Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 11 - Blowback - full transcript

Mark (Scott Cohen) and Katya (Hope Davis) confront the mole, but an escape puts Sarah (Alex Peters) in grave danger. Now branded a traitor by the task force, Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) goes on the run but tries one last time to reason with Sam (Kenneth Choi). Meanwhile, Christoph (Giancarlo Esposito) targets a woman who can help him carry out the Rezident's (David Vadim) plans, but faces some unexpected complications. Also starring Margarita Levieva (Natalie O'Connor) and Morgan Spector (Victor Dobrynin).

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Previously on Allegiance...

The operative in charge of
Black Dagger is on his way here.

Do you know the name Oscar Christoph?

Operative for hire, assassin.

- He's dead.
- He's not.

If we want a life, our life,

we leave now or we never will.

Natalie's gone with Victor.

The O'Connors are on the run.

Alex has been branded a traitor.

Alex illegally accessed classified files

from Special Agent Prado.

We're bringing him in.

Alex, this is Special Agent Faber.

You've been set up for murder.

You brought me here to find out
who else knows about Christoph,

not to stop Black Dagger,
but to make sure it happens.

- You're the mole.
- That's him.

That's the guy that murdered Michelle.


We have to find him.

Kill him now!

Faber saw us, the SVR,
the task force, everyone.

We can't go home. We
can't go to the hospital.

- We're on our own now.
- Sarah.

We'll get to her first.

Sorry about the heat, folks.

Maintenance said it'll
be another couple hours,

but we're gonna get started anyway.

Given everything that has happened,

we have to assume that our Midtown offices

have been compromised.

Until we stop Black Dagger,
this is gonna be our new HQ.

All right, be sure to thank
O'Connor for the new digs,

once we catch his sorry ass.

Alex O'Connor,

the prime suspect in the murder
of his partner, Michelle Prado.

He is a traitor, and now he is a fugitive.

I want every airport, bus depot,

train station locked down.

If he pops his head up,

I want us there to take him down.

Where the hell you been?

I've been driving all over Queens

looking for this rat's nest.

Ever hear of Google Maps?
Even has its own app now.

Yeah, yeah.

But, folks...

We need to be careful.

Alex O'Connor did not escape
his hotel room by himself.

He had help. He knew we were coming.

Whoever he is working with,
you're gonna need to assume

that they are every bit
as dangerous as he is.

She's not picking up.

Sarah, it's Dad.

Listen, you are in danger, honey.

I want you to find
someplace in the building.

I want you to hide there.

I want you to wait there
until I can find you, okay?

This is not a joke. I love you, sweetheart.

Damn it!

Okay, you don't think that somebody...

No, no, she keeps it on
silent during lessons.


Talk to me. Stay with me.

- _
- I think he's going into shock.

- How much time do we got?
- I don't know. I don't know.

A half an hour maybe. I don't know.

I can't stop the bleeding.

He needs coagulants,
probably a transfusion.

Well, we have blood in the storage unit.

I could drop you off. It's on the way.

No, we have to get Sarah.

No, no, sweetheart. We don't have time.

Go to Sarah.



Sarah or not?

Go, go, go!

♪ I first believed ♪

Now, how did that one feel?


- No, beautiful.
- Thanks.

Regionals next week.

Remember to practice
your breathing exercises.

Okay, I will.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Sarah, it's Dad.

Listen, you are in danger, honey.

I want you to find
someplace in the building.

I want you to hide there.

I want you to wait there
until I can find you, okay?

This is not a joke.

- Daddy?
- Sarah.

Where are you? What's happening?

We're on our way. Where are you?

I'm in the hallway off the Concert Hall.

- What's going on?
- I'll explain everything.

Just stay right where you are,
and, please, don't hang up.

Can I help you?


Um, no.

I just... I, uh...

left my songbook.

Oh, which room? I can open it for you.

Sarah, who is that?

Just... just the janitor. He...

Run, now.


Don't scream.

Please, don't... Please...

This way.


We didn't have as much
in storage as I thought.

- We have enough?
- I don't know. I hope so.

With my blood, maybe. I hope so.

I'm type O-negative.

Anybody can take type O-negative.

Sarah, come here.

Can you come here, darling?

Take that bag. Hold it up high.

Okay, tape, tape, Mark.

Here you go.


Let me have the end of that, please.

All right, here you go.

Okay, all right.

You're doing good, sweetie, real good.


The truth is, no matter what
the official explanation,

we don't know exactly what caused

the Aleutian Wells blowout,

but we suspect a pipeline valve failure.

Umm Al-Quwain, '99.

San Gabriel, 2004.

West Virginia, 2012.

All valve failures.

All led to enormous corporate losses

in dollars, environmental damages,

human life.

These valves have a proven design flaw.

I know it's not cheap to replace them,

but it's really just a matter of time

until the next disaster happens.

Thank you.

Are you enjoying the local cuisine?

Oh, I should've known better

than to order Italian in Germany.

It's not Germany. It's the hotel bar.

But Da Baffi is five blocks away.

They have the best
carbonara outside of Roma.

Now you tell me.

You say that like it's too late.

I enjoyed your presentation today.

- It was very impactful.
- Oh, thank you.

I imagine everyone in that
room will be retrofitting

as soon as they get home.

Oh, you would think that,

and then they all go home and
bury their head in the sand.

No one listens

until a city block blows up somewhere.

That's sort of my curse.

Ah, like Cassandra.

Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy,

hoping to sleep with her,

and when she refused,

he gave her the curse
of never being believed.

Yeah, sort of exactly like that.

- I'm Marcos.
- Elizabeth.

What company do you work for?

Diario Norte.

Oh, you're a journalist?

I don't socialize with journalists.

We're just having drinks.

Not anymore.


Unemployed one day,
sleeping till noon the next.

I could get used to this.


You better not be going soft on me.


You're such an idiot.

And you're stuck with me.


Hurry back.




Why couldn't they just leave us alone?

Hi. I was hoping to make
a dinner reservation.

Certainly. Did you have
a restaurant in mind?

The best that I can walk to... not Italian.

- How many dining?
- One.

Of course. I can get
you for one at Borchardt.

It's a classic.

You don't want to eat there.

Uh, checking out... 708.

The chef's secret weapon is truffle oil.

He bathes everything in it.

- What if I love truffle oil?
- You don't.

You were picking the mushrooms

out of your Bolognese last night.

There's a Viennese
bistro a metro stop away.

The roasted duck will change your life.

- I don't talk to journalists.
- Talk to journalists.

I know.

I submitted my story on
the conference an hour ago.

My flight is at 11:00.

I will have you back by 9:00.

But if you prefer Virginia Woolf to me,

I can't say I blame you.

Okay, you were totally right.
That duck was ridiculous.

Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

So dare I ask?

What do you write about?

Injustice, strife, things
that need to change.

Saving the world one keystroke at a time?

I started as a sports reporter years ago.

I was, uh, there to cover a football match.

One day I saw black pillars
of smoke from my hotel room...

each a half mile thick.

Some sort of horrible
disaster had occurred.

I drove out to the source.

An oil well was on fire.

I can't imagine how
many must've been killed

in that disaster.

And then I saw them...

the villagers,

just going about their daily business,

paying no mind to the inferno.

It was no accident.

The blaze was set on purpose

to ignite the gas on the top

so the crude underneath could be excavated.

The heat was like hell on Earth.

Children cough up tar.
Adults die in their 40s.

The water is foul, the air polluted,

but the world goes on.

So what did you do?

I wrote two stories that trip.

The one about the football
match got 800,000 views.

And what about the fires?


And to this day, they still burn.

So you're a bit of a
Cassandra yourself, then.

Maybe so.

Do you ever find yourself in the States?

From time to time.


I thought maybe we could do this again

if you're ever...

in New York.

I might like that.


I don't understand.

We did everything right. We
paid cash. We used aliases.

I made a mistake. How else
could they have tracked us?

Maybe they tailed me
when I went to the bank

or when I bought the car.

Somewhere I was sloppy.
I almost got us killed.

We're okay. We survived.


Oh, no.


My family... they're in trouble.

What happened?

Alex is hurt. We have to go back.


Into the lion's den?

You sure you were not followed?

I could spot an FBI tail in my sleep.

I taught the damn course at Quantico.

Have your men killed the O'Connors yet?

We're working on it.

Well, while I admire the confidence,

if they go to the authorities,

they're gonna have a
hell of a story to tell.

Their son is a fugitive wanted for murder.

They can't go to the FBI.

We're watching the hospitals.
They have nowhere to turn.

We'll find them.

There's something else that
needs to be taken care of.


Somehow Mark and Katya knew
to plant a tracker on me.

They knew I was dirty
before they knew my name.

If there's something in
that house that points to me,

it needs to be cleaned up.

It's too hot for me to
use an SVR team right now.

You'll do it.


Do you know what happens to me

if I got caught?

That is your problem.

If the FBI finds anything on you,

you are no longer valuable
to Moscow, Agent Faber.

You understand?


My father forced me into
service for the Russians

when I was only a little
older than you are now.

I didn't want that life.

And then later I met your father,

and we fell in love.

Working for them,

that... that was the only
way that we could be together.

You have to believe us, honey. You have to.

There are dangerous men out there,

really dangerous men, and
they're planning to hurt

a lot of innocent people.

And we are trying to stop them.

Then why can't we call the cops?

Because the cops... they
would not believe us.


They think Alex did something...

something bad.

S-something bad?

They think Alex killed someone.

But... but he didn't. He was framed.

Sarah, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

We always knew this day would come.

Yeah, well, now it's here.

- Where are you going?
- Home.

We got to get that laptop

with the footage of Faber
outside Michelle's apartment

right after the murder.

We can get it to the FBI,
prove Alex didn't kill her.

No. No, Mark, the SVR could
be sitting on the house.

I'll go through the back.

If anyone's there, I'll
see them before they see me.

Be careful.


When I found out about
Mom and Dad, I was mad too.

They always raised me
to do the right thing.

And all this time, they
were living this lie.

Even when I figured it
out, they kept lying.

When I confronted them about it,

Mom told me she was having an
affair to cover up the truth.

That's what we were talking about

that time you came into the dining room

and I told you to go to your room.

I wanted to turn them in.

I nearly did.

But this thing we're trying
to stop, Sarah, it's...

it's bigger than just our family.

So I helped them.

I helped them break the law.

I lied...

to the people I work with,

to people I care most about.

I lied to you, Sarah.

I saw Dad kill someone today.

He stabbed him right next to me.

I'm sorry.

Oh, my God.

I thought I would never see you again.



Oh, what happened to you?

I'm fine, Mom.

How's Alex?

He's better.

He's resting. He's with Sarah.

How's she taking it?

Not well.


They beat us to the punch.

All the footage of Faber
outside of Michelle's apartment,

the computers, the hard drive...
they took it, everything.

So we have nothing to take to the FBI?


I thought that footage was our Hail Mary.

I mean, what do we do now?

We regroup, and we find

another way to stop Black Dagger.

With what resources? The FBI
will shoot Alex on the spot.

The SVR is everywhere...

Keep your voice down. Your
sister's still sleeping.

I'm going to contact Sam.

He needs to know about Faber,

about the task force being compromised.

You're a fugitive wanted by
every law-enforcement agency

in the country.

You want to call up one of
the very people hunting you?

Sam's a CIA station chief.

He has access to everything on Christoph.

If I can get a look in,

I might be able to find a pattern

in his operational tactics,

an MO, something that would give us

a lead onto him or Black Dagger.

And Sam is going to believe

that a senior FBI agent is a mole,

with no evidence, based
solely on the word of a man

he knows for certain has broken the law?

What makes you think
he'll even hear you out?


I need to talk to you, Sam.



What are we talking about?

I didn't kill Michelle.

I've done some bad things

but for the right reasons.

Please, you have to believe me.

I do.

Y-you do?

I know you, Alex.

Violence isn't in your DNA.

I know you cared about Michelle.

And she cared about you.

She told me so.

I know...

you would never do anything to hurt her...

Which means someone must've set you up.

You know, then?

I've been tracking down a lead.

I'm taking you in, Alex.

Sam! Stop, Sam!




It was Faber, Sam.

Faber's the mole. He killed Michelle.

Well, you got a brass
set. I'll give you that.

I'm sorry. I don't know what a brass set...

It means I think it's pathetic

you're trying to throw suspicion
on my friend of 23 years.

It means I think that you're full of sh...

My hotel... I escaped because
Faber called me to warn me.

He guided me right past you.

How else do you think
I knew you were coming?

He told me you were the mole, Sam.

He told me he wanted to help me.

I went down the service
stairwell to the lobby

and hid behind the concierge desk

and ran across to another hall,
which led to the loading dock.

He unlocked it from the outside.

He was waiting on the
other side of the street.

He took me to a warehouse and tortured me.

He tried to kill me.

But let me guess... you
managed a miraculous escape.

I was bound to a chair.

I sliced my wrist open on a screw

so that they would take the handcuffs off.

When they did, that's
when I managed to escape.

That's quite a story, Alex.

I tip my hat.

If I was a rat trying to keep
my little rat chin above water,

I couldn't think of
something better myself.

You think I did this for show?

Maybe it was your SVR handler.

I'm going now.

You're gonna have to shoot me in the back

if you're gonna do it.

You called while Faber was torturing me.

You wanted him to meet
you at my parents' house.

He pretended that you'd just woken him up.

He said he had to put on some clothes.

"Unless you want to see
me in my Jockeys," he said.

Check the cameras in the
Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel,

2:00 to 3:00 a.m... gray Crown Victoria.

He drove me to a warehouse in Red Hook.

I was lying down out of
sight in the back seat,

but you'll see him on the cameras.

Even if I find it, it's not
enough to clear you, Alex.

I don't want you to clear me.

I want you to help me.

Help me stop Oscar Christoph.

Oscar Christoph is dead.


He's alive.

He's the man the SVR hired
to carry out Black Dagger.


that's what I told Michelle.

She confided in Faber, and he killed her.

What is it you want from me?

I need you to get me everything
the agency has on Christoph

and anyone or anything else

connected to the Black
Dagger investigation.

You want me to steal
classified files for you...

a fugitive wanted for treason
and the murder of an FBI agent?

Yes. I've been tracking him since Rome.

If I can find a pattern
in his work, his behavior,

planning, strategy,

then I-I could help you find him, Sam.

Believe me, we want the same thing.

Look into Faber. He's dirty.

Send an email to this
address when you want to meet.


- Hola, guapo.
- Ah.

Estoy a casa.

Estoy en casa, mi Amor.

Your pronunciation is better.

It smells divine in here.

Spaghetti Bolognese...

the way it should be.

Long day?

Oh, there's never a dull moment

working for the federal government.

Well, this should help.


You fly all around the world,
and then you make me dinner.

You must be exhausted.

Ah, I will survive.

We only have one week together.

I want to make every moment count.

I wish it was longer.

So do I.

- But we have Paris in April.
- Yes, we do.

Always another lily pad to jump to.


What is it?

My brother thinks that you
must have a wife in Bogotà.

You don't even like your brother.

Yeah, he's kind of a dick,

but he made some really good points...

like why would you keep
a relationship going

with someone for seven months
who lives 4,000 miles away?


that's ridiculous.

There is no one else.

All I have is you.

But you don't get tired of
jumping from visit to visit

and city to city?

You're worth it.

You are brilliant.

You're beautiful.

You have a big heart.

And I love you.

You always know the perfect thing to say.


Where is everybody?

Victor and Natalie are out
doing a perimeter check.

Mom brought Alex to a meeting.

Sarah, about what happened...

All we ever wanted was to keep you safe,

to give you a normal life.

I love you, honey.

I'm gonna go...

lie down.

I thought I finally beat you in.

What, do you sleep here or something?

What makes you think I sleep?

What's up?

Ah, it turns out O'Connor's
parents might've blown town.

The guys are getting a
warrant to search the place.

You want to take a field trip?

No, I would, but I got to catch a train.

A train? Where to?


Home office wants to know
how I let Alex O'Connor

compromise me six ways from Sunday.

Oh. They're calling you to the carpet

with all hell breaking loose,

O'Connor still in the wind?

You know the drill.

They can't fix a problem, they
find someone to hang it on.

Cover-your-ass BS, makes me sick.

O'Connor pulled the wool over all our eyes.

I'll tell your director
as much right to his face.

I appreciate that, Jason.


I got your back, right?


Damn it, Sam.


You missed your train.

I was worried you might follow me here

but was really hoping you didn't.

- Sorry, pal.
- I got backup with me, Jason.

You don't want to do this.

Let's talk about you turning yourself in.

Nice try, Sam.

I've been doing this way too long

to miss a Bureau surveillance team.

Who said they're from the Bureau?


let's talk about stopping Black Dagger

and keeping you out of prison
for the rest of your life.

Ah, I don't think so, Sam.

I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

I feel like I got hit in
the chest with a truck.

You didn't have to kill her.

You should go.

I want to come in.

You can't.

But I'm innocent. You know that now.

Faber just tried to kill you.
You can tell everyone the truth.

That's not what it looks
like from the outside.


It looks like I stole
classified files to turn over

to a Russian asset

and a federal agent caught us in the act...

an agent you just shot and killed.

So what do we do now?

Get out of here before anyone sees you.

And find us something to use on Christoph.


Thank you.

Get the hell out of here.


Despiartate, mi Amor.

Oh, no, you're going.

Only to Boston.

I just received an email from
a potential source on a story.

He needs to see me right away.

Oh. Will you call me when you get there?

Of course I will.

- I love you.
- Oh, I love you.

Okay, be warm.

- Be safe.
- I will.

And will you hit the
coffee maker on the way out?

Sì, mi Amor.

Did you find something?

In 1989, the CIA tracked
Christoph into Indonesia

before his trail went cold.

Three months later, a
fuel truck blew a tire,

swerved off the road, and
crashed into a refinery

outside of Jakarta...

50 dead, $500 million in losses.

In 1994, the height of
the Rwandan Civil War,

Christoph is spotted in the Congo.

Six weeks later, a massive grain silo

funded by the UN explodes,

killing a thousand Hutu refugees
and starving countless others.

It was attributed to a stray
spark igniting a dust cloud.

There are others...

catastrophes at water-treatment facilities,

coal mines, power stations.

Every single one of these events

shifted geopolitical power
in one direction or another.

He makes his attacks look like accidents.

And he uses existing
materials from his targets

as the fuel source for his bombs.

You found a pattern.

This definitely narrows down

the potential targets for Black Dagger, no?

To a still unimaginable number, but...

but it's a start.

No, you need to... you need to rest.

Did you not hear what I just said?

You... you lost a lot of blood, Alex.

- I'm fine, Mom.
- No, you're not fine.

Christoph is still out there.

Well, killing yourself is
not going to help us find him.

Your body and your mind...
you need to recover.

Every time I close my eyes, I see her face.


Killing Faber...

I thought that would make me feel better,

but it doesn't.

That's a good thing, Alex.

That means that you're a good man.


Is everything prepared?


Our window of opportunity

is 42 to 46 hours from now.

And your source for this
information... the woman?

- What about her?
- She's a loose end, is she not?

Touch her, I kill you.

She'll be untouched.

The committee would like to know
how many casualties you expect.

Well, that's the thing
about tragic accidents.

You cannot count casualties
until after it happens.

In two days...

a disaster will befall America.

It will dominate the news
here and around the world

for weeks to come.

This is not an estimate.

This is a certainty.

Now, would you like me to proceed?



Good-bye, then.