Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Episode #6.12 - full transcript

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Izel said the monoliths
had the power to create.

It's possible that the
three energies combined

to create another Coulson

through space and time.

This human body, you took it over,

and in return, you got everything

that comes with this unwilling vessel.

And the only thing powerful
enough to defeat me...

is inside you.

And you're afraid to let it out.

Getting through to
him is still our best shot,

but it's not something we can force.

Maybe we should.

The person that is in there is
not the man that you loved.

Come on! What are you
waiting for?! Do it!

Kill me, Skye!

You were gonna sacrifice yourself.

It's what Coulson would've done.

I think Sarge's powers
are very dangerous.

But they might be just what we need.

She's taking people
over, possessing them.

Where are we on the Izel problem?

Please tell me you have something.

- We're trying.
- Not yet.

The monoliths could be used
to open a doorway

between our world and the
world that Izel comes from.

My family will come through
and take over the Shrike hosts.

With the Di'Allas destroyed,

there isn't a way to
complete the ritual.

Your minds are going
to create them for me.

♪ Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6x12 ♪
The Sign

I've already shown
you that humans are incapable

of controlling their fears.

But we're not afraid of you.

Our worst fears have
nothing to do with you

or the damn monoliths.

It has to do with losing
the people we love.

And we've already faced that fear.

We're still here.

You're not gonna get any help from us.

Then who's that?

How'd I get here?

Dios mío.

Flint. It's gonna be okay.

Wh-What's going on?

This is... This isn't the Lighthouse.

No, it's not.

It's good to see you, but...

You have no idea.

I never thought I would.

But you gotta get outta here.

Who did this?!

He's just a boy.

You lock up my friends?


Yet they fear you.


- Stay away from him!
- Flint, don't let her get close to you.

Let 'em go.

You have no idea what I can do.

Flint. Don't.

Stop, Flint. Stop.


You're special.

Like she is.

Damn right.

So let them go.


I thought your friends
would bring me the monoliths.

Instead, they brought me you.

You can build them.

There's no way I'm helping you.

I don't need your help.

Just you.

Flint, run!


Let's begin.


That's all you feel?

It's the best way to describe it.

And you don't want
to be anywhere near it

when it comes out.

Once we land in the
jungle, we'll secure Z1,

use it as a base of operations.

We go in stealth.

So, how do we get Mack and Yo-Yo out

if we can't even get close to her?

Now we can.

You think I haven't seen
something like this before?


Our friend Robbie Reyes
had something inside him,

not exactly a Teddy bear.

He was able to control it.

That's my point.

I don't know that I can control it.

This sends a sonic
frequency through the body

that will prevent you
from being possessed.

How many do we have?

- We're working on...
- I got this.


- When did you...
- If I had another day or two,

I could've had them in rose gold.

No, this is plenty.

You're like a wizard.

Well, I-I picked up a few
tricks in the private sector.

This is really great.


Okay, so, Izel can't jump into us,

but we have other problems.

You kept it in check
when Daisy spoke to you.

Whatever she did got
you thinking straight.

There's no thought.

Only the rage.

And if I see Izel...

You'll defeat her. You let the rage out.

Then let the other
part of you rein it in.

It's not as simple as you make it sound.

That's why I'll be there.

To remind you.

Sarge gave us his stockpile of daggers.

And we've melted them
down to make bullets.

Yeah, the bullets are
designed to fragment,

so they stay embedded in the Shrike.

It's the only way to kill them.

And Izel? Will it stop her?

We don't know.

Sarge has his sword,
so he's our best hope.

Do you think he's ready?

He thinks he is.

And you?

I wish we had more time.

That demon inside him,

if Sarge can use it to kill Izel,

then it's a good thing, but...

... after that...

You think he won't
be able to rein it in?

I'm wondering if we can get it out.

Maybe we can separate them.

We have no idea if it works that way.

That part of him...

he's scared of it.

And he's scared because it's
not a part of him.

So you want to exorcise it.

I'm saying if Izel opens this gateway...

I'll find a way to send
that thing inside Sarge

back where it came from.

You might kill him.


But if I see a chance
to get Coulson back,

I'm going to take it.

Preparing for descent.


He's breathing.

What did you do to him?

He's extraordinary

but, like all Terrans, weak.


They will open the door,

and on the other side,

they're gathering.

They've never seen anything.

Or heard a song or...

tasted your pain.

But that will change.


Bring me an army!


- She's not here.
- Yeah.

And the Quinjet's empty.


Izel knew exactly the right
way to cripple the Zephyr.

More like Mack knew and
didn't have a choice.

He didn't have to try so hard.

Yeah, this is bad, but it can't be worse

- than that one time on that one planet.
- Mm, the smelly one?

The shiny one.

Nothing is that bad.

How quickly can we get Z1 flying again?

Faster if we had Mack.

Lighthouse, come in. We have Z1.

Excellent news.

What do things look like on the ground?

We're a few klicks away from the temple,

but our vantage point is not ideal.

We have satellites on the move.

When we get a visual,
we'll guide you in.

I'd rethink that.

Izel and her Shrike operate on
a subset of sonic frequencies.

We always suspected she could
hear our communications.

He's not wrong.

We probably shouldn't
even be on the radio now.

We are off to a great start.

All right, we'll go in dark.

Piper, we'll need Z1 ready for extract.

- I'll get to work on it.
- We're signing off.

We'll see you on the other side.

Hey, Sarge.

Do me a solid?

Make sure you end her.

Even going in dark,

how are they going to get
the cuffs to Mack and Yo-Yo

without confronting Izel?

We need to figure something out.

Some... Some kind of distraction.

Something to lure her out of there.

How do we know she'd
be lured out as herself?

Yeah, we don't.

What if we could...

you know...

get past her?

Have you got something in mind?

It's just something I was
working on at my startup.

It's tech. It... It...
It might not work.

I mean, it probably won't. But...

it could.

If you know of a way to
get past Izel, then...

... you really are a wizard.

Okay, but you promise you won't be mad?

Why would we be mad?

Well, 'cause it's kinda already here.

I made those, didn't I?

No, it was Izel, not you.

What's she gonna do with them?

Something terrible, I'm guessing.

She ain't gonna use it to
feed the poor or heal the sick.

Yeah, when I get my energy back,

I'll tear 'em apart.

Don't worry about that just yet.

You got anything left to help us out?


Is Izel the Destroyer of Worlds?

No, she's something else.

So, it worked.

You saved Earth.

And you saved the Lighthouse.


Did those bring me here?
Through space and time?

No, we, uh... we sorta
made you with our minds.

Yeah, I know. I know.

It sounds crazy, but that's
what the third monolith does.

You made me?

What does that mean?

Am I even real?

You look real to me.

We'll take it from here.

When did you get those?

What happened?

I feel like I missed a lot.

A lot did happen, but
we're together now,

and we gotta get outta here.

Are you strong enough to run?

- Yeah.
- Let's go.


It's sad how predictable humans are.

You just had to see the
face of an old friend,

and you risk it all.

You must need a reminder
of what I'm capable of.




See? Predictable.

It's okay, buddy. It'll be alright.

Remember how excited you guys were

when I was able to make
those cuffs so fast?


Just hold on to that feeling.

Everybody! I'd like you to meet

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.

They identify as my grandparents,

so please just go with it.

Mr. Shaw, can I get you anything?

Uh, you want a charcoal water?

Cascara Fizz?

Uh, and here's the rose gold.

Oh, I love the chamfer on this.

Thank you.

Walk with me.

You could've just told
us you brought in people.

I know, but I didn't.

May I introduce you to...

The ShawDrive.

Is this a... jump drive?

It's an experimental, hyper-local,

fusion-based transportation device.

Patent pending.

Patent pending?

You stole this.

Could you just...

Could you give us one sec?

I just, uh, was gonna tell you...

First of all, S.H.I.E.L.D.
stole this from the Remorath,

and I doubt that the evil
aliens have a good patent lawyer.

You've stolen all of this!

I use good ideas, okay?

I use math. Did I "steal" math?

Is... Is that Framework code?

Oh, that... No, no, no. That... That...

That's harmless.
That... That's just a...

That's an advanced gaming system.

That you're profiting from!

Profit fuels research.

That's what you said.

A-And the ShawDrive...

which now that I say it sounds bad...

that could be the one
way to save our friends.


If this works,

an agent can jump into the field.

Maybe even into the temple itself.

All right.

Does it work?

We've done some tests
that have gone well,

and most of the mice survive.

But... But...

with all three of us...

maybe we can get it working better.

Okay. Fine.

Fine, Deke.

Okay! Everybody!

Hey, listen up. Drop everything.

Eyes on me. Now.

Whatever Nana and Bobo want,

obviously, run it by me first

and then help them.

Let's treat it like
it's launch day, people!

We should be able to
see the pyramid soon.

This thing's not reading right.

That's what happens when you
keep jumping through wormholes.

So where does one

get a space-ghost-killing-sword anyway?

I don't know. Just always had it.

I used to not question things...

thought they were just
memories Izel had stolen.

Turns out, I know even
less than I thought.

I'm sorry.

Don't be. It's mine to carry.


Shrike-killing bullets.

Should've thought of that.

Just never been to a planet
that was so into guns.

She must've infected
the resort town nearby.

I'm guessing there's
no way to save them?

They're already dead.

I'm pretty sure I killed most
of the birds at the tower.

And I'm pretty sure I just
jinxed us by saying that.


So much for the stealth approach.

If she didn't know we
were coming, she does now.

- You didn't use your s...
- I'm saving it for her.

Too much?

I don't know, it kinda
felt like overkill.



Lighthouse, be advised that

we might've just blown our cover.

Roger that. Is everyone okay?

Yeah, but things might get messy.

We may have a solve from our end.

Hang tight, we're working on it.

Best not to get their hopes up.

- If we can't deliver...
- Sure we can.

The ShawDrive... The...

jump drive is ready to jump.

How can you say that?

The targeting system's untested.

After that, the charging
system's our next priority.

- Agreed.
- Yeah, but it mostly works, right?

I don't know how it works.

And you can't tell me
because you didn't build it.

You were getting along so well.

You copied tech that you never
understood in the first place,

and now we've got
bugger-all to show for it!

We've got bugger lots,

We are close.

You said our grandson was a delight.

He's a work in progress.

Oh, you know what? You are just jealous

that I came up with the big solve.

Jealous? Of what?!

Half your ideas are mine!

Okay, stop it! Both of you.

I won't travel down this road again.

It's exhausting.
And Mack and Yo-Yo need us.

You got your Di'Allas
and everything you wanted.

Why don't you let us
take the kid and go?

But we're just getting started.

And you've only begun to
serve your higher purpose.

And what's that?


If you wanted to kill us,
you would've done it already.


When the Three arrive,
they'll need bodies to inhabit.

All I hear you talk about
is how weak we are.

But you want what we have.

And I will have it
without your weakness.

You've seen it with your own eyes...

our wounds will heal,
our bones will mend.

You won't be in pain much longer.

And we won't let you hurt him.

It was your hand that
shattered his bone.

The boy has two legs, so sit down.

I am telling you,

if we address the quantum targeting...

That's a backup parameter.

Why would we waste our time
tweaking redundant systems?

Well, you would know
all about redundant systems.

- I heard that!
- Please, you two...

This whole ridiculous
company is a redundancy.

You're not a genius.

You're a hack.

And no B.S. Foundation can hide...


No B.S. Foundation can hide the fact

that you built this company
not to advance science

but to get rich!

I built this company
because no one liked me!

- Deke, he didn't mean...
- Yes, he did.

I built it

because I've never belonged anywhere,

because the place that I'm from

doesn't even exist anymore

and because all of my friends are gone.

And the woman that I gave lemons to

thinks that I'm a loser,

so I went out into the world

to try and be what
everybody wants me to be,

and she still thinks that I'm nothing!

And... And my best friend
turned out to be a spy,

and... and my girlfriend
turned out to be a psychopath...

Snowflake was not good for you.

I was talking about Sequoia.

Oh. I mean, the family that I do have

wants nothing to do with me.

Deke, we care about you. We do.

You say that and you try to be nice,

but you didn't even want
me to know that Fitz died.

I wanted to spare you the pain.

But I could've shared that with you.

I could've helped.

Even my own grandparents
think I'm a joke.

I survived an apocalyptic hellscape...

- Deke.
- Wait, hang on.

- Okay, let's not...
- Deke.

- Deke, you have to...
- ... so what do I have to do

to get a little respect around here?

- Deke, don't even think about...
- No, no.

He is so cool.


You're good.

Hurry up! Let's go!

Not without him.

- Flint?!
- Deke?

What are you doing here?!

It's hard to explain.

We gotta go.

Here, take this. It'll keep her out.

- What about you?
- It's okay.

I got problems with
wearable tech anyway.

There's a S.H.I.E.L.D. team incoming.

We've gotta clear out
and get back to Z1.

Is that a jump drive on your back?

Yes, and I would give it to
Flint to get him out of here,

but we did tests, and most
of the mice did not survive.

Uh, guys.

Go. I'll draw them away.

You sure?

Yes, I got an escape
hatch on my back! Go!

Thank you, Agent Shaw.

Anytime, Director.

Over here, you big dummies! Let's go!

Thanks for the party, guys...

but I gotta jump.


Lighthouse, Lighthouse, come in!

- Deke!
- I got the tech to Mack and YoYo,

but the jump drive isn't working.

Yeah, well, of course it isn't w...

I cannot deal with that...

It needs time to build up a charge,

20 to 30 minutes at least.

Well, I wish you would've told me that!

You jumped away!

Wearable tech!

You saw it. That was Coulson.

Even had the same damn
twinkle in his eye.

Or Sarge finally learned
how to land a joke.


She built an army.

Even with the bullets,
there are too many of them.


I'll do what I can.
I'll make a lot of noise.

- Wh...
- What other choice do we have?

Just do the damn thing.

You know, one good thing
is this gave me an idea.

What about a game
where you kill zombies?

I bet nobody's done that.

Yeah, that's an excellent idea.

You could kill dog zombies and
fast zombies and slow zombies,

and you can kill them with knives,

maybe one with, like, a chainsaw...

Whoa, did you hear that?

Are you seeing this?

What is it?

I don't know.

But I think it means we're too late.

Hey, where'd you come from?

Lady, if I told you,
you wouldn't believe me.

Oh, you'd be surprised.

You're lucky you made it here.

There's something out in that jungle.

Shrike zombies.

It's like a Romero movie out there.

Zombies. Why not?

Oh, so this is Zephyr One.

I never thought I'd see it.

Or see a jungle.

There are so many plants.

But no oranges. And the air is sticky.

Well, it sounds like you feel better,

but you gotta try to relax, okay?

- Okay.
- Piper?

Can you wrap this up? Thanks.

That's Flint.

Wait, "Flint" from the
future who saved everybody?

Yeah, that's him.

Izel shattered his leg, so...

when the shock wears
off, it's gonna be bad.

Can you fly him out of here?

Yeah, I mean, he helped save the planet.

I think we owe him one.

Thank you.

Yo-Yo and I are gonna
head back to the temple.

Well, Daisy, May, and Sarge
will appreciate the backup.


He's here?

Yeah, Daisy think he's the
only one who can kill Izel.


This is Piper.

She's gonna take you out of
here and get you fixed up.

It's gonna be okay, Flint.

This world...

it's so much better than
the one you came from.

You guys still have tacos, right?

All the tacos you want, Pebbles.

We'll hit a drive-through
when we get back.


Wait, what's a drive-through?


I thought Daisy was
going to lead them away.

Give her a minute.

What is it?

That's her song.

I hear it in my sleep.

I don't like this.

It means she's close.

To opening the gate,
to summoning them...

last chance to walk away.

I'm not afraid.

That's one of us.

Whatever we're about to face in there,

you'll do the right thing.

How can you know that?

Because I know who you are.

Look, this isn't gonna be easy to hear,

but if you're harboring any
hope that after all this,

I'm gonna turn into this "Coulson" guy,

you gotta let that go.

Do I want an alien
passenger in my head? No.

But if I kick it loose,

what's left of me won't
be the love of your life.

- Maybe...
- There's no maybe.

Maybe Phil Coulson is gone forever.

I've accepted that.

But I still believe there's good in you,

even if it isn't him.

Let's hope you're right.

Daisy, right on cue.

Let's go finish this thing.

I don't want to be here
when this lady hits the high note.

I'm getting out now.

Negative! You don't have enough power

to make it back to the Lighthouse.

I'll take anywhere but here!

- Deke, no!
- I'm out!

I'm okay.

I made it. I'm safe.

Cancel that! Not safe! Not alone!

Get to the Quinjet! It's closest.

Where's that?!


What's west?!

Towards the bloody sun!

Let's roll out.

That's all the firepower we've got.

Oh, you guys are the
best things I've seen all day.

Those things out there, not so much.

Where's May and Sarge?

At the temple. Come on.

You left them?

You guys missed a lot.

Long story short, I had to
lure away an army of zombies.

Turns out, they were the fast kind.

Not easy to shake, so we
have to get in the air now.

There's no signal down here.

- We're blind.
- Of course we are.

Are you okay?

Get me to her.

Maybe you should just...

Get me to her.

Izel wasn't messing around.

She made me dismantle the avionics bus.

- Yeah, I figured.
- But if we can re-route the lab's power

to the thrusters, maybe
we can get off the ground.

We don't have enough time. We can...

We can take the Quinjet.

We can't. Piper took it.

We had to get Flint out.

Flint?! Our Flint?

Do I even want to ask how he got here?

The monolith energy.

So, we lost Piper, and the Quinjet...

and he's not even real.

- You tell that to him.
- He is real.

And Mack and I are responsible
for him. You weren't there.

You have no idea what
we've been through.

If she got the monoliths,
I have a pretty good idea.

You have no right to
question our judgment.

You're the one who brought
Sarge on this mission...

the man who just tried to
kill us with a nuclear bomb.

Like I said, a lot has
happened since then, Director.

Fall back!

Fall back!! Go!

How did they get in here?

There's too many of them.

Okay, I made it.

Now what?

- Now you wait for extract.
- Isn't there a way

that you guys can fly
me out of here remotely?

I mean, if not, I'm
sure Elon could do it.

I could call him. He
kind of owes me a favor.

Just stay put. Someone
will be there shortly.

Are you seeing this?

You seem much more like yourself.

And just in time.

They're on the other side,

waiting for a sign.

Why don't I send you through
and you can tell them yourself?

Stand back.

She's mine.

I've always been yours.

Not like this.

There you are.


How do you still have that?

It doesn't belong in this world.

Neither do you.

I've watched you destroy
planet after planet.

All you are is death.

Even that song cuts
through me like death.

This pain...

I'm done with it.

You can't do it, can you?


Great tactical decision,
luring the zombies back here.

That obviously was not the
plan. I had to clear a path.

What, for a man we can't trust?

We don't know what tricks
he has up his sleeve.

I know for a fact that he's
the only one that can kill Izel.

Oh, let me guess, he tell you that?

Look, Sarge started to
remember who he really is.

And you would've seen it for yourself

if you didn't volunteer to be kidnapped.

Do we really have to do this right now?

You really think this man is Coulson?

Maybe not all of him,
but he remembered my name.

He called me Skye. How
would he have known that?

Because that's what they do!

I went to enough Sunday School to learn

that when the devil shows up,

he'll be wearing the face
of someone you trust!

He'll make you question
everything you see

and everything you know!

He is not the devil.

We don't know what he is.

Do you remember now?

They're waiting for the sign.

- She's playing you, Sarge.
- You hear me, don't you?

- Don't listen.
- Like you have new senses,

- new understanding.
- Don't let that thing inside you take control.

There is good in you. Look at me!

Your friend doesn't know when to quit.

Tell me.

What do you feel?


And fear.

Fear of this pain that's been
a knife in my heart for so long.

That's love.

That pain is love.

I know because...

I was afraid of it, too.

But you let me feel it.

You gave that gift to me.

You pulled me out of that cubicle,

you gave me purpose, a crew...

Remember me.

Remember us.

Daisy and Mack and Yo-Yo,

Fitz and Simmons.

You love us.

You're right.

It's love.

- The pain is love.
- Yes.

And now I know how to end it.

To cut it out of me.

Slice it away and be done with it.

How's that for a sign?

Greetings, Isaiah.

Apologies for the
unfortunate surroundings.

Unfortunate indeed.

How are our efforts fairing?

Were you able to reach out
to our fellow anthropologists?

I have.

My plan is ambitious, to be sure,

but I believe together we may endeavor

to rebuild our home planet.

Enoch, there is a problem.

The Chronicoms on your list

are no longer anthropologists.

That is not possible.

They have all been reassigned.