Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - The Candidate - full transcript

Oliver and Thea are concerned when a family friend plans to run for mayor; Thea starts to exhibit side effects from the Lazarus Pit; Felicity asks an employee for help with a business decision.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years in hell,

I have returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

But my old approach wasn't enough.

I had to become someone else.

I had to become something else.

I had to become the Green Arrow.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

I want to know what I'm doing here.
Where's Waller?

Your job is to infiltrate
the area, and report back.

The media has been calling them a Ghost.

They're like nothing
we'd ever seen before.

We need the Arrow.

I'm the one who controls--

now what do you people call them?

The Ghosts?

I'm Damian Darhk.

Mass murder?

Killing innocents?
I didn't sign up for this.

You signed up to follow my instructions.

And if I don't help you?

You don't have a choice.

Six months ago, the Arrow died,

but what he stood for didn't.

I am declaring my intention

to fight for this city.

I want a code name.


Everyone's got a code name;
You even got a new one.

I want a code name.

Find the bomb, and then we'll talk.

I'm scanning frequency signatures.

I just know we're not
going to talk about it.

John, you've got a runner.

I'm on it.

Got it. The Ghost frequency of choice
is on the ground level.

Ten'll get you twenty it's the bomb.

I don't mean that it's the bomb,

like it's good, like it's da bomb!

I mean like it's the explosives.

Got it. Ground floor.

You better move it.
The signal strength I'm reading,

they can blow the treatment plant
from Central City.

It's done. Get Diggle
down here to handle the dismantling.

You know, it seems like
he could use a code name, too.

Just get him down here.

# Arrow 4x02 #
The Candidate
Original Air Date on October 14, 2015

Well, saving the city's water supply,

that's an honest
night's--morning's work.


Yeah, but no matter what
we do to these ghosts,

they keep coming.

We still did a good job tonight.

Yeah, not good enough.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Kind of felt like you were out there
for blood tonight.

Look, you haven't been dealing with
these ghosts as long as we have.

If I go easy on them,
things are going to end bad really fast.

I'm worried

that if you keep going the way
that you're going,

you're going to put one of them
down permanently.

I know where the line is, ok?

And look, it's almost 9:00.
Mrs. Danforth and Madison

are going to be
at our house in like an hour,

so I have time for one of your lectures

or a shower. I pick shower.

Is everything ok?

You look nice.

It's my first day back at Palmer Tech.

I get to be bossy today,
because I am the boss

of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

I know I should be nervous,
I know, but I'm not.

I'm actually really excited.

You should be excited.

That's why I got you the...

first day as a boss fern.



Packed your lunch.

Who are you?

Who are you?


Answer me!

All right.


Come on.

Madison, how's school?

It's good. I graduate in May

with a degree in ancient philosophy.

Ancient philosophy?

Um, what happened to your dream

of being J.T.'s back-up dancer?

Oh, that's still plan B, obviously.

It is so lovely to see you two.

Really, it's been far too long.

Well, Thea and I were
glad you got in touch.

Yeah, we were,
um, a little surprised, though.

Well, I admit that reconnecting with
the son and daughter

of one of my dearest friends

is not...the only reason that I
wanted to see you.

And here comes the crazy.

Last week, like the rest of the city,

I saw the Green Arrow's broadcast.

And it hit me--

if that man could take
up the Arrow's mantle,

I could take up your mother's.

Um, how?

By running for mayor.

See, I told you--crazy.

No one's opposing me, obviously,

but there will
still need to be an election.

There's a very good reason
that no one else is running.

The last three mayors have been killed.

To say nothing of the city's
leadership last week.

Which is exactly why we need a mayor
more than ever.

I want to step forward.

And I'm asking for your support.


You guys look bigger than you did

when you were on my computer screen.

Perhaps we should begin
with this quarter's financials.

Thank you. Uh...


I know I don't have a business degree,

or an accounting degree or an MBA,

but this looks very, very bad.

These are hard times
for everyone in Star City.

This company's not immune.
Fortunately, Mr. Holt

had devised us a way out.

Oh, goody.

Um, hello.

I'm actually not a member of the board.

I work in the design
innovations department.

Tell Miss Smoak about your algorithm.

It's, uh, pretty simple, actually.

I use specialized A.I. to determine

maximum profits, which can be derived

with a minimum amount
of workforce deduction.

Sorry. I probably
could have explained that better.

No, I got the jist.
You came up with a list

of people that you'd like me to fire.

Workforce reduction has
a nicer sound to it.

It just kind of rolls
off the tongue. Ahem.

Well, the only thing we'll be reducing

is all of your bonuses to start.

We've already been down that road

and exhausted all other
avenues, Miss Smoak.

I didn't come back to this company

to put the people
who work here out of work.

I came here to protect
Ray Palmer's legacy.

And if we do not
dramatically reduce our costs

or increase our profits, there won't be
a legacy to protect.

Am I the only one that has
a bad feeling about this?

I mean, signing up
to be mayor of this town

is like asking to be
part of "the Titanic."

Well, you heard me
try to talk her out of running.

I'm pretty sure that got covered up

by telling her we'd be
at her big announcement.

Thank you.

Thank you all so much.

For the past six months,

the mayor's office
at city hall has stood vacant,

waiting for someone to step forward
on behalf of Star City.

And today, I am here with all of you

to tell you that I am stepping forward.

Two years ago,

I lost my good friend Moira Queen,

who was also a candidate for mayor.

And I remain inspired by her kind heart,

and her selfless devotion to this city.

Shots came from up there.

No, no, you protect
Jessica, I've got this.

The shots are just a distraction!

There's no Ghosts up here!

Whoa, whoa, wait, wait--
you're not in her detail.

Get back to the atrium!

Oliver, how...

Um, self-defense classes.


She announcers her candidacy,

and two seconds later,
someone's trying to kill her?

That must be a record,
even for our city.

She's not dropping out of the race,
so this isn't over.

My father has a protective
detail on her.

Yeah, but even with protection
at the announcement,

she didn't seem to be too safe.

Is it just me, or is the shooting
of a potential city leader

feeling a little ghosty?

This guy wasn't wearing a mask, so...

There was something else
different about him.

He left behind evidence.


How'd you get the owner
to part with his windshield?

I bought his truck.
It's one of the benefits

of your girlfriend inheriting

a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

We have money now.

I don't exactly think
that was money well spent.

I don't think these prints
are going to do us any good.

What the hell?

I am not an expert,

but I think our new friend may have
cut off his fingertips

and played a little bit
of mix and match.

I'll keep digging;

Maybe this is an M.O.,
that'll tell us something.

In the meantime, we backstop the SCPD.

Thea was right--

Jessica needs more
than the police can offer.

She's in protective custody,
and I'm pretty sure my father

wouldn't be in favor of us
staking out his precinct.

I'll talk to him.

Oh, yeah.

That'll definitely go over well.

Mrs. Danforth is under
our protection 24/7

until this nut bar is in cuffs.

Do you have a minute?

Caught your TV debut.

Guess you decided to stick around.

It's going to be different this time.

Yeah, yeah, sure, well, 'cause you
got a new name now,

right, with a color.

Green Arrow.

It's catchy.

Jessica Danforth is a friend.

We would like to help keep her safe.

With everything the city's facing,

I thought you could
use all the help you could get.

You've been gone.

You don't know what this city's facing.

And I'm not saying
it doesn't need saving,

but a guy hiding behind a mask
isn't going to get it done.

What this city needs is someone willing

to stand up in the light of day,

not a guy lurking around in the shadows.

You say you're going
to be different this time, huh?



You're late.

I know. Sorry, I was looking
at the numbers again, and--

Oh, you mean the numbers of people

that your magic downsizing algorithm
is making us fire today.

Downsizing? You think I-- you think I--

Let's get one thing straight.

The only person who is allowed to talk

in sentence fragments around here is me.

I developed my algorithm
to create a value matrix.

To argue for company-wide
pay increases, raises.

Mr. Dennis turned it around and
had me use it to figure out who to fire.

So this wasn't your idea?

I was trying to get
people to get paid more,

not paid nothing.

Hi, I'm Carla Groves.

My supervisor asked me to come see you.

Hi. Yes. Um...

I don't know quite how to say this--

I'm fired.

But clearly you do.

As rumors go, downsizing
ones tend to go viral.

I am very sorry.

I didn't come back here to put
people out of work.

But I am hoping
that by losing a few jobs,

I can save many, many more.

That looks like
a little more than a few.


The company is
going through a difficult time.

I know. And when we heard
you were coming back,

we thought things were
going to get a lot better.

Guess we were wrong.

I'm still hungry.

Is it wrong that I'm still hungry?


Shift changes in 10 minutes.

You know, for the past week,
you've been pretty intense.

Are you going to tell me
what's going on?

And don't tell me
it's because Oliver's back.

Well, I'm not happy Oliver's back.

Yeah, you weren't exactly
subtle about that.

Just let it go, Laurel.

No. Because we don't
keep secrets, remember?


What's going on?

Remember last week, when Oliver was
telling us about Darhk?

He said he had a hive of followers.

An organization called H.I.V.E.
killed my brother.

I didn't know.

Do you think
it's some kind of coincidence?

No. I've been looking
into this organization for two years now.

All dead ends. But what I did manage

to dig up tracks with what we know
about Darhk's Ghosts.

They're H.I.V.E.

Do Oliver and Felicity know?


You've been investigating this

for two years and you haven't told them?

It's a family thing, Laurel.

I would think you, of all people,
would understand

keeping secrets when it comes to
the death of a sibling.

I do.

And because I do, I can tell you,

carrying a burden like that,

it never ends in any way but bad.

That was quite the show.

False machine gun,
impersonating a bodyguard;

you have the flair
for the dramatic, Mr. Machin.

I will give you that.

Too bad it was all for nothing.

Half of your fee has been wired
into your account.

This isn't about money for me.

Oh, I know.

You came to me with promises.

You wanted to impress yourself
to my organization,

and you failed.

I'm not done yet!


Give me more time.

I will make sure that Jessica Danforth

does not run for mayor.

Very well.

However, a word of caution.

I'm not sure how Rick Pinzolo
runs his operation,

but H.I.V.E. does not believe
in third chances.

Good night.

I spoke to Diggle.

No movement at the precinct.

That's all right.

I may have some movement here.

I noticed something tacky

on the palm print our guy
left on the windshield.


Like a residue.

What kind?


Ohh, except this formulation is special.

The molecular structure's been patented.

By who?

Palmer Technologies.

A subsidiary, actually.

Palmer Paper. I had
to shut down the mill

a couple months ago
as a cost cutting measure.

Where's the paper mill?


Stay sharp. He has some sort of
electricity weapon.

The man in the photo, you seen 'em?

I don't see much-- I like my sleep.

But that guy, he sees a lot.

He deals out of here,
does a lot of business.

Hey! We need to ask you a few questions.

Step off, freak.

Have you seen this guy
here? I want a name.

You masks, you think you're in charge.

Yeah, well, maybe you were,
but not anymore.

There are new masks in charge--


Have you seen this guy here?

Do you still want to use your arm?!

Let him go.

Still think you're in charge?

Hey! Get out of here!


I got an ID on our Mr. Creepy.

I thought his fingerprints
were all screwed up.

Mixed up, but I have an obsession
with Jigsaw puzzles.

Lonnie Machin. Part time mob enforcer,

full time crazy pants.

Done jobs for the Bertinellis,
the Triad,

and Rick Pinzolo.

We're going to talk about this.

We're going to have the conversation

about what just happened.

What just happened
was that guy had information

and I was trying to get it out of him.

You broke his arm.

He was stalling!

He was scared. Come here.

What are you doing?!

I need to show you something.

At the water plant, you took
down a Ghost.

You could have done it
with a very simple

disarmament technique, like this--

But Thea, that's not what you did.

You went overboard

with a series of techniques

designed to do one thing--cripple!


That's enough! Come on!

That's enough! Come on!

Demonstration's over.

Fine, sorry. Sorry.


After Ra's hurt you--

Malcolm warned me
not to take you to Nanda Parbat.

He said that when people go in the Pit,

they don't come out the same.

And I didn't tell you, because
I didn't want to worry about you.

You seemed normal, Thea,
and I swear to God,

I thought everything
was going to be fine.

And then you left.

So you know what?

It doesn't really qualify you
to judge me,

or anyone else!

What's going on?

What happened to Thea in Nanda Parbat?

I--I did what I had to do--

save my sister.

Oliver, that was six months ago.

Why is the Pit only affecting her now?

It's probably been
showing up over time, subtly.

What do you want to do about it?

You! Hey! Stand down.

I guess you know what happened to Kenny.

Don't move, don't move!

Just shut up.

It's a mine field, all right?

That's what killed your friend.

And who the hell are you?

My name is Oliver Queen.

Three years ago, the yacht that
I was on went down in a storm

and I washed up here. I survived.

Let's take him to Reiter.
He'll know what to do with him.

Wow, you look like someone

who has to fire a whole
mess of people today.

What? Oh, no.

I mean, yes, but this isn't about this.

Not that firing a dozen people

is going to do much for my mood.

Actually, it's two dozen.


The pages are double-sided.

There has to be another way.

This many intelligent
people in the company,

there has to be someone who...

Miss Smoak, are you all right?



It's ok.

What is?

I'm on the list, aren't I?

Yeah. I'm so sorry.

It's ok. I mean, it's one less person
that you have to fire today, right?

You know, actually,
this is good news, in a way.

My husband will be thrilled.

This way we can take that trip
that he's been wanting to go on.

Of course, I'll have to drive.

You don't have to try and
make me feel better about this.

About what?

I sort of fired myself.

Come to visit me in my confinement?

I thought you could use some company.

And a little "I told you so?"

Oh, I, uh, yeah, I didn't bring it.

With that being said,
it's not too late for you to drop out.

And send what message?

That on top of the city's
other problems,

we give into terrorism?

The people here deserve better.

They deserve someone
to be brave for them.

That's what the Green Arrow's for.

Oh, it's not enough.

Yes, the Green Arrow risked his life

to keep the people of the city safe,

but...who inspires them?

You know, who works to make sure
that there's a city worth saving?

Who's there to make Star City a place

that my daughter wants to call home?

Where is Madison?

Oh, library. The poor kid had finals,

so I sent her back to school.

Don't worry--

Captain Lance sent her
with more than enough

cops to keep her safe.

Maybe you should call her.


To the man who took my daughter,

please, I am begging you,

please, let my baby go.

She's all I have.

She's my whole world.

He killed the officer escorting her

with some kind of weapon.

Shot them up with 5,000 volts,

slit their throats for good measure.

His name is Lonnie Machin.

Do I even want to know where
you got that Intel?

You can't do this alone. You know that.

Now, two of your guys are down.

Now let us help.

Where's this place?

Over there.

Baron, this guy says he's--

Oliver Queen.

You don't recognize him?

This man's a minor celebrity

on the other side of the world.

You're supposed to be dead.

Nearly was.

Thank you for rescuing me.

I'm sorry,

but we're not rescuing you.

First thing you do once you get home

is tell people what it is
we're doing here.

I don't know what you're doing here.

Be that as it may,
I can't send you home.

Not right now.

Good news, though,

I have no reason to kill you.

So what are you going to do to me?

Good question.

You've survived 3 years here,

all alone.

That requires fortitude, intelligence--

qualities that are of use to me.

As it happens, one of my men
stepped on a landmine.

How would you like his job?

Thanks for coming on such short notice.

What did you do?

Where is Jessica Danforth's daughter?

Did you catch the news earlier?

Ms. Danforth begging
for her daughter's life.

She'll do anything to get her back,

or not do anything.

Like run for mayor.

All I have to do is make a phone call.

Now I see why Rick Pinzolo banished you.

You're unaware that there are lines
one does not cross.

I met one of your ghosts.

After I took his tooth,

we had an interesting
conversation about H.I.V.E.

I wasn't led to believe
you respected lines.

I respect order, Mr. Machin.

Discipline, precision.

You are sloppy.

All you represent is anarchy.

You made a mess.
I suggest you clean it up.

Either way, our relationship
has concluded.

Wait! You can't.

You know your hand is on me.

Clean it up.

To the man who took my daughter,

please, I am begging you--

That's heartbreaking.

Please let my baby go.


Are you ok?

Just can't stand watching Jessica
go through that.

I feel like that's what my mom

felt like when Slade Wilson abducted me.

That's not what you asked, though.

Um...I'm fine.

Well, you could have fooled me.


What happened to you on Nanda Parbat?

Ollie didn't tell you?

It's Ollie.

Well, I guess I really am his sister,

since I didn't tell you, either.

I just...

Didn't want to re-live it.

Re-live what?

Ra's, he, um...

He-- He killed me,

or--or almost did.

Ollie said that it was pretty bad.

And then Ra's

offered to use something-- I don't know,

to bring me back.

Something he calls the Lazarus Pit.

Wait, so what's
happening to you now is--

is a side effect

from--from this Pit?

Malcolm tried to warn Ollie,
I guess, but he...

Didn't listen.

No, of course he didn't.

He would do anything to save his sister.

I swear, if there is
even a scratch on that girl,

so help me--

I'm afraid that is out of my control.

Yeah? Well, so am I.
I am out, I am all the way out!

Well, I suppose you need a reminder
that Madison Danforth

is not the only vulnerable daughter
in this city.

You stay the hell away from my daughter,

you son of a bitch!


What is this?

The location of the Danforth girl.

My sincere threat against your daughter
not withstanding,

this abduction lacks taste.

And the next time we meet,

and make no mistake,
there will be a next time,

remember to mind your tone.

Any news?

Only the bad kind.

Hey, we're going to catch this guy.

Yeah, and when we do,
there's going to be

another one waiting for us,

and another, and another.

It's the most depressing game
of Whack-a-Mole ever.

Can't say we didn't know
what we were getting into.

Or back into.

When we decided to stay in Starling--

I mean, hmm, Star City,

I was excited.
I thought it meant a new beginning.

And now, we've only been back a week.

John is still mad at you,
Thea's gone pit crazy,

I've spent the last two days putting
people out of work.

If you think that
we made a mistake, we didn't.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

We said that we were
going to do things differently.

We just need...time

to figure out how.


Heavy Heavy Club, 4th and Pierce?

What about it?

It's where Lonnie Machin

is holding Jessica Danforth's daughter.

You said you're doing
things differently now?

Here's your chance to prove it.


Sorry to leave you hanging.

I had a meeting. It didn't go well.

Turns out, I can't sit
at the cool kids' table.

When trillions and trillions
of molecules exploded from a pin head,

were there rules dictating
how to establish a universe?


They found their way through the chaos.

Please! You can still let me go!

Only if you promise not to tell

anybody about me.


Pinky swear?

I changed my mind.

Oh, God!

Oh, the things I'm about to do to you...

Something wrong with the front door?

Get away from the girl!

Could you come back in an hour?

We were just getting started.


Let's get her down.


So now a mad man dujour
knows you're working with a Felicity.

This is why I need a code name.

We have Madison, but he split.

There's no movement outside the club.

He must still be in there with you.

She needs medical attention.

Get her to safety. We've got this.


Can you handle this?

I'm good.


Speedy, don't!



Oh, my baby!

Come here, baby! Mom!

Oh, my baby, my baby.



You all right?

A few bumps and bruises,

probably the world's
worst case of insomnia.

I'm really sorry, but I got an army
of reporters out there

and they want to know if you want
to make a statement.

Yes, I'll be out in a few minutes.

You don't have to do that tonight.

Yes, I do, Oliver.

I have to tell them what I've decided.

I have to tell them
I'm withdrawing my candidacy.

I'm not running for mayor.

Come on.

Thank you for trusting me.

You weren't kidding about doing things
differently, were you?

Instead of pin cushioning guys,
now you're burning them alive?


And you're lucky

Machin is on his way
to Starling General,

or I'd be booking you for murder.

Just so you're clear
where we stand with each other.


This man needs some water!

Did you hear me?

Yeah, I heard.

Get back to work.

What are you going to do
when all your workers

are dead from heat stroke?

Not your concern.

Like the man said,

get back to work!

Miss Smoak,

what's this we're hearing

about you halting
the workforce reduction?

I thought we agreed--

Well, you talked and I listened.

I would hardly call that an agreement.

With that said, I did get around
to firing a few people

they've all been hired back, B-T-dub.

And one of them reminded me

that Ray Palmer never
would have approved of this.

Ray Palmer is dead.

And this company will be, too, unless--

I am going to stop you right there.

I'm sorry, Miss Smoak,
you asked to see...Me.


I think there's been a mistake.

No, actually, you have perfect timing.

I was just about to tell Mr. Dennis
about your project.

After I fired Mr. Holt,
I had the opportunity

to review his active projects.

It turns out he is working on something

that is going
to revolutionize technology

and save this company.

Neither of which he can do with
a reduced workforce supporting him.


So what's this revolutionary technology,

Mr. Holt?


Um, that is proprietary.

But I can assure you,
it will astonish the world.

Our annual shareholders
meeting's in six months.

Present it there.

Astonish us.

Oh, we will.

You don't even have an idea for some

world astonishing technology, do you?

Nope, but I am betting that you do.

Pretty bold move, Miss Smoak.

Yeah, well, I'm trying to do things
a little differently.

Hello? Hey.

How are you?

I guess I was wrong

when I told you not to worry about me.

Right or wrong,
I'm still going to worry.

It's right at the top
of the big brother job description.

Thea... I should have

told you about the Pit immediately.

That was the old me.

And who are you now?

Ollie 2.0?

No, I'm more like...Ollie 1.0

who's trying to do things differently.

Look, whatever you are going through,

we will get through it together.

I thought Thea could use
some time out of town.

A spa getaway. Clear her head.

As long as it's not near any hot tubs,

'cause that's what
got me into this situation.

I think it's a good idea.

Can you and John handle things
while we're away?

Yeah, as long as we don't kill
each other first.


I'm kidding, by the way.

We'll be fine.


Take care of her, ok?

Yeah, I like a spa as much as anybody,

but I think we both know

whatever is going on with me

will not be fixed with a mani-pedi.

That's why we're not going to the spa.

We're going to Nanda Parbat.

Thea, whatever's going on with you,

the League, they'll know what to do.

Why are we not telling my brother?

Because you're not the only reason
for us going to Nanda Parbat.

What happened?

The ambulance didn't make it
to Starling General.

We tried to get the
paramedics on the radio,

and then we got a
911 call reporting this.

Machin, he, um...

I don't really know how to describe
what he did to them.

I'm not sure what that symbol means.

It means anarchy.


Hey, I'm out here.

You look happy.

Don't tell me you started
enjoying firing people.

No more firing.


Figured out another way.

Well, maybe you could
share your secret with me.

Doing things differently
is what I promised myself.

You are doing things differently.

Well, not different enough, apparently.

Both Lance and Jessica Danforth

said something to me

about this city needing something

that the Green Arrow can't offer them.

Decent Sushi restaurant?



Someone who can do things in the light,

who isn't afraid...

Someone who can protect himself.


I'm going to run for mayor.

Are you sure you want to do this?

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