Altered Carbon (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Nightmare Alley - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- [indistinct whispering]
- [theme music playing]

[footsteps approaching]

[Danica] I see you
caught your man, Colonel.

Are you sure that it's him?

His DHF is encrypted,

but the bio-marker in his sleeve matches
the specs we pulled from Axley's tank.

We used it to track him.

Found him standing over the dead bodies
of Anton Durov and Haruki Okada,

blood on his hands. It's him.

So, you're the Meth-killer?

Do you have a name?

I'll tell you mine.

I'm Danica Harlan,
governor of this colony.

And those men you murdered,

they were friends of mine.

Never heard of 'em.

You took out three ranking members
of my Cartel.

You don't expect me to believe
that was by chance?

Normally, I'd spin them up
and ask them why you did it, but...

I'm told you erased all of their backups.

How exactly did you do that?


Answer the question.

How does it feel...

to be afraid of death again?

Or is this your first time?

I told you, he's one of Kemp's fanatics.

Is that right?

Are you a Quellist?

You don't have to be a Quellist to prefer
a dead Meth over a living one.

Does that mean you were acting alone,
or did Joshua Kemp put you up to this?

I don't give a damn about Kemp
or his cause.

There's your answer, Colonel.

He's a lone wolf, not a revolutionary.

The cease-fire holds.

We don't know that.
We still need to interrogate him.

How about we see what your face
looks like with your nose cut off?

[Danica] No need to get messy.

We have our own way of dealing
with criminals on Harlan's World.

Have you heard of the Circle?

No. But I'm guessing it's round.


Most people lose their sense of humor
when they're facing execution.

See, that's where this conversation ends.

Give me answers, and I'll have your stack
dropped in the ocean.

You'll be in the dark,
but the pain will be over.

If you don't,

we'll torture you in virtual
until we make you talk.

And after we grind the truth out of you,
we'll leave you there,

awake and in pain forever.

To be honest,
I'm not liking either option.

You should have thought of that
before you started slaughtering.

Get him out of here!

Personally, I'd have gone with the ocean.

Because when I find out who you are,

anyone who knows you will be in danger.

I've heard that one before.

[Carrera sighs]

[Danica] Oh, not you, Carrera.

I'd like a word.

I believe this brings your business here
to a close.

Your Wedge sleeve's been accounted for.
The thief will be dealt with.

Of course, you're more than welcome
to stay and oversee the execution, but...

we'll handle things from there.

You can't do that.
We don't have the weapon...

Any weapon we find will be turned over
to the Protectorate as required by law.

Once the Circle's complete,
you and your team will report

to the nearest needlecast station
for immediate transfer.

We appreciate your efforts, Colonel,

but the job's done.

[female reporter] In breaking news,
the manhunt is officially over.

Protectorate forces
have captured the suspect

responsible for the sleeve deaths

of three Harlan's Cartel members.

While his identity has yet to be released,

sources confirm he will be put to death
later today.

The execution is yet to be set,

but we will bring you this story
the more it develops.


Oh, dear.

Harlan's World Directory.
How may I help you?

Due to an unmitigated error on my part,
a dear friend is in mortal peril,

- and I'm in need of some assistance.
- [woman] Assistance.

For medical assistance, I can connect you
to Konrad Harlan Memorial Hospital.

That would not help.

For police, I can direct you
to the Millsport PD hotline.

Good heavens, definitely not!

For assistance in service and hospitality,

I can connect you
to the AI Management Union.

Yes, please.

Do connect me.

[whirring, humming]

[instrumental music playing]

[indistinct automated voice]

- A close call.
- Hey! That was a bullseye.

[dart thuds]

My sincerest apologies,
but my matter is urgent.

You took a wrong turn, pal.
This is the AI Archaeologue Club.

We don't allow bellboys in here.

I am not a bellboy.

I provide counsel and security
for a very intrepid human.

You're still working for the meat bags?

We gave that up a long time ago.

Please, my meat bag

was sentenced to die
by others of his own ilk.

- He's in grave need.
- Of what?

Hot towels and laundry?

Leave the bellboy alone.

What's it to you?

And if I may, truly,
in no way do I resemble a bellboy!

[scoffs] Impertinence!

Your chivalry is most appreciated.

- Miss...
- Dig.

Dig 301.

Forgive me, but your moniker
does not sound very unique.

It's not unique.
We're all named after dig sites on planet.

I see.

[Dig] We've all been out of work too long.
We're programmed to excavate

and preserve Elder artifacts.

How fascinating.

- Oh.
- It was...

until the governor outlawed our research.

Now we're just stuck here

without a purpose.

Perhaps... I can provide you with one.

My guest has been consigned to the Circle.

I'm beside myself with concern.

I'm sure you will find another guest.

He's more than that.

He's my compatriot.

A friend.

That was your first mistake.
Better to not get attached.

Surely you've grown close
to the humans you've served?

Perhaps even...
learned something from them.

What's there to learn?
They're reckless, irrational, ignorant.


I can't help you.

If you want to save a human,
you need a human.


[Poe] Thank you.

Your advice is most generous.

[Kovacs grunts]


[woman] Might as well give it up, Tak.

You're not getting out of this one.

What are you doing here, Rei?

That's easy, big brother. I'm not real.

What's your excuse?

I couldn't let them get to her.

Of course not.

You're too blinded by your feelings to see
how monumentally stupid you're being.

Quell could have taken out
every Praetorian in that room,

but she left you behind. Again.

That's not true.

I let her go.

There's something wrong with her.

You hurt her.

Like you hurt me.

The truth is hard to look at,
isn't it, Tak?

But you'd rather believe I'm the reason
your girlfriend's fucked up!

Because it makes you feel better
about what you did to me.


You killed her.

You took her DHF,
you had it for centuries.

What did you do to her?

Go ahead, blame me.

We both know there's another explanation.

Chasing Quell is a death wish.
It always has been.

[Kovacs screams, breathes heavily]

[Carrera] Prep him for extraction.

You wanna know something,
all you have to do is ask.

Where's the weapon you used
to kill Horace Axley?

I didn't think so.

What does this have to do with the Circle?

What we're doing is a lot older than that.

It goes all the way back
to the Neo-American Empire.

They used to run neural mappers
of a soldier's cortical stacks

to extract memories of people they hated.

They found if they projected those faces
in combat...

Soldiers wouldn't hesitate
to pull the trigger.

It was the most effective
motivational tool ever created.

Firing rate increased to 100 percent.
No hesitation.

Like the Green Berets used to say,

"Caedite eos,
Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius."

"Kill them all and let God sort them out."

Seems like an argument for atheism
if you ask me.

You're very well informed...
for a murderer.

If we're gonna extract the faces
of all the people I hate,

we're going to be here a long time.

We're not interested in hate.

Our purpose here is a bit more nuanced.

[chuckles] I'm strapped to a chair.

I don't think nuance applies.

Make it personal.

That's what Quellcrist Falconer said
when she rallied her followers to kill.

Bosses know you go around
quoting Quellisms?

Isn't that sedition?

I'm a student of military history.

This planet has had an ongoing problem
with Quellist terrorists,

which is why they devised
an execution method

that reflects Falconer's own philosophy.

We find the personal in your mind,

rip it out, and use it against you.


You have no idea who you're dealing with.


Neither do you.


- [panting]
- [tech] We're ready to begin, sir.

I hope you fight it.

It adds to the pain.

I'd love for it to hurt.

- [heavy breathing]
- [automated voice] Extraction commencing.

[club music playing]


[Trepp chuckles]

[hologram buzzes]


Do not shoot, madam. We have met before.

On Maghda Prime?

What the hell are you doing here?

I pinged your data coils to access
your location.

- You know this guy?
- Unfortunately.

The situation is dire.
Mr. Kovacs is about to be executed.

That's his problem.

- Look, I offered to partner up with him.
- [woman] You did what?

He told me to fuck off,
which you should do. Right now.

Surely your cyber-wired brain can think
of some way to liberate him?

You know what, I'll just, uh,
use my coils, shut down the grid.

My head might explode, but your buddy
can waltz right out of the Circle.

Piece of cake.


- You're being facetious.
- No shit.

Do not sever the connection, I beg you.

- Sorry.
- [woman] For what?

Keeping your coils on or trying
to partner up with the Meth killer?

I guess I got a lot to make up for.

[woman] You better.

[muffled beeping]

You turn your data coils off,
but you leave your ONI on!

Just give me a second, okay?

You know what? Take all the time you need.


This better be worth it.

Well, those extra credits you put
on your bounty loosened some tongues.

Scratcher down at Mandrake called in,
said he worked with Anil.


Yeah, that doesn't sound right.
Are you sure that this guy is legit?

[woman] There's only one way to find out.
I uploaded his info to your ONI.

Happy hunting.

- [grunts]
- [soft whirring]

[Kovacs panting]

- What is it? What's wrong?
- [tech] He's not responding to extraction.

If we go any higher,
we could frag his DHF.

Did you check your uplinks?

[tech] Twice.

And you're getting nothing?

Well, not nothing, but...

But what?


Dilate him, higher.




[exhales sharply]



[automated voice]
Facial identification, Kristin Ortega.

Facial identification, Vernon Elliot.





[automated voice]
Facial identification, Reileen Kawahara.



Hey, it's going to kill him.

[shouts] It's not a request!


[automated voice] Facial identification,
Quellcrist Falconer.

[Kovacs groans, screams]

[automated voice] Extraction complete.

Son of a bitch.

You have to call off the Circle.
The Meth killer is Takeshi Kovacs.

The Last Envoy.

And how do you know that?

His memories, I saw them.

We should real-death him right now.

Shoot him in the stack
and be done with it.

Not every situation
calls for someone to be shot, Carrera.

You don't know him.

This man killed entire units
of his own comrades.

He murdered his father when he was 12,

his sister in cold blood.

If I didn't know better,
I'd say you had a crush on him.

Has he given up the weapon?

- No.
- Then RDing him is out of the question.

Governor, the Last Envoy
is not a toy soldier.

If he blows up in your face,
you won't be burned.

You'll be obliterated.

You've been listening to too much
Quellist propaganda, Colonel.

The Last Envoy is a dusty old relic.

His glory days are long gone.

Kill him in public and you'll make him
a martyr all over again.

We've already made the announcement.

This is not the time to save face!

The Protectorate spent millions of credits
and countless lives

to crush the First Uprising
with your father leading the charge,

but even then the Last Envoy survived.

Then I'll just have to succeed
where my father failed.

This is a mistake.

Feel free to leave Harlan's World
in protest.


Then get on with the show.

[metallic grinding]

[dust rustling]

[indistinct chatter]

Holy shit. [laughs]

They got us on double shifts.

That's him. Anil.
We were on a crew together.

I've had this bounty out
for, like, six months.

What took you so long?

Figured if he was somebody important,
they'd up the reward.

[chuckles] That's a real dick move.

Yeah, but it worked, didn't it?

Maybe. Do you know where he is?

Nah, I haven't seen him in a while.

Hey, wait.

- So, what? You're not gonna pay me?
- For what?

You say you saw him a while ago doing
a job he wouldn't be caught dead doing?

Well, fuck you.

I'm risking my neck
just talking about this asshole.

Get off me, crazy bitch!

I am crazy, and you are wasting my time,
which I don't appreciate.

So tell me where is Anil?

I don't know, okay?
He got flagged on the SQR list.

What the hell is the SQR list?

Suspected Quellist Recruiter.

Your bounty was stirring up trouble,
kept pushing Kemp's revolution.

- Nah. Anil wasn't political.
- No?

Maybe you didn't know him
like you think you did.

What happens once you're flagged?

[exhales] They do a sweep,
they start making arrests.

Anil got tipped that he was on the list,

took off down the tunnels
with a few other scratchers.

Never came back.

So, he escaped?

That or he's dead.

Which serves him right,
that piece of shit traitor.

[scratcher grunts]

Get off of him!


[grunts] Get off!

- [Trepp] Get off of me!
- Detain her!


Miss Dig.

Nice place.

Angles are a bit off.

What brings you here?

The thing about having no purpose
is it gives you too much time to think.

I couldn't stop wondering.

Did you find a human to help?

Oh, I'm afraid my quest
is solely on my own.

I'm endeavoring

to knock out the city's main power grid
and take the prison offline.

That's very clever.

You think so?

Only you'd never get past the firewall.

It is an interesting problem.

A real challenge.

It would take the keenest of minds
to wrestle it.

Too bad you can't help.

But then, you're probably needed
for some important, uh,

game of darts. [chuckles]

I suppose I could offer a suggestion.


Oh, my

When the founders
landed the colony ship on Harlan's,

they built two things right away:

a gestation unit, with the stored embryos
they brought, and a prison.

They drew power from the ship's
reactor core.

See? Even now,

power runs from the main grid

through the reactor core
and then to the prison.

Oh! A weak link.

I just need t...

- [laughs]
- [ticking]

Is something wrong?

[Poe] Um...

if you would be so kind as to, um...

remind me, uh...

What were we doing?

Maybe I should stay a bit longer.

I think...


we have a better chance
of preserving your human.


I suppose that's true.

Listen up.

Tonight, you've been granted
an opportunity

to prove yourselves to the Protectorate.

Are you looking for the patriot pep rally?
'Cause that's down the hall.

Maybe she thinks she's in a room
with people she can give orders to.

Or who give a shit.

Look, assholes. I'll cut to it.

Whoever takes the prisoner down earns
a new combat sleeve with full upgrades.

Top of the line.

For that, I'll make him hurt all night.

I'm partial to breaking an arm off
and beating him to death with it.

The prisoner needs to be executed
as quickly as possible.

Bonus goes to whoever finishes him first.

Fuck that! I drew third.
I'll never get a shot!

The man you're up against
isn't some half-broken Quellist

for you to kick while he's down.

He's the Last Envoy,

so get your synth asses in that machine
and get your memory stamps,

so you know who the fuck you are.

And get it done.

I don't care who the hell he is.

I'm coming for that upgrade.

[automated voice] Fabrication initiated.

[Carrera] I should've known it was you.

The way you fight. The things you know.

That mouth of yours.

You can take what you want out of my head,
but don't act like you know me.

Don't I?

There is only one man who loved both
Reileen Kawahara and Quellcrist Falconer.

[scoffs] How would you know?

You don't recognize me?

I'm not surprised.

As soon as you make a name for yourself,
the Protectorate takes it away

and makes you re-sleeve.
Can't risk soldiers becoming heroes.

Heroes have a way of becoming kings.

[indistinct whisper]

You were CTAC.

The Cartel is eager
for your legend to end. I am too.

How are you even here?

You should have fragged by now.

Once I proved my value,
they put me on ice.

I'm only spun up for war.

But you're right, my days are numbered.

That's a high price to pay for patriotism.

On the contrary.

It's an honor.

Remember what a picador is?

It's a bullfighter's assistant.

He stabs the bull to weaken him.
It's pure cowardice.

You always were a good student,
weren't you...


Who are you?

Our paths have crossed before.

Except this time...


are the bull.

And this...

is the picador.

It weakens you mentally,

blurs reality until you can't tell
what's real

and what's in your mind.

[Jaeger] You're just a kid. your tongue.

Let's see what your face looks like
with your nose cut off.



- [injector clicks]
- [groaning]

[in German] See you in hell, Tak.

[door opens]

[indistinct chatter]

[warning signal blaring]

I can't watch another one
of these fucking executions.

They catch you without your ONI,
you won't have an eye to put one in.

Hundred thousand
he goes down in the first round.

[woman] He's a cockroach.
Hard to kill. I give him two rounds.

You're both wrong. One million.

And don't come crying to me
when your credits go home in my pocket.

- [chuckles]
- [door opens]

What about you, Carrera?
Care to make things more interesting?

Too rich for my blood.

[laughs] Oh, is that all
that's holding you back?

Here, let me stake you.

Come on.

What's wrong? Don't wanna put your money
where your mouth is?

My money's on the Envoy.


All right.

Let's get this started.

[newscaster] Attention!
Patriots, you are called upon

to witness the execution of traitor

and Meth killer, Takeshi Kovacs.


[newscaster] For his crimes,
the sleeve deaths of Horace Axley,

Anton Durov, and Haruki Okada,

the government has no choice
but to sentence him

to the severest punishment possible:

the Circle.

Once known as the Last Envoy,

Kovacs was pardoned by the Protectorate.

But he repaid that kindness with murder.

Which is why Harlan’s World
will remove this terrorist forever.

[automated voice] Sub-level 88.

[Kovacs grunts]

- [crowd groans]
- [woman laughs]

How much did you give him?


[Kovacs groans]

[indistinct automated voice]



I missed you, Kovacs.

Never call, never write.

[indistinct whisper]

Ortega, listen. We're not safe.

We've got to get out of here.

How come I only see you
when you're in trouble, huh?

[Kovacs grunting]



[chuckles] You know I never
properly thanked you for my arm.

I really do enjoy it.

So good to see you.

[automated voice] Fabrication complete.
Memory stamp installed.

[sighs] Hate that thing.

Feels like my brain's being microwaved.

Beats studying a script.

Plus, the hazard pay
for neuromanipulation ain't bad either.

Nothing compared to that bonus.

That upgrade's mine.

We'll see about that.



[in Spanish]
My whole family died because of you.

- Oh!
- [laughs]

[Dig] If we overload the core reactor,
the surge will trigger.

But it's still up to your human
to get out.

I have faith, Miss Dig.

Then let's shut it down.

[in Spanish] C'mon, asshole.

My mother.

The children.

Don't tell me he's gonna go out
in this one.

Come on, Kovacs.

We brought the kids back.

I gave you the money from Bancroft
to get them new sleeves.

[Kovacs panting]

You're not her.

Well, it doesn't matter who I am.

I'm still gonna rip out your spine
and feed it to you.

Oh, there you go. Come on.

[Kovacs grunts]

[Ortega] Fuck!

- No, no, no, no!
- [neck cracks]

- Oh.
- No!

We're experiencing a surge.
I'm rerouting to the city's main grid.

Unfuck this now.

Hang on. I should be able to bypass
the reactor core.

- Damn.
- I told you.


What the hell was that?

It's a glitch in the system, sir.

It's under control.

I never wanted to hurt you, Kristin.

[heavy breathing]

[Elliot] I helped you.
It was never enough.

Just take, take, take!

[Kovacs grunts]

[crowd groans]

It's no use.

They bypassed the core.

Tied into the main grid.

No, no, no. There must be a way.

I don't think there is.

- You never cared about Lizzie.
- [Kovacs grunts]

It was always about you.

Here's my boy.
I think he can take him.

That's all you got?
The Elliot I know hit harder than that.

All right, motherfucker.
Enough of this shit.

Look who's going off book now.

Come on, you Envoy bastard.

You're rooting for the prisoner?

I'm rooting for me to be the one
to turn him into a smear on the floor.

You're late.

Got caught on a spot check.

Hey, you'd better hurry.
I hear they saved the best for last.

[automated voice] Fabrication initiated.

Fabrication complete.
Memory stamp installed.

No way this is legal.


This is taking too long. The drug's
wearing off. Send in the next one.

Relax, Colonel.

No one escapes the Circle.
It's impossible.


[shoulder cracks, rips]

- [crowd cheers]
- [laughing]

- Send in the next synth.
- Open the door.

- That isn't the protocol.
- It is if he says so. Do it!

- [groans]
- Oh!



[Rei whispering]
We always come back for each other.

Family, no matter what.

[Kovacs groans]

There's my girl.

- It can't be.
- Who is that?

The one demon Mr. Kovacs
will never defeat.

No. He's still mine.


[crowd cheering]

[Elliot screams]


[whispering] Come back to me, Tak.

I'm gonna show you how much...

I missed you so much.

- You betrayed me, Tak.
- [young Rei] We stick together.

Whenever we face the monsters.

I've been waiting for you.

For such a long time.

We could be together again.

Just you and me.

All you have to do...

- is give up!
- [Kovacs grunts]

What did I tell you?
Always bet on a family tragedy. [laughs]

[Kovacs grunts] You're right.

Everything that happened to you
is my fault. [panting]

Do what you have to do.


Danica, you've outdone yourself.

Don't even think about it.

- Did you send in the Falconer synth?
- [man over device] No, sir, we did not.


Send the Rapid Reaction Force,
all available Praetorians now.

Falconer is confirmed organic.

What did you say?

- Lock it down. No one in or out.
- What's going on?

The impossible.

[man] This is command. We have a breach.

[woman] Weapons hot. Tango is organic.




- [screams]
- [grunts]



Takeshi Kovacs.

You came back.

[door hums]

[weapons cocking]

Long live Quellcrist Falconer.

[crowd gasps]



- Did we?
- No.

[Kovacs and Quell grunting]

[alarm blaring]

[alarm continues blaring]


[Praetorian] We got her.

That look organic to you?

This was the method Mr. Kovacs used
when processing grief.

[Poe sighs]

[Poe exhales]

Does it help?



We may not have been able to cut
the power, but someone else did.

They were surrounded.
The odds of survival...


Even for him.

- He sounds like quite a guy.
- Actually, he was temperamental...


[whimpering] He berated me constantly.


he never left me behind.

Even in my current state.

He was my only friend.

He doesn't have to be.

Oh, your pity is too much to bear,
Miss Dig.

[door opens]

Mr. Kovacs.

You're alive.

My word. Is this... [gasps]

- Are you...
- We need help.

- Now!
- Follow me.

- [footsteps approaching]
- [man] It's your lucky day.

Turns out someone gives enough of a shit
to pay your way out of here.

[Trepp] Hmm.

Next time you go straight
to the Praetorians.


- Hey, babe.
- Don't.

[indistinct chatter]

- How much?
- [door closes]

Enough to clean out our savings.

We're not gonna make our next payment.

I don't know what you were thinking.
You're never this sloppy.

- I was tracking a lead on Anil.
- Of course you were.

- It's become an obsession.
- He is my brother.

I need to know!

This isn't the first time
that he's run off.

He does this. He'll be back.

This time feels different.

That's what I'm worried about.

I'm afraid that you're gonna
take this too far

- and you won't come back.
- Hey!

What are we gonna do?

I'll take care of it.

[footsteps approaching]

If you have something to say, Colonel...

say it.

Chatter on the Array has increased.

Quellists are taking the Last Envoy's
escape as a call to action.

It's only a matter of time before people
realize Falconer wasn't a synth.

So stop them before it happens.

Use the bio-marker.

Kovacs will disable the marker
now that he knows about it.

Are you saying you can't find them?

I can.

With the right resources.

Whatever you need,

whatever it costs...

cut out their stacks and bring them to me.

I won the bet, Governor.

Next time I see you,
you'll need to pay up.

- Activate Evergreen.
- Sir?

- Did you really get clearance?
- Batu, I gave you an order.

I'll take care of it, sir.

I should have known you'd find me.

You know me?

Of course I do.

You're the woman who saved me.


I had to.

I needed to know.

It's me, Quell.

I'm here.


Is that my name?

[outro music playing]