Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 12 - Those Who Help Themselves - full transcript

Victor (Morgan Spector) devises a plan to infiltrate the SVR and cut the head off the snake. Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) convinces Katya (Hope Davis) to send Sarah (Alex Peters) somewhere safe. New information brings Sam (Kenneth Choi) one step closer to finding Christoph (Giancarlo Esposito), whose mission is suddenly complicated when Elizabeth (Diane Farr) confesses a secret.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
operative for hire, assassin.

He's the man the SVR have hired
to carry out Black Dagger.

He makes his attacks
look like accidents.

And he uses existing materials
from his targets

As the fuel source
for his bombs.

- I love you.
- Oh, I love you.

yes. Our window of opportunity
is 42 to 46 hours from now.

And your source for this
information... she's a loose end.

Touch her, I kill you.


- Please!
- [yells]

there are dangerous men
out there,

Really dangerous men,
and they're planning

To hurt a lot
of innocent people.

And we are trying to stop them.

when I found out about
mom and dad, I was mad too.

All this time,
they were living this lie.

Alex O'Connor...

The prime suspect in the murder
of his partner, Michelle Prado.

He is a traitor,
and now he is a fugitive.

I'm taking you in, Alex.

Sam, stop.

Faber's the mole.
He killed Michelle.

You were trying to get
out of town pretty quick,
weren't you, Oleg?

[tires screeching]
- why the hurry?

What are you running away from?

I know nothing, same as you.

Sorry, pal.

Let's talk about you turning
yourself in.


[grunts, breathing heavily]

Get out of here
before anyone sees you,

And find us something
to use on Christoph.

It will all be over soon.

- You don't know that.
- I do.

- I'm going to end it.
- End it how?

Cut the head off the snake.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

The Rezident?

That's suicide, you can't just
kill the Rezident.

I can if those above
him sanction it.

Why would the Kremlin ever
sanction that?

The Kremlin isn't running
SVR anymore.

I'm going to talk to the people
who actually are,

The people who ordered
Black Dagger.

You don't even know
who they are.

Not all of them, no.

But whatever group is pulling
the strings,

I'm willing to bet Uri Adulov
is involved.


The billionaire whose dad was
the head of the kgb...

You'll never get within
a mile of him.

Adulov is in town.

He's partners in Club Bliss
in Brooklyn.

I will go to him,

And he and I will have
a heart-to-heart.

The club does not open
for six hours.

Your plan is to have
a heart-to-heart with him.

He will kill you,

Because he's
a cold-blooded killer.

Who only cares
about his own interests.

That's what I'll appeal to.

You'll be outnumbered,
outgunned, alone.

- I can handle it.
- If you can't, you're dead.

If I can't... We're dead.

[cell phone beeps]

[gun cocks]

I love you.

And if this ends in tragedy,

It will be because
we were fighting back.

Victor Dobrynin.

It's a nice place.
My compliments.

Resourceful man, Victor.

You actually convinced me
to see you.


There are issues
at the Rezidentura.

It's the Rezident.

I need your blessing...

To kill him.

You want to kill the Rezident?

- He has failed you.
- In what way?

Black Dagger.

I know about it, and others do.

I would describe that
as failure in every way.

Call off Black Dagger.

If you don't, you ensure a war.

Do you understand
what Black Dagger is?

It's not an attack.

It's a reordering...

A gravitational shift.

It is only way to prevent war.

America has subjugated us
for too long,

Humiliated us, sanctioned us.

Now there's coming a reckoning

To restore Russia
back to her proper place.

The only question is,
does it come by open conflict

Or a single decisive act?

And if thousands die?

It's better than millions.

So, for sake of peace...

My answer is no.

Black dagger will happen.
You cannot kill the Rezident.

And because you know
about Black Dagger

And you're working against it...

You will die.

I'm sorry you couldn't
see things my way.


[man shuddering, grunting]

No, no, please.

You are alive
for one reason...

To deliver a message.

To who?

General sergeyev.


- Alexyou thought I was looking
- forward the whole time.

- I wasn't.
- You're learning.

Just don't get cocky.

The task force
find anything on Faber?

Not yet, they still
have no idea he was a mole.

- What? Why?
- Faber was good.

It's the reason he went
30 years without being caught.

Is there no way
to help them along?

Right now he's getting
the fallen-hero treatment.

We start pointing fingers,
we may implicate ourselves,

Taint what they find.

You said you had something.

I need a guarantee
from you first.

This is not
a used-car lot, Alex.

- There's no bargaining.
- I'm not. It's not for me.

I want protection for my family.

You know the SVR will stop
at nothing to get to me.

All right, I'll tell brock
to put a protective detail

On your parents' home.

I'll sell it as surveillance,
in case you go back.

- What did you find?
- Oleg zhulov.

The guy who spilled
the beans about Black Dagger

To irina semovetskaya?

I found something
in the files you gave me...

A connection between
Christoph and zhulov.

- You're kidding.
- No.

Zhulov was in many
of the same places as Christoph

In the last year Christoph
was known to be active.

I think he was
Christoph's set-up man...

Opening accounts,
commandeering supplies,

Arranging logistics.

You need to get to zhulov
and talk to him.

Zhulov hasn't said
a word since we took him down.

As I recall, he told me
to screw myself forever.

Because you never had
any leverage over him.

Now, with his connection
to Christoph, you do.

I'm not sure even that would be
enough to make him talk...


Unless he already has.

[blowtorch hissing]


I'm checking out the van.
Yes, jet-black cargo van.

(man on phone)
all right.

It must be the exact model...

A perfect match,
down to the tinting.

Not a problem.
Same tires?

That is correct...
All-season treads.

- All right.
- Good.

Deliver it to the address
and time provided to you.

[cell phone beeps, thuds]

[cell phone vibrates]

¿qué tal, mi amor?

- Oh, it's cold.
- Your interview go okay?

Ah, very well, but I have to
schedule a follow-up interview.

You know it never ends.

Oh, well, I was wondering,
if you wanted to,

Maybe you could take
the early train home?

Is everything all right?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Um, we'll talk when
you get here.

Bésame mucho, mi amor.

Sam says the task force
still hasn't figured out

Faber's the mole.

Then they still think
you're the mole.

And I'm concerned
they'll track me here,

And you'll all be arrested
for harboring a fugitive.

Well, it's better if the FBI
finds us here than the SVR.

I think you'd be safer
going back home.

We'll just be sitting ducks
for the SVR there.

As surveillance
in case I came back.

The SVR would never try anything
in front of the FBI.

Sarah would be safe there.

Well, we can't stop Black Dagger

If we're just sitting around
the house.

The SVR will eventually
find this place.

not if Victor gets
to the Rezident first.

Even if he succeeds,
there's no guarantee

Just because the Rezident
goes down.

No, she's not leaving
my side again.


Alex is right.
She's safer there.

You, dad, and Alex keep working.
I'll take her home.

I'll wake her up.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Don't leave her side,
not for anyone,

Not for any reason.

I won't.

(Sergeyev on phone)
you asked to speak with me?

- Yes.
- In person, then.

I'm sorry, general, there's no
way I can get out of new york.

You don't have to.
I'm in the city.

23rd and 11th...
One hour.

[line clicks]

You know I love you.

And I love you.

For me, it's more than love.

I have so much respect for you,

So much respect for the work
you do as a journalist,

As an activist.

You spend your life
trying to help people.

You... you travel the world.

You... you give life
to stories

That deserve
humanity's attention,

And I would never want
to change that.

I-I-I don't want to change you.
I... it's not...

What's wrong?

I-I have to make
some decisions,

And I've made a decision.

And it doesn't have
to mean changes for us.

I mean, it would be changes
for us.

Are you breaking up with me?

God, I hope not, but...

You tell me.

[car door closes]

The FBI guys are outside.
Alex was right.

Yep, we're great.

Traded one prison cell
for another.

Come on.

look at the bright side.

We're alone.

We could do
whatever we want...

Eat ice cream,
crank up some music,

Play video games.

So not in the mood.


[door closes]

You're wasting your time.

Oh, I'm not here
to question you.

I'm here to thank you. I have
your release paperwork here.

The deal you made
in exchange for your freedom.

You're a survivor, Oleg.
I respect that.

I made no deal.

That's odd.

According to this,
you told us everything
you knew about Black Dagger.

And this part
is really good...

Oskar Christoph.

You identified the operative

Tasked with carrying
out the attack.

I said nothing.

Well, sure, you did.

That's your signature
right there.

I signed nothing.
It's a fake.

Which would be very hard
to prove in a timely manner,

At any rate.

They will kill me
if they think I spoke.

Well, I guess
you're in a jam then.

So how about this?

You tell me everything you know

About Black Dagger
and Christoph,

And we'll put you
in protective custody.

You don't, we release you now.

And I'll make sure to leak
your confession to the Rezident

Before you're out the door.

You can explain
the misunderstanding

As they're loading you
into a furnace.

I don't know anything
about the Black Dagger.

I believe you.

But you do know something
about Christoph.

You have to, since you
arranged logistics

For him anytime
he works for the SVR.

You can't prove that.

I don't have to.

All I have to do
is let you go free.

Christoph's aliases...
I know them.

I broke Oleg. What?
what did... what did you find?

The pot at the end of the
rainbow... Christoph's aliases.

Oh, this is huge.

He's using three.
Task force is running them.

In the meantime, do your
beautiful mind thing.

Dig into each one
and see what you see.

What do you mean
my beautiful min thing?

Just do you, Alex.

Didn't expect you to be
in the city, general.

It seems one of Russia's
finest citizens

Was tragically killed...

Uri Adulov.

A robbery gone wrong...

That's what Moscow's calling it.

That's unfortunate.

And messy...

Should the Americans find out.

I volunteered to fly in
and collect the body

On behalf of the nation.

And, of course,
you wanted to talk to me.

The Rezident...
He's out of control.

He's ruled by thieves
like adulov,

Not men of principle, like you.

Black Dagger is a mistake,
and it has been compromised.

The men behind it would see this
if they could listen to reason,

But they can't see
beyond their own ambition.

If an attack occurs,

It will eventually be
connected to SVR...

And you, the Russian military,

Will be left holding the bag.

It is true.

The SVR has fallen
under the control of oligarchs

And international bankers.

Would you be surprised

If I told you
some aren't even Russian?

They care nothing
for our country or our people.

Can you call off Black Dagger?

I don't know.

All I can do is appeal
to those in moscow and beyond

Who seem to actually
control the SVR...

Though I fear we are
too late in the game.

There is little time
for appeals, general.

There is little choice.

But adulov's death

Means they might listen
more attentively now.

If you can kill the Rezident,

You will be protected.


But there is
one more thing I need.

What's that?

To be the new Rezident.

[door opens]

- They find anything?
- Sam just called.

He said the task force
have a lead on Christoph...

A warehouse in the bronx.

- Great.
- He's gonna keep us posted.

In the meantime,
I-I found something

In one of Christoph's aliases...
Marcos oliva.

What about him?

Well, sam ram the alias
through the tsa database.

Marcos oliva's passport
has been swiped 18 times

In the last year.

He's been all over the world.

- Doing what?
- Research.

He... on the 50 articles
he's published.

He's an investigative

Real articles.
On... on what?

I haven't read through them yet,

But environmental activism
from the bylines.

Marcos oliva
attended a multitude
of energy conferences.

Energy solutions summit
in berlin,

World future energy summit
in rio,

oil and gas assembly.

I mean, the list goes on.

He goes to two or three
of those, it should provide

Sufficient intelligence
for his cover.

Why would he attend so many?

There must be a connection
between them, a common thread.

Say hello
to Oskar Christoph...

A man suspected in over 40 acts
of political assassination

And state-sponsored terrorism
in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Until today,
we thought he was dead.

Knowing he is not, he has just
become the prime suspect

In every unattributed terrorist
attack since 1995.

And according to Oleg Zhulov,

Christoph entered new york
via montreal on the 15th

Under one of three aliases.

If he is here,
it is for one reason,

And that is
to execute Black Dagger.

Now, we have found a loft space
leased under one of his aliases,

John Phillips,
and we are gonna hit it now.

[door buzzes loudly]

[machine whirring]

[alarm blaring]

- Go, go!
- Move!


All clear!


(man #2)
clear in there.

- Anything?
[indistinct chatter]

(man #3)
right there.

(man #4)
all clear.

He messed up.
He left a trail.

Get an ERT up here.

(man on walkie-talkie)
copy that.

Get out.
Everyone out... out now!


You're a dead man,
but you know that.

Let's walk.

It's not my days
that are numbered.

It's the Rezident's.

I'm going to kill him,

Which means you're out of a job

And in a precarious position.

Well, you can't be the
Rezident's attack dog forever.

You're too smart
for the way he treats you...

Like a valet,

Not an integral part
of the SVR's mission.

I'm not a betting man,
but if I were, tell me,

Why bet on you?

Uri adulov.


And the Rezident is next,

With General Sergeyev's

What do you want from me?

Your allegiance, Roman.

What a mind, this Christoph.

Every article
so meticulously researched

And written
in such excellent prose.

This one detailing
an offshore drilling symposium,

One on more environmentally
friendly ways

To process bituminous coal.

Press tour of wind farms
in gansu, china.

He's a cold-blooded
killer, mom.

Yes, I know, but he
even won an award.

- Mom, I-I just...
- I'm sorry.


Any connection
between the conferences?

Names, five.

Five different people attended
the same conference

As Christoph.


She was a speaker
at every one of the conferences.

Elizabeth Simpson...

Works at the U.S. Department
of Transportation pipeline

On hazardous materials safety
administration, but why her?

Why not the other four?

Because she lives
in new york city.

[door opens, keys jingle]

[door closes]


- Hi.
- Hi.

Work okay?


Should I make us some tea?
I got some new tea.

Elizabeth, come.
Come, sit down.

Thank you.

De nada.


You were right...

About what you said.

I'm always moving,
never able to settle down,

Slow down...

Always chasing, chasing,


Wasn't sure what it was
I was looking for,

And then you told me
about the baby,

And my heart stopped.

I, um...

Well, the idea of staying
in one place terrifies me.

It scares me,

And I am not scared
of anything, Elizabeth.

I see.

But you were wrong
about why I'm always moving.

It isn't about saving the world
and changing the world.

That's a lie I told myself.

The truth is...

That I have been looking

For a place where I belong,
a person to belong to,

Someone that I trust.

I never thought I would find it.

But I have found that in you.

I belong here...

With you.

When I finish the story
I am working on,

I will find work in new york,

And I will be a father
to our baby.


- If you want me to stay.
- Yes.

I love you.

I love you, beth.

I have a few loose ends
to tie up on my story,

But how about dinner tonight,

And we can celebrate the demise
of my globe trotting?

Oh, may it rest in peace.

I have to tell Sam.

This woman, Elizabeth,
could be the key to everything.

[line trilling]

[cell phone beeps]
- it's just going to voice mail.

Alex, did sam tell you
the address

Of the warehouse
they were raiding?

Uh, yes. Uh, Tremont Avenue,
the Bronx...

600 East Tremont.

Mark, what's wrong?

Police scanners.
Alex, I, um...


There was an explosion
at 600 East Tremont avenue.

W-was anyone hurt?

They're saying no one survived.


- No!
- Alex.

- It's my fault.
- It's no one's fault.

Oh, it's my fault.
I killed them.

No, no, no, please don't.

It's all my fault!

- Okay, okay.
- I killed them!

- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
- No, no.

I killed sam.
I killed Michelle.

No, it's Christoph's fault,
and we're going to make him pay.

No, we can't make him pay.

We tried to make Faber pay, and
we didn't bring Michelle back!

- Shh.
- Okay. You're okay.

- [crying] we have no one left.
- No, no, we have her.

We have her, she's going
to take us to Christoph.

She could be innocent.
We can't hurt her.

We're not going to hurt her,
baby, okay?

Okay, calm, calm.

- Shh.
- It's okay.


Help me, and you're
my new number two.

You'll be treated with respect

And paid accordingly.

No threats.

I walk away...

You too.

But we will end up
on opposite sides of a fight.

I hope that's not how it goes.

Getting to the Rezident
will not be easy.

He beefed up security lately.

Something is going on.

I believe an operation
of some sort.

There is only one place
where he's ever alone,

Where he will be exposed.



You're serious?

[pounding on door]

- Yes?
- Elizabeth simpson?


I'm Agent Kim Solloway

With the Department
of Homeland Security.

We'd like to talk with you
about Marcos oliva.

Is everything okay?
Did something happen?

He's a terrorist,
Ms. Simpson.

No, t-this is a mistake.
You people are wrong.

Ma'am, this photo was taken
by the CIA in Sarajevo in 1992.

This is Christoph, the man you
know as Marcos Oliva,

Moments before he blew up
a bus depot

Full of UN peacekeepers.

You mean to say you think
he spent the last seven months,

All the late-night phone calls
and the letters

Manipulating me
because he wants to use me?

We're afraid so.

No, it's impossible.

I... we met randomly,
and it was...

A chance meeting in a restaurant
or a hotel lobby

During a conference?

He was unlike any man
you'd ever known...

Disarming, insightful,

It was like he could read
your thoughts.

He knew just what to say.

And it felt that way
because he researched

Every detail of your life.

He knew everything about you
before he even met you.

No. He's Marcos.
He's from colombia.

He has two sisters.
He has four nephews.

Have you been to his home
in bogotá,

Met his family,
any friends from home?

Have you even seen any childhood
pictures of him?

You know what?
I told you already.

We've been together
for less than a year,

And we have a trip
planned there in August.

Mrs. Simpson...

Are you pregnant?

It's none of your business
whether or not I'm pregnant.

Oh, but it is.

If you refuse to help us,

You are aiding a fugitive,

A known terrorist.

A lot of people are gonna die,

And you're gonna end up
having that baby behind bars.

You'll have it maybe three days

Before it's taken away from you.

- You cannot do that.
- We won't.

The courts will.
That's the law.

You won't be able to nurse
the baby or sing to it

Or rock it to sleep
or any of the things

That bond a baby to its mother.

That baby won't even know
who you are.

Agent solloway.

We need you to call him,
ms. Simpson,

To bring him here.

So you can arrest him?

As he enters the building.

And we'll do it quietly
and safely.

It's hard to betray
someone you love.

No, it's not hard, it's awful.

I know.

This is how you can help him.
This is how you protect him.

And your baby.

And you're not gonna hurt him?


We'll take him peacefully.

[bell tolling]

[choral music]

Go ahead.

I can't.
What if he... I...

you can, Elizabeth.

Just stick to the script,
and everything will be fine.


[line trilling]

(Christoph on phone)
¿qué tal, mi amor?

Hi, I was calling about dinner.

I'm feeling really nauseous,

So I was wondering
if we could just stay home.

It's probably the baby.

Definitely the baby, yep.

Of course.
I'll make soup.

It'll settle your stomach.

okay, great.

I love you.

I love you too.

- Are you okay? - Yeah.
With what we have to do? - I'm okay.

Once you start shooting,
empty the gun.

can't leave here alive.

- Is that him?
- No, no, no.

No, no.
That's not him.


Have you heard anything?
He should have been here by now.

Some of your files
have restrictions.

I-I need your password.

Those are classified.

There's, uh, oil and gas
blueprints on there

And federal agency contracts
and scheduling dates.

I-I could get in trouble.

You won't get in trouble.

I-I can't imagine
what you're going through,

But if we're right,

on one of these files

Will be used to kill
thousands of people.


Thank you.

[cell phone vibrates]

It's him.

[cell phone vibrates]

- Hello?
- Hi.

Where are you?

(Christoph on phone)

The man I was supposed to meet
is running late.

He won't arrive for an hour.


Will you promise me
that you'll get something to eat

Before you come here?

I promise.

I have to thank you, amor...

For reminding me
how people really are.

What are you talking
about, Marcos?

You helped me.

You made me a better person...

Because I see the truth again.

No matter how badly you don't
want to believe it's so,

The truth is that there's no one
you can trust in this world.

Marcos, what?

I can't even trust myself,

Because for a moment today,

I thought that things
could change for me.

They won't.

We are all fallen in the end.


I love you.

I know.

I love you too.

[sobs softly]

I think I lost...

He... he shot her.

He... he shot her
from... from across the street.

Alex, you stay down.

Don't move
until you hear from us.

Damn it.

Your silence is louder
than a scream.

Lost in prayer, father.

Prayer looks different
on one's face.

Your face reveals distress...

The face of a troubled man.

It's been a long time since
you've been in church, yes?

My mother used to take me
when I was a boy.

Then she died.

I never went back.

But god brought
you here tonight.

Not god.

Not god?

How do you know?

The things I have done...

I think they're
beyond forgiveness.

Did you find anything
on Elizabeth's computer?

I think
Christoph's target...

Williamstown, Pennsylvania,
standard gas facility.

Oh, my god.

Elizabeth Simpson

Oversaw the replacement

Of highly sensitive
pressure valves

Used in natural gas processing
plants and fracking operations.

There's a site scheduled for
maintenance tomorrow morning.

The... the standard gas
williamstown processing plant.

If Christoph tampered
with those valves...

That plant becomes a giant bomb.

The facility...
It's near a school,

A-a community college.

There's a church, a mall.

This would kill tens
of thousands of people.

[door closes]

We have a problem, a big one.

- Boom!
- Ugh!

Hey, come on!
I'm still trying

- Aw, keep trying.
- It's on, bitch.

Oh, yeah?

- Oh! Yes!
- No, that was me!

Thompson and Gutierrez should
have checked in 15 minutes ago.

[walkie-talkie beeps]

Thompson, Gutierrez, what,
did you guys fall asleep on me?

[walkie-talkie beeps]

Thompson, gutierrez,
radio check.

[walkie-talkie beeps]

Please respond, over.

[walkie-talkie beeps]


What the hell?
Was that the door?