
the playback was rendering

when you came in. So, propitious timing.

Ok, you're not even allowed to
say "energy drink"

while on company time ever again.

That's ok; I think I might be having

a cardiac incident, anyway.

So, the message, check it out.
I was just about to call you.

Wait, where's my phone.
Wait, did I call you already?


I'm sorry, Felicity, this is my fault.

I--I got myself into this
mess screwing around

with my exosuit and nanotechnology.

But recriminations probably aren't probably
the best use of this limited bandwidth.

What I need you to know is,

I'm alive, and I'm in trouble.

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resync for WEB-DL: fimmer