Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 24 - Episode #5.24 - full transcript

Mona seeks common grounds with Shahin over the future of Ghazi. Wadee pours his heart out to Sarah, who detects something strange in the dam's water.

"When being tough
is a form of dignity"

"I have to be tough"

"Forgive me beforehand
for being tough"

"I have now to be biased
towards my wounds"

"I know I'm a man with a dark past
and a lot of stigmas"

"And I have done things
you haven't heard about yet"

"I know I'm a man with a dark past
and a lot of stigmas"

"And I have done things
you haven't heard about yet"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"Think twice before being meticulous
about our love"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"Think twice before being meticulous
about our love"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"We're the result of our experiences"

"We have to understand everybody
in order to answer"

"We have to be accountable
all the while holding others accountable"

"And live through hardships
to know our real friends"

"We're the result of our experiences"

"We have to understand everybody
in order to answer"

"We have to be accountable
all the while holding others accountable"

"And live through hardships
to know our real friends"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"Think twice before being meticulous
about our love"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"Think twice before being meticulous
about our love"

"Those who made mistakes
can tell right from wrong"

"All events, characters
and locations are fictional"

"They do not depict any actual
persons, places or events"

"Episode 24"

Stay, Rima
I'll get the door


- Hello
- I'm here to talk to you

Come in

- How are you, Rima?
- Fine

- Ghazi's at school?
- He'll be back soon

Okay, I need to sit alone
with your brother for a while

I'll go prepare your coffee

So? You're not asking me
to sit down?

"The black Buick 1976... the one you
sent me the mechanical inspection results"

"this car left Syria
from one year and three months"

"and it was registered
in its owner's name"

"you'll get his file by tonight"

"Sorry for all the trouble, Brigadier General"

You seem to have a taste for old cars

Sort of

I thought this through
and I took more than enough time

And... what's the conclusion you made?

You're seeing the future of our kid
in one place

and I'm seeing it in a totally
different place

You wish to keep him here

you want him to grow up
and become a smuggler

who's forced to take arms
to protect himself and his work

Mona, Mona, Mona! You're talking
as if you're a European tourist

not like someone who was born here
and grew up in Al Hayba

and you know perfectly well
what we do and how we were raised

But things have changed now

Our parents never had the choices
we have now and I can't blame them

I understand this fact perfectly well

But I consider that I have
the chance now to protect my son

and I have the opportunity to save him
from all the dangers around him

especially that I'm still living
only for him

Did you get what I meant, Shaheen?

My son is my future

And you consider his life abroad
is going to be better than here?

I don't know... maybe

No, it's not maybe
you're certain

if you were not certain you wouldn't
have ran away with him

and to Europe?

Shaheen, I'm here to talk and come to
an understanding that suits both of us

I'm not here to discuss
our own mistakes and errors

I can name a million mistake you've made

and I can hold you accountable

I've always been like this...
I was born this way

and if I was up for change
I would have changed way back

You know me before we got married
and you know how I think

You can't try changing me
after all these years

and make me think
the way you like

Mona, my son is going to be raised here
just like I grew up in here!

What if something bad
happens to him?

Can you stand the guilt?

You're the first mother predicting bad
things for her son, what's wrong with you?

I'm predicting bad things?

A few days ago, he was kidnapped
and threatened at gun point

That was days ago
now it's another story

This is our life

The road keeps narrowing down
between us

I don't think we can reach a solution
by staying together

What do you mean?

Let's get divorced

What a shame, Mona!

I can't believe how much you've changed

I feel like I don't know you anymore

As if I'm sitting with a woman
I'm meeting for the first time

like you're someone I've never talked to
before in my life

On top of the mistake you did
and instead of coming here to apologize...

you're here to challenge me
and ask for a divorce

I hope you're not expecting
to keep the boy with you

Listen close, Mona!

If you want a divorce
there's no problem with that!

But just as much as Ghazi's your son
and you're living for him...

Ghazi is also my son and I'm living
to see him grow up among his family

and become the clan leader

Who else but him can hold the torch
of the family after me?

Especially that my brother Jabal
has no kids

It turns out you're the one
who made all the correct calculations

Bottom line, Mona! Ghazi's growing up
in here with me!

What if he doesn't want that?
Who said you can decide for him?

Here he comes
we can ask him

- Hi, auntie Rima
- Hi, Ghazi

- Mommy
- Hi, honey

- Mommy
- Hi, honey


- We have a question for you
- Shaheen!

He's a young man now
and he can take his own decisions!

Sonny, do you wish to stay here with me
or do you want to travel with mommy?

What do you say, honey?

Ghazi, your mom and dad
are joking around now

Come with me to your room
change your clothes and get ready for lunch

You two must have really
lost your minds!

Are you serious? I can't understand
what you're doing

You're debating who gets the kid?

That's really unacceptable
from both of you!

Stop this nonsense already!

Come in, I can get you whatever you need
courtesy of the boss

Call me through this interphone
if you need anything and I'll be right here

Thank you so much

- "Jaber?"
- Yes, sir?

"All good? You gave Miss Sara
her room?"

Yes, I'm right here next to her

- May I talk to him?
- Of course

Thanks so much, Wadeeh

I feel like I'm in a hotel

"Don't worry, this is my personal lounge"

"We got it all set
for you to be comfortable"

I don't know how to thank you enough
for this favor

"There's no need to thank me"

"By the way, I forgot to ask.
Do you prefer fish or meat?"

No, please don't trouble yourself
with that

"You just said you feel like
you're in a hotel, consider it a 5 star hotel"

Give me Jaber

Here you go

- I'm listening, sir
- "Come over here"

Right away

This is the key

Yes, honey?

- Abu Ghazi, my friend
- "Hello, what's the occasion now?"

You're right, I haven't been
checking up on you like I should

I need a favor from you

I knew you wouldn't call
unless you need something

I hope you didn't get in trouble again
this time

I'm still cleaning up
after the last mess you caused, Wadeeh

No, it's nothing like that

I need to talk to you in private
and face to face

What's wrong? You're getting me worried

There's a dear friend of mine
who's asking me a favor

and only you can help me out
with this

"Who are you talking about?"

I have an errand to make tomorrow
and I'll drop by your place to talk about it

Fine, finish your job
and come over then

Fine, peace

Yes, sir

I need you to go buy some things
from the market

Write them down, don't forget anything!

Miss Sara?

Miss Sara?

- Mr. Wadeeh?
- "Yes, Jaber?"

- Miss Sara's at your office?
- "No, she's not"

- I didn't find her in her room
- "Really?"

"Try to find out where she is"

- Where is she?
- She went up to the lake

Sir, Miss Sara
went to the lake

Your dinner is ready

You're not hungry?

I don't feel like it

Do you have anything to drink?

Of course I do

Wish me luck, they asked me
to help them load the pieces tomorrow

Maybe this time
they'll take me with them

"Great news"

This way we can know
how they're crossing by our land

Before I forget, what about
the German guy?

You're about to finish
your mission there

You'll get safely back with him

- "I hope it all works out"
- Good night

"Good evening, my friend"

"Your friend's criminal record notes various
offenses and he has some big file"

"I'm sending it now"

How are you feeling? Better?

You may talk if you wish

I won't keep this from you

I'm tired

Jabal hurt me so much


He thought I'm using my work and asking
questions to investigate his activities

as if I need something from him


Not only that...

he took my papers and passport

He said I'm staying under house arrest
until something comes up

He said I'm staying under house arrest
until something comes up

Who does he think he is?
I don't get it!

Calm down

This lake looks so weird
in these arid mountains

It looks so much like me

Are you laughing at me now?

On the contrary

I'm so happy you're here

There's a question
I wanted to ask you

But I don't dare to ask questions
anymore after what Jabal did

You can ask me
anything you want

Are you married?
Are you in any relationship now?

I was married
I had a wife and a son

You were? Where are they now?

I lost them

What do you mean?

If you don't feel like talking...
you don't have to

The war destroyed us

And I lost my house

I only had one solution

Traveling abroad

We became a laughing stock and we
kept moving from one house to another

and when it came to taking
the decision to travel or not

my wife chose not to

She didn't want to leave

She thought the war will be over
in no time

She wanted her son to grow up
in our country

We flipped a coin

I won

and they lost

What do you mean?
I don't get it

We went from a smuggler
to another

We found ourselves in a boat

in the middle of the sea

It was a life-and-death journey

It was at dawn...

And the water was freezing

It was scary and terrifying

I will never forget those faces

We were packed like sardines

I was holding them with my hands

worrying that they'd fall down

That's the last thing I remember

When I came to

I found myself on the shore

They told me I was the sole survivor
and the only one who stayed alive

Everybody else died

I wish I didn't survive

I really wish that

Because they had peace

I found out...

that they won

and I lost

I've hated water since

But the irony is...

that water is my line of work


You know what?

This is the first time
I've loved this lake

Ghazi, why are you still awake?

My parents will get a divorce
right Auntie Rima?

Who told you?

Didn't you hear my father asking
if I wanted to live with him or with mom?

I want to live with both of them


You parents are like any couple
They fight sometimes

but they make up again

Don't think about these things

Sleep early
You have school tomorrow

Just sleep

"We will meet tomorrow"

I felt sorry for him when he told
me how his family drowned

Calm down. Don't feel so sorry
and listen to me

At the top of his form
it's written that he's single

"Marital Status: Single"

That means that all he said
was just lies

His real name is Jalal Munir Salahi

He's an infrastructure engineer

He was top of his class

It's even written that his professors
were baffled by his brilliance

He graduated and was appointed
at the research center

where he was working on a sensitive
and sophisticated project

One of his friends stole the idea
and presented it under his name

He was then promoted, became his
manager and transferred him

He didn't take it well. They fought
he tried to kill him and he was sent to prison

While he was there, he went on
to marry his girlfriend

When the war broke out, he fled
with the Aleppo prison prisoners

and with the ISIS militants
as it's written

He went to his manager
and killed him and his family

He was then seen in Palmyra
when ISIS militants were there

then he vanished

He appeared again and he had a
degree in building dams from Germany

He had a new name, "Wadeeh"

It's obvious all of that
was for the dam you're now at

In conclusion, he's a dangerous man

and it'd be better if you
steered away from him

What a weird story!

I was dumb enough
to believe him

I can't believe how deceitful he is!

It's only natural that you'll fear for me

Is it fear or jealousy?

Both. Do you mind?

Not at all, quite the opposite

But I'd appreciate it
if you could feel jealousy a bit more

Let's see. What else
do you have for me?

This fast?

I'll send it, now

What is this?

It's something in the water
of the dam lake

There's more than one

but I couldn't know what they were
because they weren't clear

That's so strange

What do you have
"Mister Reports"?

I have good news about the man
who was the reason for us to meet


He's alive and on his way here

I can't reach him
but I can see him

- Your coffee is in your office, sir
- Has Mrs. Sara woken up?

She's having her coffee

Take a hike

- Good morning
- Hello, Wadeeh

You have to excuse me, today

I will be a bit busy

I have some work. I haven't forgotten
about your problem

I found the person who'd
get you out of Al Hayba

- Do you trust him?
- Totally

- He's the boss's cousin
- Who?


Who else could it be?
Only he can get you out

- I hope it will work out
- I'm sure it will

- Thank you very much
- For what?

For yesterday

I haven't been able to find anyone to talk
to and open up to for a long time

I can't get your story out of my head

After everything that happened to you
how could you keep on?

My problem seems so stupid
compared to your problems

And above all of that, I added to your
problems and caused you trouble

No, on the contrary

You're a gift from the sky

You can't imagine what you did to me

You're the only person who can make
me forget what I went through

You're the solution to my trouble

I hope so

Okay, I won't be long

Get ready. We'll have lunch together



- My dear baby! I love you
- Dad!

- How I love you!
- Dad

- Do you want your father?
- Dad

Abu Ali

Send little Abu Ali to me

- Go to your uncle
- Come here

Come on!

My dear baby!

Look here! Nice

Do you know how to get back
on your own? Come on. Go!

Come here

Come, dear!

"Good morning"


I love you, dear

"Good morning"

"You can't imagine how much
I miss him and I miss all of you"

"They will move soon"

You made my morning!

- Good morning, dear Mother
- Good morning, dear


- Is Mona mad as usual?
- She's upset

She's so upset, today. Because she went
to see Shaheen yesterday

and she said she would solve
her problem on her own

What a shame!

Shaheen is a stubborn moron

He's not going to change

Anyway, don't you worry
I'll solve the problem, but not now

I really have a lot of problems
Come eat with us, Abu Ali

- I already ate. Enjoy
- Thank you

- Mention God
- In the name of God Almighty

- Thank you
- I hope you enjoyed it, boss

- Go to the cars. I'll be right over
- Okay

Hello, boss

What do you have for me?

I haven't slept, boss

These were issued a few months ago
and we have thousands of customers

- You'd better find him
- As you wish

It will be in your best interest if the Old
Man calls so you can be done with it

You'll get old here, otherwise

Come on, guys

- Hello?
- Are you ready?

- I'm ready
- Meet me at the vantage point

Right away

Abdul Razak!

Come with us

Come on

Come on, men

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