Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 23 - Episode #5.23 - full transcript

As Jabal strikes the gavel in Al Sitt's trial, Sarah ventures into the heart of the dam. Jabal makes a new discovery as his mother reminds him of his strengh.

Now what?

I'm thinking of stealing
one of his pieces

to cause him a big problem
and destroy him

Leave this to me

I tried to play you
in the beginning

Let's do it together

How? Explain to me

I have an idea, but you have
to hear me out and say yes to me

You don't have any other options

I have to get into the dam building

Call! Come on. Call


What's going in?
Has something happened?

It's nothing. Nothing happened

Are you sure?

I'm sorry, Wadeeh. I can't talk


"He took the bait"

Calling ( Sara )


Will this take long?

Don't you worry

Let's deceive him slowly

I feel like stabbing him
in the belly

Just wait for a bit longer
He'll fall soon

You'll take me to him
in the evening in two days

Look at me

If he touches a hair on your head
what will I do to him?

Don't worry. I can manipulate him
the way I want

You're watching the dam, right?

You'll be right there in a jiffy
if I ask you

I'll show you what I'll wear for him

Come here

- Where are you?
- I'll be there in a few minutes

- Who is it?
- I don't know

Let me see

Sara! Open the door
It's Wadeeh

Please, Wadeeh

Please, leave. I don't want any trouble

Why are you crying?

Open the door and let me see you
Come on!

Please, leave! Please

- He left
- I hope this scoundrel will die

- He's all yours
- How beautiful!


Do I look like I'm running away?

This is Hollywood stuff!

We're here

Come on

Are you afraid?

Don't you worry
You just have to say the word

I put my men all along this road

You're lying

Good evening, guys

Who are you?

What a shame! I'm good

I almost forgot!
My work tools

I love you

Pray for me

God and my heart will be with you

What's wrong, sister?
Are you okay?

Is Mr. Wadeeh here?

Let me see if he's awake



Mr. Wadeeh

Are you sleeping, sir?

Yes. I was sleeping, you moron
What would I be doing?

There's a woman asking about you
at the door

Don't open. I'll be right down

What's wrong? What happened?

Get me get out of Al Hayba


- I'm listening
- Ms. Sara fainted


Keep your eyes peeled
and hide well

He'll send someone
to see what's going on

"I got there, honey"

"My heart is with you"

"Syrian Arab Republic
Driver's License..."

"Jalal Munir Salahi"

- "I love you..."
- Are you still waiting?"

"Are you still waiting?"

"Do you doubt it?"

"I'll be back soon, honey"

Pull it up


Choose one, boss


Like you staged the prison thing

we'll stage this court session for you
so that things will be funny

Our court, as you can see
is comprehensive. We do everything

We render a decision
and pass a sentence

Don't you know who you are facing?

Now, we'll only touch your neck

then we'll get to your handler
who told you to deceive us

I didn't deceive you
I told you the truth

I gave you the people
who killed your brother

What more do you need?

Come on! Aren't you ashamed?

You must be hanged by your tongue

Give me a pair of pliers
and let me pull her tongue out!

Abu Talal

Excuse me

Calm down

I swear by those we lost

she will have told us all about those who
sent her by the time this session ends


But Abu Sultan, I have a personal
problem with this treacherous woman

She deserves nothing less
than being executed

You are right

I present you, on the right, the prosecutor
Abu Talal, the Man with the Gray Hair

and on the left, the gentlemen
and the doctors of the jury

You'd like them

If I knew I was coming
to a court session

I would have brought a lawyer
with me, at least

You made me laugh
Laugh, guys

Anyway, we did what should
have been done. Zafer?

Hello, Mr.

Hello, Mr.


Hold it steady! Stand still!
Hold your stomach in!

And let's go!

- Start your defense!
- I beg you, boss! I don't know anything!

I told you everything I know

I beg you!

It's her! She's responsible
for everything!

She knows everything!

When things get rough
we have the same responsibility

We turn into collateral damage

You're the only one
who should turn into collateral damage!

But me... they were using me
like a pawn

Where do you think you are?
You may talk one at a time!

You're her lawyer, right?
It's you who got her out of jail, right?

What kind of lawyers would do that?

Excuse my language
esteemed jury members

But... there's nothing I can do
when facing a jackass lawyer like this one

No, no, no, no!

I really didn't like your defense

- Zakkur?
- Yes, Boss?

- Bury him!
- No, I beg you, Jabal! I didn't do anything!

For the love of God! I have nothing
to do with all this! I beg you!

It's not me, please!
God bless you, Boss!

She's responsible for everything!
I have nothing to do with all this!

I beg you!

- May he rest in peace
- May he rest in peace

I have no time to waste

- Where would you want me to start?
- Start with your lies

I never lied!

It's true I didn't tell you everything
but I didn't lie!

Why aren't you telling me everything?

Because that's what I was asked
to do at the time

And now that this
lovely noose is around your neck?

I'm going to tell you
everything I know

I don't know if that may
change your sentence

I don't wish to be a casualty
in your war with the Old Man

Which seems to have started
and only God knows how it will end

and how many heads
will roll because of it

I don't wish to die
because of this war

I'm just a woman
who's trying to make ends meet

I have no choice but to surrender

and I'll tell you
everything you need to know

What an articulate defense case!
What a great opening statement!

Applause, boys!

- Who's the Old Man?
- I don't know him

How can you say you don't know him?

Abu Sultan, this evil snake
is still trying to take us for fools

She must be beheaded!

Jury, who believes her?


None of the jury members and lawyers...
believe a word you said

"I kept waiting until
I made sure they were distracted"

I ran away from the building entrance
and jumped over the back garden fence

I left the neighborhood and started
walking aimlessly

I kept walking
until I reached the highway

A decent truck driver helped me out

He picked me up
and brought me here

His checkpoints are closing
all entrances to the town

They're thoroughly searching
all the cars coming in and out of Al Hayba

He knows for sure that you left
Al Hayba

and that's why he's looking
all over the place for you

You think he might suspect
you came over here?

I don't think so

Or you'd be seeing him
sitting here in this office

This is horrible!

Wadeeh, I don't wish to make things
worse for you

I know that me taking refuge here might
drag you to a mess you're trying to avoid

And the longer this goes on
it will get more complicated

You think you might have found a way
to get me out of here?

I have someone in mind

He's the only one who could
drive you out of Al Hayba in his car

crossing all of Jabal's checkpoints

You must eat something
you didn't eat anything yet

Don't worry, I'll find a way

Who is he?

He's the one who sent me to tell you
about those who killed your brother

This is part of the truth
that I just said

What about what you're hiding?

He did this
to take all their money

and he wanted to frame you

I know this information

What I need to know
is where is he and what's his real name

I don't know his name
and I can't get his name

I just do what he wants
and get paid

I beg you, Jabal!


These people are divided into cells
and they don't know each other

Each cell has a mission
and task different from the other cells

Maybe the grocery guy next to my house
works for them without me even knowing it


Since we're talking about cells...

You're all a bunch of scumbags!

Do you have anything else to say?

Looks like you have nothing else to say

Zafer, summon the first witness

Come here, what do you do, sonny?

I work at Al Salma Exchange Company, sir

Who's this woman?

- Mrs. Suraya, she's the manager
- A manager and an Old Man

and an exchange company

What does all this have to do
with the seventy million dollars?

May God help you

After Zaydan's death... the Old Man asked
me to manage an exchange company

in coordination with Saleem?

The day you killed the Old Man's men
he got me out of jail

and he sent me all their money
which amounted to 70 million dollars

and the money was deposited
in the company

And whenever he wanted money
he used to send me a code

with the amount of money
I need to put in a bag

People would come
and get their bags

and before you ask me this... I don't know
who took the money and for whom

This is everything
I was responsible for

You're driving us into
a new riddle now?

No, of course I will ask you

Where did the money go to?

I don't have a clue

I only register the amounts
and dates and keep everything in the ledger

- And where's this ledger?
- In the safe

At the company
with all the money that's kept in there

- How much money's left?
- Around 32 million dollars

Not bad

Abu Talal, We're going to have to postpone
the sentencing for lack of evidence

The poor suspect... will remain in
custody pending further investigation

until that wretched Old Man
calls her...

and tells us where's what's left
of the 70 million dollars and...

- God have mercy
- God have mercy

and until that day, we either suspend
the sentence

or this head of yours will roll

Get me the body from outside

Badr, untie that noose
and bring her down

That's it

Get these two out of my way

Court is adjourned!

No, no, no, come over here!

Where do you think you're going?

Hold it still!


- Firas!
- Yes, sir!

Take the company keys and the safe keys
form the Mrs.

Go get all the money that's in there
and take this witness with you

Don't forget to take
a money counter

- Done
- Wait!

Wait here

If you see the guy who was carrying
the bag would you remember him?

- Yes, I can identify him, sir
- Good job

I need you to get me all the hard drives of
the security cameras and bring them over

I hope it's not much trouble but you're
going to have to go to Beirut and back here

I'm at your service

Take him

And now that we found the money...
what's left?

What's left is to ease up on the reins
and let them work without pressure

so we can find out
where the money's heading

So they shouldn't feel
the slightest change?

That's it

- It will all work out for the best now
- I hope it's all good, God willing

- Peace be unto you
- Peace be unto you

Abdul Razak...

We have a delivery tomorrow
what about the recon flights? Translate

The sky... is clear... in the morning

Abdul Razak, I need you to escort
the brothers

You can assist them
and preserve the monuments

and if you do a good job
you'll be going with us on this trip


He wishes he can go

This one's suffocating
give him some water



Take this

Would you give me the honor
of punishing this heretic?

- No, leave him!
- Give it to me!

Thank you

This German infidel...

We're keeping him alive as an insurance
policy to close this deal

Until the last pieces leave Lebanon safely

After that... the Emir will issue a fatwa
deciding his fate

He's a very precious hostage

We will know his worth...
in the hard days

And God willing
we will never get to that

This is all the money we found, Boss

The cameras' hard drives
are with the employee

He's watching all the footages

He's identifying everyone who went inside
the company for about a year back

And these are the ledgers

Where would you like them, Boss?

Put them in the hall

"Incoming assets
Only 70 million dollars - 24-4-2020"

They didn't kill Sakhr to avenge
Zaydan like they said, Mother

There's a kingpin
behind these people

And this is the kingpin who pushed
Zaydan and his scum toward me

so I can remove them out of his way and
make it easier on him to steal their money

These money rolls
are everything he wanted

They killed my brother...

to get to this stack of papers

They don't know his worth, sonny

They don't know
that your brother's soul...

is more precious
than all the treasures of this world

And on top of all that
we were accused of stealing this money

And those who accused you of stealing
the money... are on your side now

And those who said you're a thief
will take you as an idol

and the one
who tried to manipulate you...

you will hit him
back twice as hard!

When I hear you talking, Mother...

I feel all the power of this land
piling up in my heart

I swear to God I will get
to the ones who killed my brother

and I will annihilate them
and rip them to pieces

even if they're hiding
at the ends of the earth!