Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Arrival - full transcript

Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) brings important intel back from Rome, but Mark (Scott Cohen) and Katya (Hope Davis) need Victor (Morgan Spector) to fill in the missing pieces by spying on the Rezident (David Vadim). Sam (Kenneth Choi) seeks advice from Faber (Paul Ben-Victor) after he catches his protégé in a lie, and Michelle (Floriana Lima) reveals to Alex the intimate details of her past. Meanwhile, Christoph (Giancarlo Esposito) makes the final preparations for Black Dagger before arriving in America. Also starring Margarita Levieva (Natalie O'Connor).

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Allegiance...

These are files that were
on Mikhail's computer.

If it's real, then we need
to take this to the FBI.

They have a mole
inside the US government.

The Treasury maintains
a database to track

suspicious money transfers.

That's for
law enforcement agencies only.

CIA doesn't have access.

But your task force
is full of FBI agents.

I won't steal
an FBI agent's access code.

Alex, stealing the code is
what the operation requires.

Special Agent Faber.

Have you ever spied on
your country, Alex?

No, never.

The money from Tolliver's bank
is going to Rome in three days.

We needed to figure out
a way to get you there.

Why are you looking at me
like that?

The good news is,
Intel is matching up

to known SVR officers.

We seem to have a Russian
Easter egg on our hands.

Where is the Triggerman now?

He's on the move.

Now, Alex, this man is
highly, highly trained.

You're not gonna be able
to stand up

in about ten minutes.

You got to let it go.

There's too much at stake.

Hey, did you make it back okay?

Michelle said
you didn't answer her texts.

He was escorting
his own cutout.

I let him get away.
Fadi's dead.

I screwed up everything.

What do you see?


I'm sorry,
what exactly do have

to be so melancholy about
right now?

The operation was a
success, and you got some.

wipe that grin off your face

before James Bond back there
catches on.

Just got off with Brock.

Going through the data
on that drive

is like drinking
from a fire hose.

Did you find anything?

A few midlevel SVR assets.

Nothing on Black Dagger.

It'll take 1,000 man hours
to sift through it all.

But we did well yesterday.

To small victories.

So what's your secret, Alex?

What do you mean?

Last night, you were puking
out your lower intestine.

Today you look like
you could go 12 rounds.

I... sleep, I guess.

Amazing, isn't it, what a
good night's rest can do?

Well, the science backs it up.

Okay, you're weird.

That the science backs
up that sleep helps...

- No.
- Then why?

Alex, I'm messing with you.

If the last thing I do,
I'm going to teach you

how to recognize
when that is happening.

Speaking of sleep, I want
to, so please shut up.

Princess needs
her beauty rest.

Wrong finger.

You're blind.
Your eyes are closed.

How is it that you're employed
by the same organization

that tracked down bin Laden?


I will pay you
to let me sleep right now.

I'll tell you what.

You sink this, and I'll be quiet
the entire rest of the trip.

I will hold you to that.

No, no, no, not that one.

That one.

All right, then you say out loud

that the FBI is a superior
organization to the CIA.



Say it, and reflect on
your sins in silence.

Is this what you meant
when you said

don't get into
a game of quarters with her?

My friend,
it's been a lifetime.

Is everything prepared?

All specs as you requested.

You won't believe the detonation
velocity of such a small amount.

Show me.

Of course.

We have 10 centimeters
thick bullet-resistant glass.

We have steel-reinforced doors
and chassis.

Several dozen
currently in service

to 20 countries'
heads of state.

Yes, of course.

The material is flawless,
I assure you.

My idiot nephew must've
improperly wired the cap.




Forgive me.

My sister's son.

She begged me
to teach him a craft,

but no good deed
goes unpunished.

It's a temporary glitch.




As I said,
you will never find a... Jozef!


A man who cannot be trusted
to wire a blasting cap

cannot be trusted
to see my face.

Don't you agree?

It was a tragic accident.

I am sorry for your loss.

That was only 1/100th of a kilo.

I'd like 50 kilos.


Do you plan
on leveling a mountain?

Fadi took this picture before...

before he was killed
by this man.

Any of you recognize him?


We have to assume this is the person
that's gonna carry out Black Dagger.

I need to alert the task force.

And tell them what?

That you snuck away from
a covert CIA operation

to follow a suspected
terrorist on your own?

And all you have
is a blurry photo

that could be anybody
to show for it?

You can tell height, weight,
skin tone, age within 20 years.

That's something.

The Rezident
has a mole somewhere

with exceptional access to
CIA and FBI intelligence.

If you tell anyone even this,

the SVR will find out
and kill you.

He's right, Alex.

We need a name.

We need something they can
follow up on and verify.

There is an imminent attack.

We can't just
stand around talking.

We won't.

- We'll get a name.
- How?

This man is a ghost.

That's why the SVR hired him.

Well, then the SVR knows
who he is.

The Rezident knows.

Maybe if I ask him,
he'll tell me.

Try that.
See how it goes.

- If we got listening devices in his office...
- We? You mean me.

Of course.

Bugging an SVR rezident
is out of reach

for anyone but an insider.

We get a bug
in the Rezident's office.

Then we lead him to believe the CIA
caught on to Black Dagger in some way.

If we're lucky,
he contacts the Triggerman.

You have to sign in
at the guard desk

to even get access to the area with the
file vault and the Rezident's office.

They do an electronic
sweep every other day.

If it gets discovered, I will be
on a very short list of suspects.

The electronic sweep
won't detect anything

if there's no electronics
to detect.


I can modify the bug to experience a
power surge 24 hours after you plant it.

The surge fries the
electronics. Voila, undetectable.


We'll need to
bug his car as well.

Got your message.
Come on, you're buying.

Rain check.
Got to be back in four hours.

I remember the days we
used to drink all night

and still make the turnaround.

- Remember that?
- Yeah, long time ago.

Yeah, so what did you want
to talk about?

This is off the record.

I'm just looking for
some advice right now.


Well, you know I spent
most of my career

looking outside the agency
for bad guys,

people who were dirty,
weak, ripe to turn.

Objectively speaking,
I'm good at spotting them.


Hate to admit it,
but agreed.

But I've never had to look
inside at my own people.

Never had a reason.

Theoretically speaking,
what am I supposed to look for

to spot someone who might be
working for the other side?

Think of it like a
cheating spouse.

It's the little things you
can't put your finger on.

White lies, half truths,
unexplained absences,

an inflection in the voice,
hyper-protest of innocence.

Human beings out to
deceive have the same tells.


It's not important right now.

Yeah, so it's the boy genius
you took under your wing.

Alex O'Connor.

Very nice, Faber. Very nice.

Objectively speaking,
I'm pretty good at my job.

I got a weird feeling
about this, Jason.

Feelings aren't facts, Sam.

You start pointing
fingers. You get it wrong.

You might burn down
a promising career

before it gets off the ground.

All right, well, this is an
off-the-record conversation.

What do you think?

Honestly, based on what I saw
and what you told me about him,

I don't think someone whose mind
works as differently

as O'Connor's could hold it together
as a double agent.

Now, that said, you
should keep an eye on him.

Does something else unexplained.

Maybe we get
a surveillance order.

Dig deeper on him.

All right, thanks, Jay.

I owe you one.

Last one.

When we lost contact with you
in Rome,

as awful as the thought was of
losing you, I felt something else.


Going after that operative
by yourself,

that was brave, Alex.

I wish I could tell you this
was all gonna be over soon,

but bugging the Rezident
is daunting.

We need a backup plan.

In case he kills us all?

- Natalie.
- It's the truth, Dad.

Alex is a part of all this now.

He needs to confront
what it really is.

Somehow we need to alert
the task force

that the operative in
charge of Black Dagger

is on his way here.

It just can't come from you,
not directly.

Victor is right.

The mole would come after you.

Dad and I have an idea.

We plant a letter for
the task force to find

in the SVR cache that we created

that you recovered in Italy.

A letter ordering the Rezident

to help prepare for the arrival of the
operative in New York to carry out Black Dagger.

In order to add to the cache,

I'd need to have unfettered access

to the FBI server.

You still have your partner
Michelle's log-in codes, right?

All right.

It'll take me a day
to create a document

that will bed-in well enough
with what we already created.

I'll text you.

Hey, do you know who
those people are?

Computer analysis response team.

They arrived overnight.

They've combed through 5%
of the SVR cache so far.

Anything about Black Dagger?

Not yet.

Hey, I'm thinking I
need a change of scenery.

Too long in one place,
my mind shuts down.

What time did you get in
this morning?

Half hour ago.

We can't do anything
until the computer team

finishes their search anyway.

Let's go work at my place.

We'll be more productive.

How would it be more productive?

Anything we can do there,
we can do here.

Not everything, Alex.

I told you we'd get
more done here.

You're so beautiful.

We have a leak inside SVR.

I don't have all the details,

but the Americans got their
hands on a data cache...


Information stolen was
only moderately sensitive,

though the cover of several of
our diplomatic officers was blown.


No one important.

Here's the latest,
but this feels like an overture

from one of our operatives
to the Americans.

The way of establishing
he has real information

in exchange for immunity.




Never mind.
I will do it myself.



That was a good night.

Grocery bags in our boots
so the dogs lost our scent.

But you were the best
in our class, Dmitri.

The big man.

Now I drive the big man.

And I admire your self-control.

If an idiot accidently shot
me in the knee on the range...





Sometimes I think that bullet was
the best thing to happen to me.

I need to use the facilities.

Thanks for the beer
and the conversation.

We should do this again.

One more.
My wife texted.

If I'm not there for
bedtime, she'll have my head.

Is that Sacha?

My God, he's huge.

Time passes, huh?

He plays linebacker
for his football team.

Not hockey.

Treason, I know.

My friend.

- Buh-bye.
- You as well.

This is really good.

It's hard to screw up eggs.

I can.

Not in this house.


I-I usually read when I eat.

I noticed. Why is that?

I never know where to look.

Look down, you're being rude.

Too much eye contact, and
people think you're weird.

Facts, numbers, patterns,
they make sense to me.

People... people don't.

- They're...
- Irrational, erratic, inconsistent.

Not knowing what people will do,

that's what makes
life interesting, Alex.

Never thought I'd be "dating"
my partner, for example.

Are we dating?

That's a polite way to say it,

That's what
the air quotes were for.


Never mind.

Yes, we're dating.

So no side projects
from now on, okay?


What's wrong?

Oh, uh, nothing.

I have to stop
by my sister's apartment

on the way to work.

Meet Cindy Reynolds.

She's an SVR asset working for
the New York Stock Exchange.

We're making it look like
she's receiving

secret orders from Moscow
to arrange a drop

for the operative who's
gonna carry out Black Dagger.

Now I embed the file into a jpeg

and plant it in the dot over
the I in "Cindy" like so.


When the task force does
a scan and finds this,

they'll know
the Triggerman is here

along with his age,
race, and body type.

Any questions?

What does it mean when a
girl says, "No side projects"?

Oh, my God.


You have a girlfriend.

- No, no, I just...
- Alex, that's... that's awesome.

I'm really happy for you.


So what does it mean, this
no side projects thing?

You're the dumbest
genius ever.

It means she doesn't want you
sleeping with other people.

What? Why would I do that?

Well, you wouldn't.

Is this someone from work?

Holy crap. Alex.

Can we not tell mom
about this?

The last thing
I want to talk to mom about

is your love life.

Romance at work.

Have you ever, you know,
been with someone from work?


Is this the woman whose
access codes you stole?

The codes you're gonna
need to plant the file?

I'm sorry.

Just remember,
what you're doing

is gonna keep
a lot of people safe,

including her.

Are you okay?


My mom's all over me to fly
home to San Antonio tonight.

You don't like seeing your mom?

Tomorrow's the anniversary
of my sister's death.

Not sure getting together to cry over a
slab of granite will make us feel better.

Maybe your mom
needs you there.


She wants me there
so she can blame me.

I got drunk at a bar.

I didn't want to drive home,
so I called my sister,

and she came and picked me up.

We got sideswiped.
I walked away; she didn't.

I'm sorry.

She was gonna be a doctor.

She would've saved lives.

You save lives.

You saved mine in Brighton Park,

and you'll save more
when we stop Black Dagger.

You truly believe that,
don't you?

- That we'll stop it.
- Yes.

I never met anyone like you, Alex.

There's more thumb than
office in a lot of these.

You try taking covert photos

in the middle of a meeting
with a paranoid spymaster.

So from what you're describing,

trying to go in at night
would be riskier

than going in during the
day when the alarms are off.

I only have to know in advance

when the Rezident
won't be in the building,

find a way to get into his
office without being seen,

and then plant a bug.

There has to be a time
during the day

where he leaves
the office regularly.

He takes his dog for
a walk around the block

a couple of times a day.

Then there's your window.

And for the bug, I can put it in a
decanter stopper like this one here.

You just have to get
into the private office

and switch it out.

Are you sure
you can replicate it exactly?

Every scratch, every mark.

It must be exact.

He's incredible with his hands.

Still no sign of him out front.

Stay at least a foot back
from the window,

or the infrared cameras
will pick you up.


Everything's under control.

Rezident's on the move, go.

It's not here.

What? What's not there?

The decanter, the thing
I was supposed to bug.

The glasses are gone too.

- We should abort. Victor...
- We can't abort. This is our only chance.

I have an idea.

What are you gonna do?


He's on his way back.
We're out of time.

I just need one more minute.

He's coming your way.
He's coming inside.

I'm done.

Then get the hell out of there.

If he catches you in
there, he's gonna kill you.

Alex, what are you doing here?

Brock gave us a lot to analyze.

You came in at 2:00 AM
to analyze.

I had to cross-reference a
file with one on my desktop.

What are you doing here
at 2:00 AM?

Sleep cycle's out of whack
from Rome.

So did you find anything?

- No.
- Nothing that's odd?

I mean, we had solid Intel
that the documents

we were going for in Rome
were Mikhail's documents,

that it would be a
reasure trove

of information about the SVR.

The cache has yielded
the identities

of several undercover
SVR officers.

Minnows. Paper pushers.

What if this whole thing
was just a play

to get us to spin our wheels?

Fly half way around the world
chasing a false lead in Rome.

Well, the SVR would have to be
ten steps ahead of us

to pull that off.
That seems impossible.

Unless they had help, but that
doesn't seem likely, does it?

See you later.

So what more
do you have for me?

The files, names of our
officers, were acquired in Rome.

- How?
- Don't have that yet.

But I do know the Americans
were tracking

a double homicide in Rome.

An ex-KGB operative
and a Camorra member

known to move money
for black ops.

The CIA believes
they are connected

to chatter about
an imminent attack

on American soil.

Anything else?

Not yet.

Thank you, Victor.
That will be all.

Are there any loose ends
in Rome?

I don't leave loose ends.

Our colleagues from the other side
are looking into a tragic incident.

Let them.

Has everything been arranged?

Hey. Hey.

Want a drink?

No, I'm fine.

So why the off-campus visit?

I need this to stay between us.

What is it?

It's probably nothing.

I'm just worried that Alex
might be hiding

something from me.


Last night, he came into the
office at 2:00 in the morning.

- He says he never sleeps.
- Yeah, I know.

- He says that.
- You don't seem convinced.

No, he was acting... I don't
know. He's been off since Rome.

Little things. White lies,
vocal pattern stress.

I ask direct questions
he avoids.

I think something happened
in Italy.

Sam, you may be right.

Something did happen
in Italy.

- You saw something.
- Yes.

Involving Alex.

What I saw definitely
involved Alex.

Wait, you didn't...

I did not see that coming.

I said I could coach.

You and Alex?

Sex with Alex O'Connor?

Feel better?

About Alex, yes,

not about the fairness
of the universe, to be frank.

I will have that drink now.

Our colleagues
from the other side

are looking into
a tragic incident.

Let them.

Has everything
been arranged?

Friends will be waiting
at Campbell's, 4:00.

Victor's doing some digging to
try to see

if there's an SVR asset
or a site code named Campbell.

In the meantime,
I hacked Customs

who were taking passport
photos of everybody

arriving from France, Ivory
Coast, Monaco, Belgium.

He's from Canada, Quebec.

How could you possibly
know that?

Well, he ordered poutine,
a signature dish of Quebec,

and a croakmatin,
a local beer.

It's hard to find outside
of the province.

How long ago did you make
this recording?

Three hours.

The flight from Quebec
to New York is two hours.

He's already here.
He's in the country.

Alex, where are you going?

Task force.

They have to know the operative

in charge of Black Dagger's here,
and they need to know now.

I'll pretend to find the file.

We can't wait for the techs.

You cannot be
the one to discover it.

The mole will kill you. Do
you understand that, Alex?

A friend is waiting
at Campbell's.

I mean,
what if it isn't a code name?

What if
it's Campbell's Apartment,

the cocktail lounge at
Grand Central Station?

They were on
a highly secure line,

and they weren't
bothering to use code words

the whole conversation.

-It's possible.
-Even if you're right,

the Rezident said
the meeting was at 4:00;

that was 20 minutes ago.

We can get the security
footage from Grand Central.

Just give us a little bit
more time.

So you get any clarity
on O'Connor?

You were right.

The night he disappeared,
he was out getting laid.


Well, I suppose you should
find out who.

Make sure she's not
an SVR sparrow.

I already know who.

Every once in a while,
you impress me.

You know that?


This stays between us?

Come on,
if you don't know that by now...

Michelle Prado.

Prado, really?

I know.
Can you believe it?

I read the kid's file
when I polygraphed him.

He couldn't check a box
for sexual orientation.

Well, mystery solved.

No known romantic
relationships in his history.

Now, suddenly he ends up
in bed with Michelle Prado.

How does that work?

Maybe Michelle likes misfits.

Yeah, maybe, maybe.


What is this?

Our rat, Victor.

This was in my car.

It wasn't me!
Tell him, Victor.

You know I was...

Dmitri says
you will vouch for him.

I will.

- Dmitri is loyal.
- I disagree.

I believe Dmitri
used to be loyal

back when he thought
he was destined

to run the Service.

But then a stray bullet
felled a great career.

It was my mistake
to hire him as my driver.

To be that close to center stage

without being in the spotlight...
it led to bitterness.

This man has a family.

He's happy.

He would never betray us.

I have two children. Please.

Shut up! Shut up!

He hears everything
you say anyway.

Why would he need
to bug your car?

Someone could've
broken in there

while he was away.


But that would mean
Dmitri failed at his duties

to protect my car,
to protect me,

and if not that, he must
be a spy for the Americans.

No matter which, the
consequence is the same.

No, don't!

- Cindy Reynolds.
- Who?

Cindy Reynolds,
she's an employee

at the New York Stock
Exchange, an asset of the SVR.


She majored in forensic science
at the University of Iowa.

And this is more important
than my mu shu pork because...

Oh, it's a curriculum
heavy with steganography.

She knows how to send and
receive hidden messages

in everyday documents.

You found one of these messages?

Not in my files, but there's letters

between her and the SVR in
the cache we got in Rome.

I think she could be
connected to Black Dagger.

We should run a jpeg scan of
all of her correspondence now.

Get it to the computer analysts.

Have them look at it
within the next 24 hours.

No, we can't wait.
We shouldn't wait.

I mean, I can run it.

Every piece of
correspondence Cindy Reynolds

sent or received
in the past year.

Knock yourself out.

I'll be damned.


No, that's impossible.

It's a hidden jpeg. It
shouldn't even be here.

Why is it empty?

I have no idea,
but I do know this.

Nothing worse than
cold mu shu.

It wasn't there... the file.

I opened the jpeg.
It was empty.

That's impossible.

You coded it, right?

If it's gone, that's because
someone went in and erased it.

We need to get what we know
to the authorities right away.

Could you get into the
NYPD's real-time crime center?


Put out a be-on-lookout
notice on him in the system.

Suspect in a double homicide
in Rome

believed to be hiding
in New York,

and include the blurry
photo we have of him.

Say it's from an Italian
security camera.

Even if the BOLO
went out tonight,

tomorrow when the foreign
liaison team gets in,

they're gonna call Rome
to follow up.

They're gonna figure out
the request was a fake,

and they're gonna come
looking for whoever planted it.

So we get eight hours of
cops scouring the city.

We get to use their eyes too.

Look, I have to go.


What's wrong?

I need to tell you something.


I've been lying to you.

About what?


You've seen the operative

who's running
Black Dagger in person?

I saw him kill
two men in Rome.

I have a picture of him
from there.

And rather than
tell me or Sam or anyone,

you pursue it on your own.

I had no choice.

There's a mole,
I think, in the task force.

What makes you think that?

I planted a file about the
operative on the FBI server

so the techs would discover that he's here.

They missed it, so I went to Brock.

And we opened the file,
but the file was missing.

Someone had deleted it.

You planted intelligence on an FBI server.

You need a log-in.

You used mine.

No, please. Michelle.

Back, back!

This whole time, that's
what this was about.

You got close to me
so you can use me!

No, no. No, this is real.

Everything about you
is real to me.

You don't know anything
about me.

I do.

I know that...
how your hair falls

in front of your face like now,
but you never move it,

because you'll only have
to move it again.

I know that you blow on
your coffee three times

before you take your first sip.

I know that you crinkle
your nose when someone

pays you a compliment.

I know that when you kiss
your tattoo to remember your sister,

you blink twice
to hold back the tears.

I'm not lying.

You have to turn yourself in.

- To who?
- I don't know who to trust.

- And I should trust you?
- Yes.


And I need your help.

I need you to log in
to the server.

I need to find out
who logged in last.

You're out of your mind.

Show me the picture.

- What?
- The picture of the operative.

You said you have a
picture of him from Italy.

Prove it to me.

Give me something I can
verify, and I'll help.

I'm not carrying it around with me.

I need an hour.


We need to talk.

Natalie planted the request for
assistance from Rome's police.

A man wanted
for two open homicides.

And an alert has gone out to
all New York City officers,

and we're going to monitor
the police band for any hits.

In the meantime, we're searching

every traffic camera
in a ten-block radius

of Grand Central, so we
are going to find him.

- It's work. I have to...
- Is everything okay?

Everything's going to be fine.

I love you guys.

You be careful.

We're still not really
sure what the mole knows.

Okay, you be very careful.

I will.