Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Orientation: Part 2 - full transcript

Coulson and the team find themselves stranded on a mysterious ship in outer space, and that's just the beginning of the nightmare to come.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Take them.


Where'd that rock
send us?

I don't have many details,
but I do know we're in space.

I don't think humans are running
this place after all.

My name is Virgil.

You're not here to save me.

Who, then?

This will make a lot more sense
once I show you --

What the hell happened
to Virgil?

The Roaches get him?

Sorry to say.
Was he a friend?

All he said was that
he wanted to hide some people.

So I was hired to supply
the Metrics and swap them out,

but you guys
don't even have Metrics.

If we can find the ship and fly
above the debris field,

we can send a message
to Fitz back on Earth.

Tell me again
about when you were taken.

We were sitting
in our favorite diner.

Not where.

That monolith was different,
wasn't it?

Simmons: No reason to send
a message back to Earth.

We're already here.


It's gone.

Ever-- Every--


[ Rumbling ]

What was that?

Let's hope this ship is designed
to take a few hits.


Hold on!

Thrusters are misfiring!

Talk to me --
what do we do?
You're the pilot!

It knocked something
out of alignment.

Nothing's working properly.


we don't want
to hit that.

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Alarm stops,
electricity powers down ]

Are you trying
to kill us?

First rule of I.T. --

turn it off
and turn it back on again.


[ Grunts ]

No, this should
be working.

Come on!

[ Electricity humming ]

Hang on.


[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Air hissing ]

This is Earth.
We're in the future!

It's all destroyed. Coulson,
please, tell me it's impossible.

I think we can all agree
at this point that
anything is possible.

Glad you're all right.

Your guy, Virgil --
he didn't tell you anything else

about his plan to bring us back
from the past?

I'm just still trying to fit
all these ideas inside my skull.

And you haven't heard anything
about a gateway?

A rock
that transports people?

If I had, do you think
I'd still be here?

There was no second monolith
when I landed on Maveth.

So we'll have to find
our own way back.


Well, I'm a biologist, but sure,
I can invent time travel.

Just give me
a minute.

Well, without some miracle,
then we're stuck here,

and we need
to stay alive.


Oh, and you --
you --

you all want me to help you
with that, yeah.

that's a big surprise.

Well, all I can offer you
is these.

Who's first?

You think I'm gonna let you
do that to anyone else?!

You are lucky
that I am even offering.

The only way to not die
is to blend in and work hard,

and you can't do either
of those things without these.


Come on.
Keep moving.

What do they do?
Track us?

I don't think
we want that.

I don't think
you have a choice.


Tess, yeah, sure,
join the fray.

You took out the damn trawler?
Where's Virgil?

If you lifted off
in that thing without...

What's wrong with your face?

I'm sorry.

Virgil's gone.


this true?

Roaches got him
on three.

What was he doing
on three, Deke?

That's a sealed-off level.
This wasn't my --

What did you get him into?!
I -- He hired me.

What --

He hired me
to hide these people.


From where?

that's the thing.

Remember all that
deranged garbage

that Virgil
was always spouting

about people arriving
from the past?

I think
you're looking at them.

[ Scoffs ]
That's insane.

Doesn't mean
it's not true.

We came through a gateway,
some sort of temporal shift.

I don't want
to believe it, either,

but look at
their clothes.

They got
matching buttons.

Not exactly locals.

How can we prove it
to you?


It's from last year.

Still shiny.


You don't have a Metric.

Never did.


That's...too weird.


Virgil said you'd be
Agents of --

Pleased to meet you.

Then there should be
more of you.

There's one girl that went
to go pry the others away

from the Kree guards.

You let them
go face the Blues?

I didn't let them d--

They do
whatever they want!

It's like herding rats.

Just go get them.

[ Chuckles ] No!

Think again.

They are radioactive.

Virgil already
got himself wasted.

I intend to learn something
from his vacancy.

[ Pipe clatters ]

I'll double his price.


You don't even know the number
that you just agreed to.


All right,

You stash these people,
you make them blend in.

I'll see if I can...

talk the others
out of certain death.


[ Grunts ]

I just --
I can't believe this.

Me neither.


No, no, no, no!

He's all right.
He's all right.


How did you get
that Kreeper's axe?

Please tell me
he was sweet on you.

You killed a Kree?

It was us or them.

Well, you made
the wrong choice.

Is that gonna be
a problem?


You killed two?

It's only a problem
for the herd of people

they will kill
in retaliation.

We got to
cover this up.

What do you think
we're doing?

We could just make it
look like an accident.

Shut up!
Just let me think.
Wait a minute.

What if we leave them upstairs
with the other bodies?

Use the elevator?


We can't exactly be seen
in the lift

with a pair
of dead guards.

Well, maybe we don't put them
in the elevator.

All right, well,

I hope you saved some of
your energy there, Tiny.


[ Air hissing ]

What happened to
the Earth?


Good question.

Ask anyone,
they'll give a different story.

What's yours?

All we really know
is the planet was torn apart --

cataclysmic event.

And the Blues showed up,
restored order,

but destroyed
all historical data --

files, books.

Said it would keep us focused
on the future.

Now they oversee
everything that's left.

What is left?
What do people do here?

[ Indistinct conversations ]
We survive.


Welcome to
the end of the world.


It's called the Lighthouse.

Back when
Earth was round,

this was an underground
survival bunker.

This is
the Exchange.

Need anything...

this is where
you get it.

Virgil mentioned stories --
about us.

Stories from
when we were kids.

Some of the elders swore
that a group called S.H.I.E.L.D.

would come from the past
to help us.

Can we talk
to these elders?

That would be nice,
but the Blues got rid

of anyone who believed
in the movement.

Fed them
to the roaches.

Kill the belief.
And it worked.

Only Virgil
held out hope,

and everybody thought
that he was a crackpot.

I'd like to see
where he lived,

see if we can find any clues
as to what his plan for us was.

I can take
one of you there. Sure.


[ Woman sobs ]

[ Speaking native language ]

May: Hey.

Why don't you
fight them?

We depend on them
to survive.

That can't be true.

It's not right,
but it's true.

Coulson: That's a lot
of pressure

to carry the fate of humanity
on your shoulders.

It's taught us
the value of a life.

Everyone has
a role to play

to keep the Lighthouse
from falling apart.

What's her role?


Sometimes the Kree take humans
to their levels to serve.

Call it an honor.

But when they visit,
they don't talk much.

I don't see many guards.
We've got the numbers.

And they've got
the weapons.

We're not exactly

We are.

Maybe it's how Virgil
thought we could help --

to fight.
Keep it down.

Deke was right.
You have to blend in.

Hear me?


Coulson, right?

I'll take you
to Virgil's room.

You two
gonna be good?

We'll get
the lay of the land.


Keep your head down,
do what the others do,

you'll be fine.



Mack: You couldn't have told us
there was a skylight?

What's a skylight?

Oh, boy.

It is what it is.

I just can't picture

How did you make
that much air?

We didn't make it.
It was just there.

You've never been
in a place without four walls,

have you?
Do spacewalks count?


What about
all the dangers --

earthquakes, floods,

Feels safer inside,

Okay, hold up.

The whole
sharknado thing...

that's just

Who would put a shark
inside a tornado?

They wouldn't.
It's fiction. A movie.

L-Like I said,
we have pieces.

[ Chuckles ]

It -- It seems like
it was nice.

I'm working in there.
I deserve it.
You would've liked it.

Quit howling!

Holt: Look, I did the grind.
I should get my share!

You were docked
for insubordination.

Now piss off.



Trawler went out,
but I didn't get a drop.

You hauling
for somebody else?

No, Grill.

We were training
a new pilot.

Virgil's dead.



You the one
filling his seat?


I'm just
passing through.


That's a shame
about Virgil.

I didn't trust
that head case,

but I liked him.


vacancy or no,
next time...

you owe double.


What did I just say?

Got it.


Avuncular fellow.

Just like anyone else.

Makes trouble
if you make trouble.

Mack: We got to
come up with a system,

'cause I'm not doing this
every time we take out a Kree!

Deke: The system is,
"No more dead Kree"!

We're two past maximum!

Hopefully, the bodies
are still warm enough

for the roaches
to take 'em.

Here, right here.
That's the door.

[ Door opens ]

[ Grunts ]


the door.

Pretty name.
Like the flower?

Does that line work
in the future?

I guess not.

[ Vrell Nexians shriek ]


Virgil loved
his artifacts.

You should've seen
my office.


Don't suppose you ever saw
"Singin' in the Rain."


What about
just plain old rain?


Only drips
from reclamation pipes.

But you fear sharknados.

We need
to fix everything.

What about the surface
of the planet?

Will it ever
be livable again?

For humans?

Land of
the roaches now.


Virgil always kept this
in the trawler.

Said the world might look
this way again someday.

Crazy, right?

But he was right about
you guys, so...


You two were close?


Not as close
as he would've liked, but...

He was crazy Virgil,
you know?

Could never take him
too seriously.

I'm sure
he knew you cared.


You know anything
about this?


Maybe a flight log?

Think it's important?

Important enough to hide.

Virgil's the only one
who had answers.

I just wish we'd spent more time
with him.

Me, too.


[ Tablet beeping ]


That's the first piece of tech
I've seen on this floor.

They keep people
in the Dark Ages here --

no progress,
no innovation.

the aliens are so advanced...

Fitz would be going
out of his mind.


Time is strange.

Somewhere out there,
he's still fighting.

But from our reference point,
he's lived his life.


Or not.


[ Dishes clattering ]

Something is going down.


Kasius has seen fit

to feed the most vulnerable
amongst us.

We've hit the
level of creepy.

[ Buzzer ]

Food! Get some!

Move over!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Give it to me!
Get out of my way!
Me first!

Out of my way!
Hey, me first!

Give me that!

You got your share!

[ Grunts ]

Come on!

[ Bowl clatters ]

It's a knife.

[ Groans ]


[ Grunts ]


[ Groans ]


[ Groans ]

I need to cauterize
his wound.

Man: What's she doing?
What's that?

Woman: She's crazy.
What is that? What's she doing?



I'm very sorry about
this next part.





No, no.
You can't move him.

don't move him!

You can't --


[ Chatter ]



At least you're okay.
What do you mean?

where's Simmons?

[ Sighs ]
The Kree took her.

Yo-Yo: How?

Can I talk to you
for a second?

This is not exactly
flying under the radar.

What the hell happened
to her?

A servant got stabbed,
was bleeding out.

The girl saved him.

She thought
she was doing a good thing.

These people --

they're not like us.

they're frickin' hazardous.

They'll get us
all killed.

Maybe not.

Maybe Virgil
was right --

Just --
Just stop it.

Just the fairy tale
was toxic.

The morons that believed it
were eaten alive.

I know, Deke.

Okay, I know
what you lost.

But maybe they didn't die
in vain.

Maybe it's real.

And that's worse.

If it's real...

it'll be a massacre.

We have to
get Simmons.

Hit them hard and fast
and get up to the surface.

There's barely
any surface left, Daisy.

The planet's been
blown apart.

And what's there
is uninhabitable.

So out,
not an option.

As far as in here...

We get Simmons.
I'll do it.

They won't know
what hit them.
Hey, hold up.

No one knows you two
have abilities, so let's
keep it that way.

For the moment.

But right now...
at this moment,

we don't know jack squat
about anything.

Including where Simmons
is being held.



He seems to have this place
dialed in. He might know.

He's too afraid
to make noises.

Yeah, but that's 'cause
he's protecting himself.

He has a scam
up and running.

He's afraid
we're gonna blow it for him.

I agree.

I'll tail him,
dig up some dirt,

encourage him
to help us.

Those tablets --
could have intel.

Yo-Yo, master thief.

I am not gonna
tell you this again.

Get them
to blend in.


That's my ride.
Wish me luck.

We'll meet
back here, yeah?


You really don't know where
they might've taken our friend?

I've never been.


Kasius welcomes you
to his suites.

Someone who talks.

Please, tell me
how the injured man is doing.


Please take this opportunity
to undress and clean yourself.


Even Hala doesn't have
a view like this.



you're the one
who saved a life.


[ Indistinct conversations ]


[ Door creaks ]


[ Door closes ]


[ Machinery beeping ]


So, all this talk about
protecting people,

you were worried about
your speakeasy.



I'm in a Framework program.

Oh, no.
[ Thud ]


She must feel like
she's stepped into a new world.



But she appears more dormouse
than medical practitioner.

Your actions
caused quite the stir.

I was only trying
to save a man's life.

By rather
elaborate means.

Do you have a name?


And where are
you from, Jemma?




Good we had you bathe.

So, tell me, Jemma,
how does one learn

such specific
curative skills

working in sewage
all day?


My mother taught me.


How resourceful.


Did she also
teach you the cost

of interfering
in my affairs?

The man would've died.

A life spent,
a life earned, yes?


You thought this law
did not apply?

I only did
what I thought

would make you happiest
in the end.


That is
the superior answer --

to any question,


This was a fight
over food, Sinara?

The pressure must be
building up there.

Tell the guards to give them
some breathing room,

for mercy's sake.

A renewal
will do them some good.


Life is
a fragile thing.

We must cultivate
the beauty...

and prune back
the rest.

[ Clippers clack ]


I always found humans
to be inelegant creatures,

but you...


Your Metric --
it's gone.

I removed it.
I'm sorry.


No scar.

Not even a scratch.

Just a pristine canvas.


Such marvels
make me wonder

if you're even from a place
as tough as Processing.


I think I would like to see
how my Servitor fared

under your handiwork,

and if your wrist
is any indication...

I should be
quite pleased.


Mack: They keep the tablets
in there.

Once May gets Tess
out of the picture, we'll go.


Hey, I rustled up
some grub.

but it's decent.
Oh, great.

Listen, Tess, is there somewhere
I could change my bandage?


How sure are you
that's actually a steam pipe?

Um, say 50/50.

Either Coulson's gonna release
hot steam or...

raw sewage.

Either way,
it'll get attention.


[ Steam hisses ]

[ Kree speaking
native language ]

Ready, and go.


You should see go-face
in slow-motion.


You're showing off.

If you got it,
flaunt it.


They'll never know
what happened.

Let's hope not.

[ Indistinct announcement
over P.A. ]

[ Alarm blaring ]


Remove the children.

[ Alarm continues ]


Line up and present
your Metrics.


This is not
a good thing.

So far, any new development
in this place

is not
a good thing.

Why don't we
put those on?

Because they go through
your damn wrist!

But without them,
who knows?


I want
to make a trade.

Not the time.


I think
it's exactly the time.

[ Scoffs ] Okay.

So much for "passing through."
What do you want?

I have
a working Kree tablet.

I'll trade it
for three Metrics installed.

I was right
to be suspicious of you.

A tablet's not worth
three Metrics.

But anyone who can steal it is,

I'll get you
hooked up.

Thank you.

But you'll work for it,
and it won't be fun.

Line up and present!

We can work.
We're in.

Get inside.

[ Alarm continues ]


[ Laughs ]

Where is it?

Did you throw out
the old papers?

Rick: Yeah,
it was a mess.

Stop doing that.
You're always cleaning.

you programmed me to.

Really? Because I don't remember
programming you

to talk back
to me.

It was a joke,
because I --

I did program you
to talk...

Just will you find
the papers, please?


[ Sighs ]

You may as well pull up a stool
and have a beer.

[ Scoffs ]

you're a talented pusher,

but I will pass,

It's probably
for the best,

because I have no idea
what actual beer tasted like.

You want to tell me
where I am?

You're passed out
at my place of business.

You got too close
to my transmitters

when you were
stalking me.

Daisy: So this
is your racket?

You're -- You're pimping out
the Framework?


I never called it that,
but yeah.

That's the technology

the hardware interface
is based on.

I-I had to rebuild the software
from scratch

because Kasius had
the historical archives erased.

But I was able to get my hands
on the servers.

I gathered bits of data
here and there, and...

the rest is guesswork.

But your customers
don't know the difference.

You've got them addicted
to Earth-as-it-was scenarios.

Among other simulations,

So this is the business
that you're protecting?

Your creepy opium den
of fantasy?

Well, I can't get
real opium, so...

I'm selling escape.

The only other way out of here
is the final exit.

They're trading one prison
for another.


You think the Lighthouse
is a prison?



prison would be nice.


[ Tablet beeping ]



Is this about
my team?

It's much worse.

It's a renewal.


[ Grunts ]


I feel less good
about this.


[ Tablet beeping ]


What's a renewal?

Tess: A low-earner
will be selected.

Their Metric
will turn red.

Then they owe
a life --

their own
or someone else's.


A life spent...

A life earned!
A life earned!


[ Metrics beeping ]


[ Metrics beeping loudly ]


Let's go.
Come on!


[ Grunts ]

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ People screaming ]


[ Gunshot ]


[ Gunshots,
screaming in distance ]

What's going on?

It sounds like
people are dying out there.

A life is owed.

Now, we stay safe in here,
but if that fails...

[ Magnets humming ]

...we make sure
they find you first.


[ Choking ]

Oh, thank God.

Thank God.

[ Gunshot ]



You gonna leave us here
to die?!

That's the hope.
If we don't,

you and me are gonna have
a conversation.


Where's an axe
when you need one, huh?

Still too soon.
That's not something
to joke about.

[ Knock on door, door opens ]


[ Gun cocks ]

Where's Grill?



My tab was low
'cause you didn't pay me!

Now you owe me
a life!

Grill: I left you three
out there.


Grill's the one you want.
Don't forget that.

He's got to come out sometime,

He strung you up
for me?

That's twisted.

[ Grunts ]


[ Gunshot ]

[ Grunts ]




I'm sorry.

I owe a life.


[ Gunshot ]

[ Metric beeps ]


He didn't
have to die.

Somebody did.

[ Door opens ]


[ Device beeps ]


Is this
the last life owed?

Grill: Yes, Commander.
[ Clears throat ]


[ Tablet beeps ]


[ Tablet beeps ]


[ Tablet beeps ]

This is unformatted.
Who are you?

I've been recalibrating
their Metrics, but I...

do pledge that they work
for me, sir.

Is this true?
Where's your station?

It's true.
We work in Salvage.

Grill: They owe me
a sizable debt, sir,

so they will be stationed here
a long time.



Carry on.


[ Clears throat ]

I am happy
you came to your senses,

and I will be happy

to call the watch commander back
if not.


Trying to
preserve humanity.


Feels like they lost it
a long time ago.


What are you doing
on your feet?

She is right.

What is this man doing up
in this condition?

Of course,
that you made the effort

shows why you're the finest
of your people.


Will it heal?

He is
my most precious.

Of course.
It's barely been hours.

But it'll scar.

Um, or with time
or advanced procedures,

it can look
much better.

My servitors
must symbolize perfection

when they represent me.


Perhaps with
his tunic on,

no one will notice.


This, however...

No, I can --
That can be minimized.

No one will notice.

I will notice.
It's a miniscule cut.

On the man's face.

Please don't --

I'm sorry.

I demand perfection.

He's now marred.




[ Coughs ]

Whereas you
were made immaculate.

And a woman
of your talent...

What is wrong
with you?

A life taken...

a life earned.

What is wrong
with you?!


You are a beauty
worth cultivating.

But you must...



Aah! Aah!


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ No audio ]


[ No audio ]


The Kree have her.

You can't help her.
To try is too dangerous.

You said the same thing
about Mack and Yo-Yo.

How'd that turn out?

A catastrophe!

This entire place
is a very delicate ecosystem,

and you all just
keep taking a leak in the water

left and right!
You're worried
we'll mess this up

or we'll mess this up
for you?

I mean, do the Kree
even know about this operation?

Because --

Of course they know
about it.

They're crazy about it,
because I'm --

I'm improving
people's lives.

I'm giving them
something other than

just hour after hour
of endless grind.

They condone it
'cause it keeps them placid.

I have seen the Framework
in action before.

Pretend that wishes
are coming true

so the real hope dies.

Hope is what
gets people killed.
Make them forget reality

so they don't try
to make a move to fix it!
No, I'm making
reality livable.

Don't make any waves,
because --
No, you don't want
to make any waves,

'cause if you start a fire,
you want to know what's
combustible in there.

We're mixing metaphors
all over the place.
Telling them
to just chill

so they don't rock the boat
is so wrong!
No, the boat sank!

Do you understand that?!


We are a breath away
from extinction.

We make one
wrong move,

and in a blink,
mankind is gone for good.



That -- That -- That --
That's it.

That's what
I'm looking for. That!


Daisy Johnson.


And you say
you're not dangerous.

So you know who I am.


You see,
I'm the one person

that's pieced
the history together,

who has an idea
of what happened.

You want to know
what kind of force

can tear
a planet apart?

It was you.


You think
if you work hard enough...

if you inspire them,

you can put the pieces
back together?


You think
you can save mankind?


Give them back a world
with justice and freedom

and all that other
pledge-of-allegiance garbage?


I'm telling you
to make peace with it.


Surrender to it
and make this your home,

just the way it is.


Because S.H.I.E.L.D.
tried to save the world.


And you want to see
the consequences?


Take a look.


Do you see an Earth
that can be saved?

It's too late.


It's already
been quaked apart.



[ No audio ]



You look wonderful.

And I hear
you're learning well.

That's good.

Just in time
for my guests.