Angie Tribeca (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Brockman Turner Overdrive - full transcript

Tribeca and Geils investigate a hit and run but are stonewalled because no one wants to pursue charges against a famous college athlete.

Talk to me, Scholls.

It's a real mess.
Dead bodies everywhere.

Oh, my God.
What happened?

High-end sedan
slammed into a truck

delivering cadavers
to the medical school.

The latch on the door broke.

Bodies never stood a chance.

Anyone not dead
at the time of the crash?

The driver of the sedan
fled the scene on foot.

The truck driver's
extremely critical.

You're making the straps
too tight.

And why didn't you
take my shoes off first?

You should know this.

Excuse me, sir...

Do you remember anything
from your accident?

Yeah, I was driving my truck,

and then some lunatic
in a fancy-shmancy car

runs a stop sign
and plows right into me.

Hey, how long until
you put my leg bone back in?

What is it gonna take
for you to get this right?

I got it.

Any chance you got a look
at the driver?

Yeah. He looked exactly like
the inside of an airbag!

Use your head.

Let's get back to the precinct,
run the plates.

Nothing more despicable
than a hit-and-run.

You can't punch me!
I'm dead!

If I were alive,
I'd beat you up!

# Angie Tribeca #

How bad is it?

I like the sweater,
but the slicked-back hair

comes across as hostile.

We got a hit-and-run...
Unknown perp.

The victim's name
is Kurt Piedmont.

Broken back, broken legs,
broken heart.

His wife left him
for his brother.

How do we find the scumbag
that hit him?

We ran the plates and realized
the car didn't have any.

Between that
and the new-car smell,

we're thinking maybe it was
a test-drive gone wrong.

Also, I got Forensics
looking for prints.

Good work.

That reminds me, Geils...
Your application

for the lieutenants program
was approved.


And, Tribeca...

you won a beach towel
in the department raffle.

Way to go.
I'm proud of you.

Thank you, sir.

I was gonna tell you.


I'm not even sure
I'm gonna do it.

It's fine.


Doesn't sound fine.

It's totally fine.

All right.

It's just, you know,
I'm looking down the road,

and I'm thinking
about our future.

I don't... You know,
the future, our future.



- Hi. Welcome to Planet Taco.
- May I take your order?


Are you sure?
Because you sound weird.


Hi, there!

My name's Docto...

Geils. Tribeca.
How lovely to see you.

How's it going, Doctor?

Well, it'd be going a lot better

if I could get you
into a new car today.

A car from this lot was involved
in a hit-and-run this morning.

It didn't have any registration,

so we're thinking
maybe it was a test-drive?

You send out any cars
that didn't come back?


Yeah, "maybe" is about
all I can do right now.

Yeah, we were really hoping
for a "Yes" or "No."

Let me talk to my manager.

This is how they keep you here.

I know.
It's ridiculous.

I wonder if they make this
in a hatchback.

What, for all
your lieutenant gear?

You said
it wasn't bothering you.
It's not.

I have ambition. Is that
an issue for you or something?

Just drop it, okay?
You're the one
who brought it up.

Okay, well,
here's what we can do.

Maybe someone did come in today
for a test-drive

and didn't return the car.

Let's go.
Thank you.

All right, all right.
Hang on, hang on.

Might have been a male,
possibly a student.

But the sales associate
didn't get a license.

We're gonna need
a little more than that.

Oh, I like you two.

Let me talk to my manager.

Give me $500
on the Saskatchewan Roughriders,

minus 7 over Montreal,

and $300
on Johnny from Cobra Kai

to beat Daniel Larusso.

Well, can you spot me?

Todd, I need this... money.

Everything okay?

Just on the phone
with the DNA lab.


Look, I know your breakup
with Geils has been hard.

Believe me, I've been there.

You broke up with Geils?

Except my Geils' name
was Loretta.

And I know you're hurting,

but this whole gambling thing
that you're doing,

this is...
This is a dark road.

Take it from me.

You had
a gambling problem?

Except my gambling problem
was named Mint Chocolate Chip.

No... stripper from downtown.


But if you need help
with anything

or just want to talk,
know that I'm here for you.

Thanks, Tanner. You're actually
the first person...

Now, were you able
to lift any prints

off the hit-and-run

Let's just go
to another dealership.

We've already been here
two hours.

You want to start over?

Hey, Tanner.

We got a match on the prints.

Okay. Thanks.

You're not gonna like this,
but the driver of the car

was a USWC star athlete
named Aaron McLaren.

Aaron McLaren?
USWC's star athlete?

Good news.

My manager has authorized me...
And he never does this...

To tell you that the driver's
first name is Aaron.

Where do we find Aaron McLaren?

Who wants to know?


Haven't seen him.

How 'bout now?


He's out on the court.


There he is.

Mr. McLaren?

Sorry. I don't do autographs
until after practice.

We're with the L.A.P.D.

We have a couple of questions

about the incident this morning.

I don't own a car.

We never mentioned a car,

but it did happen to be
about a car accident.

I told you...
I don't own a car.

I just said it too early.

Excuse me.

Arnold Waifer.

I'm the athletic director here.

This is a private practice.

We're just talking
to Mr. McLaren

about a car accident
this morning.

He has nothing to say to you.

If you have any questions
for this student,

you may direct them
to the office of the dean,

along with your transcripts,

SAT scores,
and any extracurriculars.

You broke a man in half,

Cost him his livelihood.

That's enough.

You test-drove a car,

and you plowed it
into his truck.

Okay, that's it!
Two laps, both of you!


We'll be back, McLaren...

Next time, with a warrant.

Good luck with that.

All right, Wiedner,
what do you got for me?

Well, it's been a crazy week.
My brother's in town...

Brother story's a dead end.

I want to hear more
about your mom's mammogram.

Okay. Get this.

So, she's standing there
with her top off, and the doc...

Sorry, Wiedner.

it's a little hard for me

to leave my job at the office.


You kidding me?

All right,
I'll tell the D.A.,

but she's not gonna like it.

Tell me what?

We have a suspect
in the USWC hit-and-run.

Give it to me.
What do you got?

Melanie Burke,
district attorney.

Hi, I'm Beth Wiedn...
I know.

So, hit-and-run.

It might be a tough prosecution.

We'll bury him...

Have his whole family
testify against him,

plant little stories
in the news.

He'll never see the sun again.

I think you should take into
consideration, Melanie,

that the perpetrator is...
Aaron McLaren.

No way.
He's untouchable.

Drop the case.
Just drop the charges.

Shred everything you have
on the case.

This conversation
never happened.

There's a man in the hospital
who may lose a leg!

So? Give him a dog's leg.
Boom! Good as new!

Think I want to go up
against a badminton player...

In Los Angeles?

Oh, Jesus.
No, thanks.

Now, who wants
to take this party upstairs

to my fourth-floor condo?

Please tell me
we're going after this guy.

It's not that simple, Tribeca.

We're talking about
a college athlete...

King of the mountain,
top of the food chain,

the Bey to our Beyhive.

Okay, he may be gifted, virile,
articulate, charismatic,

and, without a doubt,
destined for greatness,

but he committed a crime,
and last time I checked,

that's against the law.

She's right.

All right!
Bring him in!

Sic Tanner on him.

But for Pete's sake,
keep this quiet!

I'm sorry, Pete.


Mr. McLaren, you're
in a lot of trouble, brother.

Mr. McLaren,
are you there?

Aaron McLaren is everywhere.

Why the hell
couldn't we just bring him in?

The lieutenant thought
once it got into the press,

we'd lose the public.

Love him or hate him,
this is badminton country.

Mr. McLaren, can you please
turn down the music?

Sorry. No can do.
I'm taking a chemistry test.

Yo, anyone know what H2SO4 is?

Sulfuric acid!

Ha! Thanks, baby!
I'll see you at the game!

Mr. McLaren,
we're giving you one last chance

to come clean here.

You know,
maybe it was an accident.

Accidents happen.

Just admit what you did, and...

And we'll talk to the D.A.
about taking it easy on you.

I didn't do anything.

I didn't test-drive a car.
I didn't slam into a truck.

Look, I'm sorry
that guy lost his leg...

Seemed like a really nice guy...

But I wasn't in any accident.

Now you listen to me, Aaron!

Take it easy!

We got your fingerprints
all over that car!

We even got the car dealership
where you did the test-drive.

Now, you start
talking to me right now,

or you're gonna make me
very, very mad!



I got a game tomorrow night.

Look, Aaron, I get it.

I was a college athlete...

Cock of the walk, BMOC, LGBTQ.

You get all jacked up,

and maybe you did
something you regret.

Maybe you choked out
the school mascot

in a drunken rage but denied it

'cause you wanted to go into
a career in law enforcement.

But eventually,
there comes a time, Aaron,

where you got to put ego
aside and...

I'll never put my ego aside.

Aaron McLaren...

has left the conference.

We have a problem.

He's not pressing charges.


Mr. Piedmont,
the truck driver?

He's not pressing charges.

Oh. Dr. Scholls.

I didn't realize you were...


Oh, no, I'm fine.
My brother died.

I was sad, but now I'm happy.

- See you next Wednesday, Monica.
- And no gambling.

Call your brother
if you need support.


You sure
you're in the right place?

I know, Dr. Moreau.

I'm sorry I called you a quack
at the picnic.


Something on your mind?

I guess.

I'm not really comfortable
talking about...

inside stuff.

I can't tell you the number
of times I've heard that.

Why not?

How's work?

I mean, it's basically good.

I still enjoy
roughing up bad guys,

putting them behind bars
for life.

And it's not even my job

to decide
whether or not they did it.

No, I mean your real work...
At home.

Well, that's where
it gets a little tricky.

Let me guess.

You're finally
in a committed relationship

where you know
you should feel comfortable,

so why is it that you're feeling

completely uncomfortable?

Maybe because
the closer you get with Geils,

the more you're realizing
how many things separate you,

and how can two people
be right for each other

when they want totally different
things out of life?

And maybe Geils applying
for the lieutenants program

just shines
a big, giant spotlight

on exactly this problem.

I know you mean well, Doc,

and don't take this
the wrong way, but...

I think
your profession's a joke.

Well, it was worth a shot.

I have
some antidepressant samples.

That'd be great!

How you feeling,
Mr. Piedmont?

Good. So much better.


We didn't catch you
at a bad time, did we?


No, not at all.

No, I feel very well.

Figure I'll be out of here
in a day or...


We heard you changed your mind

about pressing charges
against Aaron McLaren.

I've got a 3-D television
for a Mr. "Guy I Hit"?

Oh. Yeah,
you can put it over there.


I may be way out of line here,

but is there any chance
Mr. McLaren,

or maybe even the university,

talked to you
about dropping the charges?

No. I just...

I figured, boys will be boys.

He made a mistake.

No harm, no f...


That's complete B.S.

The school obviously got to him.

What are we supposed to do?

Without a victim,
there's no crime.


Should we give her
a minute, or...?

She usually...

Fleeing the scene.
What do you mean?

We charge him
with fleeing the scene.

I know it's small, but maybe
it shakes something loose

and the whole thing
falls into place.

We're treading
on very thin ice here.

There's two seasons in L.A...
Summer and badminton.

I'm gonna have to answer
to the mayor,

the president
of the university...

Maybe this is one
we just let go.

Oh, is that right, Lieutenant?

Hey, that's not fair.

You're not even behind a desk,

and already, you're concerned
about your track record?

Lieutenant, how are you
not calling her on this?

You can challenge,
but if you're wrong,

it's gonna cost you
a time-out.

Geils, you going out
for Lieutenant?

Congratulations, man!

That's great!
Not now.

I'm just saying,
you'll make a great lieutenant.

Me? I'm a cop
for the streets.

You know what
I'm talkin' about, right?

What's it gonna be,
Real Lieutenant?

You gonna play it safe

or are you gonna go after
the bad guy,

like it says
on the mural we painted?

The D.A. is
gonna have my ass.

You want to dance?

Let's dance.

Though we're only 17 years in,

they're already calling it
the trial of the century.

The City of Los Angeles
vs. Aaron McLaren

is sending shock waves

through this sleepy
Southern California town.

Oh, I am just getting word now

that Aaron McLaren is pulling up
to the courthouse.

Let me see
if I can get a word with him.

Mr. McLaren. How are you feeling
about the trial today?

We knew they were
gonna come out and hit us

with everything they got,

but we're gonna stick
to the game plan,

focus on the fundamentals,
and hopefully...

God willing...
We'll come out with a W.

Thank you.
Thank you, Aaron.

I am now being joined
by Detective Angie Tribeca,

who was instrumental in bringing
the charges against Aaron.

Detective Tribeca, first of all,

let me say, you look beautiful.

Thank you so much.
It's so fun to be here.

How are you feeling
about your chances?

It's a real honor to work
for the criminal justice system

and really just looking
to have a good time.

I love you, Tribeca!

Love you, too!

All right, but you have to
step up to the glam cam.

So, there's a lot
riding on this case for...

All right, guys,
have a great trial.

Thank you.
Thanks, everyone.

Great seats, Tanner.

Yeah, my cousin,
he's the bailiff.

Oh, man.
Look at McLaren.

They completely
cleaned him up for court.

He's a good kid.

Works hard, donates to charity,

at an investment bank.

You remember what it's like
to be young.

I played football.
I don't remember a thing.

All rise.

This is the City of Los Angeles
vs. Aaron McLaren.

The Honorable Judge Gruff

You may be seated.

Don't worry.
We got this.

Gruff hates lawbreakers.

Mr. McLaren, please stand up
and face the court.

You have been charged with
fleeing the scene of a crime.

How do you plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

You love badminton.
So what? I love it, too.

But at some point,
you have to ask yourself,

"Is it worth a person's leg?"

Is this the wheel
that was recovered

at the scene of the accident?


Sustained! Sustained!

Your Honor, I'd like to call
one final witness...

Detective Jay Geils.

Detective, we are gathered here
for one thing

and one thing only...

Did Aaron McLaren flee
the scene of the crime?

You were there that day.

Did he flee?


There's no way he could have
fled the scene of the crime.

There's no way
he could have fled,

because he's way too slow.

Wait. What'd he say?

He's slow on the court,
he's slow off the court.

He's probably the slowest
athlete I've ever met.

Hey, I ain't slow.

Aaron, you've got this.
Be quiet.

He's just so slow

that there's no way
he could've gotten out of there

before anyone saw him.

I mean, this guy's a real load.

Oh, you want to see fast?
I'll show you fast.

It's a trap!

I hit that guy's truck,
and I was out of there

before the bones
even popped out of his legs.

You ain't never seen a guy
flee that fast!



Objection, Your Honor!

Your Honor, given the admission
from the defendant,

the state would like to invoke
Nanny Nanny Foo Foo

and move
to immediate sentencing.

Motion granted.


Thank you.

What'd I... What'd I...
What'd I say?

Aah! He got
the cuffs on tight.

You knew he'd crack.

Athletes have egos.
It was just a matter of time.

Pretty good police work...


You still willing to get a beer
with one of your cops?


I mean, until I make
real lieutenant.

Then probably not.