Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Brotherhood - full transcript

A shocking revelation complicates the battle between Team Arrow and Damien Darhk; Thea loses control in front of Alex.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

Dr. Palmer got miniaturization to work.

Do it!

I'm not dead.

This is field crew 237,
we're at the Star City Bank.

We're under attack!
Immediate assistance!

The Ghosts, they're about to
knocking over the armored cars.

Yeah, it's just like old times.

There are guards in the back.

We'll get 'em. Go!

They burned all the money.

They didn't need it.

Federal government sent this
to prop up Star City Bank.

HIVE just wanted to make
sure that didn't happen.

# Arrow 4x07 #
Original Air Date on November 18, 2015

I've heard of having money to burn,

but stealing money to burn, that's new.

Darhk's not kidding--

he really wants this city to die.

Yeah, but why? I mean, what does HIVE

have to gain from any of this?

A base of operations.

They have to be able to
operate out of somewhere.

What better spot than a dead city?

With almost a dead police department.

Any luck from that tooth we got off
the HIVE member that we took down?

Only that the deterioration
of the DNA markers

was most definitely not natural.

Which means it was caused by what?

Curtis and I have been trying to
figure that out for the past month.

Maybe Ray will have better luck.

I will ask.

Hey, you got a sec?


Where'd you get this?

I got that from Lance.

Who got it from Damien Darhk.

John, this...

Is pretty definitive evidence

that HIVE had Andy killed

because his criminal operations
conflicted with theirs.

That doesn't track at all with
what you have told me about Andy.

Oliver, that doesn't track
with what I knew about Andy.


I guess I really never knew him at all.

There's got to be some explanation.

Maybe he was undercover.

Hey, man, listen, it's all right there.

The facts are the facts.

All I'm saying,

Andy was your brother,

and he deserves the
benefit of the doubt.

Trust me.

Things aren't always what they seem.

Yeah, yeah.

Reiter's not going to like this.

Not one bit.

Vlad was a good worker,

and they listened to him.

Well, I didn't have a choice.

He was going to kill me.

Doesn't sound like something he'd do.

Maybe--maybe he didn't
have a choice, either.

Maybe someone put him up to it.

Maybe it was revenge.

Revenge for what?

For Taiana.

That drug stealing bitch you choked out?

Vlad was her brother.

Ah, thank you for coming
by on such short notice.

Well, happy to have something to do.

To be honest, I'm feeling
at a bit of a loss

of what to do with my newfound freedom.

And height.

Is everything always this big?

If you're looking for something to do,

why not try, oh, I don't know,

declare yourself undead,
try getting your company back.

You said you had something
that you needed help on?

Don't change the subject.

I'm not!

I am a recently undead billionaire CEO.

My time is at a premium.

What can I do for you?

Thanks, I was wondering
where my tooth went.

John pulled this off of a Ghost.

It's their cyanide retirement plan.

We tried pulling DNA off of it, but...

But half of the genetic
markers are missing.

That's impossible.

You mean like, "A guy who can

shrink to the size of a
french fry" impossible?

Well, do you have any equipment?
I'm fresh out of chromatographs.

Got that.

Can we circle back to why you
won't come back to Palmer Tech?

Your return is exactly
what our stock price needs.

It's incredible.

The genetic code has been
selectively degraded.

We know. We think it's to
scramble the DNA markers

so they can't be IDed. But how?

Well, it looks like it was done
with a synthetic compound.

Like a chemical CRISPR/Cas9.

Lastrapium trioxide.

Wolfman Biologics has a patent on it.

Thank you.

Ok, tomorrow night,

Patrolman's Benevolent Association gala.

It's black tie, so you need a tux.

Which one? He's got like 50.


Maybe back in the day.
I don't have a tux.

Get a rental. Doesn't really matter.
Every mayor in the history

of Star City has attended the PBA.

I secured a spot for you
on the dais with the brass,

but we need to make sure
that your keynote is on point.

Which means, we need to find
a way to say that the police

need our help without...

Throwing them under the bus.


I thought you failed civics class.

A D-minus, thank you.

Alex has a way of
making this interesting.

Sorry, uh, wrong number.

What were we saying?

Um, moving on to Oliver's platform.

I got your email about
cleaning up Star City Bay.


You know, with everything
this city's facing right now,

a hippie, crunchy program like--

A hippie, crunchy program
that will add hundreds of jobs,

help gentrify the
surrounding neighborhoods,

and encourage outside investment.

And put voters to sleep.

We need to focus on crime and jobs.

Which this program will address.

Hey, I will put out
a press release tomorrow.

I got to take this.


I think your brother's onto us.

No. No, and even if he was,

it's not like he's the boss of me.

No, he's the boss of me.

I know.

I'm just glad your
brother's not a killer.

Oh... Speedy!

Speedy, um--

Thea. Sorry, it's a nickname.
We have to go.

Felicity called about the thing.

The dental problem.

Uh, yes, yeah, sorry.

Um, our--our friend has, this, uh,

tooth issue.


Good work.


We're clear for entry.

All right, Felicity, what's next?

We need a sample of the chemical.

With it, Ray can unscramble
the DNA markers

and we can have a shot at IDing

some of our Ghosts.

Where do we find this thing?

According to their recently
hacked computers,

second floor, northwest corner.

It's a yellow liquid.


Four Ghosts, north entrance.

I'm on it.

Looks good, we're in.

Looking for the compound.

Got it.

Green Arrow and Speedy
need assistance.


You should go, get out of here.

And what about you?

I've got this. Go.

Felicity, I'm going for an ID
on the Ghost that shot at us.

Stand by.



Well, even death's
not permanent anymore.


No, no, it's ok.

Nothing seems to make sense anymore.


I can't believe this.

Ok, it's obvious that
HIVE faked his death.

Maybe it was part of his recruitment--

You saw the file.
You saw what kind of

man my brother was,
what kind of man he is.

We don't know anything,

not until we hear it directly from Andy.

And how are we supposed to do that?

We get him out of HIVE.

Oliver, how are you

still giving him
the benefit of the doubt?

Because he's your family.

You said he was a good man.

Maybe a part of him still is.

I don't know.

I do. Last month at the lumber yard,

a Ghost had a chance
to kill you, but didn't.

I remember thinking how weird that
was, unless that Ghost was Andy.

So, what, he had a chance
to kill me and he didn't,

so I'm just supposed
to forget he's a killer?

No, but you should still
remember he's your brother.

I can't square that circle, Thea.

That HIVE member was
nothing like my brother.

The man that was my brother's dead.

He's dead.

What brother?

The brother of the prisoner
that stole the drugs,

but only because he put him up to it.

You're crazy!

That prisoner attacked you
'cause what you did to his sister--

That's a lie!

It's a hell of a lot more believable

than me putting him up to attacking you.

You know what, you have had it in for me

ever since you found that knap--

Enough! I have a means of

divining the truth.

Why did you kill that prisoner?

Because he attacked me.

Aww, come on, man, this isn't the place

for your hocus pocus crap!

Did you have that prisoner
attack Mr. Queen?

Hell no.

You're lying.

According to what, a bunch of twigs?

Reiter, don't do this!
You got to hear me out!

It's him! He's the problem.

He's the problem! Hey!

What are you going to do to him?

Nothing. I believe the wrong
should make things right.

So, you wanted to see me.

So polite. That's a bit atypical.

A guy gets slapped down enough times,
he learns who's boss.

Apparently not.

I'm sorry, what are you talking about?

After our meeting last week,
I had an unpleasant encounter

with the Green Arrow
and his compatriots.

My security personnel
are under the opinion

that you called that meeting so as

to create an opportunity
to have me followed.

So your security guys don't
trust me, but what about you?

Trust is an orchid--

beautiful but delicate.

Requiring ideal conditions
in order to thrive.

Without those conditions,

it dies.

Tread carefully, Quinton.

Believe it or not,
the death of your daughter

is not the most terrible thing

that I can threaten you with.

I don't want to talk to you.

Then why are you answering the phone?

Because, I...

I would have told you I was stopping by,

but you weren't taking my calls.

What do you want?

To help you.

Those men you killed in Nanda Parbat,

the effects of those deaths must be

wearing off by now.

I'm fine.

The blood lust has returned, hasn't it?

I have it under control.

You can't control it, Thea.

Who's Lawrence Tanner?

A Pedophile. Multiple accusations,

no convictions.

Lives three blocks down.

The world needs one less pedophile.

And you need at least a month of peace.

Look, I'm going to go out, ok?

And when I come home,
you better not still be here,

or I am calling the police.


Alex hired a security detail,
if you want to sit this one out.

Yeah, I'm going to be at the bar.

Well, this is actually a better way
than how you usually spend your evenings--

dressing in leather and tying people up.

There he is!

They're waiting for you on the dais.

You ready for this?

About to find out.


It is our great privilege
to be here tonight

to honor the Star City
Police Department.

These are a group of men and women

who risk their lives
for us on a daily basis.

Never been an easy job,

and it has certainly never
been more difficult

than it is right now in our city.

These are the people
that keep our streets safe;

who watch over us.

They protect us.

For that, I'm grateful.

And so is the rest of Star City.

Not bad. Not quite as powerful

as the Green Arrow's, but not bad.

Yeah? Maybe I should
get him to endorse me.

I need a favor from you.

Need a location of one
of Darhk's foot soldiers.

Could be a little difficult.

Darhk called me into
his office this morning

for a little chat about how
he doesn't trust me anymore.

Wait, wait, wait, are you in danger?

I hope not. But listen,

when I was there,
I saw something on his desk.

Something about slip
52 down at the docks.

Now, if the Ghosts are there,

maybe the one you're looking for
will be there, too.

Ok. Thank you.

All right.

Hey, honey. How are you?

Thank you.

Club soda.

Yeah, it has to be.

Can't have the candidate's
bodyguard getting hammered.

Do you want to talk about?

Resurrected siblings

are kind of in my wheelhouse.

It's not quite the same thing, Laurel.

Sara wasn't really--

A member of an organization of killers?

I'm sure there are a million things

going through your head right now.
All I'm saying is,

make one of them

an appreciation for the fact

that your brother is actually alive.

Well, I--why, so I can...

Hold off some kind of false hope

that he might be decent?
He doesn't deserve that.

No, he probably doesn't, but you do.

After Andy died,
a part of you died, too.

And now, now is your chance to heal.

How am I supposed to do that?

When I had to look...

my nephew in the eye

and tell him that...

He was never going to see
his daddy again...

The months after Andy died
were the darkest times of my life.

I would have given anything,

anything to get Andy back.

I would have sacrificed my life

to have him back

with his wife and his son.

I would have traded
my life for a stranger.

Mr. Queen, it's so nice to meet you.

Thank you!

Do you think you can

get more funding for the SCPD?

Well, that's certainly a top priority.

That's great news.

Sure. Thank you.

Mr. Queen. Huge fan.

Thank you. Mr.?

Darhk. I have some ideas

of how I might contribute
to your campaign.

Do you have a minute?

Of course.

Well, it's not just
about financial support.

I have strong relations
in the business circles,

media outlets as well.

That's all well and good,

but I am running unopposed.

So I don't totally understand
how you can help me win.

Oh, it's not about winning.

It's about how much we can
accomplish if we worked together.


And not to be indelicate,

but a lot has changed in Star City

since your parents held sway here.

The levers of power have changed.

And not understanding that is
what doomed Jessica Danforth's bid.


What do you want, Mr. Darhk?

I read the press release
about your new project.

The restoration of Starling Bay.

Reconsider your plans.
Leave the Bay as it is.

What if I refuse?

Oh, well, then you'll
no longer be unopposed.

Mr. Queen.

Mr. Darhk.


Leaving to fight Ra's
on the mountaintop,

going undercover with
the League of Assassins,

dating the Huntress...

What are you doing? Oh...

I am just listing
all of the terrible ideas

you've had over the past three years,

of which throwing in with Damien Darhk

has got to be the worst.

I am not throwing in with Damien Darhk!

I am using him to get at HIVE.

Isn't Lance already
our man on the inside?

Lance has lost Darhk's trust,

making this the only way...

To get yourself killed.

You remember the last time

you tried to take down an evil
organization from the inside?

This is different.


Because you'd be doing it
as Oliver Queen?


What about your mayoral campaign?

You cannot be an effective
candidate for mayor

and Darhk's undercover stooge.

Ahem. Taking down Darhk
is more important,

especially now that we know
he has Andy under his thumb.

First, there is a whole
long list of things that

we don't know about Andy.

Second, you didn't
decide to run for mayor

to take down Darhk.

You did it to give the city
something that the Green Arrow

can't give them--

Hope. Inspiration.

Don't lose sight of that.

Not even for John.

This man betrayed us.

He sent an innocent man,

a useful man to his grave.

He conspired against me, you,

all of his brothers.

Baron, please...

His punishment won't come from me,

but from the one he sought to hurt.

Oliver, please.

Don't do this.

I'm begging you.

Come on, Queen.

Please. Look, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry for everything!

Please don't do this!





So--so, I'm sorry,

your friend was reunited
with his brother

after eight years?

It's crazy, right?

Yeah, crazy.

So you have you, uh,
given him your crown yet?

I mean, you held the
record with five years

thinking Oliver was dead, so.

I can't imagine how tough it
must have been for you, Thea.


You know, I should probably take this.


This is Alex. Sorry.

Yeah, what's up?

Hi there.

What are you drinking?
Maybe I can buy you another.

I don't think my date
would like that very much.

Well, I don't see him here.

You look like the kind of girl

where no means yes.

Come on, baby.

Thea! Stop!

What the hell are you doing?

Can't do it?

I can't believe that Andy's back.

How am I supposed to tell Carly?

She has a right to know, Johnny.

She's better off thinking he's dead.

I'm not sure that's your call to make.

I'm not sure about anything.

You know, when I first
found out about the Flash,

and the Lazarus Pit
and what it did for Thea...

I began to daydream
about Andy being back.

I would just play with that idea.

My brother's back.

I never thought
it would actually happen.

I know.

I'll get it.

Hi, Lyla.

Hi, Oliver.

May I come in?


I'll, um, give you two a minute.

How you holding up?

Ah, I guess as good as
can be expected, right?

Nothing really to compare this to.

At least not this week.


Lance has some Intel for us.


Slip 52 at the docks.

Felicity checked it out,
and that whole area's

been shut down for the entire night.

Think the Ghosts have
something planned there?

And maybe your brother.

Every time we face the Ghosts,

it's Russian Roulette.
I'm not risking any of you for Andy.

You're not. We're offering.

Ok. But just us.

Thea and Laurel sit this one out.


Gentlemen, you all come
here from different walks,

different paths.

But all burdened
with the same knowledge--

that this world is diseased.

Fortunately, there is a cure
for this pestilence.

That cure, gentlemen,

is HIVE.

Those little yellow pills you swallowed,

they do a few interesting things--

including making you cooperative.

Now, I understand you all
volunteered and that's just swell.

But I think we can all agree
that in any chain of command,

there can never be too much compliance.

Perhaps a demonstration.


The people of this city--

what's left of them, at any rate--

they call you Ghosts.

And they have no idea
how right they are.

Up there!

Kill the green one.


This isn't on you,
John, it was my call.

Ahem. I never should
have let you make it.

Felicity, can you give us a second?

No, I think I should stay.

I just, uh, remembered,

I got that thing in the
whatever with the what's-it.

Oliver, let this go, man.

I have.

You almost got yourself killed.

I've been a lot closer to almost killed.

Andy made his choice.

You don't know that.

John, you saw what was going on tonight.

Those men, they were under
the influence of something.

Whatever pill is scrambling their DNA

is also making them
susceptible to Darhk suggestion.

All right, just because you have
a blind spot for your family,

don't expect me to, as well.

That--that's not what this is about.

The hell it's not.

Family is exactly what this is about.

Criminal or not.

Under the influence or not.

Andy let his son and his wife
believe he was dead

for eight years, Oliver.

Eight years!

And there's no excuse for that.


John, I'm just-- you don't know.

Oliver, you don't know.
You have this inexplicable way

of excusing everything just
because it's family.

It's not inexplicable! I'm asking you--

ahem. I'm asking you
to hold out hope for Andy,

because I need that hope.

I need to believe

that no matter what
happens in our lives,

no matter how much darkness infects us,

I need to believe that we can
come back from that!

And it was exactly that thinking that
led you to the League last year.

Doesn't seem like you
learned much from that.

Felicity told you?

Getting in bed with Darhk, Oliver?

I don't see how
you can even consider it.

We are going to take this guy down,

and no idea is off the table.

I thought you're doing
things differently, Oliver.

Fighting Darhk from the inside

is just fighting Darhk in the shadows.

You want to do things differently?
You want ideas, fine.

Let's take this son of a bitch
down in the light of day.


Just in time.

For what?

Ah, roasted lizard

with a little bit
of coriander and sea salt.

I've gotten better at removing
the skin with a sharp rock.

I ate already.

Thank you.

Are you all right?

It's a hard day.


I have to...

I have to tell you
something about your brother.


Is he all right?


I'm sorry.

What do you mean?

Is he--


I'm very sorry.



Sorry, I had Curtis grab some more toys

so I could keep working on your tooth.

That's ok; I don't think we're
going to be using the table

for eating tonight, anyway.

Oliver and John are busy fighting over

John's not-so-dead after all brother.

Do I even want to ask?

Let's just say you no longer
corner the market

on not being dead as people think.

Though, in John's brother's case,

he does have a pretty good excuse--

unlike some people.

Have you seen anyone?

Of course not; I've been busy
here working on your tooth.

You're stalling. Ray, when you
come back from the dead,

you're supposed to start living again.

What's going on?

I've been catching up
on the past six months.

My company, my city, my life.

And I feel like Tom Sawyer
watching his own funeral.

Except in my case, nobody really cares.

That is not true, Ray.

Renaming Starling Star City is nice,

but then take a look
to what's happened to the place.

And my company, this thing I've built

that was supposed to outlast me,

is now on life support.

Because it needs you.

To do what?

The same thing I was
doing before I died?

Obviously that didn't
amount to anything.

Oh, self-pity is not a good look on you.

Ah, I don't think it's self-pity.

I think it's self-reflection.

If I'm going to come back to life,

I have to figure out what
it is that I'm living for.


I played around with
your bicuspid a bit.

Ah, the, uh, compound
definitely broke down

the residual DNA on the tooth.

It's pretty inventive, actually.

Is there any way to reconstitute the DNA

so we have a shot at IDing these guys?

No. Once the alleles are decomposed,

they're gone for good.


So since that was a dead end,

I took another look at the polymer

the fake tooth was made of.

Uh, I found faint traces
of sodium fluoride.

Like from water?

There's no way that the concentration

could be high enough to leave
behind any sort of residue.

It would if there was an unusually high

sodium fluoride count
in the drinking water,

like say in the facility
that was closed down

for that very reason.

Muller Psychiatric Center.

You got to admire the irony

of Damien Darhk keeping
his army of bad guys

in a defunct looney bin.

Not bad for a guy who thinks
his life didn't add up to anything.

Never going to outlive that one.

Everyone clear on the plan?

You know, I wasn't the first
80 times we went over it,

but now I think I got it.

What's going on, guys?

Felicity found a probable location

for the Ghosts' base of operations.

These guys are not going
to be easy to take out.

How are you feeling?

We're not trying to take down the Ghosts;
We don't have the manpower.

Going after Andy.

Guys, Oliver nearly got himself
killed trying to help Andy.

I'm not letting you do the same.

I'm sorry, but it's not
really just up to you.

I did everything that I could

to bring my sister back,

and I think your brother
deserves the same.

No, Laurel,

that's just it-- I don't think he does.

And I don't know what Oliver told you--

He told them the only
two things that matter--

Andy's under Darhk's influence,

and we need to get him out.

I can't let you risk your life

for someone who does not deserve it.

That's your call. But we've made ours.

Let's move.


We're onsite.

Oh, satellite's reading a
hell of a lot of activity

for 3:00 in the morning.
I'm guessing 50 or so Ghosts

plus who knows how many recruits.

Hey, wait, if the Ghosts are wearing

their usual Halloween costume,

then how are we supposed
to tell which one's Andy?

That's what your fancy
new cameras are for.

A little gift from Curtis.

Infrared lenses should virtually
unmask our ghosty friends.


Ok, ready?

I'm in position.

In position.

This isn't just a base of operations.

It looks like a staging area.

For what?


Military crates marked G6:5.

Does that mean anything?

Maybe they're playing bingo.

Let's assume that's not it.

Deadly bingo.

Ahem. We need to get an ID on Andy.

When we do, you wait for
my signal before engaging.

Yeah, I might not have that option.


She's been spotted, third floor,
southwest building.

I've been spotted, too.

I might be able to get
a visual on our target!

Waiting on confirmation.

That's him, you got him,
the one on your right.

Actually, he's got me!

I got him. He looks heavy,
I need help in here.

I'm on my way.

It's Merida.

Aren't you out a little bit
past your bedtime?

I've seen something
of your fighting style.

You were trained by Ra's al Ghul.

Tell me--how is Malcolm
doing these days?

That usually works.

Black Canary's got Andy, but
she needs help reaching the exfil.

I got this!

Are you sure?


It's, uh, nice of you to show up.

My brother needed me.

The green one.


Thank you, thank you,

thank you, all of you.

Palmer, even you, thank you.

My pleasure.
Feels good to do something useful.

It's been a while.

Does that mean I can expect
to see you at work tomorrow?


Can't keep doing

the same useless, ineffective things.

You know? I got to
do something different.

I'm going to take some time
and figure out what that is.

But, uh, it still include the occasional
super heroics whenever you need me.

Where are you going?

Well, I have a long overdue chat

with my brother. I hope you were right.

Me, too.

You were right.

About what?

Darhk. I thought about what you said,

and how to fight him.
I'm going to do it in the light of day.

Good. What did you have in mind?

You'll see.

We never should have
gotten on that damn boat!

Reiter's men hijacked the yacht
that we were working on.

I was a dive instructor

and Vlad was the deckhand.

They killed everyone on our charter

and they brought us here.

What happened?

With Vlad?


I'll kill him, that monster!

Taiana, wait, wait.

I'm going to kill him for what he did!

Conklin is-- is terrible,

but he's not the problem.

He's just a pawn.

Pawn for what?

For Reiter's plan.

What is this?

This is a map of Lian Yu,

and I think that it leads

to whatever Reiter is looking for.

Can you follow it?

Not without a...

detailed survey map of the island.

Where would we get something like that?

Well, I had an idea.

It's a long shot, but it's worth a try.

To get there, I'll need your help.

Thank you for coming.

Are you sure you don't have the SCPD

waiting for me in the kitchen?

Don't be so paranoid.

You did threaten me with arrest

the last time I popped by.


Did you reconsider my advice?


And I'm still not going to take it.

Look...I think I might
have found a different way

for me to control my blood lust,

one that does not include
killing people.

What does it include?

Damien Darhk.

Last night, we went after HIVE,

and I ran into Damien.

I've seen what he can
do with his powers,

but when he tried to use them on me,

it completely backfired.

And my blood lust was gone.

I mean, at least for a little while.

So what I want is for you to help me

figure out a way to make that permanent.

Andy, I don't even know where to begin.

Andy, I need to understand.

Can you help me understand?

Is what's in this file true?!

Andy, answer me.

It's true.

All of it.

Well, this is quite a lot of media

for a, uh, what'd you call it?

Hippie, crunchy program.

That's right.

Always happy to admit when I'm wrong.

Good luck up there.

Thank you.

Ok, sorry I'm late.

Ah, you're fine.

We're just getting started.

So, I...

Haven't been arrested for battery yet.

I keep thinking...

You would have killed him

if I hadn't stopped you.

I just had a really bad night.

I guess I'm just asking if

maybe you could be a little patient...

with me.

Thank you all for coming.

My, uh,

my campaign advisor

doesn't think that saving
the Bay is the right fight

given the state the city is in.

But I'd like everyone
to know that I'm not blind

to Star City's problems.

And I wouldn't be here today

if I wasn't confident that
this program could help solve them.

And the reason I chose the Bay

is because it's in
the center of the city.

It's out in the open.

For everyone to see.

The fight to save Star City

isn't going to be fought in the shadows.

It's going to be fought
in the light of day.

And I promise you,

all of you,

that I will never stop
fighting to save this city.

We love you!

original sync: @elder_man
resync for WEB-DL: fimmer