Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Episode #5.15 - full transcript

As Jabal and Fares's relationship takes a turn, Ali prepares for his next step. Meanwhile, Shahin is oblivious of the consequences of his actions.

Nobody saw him at all?


We were too optimistic

They're Bedouins...
Always on the move

He might have met
with a different group

Well, what's left in our plan
that we haven't done yet?

I'm trying to work on something
I'm just waiting for it to work out

But I might have to extend my stay


Time is ticking and I started feeling
that we are in the wrong place

We're not reaching anything

and there is nothing else
we haven't done

And to be honest

there is something else
I want to tell you about

I'm not convinced that what
you are doing in Al Hayba

and with the family of Sheikh Al Jabal

is in the interest of our business

But how? What do you mean?

I mean, frankly
you are no longer objective

and the personal factor
became dominant

So, it's affecting your decisions

Helen, I have to go

I'll call you later, okay?

- Okay. Stay safe
- Bye


The troubled guy himself
is outside your window

What are you doing here?
Let's hear it

Don't ask me

I was driving around. I glanced
at your window and saw the light on

I thought I'd check on you

Are you like this? Do you look at all
the windows in Al Hayba

and wait for the lights to go off?

How about you come
and have coffee, Mr. Robin Hood?

But it's late. It's after midnight

Do you think I'm Cinderella
and I change after midnight?

What is it?

Hold on

Don't leave
I want to give you something

- What do you have there?
- Take it but be careful. It's hot

Don't worry. I have no feelings
Give it to me

I made this lasagna

The smell is great

- Enjoy
- Thank you

How do you feel?

- What's wrong with me?
- You said you were troubled

Yes, I was. I'm better now

You men are great
at bottling your feelings up

Count on God

The question now is how will I be able
to hide it from Umm Jabal?

Why would you hide it?

Let her taste it and give me
a grade, too

Ten over ten
I can guarantee it

- Do you need anything else?
- Drive safe

Yes, ma'am

And don't let the dish tip over

Yes, ma'am

And goodnight

Yes, ma'am

If you need anything
tell me, okay?

I'm not only your physician
I'm your friend


Others were denied this gift

At least, you have Ghazi
May God protect him

But he'll be an only child

- Ghazi is late, right?
- It's not time for him to leave school yet

You know? I'll change
and go bring him

Mona, what's wrong?
The guys are with him

Why are you worried like this?

I'll make coffee

Welcome to Al Hayba

Hello, Brigadier General

- Come, please
- Retired Brigadier General

You know what?
Call me Abu Mohammad

Heroes don't retire

Your name alone is a rank

- Come, please
- Hello, ma'am


May God give you strength
May you live long

May He protect Jabal for you

Welcome. You remind me of Syria

- Let's go to the hall
- Thank you


Why are you shaking it like this?
This is not the right way to do it

Come. Give me the boy

and take the coffee to the hall

Come, please

My dear baby

- In the name of God
- This is very hard, son

It's time you got married to a woman
who'll raise your child

and help you look after him

Why are you still waiting?

Stop talking about that, please
Cut it out

Do you think it'd be good for me
to get married in this situation?

- Good appetite
- Thank you, good man

It's true I retired but they know
that I'm your friend

That's why they sent me
to tell you this

In short, there's arms smuggling
at the borders

from here to our region Kelfaya

And they're sure that these arms

are bound to pass through your land
with your knowledge

I don't understand, sir. Through my land
and with my knowledge?

What kind of arms?

Abu Sultan, I'm not here to tell you
about some shotguns and guns

These are heavy weapons
we're talking about here

And above all, who's getting them?

And who's receiving them?

I'm sure talking about
strange terrorist organizations

They have a lot of members
in the region

They're taking advantage
of the borders

and you know
the repercussions very well

That's why and because I love you
and you're dear to me

I'm here to warn you

Hold on, Abu Mohammad

We know nothing about that
and you've known our work

since my late father's days

We've been always saying around the year
and during the four seasons

that we don't deal
with heavy weapons or drugs

But what I'm saying
isn't speculations or assumptions

These are proven information, Jabal


What you're looking at is drone
footage in our region Kelfaya

Come sit already


It's been a long time

Now we can have coffee

By the way, Mona

Why don't we do as Sara said?

Let's redesign the co-op
and continue our work

We really were very happy

Al Hayba is choking me

Time here doesn't mean
anything anymore

There's no difference between
day and night here anymore

and I just want time to pass

My problem now
isn't with anybody here

My problem is with it

The vengeance killings
are gnawing at us

We only talk about killings and weapons

I lost a baby forever

and I don't know how I can
spare the second baby all this

How are you even
talking about a co-op?

What are you talking about?
Be sensible

I couldn't have a family
How will I be able to have a business?

What can we do? It's our destiny

It'll be good enough
if we don't surrender to it

Ghazi is here!

Have a safe trip

Take the men and go search every nook
and cranny in the arid mountains

Watch every car crossing
from our region and look into it

I want to know who has the nerve
to do this behind my back

Consider it done, dear


Take some guys and follow me


- Sir
- You can go

Yes? What is it?

There's an excessive car activity

Who are these for?

These are Jabal Sheikh Al Jabal's cars

- Okay. Send Jaber right now
- Copy that, sir

Yes, sir?

Do you know what I want from you?

Welcome, Mr. Adeeb

- Hello, Shaheen
- Welcome

Please join us for lunch. Come on
Stay with them


Jabal's guys are
all over the arid mountains

I don't know what they're looking for

Forget about them, now
Look at this list for me

See what's missing and check
with Adeeb. Hurry up

More Strelas?

This shipment is really heavier
than the last one

We don't usually
deal in what's missing here, boss

I hope I'll find them with him

Why are you poking
your nose into this?

Just see what's missing

Copy that

How did you know?

Their beards and the way they look
show that

They're from different countries and every
one of them speaks a different language

They don't talk much, anyway

If one of them speaks Arabic
you hardly understand what he's saying

How did that happen?

They came here
without us noticing, boss

We started seeing them
at the mosque

Then, we started seeing them
shopping at the market

- Are their families with them?
- No

They just pass through the village

They come, have some rest
then cross over

This means they have an agent
among you

Sure. There are always cheap people
they can buy their loyalty

- That means they have a lot of money
- They have big amounts and in dollars

- What are they doing exactly?
- They don't let us know

I mean, they don't trust us

But their trucks are all over the roads
to your arid mountains

What a shame!

Okay, Malek

I have an idea. I'll let you know
in time. Wait for my call

Sure, Abu Sultan. Take care

- Boss
- What do you want? What is it?

Something happened at the square
You must see it

"Your protector is a thief"

How didn't anybody see
the scoundrel who did it?

- Impossible
- It's so obvious

You don't need to be smart to know it
It's Tal Asfar's guys

We were reconciled, turned a new leaf
and it was over

It seems they still have it in for us
and they didn't put their heart into it

You can't accuse anyone
without evidence. Did you see them?

No, but when they accused Ali
of killing Sameeh and attacked us

- Did they have evidence?
- Do you mean it's an eye for an eye?

Stop analyzing and guessing

If one of them was here now
we wouldn't have heard the end of it

Do they ever stop?

They've been accusing Jabal
day and night and in front of everybody

Samir, zip it!

Listen to me for once, Mayor

Millions were stolen from these guys
It's a big amount of money

They won't stop. That's what
I've been personally analyzing

God, forgive us

One of you is analyzing
and the other one is guessing

Go back to your work, people
Come on

Hello, Jabal

Would you like to have
coffee in my office?

I can't, Abu Ahmad
I'm in a hurry

Don't worry, boss. This is childish

It's nothing


Who did this? Who do they mean
do you think?

These are thugs insulting Jabal
What a shame!

So, it wasn't vengeance

What a pity! What was the fault
of those who lost their houses in the fire?

By the way, what are these numbers?

I can't even write them
Seventy million dollars? Gosh!

- How many zeros is that?
- I don't know

Do you think I'm a bank employee?

Can you imagine it
in Lebanese pounds?

I wouldn't dare. If it's cash and calculated
according to the market rate...

No, I wouldn't dare

You know what?
I wasn't really surprised

Why is that?

When you told me about Jabal

and how he was sentenced
to around two hundred years in jail

then he ran away

I felt that there was something wrong

To be honest, I didn't know
what happened with them in Beirut

Good for him, man

But if you steal money
you'd better give others some of it

I don't understand

Come on, Samir

They say for example that the leader
of a certain village

is a diamond merchant in Africa

You look at the village
and you can see that

What do you mean? Does he put
diamonds on the villagers' clothes?

No but people there would
look wealthy, nobody would be needy

and people would be well off

Listen, if you're implying something

just know that the leader of this village
always helps people

Be honest, Samir. If that was true
you would have been well off

Be honest, Samir. If that was true
you would have been well off

I'm well off enough! Come on, sir
Don't make me kick you out

- You look so nice
- Thank you and may God help people


Every seventy million...

I don't dare

"Are you okay?"

"Are you okay?"

Here we go again!

You've been asking
the same question for a year

My answer hasn't changed

Aren't you fed up?

It's seventy million dollars!
The money can't vanish into thin air

People, my brother and I
have a right here

and we have every right
to ask about it

Millions of dollars have vanished

She was released the same day
you were sent to jail

What a coincidence!

Maybe we should have wondered...

Why was she so fast to
give us their names?

When our enemy was known
we weren't so confused

"You got me worried...


It's your mother, right?

- May she rest in peace
- May you live long

It must be your father

How great!

He looks majestic

You feel as if he was a general

Right. That's how he was

More than a hundred men
used to work for him

He used to stand up for people

People used to be
all over the place here

He died

How did he die, by the way?

It's an old story
I don't like to remember it

Little Ghazi and you
are his loyal successors

Thank you

- Have a seat
- Thank you

Thank you. Rima
That's so nice of you

I'll be inside
Tell me if you need anything

This is arak that was made in our village
You never tasted anything like it

It was made in the village

By the way, how's your wife now?

She's better. It will pass

- Cheers
- Cheers

Hello, dear

When you see me silent

you feel the walls are closing in

I feel I'm suffocating
when I see you like this, Jabal

Things are so hard this time, Mother

They will get easier

They will get easier
and we will figure it out

as long as you're fighting
and not giving up

They kept asking me the same
agonizing question for a year

They want to know where the money is

As if I was covering up a theft
with my brother's vengeance

I said to myself it was a made-up
story that had no truth to it

But now people are talking
and it's hurting me again

They're saying that your son
is a thief, Umm Jabal

How dare they say that?

You're Sultan's son

Nobody gets to say
bad things about you

Sure, they saw that you were a hero

You went and turned their world
upside down

They felt scared and started
to make things up

to damage your good reputation

But they can't defeat you

They really can't

That's why you have stay proud

And remember that your Sultan's son

and that people still look up to you

May God be pleased with you

I don't get it. I can't wrap
my head around it

You were reconciled at your cousin's
house and that's that?

I don't know

He did that on your behalf, too

You're right in the first place

Is this your son or his?

That's why I didn't go

You did well. That was very good

It's okay, man. He's your cousin
and he's the family leader

He can manage things

He's no boss of me
Let him manage his own problems

My house is always open, too
If you visit me, I'll honor you

and welcome you with
a folklore dance

You're a real man. I swear you're a
chivalrous man, Abu Ghazi. Cheers!

He sent his men to the arid mountains
They're around me, near the dam

They're always moving
like a herd of sheep

Let them come, go, graze
or scratch each other's skin

I don't care

- But our shipment is tomorrow
- Right. Let me see them come near you

They wouldn't even dare

- You're a real man! Cheers
- Cheers

"I'm worried about you. Call me
when you feel better. Good night"


You've been calling this number
for a while

- Fares?
- Who's speaking?

I want to talk Fares

Who's speaking?


Tell me why you need him
and I'll tell him

No, this won't help
I have to see him

You can tell him that it's about
a shipment at the borders

If he knows the details
he'll be interested



Wait for our call
We'll tell you where and when

"I'm at the door"


Are you okay?

If talking makes you feel better
then talk

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