Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 7 - Stranger in a Strange Land - full transcript

Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) goes to Rome, Italy with a dangerous double mission -- slip away from the CIA/FBI task force to track and identify the contractor handling multi-million dollar ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Katya voiceover)
Previously on Allegiance...

The moment we have enough
information to prove

that Black Dagger is real,
we go straight the FBI.

We work together as a family.

(Victor) The money for Black
Dagger will end up in Italy.

(Natalie) The transfers arrive at a bank

in Rome in three days.

Someone must be there to
identify who picks it up.

(Victor) If we can't get Alex to Rome,

we lose the trail on Black Dagger,

and it's the only trail we have.

The drive.

The documents on the flash drive

you found at the apartment
were SVR-encrypted.

The SVR believes Mikhail passed
the stolen files to a broker.

- Where's his broker?
- Rome, Italy.

Why send a a task force
halfway around the world

chasing files that
don't even exist anymore?

- It wasn't our call.
- Whose call was it then?


It's nice to finally meet you, Alex.

[tense music]


[labored breathing]


Alex, talk to me. What's going on?

(Katya) Alex, stop. Go back.

Alex, Alex, go back.

[gun cocking]

Alex, can you hear me?

Please tell me what's going on.

Alex, talk to me!

- No, no, no.
- Alex, what's going on? Alex!

- I have to go.
- Alex, can you hear me?

(Katya) [speaking Russian]

What's going on?

- What's wrong? What happened?
- I don't know.

[tense music]

[Alex speaking Russian]

[man, indistinct]

[voice echoes]

[coughs, gasps]

It's nice to finally meet you, Alex.

I'm Victor Dobrynin.


Please excuse us.

- We all need to find...
- Katya.

I've been wanting to talk
to you for a long time.

I do not like shadow games.

- I thought that we...
- What's Black Dagger?

Black Dagger?

It's a nuclear accident.

It's an Ebola outbreak.

It's a cyber virus...

it knocks out the power grid for a month.

Or cuts off fresh water to the East Coast.

It's the thing that can't
be traced back to Russia.

It makes the neighborhood
kids afraid to go outside.

What is it specifically?

You don't know. You're just a foot soldier.

The SVR will wire a payment of $50 million

to someone in Rome.

It's an operation payment

to a very high-end contractor.

If we mark the triggerman there,

we can stop Black Dagger before it starts.

You keep saying we, but you can't go,

- and neither can my parents.
- That's right, we can't.

The SVR would track that

and the moment they realize

we were in the same city as the triggerman,

they'd kill us all.

You planted those documents
the task force just found,

the documents saying
Mikhail's files were in Rome,

all as an excuse to get me there?

That's right.

And then what?

I just slip away from my colleagues,

all trained spies and spycatchers,

and go and track an SVR contractor

skilled enough to command
a payment of $50 million?


(Endo) I cannot promise it
will be available for long.

I have many suitors.

[imitates Chinese accent] I'm sure
you do, Endo, but I want it more.

For yourself or for the Chinese MSS?

(Sam) Does it matter?

If you have secondary market plans,

it matters a great a deal.

The MSS wants it and we
want to keep it for ourself.

(Endo) Meet two days from now.

We will contact you when you're here.



Two days.

Nice. Close.

You Hoovers even have passports?

And it says I work for the FBI on it.

Think that's a problem for a covert-op?

Endo's no dummy, so build legends.

Keep them tight.

Do we get to do one of those
fancy accents like yours?

Only if you can kill it, like me.

You know what I'm talking about, O'Connor.


Rome, kid.

Get ready.

[tense music]

You now have two different missions.

(Mark) The cover with the CIA,

collecting the bogus files
from the Italian broker,

and the real one to see who
picks up the SVR's money.

This is crazy. I'm not
an operator. I don't...

operate. I just tag
along with people who do.

And now I'm putting my
mentor at risk for no reason.

This is a limited mission.

We can teach you
everything you need to know.

And Sam Luttrell has 25 years in the field.

He can take care of himself.

But you're going to need
to slip away from the CIA.

We'll be on comms to help

and a contact in the field will assist you.


His name is Fadi.

He's crossing in from
Beirut to back you up.

I've known him a long time.

He's somebody that we can trust.

You're gonna need field backup.

All you're doing is marking
the target and reporting back.

We'll make a plan to
detain him at a later time.

And if he makes us, what do I do?

You call it off.

You disappear immediately.


Okay, I can do this.

If you need an excuse to get
away from your colleagues,

this is a last resort if
you need to leave in a hurry.

The green pill is a tartar emetic.

It simulates food poisoning.

The blue pill, the calming
blue, that's the antidote.

It's a cyclizine antiemetic.


I'm subverting the CIA,

running an off-book mission,

intentionally giving them false leads.

What I'm about to do is treasonous.

[plane engine humming]

The little green man
still out there on the wing

tearing apart the hydraulics?

Sharp claws, fangs.


(Alex) We're married.

It was a lovely ceremony.

I made associate at my firm by 25.

That's why I fell for you, big boy.

You're a star.

[light music]

(Sam) 1998, History, magna cum laude.

Summa. You memorized all our legends,

didn't you, freak show?

I read them.

Do we know the restaurant layout?

We're getting pictures.

I'll meet with Endo,

he'll do his little broker dancer,

try and show me how big his
huevos are, then give me a price.

- You two are strictly backup.
- Man and wife.

Okay, we got at 9:00 a.m.,

so easy on the mini-bar tonight.

I'm looking at you, Rain Man.

- I don't drink alcohol.
- Holy balls.

Alex, recognize when
someone is yanking you.

Now get the hell out of my room. Go.

[dramatic music]


I knew you were Katya's child from 50 feet.

I only have a few minutes before
my colleagues know I'm gone.

I was told you'd have a weapon for me.

Where's the bank?

I have someone inside
waiting for the operative

in charge of Black Dagger to arrive.

Whoever the money's intended for,

we don't want it sitting there long.


But he'll need to know it's safe

before he withdraws it.

We don't need to assume it's a man,

or even just one person.


Have you used one of those before?

Sig Sauer P226 double-action 9mm.

Picatinny rail, vertical
front strap serrations.


Not once, while shooting a man,

has it occurred to me where
the grip of my gun is made.

Why are you doing this?

Taking all these risks for us?

Dental floss.

Beirut, in the late '80s,

I led an Op straight
into a scouting patrol.

I took two of your Sig
9mms below my ribcage.

We were cornered. No evac.

I would've bled out,

but a young recruit cut out the bullet,

took out a twine of dental
floss, and sewed me up.

She sat with me through the night.

My mother did that?

She was on an Op that got into a firefight?

She's an extraordinary woman.

Katya doesn't have to mention the risks

when she asks for a favor.

Now, go back and help your CIA friends

with their wild goose chase.

Don't worry. I will watch the bank.

[speaking Mandarin]

I don't speak Mandarin, so I
assume you said I look beautiful.

All clear. No signs of Endo.

You know, the Tempietto Del Bramante

is considered one of the great
architectural pieces of Europe.

- If there's time...
- What, you want to culture me?

I would like to see the
Tempietto Del Bramante.

So you don't want to culture me?

I would like to.


Excuse me, sir, it's for you.

(Endo) I told you to come alone.

[imitates Chinese accent] I am.

(Endo) Then who's the couple in the corner?

They finished breakfast an hour ago.

The deal's off.


[phone beeping]

[phone vibrating]

[phone beeps]


Let's go back to the hotel.

[muffled yell]

[dramatic music]

[tires screeching]

I have an agent gone dark.


I apologize for the abduction.

But you did break my rules.

[imitates Chinese accent] Would
you ever go to a buy without backup?

I would never buy.

I only sell.

Well, it's good to be king.

Better to be a king-maker.

Which is why it's so important

I know who my buyers are.

The MSS wants your SVR Intel.

And they sent you from London?

Closer branch.

You went to Qingdao for your training?

Of course.

[gun cocking]

Who was your instructor
at the base in Qingdao?

Shu Chen.

His rank?

Leftenant Colonel.

What color was the outdoor track?

There was no outdoor track on base.


Now I can take you through primary school

and get you a copy of my
mother's last angiogram,

or we can just get to it,
and tell me your price.

Have you tried the saltimbocca?

Meat so tender, you'll swear it's alive.

Be sure to try it.

[suspenseful music]

You didn't miss a background cue?

If I had, local PD would be

pulling a very handsome Asian
floater out of the Tiber River.

You said he was drinking tea.

Do you remember if it was
loose leafed or bagged?


The chair was wood and the wall was stone.

Now stop trying to debrief me.

Look, maybe we should
go back to the restaurant

- and do a sweep for any...
- There's nothing to do until Endo calls.


I feel like I have an ice pick in my eye,

so if you don't stop talking and go away,

they'll be putting up a
star for you at Langley.

[Sam sighs]

[knock at door]


After all that with Sam,

I thought you might've
forgotten your legend.

Want to run over it again?

No, I know every word of it.

Why would you think I would need to...

Easy, Gunpowder, I'm kidding.

Oh, your view is better than mine.

I doubt that.

I just said it was.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Like what?

Like that.

I don't know any other way to look at you.

Really? Because I could get the wrong idea

of what you're thinking.

What does it look like I'm thinking?

That you want to put your hands on me.

I want to put my hands on
you every time I see you.

So do something then.

[soft music]


[camera lens clicking]

[lens clicking]

(Alex) I did not see this happening.

Well, that's part of your charm, Alex.

And we're in the city of romance.

I think that's Paris.

Shut up.

No, you're...

you're right. It's...

it's probably Rome.


[phone rings]


(Fadi) He's here...

your Black Dagger operative.

He's draining the account.

I'll try and get away.

I'll have my inside man stall,
but you must hurry, my friend.

[phone beeps]

We probably shouldn't
say anything about this.

Which isn't saying it was a mistake.

[suspenseful music]

[lens clicking]

(Fadi) He's on the move.

(Alex) I'm coming.


(Fadi) He's in a black range rover.

(Alex) Is anyone with him?

(Fadi) Just his driver.

Do you have the tracking device ready?

(Alex) Just get me close enough!

[suspenseful music]

[tires screeching]

[speaking Italian]

[woman shouting]

[overlapping shouts]

Where are you?

Villa Nardone, by the tower.

No, rear-end him. You have
to stall. I need to catch up.

Stall the driver!

[phone beeps]


(Fadi) Excusi.

[both speaking Italian]


[continues [in Italian]


[Fadi continues in Italian]

Momento, momento!

Signore, per favore... [speaking Italian]

Momento, momento!

[continues in Italian]


[tracker beeps]

Per favore.

You're okay?



[suspenseful music]

You sure we shouldn't get a little closer?

This is a world-class operative.

Any closer, he'll make us.

That's a chop shop for stolen cars.

Your man is with Camorra Italian Mafia.

This is a front.

There's no way a Camorra mobster

would be carrying out
an attack for the SVR.

He's likely a cut-out.

A middleman delivering it to someone else.

They've carried out bombings
and assassinations before,

supported, at times, by your own CIA.

Not that your history books will admit it.

That's an exaggeration.

Oh, we all start out as idealists.

Then we see how the world actually works.

I'm not as naive as you think.



I'm just remembering when I was your age.

Beginning this life.

What was she like back then, my mother?

She didn't choose this like you did.

Her father made the decision for her.

She was determined not to
live her life defined by it,

which is not always so easy.

I will wait for our target to move

and see if there's another triggerman.

You go back and join
your American CIA friends.


I just hope your genius brother
doesn't outsmart himself.

Give himself away.

It's all going to escalate quickly.

The Rezident isn't stupid. He's worse.

He's paranoid.

We know the risks.

So does Alex.

Alex isn't who I'm worried about.

When we have to,

when there's nothing else,

we run.

[chains clanking]

[hinges creaking]

Emergency stash.

If we have to leave suddenly,

this is the meeting spot.

[car horns honking]

[tires screeching]

[suspenseful music]

[imitates Chinese accent] You ever
think of putting in some carpet?

It will open the place up.

The price is 15 million euros.

You've got to be kidding.

That's three times its worth.

I agree.

But you will pay it, if you want it.

I have other interested parties.

Not for that rate.


but I give you first right to match.

Say, five hours.

There is no bargaining room here.

Five hours from...


Well, Endo's no dummy.

He'll check and I guarantee you,

he will get violent fast if he realizes...

Yes, sir.

[phone beeps]

They don't want to risk that much money.

So, what, we just walk
away from a huge cache

of SVR documents?

No, they want me to buy it.

Just with a suitcase
full of counterfeit bills.

But Endo's been around the block.

He'll check the bills and if
he realizes they're counterfeit,

he'll definitely try
to shoot me on the spot.

Wait, what? That's... that's not worth it.

Thanks for your concern, kid,

but that's what Uncle Sam pays me for.

Look, what if this cache
isn't what we think it is?

Well, there's only one way to find out.

And I think he'll try to shoot me.

I didn't say he'd succeed.

How do you avoid a bullet
fired at close range?

Quick reflexes.

Plus, I'll spike the guy's
tea so his reflexes are slow.

No, but there are two of them.

- Him and his guard...
- Alex, calm down.

Italian Intel will provide backup.

Along with a couple of our own GRS guys,

I should have at least

eight friendly guns around me.

How far away? They're not
gonna be in the room with you.

Alex, your concern for
me is touching, really.

I'm touched.

I am.

Look, it doesn't matter
how many guns are around you

if you can't stake out
the place in advance.

How are they gonna do that

if you don't know where
he's gonna take you?

They took me to the same place twice.

You don't know where that is.

Well, we're gonna have to figure
that out, aren't we, Einstein?

(Sam) Okay, we drove for about 40 minutes

across two sets of tram tracks.

About five minutes before
Endo's, I smelled...




Well, there's a tannery
across from these tracks.

The Trastevere region. What else?

- Um...
- [bells tolling]

(Sam) Bells, I heard church bells.

Luckily, there aren't a
lot of churches in Rome.

I'm not done. There were
dozens of church bells

playing some kind of
a melody. It was, uh...


They're rare. Especially rare in Italy.

Did you learn that in
your Ecclesiastical Music

of Southern Europe class at Princeton?

I mean, how the hell do you know that?


I'm not sure.

I used to read a lot as a kid.

And it's the heaviest musical
instrument in the world,

and I thought that was interesting.

That carillons are heavy?

That they're very rare in Italy.

As in, only one.

[bells tolling]

(Michelle) St. Paul's.

(Sam) Now we're getting somewhere.

Just before we stopped,

we went over some bumps.


(Sam) No, it went from
asphalt to cobblestone.

Then I heard, like, a...

a drone sound. Like a foghorn or something.

(Alex) Foghorn? There's no harbor here.

(Sam) I don't know what to tell you. Uh...

All right, well, aside from the foghorn,

I'd say you were somewhere
in this three-block area.

In a restaurant. How do
you know it's a restaurant?

You said Endo was drinking loose leaf tea.

That suggests he was
somewhere that serves food.

Otherwise, the tea would be in bags.

No foghorns, no...

hidden waterways that weren't on our maps.

Maybe Sam had wax in his ears.

(Alex) Can I ask you
what your tattoo means?

It's for Jillian, my sister.

She loved cats.


(Michelle) She only made it to 18.

(Alex) What happened?

(Michelle) Car accident.

I stopped praying for a
better life after that.

I just try to live each a day as it comes.

I'm sorry.

When I got the ink, I
thought maybe it would

make me feel closer to her.

Sometimes it does.

[foghorn blowing]

(Michelle) Sam's foghorn.

(Alex) He's late.

(Michelle) A lot of paperwork to
get something like this approved.

Especially in Italy.

(Alex) That, or somebody made him.

Grabbed him off the street.

(Michelle) Somebody's going
to make us if you don't start

- living your cover, Alex.
- What?

You're on vacation with your wife.

Look at the scenery. Take some pictures.

[camera phone clicking]

Where did you come from?

Behind you.

What did I tell you about
always looking forward?

This is Magda, with GRS,
and Fernando, with AIASI.

Walk with us.

Certainly would fool me.

The application device.


This is the best tech
services could come up with?

On short notice, yes.

- How fast will it work?
- Maybe a minute.

They most likely had
you in the basement here.

And those goons play
cards by the back exit.

So you'll have to go 40
feet through the main bar

and out the front doors if things go south.







We'll be outside, too.

I am pleased the MSS
decide to meet the price.

[imitating Chinese accent] I
must tell you, you were right

about the saltimbocca.

- Delicious.
- Yeah.

Sirva here will oversee
the terms for your funds.

[tense music]

That's more people than
he expected in the room.

He can handle it.

(Magda) We're ready at the back exit.

[scanner buzzing]


They're excellent quality.

But they're counterfeit.

(Magda) Prepare to engage.

(Sam) Excuse me, where
the hell did you find him?

Because he has no idea
what he's talking about.

Test them again.

What were you thinking?

Honestly, I was hoping...

[American accent] that you would've
pitched forward, lights out by now.

[tires screeching]

The good news is, Intel is matching up

to known SVR officers.

We seem to have a Russian
Easter egg on our hands.

Bad news is, Langley is not happy

that this thing ended in a firefight.

They're the ones that insisted
on using counterfeit, you...

You warned them.

Well, you can tell the director
that in about five minutes.

- He and DNCS
- [phone vibrating]

want a full debrief from us, pronto.

The operative is on the movie, Alex.

You must hurry.

I'm about to go into
a debrief with Langley.

- I can't just walk aw...
- I don't think the man

who's going to execute Black
Dagger cares about your debrief.

(Fadi) Move.

[phone beeps]

[stomach grumbling]

Are you okay?

[exhales] I think, uh... [burping]

I'm not sure.

You look like you should
go get some fresh air.

Yeah, you look really pale.

[stomach grumbling]


Yeah, okay. Uh...

Look, why don't you just
go back to the hotel room?

We'll field the call.

Don't worry. Langley knows it's your baby.

Work's done here. So just, really,

don't throw up in front
of people. Mainly me.

Are you sure you're okay?

I'm okay. I... I just... [gags]

I just need to lie down.

Yeah, go back to the hotel and rest.

I'll check in on you later.

Via Gallia. Hurry.

- [thud]
- No! Oh, God, no! No.

- No!
- [phone rings]

It's him. Alex?

I lost the antidote pill.

It's somewhere inside the seat.

If I ask the driver to
stop, I'll never make it.


How bad is this going to get?

You're gonna be in agony
for about six hours.

[phone beeps]

Where is the triggerman now?

He's on the move.

Fadi just called.


get out of there.

- Just leave it.
- No.

No, I can't. We already
recovered the planted SVR data.

- We'll be wheels up by tomorrow.
- No, Alex.

This man is highly, highly trained.

You're not gonna be able to
stand up in about ten minutes.

You gotta let it go.

There's too much at stake.

- No, Alex. Don't be stupid.
- [phone beeps]

I have to go.

- [phone beeps]
- No, Alex.

- [phone beeps]
- The operative...

He's meeting another man.

- Who?
- I don't know. I can't hear.

[suspenseful music]

(Fadi) He's exchanging
the money for diamonds.

Easier to transport.

[labored breathing]

Hurry, my friend.

This is no cut-out. This is our man.

He just released the driver.

He's on foot now.

Where are you?

Next to the Castel Sant'Angelo.

Heading north of small building.

I'm following him now.

[phone beeps]

- [thud]
- [man speaking Italian]

[phone rings]

(Katya) Alex, talk to me. What's going on?

- Alex, stop.
- [gun cocks]

Go back.

(Alex) Fadi's trailing
the Black Dagger operative.

I have to help him.

[both men grunting]


[ominous music]



[gun cocks]

[labored breathing]

(Katya) Alex, can you hear me?

Please, tell me what's going on.

No! No. No. No.

What, what? God, what? What is it, Alex?

What's wrong? What's wrong? Where are you?

No. No.

No, no... ah!

- What's going on?
- He's not saying... I can't hear him.

He sounds far away, like he's drop...

he's dropped the phone.

He's not the triggerman.

[footsteps in the distance]

[ominous music]

The driver.

I have to go.

(Katya) Alex!

Can you hear me?

[Katya speaking Russian]

(Mark) Alex, can you hear us?

Alex. Alex can you hear us?

(Katya) He dropped the phone.



[suspenseful music]

[distorted, muffled sound]

[speaking Italian]

[man shouting in Italian]


[knock at door] Alex.

Hey, did you make it back okay?

Michelle said you didn't answer her texts.


Okay, I'm courtesy-checking
now to make sure

you didn't stroke out in the bathtub.


[suspenseful music]


[man speaking Italian]


[speaking Italian]

The driver.


[phone dialing]

[phone rings]

It's Alex. Alex.

I'm okay.

He's okay.

Fadi's dead.

It was the driver the whole time.

He was escorting his own cut-out.

I let him get away and Fadi's dead.

I screwed up everything.

Alex, it's not your
fault. It's not your fault.


you are alive.

You are alive.

Was there anything...

Did you at least see
him? Anything about him?

[ominous music]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

(man on phone) Mr. Kristoff,
did you receive our package?

I did.

(man) Are you inbound?

I have one more stop to make.

I can be there in two days.

And then I will be ready to start.