Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - From the Ashes - full transcript

Out of answers and running out of time, the agents must face the ghosts of their past to move forward.

Previously, on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.I.D."...

[ Grunting ]

- Yo-Yo: May didn't shoot Sarge.
- Daisy: It was Izel.

She's taking people over,
possessing them.



I thought for sure
he'd bleed out by now,

with all those wounds.

Simmons: What wounds?

They've all healed.

That doesn't
make any sense.

Deke: So,
your Gravitonium device

contains the energy
of three monoliths.

And if Izel gets that power
for herself...

- Fitz: Not good.
- The only thing

powerful enough
to defeat me

is inside you.

And you're afraid
to let it out.


Hello, friends.

She's the perfect way
for me to escape this place.

- I'm coming with you.
- Fine.

Your plane has the room.


[ Engines rumbling ]

[ Breathing heavily ]



[ Groans ]

[ Mack groans ]

- Mack?
- [ Groans ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


Oh, my God!

Come on.

No. No.

[ Weakly ] No, it's not...
It's not you.

It's fine.
It's fine.

I did this to you.

It's Izel.

[ Groans ]
She possessed your body

and took you hostage
so she could escape.

I saw her coming for Daisy.
I was trying to protect her.

[ Weakly ] You did.

[ Grunts ]
They're safe.

It's just
you and me here.


Why is she
keeping us alive?

She thinks we have
information about a...

A temple where the monoliths
were meant to be taken

and [groans]

Izel took
the Gravitonium device.

She said it still contains
their energies...

like a bottle.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Her plan is
to open it up.

Only, she doesn't know
where to go.

I didn't
tell her anything.

Well, she can keep hurting us
all she wants.

We don't know anything
about these temples.

The only one
that would know is Benson.

Well, that's a name
I haven't heard before.



Let's give this Benson
a call.

I'd like to meet him.


*Marvel's AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.*
Season 06 Episode 11
Episode Title: "From the Ashes"


our encrypted channels,

and let me know
if there's any back chatter.

You're not listening.
I said re-task all satellites.

This might as well
be Google Maps.

Are you sure
you should be up and about?

With all due respect,
Agent Johnson,

if you make me go back
to the infirmary, I'll mutiny.

[ Sighs ]

What do you got?

Z1 went dark right after
it left the hangar...

Director's authorization.

I'm just hoping Mack
only used radar stealth.

Maybe he didn't reveal
its ability to cloak.

And unless we get a visual,
there's still nothing to track.

Not even a blip.

Well, May's working
on another lead.

And then what?

Izel just
overwhelms us again?

Team Fitzsimmons is searching
for a way to prevent that.

They will come up
with something.


Please tell me
you have something.

- We're trying.
- Not yet.

[ Sighs deeply ]

Okay, well,
walk me through it.

Izel can instantly
gain control

of a host body's
primary motor cortex.

While simultaneously
placing the brain

into an unconscious state.

It's actually a very complex
piece of neurochemistry.

Assuming it's neurochemical
at all.

That's a good point.

That paradigm
could be limiting.

Yeah, right, we wouldn't want
to limit ourselves.

maybe it's just tech.

Yeah, it could just be
a gadget.

I think that's doubtful,
'cause her powers are so innate.

- Yeah, you're probably right.
- Yeah, it's not tech.

- But it could also be...
- All right,

I-I don't need
to ride the roller coaster

that is
your thought process.

Please just tell me
how to prevent her

from wearing a body
like a sock puppet.

We'll find something.

We're on top of it.

What about
the other problem?

The one
everyone thought was dead.

When he started healing,
I didn't know who I could trust

how it was happening.

Now we may have some idea,
but you know as much as I do.

Do you believe
what she said?

That his body's being
inhabited by some...


We've seen it before,
with Robbie Reyes.

I hope May studied the footage
before she went in there,

because she'll have to
pry the truth out of him.

He's been hiding it.

Yeah, she watched it
a few dozen times.

I've loaded the room
with equipment.

I'm running every multi-spectral
scan I can think of,

trying to understand
what's inside him.

She'll get him
to tell us.


[ Sarge speaking indistinctly
on monitor ]

What aren't you saying?

Izel told Sarge
that his memories of...

Of loss, of family...

Heard all about it.

That's the part
May watched over and over.

She thinks...

Daisy, she thinks
he's remembering us.


So, you never even questioned
where you came from?

Why would I?

I didn't know
I had someone else's face

until I got here.

And now that you do?

Well, I don't suddenly feel
like a different person.

These, um,
echoes, as she called them...

they've gotten clearer...
The memories?

I never used that word.

It's always just been
a sense...

A feeling in my bones.

You said
that they all felt real.

What's real
is the time I spent

chasing Izel
across the galaxy...

With my crew,
as myself.

Trying to get revenge for
something that never happened?

It's not like the lies you tell
yourself are any more true.

You want me to be
someone I'm not.

- I never said that.
- You didn't have to.

I recognized you, yes.

But can you really say
that there's no part of you

that recognizes us?

If you have his memories,
can feel what he felt,

I'm hoping
that you will...

I'm not the cure
for your loneliness!




He's being defensive.

That's what you took
from the conversation?

He almost
broke through the table.

Getting through to him
is still our best shot,

but it's not something
we can force.

Maybe we should.

You are Melinda May!

You could beat it out of him
if you wanted to.

But you won't do that,
will you?

You're hoping
Coulson's in there somewhere.

Fitz says Sarge might've been
created from him,

- and Izel basically confirmed it!
- We don't know how he was created!

O-Our fears manifested
in w...

- in w...
- He was afraid to die, and I was

- afraid of losing him. Weren't you?
- She said that

there's another thing
inside of him

that could defeat her.

We should be
focusing on that.

Waking that part of him

is exactly
what Izel was trying to do.

He should be fighting it.

Who should?!

I'm sorry, May,
but the person that is in there

is not the man
that you loved.


I understand
holding out hope

that Coulson
is somehow back.

I wish he was back.

To remind you of the days
I was your S.O.

And also,
to look for the good,

no matter how scared you are
to face it.

You want to force it
out of him, go ahead.

But if it backfires,
it's on you.

We have enough to worry about
with Mack and Yo-Yo MIA.



Foster: It's this way,
Professor Benson.

I wouldn't try anything.

Unless you want me
to use these hands

to choke the life
out of you.

[ Footsteps approaching ]


Good to see you again,

Good to see you.

Agent Rodriguez.

I'm excited
to see this plane

that you, uh,
talked so much about.

Although I expected to see
more of the team here.

Mack: The mission
is need-to-know.

The, uh, enemy
that you've been researching,

it's not just
theoretical anymore,

so, we need to be careful
about who we trust.

[ Exhales ]
Well, let's get to it.

It's been a bit
of an adventure.

Now, these runes are
referencing a site

where the... "Di'Allas,"
as they're called...

The monoliths...

Which could be used
to open a doorway

between our world

and the world
where Izel comes from.


Well, does the story say
for what purpose?

Well, I brought a passage
that references

"trapped souls,
yearning to be free."

Take from that
what you will.

Well, do you have
a location?

Well, I've narrowed it down
to three possible sites,

but my money's on the one

at the intersection
of two ley lines.

It would prove Keller right
once again.

I'll make sure
to tell him you said that.


He'd be amused.

All right, perfect.

Well, we'll start there,

Well, I-I...
I think it's best

if we get
some hard evidence.

Let me do some low flyovers
of the three sites.

I could always have
someone else examine the sites.

I think it best
we play this close to the vest

until we're sure.

Of course.

[ Tablet beeping ] Then you can just
show me the coordinates on the map.



Give me the location.

That's an order.



[ Inhales deeply ]

All right, well...
[ Exhales ]

If you've made up
your mind...

[ Grunts, gagging ]



S-So, the stories
are true.

If you heard the stories,
then you know what I'm capable of.

Let's find this temple,
shall we?


You were giving such
an informative presentation

before we got interrupted.
Care to continue?

I just want
the coordinates.

Don't say anything,

You already made me take one life.
I can take another.

Maybe yours?

If I use her body,
it'd be quick.

If you want me
to help you end the world,

I'm gonna have to pass.

So brave.

I won't give you

You believe that now,

but will you feel the same
when death is closing in?

I've already lost
everything that matters.

Death doesn't scare me.

Maybe it doesn't.

But there must be
something you fear.




So, how'd you do it?

I don't know.

Probably best
to leave it that way.

I was hoping to, uh...

dig a little deeper.

If you're here for another walk
down memory lane,

like Agent May,
I'm not interested.

Forget what May said.

The other thing
inside of you,

it's getting stronger.

The healing,
and now this?

Izel thinks
that you're like her. Are you?


She says that you're the only thing
powerful enough to defeat her.

I've been trying to kill her
for decades.

And in the past,
you failed.

But now...

now you have a new way
to fight back.

It's not worth it.

I can feel the rage
churning underneath my skin.

Use it.

Let the anger out.

I don't want to.

I want it gone.

Are you scared?

That it's stronger
than you are?

You're afraid
that this is the real you.

So come on.

Just show us
what you really are.

You're enjoying this,
aren't you?

Trying to torture me,

working out your own rage.

May said
I was like a father to you.

You got
some daddy issues?

You are nothing to me.

Do you understand?
You are nothing.

So if you think
that this manipulative crap

is gonna work on me,
you're wasting your time.

[ Footsteps departing ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Huffs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Breathes deeply ]


Where are we
on the Izel problem?

Progressing slowly.

But we have analyzed
some potential weapons

to use against her.

This sword is

a more complex version
of these other blades.

Which were able
to kill her Shrike.

Saw that firsthand.

So, Sarge's hypothesis
that the sword could be used

to kill Izel...

does have merit.

The metal has a familiar
crystalline structure.

- Like the monoliths.
- Exactly.

Yeah, that's what
I was gonna say.

So it could be

to manufacture
more weapons.

None of this matters,
unless we can get

within stabbing distance.

I gave you
a clear objective.

Yeah, we hit a dead end
with her powers.

Izel has
Mack and Yo-Yo.

What happens if we find her
and she's possessed one of them?

I'm not gonna stab my friend
through the heart.

- Daisy.
- We need to find

something right now,
because I'm not

getting anywhere with this
thing that's downstairs.

Maybe because
you don't want to listen

to what he has to say.


[ Sighs ]

There was a reason you rushed
off to space last year.

I went with you
to find Fitz.

We both know
it wasn't just that.

You have a pattern.

It happened
after you got your powers.

After Lincoln,
you walked away.

That has nothing to do
with this.

Everything around here
reminded you of Coulson,

- so you left. You didn't want to face it.
- Simmons...

But now you are
literally facing him.

Or... someone
that looks like him.

I'm fine.

I was recently reminded
that it doesn't do any good

to keep things
bottled up.

All I'm saying is,
if you need us, we are here.


We really haven't
had a chance to have a, uh...


since the other night.


one thing's for sure.

If we want
whatever this is to work,

you've got to be willing
to put me in danger, Mack.

This whole thing...

My decision to come along
was just tactical.

- Tactical?
- Yeah.

Izel can only possess
one person at a time.

This way, at least one of us
will always be awake.

To get murdered
by the one that isn't.

And I knew
that getting Izel off the base

would buy the team
some time.

They'll figure out
a way to stop her.

I suppose I can see
how that's a smart plan.

Feels good to argue again,
doesn't it?

[ Door opens ]

When the Di'Allas
were destroyed,

their energies
didn't disappear.

They were contained
in this device.

If she opens that...

Yeah, I don't even want
to think about it.

Out of the three,

the Di'Alla of Creation
was the most powerful.

It reaches into your mind
and builds what you see.

Your people have
great imaginations

but lack the control
to create anything

other than what you fear.

That seems to me like
a good reason to leave it alone.


I'd rather see
what it finds in you.


[ Device whirring ]

[ Clicking ]


Whatever you're seeing,
it's not real!

Fight it
if you have to!





How did I get here?

I thought
I'd never see you again.





[ Paper tears ]


[ Sighs deeply ]



[ Chuckles ]



[ Paper rustles ]


[ Sighs ]

So, the powers,
the memories...

They all
got stronger...

after she shot you?

I thought you didn't care
about my memories.

Please just answer
the question.


This is new.

The memories...
I always felt them,

but they started
coming into focus

when I was
lying on that table.

I can see them
for what they are now.

For better
or for worse.

And one of the people that
you can see more clearly is...

[ Inhales shakily ]

Is me?

It doesn't mean

You were right.

I'm nothing.

I'm not your guy.

I'm not that rage,

None of it
belongs to me.

I'm nothing.

I think
you are something.

[ Rumbling ]


And I want
to see it come out.


Simmons: Daisy,
what did you just do?


I took your advice.

I stopped running
from the problem

and I tackled it

I meant try
a little emotional honesty,

not murder!

[ Computer beeping ]

You were right
that I was avoiding something.

I finally read the letter
that Coulson left me,

it's even more clear now

that this is not him.

So you decided
to snap his neck?

What if he doesn't
wake up?

If it gets us answers,
I don't mind taking the risk.

A word of warning
would've been good.

Would you have tried
to talk me out of it?

- Definitely! - Probably.
- Obviously.

Exactly why
I didn't say anything.

If he's strong enough
to kill Izel,

I want to know
what he is.

Check your scanners
and tell me what you see.


[ Computer beeping ]


That's not reassuring.

Holy hell.

And he's alive...

Daisy, get out of there.

It's not safe.

He'll be waking up soon.


I want to hear
what he has to say.


I was driving.

Then seeing something
in the road.

Then... darkness.

An accident.

I sat with you for days,
hoping you would wake up.

I know.


I heard every word
that you said.

[ Bangs on glass ]
It's a lie, Benson!

Don't listen to it!
It's not real!

When the doctor came in
and said I was beyond helping,

I heard that.


When my dad and sister
begged you

to hold on longer,
I heard that, too.

You were brain-dead.

I heard you say goodbye.

I felt your hand
on mine.

You were so close, I could
smell the liquor on your breath.


No, Thomas.


[ Inhales shakily ]

I-I didn't.

How much were you drinking
that night?


[ Crying ]
No. No.

[ Sighs shakily ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Izel chuckles ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

You can create Thomas
again and again.

And each time,
his death will be your fault.

Care for a second try?

A third?

Please, no.

Dying would be a relief now,
wouldn't it?

But it's not an option.



What do you want
to know?


Uh... May?

I think we might have
a situation downstairs.

[ Computer beeps ]

Uh, did she
quake him to death?

I don't think
that was the endgame.

W-What is this, some sort
of new interrogation tactic?


She's trying to wake up
what's inside him.

She thinks
it knows about Izel.

No, bad idea.
Bad idea.

T-The last thing
that we need

is another alien-demon-thingy
running around the base.

No, this is different.

Izel wore my skin.

She shot me,
and then she killed Davis.

Piper, I know
this isn't easy,

but I don't think
Sarge would do that.

Not after...

Is that really a risk
you want to take?




[ Inhales sharply,
exhales ]



Remember anything new

after your second trip
to the great beyond?

Get out of my way.

What do you know
about Izel?

Where is she taking
Mack and Yo-Yo?

I said
get out of my way.

I am not going anywhere,
so talk.

[ Distant vocalizing ]

I can't stay
in this room.

Show me what you are.

You don't know
what you're doing.

How many more times
do I need to snap your neck?

'Cause I'll do it again.

Just let it out.

I need to find...

You are not going

Show me what you are.

[ Inhales sharply ]



We're locking down
this sector...

- Did you get that on the scanners?
- What?

When he really started to wake
up, did you record that data?

Well, of course, but is that
really the most pressing issue?

What if he's trying
to get back to Izel?

That's not
gonna happen.


Hey, what exactly
is your plan here?

Either he tells us
what he knows about Izel

or we find out
if his sword

can actually kill
someone like him.

What if there's still a way
to save what's left of Coulson?

Coulson died a year ago.

I'm done pretending
like that didn't happen.


[ Sighs ]

Not sure what I would've done
in Benson's shoes.

Yeah, me neither.

[ Sighs ]

It wasn't just tactical...

Me being here.

I know.

I would've
come for you, too.


[ Engine rumbling ]

We're changing course.

Benson must've given her
the coordinates.

We need to make a move.

Well, her plan doesn't work
without that.


I'm sorry.

Don't blame yourself.

[ Keypad beeps ]


[ Whoosh ]


[ Whoosh ]

You need this?

Be ready, Doctor.


You trying
to steal from me?


[ Grunting ]

[ Groans ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Did you really think
that would work?

It worked well enough.



You accomplished

He already told me
where to find my temple.


And now
he'll tell my team.

We'll need hosts
for when the gateway is open.

Let them come.



May: Daisy.

Hold your position.

I'm on my way
down to you.

No. Don't.


He's tearing the doors
off the place,

trying to get out.

You said it yourself...
This is on me.

I have to
see this through.

What are you
talking about?

If Izel can be killed,
we have to understand how.

She and Sarge
are the same.

You don't
have to do this.

You don't have to
face him alone.

The fact that you still think
that this might be Coulson

is exactly
why it has to be me.


[ Electricity crackling ]



Looking for this?

You wanted
to wake me up?

I'm awake.

This is what I am.

So I was right.

You and Izel
are the same.

Both monsters.

Call me what you want.

Doesn't make
any difference.

Give me the sword.

Not a chance.

Do you really think
you can beat me?


This time,
I'll actually kill you.

Go ahead. It'd be easier
than doing it myself.

Come on! What are you
waiting for?! Do it!

Kill me, Skye!

If it works on me,
it'll work on her.

But you have to do it now,
before I get any stronger.

Wait, wh...
You can't wait.

Don't you understand?

It's all coming back
to me.

The memories, the pain.

Her song ringing through
every bone in my body.

- What memories?
- It's too late for that.

I'll lose control.
I could kill everyone here.

End it!

I can't do it.

You've always been capable
of more than you think.

Now do it.

Do it!

[ Breathing heavily ]

Do it.


You were gonna
sacrifice yourself.


It's what
Coulson would've done.

I could kill you.

You won't.


[ Exhales sharply ]



[ Gasps ]

You okay?

[ Breathing heavily ]

I'm just tired
of waking up like this.


We got him out.

He's safe, but I don't know
if it's enough.

Still no sign
of S.H.I.E.I.D.?

Not yet.

Well, at least
his nightmare's over.


What is she doing?


Making her dreams
come true.


[ Device whirring, clicking ]



Um... maybe we could
hyper-stimulate our brains

with some sort
of chemical,

and that way,
if she possesses us,

she won't be able to put us
into an unconscious state.

You're suggesting
we all take amphetamines.

Yeah, okay, fine.

I can see how that would be

Yeah, either that
or very, very productive.

Will you just...
Will you both just

please shut up
for a second?

The memories,
the pain.

Her song ringing through
every bone in my body.

- Daisy: What memories?
- There.

Did you hear that?

Of course!

What? What is it?


[ Tone rings ]

Resonant frequencies.

That's how
her powers work.

Just like the monoliths.

It's how
Izel can incorporealize

and occupy the same space
as her host.

Think about it.

Atoms are mostly
just empty space,

a-a-a-and if they're gonna
pass through each other

or intertwine...

She's aligning her atoms
through harmonic resonance.

So we just need to disrupt
the harmonic frequency,

like these do.

That's why they're so effective
against the Shrike.

We need to design
something compact...

To send
inaudible frequencies

that reverberate
through our bodies...

Matching the frequency
of this alloy, out of phase.

It'll create
a sonic barrier.

Yeah, I'm gonna get started
on a design.

So, uh,
it needs to be wearable.

- Like a belt buckle.
- I like it.

And... And... And we could
build a prototype

in a couple of hours,
once we have a design.

Let's get started.

[ Pats back ]



[ Sighs ]

Well, I could barely understand
what they were saying,

but it sounds like
Fitz, Simmons, and Deke

- found a solve.
- Well, I've got good news, too.

We found Benson in a
containment pod in the Yucatán.


Yeah, apparently,
Izel is headed to some ancient temple

where she can unlock a doorway
to a realm of unspeakable evil.

So... Well, I guess it's not
all good news, but...

Mack and Yo-Yo?

Last Benson saw,
they were alive.


[ Knock on door ]



[ Sighs ]

[ Clicks tongue ]

It's good that you finally
got through to Sarge.

We're gonna need him.

I'll admit, it was not
the side that I expected.

You want to say
"I told you so"?

Not really.

I don't
fully understand it...

but he is in there.

I-I... I didn't want it
to be possible.

You needed to see it
for yourself.

Yeah, maybe.

And now that you have,

do you think he can control
these powers of his?


Daisy: I think Sarge's powers
are very, very dangerous.

But they might be
just what we need.

You sure?

Not at all.

[ Chuckles ]

He's looking
for somewhere to belong.

And all Coulson wanted...

All Coulson wanted was for us
to take care of each other.

And I think if we do that
for Sarge, that...

he'll do the same
for us.




Mack: So far, your doomsday
ritual is a bit underwhelming.

This temple was built
from the same stone

as the Di'Allas.

When they all resonate
in harmony,

they'll open a gateway
to my home.

So you can go back there
and never bother us again?

[ Chuckles ]

My family will come through
and take over the Shrike hosts

spread across the galaxy.

If it were that easy,
you would've done it already.


With the Di'Allas

there isn't a way
to complete the ritual.

We must rebuild them.

That sounds like
a "you" problem.

And maybe you shouldn't tell us
your bad-guy plans.

That always happens
right before the bad guy dies.

I'm telling you
the problem

because you're going to
solve it for me.

The three monoliths,
as you call them...

You've seen them intact.

You know
what I can do with them.

So your minds are going to
create them for me.


But you can't do it

That's why you need us.

I've already shown you
that humans are incapable

of controlling
their fears.

But we're not afraid
of you.

Our worst fears have
nothing to do with you

or the damn monoliths.

It has to do with
losing the people we love.

And we've already
faced that fear.

We're still here.

You're not gonna get
any help from us.


Then who's that?



[ Gasps ]

How did I get here?



We have learned
more than anticipated.

We may yet save Chronyca-2
from its extinction-level event.

I came to
a different conclusion.

I recommend reassigning Hunters
to establish Chronyca-3.

With your permission,
we can begin preparations.

Request denied.

If we can reclaim

conquest is unnecessary.

The first rule of data
is always have a backup.

Without Chronyca-3,
Chronyca-2 will be vulnerable.

We cannot be

I see no flaw
in our current plan.

That is because
you are the flaw.




You have
your new targets.

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