Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 9 - Clean Hands - full transcript

Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) puts Michelle (Floriana Lima) in grave danger by telling her the truth about Black Dagger, while Sam (Kenneth Choi) and Faber (Paul Ben-Victor) try to track Alex when he goes off the grid. Victor (Morgan Spector) takes drastic measures to keep Natalie (Margarita Levieva) safe from harm, and Christoph (Giancarlo Esposito) arrives in New York undetected, to carry out a test run of Black Dagger. Meanwhile, Mark (Scott Cohen) witnesses the toll his choices have taken on his children's lives.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Katya) Previously on Allegiance...

(Alex) Somehow we need
to alert the task force

that the operative in
charge of Black Dagger

is on his way here.

And tell them what, that you snuck away

from a covert CIA operation to follow

a suspected terrorist on your own

and all you have is a
blurry photo to show for it?

What am I supposed to
look for to spot someone

who might be working for the other side?

So it's the boy genius
you took under your wing.

(Faber) You should keep an eye on him.

So what's your secret, Alex?

- Are we dating?
- Yes, we're dating.

You have a girlfriend. That's awesome.

Can we not tell Mom about this?

You and Alex? Sex?

I did not see that coming.


I am sorry for your loss.

(Michelle) You've seen the operative
who's running Black Dagger in person,

and rather than tell me or Sam or anyone,

you pursue it on your own.

There's a mole, I think, in the task force.

Back, back!

- Show me the picture.
- I need an hour.





[atmospheric music]

♪ ♪

[intercom buzzes]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[intercom buzzes]

[intercom buzzing]

[phone ringing]

911, where's your emergency?

(distorted voice) It's my
neighbor, Michelle Prado.

She's having a terrible fight
with her boyfriend next door.

- It... it's a terrible fight.
- Sir, I'm gonna need you to slow down.

- Now, what's the address?
- 471 Edgewater Street.

- She's in apartment 3A... hurry!
- Okay.

And your neighbor's boyfriend...
can you describe him?

(man) Late 20s, blonde.

I think his name is Alex O'Connor.

Alex O'Connor, okay.

Want you to stay by the phone, all right?

Gonna send a squad car out.

[doorbell chimes]

[indistinct radio chatter]

- This feels hopeless.
- It isn't. It just takes time.

There's so much footage.

Even if we do get a clear shot of him,

matching that to this,
that's nearly impossible.

[doorbell chimes]

(woman on radio) 91
Charlie 17, 10-34 domestic.

Resident Michelle Prado

at 471 Edgewater Street, unit 3-Adam.

Suspect is 25 to 30,
white male, blonde hair,

first name Alex, last name O'Connor.

Call him.

[cell phone ringing]

(Katya) Alex, what's going on?


The police were just dispatched
to your partner's apartment for a

domestic disturbance with you.

What are you talking about?

Were you guys just having
a loud fight or something?

No, she just buzzed me in.

[knock at door]

- Michelle?
- Is she there?

I just tried her door, and it was open.

I'm gonna make sure she's okay.

(Katya) No, Alex, this doesn't feel right.

You could be in danger.

(Alex) She could be in danger. Michelle?



Is everything okay?

- Alex.
- Let's call Natalie.

She could be there in ten minutes, less.

(Alex) Michelle?


I don't see her.

(Katya) Alex, somebody called 911.

- Somebody is trying to...
- No, it's okay. She's just...

she's just in the bathroom.


She's just taking a shower, I think.

- Michelle.
- (Katya) Then how did she buzz you in?

Michelle. Mich...

She's... she's not here.

The shower's running, but she...

I think...

I think there's blood.

(Katya) Don't touch it.

I just did.

Alex, get out of the apartment right now.

We got to go there, now. Come on.



Michelle. Mi... Ma...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. She's behind the couch.

Michelle? Michelle.


Mom, she's... she's been shot.

- (Alex) She's not moving.
- Where?

Where was she shot?

In the chest, I think.

Do you see any blood
coming out of the wound?

Is there any blood coming out?

I can't tell. It's soaked.

- Michelle?
- Is there any blood oozing out?

Do you see any blood movement?

I don't see any. I have to call 911.

No, no, Alex, you have to stabilize her

if she's alive.

(Katya) Put your face down
to her nose and her mouth.

Do you detect any breath?

She's not breathing at all.

[crying] I have to call 911.

No, Alex, don't call 911.

Do you understand?

Why? Why not?

- You're being framed.
- Come on, let's go.


I don't care. I have to get her help.

(Katya) No, Alex, she's dead.

She's already dead.

Her chest wound isn't pumping blood.

She's not breathing. Her skin is cold.

She's gone, and there's nothing
that you can do to save her,

but you can save yourself.

You are being framed for her murder.

That is what is going on,
and you have to listen to me

very carefully about what happens next.

(Alex) Okay.

[melancholy music]

♪ ♪


Ms. Prado.


Michelle Prado?


Got a call about a fight.

Does it look like there was a fight here?

I was watching a movie.

Boyfriend isn't here?

I'm gay, so no.

(man) 96th Precinct.

Yeah, hey, my neighbor's blasting

some friggin' war movie or something,

and I've asked her nicely,
like, a million times

to turn it down.

Some of us got to work
tomorrow morning, you know?

(man) Name of your neighbor, ma'am.

Well, with a domestic call,

we'd like to take a look around.

We can have a supervisor
come by if that's a problem.



Come on in.

[radio static crackles]

(man) 9 Charlie 12.

9 Charlie 12, go.

Be advised, 10-34 might be a false alarm.

Another neighbor called
in a noise complaint.

Says the resident is watching a movie.

That was that bitch in 4G, wasn't it?

You got a problem? You
can't say it to my face?

Got to call the cops?

All right, Miss Prado.

There's no need for that.

Just turn it down.

No problem.

Have a good night, Miss Prado.

You too.

[lively music]

♪ ♪

[tense music]

Alex, listen.

Whoever killed her

called the police to
deliberately put you at the scene.

You were the target.

(Mark) Sooner or later, the
authorities will end up here,

and if they find any evidence of a murder,

they'll arrest you.

We need to clean this place up completely.

Alex, did she have any family,

anyone who could surprise us here

or anyone who had a key?

- Alex?
- She has a mother.

In San Antonio.


Let's get to work. We
have a lot of work to do.

Use a sheet.

- Alex, the blood... we have to make sure...
- Use a sheet.

You can't just wrap her up in plastic like


Can I just...

Can I just have a moment
alone with her, please?

[melancholy music]

♪ ♪

Oh, Alex.

I thought she was your partner.

She was.

Something more developed?

Alex, I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

- Son, we really didn't.
- Just...

♪ ♪

Just be gentle with her.

♪ ♪


Meat tenderizer.

Equal parts soap and water.

Spread it over the blood.

Vacuum it up. Let it dry.

Blood will be gone.

You wanted to be a figure skater.

You were obsessed with Oksana Baiul.

Begged us to move to
Simsbury so you could train,

even if it meant waking
up at 4:00 in the morning.

Instead, you ended up being
an expert at blood removal.

And my son's first love
is wrapped up in sheets,

ready to be rolled up into a carpet,

and disposed of.


Your mom...

She told me she was pregnant with you

in the same breath she told me she was SVR.

I had to make a choice.

If you hadn't stayed with
Mom, we wouldn't be here.

We wouldn't be a family.



How is he?

[intercom buzzes]

[intercom buzzes]

Who is that?

Two FBI agents.

[intercom buzzing]

(Faber) She did say 8:00 PM to you, right?

(Abbott) Yep. 8:00 PM, off site.

[elevator dings]

They're coming in. We
got to move the body now!

[doorbell chimes]

What do you think?

I don't know. It's weird.

She said it was urgent, right?

(Abbott) The door is unlocked.

Don't. Need a warrant for that.

She said she was scared.

I don't make the rules.

Try the bell again.

[doorbell chimes]

- What's wrong?
- That's blood.

- We're going in.
- Yup.

- On three.
- Yup.

Two, three.



Bedroom's clear.

[engine turns over]

You see anything?

Just missed 'em.

What are you thinking?

I'm wondering why I smell bleach.

(Mark) You have to change
out of those clothes.

Victor brought you these.

I told her.


I told Michelle about Black Dagger,

about seeing the triggerman in Rome.

- Why?
- Alex, we had a plan.

I thought we needed help
to stop Black Dagger.

- I trusted her.
- She's not the problem, Alex.

How much did you tell her?


You told her about us?

(Natalie) About Dad and Mom and me?

No, not that.

Well, now you understand why
I lied to you for so long.

In this world that we're trapped in,

being honest with someone
can get them killed.

We shouldn't stay here.

No, he's right.

We need to get rid of
the evidence right now.

- I'll go with him.
- No, I'll go.

I'm not gonna let you get rid of her

like something to be disposed of.

Alex, we are going to
figure out who did this.

And then what?

(Mark) Then we're gonna track him down

and kill him.


I'll get changed.

[engine turns over]

We need to track the 911 call

made by whoever's trying to frame Alex.

I can probably hack the 911 server,

but, guys, whoever did this
was trained and careful.

- If he is the SVR mole...
- Of course he is.

He'll have good tradecraft,

probably a burner phone, voice alteration.

He will not be easy to catch.

But we will catch him.

Burner phone, voice alteration, whatever.

None of that matters if we
can find the phone number

and the exact time the 911 call was placed.

Then what?

Then we get into the
phone company's database,

triangulate the cell towers
the 911 call flowed through,

then geo-locate where the
killer made the phone call from.

I mean, there are 500,000
surveillance cameras

in Manhattan alone.

If we can find out
where that call was made,

I bet we can get an image
of the person that made it.

(Victor) How do you know about this place?

(Alex) I researched furnaces

when I was trying to
corroborate your colleague

Irina Semovetzkaya's story
about Mikhail being burned alive

by the SVR.

It closed down three months ago.

There's a crematorium in the basement.

You sure it still works?


If it doesn't work, then
we can do it your way.

My mother died when I was ten years old.

Every day after school,

she'd set out these little

tea cakes for me.

One afternoon, I came home...



my father in the kitchen,



You're with Natalie, aren't you?

[sighs] How long?

Off and on for years.

Do you love her?


Then what are you still doing here?

It's not so simple just to run.

Stay, the Rezident will eventually find out

about the two of you,

about this.

If we left, you'd never see her again.

But she'd still be alive.

Get her out while you still can,

or next time, she could be the one

rolling around in the back of a van.

[door clatters]

[fleeting music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[car alarm chirps]

[engine turns over]

[mysterious music]

♪ ♪

[tool whirring]

[tool buzzing]

♪ ♪

[drill whirring]

♪ ♪

(Sam) So she's not answering
her phone. It's a Saturday.

- Well...
- Look, Michelle and I go back.

- This is a rough time of year for her.
- Yeah,

we go back too.

Well, then you know it's the
anniversary of her sister's death.

For all we know, she could be on a bender.

Wouldn't be the first time,

but she's only been missing for 18 hours.

She asked us to meet
her yesterday after work,

specifically off site, out of the office.

We get to her house. She's not there.

Why's the door unlocked?

- Hmm?
- Yeah, that bothers me.

Right? Why is there a
droplet of blood on the floor

- outside her door?
- Did it come back as blood?

Still at the lab, but, Sam, it was blood.

But there wasn't any blood

anywhere else in the apartment, right? No.

So you should get a warrant

- and go over there with the CSIs.
- Already tried.

Judge said he'll reconsider it,

but he said 18 hours
missing wasn't long enough

- to get a warrant.
- Didn't I just make a similar point?

There could be alternative
explanations for all of this.

Why hasn't O'Connor called you back yet?

(Sam) Come on, Jason.

You were the one fingering him

for the mole not two days ago.

I told you I was wrong. He was...

Nailing the girl who's now MIA.

It's been 18 hours.

Maybe Michelle had suspicions too.

Maybe she confronted him,

found something incriminating.

People do very strange
things when they're cornered.

Violence is just a whole
different thing, okay?

I don't see how Alex can
do anything to hurt her.

Well, maybe he had help.

What, like the SVR?

Exactly like the SVR.

Hopefully you're right.

She shows up in a few
hours with a nasty hangover,

but if she doesn't,
something happened to her,

the list of suspects isn't long,

and it certainly includes Alex O'Connor.

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

- If you want, I can...
- No.

I'll do it.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[speaking Russian]

♪ ♪

[mysterious music]

♪ ♪

Hey, no way. Go Bs.

[laughs] Bruins!

Jerry Brennan... That's a throwback.

Best fighter of all time.

He spent more time in the
box than a cherry cordial.


You from Mass.?

- Concord, you?
- Dover.

Brad Davis.

- Mike Walsh, nice to know you.
- Yeah.

Congratulations on the house.

It was a steal.

I knew someone would snap it up.

My wife was all over me to
make an offer, but, eh...

- Welcome to the neighborhood.
- Thanks.

Hey, hey, hey. You know
a good bar around here?

The cable's not hooked up yet,

and the Bruins got Montreal tonight.

You can head into town, hit up the pub,

- but it's Rangers territory.
- Ah, no way.

[both chuckle]

Hey, why don't you watch it over here?

No, no, no, I don't want to impose.

No, come on. It's no imposition.

I just bought a 12-pack.

It's not gonna drink itself.

Why don't you head over in an hour?

You know, it sounds good.

[key clacking]

[knocks on door]

Come in.

What are you doing here?

It's a Saturday. What are you doing here?

Mom asked me to help her
with her clinic's website.

(Natalie) It's glitchy.

What does that have to do
with the telephone company?

- What?
- I just

saw New York Telco on your screen.

Aren't you observant.

Give Alex a run for his money.

The clinic's internet service
is through New York Telco,

presumably part of the problem.

Where are Mom and Dad?

I think they went to the grocery store.


The fridge has been empty for a week.

I was gonna call Child Services.

Hey, did I do something wrong?

What are you talking about?

I mean, when you took me to Philadelphia,

I kind of thought we
were gonna hang out more.

I even watched that dumb
Rocky movie with you.

- Sarah...
- I haven't seen you since then.

I know. I'm sorry.

Things have been really busy.

I'll let you finish your work.

- Sarah.
- Yeah?

I love you.

I love you too.

(Brad) You know, I said to her,

"You knew who you were marrying."

"The technology industry
is not 9:00 to 5:00,

especially when it involves security."

But the loft in Brooklyn,
the Jag, the summer home...

no complaint about those.

No, the only way she wanted
everything was her way.

So she kicks you out and keeps the car.

Well, I'm sorry, man. I'm dumping
on you like you're my shrink.

It's okay.

You ever been married?

I came close once.

My job is not conducive to relationships.

- What do you do?
- I'm a consultant,

international strategist.

I travel a lot.

- Five cities in a week.
- Whoa.

- What kind of clients?
- Whoever pays.

I hear that.

(Christoph) Nice grill.

(Brad) It's a Flame Runner, best one made.

It was a gift from a client.

Cost 15 grand.


You must've done 'em quite a favor.

Nah, patched a security hole
in a production facility.

Back door on a server.
Took maybe ten minutes.

That's a lucrative ten minutes.

On the 4th, I did up these
mesquite ribs for the kids.

Unreal, like from a restaurant.

- Just wait for summer.
- Summer?

Let's fire it up tonight.

Come on, couple Boston boys...

we're not afraid of the cold.

Let's eat porterhouse
while we watch the game.

All right, why not?


[phone dings]




How bad is it?

- Are we blown?
- No.

We're fine.

Then what is this, a dry run?

What part of emergency spot
do you not understand, Victor?

We're leaving.

Right now.


If we want a life,

our life,

we leave now, or we never go.

What about my family?

- They'll understand.
- Sarah?

- You think she'll understand?
- I don't know.

What I do know

is that what happened to Alex today...

I won't let that happen to us.

Our lives will never be the same.



Let's get our things.

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

Anything you move, put
back exactly as it was.

He notices everything.

[dark music]

♪ ♪

No computer.

Probably in the safe.

[metal clanks and clicks]

[drill whirring]


[safe beeps]

You have to call your boss back.

Go into the office, act
as if everything is normal.

(Mark) If anybody asks you why
you didn't pick up your phone,

you just tell them you
were with your family.

Alex, can you do that?

Pretend I didn't find Michelle dead?

- Honestly, I'm not sure.
- Don't you dare do that.

Don't you dare stop trying.

After everything we've been through today,

they are going to be watching you.

Alex, if they see the slightest shred

of sadness or guilt or anger, then...

There's nothing we can do to protect you.

That's what your mom is saying.

I'll do my best.

I mean, with us, it's okay to talk about

- how you feel, to feel...
- Natalie's gone.

- What?
- With Victor.

She won't be back.


Good for her.



You gonna marinate these?

Pros dry rub. Amateurs marinate.

Bs, beer, and steak...

that's a perfect Saturday.

Life doesn't get much
better than that, huh?

Why don't you fire up the monster?
And I'll prep these babies.

Sounds good.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[gas hissing]

[explosion roars]

[fleeting music]

♪ ♪

[camera shutter clicking]

[cell phone ringing]

[phone beeps]

First day of work went well.

The test was a success.

Of course.

[phone beeps]

It's not forever, Katya.

- We'll see her again.
- You don't know that.

We've been trying to get out.

If we can't, at least Natalie can.

- What are we gonna tell Sarah?
- Nothing, for now.

I'm so sorry

- that I brought you into this, all of it.
- No, no, stop, stop.

My eyes were wide open.

But if you had to go back
and do it all over again,

would you?

We're gonna fix this. All of it.

We're gonna make it right.

You didn't answer my question.


I would do it all over again

just to be with you.

[device beeping]

(Sam) Any idea why I called you in?

A break in the case?

Which case?

Black Dagger.


So when was the last time
you spoke with Michelle?

(Michelle) Back, back! You
got close to me to use me.

- Yesterday.
- In the office or after work?


Well, Michelle's not answering her phone.

You weren't answering your phone.

You guys are sleeping together.

You are sleeping together, right?


I... I...

- How did you know?
- I'm a CIA officer, Alex.

I am the New York Station Chief.

Do you have any idea how hard it is

to become the New York Station Chief?

- No.
- Plus she told me.

She... she told you?

Oh, I'm not in trouble for that, am I?

Not for that, no,

but I do need to know if
you did see her yesterday.


If I did, I wouldn't

feel comfortable talking about it.

Yeah, I bet.

You know, Faber and Abbott

think that something
might've happened to her.

Like what?

Like she was kidnapped, maybe worse.

Why would they think that?

They were supposed to meet her
at her apartment last night.

She wasn't there, the door was unlocked,

and there was a tiny drop

of what has now been confirmed
as blood in the hallway.

- Use a sheet.
- Alex, the blood.

(Mark) We have to make sure
none of it spills on the floor.

- Use a sheet.
- Alex.

You went away from me there for a second.

I'm sorry. I just...

I don't want to think
something happened to her.

Yeah, no, I don't either.

You know, her sister died
five years ago tonight,

so I'm hoping she just went somewhere,

got sloppy drunk,

maybe checked herself
into a hotel or something

so no one would know.

If it wasn't for the blood,

I'd be sure that's what it was.

(Natalie) We got to move the body now!

And it may not even be her blood, so...

You can't tell?

No, Bureau doesn't have blood samples

on their employees, not yet anyway.

It was her blood type, O-positive,

but that's the most common type in America.

Even if it was her blood, a
single drop doesn't exactly

signify a struggle...
more like a nosebleed.


I'd like for you to give her a call.

Maybe if she gets a message from you,

she'll call back.


[clears throat]

[phone line trilling]


Mom, you're creeping me out.


you just remind me so much of
your sister when she was your age.

You gonna be late to
see your friend, kiddo.

(Sarah) Yeah.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too.


- Bye, Daddy.
- See you.

- Have a great time.
- All right.

[phone line trilling]

(Michelle voice-over) Hey, it's Michelle.

Leave a message, and I'll call you back.

[phone beeps]

Hey, it's me.

I'm here with Sam, and
we were wondering if...

Well, I mean, we wanted to know

if you were okay,

so give us a... or one of us a call.


If she calls back, let me know.

[tense music]

♪ ♪