Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Beyond Redemption - full transcript

Laurel must deal with the repercussions of taking Sara to Nanda Parbat. Meanwhile, Oliver asks Captain Lance for a favor and while he's not surprised at the response, he is surprised at what he finds out next.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years in hell,

I returned home with only one goal--

to save my city.

But my old approach wasn't enough.

I had to become someone else.

I had to become something else.

I had to become the Green Arrow.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

I am not going to kill you,

but you need to trust me,
or we're both dead.

What this city needs
is someone willing to stand up

in the light of day,

not a guy lurking around in the shadows.

I'm going to run for mayor.

What a pleasant surprise.

I want you to bring
my sister back to life.

Even if Sara went into the Pit,
even if it worked,

what came out of the Pit
would not be Sara.

We are in uncharted waters here.

I suggest...
You prepare yourself for the worst.

Leave a couple
of those on the table, Junie.

I thought you said we were
delivering 40 kilos.

So they'll get 38.
Dumbasses can't count, anyways.

Whoa! Get down, now!

SCPD! On the ground!


Clear! All clear!

We're good to go here.

SCPD, hands in the air!

Relax, we've got this.

What are you guys doing here?

We didn't hear a call
from ESU to go out.

You guys aren't supposed
to be here, either.

Yeah, well,

we got a tip from one of our CIs.

Sons of bitches!

Let's go.

# Arrow 4x04 #
Beyond Redemption
Original Air Date on October 28, 2015

Well, this is horrible.

What type of secret lair has windows?

Well, you know, Oliver said he wanted

to do things differently.

I think I just saw a cockroach.

Listen, about Oliver--

No, look, it's fine. He still thinks

we spent the weekend at a spa.

But why can't we tell him about Sara?

Sara, she needs more time,

and I don't need Oliver's judgment.

Just a couple more days,
and she'll be back to herself.

I promise.

Guessing he didn't tell you
what we're doing here, either.


He just had a perma grin
on his face the whole way here.

Ok, now I'm worried.

He said he had some
big announcement to make.

Oh, my God, wait, where is it?

Why aren't you wearing it?

Wearing what?


What is that you wanted to tell us?

And why are you telling us here?

Remember this office?

Yes. This was Sebastian blood's
campaign office.

And now it's mine.

Anyone who's qualified is afraid to run,

for a good reason.

But I can protect myself.


I'm running for mayor.

Uh, don't everyone
congratulate me at once.

Oh, you're serious!

Yes! The other week, Lance was saying

that this city needs someone

to stand up, who isn't hiding
behind a mask. It needs a leader.

But why does that person have to be you?

I mean, don't get me wrong,
but you're not a politician.

Well, maybe that's the best reason
for me to be elected.

What are you going to do for a staff,

or campaign manager--money?

Money part's taken care of.

Palmer Tech has funded enough
to kickstart the campaign.

Another decision my board of directors
are going to be thrilled with.

What platform are you going to run on?

I'll figure it out.

What qualifies you to be mayor?

I care about the city.

But you can't say
that you're going to run

because being the Green Arrow
isn't enough.

I'm working on that.

We are going to brush up
on those answers

before the first press conference.


I kind of thought

everyone would be
a little bit more supportive.

Oh, it's not that we're not supportive,
Oliver, it's just that--

we just want to make sure that
you're not in over your head.

Maybe the other announcement
will go over better.



For real?

There's a reason we had
Felicity buy Blood's campaign office.

Blood also needed his own lair.

Don't--don't worry,

I--I burned a lot of incense.

Oliver, how did you--

How did you do this all by yourself?

Oh, I had help.

He had a lot of help.

Cisco and S.T.A.R. Labs.

Four polycarbonate cases, each keyed

to your individual biometrics.

Ha! God, I didn't even think you could
pronounce "biometrics."

I had some design input.


Oliver, this is amazing.

Well, when I set up shop in the foundry,

it was just me.
That's not the case anymore,

so I thought we could
use a little more space.

What was that?

What--did it break?


You ok?

Yeah, I'm just not used
to this chair yet.

I'm feeding police emergency services

and Homeland Security
radio transmissions

through a processing algorithm 24/7.

This way, if anything
happens in the city,

we will--we will know about it.

Two police detectives
found shot to death

responding to a code three.

Um, there's no record

of them calling dispatch for back-up.

Which means either their comms failed

or they were ambushed
the moment they arrived on the scene.

Thea and I will do recon,
see if there's anything

the CSI missed at the crime scene.

All right. I'll talk to Lance.

Maybe skip the part
about running for mayor,

because I'm pretty sure
you're not going to have his vote.

That'll have to change.
Can't run the city

without the help of the SCPD.

Ok. Hmm.

What did Thea think
that you were wearing?

No idea.

Fast track ballistics and have CSI dust

every shell casing for latents.

Ok, forensics recovered this SIM card.

Probably belongs to one of the doers,

but CSU says they need 48 hours to
get a full work-up.

What? How is evidence in a crime scene

where two detectives
were killed not a top priority?!

We don't have the manpower.


You spend more time here now

than when you were
getting collared for hitting paparazzi.

You got a moment for me?


So these visits, are
they going to be a, uh,

weekly thing?

Well, I was trying to help with, um...

What's that?

I wouldn't know.

City hall has cut my budget so tight,

I can't get evidence
turned around before I'm 80.

I'm hoping that's something
I might be able

to help with eventually. Yeah?

I've decided to run for mayor.


And I know it's a long-shot,

but it would mean a lot if you would
endorse my candidacy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.

After what happened
to the last few mayors,

I'm hoping you win in a landslide.

Till then, I'm trying
to catch a cop killer

and I don't have time to wait for my
understaffed crime lab.

I want you to wait
till nightfall to light a fire.

Otherwise, you're going
to draw attention.

All right, there's fresh water

coming off a stream
at the base of the hill.

There's edible plants
maybe 50 feet to the north.

Hey, do not eat the red berries,

and do not let anyone see you.

Why are you doing this?

Risking your life to save mine?

It's complicated.

They may think I'm dead,

but they're going to come
looking for you.

They're not going to come looking for me.
I'm going back to camp.

I've watched those men.

They're like brothers to each other.

They have a history, a bond.

You're not one of them.

That's why you're going
to have to do something for me.

And you're not going to like it.


All right, so I figured it out.

It's Neal Adams in data processing.

He won the archery medal
3 years running at his summer camp.

He has a problem with his temper,

and he likes the color green.

You think that Neal Adams is
the Green Arrow?

He's--he's 5'2!


I am not telling you who he is!

Oh, and B-T-Dub,
next time you want to prank your boss--

worst career move, but whatevs--

you might want to try a little harder.

And you lost me.

I've been receiving these all week.

Ok, well, I didn't send this,

and trust me,
if I were going to prank you,

it would be a lot more creative.

This code is from 2013.

But the IP address is coming

from Palmer Tech, from a terminal here

in your work space.

I believe the term is,

you are so busted.

I'm not busted. I can't be busted.

I didn't send you two-year-old code.

Though it is elegant.

And familiar.


I was going through some
of, uh, Mr. Palmer's old prototypes,

and I found this.

That was Ray's. I mean...Mr. Palmer's.

I mean, this has code
that's like identical

to what you have on the phone.

I mean, the question is,

why is Mr. Palmer's prototype OS

sending you texts on your phone?

Ray must have connected
the prototype's computer

to the company's local area network.

It did! It uploaded a crash log.

I mean, the equipment's programmed

to record the user's voice right before
a fatal malfunction.


Poor choice of words.

The point is, is that
Mr. Palmer's last recorded statement

could shed some light on how he died.

Looks like it's password protected.

I already know how he died.
I don't need to re-live it.


But, Ray and I were close.

We were, um, friends.

He died 6 months ago.

I don't really want to open that
particular wound.

It did it again?


Different mystery.

Lance gave us a SIM card
recovered from the crime scene.

Where's Laurel?

She said she had something she
needed to deal with.

Wow, it's a good thing you guys aren't
short handed these days.

This SIM card isn't from a cell phone.

Looks like some kind of walkie with GPS.

GPS as in we can track it?

As in, I can figure out
all the places it's been

and triangulate from there

to determine...

Where it came from.

Gear up.

Fifth floor is clear.

Yeah, this place is completely empty.

I think I found something, third floor.

Headed your way.

Every door here is open or unlocked,

except for this one.


It's not empty.

M4s, Kevlar,

flash bang grenades.
Some of this stuff is military-grade.

Well, do you think
we found the Ghost's armory?



Star City police department.

The people who killed
those detectives were police officers.

All right, all right, I'll bite.

What are we doing down in your basement?

It's better if I just show you.

After what happened between
us last year,

I swore that I would
never keep secrets from you again,

especially when it has
to do with our family.



How is-- how is this even possible?

The League of Assassins.

They have something
called the Lazarus Pit.

It can bring someone back from the dead.

Back from what? From the--

this isn't back, Laurel.
Look at her. Look--

look at my baby. I--I don't--

Dad, she's alive.

Your daughter is alive.

This isn't my daughter.

Daddy, it is.

She's just been
gone for a really long time.

It's ok.

She'll remember who she is.

We just have to be patient.

And we'll help her find her wait, right?

Do you remember me?

I'm Laurel, your sister?


There's me,

and this is you.

Do you see that?

And who is that?

Is that Daddy?

We're your family.

We love you.

Who--who am I?

She's speaking

because she's remembering.


You all right? I'm fine!

She just...

She needs more time.

I think you better add "get an entirely
new police force"

to your campaign platform.

It's not the entire force, but...Yeah,

we don't know who's compromised.

Except for Captain Lance.

Yeah, well, Captain Lance

is Mia right now.
I think it's safe to assume

that whatever help we're going to get,

it's right here in this room.

I'm working on something.

Cisco said

we were still working out
some of the kinks.

In the last two months, there's
been a huge spike

on gangs stealing
drug shipments from other gangs.

Yeah, but it's not these gangs,
it's these bad cops.

Who steal the drugs to sell them back

to the gangbangers they stole them from.

So these corrupt cops
are taking down big drug scores.


Let's give them one.


That depends on how close you are

with your former drug dealer.

Oh. Depends which one.

We're going to need some money.

Don't you mean more money?



I haven't seen you in forever.

This your boyfriend?


Didn't realize the Queens

could afford that kind of
help these days.

Well, I recently
came into my inheritance

and was hoping to throw a party with it.

So can you help me out?

To the tune of...

80 keys?

You know how I like to party.

I might have a hook-up.

But he doesn't take credit cards.

Let me make a call.

I've been trying
to get in touch with you.

Ah, yeah, phone's been off.

What, are you going to tell me

you're running for president now?

Your detectives aren't dead
because of gang violence.

They were killed by cops.

What are you talking about?

The SIM card that you gave us;
It led to the killers' armory,

and all the equipment, the weapons,
it was all SCPD-issued.

Who is it?

It could be anyone in the department.

These guys have been
taking down drug busts.

So I've had Thea procure
a couple kilos of cocaine--

Your mayoral campaign's off to
a fantastic start.

We're keeping the drugs
in a warehouse on Meldrum.

I need you to subtly get the word out.

All right.

Listen, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I want to be there when they show.

I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Yeah, well, I'm not sure
I really give a damn,

because if I got bad
cops in my precinct,

I'm going to be there to bust 'em.

The hell happened to you?

The woman tried to escape.

We chased her, but she
went through a minefield.

Thought I heard an explosion earlier.

That one got Richards.

Son of a bitch.

I caught her... Eventually.

Made it memorable.

What, I'm supposed to kill her, right?

Her, yeah. Richards, not so much.

I didn't kill Richards. I told you--

A landmine. I know.

You know what's funny?

We've been here
months without a problem,

and here you come and two guys get
wasted by landmines.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means I want to see her.

The woman.

I want to see the body.


I know this is a trap and all,

but something about the drugs,

the club...

Makes me feel like I'm
back in high school again.


Just thinking about how much I hate
raising a daughter in this city.

Heads up!

I'm reading a truck
closing in on your position.

The make matches a profile
for an ESU strike vehicle.

Copy, we're ready.

Two minutes out. Captain Lance.

What, I don't get a code name like
the rest of you?

Detective... Get ready.

Target's on site. Let's go.

We've got multiple Tangos, move!

Move out!


You ok?

The training, the equipment,

those were cops.

And no, I'm not ok.


You have got to be kidding me.

Oh, no, um, not to complain,

but you do know that you
just brought a police captain

into our secret lair?

Don't worry; I got enough
to put you away for 25 years.


Captain Lance isn't the police
we should be worried about.

Wow. No wonder there's
corruption on the force.

Everyone else has got better resources.

I don't know. Those ESU

had some pretty fancy toys tonight.

That definitely weren't
standard police issue.

Well, they were police issue, all right,

but just not standard.
Those were specialized

anti-vigilante task force gear.

I thought the task force was disbanded.

Yeah, I might have reinstated that,

um, last year.

How many officers are there?

40 or so.

Well, that definitely
narrows things down a bit.

We should check their conduct records.

Maybe that'll narrow it
down a little bit more.

Yeah, that's going to take a little bit
longer than usual.

Well, I can give you unrestricted access

to the department's computer network.

Might speed things up a little.

I'll see what I can
dig up at the precinct.

Looks like 80 keys here.

Idiots baited the mouse
trap with real cheese.

Because they knew we'd
sniff them out otherwise.

Well, it's a good thing
we decided to pack the special gear.

We weren't the only ones showing up
with a little surprise tonight.

Captain Lance?

There's no way he didn't peg us as cops.

We got to take him out.

We don't kill cops.

Tell that to the two gold
shields we wasted last night.

They were in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

I'm not killing fellow
officers in cold blood.

Our advantage was the force
thought we were gangbangers.

We should put this to a vote.

My vote? Nine millimeters,

and the only one that counts.

We are not criminals.
Let's all just try to remember that.

We went this route
because the city is dying,

and we need to be able
to provide for our families.

Still doesn't change
the fact that Lance is a problem.

No, he's not.

He's a solution.


There you are!

Why haven't you been answering my texts?

Your texts were "911," "OMG,"

"ASAP," and five exclamation points.

I do not have time
to respond to something

that doesn't contain
at least one actual word.

I need your help
with Mr. Palmer's crash log.

I thought I told you to let that go.

Look, I've tried brute
forcing a password,

but nothing works.

But there is a subkernel

that contains a programmer note.

Oh, my God, this must be
what talking to me is like.

And that programming note suggests that
you know the password.

I mean, which makes sense,
right? You and Mr. Palmer were friends.

Yeah, I know the password.

You do? So tell it to me so we can--

No! I...

I do not want to listen to a recording

of my ex-boyfriend's
final moment before he died.

You and Mr. Palmer were together?

Now do you understand
why I don't want to hear his voice?


My brother died six years ago.

Pancreatic cancer.

To be able to hear

something from him I've
never heard before...

God, I'd--I'd give anything.

Captain Lance.

What a pleasure it was
to receive your message.

And for you to initiate contact,

well, made me feel like our relationship

took an important step forward.

I need your help.

I'm sorry, say that again.

It's for my daughter. Not the one

that you're holding over me as leverage.

Sara, the one you lost last year.

Yeah, she's back.

This thing called the Lazarus Pit.

I'm sure you've heard of it.

What, you did your homework on me;

you don't think I
did a little digging around on you?

You used to be a member

of the League of Assassins.

What is it you want, Mr. Lance?

It's my daughter.

She's not right.

She's--she's come back
and she's different.

She's crazy!

It's a miracle she came back at all.

It doesn't feel like a miracle.
All right?

Now you know about this stuff.

Is there anything I can do?

Is there anything that you can do?

I can give advice, father to father.

I can tell you that if it were
my daughter,

I'd put her down.

She's my baby girl.

No, she isn't.
She may look like your daughter,

but she doesn't possess her soul.

The most loving act you can commit

is to return Sara to her final rest.

I'm sorry.


Oh, I am so glad we came back.

You all right?


You're doing that,

um, crinkly thing with your eyebrows.

Oh, just, um, ha, no,

just something at work.
It's no big deal.

Um, this work. Big deal.

Liza Warner.

I pulled her SCPD personnel file

using my computer
at Palmer Tech since ours is fritzing.

One of the original recruits to the
anti-vigilante task force over 3 years ago.

Hand-picked by then Detective Lance.

Do we think she's a suspect?

I think that Sergeant Warner

has deposited over
a quarter of a million dollars

into offshore bank accounts
in the last three months.

Where can we find her?

I am working on that.

I used the network access
that Captain Lance gave us

and I turned on every uniform
and squad car camera

on the force in the last 12 hours.

I'm running facial recognition
looking for Warner.

Do you see something?

No, someone.


Zoom in. Mm-hmm.

The man that Lance is talking to...

That's Damian Darhk.


Aye yi yi.

Oh, jeez. Heh.

You know I got a heart condition, right?

For years, you've looked at me
with such contempt.

Utter disdain.

So I'm wondering...

Do I have that same look on my face now?

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm talking about you...

and Damian Darhk.

Ok, it's, it's--

I didn't know if you knew who he was,

or what he's been doing to this city.

And now I see this look on your face.

You know.

It's complicated.

No, it's not.

Do you have any idea how many
people he's killed?

Yeah, I got more of an idea than you.

And listen, you, you of all people,

you don't get to come in to my house

and pass judgment on me, all right?!

No, you always held yourself out
as better than me.

More righteous.

And you were.

Until tonight.

Actually, it's been a little more than
two months now,

me working with Darhk.

It started out benign.

He said he had resources;

he had people, money.

He held himself out as just another guy

who wanted to help this city.

And we needed the help.

You weren't here.

By the time I figured out who he was,

what he was...

That's when he threatened Laurel.

Laurel can take care of herself.
You see what she does out there.

That's what I thought about Sara, too--

Stop, stop it!

Stop hiding behind your daughters!

They would be ashamed of what
you're doing right now.

You don't know what I'm going through.

You were the main reason behind me
running for mayor!

A part of me

has always wanted you to see

what kind of man I really am.

I didn't expect

to wind up finding out what kind of
man you really are.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

How'd you do it?

Kill the woman. How'd you do it?

Strangled her.

I thought you said you made it--

what was that word--memorable.

Ah, she won't forget it.


You going to propose?

You don't sound like a guy who
just committed his first murder,

and I'm guessing you didn't have
too many opportunities

in that posh boarding
school you grew up in.

You think I'm lying?

I think if you're not, then you're
a stone cold killer.

Even if you didn't off her, even if
you're messing with me--

which I do not recommend...

I see it in your eyes.

Reiter saw it, too.

It's probably why he recruited you.

Saw what?

You are one dark bastard.

Something very cold inside of you.

You're terrified of it.

Ok, Conklin, tell me something.

If I'm this dark person...

Shouldn't you be afraid of me?


I'm the exact same way.

If you're lying to me, you're going
to find that out.

Nice sign.

Arrived this morning.

You all right?

Just thinking.


Going to Sentinel Games as kids.

Do you remember Papp Stadium?

Oh, yeah.

I loved the popcorn.

Every time a Sentinels
player hit a homer,

every single person
in that stadium stood and cheered.

Every single one.


And I wanted to run for mayor

because I wanted to be
the leader of that city.


Thea, I don't know
if that city exists anymore.

I think that it might be beyond saving.

So what are you saying?

That I don't have to run for mayor.

I'm sorry, baby, but you're not her.

You're not her.


Dad, what the hell are you doing?

I'm doing what I got to do.

You got not idea what terrible things
I would do for both of you.

No, no, you are not going
to kill your own daughter.

She's not my daughter!

Dad, it's Sara.

It's ok.

Oh, God.


What am I doing? What am I doing?

It's ok!

What am I doing?!

Look at me, it's ok. It's ok.

What am I doing?

I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Captain Lance.

Liza. What-- what are you doing here?

I heard you were looking for me.

Thought I'd make it easier for you.

What the hell are you talking about?



Ever been here before?

It's the SCPD's contraband
disposal facility.

Thousands of pounds of Slam, Vertigo,

heroin, all incinerated.
That's just literally burning money.

Yeah, and the site requires the precinct
captain to gain access,

and that's not happening.

What was your plan, Quentin?

You have to know the city's dying.

Were you just going to stay at your desk
until there was no city left.

I'll tell you what I
wasn't going to do--

I wasn't going to
dishonor the badge like you have.

I'm no Saint, but at least
I'm not a criminal.

Neither am I. I'm just a desperate cop

that got backed into too tight a corner.

What do we know?

Liza Warner and her posse

took Lance outside
of Laurel's apartment.

We need to find my father.

I'm working on it.
Just a little hampered.

I think I got something
before the latest glitch.

Captain Lance's ID was just to access
the SCPD contraband

disposal facility 3 minutes ago.

Thank you, Quentin.

Sorry about all the paperwork
you'll have to fill out

when they find you.

Word of advice--put
a bullet in my head now

'cause I am coming after
you with everything.

By the time they find you,
we'll be long gone.

We're leaving this city
like everybody else.

New frequency, same cry.

Let's get out of here!

Sergeant Warner,

you have failed this city.

Is that all you got?


Get out of here.

All I got to do is push
and I'll sever your spinal cord.


But you're not going to do it, Liza.

You said you're not a criminal.

You kill that man, you are.

I told you I wasn't a criminal.

But I also told you I was desperate.

We all are.

Living in this city,

dealing with what we're
dealing with right now?

We're all desperate.

We've all been made
to do desperate things.

Terrible things.

But I got to believe

that we are not beyond redemption.

And I got to believe
that this city can still be saved.

'Cause once we stop believing,

that's when this city really dies.

And us, us, right along with it.

Maybe, just maybe,

we start saving our home

by saving ourselves first.

And that means facing up
to our mistakes.

That means facing justice.

You put on that uniform

'cause you believe in justice.

Ask yourself, Warner...

Is that still the case?

Do what you got to do.

I guess you know your Miranda rights.


You got your own key or something?

What you said to Warner saved my life.

I...I didn't know you had
such a way with words.

Well, I don't do encores.

You believe what you said?

Yeah. Every word.

Especially the part
about facing justice.

When One Police Plaza
opens this morning,

I will be there turning myself in.

I can't have you do that.

We haven't been able
to get close to Darhk.

You have.

I'd like you to stick around.

Stay on the inside.


Well, that's only a smart plan
if you can trust me.

I trust the man who said

we can't stop believing
we can save this city.

Like I said--

stone cold killer.

You satisfied?

Get rid of the body.

This cave might be useful for something.

It's ok.

You're ok.

How did you--
where did you learn to do that?

I learned it here.

I haven't always been
alone on this island.

Son of a bitch.

Oh, my God, he's here.


How you doing, man? Oliver Queen.

Hi there.

It's, uh, absolutely wonderful

that--that all of you are--are here.

Just--just wonderful.

And surprising.

So, what do you think?

Um, hey, did you--
did you hire all of these people?

No, that's what makes
them interns, Ollie.

Where did we get all of these interns?

Easiest way to get
a lot of followers on social media

is to own a very successful club.

All I had to do was tell them
what I've already known for 3 years.

Oliver Queen is going to save this city.

What's this?

This your speech.

You're announcing
your candidacy this afternoon,

so you better get your suit
out of moth balls.

Did you write this?

I wrote it down.

Just with what you told me,

about this city being united.


That's what this city used to be.

It's what it can be.

It's what it must be again.

Now, I know that
I'm not the obvious choice for mayor.

I'm--I'm not a politician.

I signed away my family's company.

I didn't even graduate from college,

although, in my defense,

I did go to four of them.

I certainly don't have a traditional
background for leadership,

but I can tell you this--

after five years in hell,

I returned home with only one goal.

I wanted to save my city.

And with your help,

I can.

With your help, we will restore our home

to the shining beacon we know it can be.

But how we're going to get
there isn't a mystery.

We will overcome our challenges

with help from our friends,

our family,

our loved ones.

I'm sorry, Felicity, this is my fault.

Those we trust,

and those we will need to
trust again in order to prevail.

Because the only way that we are
going to return our home to greatness

is to do so together.


original sync: @elder_man
resync for WEB-DL: fimmer