Angie Tribeca (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Wedding Planner Did It - full transcript

Tribeca tracks down a baker's murderer before anyone else gets hurt.

X-ray tech to radiology.

X-ray tech to radiology.

I'm afraid he didn't make it.

Of course.

Anyone I ever get close to...

It might comfort you
to know that he died

in a tremendous amount of pain.

How would that comfort me?

I said it might.

But... he lived a long life,

had 15 grandchildren,

fought bravely with the
all-black brigade in Italy...

Are you talking about
Detective Jay Geils?

No, this is Vernon George Abernathy.

Oh, my god. Have I done it again?

Aren't you his wife, Corrine Abernathy?

No, I'm Detective Angie Tribeca.


I wish I could tell you

this was the first
time this has happened.

Geils is fine. He's right over there.


What's so funny?

Oh, he told me you were dead.

Ohh. Oh, my god. That's hilarious.

Can you imagine?


So, he should stay off it for a while.

Little ice, little heat. He'll be fine.

Welcome back, partner.

Let me buy you a cup of coffee.

Thanks, Doc.

- Yeah. Thanks, Doc.
- Anytime.

He's back!

Ah! Ha ha! Ha! Geils!

Hey! Geils is back! Welcome back!

Hey. Whoo!

How you been? Bring it in. Come here.

Aah! God. What's up with these g...

Ugh! Ohh!


How you doin'?

Tanner, Hoffman.

Tribeca, coffees.

O-oh, no, I had the latte.


Thank you.

There he is!

The big man, the man with
the plan, Detective All-That!

I forgot his name.

- Geils.
- Geils!

Tanner, Hoffman.

We missed you, buddy. Welcome back.

Oh, and by the way, uh,
Lieutenant wants to see you.

Ugh. What kind of mood's he in today?

Tribeca, get the hell in here!

Pretty good. Hmm.

Yeah, it's possible.

Geils, what the hell
are you doing back here?

I thought the hospital
said it was a bad sprain?

Some sprains are worse
than others, I guess.


You wanted to see us?

Another baker killed himself.

Damn it!

That's the third one this month.

- How old?
- I'm 56.

You look great.

What? This old thing?

I'm thinking you want us
to look into the baker.

No! Leave that to the coroner.

You two just figure out why he's dead.

Geils, you sure that knee's okay?

Ready for action.

I'm really glad we get
to be partners again.

don't get all squishy on me.

Doesn't mean we're gonna
be best friends forever.

I know.

Boy, you don't let anybody in, do you?

I have my reasons.

Which you're not about to tell me.

Let's just say, I was
engaged to my first partner,

and he vanished under
mysterious circumstances.

I was engaged to my first partner,

and he vanished under
mysterious circumstances.

It's okay. I don't want to know.

You just don't let up, do you?

No, I don't want to hear
it. Fine. I'll tell you.

It was meant to be the
happiest day of my life.

Officer Tribeca?

Yes, Sergeant Pepper?

I have some bad news.

You're under arrest...

For stealing my heart.


You have the right to remain beautiful.

Anything you say will only make
me fall more in love with you.

What are you doing? Are
you cuffing my finger?

That's a ring. Will you marry me?

Oh, my god. Yes!

I love you so much.

I love you, too.

Are you gonna be
comfortable with swinging?

Of course.

Be advised, Sergeant Pepper!
Please wait for backup!

I'm going in! Wait for backup!
That's an order, Pepper!

I said I'm going in! I'm going in!

I'm going in!

Wait for backup!

Hey, you haven't looked at
the road in a really long time.

Could you maybe look ahead?

Thank you.

What are we looking at, Dr. Scholls?

The deceased's name is Franz Schubert,

and he owned the place.

That makes a dozen of these
baker suicides this year.

So, 13? Mm.

What's Schubert's story?

Any tension at home? Debts?

That's the curious thing.
We checked his books.

He's flush... made $2 million last year.

Who was the last person
to see Schubert alive?

A wedding planner picked up
a wedding cake this morning.

For a wedding, I'm guessing.


Hey, are you all right?

Let's just say,

I get a little twitchy
when it comes to weddings.

I get a little twitchy
when it comes to weddings.

Why don't I interview
the wedding planner?

Would you mind?

Not at all. I love you.

What was that?

I just said I'll interview
the wedding planner.

I want to have babies with you.

Good. You're here. This is all wrong.

Pull up this floor,
change out the chandelier.

And for god's sake,
tear down the drapery.

It looks like an orphanage.

I'll get on it right away.

Wait a minute. I'm a detective.

I have to ask you...

Hey, are you celebrity
wedding planner Jean Nat??

I read about you in the hospital.

I wasn't in the hospital.

I was in the hospital.
It was in a magazine.

The hospital was in a magazine?

Yeah, Ryan Seacrest had
his 40th birthday there.

You picked up a cake

from the Franz Schubert
bakery this morning.

Did you notice anything unusual?

Like that Franz was dead?

The last time I saw Franz,

he was in perfect
health and high spirits.

I have no idea why he put
an icing bag in his mouth.

How do you know he did
it with an icing bag?

I'm sorry, Detective.
I have to take this.

It's the baker.

He's almost done.

So, what did you come up with?

This was no suicide.

Good afternoon, Dr. Edelweiss.


Tribeca, Geils.

No, the icing didn't kill him.

But let's turn him over.

I want to show you
something very interesting.

Now, you see these holes?

I'm thinking someone
fired a gun into them.

Gun holes.

So much for the suicide theory.

I mean, this case is so weird.

It just keeps changing
and changing and changing.

One minute, it's one thing.

And then the next minute,
it's another thing.

God, this cake is so good.

He was such a good baker.
I'm so sad he's dead.

Do you think he's ever
gonna make more cake?

What the hell is wrong with you, Geils?

You're wired.


Nobody move.

Now, if my suspicions are correct...

Oh, unfreeze, everyone.

All we need to do is to
heat this up to 400 degrees.

Here, hold that a moment, would you?


Yes, I saw this scheme once
in Belgium but with chocolate.

They reduce the ingredients...
The sugar and the flour...

And, through the heat,
turn it into one piece

of pure, unadulterated...



So, the baker was distributing drugs

by baking them into wedding cakes.

But something tells me
he wasn't the mastermind.

Well, wasn't the last
person to see the baker alive

- a wedding planner?
- Yes, Jean Nat?.

Geils talked to her.
Think they're connected?

No, they're not connected.

If they were, Ms. Nat?
would be lying there.

On the table next to the baker.

No, these are two entirely
separate human beings.

If we figure out where
the drugs are coming from,

maybe that'll lead us to our killer.

Well, we did find something odd

when going through the baker's records.

There was a "Simon &
Garfunkel Greatest Hits"

stuck in the middle of
the hard-rock section

between Led Zeppelin and Night Ranger.

That's a head-scratcher. Maybe
there's a folk-rock angle?

That's what we thought
at first, until we found

this delivery receipt hidden
inside the album cover.

20 pounds of flour for $250,000?

That can't be right.

It's from a place called Tom's Flour.

I think it's time to
pay a visit to this...


Looks like they were tipped off.

Excuse me.

Is this Tom's Flour?

It was until yesterday.

Then they suddenly packed up

and shut the whole operation down.

You ever seen this woman?

It's hard to say.

Give it a shot, smart guy.

No, I mean it's hard to say her name.

Jean... No-tay.

She's a wedding planner, right?

Yeah, she used to come by,
check on the flour deliveries.

don't you think it's odd that
a successful wedding planner

would come to check on flour deliveries?

Not really.

I mean, she probably has
a lot of time on her hands,

seeing how nobody's
getting married anymore.

Me and my girlfriend, we've
been together for six years.

She doesn't even care
about getting married.

I get sex, she cooks dinner,
no firm commitment... boo-yah.

What's your deal?

You're disgusting.

I'm a warehouse sweeper.

What were you expecting?

This guy knows nothing.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.

All right, he knows one thing.

Thank you for your time, sir.

If you see anything unusual,
please give us a call.

Sometimes I saw the guys
mix drugs into the flour.

I said call us! Ugh.

Lieutenant, I have a theory.

The wedding business is bad,

so Jean Nat? had to
supplement her income.

By distributing drugs
through her wedding cakes.

I mean, think about it...
It's the perfect cover.

What cop is gonna bust up the
happiest day of someone's life?

I'm going in!





So you need a baker to bake
the drugs into the cakes.

Baker wants out? Boom... one dead baker.

- So bust the wedding planner.
- We can't.

She's not gonna just come out
and say she's a drug dealer.

We have to catch her in the act.

Well, then go undercover
as a bride and groom.

Plan a wedding. Just
don't spend over $5,000.

$5,000 for a wedding in Los Angeles?

Sir, I don't think a
wedding is a good idea...

No, it's a great idea,

but we need a little
money to make it real.

I'm just talking a ballroom, a band,

some chicken, maybe a shave-ice station.

- What the hell is a "shave ice"?
- It's like a snow cone,

but the way they get
the ice is different.

- How different?
- It's more snow than ice.

I'm not getting a mental picture.

Hoffman, Tanner! Get the hell in here!

What do you guys know about shave ice?

It's not crystalline, like a snow cone.

It's smoother in
texture, like ice cream.

No, not like a gelato.

This is not a dairy product.

Sir, I'd like to be
removed from this case.

You know how I feel about wedding stuff

after what happened to my partner.

Tribeca, we all loved Sergeant Pepper.

Remember how everyone around
here used to work too hard?

I think it was 20 years ago today,

Sergeant Pepper taught us how to play,

and we're a better precinct for it.

But he's gone, and
you've got a job to do.


No, you're thinking of an Italian ice.

How can I help you?

So, we'd like to get
married as soon as possible.

- We're very much in love.
- Mm.

Don't I recognize you from somewhere?


Never mind. I must be mistaken.

So, when were you thinking
of getting married?

Would tomorrow be too soon?

That might be a little
tight. What about the weekend?

We love weekends.

Excuse me for a minute.

Jean Nat?.

Would you please cool it?

You know this is not a real wedding.

I know that.

But if we don't believe
it, she won't believe it.

Now, are you gonna commit
to this wedding or not?

Why don't you commit to kissing my ass?

Oh, that's so crass.

I can't believe I'm
saving myself for you.


Well, how much do you need?

Ooh, la la, that's a lot of drug...



I could probably get that
amount of drug-cake by tomorrow,

but I don't have a wedding tomorrow.

Or do I?

Good news!

We can do it tomorrow.



That's gonna be great.

Tribeca, are you in or out?


The bride won't come out.

Let's just do it without her.

No, she's my partner.

I mean, she'll be my life partner.

I'll talk to her.

Aah! No, no! Not... not yet! Not...

Stop with the music!

I'm not looking. I'm not looking.

Wow. I'm looking.

Oh, my god. You look beautiful.

Hey, hey, hey. Come here.

don't get all squishy on me.

He walked into that tunnel,
and he never came out!

Look, I know this has
been really tough on you,

but how about this?

We put two of the city's best detectives

on the case to find him.

And if they can't, then we will.

You're an idiot. You know that?

Look, this isn't a real
wedding. It's a drug bust.

And if it's a ceremony
solidifying anything,

it's solidifying our partnership.

How's that?

Sounds good to me.

All right, let's do this.

I have such deep feelings for you.

Sorry. What was that?


I think they want us to kiss.

To prove they're a real couple,

the bride and groom will
now do their first dance.

It's traditionally very
well-thought-out and rehearsed.

Thank you.

You think that knee can
handle a little Tango?

You'd better believe it.

Follow my lead.


Oh, beautiful, beautiful.

So in love.

If everyone will take their seats,

in a few minutes we'll
have the cake ceremony.

The cake. That's our cue. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'll just put some ice on it.

That's it. I'm going in.

I'm right behind you.

Hold it right there, Nat?.

What is this?

You're under arrest for
drug trafficking and murder.

Can I see your badge?

No, you can't, because
I'm wearing dance shorts.

I think she said "badge."


Don't worry. I have mine.

Very good.

But I think there's one
thing you weren't counting on.



All right! Ha ha ha!
No, no, no, no. No, no.

Yeah! Whoo! Hoo-hoo!

Whoo! Going down! Okay! Go! Go!

Whoo! Limbo! Limbo!


Smile, you son of a bitch.


Oh, my god!

It's mine! It's mine! Give it to me!

Ah! I got it! I got it!

I want it!


It's the end of the line, Nat?.

I've seen a lot of
drug-smuggling operations,

but this one takes the cake.

Think you can cuff her, partner?

I do, partner. I do.

I do, too.