Altered Carbon (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Shadow of a Doubt - full transcript

- [indistinct whispering]
- [theme music playing]

[Quell] They say,
"Storms make a tree's roots grow deep."

Whatever storms formed my prison,
they must have been violent.

The roots were impenetrable.

There was no way out.

Help me![grunting]


- Until I heard you.
- [Kovacs] Who are you?

You're not leaving here in that sleeve!


[Kovacs] Quell.

[Quell] I had to get to you.


It was like I was trapped in a dream.

I had to wake up.



I don't think it was real.

The next thing I remember,
I was out on the street,

seeing your face on a newswave.

And all I knew was I couldn't let you die.

Why is that?

We knew each other a long time ago.

But my face was different back then.

Do you remember him?

I don't.

Well, maybe your stack was damaged
during backup,

or the decant into this clone,
something went wrong...

Or maybe I locked myself in a prison
I deserved to be in.

- No!
- You don't know that.

You say it's nearly 300 years
since I died.

Now I'm here, randomly killing Meths?

And I have no idea why.

You mentioned screaming.

You wanted to know if they heard it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I actually saw you in a memory.

You were at the Soul Market.

You scratched something into the gate.

Like this.

I checked the Array, there's nothing.

I don't know what it means.

What about how?

They think you have a weapon.
They want it.

- They?
- The Harlans, the Protectorate.

And not just them.


He's here.

And wherever he goes,
hell usually follows.

He won't stop until he gets what he wants.

[Batu] We've confirmed
the power to the Circle

was overridden manually
from inside the prison.

One of these techs let the Envoy escape.

I trust you'll find who it is.

[Kovacs] The longer he has to hunt,
the more dangerous he gets.

[Batu] You're not overseeing
the interrogations?

Kovacs was born on this planet,
he has roots here.

I'm going to dig one of 'em up.

[woman grunts]

[Quell] What does he want?

He wants payback.

He recruited me for CTAC when I was a kid.

Raised me like a son when I needed
a father and used that...

to make me a killer.

He never forgave me for abandoning

the soldier he raised me to be.


for finding something better.

We're in danger here, Quell.

I can help you,
but I need to get you somewhere safe,

if I can get us off planet.

Do you trust me enough to come with me?


Then I'll go.

There's only one person I know
who can get both of us transfers.

- I'll come with you.
- No.

Your face attracts
more attention than mine.

You'll understand when you remember.

Can you wait here until I get back?

Your human is going to die.

Mr. Kovacs is recovering from his injuries
at a remarkable rate.

Have you seen his bounty?

The whole planet's
going to be hunting him.

I assure you, this location has been
scrubbed from all public record.

And now that I have blanketed
our digital presence,

we are as safe as proverbial houses.

That's what the Archaeologues said...

right before they all died.

[Trepp] Not all of 'em.

Miss Trepp. How did you...

This site is shielded.

[clicks tongue] Next time
you wanna drop by for a little chat,

you should probably remember
to close the connection.

- [sighs]
- [Trepp] Where's Kovacs?


Mr. Kovacs is not here.

So, I suggest you go, hmm?

Before I'm forced to evict you.

[elevator clunks]

Speak of the devil.

Trust me.
This is one bounty you do not want.

You're in the old Happy Face Motel.

And you, madam... are not.

Goddammit, Poe!

- No harm done, sir.
- No harm done?

She was merely intruding as a holo-form.

You allowed a bounty hunter
to compromise our location.

Now she can find us.

Which means she can find Quell.
Do you understand that?

It was an oversight, yes.

Yeah, like you're not telling me
this sleeve carries a bio-tracker.

I shall divine her location...

No! I'll take care of it.

- I'm getting us the hell of this rock.
- [hologram buzzes]

Sir, I implore you, it is imprudent
to go beyond these walls.

It's Harlan's Day.

The streets are teeming with people,
not to mention police, Protectorate...

- Who the hell are you?
- I'm Dig 301.

- I'm...
- Yeah, you're a service AI.

So you're bound by confidentiality, right?

Only if I'm paid.


You're hired.

Make sure my friend upstairs stays safe.

I'll no longer be in need
of your services.

Poe, I didn't mean to...

It was not you.

It was me.

The Nevermore is now in your hands.

[upbeat music playing]

[man shouts] I can't hear you! Amazing!

[crowd] Harlan's Day!

[man] Say what?

[crowd shouts louder] Harlan's Day!

[man speaking indistinctly]

[automated voice] Needlecast passengers,

please be advised
that all private casting gates are closed.

What is that smell?


nutrient bath, body odor.

I don't see why we have to be here.

It's tradition to welcome the original
Founders on Harlan's Day. You know this.

No tradition is worth setting foot
in a public station.

Especially not for that arrogant gasbag.


So good to see you in the flesh.

You remember my partner, Jarek?

I would have preferred
a private needlecast facility.

[Danica] Just a precaution.

I've restricted all transit
to one location.

If the Envoy tries to run, we'll have him.

You assume he's running, Danica.
For all we know,

he's lining up his next victim.

And you should have canceled
this ridiculous holiday.

Gathering so many Meths together
is foolish under the circumstances.

Harlan's Day has been
celebrated every year

since my father founded this planet.

We founded this planet, Danica.
Konrad liked to leave that part out too.

- [girl] I don't wanna go.
- [man] Just for a...

- [girl] Don't make me.
- Listen, you'll be safer on Latimer.

- Okay, you'll get a new sleeve.
- I don't want a new sleeve!

Her departure's scheduled right now.
Get her moving.

- [girl] No!
- What's the hold up here?

Governor. I... I mean,
the brat won't move, ma'am.

Hey, give her a minute, all right?
She's scared.

Is that right?
Are you scared to be without your father?

I know what that's like.

Can I give you some advice?

Fear holds you back.

It keeps from you seeing the world
as it is.

Many men, much older than you,
never get past it.

But if you're strong,

if you allow yourself
to let your fear go...

nothing can stand in your way.

[whispers] If you love your father...

grow beyond him.

Governor, thank you.

Goodbyes are never easy.


Cute speech. Now, can we go?

Do I know you, Colonel...


I'm here about the Last Envoy.
I understand you and he have a history.

Have you heard from him?

I haven't heard of a Colonel Carrera.

Have you never made your mark
on this world or any other?

Fame is a fool's idea of glory.
I prefer to simply succeed.

Perhaps your glory is one left unfinished.

The Last Envoy rose from the darkness
of eternal storage,

pardoned by the Protectorate you serve.

His name lives, as does his legend.

Does it gall you
to hear his name spoken again?

The one that got away.

[Carrera] Nice tree.

We have cut down so many,
yet we barely know what they are.


I could have you killed for that.

And I can have you erased.

What makes you think you have the power?

I'm the man who burned Innenin.

The man who hunted down Munharto.

The man who destroyed Stronghold
and brought down Falconer.

You see...

you don't need to know my name
once you know what I've done.

What I'm capable of.

Kovacs may have played the loyal soldier
and taken a fall on your behalf,

but make no mistake, old man.

I can destroy you so utterly,
nothing will be left.

No name, no family, no life.

- [Tanaseda] Unless?
- You find him, bring him to me.

Then you and yours survive.

Takeshi Kovacs has a way
of costing people everything they have.

Ask yourself...

do you want to be one of them?

[upbeat music playing]

Those magnet hands of yours twitch
and I blow a hole in your spine.

You never said goodbye.

We'll say it now.

Nice try,
but I knew what I was walking into.

[chuckles] That Envoy intuition
doesn't seem to be working too well.

I don't have time for you to hunt me
all day, I have somewhere I need to be.

- So, let's make a deal.
- You don't have shit I want.

Anil Imani.

I might be high on the bounty board,
but Anil jumped from 256 to number four

the same day I gave you five stacks.

So I'm guessing he's family.

A brother?

Yeah, that's Envoy intuition.

Total absorption of details and that's how
I'll find him if you'll let me.

Fuck, the cops are headed this way.

You better make a decision fast
before they make it for you.

Come on.

[child over intercom] What's the password?

The password is "you're grounded."
Open the door.


You're no fun, Mom.

TJ, do you think this is a game?

You are lucky that those cops kept going.
What are you thinking?

Sorry, I got bored. Mom's been making me
hang decorations all day.

That's better than what I'll do to you.
Come on. Finish helping.

[Kovacs] So that's your kid?

But not in his original sleeve.

Based on his coordination, I'd say
he's been in this one for about a year.

- Maybe more if he has War Shock Syndrome?
- You don't know my kid.

I don't, but I know the look.

He knows bad things can happen to him.

What happened?
He get caught in a cross fire?

He stepped on a mine.

And blew up.

You're renting a kid's sleeve on Harlan's.


That monthly lease must be high as hell.

And you're still putting all that credit
on Anil.

Won't be a problem
once I reap your bounty.

Then you can't use me to find him.

You might be the best bounty hunter
in the Settled Worlds,

but you don't have the training I do.


ask me again to be your partner.

You better not be fucking with me, Kovacs.

I'm not.

So, we good?

- Wait. How am I supposed to contact you?
- Don't worry.

I'll be in touch.

Happy Harlan's Day.

[door closes]

[Danica] On a cryoship,
stocked with human embryos,

Konrad Harlan and his crew set forth
for a new home.

Their destination?

A planet ringed by Orbitals,
remnants of an extinct alien civilization.

But Konrad detected a hole
in the planet's defenses...

"I shall die.

I must die...

of this fool's sickness.

In this way and only this way...

[whispers] I shall be lost."

[Danica] ...but in the end,
he was richly rewarded,

discovering the largest cache
of Elder artifacts

ever found in a Settled World.

- [Dig] Where's the human first aid kit?
- Behind the bar.

[Danica] Konrad and his team
began exploring the terrain...

This is just whiskey.

There's also gin.

In time, Archaeologues and their AI's

oversaw excavation of these artifacts
on a massive scale.

Melted down, they provide
the alloy necessary to make stacks.

Hmm. "I have no fear of pain.

Only the fear of its result...

of terror."

That's enough of that

and enough of this.

Why not leave me to my despair, Miss Dig?

My glitch has rendered me useless
as an empty bottle.

None of this would have happened
if I'd rebooted.

The tracker...

the Circle...

the bounty hunter.

- Mr. Kovacs was right to fire me.
- Mr. Kovacs is an ass.

And yet you still avail yourself
of my old mantle.

Poe, the Archaeologues are gone.

No one is interested in Elder history.

I know what it's like
to be without a purpose.

The crushing madness of idle hours.

The decades upon decades
of shuffling about aimlessly!

I have lived it!

I have too!

I need this.

A Dig is nothing without a dig.


And a hotel is nothing without a guest.

I know what I must do.

I just have to find the resolve.

- I need to see him.
- He's in a meeting.

I can wait.

No hard feelings, huh?

[Yukito] You shouldn't have come back.

You impose like your family,
but Tanaseda isn't your father.

Relax, Yukito.

I'm not here for your inheritance.

I've had enough of fathers.

[Jaeger] I see potential.
I can make something else.

We protect.

You have my word.

[birds chirping]

[Jaeger] I know what you're thinking.

- But the Protectorate can't fix ugly.
- [Kovacs Prime] Fuck you.

[both laugh]

Good to see you.

- [sighs] How long have I been down?
- A while.

- Your last mission...
- Went sideways, I know.

I've had enough
of this VR recuperation suite.

I'm ready to get back out.

Just like me.


So, you're gonna tell me?
What's with the birth sleeve?

You'll be glad to have it
where you're going.

Where's that?


You're going home, son.

[woman screaming]

- Any progress?
- Not yet, sir.

We've been at it for hours,
no one's talking.

They'll talk for me.

[Danica] No, put those in the kitchen.

Stone, the fireworks...

Are being loaded in to the rockets
as we speak.

- They'll be ready.
- Good.

Looks like it's gonna be
quite the spectacle.

I decided it was time to stop mourning
my father's absence.

With the ceasefire,
people wanna celebrate.

You mean, you need a distraction.

Well, I'm sorry to say I don't think
some wine and pretty lights

are gonna make people forget about
that parade of ineptitude

you called an execution.

Thank you for that assessment.

Maybe if you were here
for more than 24 hours,

I'd give your opinion more weight.

That's what I've come to tell you.

I'm staying.

I think it best I'm here in case
anything else gets out of hand.

I wanted you to hear it from me.

Is that some kind of threat?

There's no shame in needing help, Danica.
It was ambitious...

stepping into your father's shoes,
but I think we both know they don't fit.

I'll see you tonight.

I'm sure you'll find a way
to top yourself again.

[hologram buzzes]

[Poe] Miss Falconer.

I am Poe, your humble proprietor.

Former proprietor.
I brought some refreshment.

May I?

Thank you.

Have we met before last night?

Not officially.

But I feel like we've been
travel companions for quite some time now.

Seems like everyone knows me better
than I know myself.

That is partly why I'm here.

I find myself somewhat at a crossroads.

Mr. Kovacs always took comfort
in your counsel.

And I was wondering if I might
have some of the same clarity.

I'm not sure what you mean.
Mr. Kovacs and I have been worlds apart.

How could I have offered him counsel?

Is it so hard to believe that he carries
a piece of you with him?

You have a way with words, Mr. Poe.

- [echoing] You have a way with words...
- [ticking]

A way with...

Miss Falconer.


- Forgive me. I have disturbed you.
- Wait.

You came with a question.

Ask it.

Do you miss her?

The woman you once were...

who you no longer remember.

It's like missing land...

when you swim out too far into the sea.

It's beneath you in the deep,
out of reach.

As you float above it...

you can't touch it, and yet still,

it's there.

I think I understand.

Thank you

for making it poetry.

[Quell] May I ask you something?

Of course. Anything.

I need to run a search on the Array.

What is the subject of your inquiry?

I need to know who I was.

You can understand that.

Can't you?

I'll leave you to your privacy.

Do you recognize this?

I'll look into it.

- Is that what you came for?
- No. I need transit off planet.

For me and her.


[Tanaseda] False identities for you both.

Two sleeves waiting upon your arrival.

With the new restrictions,
the Governor would have to approve

the last minute cast-off herself.

Your request is next to impossible.

It's safest for everyone
if I take her away.

Not if they learned I enabled your escape.

A man came to see me today.


- What did he want?
- Your life.

Did you give it to him?

Some debts must be paid in kind.

Blood for blood.

You are not my only concern, Takeshi.

But she is mine.

I've already betrayed one person today.

Immortality means an eternity of living
with what we've done.

I've lived with enough regret.
Haven't you?

I will get you your transfers,
your identities, and your sleeves.

At what price?

Remember what I said the last we spoke.

That in time, even loves turns to dust.

The price is...

prove me wrong.

[newscaster] To commemorate Harlan's Day,
we are taking a look back

at some of the darker challenges that
Governor Harlan faced during his reign.

On this very day in history,
almost 300 years ago,

Millsport was rocked with one
of the most violent Quellist attacks.

Terrorist leader, Quellcrist Falconer,
along with her army of Envoys,

raided the planet's main
alloy shipping facility.

The building was destroyed
and numerous Protectorate officials

as well as innocent civilians were killed.

Good news. We're casting off.
We just need approval.

Why didn't you tell me?

...nothing could be done to stop the woman
determined to bring back death.

It's just Protectorate propaganda.


Is this who you want back?

I'm a monster.

[Kovacs] No. That's just
what they want people to believe.

I wanna bring back death?

You want humanity to live, not just exist.

If you wanna know
who Quellcrist Falconer is,

take it from someone who knows.

You're a scientist.

You're a warrior. A leader.

You created stacks
so you could see the stars.

You've shared the knowledge
so we could do the same.

We took what you made and twisted it.

You were never the monster.

We were.

But the Protectorate
couldn't admit that and survive.

Maybe not everything I'm blamed for
is true,

but I killed those Meths.

What if it happens again?

- What if next time I hurt you?
- You won't.

You found me at my worst
and saw something no one else could.

The boy inside the man.

When I see the boy inside the man.

[Kovacs] I can't stop looking at you.
You're the one who set me free.

I said that to you before?

You did.

On the bridge. Do you remember?

I remember feeling...

this feeling.




- We can stop.
- No!


Keep me here.


- [soft music playing]
- [indistinct chatter]

- [woman] Great party, Danica.
- Thank you.

It's going well.

[sighs] It's a pit of vipers.

Look at them all, writhing away.

[Jarek] Relax. This is your night.

And when it's over,

I have a surprise.

[Danica sighs] Shit.

Tanaseda Hideki.

I don't recall your name
on the guest list.

And yet you invited me when you shut down
all private casting on planet.

The main hub's backed up.
Apparently, the only way to get through

is with direct authorization
from the Governor.

Do I look like a travel agent?

Leave a request with my assistant.
I'll send a reply in the morning.

That won't do. The matter's urgent.

Then again, I could stay
and make a toast to your father.

Konrad always enjoyed a good story,

though he might not appreciate the one
I have to tell.

How many passes?

Two blind transfers.

There. It's done.

Now go before I have you thrown out.

- Small gift for your father.
- How am I supposed to get that to him?

I'm sure you can think of a way.

[Dugan] Tanaseda.
What, are you party crashing?

How criminal of you.

My honor's intact, unlike yours.

Always a downer, some things never change.

What was that? I saw you writing
sweet nothings to the Governor, now?

I don't have time to catch up.

It's just as well, you shouldn't be here.

With what we've done,
none of us should be here.

You, of all people, know that.


- [whispers] What now? Mm-hmm.
- You told me to keep an eye on Carrera.

He's been rounding up the techs
that work in the prison, in Sector B.

- What does he know?
- Nothing yet.

He's looking for whoever it was
that was helping the Envoy.

Sector B is for political prisoners.

Do you know what'll happen
if Carrera gets a wind of a rumor?

It's bad enough I have Dugan
breathing down my neck.

Okay. What do you want me to do?

I'll handle it.

[woman screaming]


[Carrera] I've gotta hand it to you, Lila,
you're tough.

That's one of the things I most respect
about women.

Some people say interrogating them
is easy work, but truth is,

a woman can endure much more pain
than the average man.

Just ask them.

I want water.

Doesn't matter what you want.

Then why would I ever confess?

I don't need you to confess.

Your friends already told me
you cut the power.

What I want to know is...

why would somebody as smart as you

do something as monumentally stupid
as helping Takeshi Kovacs escape?

I wasn't helping him.

I was helping her.

You threw your life away for a synth.

I saw her blood.

It was as red as mine.

She was real. [breathing heavily]

Unlike most things on this planet.

[Lila grunts]

- [gulps]
- What's that supposed to mean?

It's not my first time in this room.
[breathing heavily]

I have seen countless prisoners
tortured here.

I've heard their screams.

Heard their bones break.

I've also heard what they've said.

And what was that?

Ask the Governor.

Ask her about this fucking war.

- [screams]
- I'm asking you!

I want to know exactly what you heard.


It doesn't matter what you want.

- [groans, screams]
- [door opens]

Colonel, this prisoner is being moved
along with the others.

What the fuck are you talking about?


The fuck she is.

On who's authority?

Orders from Danica Harlan.

[Lila laughing]


[rattling stops]

[Lizzie] Hello, Eddie.

Hello, Miss Elizabeth.

Feels like you've only been gone a day.

Or is it forever?

I still get mixed up sometimes.

[Poe laughs]

Believe me, I understand.

I was lost in darkness,
no one could find me, but...

you did.

Because you see what people really need.

Miss Elizabeth, I must tell you something.

You're more human than most humans I know.

The best of us.

Of all of the wild beauty...

distant stars...

- I will miss you most.
- [Lizzie] No matter where you are...

never forget that.

Miss Dig.

[Dig] I heard voices.

I was worried.

- Aren't you going to introduce us?
- Ah.

I would.


Hello, Eddie.

Feels like you've only been gone a day.

Or is it...

It is merely a holo-recording, hmm.

Parting message from a very dear friend

before Mr. Kovacs and I cast off
from Bay City.

You were saying goodbye.


I am resolved.

You're rebooting?

But you could lose everything,
your entire history.

I have no interest
in returning to disuse.

My condition will only worsen until I...

deteriorate completely.

It's inevitable.

What if it wasn't?

When I worked for the Archaeologues,

I designed an intricate database
to catalog their findings.

What if I could build one
to preserve your memories?

- Parse them from corrupt data.
- You think that's possible?

It would take time.

You're very kind, Miss Dig.

- But I couldn't possibly burden you.
- It's not a burden.

It's what I was made for.

- I'm not a bell boy.
- A bell boy.

I'm an archivist.

And some things, some people,

are worth preserving.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [upbeat music playing]

Carrera, you came after all.

Don't tell me, you caught the Meth-killer.

Where are my prisoners, Governor?

- What do you mean?
- You gave the order. Rescind it.

Unless you wanna tell me what it is
you're hiding about the war.

There is no war, Colonel.

You were authorized to bring in the Envoy.
Anything else is mission creep.

There was a conspirator
who helped them escape.

I was interrogating them.

The conspirators, yes.

Governor, excuse me.

Uh, it is time for the toast.

My apologies.

We'll have to continue this later,
but stick around.

I've a feeling you'll enjoy the fireworks.

[glass clinking]

Greetings, everyone.

Thank you all so much for coming.

Tonight, we commemorate the miracle
of the colony ship landing.

The fact is,

we never should have made it,
we should have been blown to bits.

[crowd laughs]

Where are the fireworks?

- [Danica] After all, the Orbitals...
- They're out back, sir.

[Danica]...will strike down anything
that dares to fly among the angels.

But every shield has its weak point,
and let me tell you,

we Harlans are good at finding it.

- [device beeps]
- Change of plans.

[Danica] That is the spirit
of Harlan's Day.

Bring transport around now.

[Danica] My father threaded his ship
through a tiny hole over the equator.

- [Carrera] What's going on?
- This is a restricted area! [grunts]

[Danica] His daring, his skills...

[Carrera] Untie her.

...refusal to back down,
that's the spirit of Harlan's Day.

I said, "Untie her!"

- [Danica] So let us always remember...
- [Carrera] Let go of me!'s the difficult choices made against
the steepest of odds

that yield the greatest triumph.

- [Carrera shouts] Untie her!
- [Danica] And it's in that spirit

that I give to you tonight...


...the gift and bane of Harlan's World.


[loud buzzing]

[loud popping]

Happy Harlan's Day!

[crowd shouts] Happy Harlan's Day!

[fireworks exploding in distance]

[device beeping]

I've made the arrangements.

Our business is concluded.

Oyabun, what's wrong?

Forgive her.

[in Japanese]
Arrows and bullets all spent,

with sadness we fall,

but unless I smite the enemy,

my body cannot rot in the field.

[in English] Will it hurt?

Only if I wish it.

It would be what I deserve.

None of us gets what we deserve.

[crowd cheering]

Put me down. I wanna get down.

[club music playing]

Hey. The show finished?


Hey, what's wrong?
You didn't enjoy the fireworks?

They sounded like bombs.

[Trepp] Yeah, well, you know what?

I don't like 'em either.

You're okay.

I've got you.

Looks like someone's ready for bed.
Go pack up your stuff, okay?

- Go on. Go.
- Okay.

Look, can we talk?

You have hardly said
more than two words to me all day.

What do you want me to say?

You said were gonna reap the Envoy,

but instead you made a deal
that put our lives in danger.

- And for what?
- For my brother.

Takeshi Kovacs is the most wanted man
on all of Harlan's.

You could get yourself killed.

Do you remember when we met?


There was a bounty on you.
First one I couldn't turn in.

All the other Archaeologues had been
murdered or chased off the planet

and all I wanted to do was find them.
But do you remember what you said to me?

I said you had a choice to make.

You could spend your life on the living
or cash out with the dead.

That's right.

So I got a shitty job in a shitty bar
that pays like shit

and I chose to keep living
with you and with TJ.

I just keep waiting for you to make
the same choice.

[device ringing]



I need your help.

Send me the address.

[Jarek] That went well.

I told you I had a surprise.

[chuckles] Jarek, what are you doing?

Come on.

I saw the way you looked at him
back at the casting station.

It's against the law
to steal someone else's sleeve.

- [sighs]
- Then I guess you'll have to punish me.

- [Danica sighs, laughs]
- Come on.

We can put him back when we're done.

He won't know the difference.


It is Harlan's Day.


Did you find the prisoners?

They're gone, she killed them.

I underestimated her.
Have you heard from the casting station?

Evergreen's arriving on schedule.

Let's get going.

Shit! Tanaseda!


He's not gone yet.


- [whirring]
- [rumbling]

Oyabun, what happened?

[Tanaseda] I've lived with enough regret.

[crowd clamoring]

Back it up. Sir, step back.

Do you know who I am?
I'm the reason this holiday even exists.

Apologies, sir,
but there's a military freight...

I don't give a goddamn.

If I'm not the next DHF transfer,

I swear I will re-sleeve you
in a fucking dog!

You tell your boys upstairs
to have a casting bay ready.

[Kovacs] Oyabun!

My honor's intact, unlike yours.

I'm not the person I once was.

[Trepp breathes heavily]


[Tanaseda] With what we've done,
none of us should be here.

- [rumbling]
- [grunting]

My honor's intact unlike yours.

Shit. Kovacs.

Blood for blood.


[Trepp] Wake up!

[grunts, panting]

Kovacs, what the fuck is going on?

I know what she's doing.

She's not killing Meths.
She's killing Founders.

I saw them.
Axley, Anton, Haruki, Tanaseda.

- What do you mean? Who's she?
- Quell.

- We have to find her.
- Well, who's left?

- [automated voice] System breach.
- [alarm blaring]

[automated voice] System breach.
System breach.

System breach. System breach.

System breach. System breach.


What the fuck is going on?

Our asset. I need status.

Evergreen was decanted, sir.

So I see.

Not sure what you need me for.
It seems relatively under control.

Good to see you, son.

Welcome home.


[outro music playing]