Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Episode #6.13 - full transcript

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I will gather a force to
find Fitz and Simmons.

That is not necessary.

We have their brains.

Were you able to reach out
to our fellow anthropologists?

There is a problem.

The Chronicoms on your list

are no longer anthropologists.

When the Di'Allas resonate in harmony,

they'll open a gateway to my home.

My family will come through
and take over the Shrike hosts.

Fall back!

How did they get in here?

Okay, I made it. Now what?

Now you wait for extract.

You really think this man is Coulson?

Sarge started to remember
who he really is.

We don't know what he is.

This pain that's been a
knife in my heart for so long.

It's love.

- The pain is love.
- Yes.

And now I know how to end it.

♪ Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6x13 ♪
New Life

It's love.

- The pain is love.
- Yes.

And now I know how to end it.


Not like this. Not by him.

Fitz-Simmons, do you read?

We are pinned down. They've
breached Zephyr One.

Any word back from the temple?

Control, do you read?

May's down.


Sarge, he... he stabbed May.

She's gone, Daisy.

That's not possible. That...

We saw it with our own eyes.


Comms are offline.

And somehow I've been
locked out of the system.

That's weird. Let me...

So have I.


All satellites are off-line.

This can't be an accident.

- Get down!
- Come on! Move!

Leave no prisoners.


You were right.

I should've never trusted him.

- I should've...
- No.

It wasn't right for me to judge...

No, don't... don't... don't do that.

Don't you walk it back.

I did this.


This is on me.

Then make it mean something.


Bobo, come in. Talk to
me. Are you there, Bobo?

Deke, it's good to hear your voice.

Yeah, well, I wish I could
say the same to you.

I'm kinda stuck in the Quinjet right now

under siege by a zombie army.

I could really use some rescuing!

We landed the Quinjet
about 200 yards away.

Any chance we can reach him?

There's no way I can take out that many.

We're moments away from
having to save ourselves.

All right, Deke, listen to me.

You're gonna have to fly over to us.

Hold up, Star Commander.

I've got like zero real-world
piloting experience.

Taking off is one thing,
but do you really think

he can land a Quinjet?

Do you guys really think
this is a good idea?

Piloting is mostly automated.

I feel very confident
that you won't die.

Look, get to the cockpit,
and I'll walk you through

the lift-off procedure.

This is what I get for
always letting stupid Trevor

pilot in "Remorath Rumble".

All right, look to your right.

You should see two red switches.

Pull the one on the left back.

10-4, good buddy.

All right, now pull
back on the throttle.

You should hear the engine ramp up.


Come on!

We've taken command

of their operating systems.

And the exits?

Locked down.

It confounds that Enoch
would speak of S.H.I.E.L.D.

with such reverence.

It was a weakness.

One which proved his undoing.

Take your men.

Follow S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol
to flush out all personnel.

The technology here is quite primitive.

The human mind has its limits.

Along with its secrets,

and we will soon
unlock the rest of them.

Now go find us the key.

Okay, all right, we just need to follow

S.H.I.E.L.D. emergency protocols.

Agent Khan's strike team
should be waiting for us

down on the Staging Floor.

What are you doing?

Calling for back-up.

- You have reached...
- Aah!

... the voice mailbox
for Enoch Coltrane.

I am currently unable to
receive your transmi...

What if the Chronicoms got to him first?

Malachi ordered his men
to leave no prisoners.

This isn't just an ambush.

It's an extermination.

What joy, watching you strike her down.

How does it feel to be
your true self once more?

Long overdue.


You've been held hostage in
this vessel for far too long.

For centuries.

Yet here you are.

Ready to claim what
we've always longed for.

A new home.

It's only a matter of time...

... now that the sign has been sent.

What about the Standby
Instrument System?

I'm telling you, all
the wiring is in place.

What am I missing?

Deke, are you okay?

Hey, uh, any chance that

the problem's the
Electro-hydrostatic Actuator?

Yeah, that would make sense.
What made you think of that?

Just a gut feeling.

Well, can you fix it?


Don't make me come out there!

Yeah, I don't want to go out there.

We're gonna have to
find another work-around.

You should be able to re-route power

directly to the main engine.

There's a hatch in the floor.

Copy that.

They cut the door's hydraulic line.

They're dumb, not stupid.

We need to reinforce that door.

- Go, I'll get Deke in the air.
- Okay.

Grab this.

That's easier said than done.
Everything's bolted down.

Or that.

Where is everybody?

Agent Khan and his team
should already be here.

That's the protocol.

They lined them up,
and they executed them.

This floor's only used for emergencies.

It's a-a verbal protocol,
not in the system.

How did the Chronicoms even know

that people would be
gathering down here?

'Cause you did.

They've been inside our
heads. Think about it.

They put us in that mind prison.

They hacked into our brains.

They know everything that we know.

Passwords, base layout,

S.H.I.E.L.D. emergency protocols...

every move that we would make.

We need to find a way up to the hangar.

No. Chronicoms will know our next move.

They'll be waiting.

There has to be somewhere to hide

that we wouldn't have thought of then...

uh, something new.

Deke's development lab.

That floor was empty
until a few days ago.

Long after we escaped the Chronicoms.

Get everyone to the twentyfirst floor.

Avoid all emergency exits.

Aren't you coming?

We're a liability.


Now what?

Well, they may be inside our heads,

but we can make sure they
don't get into anyone else's.

That look in your eye...

... I've seen it many times before.

Just never upon this face.

It still feels foreign.

Give it time.

I must confess to having gained

an appreciation for
this vessel of yours.

There is a strength about it

which I find enticing.

It's a prison.

From which I freed you.

And I'd be grateful for that...

if you hadn't been the one
responsible for my captivity.

You're wrong!

You left me to rot in our world.

You could not exist outside it.

Which is why I sent you
to retrieve the Di'Allas.

To make me whole.

Finding them proved much more
difficult than we imagined.

Or did the glory prove
impossible to resist?

I should've struck you
down when I had the chance.

Your words sound petty,

as if spoken by the human
I shot in the face...

the very action that freed
you to stand by my side,

ready to deliver our
people into this world.

Call your Shrike back to the temple.

Let's give them new life.

They will arrive once
the last of S.H.I.E.L.D.

has been put down.

Mack, they called their friends.

All that's left is to reroute
that electric input cable

to the flight systems.

Let... go... of... me!

Is everything okay?

Yeah, just a little zombie flare-up,

but I took care of it.

Okay. Come on, let's
get this bird in the air.

Where did they go?

What would be their next move?

They can't make it through
the engine room, right?

No. But even if they
did, the only other room

that they would be able to access is...

The armory.

I did not know you could do that.

I don't have to run fast
to make things go slow.

Okay, that wasn't so bad.

I think I'm pretty good at this.

Okay, easy there, cowboy.

Take-off's pretty much automated.

It's the landing where
things get a little tricky.

It's gonna require a gentle touch.

Well, you rest that pretty,
little head of yours, because...

the D's kinda known for that.

You're about 30 seconds out.
Just try to concentrate on...


What happened?

One of those Shrike
things flew into her mouth.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

I didn't see it in time.

- I'm sorry.
- No, don't worry.

We're gonna find a way to
get this thing out of you.

Doesn't work like that.

Gentle's not happening!

Everybody hold on!

He did it.

I won't lose you.

I can't lose you.


Or everything that's left of it.

My fear is that the Chronicoms will want

brain scans of anyone who went in.

- Including Coulson.
- Right.

If they can unlock the
secrets of Coulson's mind...

Then they'll have all of
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets, too.

Which is why we're not
going to let that happen.

All that research that
went into the Framework...

have to admit, it's
kinda sad to see it go.

Is that so?!

N-No. That was a joke.

'Cause, actually, the Framework's...

the Framework's just silly,
and Radcliffe definitely...

definitely had a drinking problem.

More Hunters?

It is all kept on this floor.

Keep searching.

They're gathering mind tech.

Guess we were right to head here.

We need to destroy all of it.

Couldn't hurt to take a
few Hunters in the process.

Soon the others will join us.

Once the Three open the
Temple of the Forgotten,

the flood will come.

They will finally be free.

Free to take form,

to know what it is to feel... as we do.

Hunger, thirst,



This doesn't look good for us.

Yeah, I know.

I think I'm thinking
what you're thinking.

We don't have enough
bullets to stop them.

They're in the hall.

This room only has one entrance.

To survive...

We need to trigger the
explosives remotely...

Or set a timer and get out...

... but there is no way out.

And we don't have a timer.

We just have a trigger.

Yeah. Okay.

What other choice do we have, right?


We'll be saving lives.

- Fitz...
- Yeah, I know. Me too.


This must be confusing, best friend.

But I had to take bold action.


I found that bluffing was much easier

if you kill someone and take their skin.

There is a second
wave of Hunters coming.

We'll never survive it.

I have a strategy that
will save your lives

and the lives of your fellow Agents,

but unfortunately,
time is of the essence.

We must act now.

Yeah, of course.


This will be the hardest
thing you have ever done.

- I doubt that.
- Nothing's ever easy with you, is it?

What do we have to do?

Change the natural course
of your lives forever.

- Oh, that again.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now that we're in the air, I'm good.

- It's just the ground that scares me.
- Just get us close.

Crash the damn thing if you have to.

- I can help in this fight.
- You're damn right. We need you.

Agent Keller had maybe,
uh, thirty minutes

- before we lost him.
- No, no!

No, we are not losing anyone else today.

I'm not losing you.

How close are we?

- I see it. It's just up ahead.
- Okay, fly right along the eastside.

I'm with him.

You're not going out like
this, do you understand?

We will crush them.

And maybe when the Wicked Witch is gone,

her flying army will die off, too.

I don't want to wait to find out.

If I turn...

We're not having this conversation.

Listen to me.

If I turn,

I need you to take one of those knives

and put it right here.

It won't come to that.

It might.

And Mack won't be able to do it.


But it won't come to that.

And you?

Ready to unleash the beast?

Fate of the world, as always.

Today, I have something else on my mind.

What's that?


You did this. You sent her there.

Either you underestimated
the woman's strength,

or you didn't want
her dead to begin with.

- Watch yourself.
- Maybe you haven't shed

the chains of this pitiful vessel!

You ready to find out?

I will have to handle
this problem myself...

as I've done for centuries.

I see you discovered

life and death are
meaningless in this realm.

Which is why we find it so curious

that you cling to one
and dread the other.

I sang my song. Connected our worlds.

Now I will open the door to this temple

so our kind can pass through,

find a voice of their own.

Humans will fight back.

Always do.

The Shrike have hollowed them out.

There's no fight left.

They won't struggle, as he did.

Yeah, Sarge?

Not my favorite.

In a way, his struggle was a battle

between his devotion to you

and his devotion to me.

You sure death is meaningless here?

Because those other three evaporated.

Their energies will live
on as something else.

Right, I've heard that before.

Well, then...

... get ready to be reborn.

All right, right down that way.

That'll take you to the fun zone.

I should've made shotgun rounds.

Agent Shaw, you got your orders.

Stay here and take out
any zombies while you go

Quake Sarge back to whatever
planet he was barfed out on.

You sure you can handle the gunplay?

Oh, he's been practicing his shooting.

You should see his video game.


I got this. Go get him.

So, you've come to
witness the arrival...


You underestimate me.

Believing his body could hold me back.

But I'm more powerful
than you could ever be.


I'll survive...

No. Yo-Yo!

It's gonna be satisfying when
I take you out of the picture.

Hey. Yo-Yo...


Stay with me, okay?

Do it...

Do it.

I don't need to beat you.

I've done what I came here to do.

I'll go.

And on the other side,
you're already dead.

As for erasing you from existence,

they'll do it for me.

Come on, guys. They're
coming to collect.

I can't hold here forever.

Please. Please.

Before it gets worse...

You put up a good fight, Director...

... but we're no match now.

I've been through...

enough of these to know...

we always come out on top.

No. No.

Yo-Yo. Stay with me.

Stay with me. I'm right here.

No. Hang in there.

Hang in there! Come on!

I'm sorry. I c... I can't.


Glad to see you've joined us.

Why keep fighting?

Look at the power we hold
and look at your suffering.

I won't hurt you.

Why continue?

Let me guess... surrender
and we'll never suffer again.

Oh, no.

I'll make sure you do.

I'll handpick the spirits to take you,

to use your flesh, to
ravage your insides.

Every waking moment, a
battle will rage within you.

Can't wait.

Singing a different
song now, aren't you?

Are you back?

You're okay.

I'm with you.

I'm with you.


Hey, hey.


Did you destroy it?

That thing inside him?

We did.

Was there...

anything left?


I was hoping to... see him again.

Me, too.

I guess...

I guess I'll see him soon enough.

She'll be fine.

We'll repair her tissue in a few hours

once she reaches the
correct core temperature.

But right now, we have to move.

Quickly, sir.

Isn't it a bad idea
to leave those behind?

They'll be gone soon enough.

How did you do all this?

We had help,

and we had time.

Give Yo-Yo her breathing apparatus.

Set the chamber temperature
to minus 68 degrees.

Where's Fitz?

I don't know.

I can't know.

Simmons, what's going on here?

The Chronicoms want
to establish Chronyca-3

as their new home planet...

here, on Earth.

They believe only
S.H.I.E.L.D. can stop them,

so they sent Hunters
to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D.

and everyone within it.

The Lighthouse? We have...

We lost the Lighthouse.

Go code 98232.

Fitz, Zephyr One is charged
with all crew accounted for.

- Ready to launch.
- Copy, Jemma.

Glad to hear it. Tell them I'm sorry.

Prepare for launch.

I suggest you do the same.

This will be bumpy.

Where are we going?

The Lighthouse wasn't
the only point of interest

targeted by the Hunters.

You wanna share exactly
where Fitz sent us?

I don't have that information yet.

I'll scan the terrain.

We're above New York City.

It's completely fogged over.

Good thing, because I
forgot to activate cloaking.

The controls changed when we upgraded.

You're right.

I can see the Empire State Building.

Yeah, but...

it's the only building above the clouds.

It may be the tallest
building in the world.


Cloaking isn't the only
thing you upgraded, is it?

You enhanced the jump drive, too.


Like I said...

we had time.

We'll return in a moment.

I would say I need a drink...

but those are illegal now, aren't they?

We're cloaked.

Are there any other bombshells
you want to drop, Agent Simmons?

Yes. There is one.

We have a problem that
Fitz and I could not solve,

but Enoch provided a possible solution.

The Chronicom Hunters
have Fury's Black Box

as well as centuries of
anthropological research

to pull from.

Our team needs an expert
in S.H.I.E.L.D. history

to have a chance of stopping them...

to even know what the
Hunters might target.

I would ask May her opinion,

but she's out of commission
for the time being.

The rest of us could
vote, but truthfully,

this decision should be left up to him.

And he has already voiced his opposition

to anything like this.

He has all of his own memories

and has been upgraded
with complete knowledge

of everything he's missed.

He has Chronicom hardware,

which makes him our most advanced LMD.

And there is no better person
to be your right hand, sir.


I was deeply against it at first...

but the more I thought about it,

the more I think he'd understand.

I believe it's the right thing to do.

And frankly...

I miss him.


what do you think?

He would want us to
consider the ramifications.

Hey, guys.