Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - A Life Spent - full transcript

Daisy decides she will rescue Simmons, even though she must risk everything.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

The only way to not die is
to blend in and work hard,

and you can't do either of
those things without Metrics.


Everyone has a role to play

to keep the Lighthouse
from falling apart.

He didn't have to die.

Somebody did.

WOMAN: Kasius welcomes
you to his suites.

KASIUS: A life taken, a life earned.

What is wrong with you?!

You must... learn silence.

Aah! Aah!

Virgil mentioned stories.

I'd like to see where he lived,

see if we can find any clues
as to what his plan for us was.

Virgil always kept this in the trawler.

Said the world might look
this way again someday.

Do you see a world that can be saved?

It's too late.

It's already been quaked apart.

A Life Spent



The print is considered quite
fashionable in the capitol.

Sinara. Ah.

I knew our esteemed guest

couldn't bear to wait any longer.

Kasius, how kind of you to
arrange such a... warm welcome.

Just an everyday affair.

Would you like a drink?

The Terrans call it martini.

Fermented sugars and the like.


I'm here on behalf of the Lady Basha.

She sends her regrets.


Well, perhaps if she knew

how we prepared the best
of Earth's cuisine...

She prefers dining on her own ship.

She means no disrespect.


Surely, none taken.

Of course, Lady Basha

very much looks forward to the ceremony.

She has... high expectations.

To be exceeded.

Tye, you now have the opportunity

to give me good news about our ceremony.




- Jemma, we have a problem.

And for your sake, I
pray you can fix it.


The Renewal lost me time and tokens!

So if things don't start
picking up around here,

I'm gonna be doing
some renewing of my own!

Is that understood?!

Thinking I may have been
wrong to trust Grill.

This is what we call
an understatement, no?

Well, the alternative was getting shot.

At least Daisy's not trapped in here.


Coulson, be careful.

They're always watching.

I know, but Virgil hid this thing.

I got to figure out why.

He did it because this tin-can
place makes people crazy!

- ZEV: New girl!

- Work faster!


I'll show you fast, you...


He zapped me!



GRILL: The door's rigged.

Did you really think
that was gonna work?

Thought I'd give it a shot.


that don't fly with me.

You see, I don't tolerate

skimmers or laggers or agitators.



- Hear that?!

As long as you owe me...

I own you.



Where are they?

We were supposed to
meet up at the Exchange.

Something's wrong.

Or they finally took my advice
to evaporate into this place.

They were looking for
a way to find Simmons.

- I got to track them down.
- So you said.

Don't you think you're
kind of deflecting

from what I told you about...

I'm not deflecting
'cause I didn't do it.

Yeah, that's what deflecting is.

How could I split the world apart?

My powers aren't that strong.

I am not that strong.

Maybe not yet, but you will be.

And how do you know that?

Because planet Earth went
from smooth to chunky,

and Quake is the one who did it.

And you don't think I'd remember that?

Well, actually, not according
to the multiverse theory.

You probably never heard of it,

but in quantum physics, there's a theory

that, for every universe, there
are infinite parallel universes.

So in my universe, you
destroyed the planet.

Maybe that just hasn't happened in...

So what universe did
that just happen in?

Mine or yours?

Oh, no.

Talk to me.

- There's been a Renewal.
- A what?

Three people are dead.

Just hold your freak-out.

It wasn't your friends, okay?

They're probably hiding,

which is what I advised
them to do from the get-go.

Okay, okay. So where
would they be hiding?

I don't know. They're your friends.

And this is your home,

where you know everyone and
everything that's in here.


One of the vacancies
came from Grill's salvage.

That means there's an opening.

He might take in
strays. I'd start there.

You got all that the from shoe guy?

Well, shoe guy knows all.

Guess I should have asked
him in the first place.

Don't do anything dumb, please.


I was trying to get a
look inside that office.

Grill's keeping that Scroll
in the cabinet behind his desk.

That thing might get us into the levels

where they're keeping Simmons.

Well, he's got a handgun in there, too.

Humans aren't allowed to have guns.

Except for murder sports, apparently.

Well, the point being,
we need to tread lightly.

Now, Yo-Yo, if you can get in there,

maybe we can get that Scroll back.

Nice work, Mack.

You see? Not stupid. Recon.


Trawler run.

Good. That's good.

Yeah, 'cause I barely
survived the last one.

COULSON: Take me with you.

What? No.


Take me with you.

Tess, you and your friend here

did us a kindness, taking a life.


But you still owe me a double haul.

Do I? You never mentioned it.

I'll need a few crushers

if you want me to pack the
belly full on that thing.

Got anyone expendable?

Take the agitator and his friend.

No big loss if one of these
jokers gets caught in the nets.

If you say so.

Come on, you two.




- Please...
- TYE: No!

You need to learn.

What did you do to her?

She's doing it to herself.

It's your problem now. Fix it.


Yeah, they're gone.

It's okay.

What's your name?


How long have you had seizures, Abby?

You can talk to me. I'm a doctor.

Oh. Have you always...

Only since Terrigenesis.

You're Inhuman.


And if I'm not ready for the ceremony...

I don't know what's gonna happen to me.


So, wait... you're an indentured
servant to the junkyard king?

And everyone else is on a space walk.

But there's no time to explain.

They're tracking me. You
shouldn't be seen here.

You should go.

That's a great idea. Let's go.

I can't. I need to stay.

The thing I stole from the Kree guard,

boss man has it in his office,

but I think I found a way to get it.

That's good.

If you can get it to me,
maybe I can get to Simmons.

Exacto. So go, but stay close.

ZEV: Hey! New Girl!

You get any slower, you're
going in the crusher.

I don't trust them.

I always thought Virgil was skimming.

Somebody has been stealing from me,

so he dies, and now these guys show up?

You think they're taking
over his old racket?

So why send them on Virgil's run?

'Cause you want to find proof.

No, I want you to find proof.



Flint! Clear out, kid.

I thought you said I could crash here.

Yeah. Not during operation.

Come on.

MAY: So, less than 24 hours,

and you've already been taken prisoner.

- That a record?
- Not even close.

But let's focus on the positives.

So what's going on?

Yeah, you find anything
in there, Sherlock?

I think Virgil was doing recon.

You said he was in the
trawler all the time?

I think he was searching for something.

These numbers, they're
objects in space, right?

Yeah. He kept track of them.

Well, this one kept
showing up over and over,

this one specific part of Earth.

616. Sure.

One of the larger segments.

But I've been there.

It's just a chunk of dead rock.

Well, maybe he hid
something out that way.

I don't know. But we
have to check it out.

The answer to why we're
here might be out there.

- Then we go.

I'd rather not go where
no one can hear you scream,

but... okay.

Uh, I want to help you guys,

but I'm already on the
hook for a double haul.

There's no way I can do a side mission.

This isn't a side mission. It's the mission.

This is what Virgil died for.

I know you don't think
he was just expendable.


We got to be careful.

We got to cover our tracks,

and if there's so much as a hic...

See how you all just got quiet?

That's why I'm coming on this run.

I mean, you know how it works here.

Of course.

I was just curious about
your specific experience.

It's nothing special.

All the 18-year-olds go through it.

When the mist hit me, I
was one of the lucky ones.

Lucky. Yeah.

I've heard Terrigenesis can
be a traumatic experience.

I just thought of my family.

It was hard to leave them,

but... knowing that
they'd be rewarded helped.

That man...


Is he hurting you?

Oh, no.

No, Tye's been trying to help me,

teach me to control my gift.

I just... haven't
been able to do it yet.

I don't know what will happen to them

if I can't complete the ceremony.

That's why you
demonstrate your abilities.

And then after, I get to go off-planet,

travel the galaxy as an ambassador.

It's a dream.

It's why I have to learn.

I might be able to help.

Can you describe what it is you can do?

Yeah, well, um...

sometimes I'm so light,

my hand can just pass
right through things.

And then, sometimes,
I'm as solid as lead.

You can control your molecular density.

Yeah, but I can't control it.

Everything in me, it
just... it tenses up,

and it hurts.

Sometimes the only way
I can get it to stop

is if Tye turns on my blocker.

That thing inhibits your powers?

It helps me.

They help me.

I'm just not worthy of it.

Abby. [SIGHS]

You are worthy.

I've known many Inhumans,

and every one of them took
time to master their abilities.

I've had time.

And if I can't perform
at the ceremony...

Tye says that my
family will be punished.

So I don't... I don't even
care what happens to me.

I need to do this for them.


I'll help you.

Mack keeping him distracted down there?

Zev's enjoying giving him a hard time.

I think this might be our last shot.


Say what you will about our
future dystopian horror show.

It has a nice view.


How's the leg?

I'm not gonna lie.

You think we're gonna
find something out there?

Maybe a way back?

I don't know.

Maybe there is no way back.

That doesn't sound like you.

Just managing expectations.

You're being fatalistic.

Look, you know I'm not
big on destiny, but...

maybe our destiny's here...

in this time, helping these people.

It's not like I don't want to help.

I do.

But after that, I'm going home.

I spent weeks in the Framework,

strapped to a board,
thinking I was Hydra.


I've earned a night in my own bed.


Mmm. Mm.


New people.











New girl!

I'm going as fast as I can.

Get over here.

Your Metric's on the fritz.

Arm out.


There. [GROANS]

That oughta do it.

No more dilly-dallying.

Zev's so busy teaching
your friend a lesson,

he hasn't noticed we're off course yet.

We should hurry.

My God.

It's a miracle anybody survived at all.


I forgot I had this thing.

Virgil would always do this.

Said he liked seeing what Earth
will look like when it's fixed.

Wouldn't fly without it.

Uh, one time, he delayed us an hour

so he could go back
to his bunk and get it.

Superstitious, I guess.



It's the lost knob.

Virgil was talking to someone.




I'm gonna enjoy this.

You got everyone secured to the wall?

That's right.




Thank you.

I had to.

You were all pinned to the wall,

flailing around like a bunch
of hungry, hungry hippos.


In my mind, it was cooler than that.

Oh, this is bad.

This is beyond bad.

What did we just do?

We did what we had to.

No, you don't understand.

We just attacked a superior.

We're dead.

SIMMONS: Let's try again.

IT's not gonna work.

Come on. You can do this, Abby.



I didn't mean to do that.

No, but that was impressive.

You're powerful.

Well, not if I can't do
it when I actually want to.

But you can.

It's mind over matter.

Or in your case, the literal
matter that makes up your body.


Think of this place.

You see a table, this pitcher,

and outside, the
stars... Millions of them.

All of that, every part in the universe

is made of the same thing...
Protons, neutrons, electrons.

And you know what's between
those tiny particles?


Infinite space.



Your body is like a field of stars,

but you're special.

You can control the
space between the stars.

The space between the stars.

Imagine it.

Close your eyes and imagine it.

- Now try again.



I've never been able to hold
it steady like this before.

That's good.

Just remember this feeling.

I lost it. I...

It's okay.

Takes months to master a talent.


Or perhaps much less time.

Abby, with me.

What... What... No, wait. We're...

We need more time.

Let's all hope not.

I look forward to your performance.

You'll do great, Abby.

- Even just a...
- Silence.


Did you set our little healer up to fail

because I think she's pretty?

Or did you really think she'd succeed?

You want to see me happy.

Then tell me, what does Jemma have

that makes her so different...

makes her capable to succeed in this?





Do I need to ask what the
hell you're doing with that?

So now you're tailing me?

Shot in the dark... You won't get it.

Oh, 'cause you're too
noble for me to understand?

Where I come from,
we protect each other.

You are storming the castle.

Any plan how you're gonna do that alive?

That's what I thought.

This is what I do.

My friend's life is on the line,

so I'll figure something out.

Oh, just all in, totally blind, huh?

It's a stupid way to play,
even if you have a good hand.

You should be playing the long game.

- The long game?
- Yes.

I can make it so that
you could waltz down there

with an invitation from the big man,

but that takes serious time.

It takes finesse.

Or it takes the Scroll that I have now.

So thank you for your
endless advice, Deke.

You are about to walk into a buzzsaw.

You're just worried it's
gonna blow back on you.

This has nothing to do with me!

If you pick a fight with the Blues,

they are gonna take it out on all of us.

Today's Renewal was for three people.

Tomorrow could be for
30. Death comes easy here.

Which is why I need
to get to Simmons now.

So if I were you, I'd get out of my way.

You already destroyed the world once.

I am not gonna let you do it again.



So there she is... Quake...

the destroyer of worlds.

Don't ever call me that again.


We're screwed. I told
you, it's a dead rock.

We just risked our lives for nothing.


How is he?

Oh, he's out cold... For now.

If we know what's good for
us, maybe he stays that way.

MACK: What are you getting at?

I'm saying we seal the
hatch, and we dump the load.

Zev didn't make it out in time.

It was an accident.

- That's murder.
- That's math.

A life spent is a life
earned. That's how it works.

I got that when you took
out a guy with a shotgun.

I was saving her life!


What the...

Is that a voice?


It's a transmission.

It's a faint signal, but...

the source is right in front of us.

[CHUCKLES] That's impossible.

How is anything coming
from a lifeless rock?

I don't know.

It could be reflecting.

Yeah, I think you're right.

It's only bouncing off of 616.

But the, uh, signal's origins...

It's coming from the
surface of the Earth.

May I present the Lady Basha.

Your Excellency.

I pray your journey
was not too difficult.


Well, you have carved out
a little life for yourself

on this rock, haven't you?

Quite literally.

From the deposit of
limestones under the surface,

the crushed skeletons
of marine creatures

dead a billion years.

And you've been well?

We fared well, considering
the remote location.

Well, we've been eagerly
awaiting your arrival.


What's happening?

Now we'll see the fruits of her labor.

Basha, my dear, I do hope you
enjoy tonight's exhibition.


No, you can't...

You promised me a warrior.

You'll find, with Inhumans,
looks can be deceiving.

I hope so.

I've come a long way.

And you do me a great honor,
bringing along your champion.

He's hardly my champion,

but he has killed 13
opponents in 7 systems.





This is the best you have to offer?

Let's all hope she can find her way.

So many lives we prize
depend upon her success.








Just think of the stars.




It may be our warrior has found her way.








You're dead!

I'm gonna feed you to the roaches!

You hear me?!

Can't find the mute button.

Hello? Is anyone out there? Do you read?


I'm recording the transmission,
but I still can't make it out.

Zev's right you know.

We're roach food.

You're gonna regret this.

We'll figure it out. We always do.

You don't get it!

The moment we lied about this mission,

someone was gonna die.

It's him or us.

We're not dumping the load.

I've got to while we have the chance.

You gonna get in my way?

Sacrifice your lives
for that piece of trash?

We're not sacrificing
anyone, you understand?

As S.H.I.E.L.D., we live by a code,

and we're not bending to
your twisted world view.


We're losing fuel, fast!

We had six more hours worth.

Zev cut the fuel line.

May, can you get us
back to the Lighthouse?

Yeah, I can try.

You have enough of that
transmission recorded?

It's gonna have to be enough.

Because we need to turn and burn

and pray that we don't
hit a gravity storm.

Do it.

There goes our chance.

Hope it was worth it.

The Terrans were such
an unremarkable species.

You have done well with their world.

Well, if I can't find opportunity,

I make my own.

Well, you would have to on
a grim little rock like this.



BASHA: As we agreed.



No, Abby, you can't!

Now, Sinara, let's not be rash.

Jemma demonstrated her worth.

You sold her.

And if not for you...

she wouldn't have
fetched such a high price.

Got a few more.

Move it!


I really thought this would work.

This has been fun, but
I've got someplace to be.


So not as stealth as I hoped.



GRILL: Are you kidding me?

You have got to be the dumbest
bunch of lugs I have ever seen.

Zev catches you smuggling contraband,

and then you mutiny?

Mutiny? That's a strong wor...


Picking up where Virgil left off?

I knew someone was stealing.

Squirreling things away.

Yeah, like you know what a squirrel is.

Shut it, agitator!

I am gonna kill the lot
of you, good and slow!

But I'm starting with you.

It wasn't them. It was me.

- Just me.
- Tess.

Grill, these people
didn't even know Virgil.

So any gripe you had
with him is with me now.

Same with any contraband.

You want contraband?

He has a gun.

A gun?

Zev threatened me with it.

Probably threatened them, too.

If you're looking for
contraband, he's got it.

No way, boss.

Search him.

If I'm wrong, I know the consequences.


No way. No, no, no, no. No way.

You stole this. From someone.

No. Wait. Wait.

Humans aren't allowed to have firearms.


We wanted to tell you the
truth, but he's your guy, and...

We didn't want the Blues
to come down on you.

That's why I'm reporting
this violator to them myself.

Grill, no.



You know what their
punishment is for this.

Let that be a lesson.

No one is above the rules!




You were right.

It's a rare occasion
that I am surprised,

but count this among them.

I told you she'd find her way down here.

And demonstrating her powers, no less.

That right there is a
weapon of mass destruction,

tied up in one pretty,
little package, all for you.

We can talk about price later,

but I expect that
you'll be more than fair.


So, this is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds.

How is it possible that she's here?

The important thing is...

she's yours.


I'll kill you.

I swear.

Sorry, sweetheart.

I'm just playing the long game.

We'll return in a moment.



All right, Phil.

Enough sight-seeing.

Get back to work.

Who needs some sleep?
I'll get the next shift.

Nice try. You slept less than all of us.

Yeah, we got to get
back to salvage, anyway,

so let's hope this does the trick.

It's got to be remnants.

Old transmissions in a
gravitational feedback loop.

I'm telling you, it's from the surface.

That's impossible.

Nothing can survive on the surface.


MAN: Virgil, come in.

Do you read?

We haven't heard from you in three days.

Please respond.

Have you secured the delegation?

He's talking about us.
We're the delegation.

Whoever that is knows we're
here, knows why we're here.

So there's someone out there.

We need to find them.

We need to find a way to get up there.

No. You're not listening.

Nothing can survive on the surface.

That's where they send people to die.