Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Restoration - full transcript

The growing tension between Oliver and Diggle puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel talks Thea into returning ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years in hell,

I have returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

But my old approach wasn't enough.

I had to become someone else.

I had to become something else.

I had to become the Green Arrow.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

The media has been calling them Ghosts.

They're like nothing
we'd ever seen before.

Every time we get too
close to one of them,

they off themselves with cyanide.

Darhk's Ghosts, they're HIVE.

An organization called HIVE
killed my brother.

Taking Lyla, that was your idea, Oliver.

In front of our daughter!

You didn't just lose my friendship--

you lost my respect.

Thea, whatever's going on with you,

the League, they'll know what to do.

We're going to Nanda Parbat.

Why are we not telling my brother?

Because you're not the only reason
for us going to Nanda Parbat.

Need a hand, John? I'm good.

Varsity track, all state, 100 meters.



You know where this son of a bitch went?

He vanished.
We call them Ghosts for a reason.

But I got air support
coming in on number two.

I got 'em.



He's all right, Felicity.

We need eyes back on our target.

I'll give you one better than that.

20 feet ahead. I got one
gift-wrapped for you.

Feels like old times, the three of us.

The OGs.

The Original Gangstas.

You're not checking out without
answering a few questions first.

Where can I find HIVE?
Who's behind the Ghosts?

Answer me!



I'm good. I'm good.

Now he's gone.

Damn it!

We need more boots
on the ground, Oliver.

Thea and Laurel picked
a fine day for a spa treatment.

I don't think Thea
would be very much help

in the state of mind she's in.

Where the hell are they, anyway?

I really enjoy sparring with you, Nyssa.

I'm not sparring.

I know. That's what
makes it so much fun.

You know I would show you no mercy
if given the opportunity.

That's why I take great care

not to give you the opportunity.

Next time I'll take your head off.

My liege, two foreigners are here.

One of them claims
to be the daughter of Ra's al Ghul.

No, I am his daughter.

What a pleasant surprise.


What brings you to Nanda Parbat?

They have a coffin with them, my liege.

A coffin?

I want you to bring
my sister back to life.


You took her life away from her.

It is your obligation to bring her back.

I have no obligations in this house.

You don't get to waltz in here
and demand a cup of tea,

let alone this.

Thea wasn't dead.

Sara is.

Thanks to you.

What you are asking for

hasn't been done in ages' past.

Even then, only in legend.

Which is why I did not ask my father

to use the Pit to save Sara

after she fell.

Even if Sara went into the Pit,

even if it worked...

Who...What came out of the Pit

would not be Sara.


I am sorry, truly sorry,

but of course my answer is no.

Ok, I know that was kind of a bust,

but wasn't it fun having
the original Team Arrow back together?

You shouldn't have.

Got that off one of the Ghosts.

It's where they hide
their cyanide capsules.

It looks like an upper left bicuspid.

There was a very brief time
where I envisioned a future for myself

as a dental hygienist.

The best lead we've
got in the last three months.

It'll take the DNA sequencer
a little bit of time,

so I was thinking
margaritas while we wait.

You remember that place
we went after we took down the Dodger?

Ohh. What do you say?

It's--it's been a while since it was
just the three of us.

I've got a family to get back to.

I guess he just needs more time.

Time hasn't been doing anything.

Apologies haven't.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that I'm done

waiting for him to come around.

Like a fish to water.

What did you say?

People gossip.

They say that you're a rich kid

who got shipwrecked here.

Bossing people around, giving orders.

Must feel just like home to you.

We got a runner!

All right, watch the field.

Hey! Come on, man,
let's do this the easy way.

Yeah! That's the way.

Well, what you going to do,
talk him into surrendering?

That's how you do it.

Who are you?

Definitely not someone
who deserves to be shot.

Your wife and kid are out, by the way.

Who are you?


I'm a friendly.

You're A.R.G.U.S.?

You can read. Lyla sent me.

My wife left the Agency
seven months ago.

She couldn't have sent you anywhere.

She asked back when she was
still with the Agency.

Took me a while, because, well,
favors aren't exactly

at the top of my to-do list.

Here. ID on whoever hired Floyd Lawton

to do a hit back in '09.

Mina Fayad?

We're going to find her.

Well, that's the best part.

TSA flagged her coming in last night.

Flew in from Markovia.

I'll contact you with her location.


Ms. Fayad.

You brought a guest.

As instructed.

Not by me.

The vigilante problem in this city
is greater than anticipated.

Your partners in HIVE
asked me to take steps.

He doesn't exactly
look like a problem solver.

What do you do?

I play cards. Mostly.

Perhaps a demonstration.

Funny you should mention.

I happen to have just the problem.

My operatives are under orders
to choose death before capture.

This gentleman chose wrongly.

They got to me before I could take
the counter measure.

He's also prone to excuses,

which I find tiresome.


That one was free.

Taking out the Green
Arrow and his friends...

That'll cost.


# Arrow 4x03 #
Original Air Date on October 21, 2015

I'm not giving up.

I'm never giving up.

Because you're thinking
only of yourself.

I expected your support.

I was counting on it.

Then you never really knew me at all.

The Pit gave my father a long life,

longer than what was natural, and much
longer than he deserved.

But he paid a dark price for it.

A price Thea is no doubt paying now.

I wouldn't wish it
on my most bitter enemy,

let alone my beloved.

I don't know if the Pit can
bring her back.

And Malcolm's right-- I don't know

what Sara will be like if it does.

But what I do
know is that I have to try.

To what end?

To have your sister
return to you a monster?

Her spirit--

the part that we both love--

that's the part that
I have to believe will come back.

You're not doing this out of love;

you're doing this out of grief.

I miss Sara, too.

But she is gone, Laurel.


I have accepted it.

I think it's time you did, too.

Still wishing you were
a dental hygienist?

More like a molecular biologist.

You see this?


In my defense, I flunked biology.

Well, I got an A+,
and I still have no idea

what the hell is going on here.

This DNA has half of the genetic markers
that it should have.


How is that possible?

It's not.

This guy should be
nothing more than a pile of goo.

What now?

Robbery, auto parts store,
Litchfield Ave.

Call Dig, tell him we'll meet him there.

Ahh, hold-ups are a little below
your pay grade.

You sure you don't
want the SCPD to handle this one?

How effective have the police been

at solving the city's problems recently?

That's a good point.

John's still not answering his phone.

I'll be fine.

Still, I don't like you going out there

without back-up.

I'm not. I have you.

That restraint showed back there?

Bury it.

Violence is the only thing
these losers understand.

Guys out here can't handle that,

and they either wash out
or end up doing the product.

Both of which are fast-tracks
to a bullet in the head.

The product--

Reiter hasn't told me a lot about it.

He calls it "Slam."

A genetically modified hybrid.

One part heroin poppy,
one part Coca leaf.

Gets you higher than the Empire State.

Conklin! We got a problem.

Some slam's missing. A whole cake.

The runner was just a distraction.

Any idea who did it?

All right, then.

Round 'em up.

What are you going to do?

I told you-- there's only one thing
these losers respond to.

Get on the ground.

Thanks for coming, by the way.

Ms. Fayad wasn't sure it would work,

but I knew you couldn't turn down

a good old-fashioned robbery.

You ready to call this yet?

Now you can call it.

The game's not over yet.


Are you all right?

Aside from the fact that
you won't help my friends?

I wouldn't be helping Sara.

As you know more than anyone.

What gave me away?

When I was cautioning Laurel
about the effects of the pit,

I saw the look on your face.

You're feeling it, aren't you?

The blood lust.

What's happening to me?

The Pit contains traces
of the souls of all the men

and women who have bathed in its waters.

And what those waters restore,
they can also take.

Life for live.

So what are you saying?

That you need to feed this impulse.

Give into it.

Once you do it,
it will subside for a time.


I'll just go on a killing spree.

Thank you for the fatherly advice.

Can you just, for a--a second,

pretend to be a normal father?

Can you do that, Dad?

Do you have anything
remotely normal to offer me?

All right.

There is something
high in the mountains.

A man.

Some call him a Sage.

He has a way with the ancient
arts of healing.

He may be able to help you with this,

though I am not sure.

Does that qualify as being normal?

Normal enough.

Get some rest.

We'll start at first light.

This hurt?

Yes, it stings.


That's what you get for trying
to take on a Meta all by yourself.

A Meta?


It turns out Central City
is missing one.

Jeremy Tell.

Cisco says we should
call him Double Down,

which doesn't exactly make sense,

since he was getting a tattoo
when the dark matter wave hit.

You missed quite a show tonight.

Sorry I couldn't help out.
It's a long story.

Oh, my God,

it is not a long story.

It is the shortest story in history.

Two guys go take on criminals

without asking for back-up

and nearly get killed in the process.

You know, I haven't said
anything up till now,

because I was hoping that the two of you

would remove your heads
from your own asses without assistance.

Turns out I was wrong.


No, no! This is the part

where I talk and you two listen.

The both of you nearly got killed
out there tonight

because you didn't have
each other's backs.

That was a one-time deal, Felicity,
it won't happen again.

I absolutely agree.

Because the two of you
are going to sit down here

until you have resolved your issues.

Do we have an understanding?


Do we have an understanding?!


I'm going to take this
to a guy at Palmer Tech

to find out how some lunatic Meta

turns tattoos into lethal weapons.

If you two haven't
figured out your issues

by the time I get back,

I'm going to find a bunch
of Mirakuru soldiers

to knock some sense into you.

It's been months, man.

And...I--I don't
know how many apologies.

John, you're a forgiving person--

Oliver, this isn't
about forgiveness, man.

I don't know how to move
forward with this--

us doing what we do.

We've worked fine since I got back.

We got lucky.

Oliver, there was a time

I would have taken a bullet for you.

And I don't know if I would do that now.

Which means that even
when we're out there,

we are not out there together.

You crossed a line, man.

And the fact that
you could do that again

sits in the back of my head somewhere.

I get it! I get it.

I understand that I crossed a line.

I understand that I lost your trust.

What I do not understand

is why you won't give me a chance

to earn it back.

You think this Meta tonight
is connected to Darhk?

I don't know.

Uh...He mentioned a new player,

a woman. Uh, Fayad.

We need to go.


Some place where I'm going
to try to trust you again.

I like to think of all of us as a team.

Teammates need to trust each other.

Right now, I'm having a little
difficulty doing that.

Why don't one of y'all tell me
who stole the product,

or else this man right here
is going to eat a bullet.



Let's try this again.

Hey! Wait! Wait, wait, wait.

You said the violence is the only thing
these people respond to.

Well, it doesn't seem to be working.

Well, what do you have in mind?
Harsh language?

I've been on this island three years,

learned some things.

About what?




Um... Uh-oh?

Those aren't the words you want to say
when your CEO walks into a room.

Well, technically "uh" and "oh"
aren't words, they're interjections--

Please tell me these are the prototypes

for our new world-changing technology.

Well, since I'm inventing them,
wouldn't that make them my--

What is this?

Contact lenses
with built-in HD displays.

Whoo, that's impressive, and fast.

How much would they sell for?

Hundred thousand.

Hundred thousand dollars?

Per lens.


Everything ok?

Yeah, my phone just keeps acting up.

I'm going to restart it.

Ooh, what's this?

Ahh! Uh, this is an autonomous

communications device. Uh...

Which is great, uh, except for the fact

that it spontaneous explodes.

Ok, maybe you need something

to get your mind off all this.

I got a little side project,

clear your head.

Like gambling?

I need a full work-up.

It's possible it's made out of some

sort of bio-organic material.

I need to know everything

that you can find out about it.

Hmm, strange.


These edges.

Doesn't look mass-manufactured.
Where'd you find it?


You gamble?

Oh, yeah, all the time. Poker's my jam.

It ruined an outside flush for me.

I think my opponent was cheating.

So you want me to check it for evidence

of marking or something?

Yeah, anything strange,
out of the ordinary. playing poker?

I will check back in on you later.

Oh, and, uh, Miss Smoak,

there's no such thing
as an outside flush

in poker.

That's probably why I lost.

Remember in Russia,

two years ago when we got Lyla
out of that prison?

Of course.

That night, Lawton
told me that my brother

was not collateral
damage in a hit gone bad;

that he was the target.

And that Lawton was hired
by an organization called HIVE.

The other week, you reacted when I said

that Ra's called Darhk's men
a "hive" of operatives.


Could be a coincidence.

I don't think so.

Last page.

That woman hired Lawton

to kill my brother, and I'm betting

she hired that Meta that
tried to take you out.

Based on what?

Her name is Mina Fayad.

Two years and you didn't tell me.

We have more in common than you think.

Oliver, that's my first legitimate lead.

I have to find her.

Ms. Fayad hired you for one job.

One. Against my objections,

and only because
my associates are anxious

to progress to phase three.

We shouldn't talk about Genesis--

Don't lecture me about secrecy.

Particularly on the same
night that you were just compromised.

I-- In the same night

that I lost good men

in the name of protecting you.


Mr. Darhk!

I think I require another demonstration.

What, you want me to kill her now?

Show me.

Try to kill me.

I kill you,

I still get paid?

Do it.

What are you?

Ms. Fayad, many members of HIVE,

they consider me to be a charlatan.

But this,

is a parlor trick.

Sleight of hand.

This demonstration

was for you, Mr. Tell.

Just in case you have
any doubt as to how

I process disappointment.

How do you feel?

How do I--

how do I feel?

Oh, my God.

There's no Sage.

There is no cure.

There never was.

I'm sorry. You will be compelled to kill

until you've slain the one who hurt you.

But I can't.

Ok, Ra's is already dead!

And the only way to cope

is to indulge the blood lust on others.

So you--

you just set your men up
to be slaughtered?

You will not feel
the hunger to kill again for weeks.

No need to thank me.

There is nothing I wouldn't do

to help my daughter.


I hope we learned
a lesson of the benefits

of trusting our friends
with our problems.

You mean like your boyfriend?

You're supposed to be

more evolved than him.


Sorry, but he is.

Can we find her?!

Nope. She's not coming up
on any of our traffic

or security cams, but I think I have
the next best thing.

Her cell phone, or at least the one
that followed her through airport security

on the way to Star City.

Where's her phone now?

Redmond and Eighth.

What fancy private school
did you pick this up in?

I learned it here.

Three years on this island,

and I have been hurt
every way you can imagine.

I know what kills, I know what cripples,

and what just hurts.


Stop! He didn't take the drugs.

I did.

You're working us too hard.

And some of the other
prisoners are hurt.

I wanted to give them
something for the pain.

And where's the slam now?

It's all used up. And I'm not going

to tell you by who.
So if you're going to kill me,

just get on with it.

Suit yourself.

Wait, wait, wait.

You've already
executed one prisoner today.

How's Reiter going to feel about you

exterminating his work force?

I think he'd make
an exception for a thief.

Well, I'd just make her disappear.

Take her some place.

They'll never find the body.

All right. Take her.

Keep him company.

Wake up.

Wake up, we need to go.


It was a mistake to come here.


Stay the hell away from me.

Thea, what's wrong?

He's not going to help Sara

and he's not going to help me!


Don't talk to me!

I was only trying to help you.

Help me?

Yeah, that's funny

on more than a few levels.

My favorite is you are the reason

why I am like this in the first place.

I know.

I will not kill people.

I won't!

Stay out of my life

and the hell away from me!

We are bound together forever.

You and me, father and daughter.

Let me prove it to you.


I am responsible for Sara's death,

yet I have the means to make it right,

or at least try to.

Do you think after

knowing what that Pit has done to me,

that I would let that happen to Sara?!

I think if you are truly
sincere in fighting your blood lust,

you would offer the same to Sara.

What are you saying?

That I am willing to heal

my daughter's conscience

by restoring your sister's life.

That we should prepare

Sara's body for the ceremony.

I'm still getting a ping
off Ms. Fayad's cell phone,

ten feet ahead.


It was my first chance for answers.

My last chance.

I'm sorry.

Don't be, Oliver.

This isn't your fault. It's mine.

I should have trusted you.

Told you about this forever ago.

If I had, she wouldn't
have gotten away from me earlier.

Would be alive,

enough now, for some answers.

We're going to get answers.

Oliver, I haven't been able

to get answers for more
than two years now!

For more than two years...

You've been doing this alone.


You want me to take a look at
your phone for you, Miss Smoak?

I think we've reached
the point in our working relationship

where you can call me Felicity.

Have you ever considered
how ironic your name is?

"Felicity" refers to the ability to find
appropriate expression

for one's thoughts, which is not exactly

something you're particularly good at.

Yeah, you're right,
let's stick with Miss Smoak.

Any luck on our playing card?

Yeah, it's actually right there, Felic--

uh, Miss Smoak.


Uh, except it's not
a playing card at all,

now, in my experience,

playing cards don't
contain motor proteins,

proprioreceptors and a neural net.

The responsible thing
to do would be able

to get this back to its rightful owner.

Is there any way to track him down?

Well, if you tell me the truth
about where you got it from,

that could speed along the process.

I did tell you the truth.

I did. Now, tracking the owner?

You see this ink here,
for lack of a better word?

It's magnetite, which is the key
component to tattoo ink.

You don't say.

I do. I also say

that magnetite happens
to guide the internal compass of birds,

specifically homing pigeons.

So is it possible
to use the magnetite in the card

to get a location on our, um,

poker player?

Theoretically. Though, if your

hypothetical poker opponent has a deck
full of these cards,

he'll probably be able
to find you faster.

Curtis, we have to--

I'm going to make you two a deal.

First one to tell me
where you can find the Green Arrow...

Gets to live.

Green Arrow? I have a better idea--


Miss Smoak, I really
need to know what's going on here!


Does the board of directors

know there's a secret
elevator in the building?

Since when are you such a bad ass?

Since always.

Ok, I have multiple questions.

Ok, obviously there's a very long
explanation to this.

The short version is that I work
with the Green Arrow,

this man is trying to kill me--
well, us, sorry--

and I'm taking us down to the only place
that we're going to be safe.

The lobby?

Not exactly.

You have a hidden floor.

We should be safe here,
but just in case...


I think I know where I can find
the Green Arrow.

Which means that offer
about not killing you is off the table.

Stay here. Do not move.

Do you even know how to use that thing?


Curtis, Curtis!



I'm here, I'm here, ok?

What happened?

Your Meta came back
to retrieve his Ace of Spades.

And you-- you fended him off?

Don't sound so surprised.

Ok, I had a little bit
of help from a co-worker,

but to be honest, he was more freaked
out than I was.

Is he all right? Yes, he's fine.

I sent him to Starling General.

And he only knows
about my secret, not yours.

If he can trace the cards back here,

can we use the cards
to trace back to him?

That is exactly what Curtis,

my freaked-out co-coworker,

was doing when...

I got something. He's headed
for the Star City expressway,

probably high-tailing his
way back to Central City.

Too bad he's not going to make it.

I will see you all dead
before I let you do this!

Laurel, please!


Are you sure you want to do this?

Just keep going.

What's wrong?

I told you--

the Pit has never been used for--

No, wait.



Hold her!

Sara! Sara!

Sara, it's ok.

You're going to be ok.

It's ok.

It's ok.


Well, you guys are a special
kind of stupid.

I was going to blow town,
call it a draw.

Not until you tell us
about your employer.

Where's HIVE? Who's behind the Ghosts?

Tell me!

You know what your problem is?

You don't scare me half
as much as he does.

Look out!

You ok?

Yeah. Kevlar held.

You took a bullet for me.

They were...

Meta-human tattoo playing cards.

Still counts, Oliver.

Still counts.



Original Team Arrow.

Sorry, I know you hate it
when I call us that.

It's growing on me.

Cisco has our Meta in
lock-up at Iron Heights.

Yeah, we still can't get any Intel.
He's too afraid of Damian Darhk.

Well, so am I. I mean,
what are the odds that Double Down

told Darhk about Lair 2.0?

Enough that we should
start thinking about Lair 3.0.

I've been working on something.



I thought you would learn your lesson
about keeping secrets from friends.

It's not a secret.

It's a surprise.

You enjoyed that, didn't you?

Torturing that man.

You don't even know what his name is.

Walk faster.

Elias. That was his name, Elias.


I am in no rush to get to my death.

I'm trying to put
some distance between us.

Between us and Richards?

No, between us--


Between us and the landmine.

Listen to me--

I am not going to kill you,

but you need to trust me,

or we're both dead. Do you understand?




You ok?

Oh, well, the only thing wounded
is my work space.

Oh, and if Mr. Dennis asks,

please just tell him
that all this happened

because an experiment I was running

had an unforeseen outcome.

Thank you for not letting him know

that there is a secret lair
in the basement.

I'm a full service employee.

Well, you seem pretty calm for a guy

who nearly got killed by a meta-human.

Miss Smoak,

I came to Palmer Tech so I can help
make this city a better place.

Can you even imagine how excited I am

to know that my boss
is doing exactly that?

Well, you really helped out, Curtis.

The Green Arrow--
we couldn't have done it without you.

Miss Smoak, is-- is everything ok?

I don't know.

It's ok.

Everything's going to be ok.

Dad's not going to believe it.

He's going to be so happy
when he sees you.


It's fine.

The same thing happened to you

when you first came out of the Pit.

She's just taking longer.

It's probably because she was--

Laurel, we are in uncharted waters here.

I suggest you prepare
yourself for the worst.

My liege, something has happened.

What have you done?!

My father was not a trusting man.

He devised a means to destroy the Pit

should its powers fall into
the wrong hands--

like yours.

Nyssa, why would you
do something like this?

How can you even
look at your sister and ask me that?

One day, I will have my moment,

and I will kill you.

And now when I do,

there will be no coming back.

Take her.

I warned you, Laurel. I begged you.

What happened to Sara last year was
on Malcolm's hands,

but what's happening to her now

is on yours.

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