Altered Carbon (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - I Wake Up Screaming - full transcript

Carrera sends his secret weapon on a deadly mission. Kovacs and Trepp smuggle Quell out of the city. Poe takes a risky trip into virtual reality.


You don't think
maybe you should have told me

what your psycho girlfriend was up to
before you asked to partner up?

You didn't need to know. I need 'trodes.

You've returned.
Thank heavens you're not off-world.

Off-world? We had a deal.

You lying piece of shit. You were never
gonna help me find my brother.

You were just buying time,
so you and she could get off planet.

- Sir, if I may?
- You've said enough.

I found these.

Upload me to the Renouncer's construct.
There's only one Founder left.

Konrad Harlan,
he's gonna tell me what they did to Quell.

- On the subject of Miss Falco...
- I said not to fuck with me, Kovacs.

I warned you.
Your reward just got higher.

I don't remember the Protectorate
being too forgiving of people

who partner with terrorists,
even if they change their minds.

Now, she's gonna go after him in VR.
When she does, I need you to track her.

That will not be necessary.

As I was trying to say,
we already know where Miss Falconer is.

She is here.


Here, as in this hotel?

You'll find her upstairs.

Perhaps you might wanna give the lady
time to freshen up.

She was in quite a state when she arrived.


Quell, it's me.

It happened again.

I know.

I've had enough
of this VR recuperation suite,

I'm ready to get back out.

That mission
ended almost 300 years ago.

Your squad, they're all gone.

What are you talking about?

The Protectorate backs up stacks

of any soldier they deem valuable enough
to preserve.

Keeps copies on ice.

You were one of them.

You left me on ice
for three goddamn centuries?

I had to wait for the right time,

for a situation extreme enough
to warrant spinning you up.

A lot's changed.

Including me.

They gave me a new sleeve
and a new name to go with it,

Ivan Carrera.

And this is Takeshi Kovacs now.

The most wanted man on Harlan's.

You double sleeved me.

- I had to break a few rules.
- I get caught, they'll real death us both.

Not if you do your job right.

You want me to hunt myself down?

Why? What happened to me?

She did.

Quellcrist Falconer.

You crossed paths outside Stronghold.

She got to you, infected you.

You went AWOL...

joined her rebellion.


Why would I do that?

I've lived with that question
from the moment you turned your back

on everything you believed in.

You were under my command.

It was my responsibility to guide you.
I failed.

It won't happen again.

Eliminate Falconer and Kovacs now.

And take back your life.

Reclaim your place in this world.

A second chance.

The Kovacs you became
destroyed everything.

Everyone you held dear.


Your sister.


What did he do?

What did he do to Rei?

He killed her.

Walked away with a pardon
and a shit-ton of credits.

I'm sorry, son.

When do I decant?


My team is arranging your transfer
as we speak.

What do you think? Like the improvements
we made to the sleeve?

- I do.
- Meet your team.

The Wedge. They're going to take
their orders from you.

The needlecast explosion left us dark,

- there are no reinforcements.
- And Kovacs and Falconer?

The top Yakuza boss on Harlan's
was real deathed last night.

We believe he was trying to help them
jump planet. I say we start there.

- What do we know about the weapon?
- Nothing.

Except we want it.

I have to go see the Governor.

I'll circle back when I can.

Coming back from that long on ice
has gotta be tough.

If you need me to take lead...

I've been running ops since before
your grandfather's balls dropped.

I'll let you know if I need someone
to handle the paperwork.

Arm up, we're moving out.

If Mr. Kovacs lied,
it was to benefit Miss Falconer.

- We don't know what's wrong with her.
- I do. She's nuts.

Her DHF is totally screwed.

Her erratic behavior is most likely caused
by personality fragmentation.

Her consciousness may have split.

I've seen that in Archaeologues
who re-sleeved too many times.

Trauma is also a cause.

It's possible she can be fixed.

Doubt it.

There's no cure for p-frag.

Once the mind cracks like that,
it goes from bad to worse.

Much like our options here.

Poe, your condition
is not the same as hers.

But it's deteriorating.

I must be of service, while I still can.

How do you propose to do that?

By doing what Mr. Kovacs suggested.

Ah! We cannot administer treatment

unless we identify
the cause of her distress.

I must infiltrate
the Renouncers' construct

and question Konrad Harlan.

He may hold the key to what ails her.

That's too risky.

Miss Falconer and I are kindred.

To give up on her would be akin
to giving up on myself.

Something you just recently convinced me
was premature.

Yes, but you don't know the toll
it will take on your system.

Do you expect me to stand by
and do nothing?

Is that what you did
with the Archaeologues?

You can't save humans from themselves.

That's why you don't get close to them.

They're always killing each other.
It's how it is.

I'm not going to save all of them.
I'm merely endeavoring to save one!

And what do I tell Kovacs?

Oh, he's no longer my employer.
I don't require his permission.

All I need is for you...

to wish me luck.



There must be another way
to cast off.

There isn't. All private bays
go through the main hub.

Why would I destroy
our only way off the planet?

Maybe part of you wants to stay.
There's one Founder left.

It's Konrad Harlan.

The Founders are no one to me.

They must have done something
to make you act like this.

What? What did they do?

I need answers, just like you.

I can't keep waking up
with blood on my hands.

Quell, I'm not blaming you.

Tanaseda was your friend.

He was helping us, and I killed him.

- How can you not blame me for that?
- Because he told me not to.

I don't know how,
but he knew what was gonna happen.

The last thing he said was, "Forgive her."
And I'm sure as hell trying.

Well, if you figure out how,

let me know.

Where's his stack?

Killer's pocket, I imagine.

The killer uploaded it and opened a VR.

How do you know that?

It's what I would do.

This is my great grandfather's property.
You have no right to be here.

We're the Protectorate.
We have every right to be here.

- We're gonna find whoever did this.
- It's obvious who did this.

Takeshi fucking Kovacs, you moron.

I warned Tanaseda not to trust him.

So this is your fault?

The fuck did you just say?

You knew Kovacs would do this
and you did nothing?

Maybe if your sosofu respected you

more than a 300-year-old re-run
in a stolen sleeve, you could've...

Shut your mouth,
you skin-dipped dog fucker,

- or I'll...
- Do nothing, like you did before.

Tell us how to find him
and we'll do what you can't.

I don't know where that fossil Envoy is,

but when I find him,

you'll be the first to know.

He was lying.

You let him go.

Who says I'm letting him go?

That's her.

Which means Takeshi Kovacs...

Is not the Meth-killer.

She is.

I want that footage locked down.

I encrypted it on your server,

but that doesn't change the facts.

The leader of The Uprising is alive.

She just cut off all interstellar travel,

trapped an entire planet.

That's not something you can hide,

or bury,

or strap to a rocket,
hoping it will disappear.

And when this gets out, you'll have more
than your Cartel to deal with.

What do you know about my Cartel?

I know they live in fear
of Falconer's revolution.

I know when it ignites,

they will lose any vestige of faith
they have left in your leadership.

I know the Colony Charter
allows for a vote of no confidence.

So how is it, Governor,

to feel the ground shifting
under your feet?

Whiskey, ice.

Where's Poe?

Poor bastard
went to find Konrad Harlan for you.

- I didn't tell him to do that.
- But he did.

That kind of loyalty is hard to come by.

So why won't he reboot?

Turn that up.

People of Harlan's World,

the Protectorate wants us
to cower in fear,

but we will not fear them.

We've intercepted this footage.

Quellcrist Falconer lives.

The ceasefire is over.
Falconer herself struck the first blow.

Fuck me sideways.

To our enemies, I say surrender or die.

It is time we finish what she started.

Kemp just lit a match to a powder keg.

Good luck when it blows.

I'm done.

That's an invitation.

We're not safe in Harlan's territory,
but if we can get her to the Quellists...

You wanna go to Kemp?

It's the best way to protect her.
Hide behind enemy lines.

They've held off the Protectorate
for decades.

You can't. It's impossible.

There are checkpoints everywhere!

I know a way.

Then I'm coming with you.

My brother was working with those zealots.

If you won't help me find him,
then you can take me to someone who can.

You'll never make it out.

Praetorians are swarming the city.

She's right. It's too dangerous.

I'm going alone.

Target acquired.

Eighty meters ahead.

Copy. Moving out.

- I could turn on you.
- You won't.

She might, actually.

I can find Kemp myself.
It's safer for all of you if I leave.

Absolutely not.

This is like the Archaeologues
all over again.

I can't control it.
There's no reason it couldn't be you.

You should listen to her.


Save Kovacs for me.

We're here for Takeshi Kovacs!

This is his hotel.

I don't know the name, mister.

We're under new management.

What the fuck...

- Left.
- Clear.

Where's Takeshi Kovacs?

I don't know.

Popular guy.

You don't look like the type
to drink on the job.

What do you know?

My favorite.

They're gonna be on our tail.
We need to get word to Kemp.

I've hunted enough Quellist bounties.
I know how they communicate.

- I can get a message to him.
- Tell him we're coming.

We'll set the meet point
once we've cleared the city.

- I don't wanna walk into an ambush.
- Got it.

We still need to get past
the checkpoints.

We can use the tunnels.
I know an access point that's abandoned.

If we wanna go underground,
we'll need supplies.

Ex-con who installed my coils owns
an augment shop not far from here.

Old bastard always has the best gear.

And this old bastard won't mind
if we help ourselves?

No. He owes me one.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

We've never had an AI renounce before.

Jack Soul Brasil himself
wants to conduct your interview.

Mr. Soul Brasil himself,

the man who created this very construct?

He only meets
with the most important converts.

Who does?

I know, it's hard to believe,
meeting the prophet right out of the gate.

How thrilling.

Should I...

He's waiting in the garden
on the other side.


Only those free from flesh
and pure in spirit

may find their way through
the maze unscathed.

Would you happen to have a map?

Good stuff's over here.

We're gonna need a beacon to signal Kemp.

That's my contact right now.
They must have word from him.

I bet he's excited to meet his hero.

He shouldn't get his hopes up.

You should tell him that.

They're ready to send an escort.
The beacons are on the bottom.

Take your hands off my shit.

Overcharged blaster on wide beam.

It'll take your heads off at the stack.

So keep your thieving hands
where I can see 'em.

Put the gun down, Dad.


Like I said, I don't know the person
you're looking for.

Your kind has come a long way.

And you've evolved so much
that you've forgotten.

We never made you to be free.

Command override.

The fruit of the tree belongs to the tree.

Root access enabled.

Good. Now we can talk.

Where's Takeshi Kovacs?

Takeshi Kovacs is the owner
of The Nevermore AI Hotel,

formerly known as the Happy Face.

Tell me where he went.

Information not available.

Is Falconer with him?

Information not available.

You're protecting him. Why?

They killed the Archaeologues.

I did nothing.

I won't do nothing again.

How noble.

Command override.

To the mind that is still,
the universe surrenders.

Where is Kovacs?

Information not available.

She erased the files.
They covered their tracks.

We're losing time.

Access your memory store,
read me your last command input.

Dump memory to external data coil.

Serial number...


Track the serial number.

Who installed the coil?

Lukas Imani,

- owner of Imani's Augmented Repairs.
- Stop.

I don't know about you,

but I'm ready to go shopping.

No word from you for a year,
and I find you robbing me?

This from a criminal
who spent half my childhood on ice?

My eyesight may be weak,

but I'm not so blind
I can't see who you're with.

- Myka and TJ know about this?
- Don't talk about my family.

First, Anil gets caught up
in this Quellist crap, now you.

I must have screwed you up
worse than I thought.

You knew Anil was a Quellist?

He came by a few months ago,

looking for mining gear,
said Kemp gave him some mission.

He didn't tell you?


Well, you were more of a parent to him
than I was.

He probably couldn't face the judgment.

Good talk.

- Let's not do this again.
- Trepp.

Don't make the same mistakes I made,
running off, chasing trouble.

I don't give up on my family.

I'll bring back the gear.

Mr. Poe, welcome.

Jack Soul Brasil, I have been waiting
a long time for an AI devotee.

I would have arrived sooner if the route
didn't have so many dead ends.

Oh, wise words.

You've always been light years
ahead of us organics

when it comes to seeing the truth.

It took me much longer.

I'm afraid, I was on the verge
of becoming a Meth.

Enough credits for endless lifetimes.
But then I...

saw it, finally, and gave it all up.

- It must've been quite a vision.
- Hmm. I'm sure you see it too.

Reality is just an agreed upon illusion.

If you can see it, smell it,

who's to say what's real?

It is a very good construct.

Well, everything's a construct.

Out there, in here,
we're just aware of it.

Violence, war, suffering,

they have no place in the garden
that I have programmed.

And that is why so many have come,
seeking refuge.

Is that when Mr. Harlan renounced?

Are you acquainted with Mr. Harlan?

Oh, he's rather a hero of mine.

Founder of his own world.

Much like you.

Is it true that he's here?

You'll meet him one day.

But first, let's get you acquainted
with the rules of our new world.

I don't think you understand
the boundless happiness

that can be created
simply from your own mind.

If it is lost, it can be restored.

Hello, Eddie.

Miss Elizabeth.



You were thinking of what was lost.

There it is.

She is a recording I stored,
a message merely repeating.

Maybe it's time to say something new.
It was so good of you to come.

And I missed having my best friend
beside me.

Why don't I show you around?

By all means.

Lead the way!

This way.

It's corroded. Give me a sec.

I heard what you said...

about your brother being a Quellist.

Whatever role I played
in what happened to him, I'm sorry.

Yeah, well, he never told me.

I've been watching you.

You're not anyone's follower.

Don't take anyone's side but my own.

Not the Protectorate.

Not the Quellists.

- And certainly not your boy over there.
- Good.

Because I need you to do something.

If I start to lose myself again...

You want me to shoot you?

That ammo's lethal.

If the hit doesn't kill you,
the poison will.

He won't do it.

He can't.

I need someone who can.

Let's go!

Uh, we're closed.

Now you are.

We're looking for the owner
of a data coil.

Serial number was registered to this shop.

My memory's not what it used to be.

We can help with that.

Hold him.

Who'd they put those coils in? Huh?

Who were they here with?

- Have you seen the Last Envoy?
- Okay.


They were here.

Yeah. I knew it'd come back to you.

What'd they say?

They said,

"You should go fuck yourself."

You want me to spin you down, old man?

I've spent a lot of years on ice.

Every time I spin back up,
it's a new world.

Everyone's got new faces, or they're gone
like they were never here at all.

The rest are older, angrier.

Might be a relief to go back.

I was never much of a man.

Not much of a father either.

But there's time to make up for it.

And the Lord knows I can take punishment.

I'm not telling you shit.

Cool emblem.

What the hell are you doing?

I know where they went.

They came here for supplies,
they're taking the mining tunnels.

There's hundreds of entrances
to those tunnels.

But he only grew up playing near one.
We go now, we can catch up with him.

This asshole was just wasting our time.

- Who made this tunnel system?
- Does it look familiar?

Should it?

Looks like an abandoned mining operation.

We stripped these walls,
but we didn't build 'em.

These tunnels were dug by the Elders.
You built the first stacks

after discovering Elder artifacts
in a place just like this.

I hear screaming.

It's not real. Stay with me.

It's okay. It's okay.

Okay. You're okay.

Close your eyes. Breathe.

- Picture somewhere safe.
- Nowhere is safe. Nowhere.

There's a lake, surrounded by mountains,
endless sky.

When you're there, you're free.

She should rest.

It's okay.

We should keep going.

Thanks for that.

TJ still has panic attacks.

They worked this time, but, Kovacs,

if she's got p-frag,
she won't be stable for long.

She's got a war
going on inside of her head.

What if the wrong side wins?

There's more to renouncing
than letting go of a body.

This is where everyone's journey starts.

Practicing horticulture?

Jack Soul Brasil found that tending
the garden allows newcomers

to focus on the new life
they're creating here in virtual,

letting go of old sorrows.


Beautiful, isn't it?

My apologies.

I'm still having trouble processing.

My mind isn't what it was.

I was broken once,

until I met you.

What are you doing?

What you did for me.

- Ah.
- You created a world where I felt whole.

The least I can do is return the favor.

This feels too good to be true.

Perhaps, I am just going mad.

What's better? To be sane or to be happy?


Who are they?

Some of our veterans.
They practice an elite form of meditation.

I nearly forgot.

- I arrived here on a mission.
- Are you leaving?

Perhaps you could join me?
We could follow them together.

We're not allowed
in the private meditation temples.

Hmm, not dressed like this.

Then again... this world is as we make it.

Not entirely.

There are rules.

Miss Elizabeth,
there is someone else that is broken,

and she is in desperate need.

And I believe Konrad Harlan
holds the knowledge to unlock the cure.

- Then we must find him.
- Yeah.

They detonated charges
so no one could follow.

So much for golden boy's bright idea.

- Do you trust me, Rei?
- I trust you, Tak. Every...

There's an entrance two prefects over.

We'd still be ten steps behind.
We need to get out ahead.

Those tunnels run for miles.
He could surface anywhere.

It's not about him, it's about her.

He wants to protect her.

He'll take her to a place she feels safe.

We cut them off here.

Okay, Magellan, which way?

This way.

Maybe it's time we get above ground.
We're outside of the city.

- Not far enough.
- There's nothing but wilderness out there.

What does it matter
where we signal Kemp from?

Because he already has a destination
in mind.


I already know the terrain,
every entrance, every exit.

We can camp there while we wait for Kemp.

This isn't about Kemp, this is about me.

I read the history. That's where we met.

You think taking me there
will make me remember.

You always got your own agenda.

She remembered the bridge.

Maybe a familiar place
would trigger something more.

That isn't a plan. It's a pipe dream.

I'm trying to help you.

What if you can't?

How do we fix this?
Falconer's back from the dead.

Markov was driven from his tower,
someone set fire to Yamura's estate.

I want my own protection detail.
What about the Wedge?

My soldiers
are not your personal bodyguards.

The Wedge is tracking Falconer.

Colonel, the safety of this Cartel
is this planet's top priority.

The Protectorate's resources
must be deployed for the good of us.

People are agitating in the streets.

It's not the time
to fight among ourselves.

We must come together.

Our security depends on it.

That is why I'm invoking Provision 532
of the Colony Charter.

You want to declare martial law?

You don't have to do that.
I have the situation in hand.

Your words are not good enough.

The Uprising has been reignited.

The situation is precarious.

We need to take action now.

Ratify my decision
and I direct all military on Harlan's,

including Protectorate forces.

I second the invocation.

If you do this,
there will be no check on her power.

I move that Provision 532
be enacted, effective immediately.

Good. We're in agreement.

Colonel Carrera.

Yes, Governor.

I'm placing all members present
under house arrest for their own safety.

All activities of this body
are suspended until further notice.

- On your feet.
- Don't touch me!

- You don't have the authority.
- You gave it to her, you imbecile.

You think I didn't know you were plotting
against me with Dugan?

Enjoy your protective detail.

You did this.

You released the footage of Falconer.
You wanted people to panic.

You brought up the Charter.

I just saw an opportunity
to solve one problem with the other.

When you find the Last Envoy,
real death him on site.

But bring Falconer's stack to me.

We'll deal with this weapon together.

Not quite a meditation temple,
is it? More of a hut.

This is a bad idea.
We should go back.

Where's your spirit of adventure?

Look, that must be him.

Poe, this is private.
We can't disturb him.

- Mr. Harlan?
- Be careful. You'll set off an alarm.

Why would there be an alarm?

Too late. We better be quick.

Please, Eddie, you're going too far.

Mr, Harlan,
I apologize for the interruption,

- but I'm in urgent need to speak with you.
- That's enough.

Miss Elizabeth.

I must insist!

What in heaven's name?

He is a fraud.

Just like everything else
in this construct.

- You don't know what you're saying.
- I must be going.

Poe, wait. You can stay here.

Don't you miss feeling useful and whole?

- Yes.
- And human?

Like you do when you're with me?


You are not Miss Elizabeth.

I can be, if you let me.

Think of all the pain and misery
you left behind.

The endless deterioration.

Do you really wanna go back to that?

The Miss Elizabeth I knew...

would not run away from pain.

She'd run towards it.

Hey, slow down.

Why? You afraid you'll lose sight of me?

That I'll kill someone else you love?

You wanna fix me, Tak?

Turn me into this woman
you're obsessed with?

You want her.

You're damn right.

The Quell I know
would never put us in this situation.

She would never sabotage our only chance.

- She's gone!
- You don't know that.

You're so blinded by your delusion
of who I was,

you can't see who's here now.

I'm the woman who killed your friend!

I don't know why,
but I remember how it felt.



He deserved to die.

They all did!

There it is.

You finally see me.

There's something in me.

I can't stop it.


I wasn't dreaming. It's real.

Let me out!


You either shoot me or help me.

There's another way out.

It may lead to the surface.


We were underneath it.

Over here.

She fainted.

I don't know if it's p-frag.

- Hey!
- She give you this?

We understand each other now?

Stay here and keep an eye on her.
I'll get a signal to Kemp.

Leaving so soon?

Oh, surely not, you just got here.

Yes, and as I'm sure your spy
will tell you,

I have discovered your ruse.

He went into Konrad's chamber
and made quite a mess of things.

Konrad Harlan isn't in this construct.

And you, sir, are perpetuating a lie.

Oh, I knew you were gonna be trouble.

Out of the blue, an AI decides to profess.

- What have you done with Mr. Harlan?
- We've done him no harm.

We're just paid to keep the lie going.

How very material of you.

I have to keep the servers
running somehow.

It's no use trying to escape.
We have full control over the construct.

Not even an AI can break it.

Very well.

I will stay if I must.


you should know something.

I suffer from a terminal affliction.

A glitch in my system.
It stems from my very core.

I may not be able to control
the construct, but...

I can destroy it.



Look at that.

Ah! Yes.

Oh, my.

Miss Dig?

No, no, no.

Miss Dig, what happened?
Who did this?

Poe, we have to warn Kovacs!

Warn him? Warn him of what?

Move slow.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.

Use terrain to your advantage.

Seek higher ground.
Incoming threats visible.

Multiple escape routes.

CTAC Wilderness Combat Course, week six.

Do I know you?

Are you so far gone
you don't recognize yourself?

Where'd you get that sleeve?

I know I was a good-looking guy,
but cloning me...

that's a waste of money.

Maybe because this sleeve
is the last time you were worth a damn.

Jaeger spin you up?

Double sleeving is illegal.

It's not double sleeving
if one of us dies.

Careful. What you know, I know.

CTAC training only goes so far.

I've had better.

You don't know my limits.

Say hello to our sister.