Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 6 - Liars and Thieves - full transcript

Natalie must rely on an outsider for help finding important information on Black Dagger.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[Previously on Allegiance]

The moment we have enough

information to prove
that Black Dagger's real,

- we go straight to the FBI.
- We work together

as a family.

The O'Connor family
are your responsibility.

You will know every

conversation that they have.

If you cannot accomplish this,

I have men who will.


Why can't I stay away from you?

Are we really going to do this again?

You remember the name Oleg Zhulov?

Call TSA, have him put

on a no-fly list.

These numbers are bank accounts.

You got money whipping

all around the world

in a plan to make

a very big explosion.

The specific accounts are under

the control of Scott Tolliver.

(Katya) If he's moving the money,

he's our only link to Black Dagger.


Agh! Bitch!

Katya, Katya, wait!

Wait, wait, wait.



Dad, Dad!



Where are you traveling?


[keys clacking]

Is there a problem?

Sorry, computer's frozen.

Just give me one second.

[phone beeps, line trilling]

(man) All units, be on the lookout

for a white male,

"approximately 6'2" tall,

bald, black wool coat.

Excuse me.

North exit's clear. Suspect spotted

heading to the east exit.

Repeat, suspect's heading

to the east exit.

[sirens wailing]

I'll be okay.

It's just a stun gun.

It's okay.

You told me you had this under control.

- Calm down.
- This does not look under control!

Remember what's at stake here.

This is what we have to do

to stop Black Dagger.

We will handle it.

And right now we have
to get you out of here

before he wakes up and sees you.

Alex, go.

[cell phone ringing]

[cell phone beeps]


(Sam) I wake you?

No, I'm up. What's going on?

Why do you look so worried?

Are you watching me?

No, but the sound of your voice tells me

what your face is doing.

Remember Oleg Zhulov, SVR officer,

who told Irina Semovetskaya
about Black Dagger?

He tried to fly out of JFK tonight.

(Alex) Tried?

Fortunately, he was bounced
back by our no-fly order.

Unfortunately, he slipped
Port Authority police

at the airport.

I need you at work now.

[line clicks, cell phone beeps]

- You all right?
- Yes, yes.

Mom, you okay?

[Tolliver grunting]

Katya. Katya, wait!


We need to talk.

If you want money, I'll give you money.

We're not here to rob you.

Then what do you want?

These numbers, right here...

accounts at your bank,
accounts you control.

The money deposited in them,

we need to know where it ends up.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't lie. We don't want to hurt you.

I want to hurt him.

I just chop it up.

Any transaction over $10,000,

the Feds are alerted.

It's automatic.

If you need to move a
lot of money discretely,

you cut it up and move
it in packets under 10K,

under the radar.

Am I bleeding?

No, Scott, you're sweating.

If this ends up with you bleeding,

trust me, you'll know the difference.

Where do the packets go?

All over.

Hundreds of different
accounts, different banks.

And eventually, they all
land in the same place,

usually an account overseas.

These packets, Scott.

Where does this money end up?

I don't know where any
of the money ends up.

I only know as much as I need to know

to do my little piece.

My boss is the only one who
knows the final destination.

- Your boss?
- Yes, my boss.

He's the one who has what you need?

You kidnapped the wrong guy.


We have to figure out
what we're doing next.

We can't just walk away.

We work with what we have,
and what we have is him.

Scott, we need to find that money.

Well, I don't know where it goes.

I already told you what I know.

See, but we haven't told
you everything that we know,

like how you've been skimming
from your "off book" clients

like the, uh...

The cartel.

Torreon Cartel.

They'll kill me.


Luckily when they kill people
who steal from them, it's quick.


Oh, no, it's the opposite of that.

Oh, right, slow.

He has a ledger.


My boss, he doesn't believe
any computer is secure.

He writes down all the destination accounts

by hand in a ledger.

[scoffs] What is this, 1975?

Where's the ledger?

In his office, locked up... 24-7 security.

You can't get in.

Who do you think you're dealing with?

Seriously, after what he

just witnessed from us.

(Tolliver) Who are you people?

We need to do some research.

Sarah wakes up in a couple of hours.

Go home. I'll watch him.

We'll get Sarah to school,
and then we're coming back.


As long as it's with an actual plan.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Welcome to the party.

We're here because of Oleg Zhulov.

Airport police lost him.

We suspect he's gone underground,

probably with help from the Russian mafia.

While we speak, our friends at ATF and DEA

are raiding a nightclub
run by the Russian mafia.

They've kindly agreed to
let us crash their party.

While they're looking for guns and drugs,

we're gonna be looking for Zhulov

or anybody who can lead us to him.

You okay?


Questions? Good, let's go.

(Sam) You ever been to this neighborhood?

(Alex) No.

You like Spanish food?

Uh, they serve Spanish food here?

God, no.

You never eat the food
in a place like this.

But there's a great place up the block.

I got to go back.

I went to school with
this Spanish guy, Felipe.

Great guy.

After our senior year,

we rode motorcycles across North Africa.

Felipe decided he wanted to open
a motorcycle shop in Tangier.

Know what he's doing now?

Uh, who?


Selling motorcycles in Tangier?

He's the king of Spain.

His father just abdicated.
He had to take his place.

Family, right?

Nothing more depressing

than a club with the music turned off.

I can think of a few things.

That's 'cause you're a
dark, twisted soul, Prado.

No, it's because I worked vice.


You were born in New York?

Coney Island Hospital.

Why are you carrying your passport?

I lost my ID.

Do you know where that scar
on your left arm is from?

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin.

Tuberculosis vaccine.

The risk here in America
is near zero, which is why

the vaccination isn't
given in the United States.

But in countries with
high rates of tuberculosis,

everybody gets vaccinated.

[speaking Russian]

Passport fraud, cocaine possession.

You're looking at ten
years in a federal prison.

That's before we ship you
back to the motherland.

What do you want to know?

Just tell us where a Russian
on the wrong side of the law

gets a fake passport as good as yours.

Then maybe we'll forget to arrest you.


Oh, sorry to disturb your nap.

I'm sure.

I took some E at the bar, okay?

I'm a little thirsty.

You're rolling right now?

In my defense, I didn't exactly expect

to be kidnapped, assaulted,
and tied to a chair tonight.


First cabinet on the left.

[water running]

Tap water?


It's cancer water. Don't you read?

The Times did a whole thing on it.

Oh, that's good.

You're welcome.

You know, you guys are one messed-up family,

especially Mommy Dearest.

She doesn't give you what you need.

You think it's your fault,

maybe you're not good enough.

So you keep trying
until you finally realize

it's not your fault.

It's hers.

But by that time, you're so screwed up,

you can't really change.

A bullet kills faster than cancer, Scott.

Shut up.

You know nothing about my mother.



Just trying to connect here.

Please don't.

[groans softly]

But I am right, aren't I?

Why don't we talk about you?

What's wrong with your mother?


She's a kindergarten teacher in Wisconsin.

She's great.

I'm not quite sure how I
turned into such a prick.

[both laugh]



Okay, that was not a good idea.

Let's not overreact.

Honestly, after almost getting caught

at Philadelphia City Hall,

I don't really feel like breaking

into another highly
secure building just yet.

There's got to be something we
can use against Tolliver's boss.

Look, Roger Yates, 65,

President of Hensley
Financial Services since 1992,

married to Christine since 1976...

two adult children, three grandchildren,

patron of the arts.

This guy's a model citizen.

Yeah, except for the money laundering.

Which he keeps meticulously separate

from his good name.

We already tried to
blackmail one banker today.

It didn't go well.

Yes, but what about the
guards, the alarms, the cameras?

We don't even have time
to do proper surveillance.

We don't have the time to do anything else.

We have to find the ledger, Katya.

It's our only shot at
turning this against the SVR

and getting out.

All right, we didn't drag Alex into this

to give up now.

We're not gonna break in.

Did you hear anything I just said?

We're gonna walk right
through the front door.



Screw the asterisk

and all those steroid jackasses.

You ask me, the home-run
record still belongs to Maris.

But Maris didn't draw a
single intentional walk in 1961

because Mickey Mantle was
hitting .317 behind him.

And then you have to factor in the dilution

of the average pitcher quality
in the first year of expansion.

How do you remember all this crap?

(Sam) Nice and warm in there?

Yeah, very cozy.

Just me and the human computer.

What do you got?

The girl at the club wasn't lying.

Judging from the two guys

with blue fingers smoking out back,

we just found our counterfeiting operation.

Nice work, O'Connor.

We still don't know if Zhulov's been here.

That girl's passport was
the best I've ever seen.

Zhulov is going to need the best

if he's gonna get out of this country.

What if we missed him?

It's only been a few hours
since he left the airport.

There's no way they could turn around

a quality passport that fast.

We go in, we flip who's
ever running the place,

find out what they know about Zhulov.


News travels fast in the Russian community.

If we bust this place,
Zhulov will never be back.

If they're making his passport,

then they'll have his picture.

If we can get eyes inside,

we can confirm he's coming back.

Are you saying we walk right in

with a bunch of Russian
counterfeiters in the back?


I'm saying we don't have to.


So we had to pick one of
the Greek philosophers...

Classical or pre-Socratic?

Um... I did Aristotle.

- Classical.
- Sure.

[cell phone vibrates]

Anyway, we were supposed to say

how that philosopher's
ideas still applies to, like,

our lives today.

Hello. Is everything all right?

So mine was a tragic hero, which is, like,

someone who's not bad, but they
just make a really big mistake,

and it ruins their life.

For you or for the patient?

And I chose Heath Ledger,
because he wasn't a bad person.

I mean, they were prescription drugs.

Okay, yes, I'll be right there.

And she gave me a B-plus

because she said I used
too many online sources.

That's fantastic, honey.

It... it is?

Mark, what are you talking about?

She said she got a B.


And we live in the Internet age.

Online sources are part of modern life.

You're right.

I'm sorry. Listen to your mother.

- Everything okay at work?
- No, it's fine.

This is why you need to show me
your work before you turn it in.




Yeah, she's fine, but we
have to get back to her.

[distant siren wailing]

[drill whirring]

Well, so much for insulation.

About a dozen building code violations

between this floor and that ceiling.

The Russian mob's not much
for building codes, go figure.

Is that a problem?

Problem? It's a godsend.

All right, a little to the right.

My right.

Did you bring his ball?

How did men end up in charge of the world?

Muscle mass.

All right, video feed transmitting.

If one of those passports is for Zhulov,

we'll catch his face.


Let's get out of here.

Where are the guards stationed?

- Depends.
- Ow!

You trying to leave a scar?

Where are the guards?

They patrol. There's two.

One always circling the ground floor.

And there are cameras all over.

Cameras won't be an issue.

You forgot something at the office.

You want me to go in there?

You work there. You have legitimate access.

Much less suspicious.

Are you people insane?

What if someone sees me?

You made me call in sick, remember?

You made a fast recovery.

And you don't really have a choice.

You guys are gonna kill me, aren't you?

Once you get what you want.

Do it now, then. Get it over with.

Shut up and listen to me carefully.

As long as you do what we tell you to do,

no one gets hurt.

But let me be clear.

If you touch my daughter again,

I will definitely kill you.


I promise I won't.

It's all very simple, Scott.

You get in, you get the ledger,

you get out, we all go home.

You'll be back to chasing tail by sunrise.

[clicks tongue]

[elevator bell dings]


This is such a bad idea.

Please don't talk.

I'm nervous. I talk when I'm nervous.

Which way?

Just follow me.

This one.

Stay here.

Watch for anyone coming.

Is that the cabinet?

Top drawer.

What, you have a hardware store in there?

Watch the door.


What's wrong?

Didn't catch.

- What didn't catch?
- Stop talking.


Come on, baby.

Come on, baby.


Hurry up.

I'm going as fast as I can.

[keys jingling]

Oh, God!

Someone's coming.

Why would you close the door, you idiot?

Now they'll definitely know we're in here.

What do we do?

Take off your pants.

- Hello.
- [Natalie giggling]

Mr. Yates, sir!

Mr. Tolliver?

[screams] Oh, man!

Oh, Jerry.

It's Jeff.

What are you doing in Mr. Yates' office?

This isn't your office?

Look, Jeff,

if I'm gonna be totally honest with you.

My lady friend, she's
a huge fan of Van Gogh.

She's never seen an original.

And I've never seen her naked.

Scott, what the hell? I can't believe this.

Could we at least give her a moment

to put herself back together, huh?

[camera shutter clicks]

Maybe we could not mention
this to the big guy?

You're a prince, Jerry.

That'll work.

I want to go home.


I'll turn it around in the car.

[clicks tongue]

You owe me 800 bucks.

And you owe me a new blouse.

You're the one who ripped it open.

I'm also the one who just saved your ass.

I can't even write it off.


The 800 bucks.


I just... I don't know.

You kidnapped me,

which is totally "dickish"
on so many levels.

But in some strange way,
I don't want it to end.

It's called "Stockholm Syndrome," jackass.

How did you get to be so
rich without an education?

Look, I just want to say I like you.

Once you get past the punching,
abduction, and blackmail,

you seem like a good person.

Under a different circumstance,

I definitely would bone you.

Wow. That was beautiful.

Come on, we'll tell our
grandchildren this story.

You tell anybody that
story, and the Torreon Cartel

gets a call about your extracurriculars.

Hey, relax. I was kidding.

I promise I won't say anything...

to anyone.

Hmm. Good-bye, Scott.

[sighs] Good-bye, Natalie.

Hello, Natalie.


Get in. We're going to go for a ride.

She should have been back by now.

Things come up. Natalie can handle herself.

You keep saying everything's
going to be fine,

but everything keeps getting worse.

Alex, I know these last few
days have been very hard for you.

You mean the part where
you're Russian spies,

the part where I sabotage my entire career

in front of a federal judge,

or the part where we kidnapped
a man and broke into a bank?

What if she was arrested or hurt?

[cell phone rings]

It's mine. It's work.


(Brock) O'Connor, get in here.

- We found Zhulov.
- [cell phone beeps]

I have to go.

No, no, Alex, Alex. You
can't go in like this.

- Like what?
- Upset.

If they see that you're stressed,

someone will start asking questions.

I am stressed.

Okay, channel it.

Natalie could be dead.


Natalie will be fine.


call me when you hear from her.

[door opens, closes]

We shouldn't have let her go alone.

Natalie knows what she's
doing. You said it yourself.

I said that for Alex.

Where is she?

There were cameras in there.

They're gonna find the body
and come looking for me.

I handled the cameras.

I can explain everything.

Please just listen to me.


You killed me!

You put a bullet in my head.

Just let me explain.

Do you have any idea how
much I've done for you,

for your family...

the risks I took?

And all the time, you were lying to me.

In my bed and lying to me!

I can explain everything.

Who are you?

Are you CIA?


Who are you working for?

My family, it's just us.

We have to stop Black Dagger.

It's worse than you know.

It'll change everything.

Look familiar?

Our good friend Oleg Zhulov.

Or should I say, "Alain Ducat"?

Two hours ago, we intercepted a call

between one of the counterfeiters

and a customer we
believe to be Oleg Zhulov.

They're arranging a meet,

7:00 a.m. at Brighton Playground.

We're gonna pick up Zhulov then.

Quick and quiet.

Russians can't know, PD can't know,

because if PD knows, Russians will know.

So we're grabbing an SVR
officer off the street...

in Little Odessa...

without Russians knowing?

What could go wrong?

Half-mile blast radius...

that's a lot of people.

You sure about this?

About what?

When it's gonna happen?

Where it's gonna happen?


But it was in the laptop

the SVR was willing to kill
anyone, anywhere to get.

When you said you wanted to run away...

it was about this?

It was about you...

and me...

escaping all this...


You didn't have to kill him, you know?


He was a coked-up party boy.

He never would have been
able to keep his mouth shut.

(Brock) All right, we have a
visual on the counterfeiter...

on the bench, male, 50s,

black coat, reading the newspaper.

Just waiting for Zhulov.

Alpha team in position. Bravo team?

(man on radio) Bravo in position.

I'm trying to remember what
it's like to feel my hands.

Do you want my gloves? I can't...

(Brock) Charlie team?

Charlie in position.

Don't do that.

Do what?

Don't stop talking when you hear the radio.

That's how surveillance teams get made.

We're just two regular
people walking and talking.

You doing okay?

Right now?

In general.

Why do you ask?

Something regular people
ask each other, Alex.

And also, you're jumpy as hell.

I'm fine.

(Brock) We got a visual on the target.

West of you, Charlie.

Don't look.

(Brock) They're making the exchange.

Zhulov has a package.

Moving on the target.

Know her?

She's with Zhulov.

One of the passport photos at the market...

it was her.

(Michelle) She's going for the van.

Alpha team, you are blown.

Blonde female, approaching your six.


Get down!

(Sam) He's running.

(Brock) Target's moving, northwest.

[tires screech]

[Taser clicking]


[tires screech]

So much for a quiet pickup, huh?

[tires squealing]

You all right?

Where have you been?

All right, already. I was working.

What's the big deal?

Oh, yes, I forgot that
you had that project.

You guys are nuts, and I'm starving.

Want to get some breakfast?

Yeah, let's do that.

Natalie, where are we going?

What's going on?

It was Victor, wasn't it?

I'm going to kill him.
I'm going to do it myself.

Mom, stop.

How did you get into my house?

I had to do my job, Katya.

You know that.

You're on his side?

He's on our side.

He knows.

Knows what?


You trust him, Natalie?

If I wasn't on your side,
you'd already be dead?

According to the ledger,

the money for Black Dagger
will end up in Italy,

in the hands of the operator
who will execute the operation.


A lot of international
money floating around,

pervasive corruption
in the banking system...

it's a convenient combination.

The transfers arrive at a
bank in Rome in three days.

Someone must be there to
identify who picks it up.

Identify or kill?


Well, Katya and I are on
the next plane to Rome.

Don't be ridiculous.

The Rezident would know you're gone

before you made it to the airport,

same with Natalie...

which is why we're sending Alex.


I'm his handler.

I inform the Rezident of his movements.

I can hide them as well.

No, no, no. He's an analyst.

He's not ready to operate,
not alone in a foreign country.

You'll have to teach him quickly.




If we can't get Alex to Rome,

we lose the trail on Black Dagger,

and it's the only trail we have.

What about the CIA?

He can't just disappear
from the task force.

He won't have to if they go with him.

How do you plan on pulling that off?

This morning, the task force took down

an SVR officer named Oleg Zhulov.

It was messy.

We can use that.

I want the bugs out of my house today.

Well, it wasn't pretty, but we got Zhulov.

I got to start my paperwork.

She was gonna kill him.

It was clean.

Removing the body from the
scene, on the other hand,

that's a one-way ticket to DOJ hell.

Leaving it there wouldn't
have exactly been covert.

Anyway, we took her to a hospital.

Except she was already dead.

Unless I detected a
weak pulse at the scene.

That would change things.

[cell phone rings]

[cell phone beeps]


(Katya) She's fine.

What happened?

I promise I'll explain everything,

but right now you've got to listen to me.

This morning, your task
force took down Oleg Zhulov

and killed a woman who was with him.

How do you know that?

They're gonna run her fingerprints

to find out who she was,
her name, her address.

You've got to get both of those
to us as soon as you can, Alex.

What? Why?

We need to get to her
place before the FBI does.

You got to trust me on this.

Alex, do you understand me?

I have to go.

[cell phones beep]

(Zhulov) I know nothing.

You're an SVR major.

You told another SVR
officer, Irina Semovetskaya,

that the SVR was planning an attack.

I was trying to get laid, as you say.

Well, that will never happen.

Irina is dead.

An SVR team introduced
her to the hood of a truck,

and you were trying to get
out of town pretty quick,

weren't you, Oleg?

Why the hurry?

What are you running away from?

I know nothing, same as you.

[cell phone clicking]

I made you when I left the building.

No, you didn't.

I could've done whatever I wanted to you.

You still can.

Do we keep playing like this,

or do you want to just speak plainly?

You want plain? Okay.

If you ever come into my house again

to put more surveillance, I will kill you.

And I don't care about the consequences.

I didn't set foot in your house.

An SVR team, then, on your order.

You think I'm kidding?

Sarah's boyfriend did it.

Sarah doesn't have a boyfriend.

He's 18. He drinks alcohol.

He cheats on her.

That's not her.

If you overreact and confront her about it,

you will achieve the exact
opposite of what you want.

Don't tell me how to
parent... [speaking Russian]

If you forbid her to see him,

it will only drive her to him.

I'm speaking from experience.

Go home, Katya.

We'll finish encrypting the drive soon.

And your hollow threats to kill me...

they make you sound weak.

Just try me.

Are you okay?

I killed someone.

You saved my life.

That helps a little, I guess.

(Brock) We just ID'd Zhulov's
deceased lady friend...

Svetlana Karaseva, suspected Russian mafia,

address in Bensonhurst.

Let's go.

The drive.

[cell phone chimes] Alex got the address.

Bensonhurst... the task force is
heading out. We'll beat them there.

Tell Alex to slow them down.


[sirens approaching]

[cell phone rings]

(Victor) They're here. Get out.

I can't just leave it by the door.

Our whole plan is riding on this.

If it's gonna get Alex
to Rome, it has to sell.

Natalia, now.

[cell phone beeps] [sighs]

[keys jingling]

How many units are in this building?

What, are you in the market?

No, it's just... that's a lot of keys.

Who leaves a window open in March?

They probably heard us coming.

[breathing heavily]


Tear this place apart.


Not yet.

Look what we have here.

Well, that was anticlimactic.

Uh, the lining.

Now we're getting somewhere.

The documents on the flash
drive you found at the apartment

were SVR encrypted.

Fortunately, the CIA has had the cipher

for that particular
encryption for eight months.

The drive contained a
communiqué from Russia.

According to the New York
Rezident, Genady Isakov,

the SVR believes Mikhail

passed the stoles files to a third party.

- Who?
- A broker.

Mikhail was trying to sell
them on the open market.

Looks like Vasso picked
the wrong guy to trust.

So Zhulov was looking for the Egg, too.

Where's his broker?

Rome, Italy.

[knock at door]

I have to admit, it was
smart using an encryption code

you knew the CIA had already broken.

What I don't understand

is why send the task force
halfway around the world

chasing files that
don't even exist anymore?

The money from Tolliver's bank's
going to Rome in three days.

We needed to figure out
a way to get you there.

This whole operation is
supposed to be off-book!

Now you're dragging the task force into it?

And you just decided to
send me to Italy alone

without even talking to me first?

There wasn't time.

And it wasn't our call.

What are you talking about?
Whose call was it, then?

(Victor) Mine.

It's nice to finally meet you, Alex.