Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 10 - A Convenient Place to Die - full transcript

The task force makes a move against Alex, setting off a string of events that finally reveal the mole's identity. Mark and Katya uncover the name of the operative behind Black Dagger. Victor and Natalie try to adjust to new circumstances.

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Previously on Allegiance...

Somehow we need to alert the task force

that the operative in charge of
Black Dagger is on his way here.

We plant a letter for
the task force to find.


It wasn't there, the file. I
opened the JPEG. It was empty.

If it's gone, that's because
someone went in and erased it.

We did an operation recently overseas.

There was a particular
officer for a period of time

who was unaccounted for.

So it's the boy genius
you took under your wing.

Alex O'Connor.

Anything you move, put
back exactly as it was.

He notices everything.

I've been lying to you.

We need to talk.


Oh, my God, Michelle. Mich... Michelle.

You are being framed for her
murder... that's what is going on.

And you need to listen to me very carefully

about what happens next.

You're still awake.

So are you.

- You should've tried to sleep.
- Mm.

At least for a few hours.

I tried, but my mind
won't shut off, you know.

- I'll put on some tea.
- Okay.

Things have been moving so fast.

I can't remember the last
time I had a moment to stop.

I tried to lie down, but
all I could do was think

about the last 20 years,
about the life that we made.

It all just seems so far away, like some...

dream we sold ourselves,
and now we are awake.

Well, maybe it was a
fantasy, but we were happy.

We were selfish.

We brought Sarah into a world
where she will never be safe.

Alex, we turned Alex into a criminal.

Natalie... at least Natalie
had the sense to leave.

Do you know the first
thought that came into my head

when Victor showed up at our door?

"What took so long?"

I knew the SVR would come back someday.

Oh, my God.

We got him.


I know who it is.

I know him.


I sent you an email. Check it.

Is that the man that you saw in Rome?


Do you know the name Oscar Christoph?

We studied him at the Kent School.

Operative for hire, assassin.

Made his name during the
'81 coup in Bangladesh.

Suspected of being
involved in at least 70 acts

of political violence and terrorism

before his death in Myanmar in 1994.

He was one of the most
wanted men in the world.

That's him.


He's dead.

He's not.

I got to call you back.


Alex, this is Special Agent Faber.

Listen carefully.

You've been set up for murder.

Go to the window.

If you allow them to arrest you,

you'll end up in a 7x10 foot prison cell

at ADX supermax in Florence, Colorado.

You will spend 23 hours
a day there every day

for the rest of your life.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I think I know who
the mole is in the task force.

What do I do?



We got something.

Whoever killed Michelle dialed 911

across from her apartment on 156th street.

Natalie came through.

She hacked into Telecom's database.

We need to find surveillance
cameras on this corner.

Not "we," you can't go anywhere
near that crime scene, Alex.

You have to go about your daily routines

and just act normal, okay?

I'm trying.

Sam, he...

he knows something's wrong,

that I lied, I can feel it.

Alex, until we know who this mole is,

you have to try to stay strong and...

Hope I'm not arrested.


Listen, why don't you go back to the hotel

and try to get some sleep, okay?

A quantum implant?

How the hell did you
get it on the computer?

You went into his hotel room?

All above board, sanctioned
by headquarters and DOJ.

Why go around me on this?

I didn't.

Alex's laptop is CIA property.

Langley wanted to keep it inside

until there was proof of wrongdoing.

So you found something?

Alex illegally accessed
FinCEN using FBI credentials.

Michelle Prado's credentials.

Anything else?


What if the evidence you found
on his computer was planted?

Why would you think that?

Because it's the only thing you found.

If Alex was the leak, there'd be more.

There's always more.

He broke the law, Jason.

I suspect

she discovered the deceit,

she confronted him, and he killed her.

You know better than to
act on suspicion alone.

This isn't suspicion. This
is evidence of a crime.

It's FBI's territory.
That's why I'm telling you.

But not evidence that
Alex O'Connor is the mole.

You really think he's capable

of pulling off deception at that level?

Of killing Michelle?

That's what I plan on asking him.

We're bringing him in tonight.

Not like you, rushing.

Why not leave him in play a little longer?

Because there is no more time.

Black Dagger could happen at any minute,

and I think Alex O'Connor
knows more about it than we do.


It's... wow.

So much light.

It's too much light.

We need blinds.

This is amazing.

I've never lived near a lake before.

So many trees.

So many places to hide.

You're thinking about
sight lines, aren't you?

I'm thinking about security.

We need multiple layers.

Motion detectors, infrared cameras,

proximity alarms.

It would be wise to stash a
weapon out there somewhere.

You're serious?

When the Rezident discovers I'm missing,

he's going to come after us.




I want to enjoy it.

I want to cook breakfast for you.

I want to walk around
naked and watch movies.

We covered our tracks well.

Nobody knows who or where we are.

We're okay.

If we can't let go of fear, they win.

If they find us and kill us, we lose.





Recently, I obtained authorization

to put a surveillance device
on Alex O'Connor's laptop.

Information gathered from that action

reveals that Alex illegally accessed

classified files from Special Agent Prado

up until the night she disappeared.

We're bringing him in.

I know many of you were
close with Michelle,

so if any of you feel you cannot
put aside personal feelings

to execute this raid, I understand.

For everybody else,

let's nail him to a cross.

I can help you.

What do I do?


They're in the elevator.

They're also coming up the south staircase.

There's an unmarked maintenance stairwell

just past the ice machine.


- It's this way.
- Yes, sir.

Around the corner.

It's warm. He's still in the building.

Faster, you were almost caught.

Are you watching me?

I'm looking at blueprints, Alex.

The stairwell will bring you
to the receptionist's desk.

No receptionist on duty.

Behind the desk are
monitors, security feeds.

Use them as your eyes.

There's a door across the
lobby you need to get to.

You just need to get past
the agents posted there.

- How many agents?
- Two, maybe three tops.

What? That's... that's crazy.

That's the only shot you have.


We'll sweep the ballroom.

Copy that. I'll stay on the exit.

They're covering all the exits.

Not all of them.

I took care of that for you.

Just get to the door at
the far end of the lobby

and go out to the loading dock.


five, six, seven,


Eight forward, seven back.

Eight forward, seven.

Eight forward, seven back.

Eight forward, seven, five.

Damn it.


Loading dock.

There's a walkway across the street.

Move quickly.

Keep walking, Alex.

Agent Faber, what's going on?

It's Sam.

He's the mole.

We're safe here for a few hours.

My brother-in-law
bought it in foreclosure.

He's turning it into luxury condos.

Brooklyn, right?

Come inside. It's a little warmer.


Are you sure about Sam?

You're never sure.

But I've known the man 23 years.

His behavior is... off.


Started when you came back from Rome.

He reached out to ask for my advice

as a friend.

He implied you were dirty,

but he was vague.

I think he was planting
suspicion, softening me up,

so I'd accept the narrative
about you he was creating.

Negative one.

Michelle disappears, and
Sam goes behind my back

for a warrant to access your computer.


To plant evidence to lead the task force

to conclude that you're the mole.

He was covering his tracks, Alex.

Alex, I need you to be
completely honest with me

about Michelle.

I-I didn't hurt her.

I-I never would.

I know you wouldn't.

I don't see it in you.

Here. Have a seat.

But you did use her login
codes to access an FBI database.



Sam wouldn't murder a
federal agent for no reason.

It's enormous exposure.

Had to be reason enough
to justify the risk.

Here's my theory.

Whatever Michelle knew

came from you, right?

You uncovered something,

and it was big.

For some reason, you couldn't come directly

into the task force with it,
so you confided in Michelle.

You trusted her.

But the information
made her nervous, uneasy.

So she turned to the one
person inside the task force

she could trust,


And it got her killed.

I'm sorry, Alex.

Oscar Christoph.

The man who helped mastermind

the Beirut barracks bombing in '83?

And took down the President
of Pakistan's jet in '88.


Christoph is dead, Alex.

Died in an helicopter crash
in Myanmar, what, 20 years ago.

This was taken two days ago.

Christoph's in New York.

He's the operative who's going
to carry out Black Dagger.

That's what I told Michelle.

I told her about Christoph.

Why couldn't you walk it in?

'Cause there's a mole inside the task force

and I didn't have that
picture, solid evidence yet.

And you're protecting a source, hmm?

Send me the picture.

I'll put it through Homeland Security.

Oh, boy.

Ray. Jason Faber.

Are you sitting down?

You really think we can make up

for all the things that we've done?

Yes, I do.

We're going to clear Alex.

We're going to get out with
Sarah. We're going to run.

We tried that once. We didn't get very far.

We know so much more right now.

Where would we even go?

Ilha Grande.

The summer we spent there
with Sarah, she was happy.

We were happy.

We go somewhere we've been before,

they track us in a second.

Katya, please, don't give up.

Not now.


Now let's ID the bastard
who framed our son.

Hard drive should be under the front desk.

DHS has the picture.

20 minutes, it'll be on the wall

of every law-enforcement
office in the country.

That's not how it works.

First the DHS secretary has to sign...

The point is, Alex, it's out there.

Christoph will soon be the
most wanted man in America.

I need to know how you
came upon this information.

Give me a name.

I gave you a picture of Oscar Christoph

in New York City. That's...

- That's not enough?
- No.

No, it's not.

You're going to have to explain yourself

to the directors of the FBI, the CIA...

So I will.

No. You're not understanding,
Alex, your name is mud.

Sam made sure of that.

He'll discredit the picture
and every bit of intelligence

coming from you as disinformation.

I need it sourced and corroborated,

or we lose precious time.

Whoever helped you, Alex,
I can recommend they be

granted asylum.

You don't have that authority.

I have influence.

You got to open up to me, Alex.

I acted alone.


There's no one out there.

Then why do I feel so many eyes on me?

The raccoons won't kill you, babe.

Come to bed.

I understand why you're worried.

They may come for us.

If they do, I want to die happy,

rather than living every day
believing there's no escape.

I'm done being afraid.

I love you, Natalie.


Now come to bed.

You know the irony?

Surrounded by all this calm...

I miss the madness.

Come on, Alex, come on.
You got to level with me.

How'd you get onto Christoph?

Who fed you Intel?

How I developed the lead on Christoph

is... is not as important

as stopping him.

And I acted alone.

You couldn't have.

You're protecting someone,
maybe for good reason,

but you're facing treason.

You're being set up for
murder, and I'm putting my ass

and career on the line to help you.

Because you know I'm not the mole.

If I can't prove it, I'm screwed.

And if Black Dagger happens
while a bunch of desk jockeys

are busy arguing about your credibility,

we're all screwed.

I appreciate your help, Agent Faber.

I really do, but I...

I can't tell you anything more.

Stopping the attack was my sole focus,

and we've done that by alerting the DHS.

As soon as the SVR realizes
that American intelligence

has made Christoph, they'll
call Black Dagger off.


That's all I ever wanted.

I'd like to turn myself in to the NYPD.

They'll hold me for a day, keep
me away from the task force.

To buy time for your source
to get out of the country.



We'll do it your way.

You didn't call anyone at
Homeland Security, did you?

You helped me escape from the hotel

to get me away from the FBI.

You brought me here to find out
who else knows about Christoph,

not to stop Black Dagger,
but to make sure it happens.

You're the mole.

You killed Michelle.

It's a cold world, Alex.

So, what have you found?

Several encrypted money transfers

from Victor's account
into a bank in Finland.

Years ago.

He's been planning this.

What's the closest
rezidentura to Newfoundland?


Make the call. Find Victor.


- How did I not see it?
- Don't feel bad, Alex.

I've been doing this for 30 years.

Why betray your own country?

"Betray" is a strong word.

Our country betrays each
of us every day, Alex.

D.C. is a cesspool of greedy vampires

who Borg with Wall Street
to feed off the people.

The State isn't your friend, Alex.

The State turns cops into tax agents

who'd choke a man to death
on the streets of New York

for trying to skirt cigarette levies.

The State is organized violence and force,

nothing more.

What exactly have I betrayed?

The American people.

Wow. A true believer.

I didn't think your kind still existed.

You're lying to yourself.

Your betrayal has nothing
to do with higher value.

What's it got to do with?

It's about greed.

It's about money.

You killed Michelle for money.


I spy for money.

I killed Michelle because
you told her things

she had no business knowing.

I didn't want to kill
her. You forced me to.

You killed Michelle.

Now, here's my problem.

The reason I can't put
a bullet in your head

is because you scrubbed her apartment,

and disposed of the body,

and that means at least
one other person out there

knows exactly what you know,
and that's a threat to me

and my employer.

And that means we need to have...

a different sort of conversation.

Alex, who helped you clean the apartment?

That's level one of pain.

Timur here can take you all the way to ten.

But no, wait I think you'd
be dead by ten, right?

Usually eight.



Oh, now?

All right, well, let me...
let me throw some clothes on,

unless you want to see me in my Jockeys.

All right, yeah. I'll
be there, I'll be there.

Okay, yeah. Bye.

Sam just bought you some time.

Hit him with the full dose.

Unfortunately, no matter what,
this ends badly for you, Alex.


the way to the end is what matters.


It can hurt a lot.

Or not at all.

It's up to you.


There's still no answer.

This isn't like Alex.
Why hasn't he called back?

What if they've arrested him?

Even if they have, we finally got our hands

on something that could clear his name.

The exact moment the 911 call was placed.

That's him. That's the
guy that made the 911 call.

That's the guy that murdered Michelle.

We have to find him.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor?


Special Agent William Brock, with the FBI.

This is Sam Luttrell, he's
a civilian working with us.

Sorry to drop by unannounced at this hour.

Do you work with Alex?

That's right.

Did something happen to him?

It's best if we talk inside, ma'am.

Mrs. O'Connor, is it okay if we come in?

Have you spoken to Alex today?

Earlier. My wife did.

He jumped off the phone,
and hasn't called back.

Where is Alex? Is he okay?

We don't know where he
is. That's why we're here.

Does Alex have any friends
nearby, a girlfriend?

No. He just moved from
DC. We're all he has.

You're lying.

You're here because he's dead.

He's dead. Isn't he?

In times like these our minds
go to the darkest places.

No reason to believe the worst.

Excuse me. I need a minute.

- What the hell are you doing?
- That man killed our son,

and I'm going to put a bullet in his head.

No. Try to stay calm.

You want me to be calmed?

We don't even know if Alex is dead.

You want me to be calm
with that man in our house?

I want you to act...


If he's alive, we still
have a chance to save him.

- How?
- We track Faber.

We'd track an FBI agent who is an SVR mole.

He'd make our tail in a second.

Look, I took this out of his jacket.

I go upstairs, and put a tracker in it.

I come back downstairs, and
we do all their questions.

We're as helpful as possible.

This is our only chance.


Put the gun away, Katya.

We will make him pay for what he's done.

Just not yet.

I need you to help me.

I need you to help me get through this.

I'm here. I'm here.

I'm here.

I apologize.

It's a lot to process.

Your only son is missing. We understand.

He speaks so highly of
everyone he works with.

He won't tell us much, but...

he learned more in two months with you

than he did in two years of training.

That makes me worried
about what they're teaching

those kids, then.

Mrs. O'Connor...

Alex trusts us.

Can you help us find him?

I don't know where he is.

That's the truth.

Well, if he does call,
and I'm sure he will,

have him call us.

Call me.

I'll do everything I can to get
him home safe, I promise you.

So you believe that he's alive, then?

Yes, I do.

We could only imagine how
difficult this is for you.

We appreciate that.

So tell us, how could
we help you find our son?

- They don't know where he is.
- Agreed.

The mother's fear was
genuine, pupils dilated,

carotid going a mile a minute.

They're in the dark too.

I told you he's the best.

If only you weren't so aware of it.

Are you heading back to the office?

I'm going to go grab a
shower. Then I'll be in.




You are going to lose the battle, in here.

I want to make this easier for you.

Pain is my business.

I know it like a mother knows her child.

I nurture pain. I help it grow.

These hands, they have turned stronger men

into squealing pigs

who would turn in their own children.

Save yourself the pain.

Just tell the man what he wants to know.

Your family will be spared,

and your death will be quick.

Alex, stay quiet.

How... How did you get...

It doesn't matter.

There are two men outside.

Can you walk?

You're not really here.

I'm alone in here.

Yes, baby, you are all alone.

Those handcuffs aren't coming off.

We can't help you.

We put you here, and we can't get you out.

It's not your fault.

You and Dad did all you could to get out.

You need to get them to remove the cuffs.

They will never do that.

They will, if they
believe that you're dying.

Who's that you're talking to, Alex?


Is that your parents?

Mark and Katya?

What did you do to them?

Nothing... yet.

Poor Katya.

She thinks you're dead,
she's already grieving.

Ah, a mother's intuition

is amazing.


Who else knows about Oscar Christoph?

Who helped you clean the apartment, Alex?

Come on, talk to me.

Talk to me.

Come on, kid.

Tell me.

Who helped you clean the apartment?

What are you doing here?

I'm here to help, Alex.

You need to give them something.

I won't give them my family.

So give them me.

If they find you, they find Natalie.

The SVR has already
discovered I'm missing by now.

Giving Faber my name
will make no difference.



Natalie and I can take care of ourselves.

They're preparing another syringe, Alex.

This one will not only make you talk.

This one will kill you.

If your plan of escape is going to work,

you need more time.

Buy that time with my name, Alex.

I can't.

I won't tell him that, Victor.

They'll kill you.

Let's talk about Victor.

Let's talk about Victor.

He told me about Christoph.

Well, that's... that's wonderful.

Is he American?


Is he... Russian?

- Russian.
- He's Russian.

Of course he's Russian.

Does he operate in New York?

- He did.
- Did?

Give me his full name, Alex, come on.

You'll kill him.

No, no, I won't kill him, Alex.

The SVR will.

Come on, Alex, his full name.



Go to hell.

We were doing so well.



Now you'll talk.

Dead men don't talk, Agent Faber.

Damn it, where's your kit?

- Where's your kit?!
- Toolbox, in the other room.

Do not let him bleed out.

Alex, Alex.

You're not very smart.

Kill him now!

I'm gonna find Alex.


Oh, God. Oh, God, no.

Oh, God.

Alex, stay conscious.


Help is here. Stay
conscious, stay conscious.

You're here now, aren't you?

I am here.

I'm real, and we're
getting you out of here.

Hold on to me. Hold on.

How did they find you?

Because you failed to mention
his parents are assets,

and they got a tracker in my pen.

SVR compartmentalizes
information, you know that.

What I know is, your compartmentalization

almost got me killed.

- Timur...
- Dead.

Katya and Mark killed your
men like the pros they are.

Alex escaped with them, bleeding out.

But alive for the moment.

Who's Victor?

I think he's one of yours.

What makes you say that?

Got his name out of Alex.

Victor put Alex in Christoph's trail.

Who else has seen this?

The whole O'Connor family, I imagine.

They'll send it to the task force.

If I were you, I'd call off

whatever the hell you're planning.

That isn't necessary.

The O'Connors are on the run.

Alex has been branded a traitor.

We'll flood the task force,

so it doesn't lead to another operatives,

which we'll make sure they know

is actually SVR disinformation.

Even if Christoph's picture
gets into the task force,

it'll be discredited,
along with the others.

Find the O'Connors.

And Victor.


How much blood has he lost?

- A lot.
- Take this, take this.

Did you tell them anything,
Alex? We need to know.

Doesn't matter. Faber saw us, SVR,

the task force, everyone.

We can't go home, we
can't go to the hospital.

We're on our own now, Katya.

- Sarah.
- We'll get to her first.

Hang on, Alex. Hang on! Go.

♪ 'Twas grace that taught ♪

♪ My heart to fear ♪

♪ And grace ♪

♪ My fears relieved ♪

♪ How precious did ♪

♪ That grace appear ♪

♪ The hour I first ♪

♪ Believed ♪