Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Orientation: Part 1 - full transcript

Coulson and the team find themselves stranded on a mysterious ship in outer space, and that's just the beginning of the nightmare to come.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Daisy: We were all in
the Framework together.

We all
lost ourselves in there.

Fitz: No,
this is my fault --

Aida, the LMDs,
all the deaths.

Those aren't on S.H.I.E.L.D.
Those are on me.

May: If there's a price
to pay,

we pay it together.

Simmons: Amen.

Anybody else hungry?

I'm not saying we're definitely
gonna get locked up,

but if we are,

wouldn't mind grabbing
a bite to eat first.

[ Electricity crackles,
powers down ]

[ Door opens ]
[ People gasp, murmur ]

Phillip J. Coulson.

[ Device powers on,
high-pitched ringing ]

The window closes
in less than two minutes.

Take them.

[ Talking Heads' "This Must
Be the Place (Naive Melody)"
plays ]





♪ Home is where I want to be ♪

♪ Pick me up
and turn me 'round ♪

♪ I feel numb ♪

♪ Born with a weak heart ♪

♪ I guess I must be having fun ♪

♪ The less we say about it,
the better ♪

♪ Make it up as we go along ♪

♪ Feet on the ground ♪

♪ Head in the sky ♪

♪ It's okay ♪

♪ I know nothing's wrong,
nothing ♪

♪ Hi-yo ♪

♪ I got plenty of time ♪

♪ Hi-yo ♪

♪ You got light in your eyes ♪

♪ And you're standing
here beside me ♪

♪ I love the passing of time ♪

♪ Never for money ♪

♪ Always for love ♪

♪ Cover up and say good night ♪

♪ Say good night ♪





♪ Home is where I want to be ♪

♪ But I guess
I'm already there ♪

♪ I come home ♪

♪ She lifted up her wings ♪

♪ I guess that
this must be the place ♪

♪ I can't tell
one from another ♪

♪ Did I find you
or you find me? ♪

[ Music stops ]

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Equipment clacking ]

[ Electricity powers down ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Weapons cocking ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Insects chirping ]

Haven't done
one of these in a while.


My wife thinks

that I'm at a friend's house
for our fantasy draft.

Doesn't even occur to her

that we're in the middle
of the season.

Doesn't even occur her.

[ Door opens ]


We left one sitting
at the counter, sir.

Not on the list.

[ Dolly rattling ]




[ Electricity crackles ]


Man: And the coat pockets.
Clean it up, please.

Watch the clock.

The moment is fast approaching,


[ All gasp ]

Is everyone all right?

Yeah, I think so.








[ Screams ]

[ Grunts ]

Are you out of your skull?

What the hell are you doing,
blowing the damn window?

I -- It's called

You suicidal?
Do you want to be a vacancy?

I couldn't see another way
to kill that thing.

We're safe now, okay?
Quit howling.

The other guy I hired
isn't safe.

He's frozen
in the vacuum of space.

Yeah, well,
I'll take his cut, too.

You can keep his rations.

Coulson: Hi.
What in the hell?!

Don't shoot.

Oh, my God.

My God, you're here.

That I'm slowly
figuring out.

Sorry, I-I think I might
be a little confused.

Disoriented, of course.
It's quite a journey.

I didn't know
how you traveled here,

but I knew it wasn't
gonna be first class.

[ Sighs ]

You're here.
Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You've come to save us.

Yeah, just to clarify,

where is here, who is us,
and from what?

[ Creature shrieks in distance ]

[ Groans ]
Move! Let's go!

Is this the whole shipment,

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait!

Where are the others?!

Where are the others?

You weren't the only one
to travel through, were you?

I don't think so.
Um, I'm sorry, what was that?

Ack, the gravitational flux
must've messed with your entry.

We got to wait
for the rest of them, okay?

You'll have to triple
my tokens

to get me to stay
a minute longer.

One of those Roaches gets us,

you'll pay me
to shoot you in the head.

[ Creature shrieks ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Get back. Stay back.

All right, all right,
that's enough.

Can we -- I'd like to know,
if you don't mind,

what is happening here,


I-I didn't know
how much you would know

about our current situation
coming in.


Walk me through it
like I'm a child,

like I'm a foreign child.

What was that thing?

Right. Right.
That was a Vrell Nexian.

We call them Roaches.

They can surf gravity storms

so they'd be able to breach
a few years back.

This level's been sealed up
ever since then.

It's my first time here.

And who are you?

Right, sorry.
Stupid me.

My name is Virgil.

I'm the greeting party
and a fan.

Great to have a name,

but looking
for big picture, here.

I mean, who are you?

I'm one
of the true believers.

Believers in what?

In you.

[Body thuds]


You okay?

What the hell is going on?

I was about to find out.

Oh, my bad.

I see a dirty-looking dude

hovering over you
with a crazy-looking gun.

I acted on impulse.

Where'd that rock
send us?

Well, I don't have many details,
but I do know we're in space.

Yeah, that makes sense.

That's the one thing
we haven't done yet.

[ Sighs ]

All right,
so, where's everyone else?






No, Yo-Yo, wait!

It's me.

[ Sighs ]
What on Earth --

I'm lucky
there were no knives.

What the hell were you doing
with that mask,

trying to give me
a heart attack?

Well, I wasn't sure
the air was safe in here.

They were trying
to get out.

I thought maybe
it was for air

when I saw
this mask on the ground,

but I guess not.


[ Grunts ]

Do you really --
Is that the smartest thing?

They're already dead.
There's nothing to be scared of.

Of course not.

Oh, that looks like
Momia Juanita from the Incan --

The Incan mummies, yeah.

These people have been dead
for a long while,

but their bodies seem absent
all interstitial fluid.

It's completely dehydrated them,
preserving them.

Dehydrated how?




"They're already dead.

There's nothing
to be scared of."


What sucks a human dry?

Mack: Aliens.



[ Speaks Spanish ]

I'm happy to see you, too,
but I'm not happy we're here.

[ Sighs ]



Coulson's 99 percent sure
we're in space.

[ Sighs ]
Not again.

All right.

Any idea which part of space
we're in?

Uh, outer?

And you saw an alien?

We saw what they can do.

So we have no idea
what kind of creature

these people are trying
to get away from.

Question I'm asking is,
who locked them in?






[ Water dripping ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Creature roars in distance ]


'Cause this wasn't fun enough.

[ Grunting ]





[ Metal groans ]

It's stupid.
Just stupid.

All right.
I get it.

Look, I'm just saying,

what good is it having
a state-of-the-art robotic hand

if you don't have it on you

when you're kidnapped
by Martians?

Looks like he's got
both hands to me.

that's his civvy hand.

It's just a prosthetic without
all the cool doodads.

It should've been a hook.

At least you can stab things
with a hook.

Thought I was gonna
be arrested.

So, wait, that one
doesn't have the blowtorch

or the laser gun or anything?

First of all,
I'm not Inspector Gadget.

And second of all,

the authorities
would've confiscated it.

Prison's bad enough
without being down an appendage.

First rule of Boy Scouts
is always come prepared.

How were we supposed to prepare
for this, Mack?

I don't know.

I mean, we got to be prepared
for everything, apparently.

Look, not a day ago,
I was trapped inside

a-a computer-generated
mind prison, and now --

You know what?
You know what, Coulson?

I'm out.
I'm out.

We get through this,
I am packing it in.

Sorry, Mack.
You already quit years ago.

Yeah, well,
I didn't quit hard enough.

Look, I am not comfortable
at the pace at which we deal

with new trials
and tribulations.

Believe it or not, Mack,
this isn't new for me.

I've been hurled through space
by a monolith before.

Best we can do is keep our heads
and apply the scientific method.

That's right.

Learn what we can
about our circumstances.

So, are these people human?

Humanoid, at least.

Means we aren't
the first ones here.

That's good.
Is it?

We don't exactly want
to follow in their footsteps.

They've got no I.D.s.

Fury never said anything

about deep-space outposts
being developed, did he?

There was nothing like this
in his black box.

So, wait, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't
have a space division

called S.P.E.A.R. or something?


I always thought you guys
had people hiding on the moon.

Wake up!

Geez, Mack,
how hard did you hit him?

What do you mean?

As hard as I possibly could.

I-I don't half-hit people.

It's a punch.
That's why it's called a punch.

What did he say before that?

He said that we were coming here
to serve a purpose.

Yo-Yo: As food?


He said we were here
to save them.

Any idea what that is?

Simmons: Nope.


Here we go.


looks like
he's from Earth.

Or he ate
someone from Earth.

So it is a human outpost.

Yeah, and, of course,
it's being overrun

by creatures that suck out
your innards.

I should've been a fireman.

[ Wrench clanks ]

[ Grunts, breathes heavily ]

[ Creature roars in distance ]


[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Grunts, breathes shakily ]

[ Thudding on door ]

[ Grunting ]



Hey. Uh...

How long have I been out?

We can't --
We can't linger here.

Yeah, sorry.

Mack thought you were
an imminent threat.

[ Gasps ]

Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie.

it's good to meet you.

How do you know me?

Oh, I know all of you.

Yo-Yo Rodriguez.

Is it okay
if I call you Yo-Yo?



[ Chuckles ]

Jemma Simmons --

I'm sorry Fitz didn't get
to make the trip,

but he is thinking of you.

How do you know us?

I've been studying you
for years, your history.

I mean, I always believed.

I mean, I had moments,
but they --

they tried to take
that last bit away from me,

but I always believed
the stories were true.

What stories?

This one --

that you would --
you would come.

To save you, Virgil, from those
aliens that were attacking?

No, those -- No. The --
The Roaches are an anomaly,

a glitch in the plan.

Don't be crazy.

You're not here to save me.

Who, then?



W-W-- I'm sorry.

This is a lot to dump
on your plate,

but how do you eat an elephant,

[ Chuckles ]

This will make a lot more sense
once I show you --

[ Vrell Nexian shrieks ]

Got to let that guy
finish his sentence.



[ Vrell Nexian shrieking ]


Go, go. Go.


[ Gun clicking ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Rumbling ]



Yes, that was right,
and not the only one.

[ Door creaks ]

[ Body sliding ]

[ Air hisses ]




[ Knife scraping ]




[ Grunts ]

I've been looking for you.



You know,
I didn't want to hurt you,

but the idea is starting
to grow on me.

[ Panting ]

I deserve better than this.

Tell that to the corpses.

[ Metal clatters ]




[ Panting ]


I was not prepared for that,
I got to admit.

You pack a big punch
for such a small package.

I got to read
the fine print next time.

I hate wasting
the charge on that thing.

I wasn't trying to hurt you,

but you had a lead pipe
at the ready, and I can't ri--

[ Panting ]


I guess we'll stick
with the first impression.


I don't know what you did
to these people

or why I was dragged here,
but --

[ Muffled shouting ]

Save it.

The less I know,
the better.


So, is there anything you want
to fill us in on, Coulson?

'Cause now's the time.

You know what I know.

This doesn't have
anything to do

with the little bargain that
you made with the Ghost Rider?

Yeah, that thing doesn't ride
for free.

There has to be some price.

This is all new to me.

Sorry. It's --
That's just the reality.

maybe this isn't reality.

Maybe someone put us
back in the Framework

and this is a simulation.
Please, we have
to shut up about that.

Don't even got there.
My God, if I even
think about that,

my brain will explode.

let's not just postulate.

Let's apply
scientific principles

and consider
the evidence we have.

Look, this is magic, okay?

Can we all agree
there's some magic at play?

Magic is just science
we don't understand yet.

Ah, please.

We just got zapped
through space by Stonehenge,

and we're trying
to rule out the involvement

of a flame-headed demon
from east L.A.?

Science my ass.

Now, let me see that gun.

Maybe I can try
to get it working.

Fitz would agree, but,
apparently, he didn't get taken.

No. At least, he wasn't
in the room with the monolith.

I was the last to go through.
I saw it all.

Well, that's some relief.

He's safe from this,
better off than we are.


You okay?


What, do you think
he isn't better off?
He has to be.

No, that's not
what I'm saying.

Or that he did
something drastic?

He wouldn't do that.

He was right there with us
at the diner.

I'm not saying any of that.

It's just you guys
are constantly torn apart.

as he would say.

Well, I'm not afraid
that he isn't here.

I'm thrilled.

He's no doubt
working this problem,

probably trying to get
a message to us right now.

Better for everyone
he isn't here.

Yeah, well,
May did get pulled through.

I saw it.
So we should find her.

We should split up.

Aw, hell, no. No, no.
Yeah, let's not do that.

We are sticking together
100 percent.

Haven't you ever seen
an alien movie?

Mack, it's the best way
to cover the most ground.

Okay, you see, you see,
that's exactly what they say

before they get picked off
one by one,

and you know
who the first one will be.


It's your call, boss.


This has to be the coolest
we've ever looked.


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Grunts ]

Man: That ought to keep
the Roaches away for a while.

Smell drives them nuts,
I think.

But you kick me again,

and I'm gonna leave you
to be their dessert.


Now, this is gonna hurt
like hell,

but it's better than
the other way we can do it.


[ Grunting ]

I don't know where
you flushed out of,

but in this sector, you can't
go 10 feet without a Metric.

Don't move.

One inch the wrong way,
and you're a vacancy.


[ Muffled scream ]



you want to scout up ahead?

All clear for now.

Seems like
it's just a lot of work

just to keep this place afloat.

But it's designed for humans
to survive --

and simulated gravity --

and the machinery seemed to be
for reclaiming water, I think.

Yeah, it looks man-made.

Could possibly be a colony?

Moving mankind to the stars?

Maybe that's what
Virgil meant by "humanity."

I don't know.

That plasma gun
wasn't man-made,

and I don't think
they could've built this place

some outside help.

Got some serious miles
on it.

by the look of it.

Means this program would've
had to have been started

back in the, what, '80s
with Howard Stark?

That doesn't feel right.

Yo-Yo found something.



[ Sighs ]

Nothing alive.




They didn't get to her,
did they?

May would've
put up a fight.

And they left
the other bodies here.

"Water reclamation."

You were right, Jemma.

I figured it out
using magic.

[ Console beeps, whirs ]

I can try and find
a layout and track May.

It's in English.

They're tracking debris fields
called "frozen oceans."

[ Keyboard clacking ]

They're collecting water
from ice in space.

This is a colony.

Which means unless they all came
through a monolith...

Then we're close enough to Earth
for people to travel here.

And we can get home.

Yes, but just as important,

collecting ice means
they have a spacecraft,

and if they have a spacecraft,
they must have

a laser-based
rapid-transmission system.

If we can find the ship and fly
above the debris field...

We can send a message.

...we can send a message
to Fitz back on Earth.

Okay, okay,
so if I can find a layout,

find a ship, find May,
it's a start.

This interface
looks similar to --

[ Monitor beeps ]

[ Sighs ]

Coulson, do you recognize
this language?


I don't think humans are running
this place after all.

[ Thud on door ]







What are you gonna do
with our friends?

Whatever we want.


They knew the rule,
and they broke it.

They're not
gonna make it easy for you.


They'll beg for their lives
as you humans always do.

I've done 22 rotations,

and I have never observed
anything else.


It's great to get
some alone time with you,

but I really wish

you had run away
with your super-speed instead.

Yeah, you forget I snap
back to where I started.

Sometimes it's very useful,

but other times,
it's super annoying.

[ Door opens ]

You speak English?

Of course.

Let her go.

She didn't do anything.

[ Grunts ]

I said we speak English.

That doesn't mean
I want to hear it.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Chains rattle ]

New theory.

The Kree
have been abducting humans

to this outpost
for years.

Running experiments?

Well, their genetic work in
creating Inhumans is well-known.

Maybe they're doing
more of the same.

Yeah, well, I'm not gonna
wait around to find out.


[ Door beeps ]


[ Whispering ] Just go with it.

[ Normal voice ] I've been
looking everywhere for you guys.

What a mess back there, huh?

These poor suckers.

Virgil -- you know,
from R&R?

He was trying to scam these guys
out of some tokens.

This one came running to me

begging for help,
the poor thing.

When I get my hands
on that no-good louse,

he's gonna have
some explaining to do.

So where is Virgil,

He's dead.



Got what he deserved, then,
didn't he,

for trying to drag
these poor transfers

up from processing
into the wet works

just to steal their Metrics.

So he's just
Roach food then, huh?

Oh, yeah.

One more vacancy, right?

That's what
I was gonna say.

[ Stammer ] Guys,

what did I say
about trusting Virgil, huh?

We went over this.
What did I say?

Don't trust Virgil.

Not to trust him.

God, you repeated it
back to me,

and we said back -- it was
like a pass-and-catch thing.

Look, I really appreciate
your help with these guys,

but I can take them
off your hands,

and then I'll slip you a few
extra tokens for your trouble.


Listen, I'll be --
I'll be honest with you,

man to...more than a man.

If I can't get these guys back
to processing at warp speed,

I am gonna be in some
pretty hot water.

So I know it's not ideal,

Look, if you --

if you come by the gallery
for an hour or two,

I'll make it worth your while,
all right?


All good, gang.
So, single file.



[ Grunts ]

[ Chains rattle ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Shouts in native language ]

We'll spare you

to provide us
greater satisfaction

than killing you
would bring.



[ Gas hissing ]

[ Grunts ]

She'll pay that price for you.

Stop! Stop!

[ Screaming ]

No! No!


You good?

Banged up but okay.

We in space?

That's affirmative.

Copy that.

What the hell happened
to Virgil?

The Roaches get him?

Sorry to say.
Was he a friend?


He owed me a ton
of tokens for this job.


All he said was that
he wanted to hide some people.

That's not unheard of.

So I was hired to supply
the Metrics and swap them out,

but you guys
don't even have Metrics,

which means that
you don't have the tokens

to cover Virgil's end,
so have fun.

Hey, wait, wait.
We need your help.

We need to find
our friends.

Your friends?

Your friends attacked
a Kreeper.

They're as good as gone.

Those blues are bred
to kill,

so you just -- you make
your peace with it.

We'll take our chances.

Listen, if you could
just help us find them

and then get
to the spacecraft --

You mean the Trawler?
To do what?

The only pilot I knew
was Virgil,

may he rest in peace,

So best of luck to all you guys,
but mine's running out.

You got a name?

[ Sighs ] Deke.

Well, Deke,
we just wanted pie,

and now we don't know where
we are or what's going on,

and we finally found
someone who does,

so you're not walking away.

[ Yo-Yo screams in distance ]

[ Grunts ]

Where's the Trawler?

[ Breathing heavily ]

Take a lift down to level nine.
You can't miss it.

May, take Simmons.

Get that spacecraft in the air.
Send out the signal.

Daisy and I will find
Mack and Yo-Yo.

No, no, wait.
You stay here.


I've got two good fighters
down there

once I get
the restraints off.

I'll be fine.
We can't lose our leader again.

We need answers.

You want me to stay here
and grill this guy?

Find out where the hell
and what the hell...sir.

Good plan.

What do the Kree
want with us, Deke?

All they ever want --




How many Kree live here?

Too many.

Think about it.

The Kree have been
studying humans for years,

moving here
in large numbers.

Kree who were bred
to kill.

Bred to kill and living within
striking distance of Earth.

This isn't an outpost,

It's a staging ground.

They're planning
an invasion.




[ Yo-Yo screaming ]


[ Device beeps ]


What do you mean

Are the Kree planning
some sort of attack?

Attack on whom exactly?


Why would they do that?

[ Screaming continues ]

Please! I'll do anything!
Just stop!

Quiet, or we'll change
our minds about you.

[ Rumbling ]


[ Grunts ]


[ Panting ]


Can you start her up?

[ Grunts,
inhales sharply ]

That's the ignition port,
I think,

but, uh, we obviously
don't have the key.

What are the chances
of them leaving it in here?



[ Engine starts ]

[ Console beeps ]

Well, that worked out.

Have you ever flown
a spaceship?

You know the answer
to that question.

[ Console beeps ]



I...have no words.

Don't need them.


So, then why did the Kree
build this place?

They didn't build the bunker.
Humans did.

Why don't you know
these things?

Even in waste processing,
they know the history...

You're not from processing,
are you?


I was enjoying a meal,

and then I was taken
and zapped to this place.

I'm from Earth.

Yeah, well, that would be

the one thing
that I do know, wing nut.

But from where?
What area?

Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Are you high on something?
Can I have some?



[ Axe thuds ]


[ Rumbling ]

[ Panting ]
You okay?

Thought you were gonna
lose these for a second there.

I was starting to picture myself
with two hooks.

Wait. Wait.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Yeah, help me get him up.

We can gain access now,

maybe talk to the Trawler ship,
find their location.


[ May sighs ]

We need to get up
off this debris field

if we want a clear signal.

Yeah, if I can figure out
how to send one.

I mean, the good news is,

I-I recognize
some of these constellations,

so we're -- we're at least
in our own galaxy.

[ Sighs ]

That doesn't make sense.

How long ago
did they build this place,

and when did you first
come here?

I don't know.

They built it 90-some-odd
years ago, minimum.

But I -- what do you mean
"come here?"

I was born here.

Que pasa, Mack?

These --
These filtration systems,

they weren't designed
for this.

They've been repurposed.

Yeah, I feel like this machine's
out of its element, too.

I found the coordinates
to this place,

but it's listing our location
in longitude and latitude.


The postcard.



90 years ago?
That -- That's impossible.

The tech in here couldn't have
been developed in the '20s.


No Metrics,
no scars,

Wisconsin, pie.

Tell me again
about when you were taken.

We were -- We were sitting
in our favorite diner

just off Columbus Drive.

No, not -- not where.


What year?

That monolith was different,
wasn't it?

We didn't travel
through space.

Are you seeing
what I'm seeing?

I know, May.

I recognize
all of these constellations.

I meant that.



No reason to send a message
back to Earth.




We're already here.