Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 8 - The Gentle Monster - full transcript

Professor Pepperwinkle creates a robot whom he calls Mr. McTavish. It isn't long before Jimmy and Lois learn about him and Pepperwinkle shows him to them. Later Superman shows up but as he is approaching McTavish he starts to feel weak so he leaves. That's when they learn that McTavish placed a meteorite in McTavish which they deduce is kryptonite. Some men who want to blow up the planet for a story they did, decides to use McTavish to assemble the bomb so they take him along with Lois and Jimmy. So Superman and Pepperwinkle have to try and find them.


Adventures of Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Hello. Kent speaking.

I understand you
plan to investigate

a certain munitions operation.

Never mind who this is.

Just take a little advice:

Lay off.

Unless you want the
Daily Planet to suffer

one of the worst disasters
in newspaper history.

Look, we've been threatened
over a thousand times.

It's never stopped us before.

All right, Kent, if that's
the way you want it.

He won't scare
now, but he will later.

Provided your little
brainchild works.

I told you it was
purely experimental.

Take a look.

A balloon...

a radio directional receiver...

and a bottle of

Hm. sort of a junior
guided missile, huh?

Not so junior.

When this thing goes off,

I wanna be a long way
in some other direction.


And the target for tonight

is the Daily Planet
building, huh?

That's right.



Yes, ma...


Yes, ma'am.

Yes, we'll most
certainly look into it.

Brother, tonight certainly
must be our night.

Another threat?


No, not exactly.

That, uh, was a Mrs. Taylor.

She lives at 64 Hope Street.

And she claims she
saw a weird iron monster

prowling around a house.

[LAUGHS] Come on, Jim.

Let's go down and take a look.

64 Hope Street?

That's a
familiar-sounding address.

Come on.

Well, you two go if you want to.

I'm gonna stick with this.

You know, why doesn't anybody
see anything believable anymore,

like a fire-eating dragon?

[LAUGHS] Come on, Jim.


I still have a feeling

this is a familiar-
sounding address.

Well, maybe George
Washington slept here.


Well, Professor Pepperwinkle.

You remember us.

I do?


This is Miss Lane.
I'm Jimmy Olsen.

We're from the Daily Planet.

Oh. Of course, of course.

Well, come in, I suppose.

Uh, professor,

we had a tip at the
newspaper today

about something that
sounded pretty ridiculous.

Oh, uh, y-you did?

Well, it concerns a...
A weird iron monster.


A-A-A monster?
One that mows lawns.

And somebody saw it

around your house tonight.

Uh... Mm.

Uh, uh, s-sit down, please.

I-I just can't
stand it any longer.

The police were here
earlier questioning me,

and I-I have to tell someone.

Then there is something to tell?

Uh, I-I can trust you, can't I?

Why, of course you can

trust us, professor.

Well, I-I just must
have some advice.

I-I wouldn't ever
want to alarm anyone.


Mr. McTavish? Uh,
come out, McTavish.

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There's no need to be alarmed.

McTavish wouldn't hurt a flea.

Uh, McTavish, shake hands
with Miss Lane and Mr. Olsen.

How do you do, Mr. McTavish.

I'm glad to meet you,
Mr. McTavish. Uh...

Now, McTavish,
uh, take your book

and, uh, go over by the piano.

You mean, he can read?

Oh, dear me, no.

He just looks at the pictures.

Professor, this is incredible.

Where did you find it?

I mean, uh,

where did you find Mr. McTavish?

he's a little sensitive.

But I-I didn't find
him, Miss Lane.

You see, I'm a lonely old man,

and I built him to
keep me company.

And he's really
very good company.

He's... he's very helpful.

He likes to putter
around the yard, and, uh...

Oh dear, I'm... I'm afraid

that's what got us into trouble.

That's when Mrs. Taylor
saw him. I'm afraid so.

You know what would
happen if the news got out.

Oh, publicity and
curiosity-seekers and...


Well, uh, McTavish and I

a... Are really
very happy alone.

Aren't we, McTavish?

Oh. He's really just a child.

Now I'm imagining you
can actually talk to him.

Oh, yes. I have him tuned

to the exact wavelength
of my voice frequency.

B-but anyone can talk
with him, uh, through this.

Uh, try it, Miss Lane.

It converts your voice

to the same frequency as mine.

I don't know what
to say to a robot.

Well, let's see. Let's see.

Why don't you ask
him to take one of these

meteor specimens out
of the case and crush it.

He... He's really very strong.

Hello, Mr., uh, McTavish.

Take a meteor out of
the case and crush it.


He must be as
strong as Superman.


Thank you, uh, Mr. McTavish.

Uh, why don't you go
back where you were.

You... You must help
me decide what to do.


Clark Kent speaking.

Oh, yes.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, Mrs. Taylor.

Now, I've already sent
two reporters to investigate.


You want Superman to
try and find a monster?

Well, Mrs. Taylor. I mean...

The air might do
me good at that...

I mean, um, I'll, uh...

I'll just see what I can do,

Mrs. Taylor.

Yes, ma'am. Bye.

It's hard enough
to keep a secret,

let alone a secret
like Mr. McTavish.

If people weren't
only so automatically

frightened by things
they don't understand.


Well, we'll just have to
think about it, professor,

and let you know tomorrow.

Jeepers, what a story.

And we can't print it.

Superman. What
are you doing here?

Please, Superman,

I really haven't
done anything wrong.

So there really is a monster.

LOIS: Superman,
what's the matter?

No. Help me out of here quickly.

Superman, please
tell us what's wrong.


I... I don't know, Jimmy. I...

Oh, I have to get
away from here.

Excuse me.

I guess it had to
happen sometime.

Superman's losing his powers.

Unless I'm mistaken, Jim,
there's only one explanation.

Come on.

Is he all right, Miss Lane?

That all depends, professor.

Have you ever
heard of kryptonite?

Kryptonite? No,
I don't believe so.

That's it, Miss
Lane, kryptonite.

It's the only thing that
could weaken Superman.

It's almost killed
him a couple of times.

I-I don't understand.

Well, it's a special element
from the planet Krypton.

That's where
Superman comes from.

And there must be some
of it here in this room.

Miss Lane...

did you notice that it
happened to Superman

when he came near Mr. McTavish?


You're right, Jim.

Now, think carefully, professor.

What did you put
inside Mr. McTavish?

Why, just about a
little of everything,

Miss Lane.

What about those meteors?

Did you use anything like that?

Come to think of it, I did.

A tiny piece of meteor
I found years ago.

It gave off such
a strange reaction

on my Geiger counter,

I thought I'd try it in
McTavish's power unit.

That must be it. It
must be kryptonite.

Well, whatever it is,

it gave McTavish an
extraordinary strength.

So I left it in.

Now, promise me you'll
keep McTavish in the house.

We'll get Clark Kent
to contact Superman

and see what he has to say.

Why, of course, Miss Lane.

I wouldn't dream
of hurting anyone.

Good. Come on, Jim. Let's go.


Well, that's it, Duke.

You mean, it's all set?

I mean, it's as far
as I can go with it.

The balloon is
zeroed in electronically

on Kent's office in
the Planet building.

Okay. Hook it on the
balloon, let it go up the skylight.

Oh, now, wait a minute, Duke.

This chassis has to
go into the housing.

MAN: Duke! Duke...!

Shut up a minute,
will you? Shut up!

In the housing,
once this goes in,

these points make contact
through a mercury switch.

Theoretically, it goes
off 10 minutes later.

What's theoretics
got to do with it?

It means,

this is an entirely
new experimental job.

Once those points make contact,

anything could happen.

In other words, it might
go off immediately?

I'm afraid so.

This is a fine
time to tell me that.

Well, take it or leave it!

You wanted something big enough

to demolish a building,

and this is it, if it works.

But somebody's
got to put it together.

Oh, no, no, no.
Don't look at me. Uh...

This is just great.

What do we do?

Let the bomb put
itself together?

Boss. I got it. I
got the answer.

I know just the guy
to do it. Mr. McTavish.

McTavish? Who's he?

You know the place I live?

Mrs. Taylor's boarding house?

Yeah. Sure, sure, I know.

Well... tonight she
seen something.

First she calls the police,

then she calls the Planet,

then she sends
me out for a look.

That's how I happen
to be peeking through

the window when
Superman shows up.

Superman! Superman?

That's what I said.

Now, you know something funny?

When Superman gets
near the professor's robot,

he practically passes
out on the floor.

Now, let's take it slow.
Right from the beginning.

Well... The professor
got lonely, see?

So he made hisself a robot.

Uh... You won't
believe this, Duke,

but that robot can do
anything a human being can do.

Now, wait a minute, Lois.

You say when Superman came in,

he acted very strangely.

You should have seen
him. If he'd gotten closer,

I don't know what
would have happened.

We finally figured it out.

He put kryptonite
in Mr. McTavish.

We thought you'd
know what to do.

We'll hold down the office.

You'd better go meet
McTavish for yourself.

I'd like to, Lois...
I really would

but I-I can't very well.

I'm still working on
this munition thing,

and, there's new thoughts
that have just come to me...

Well, that's a fine thing.

After all Superman's
done for you,

and you won't even
try to protect him.

Now, wait a minute.

I don't want anything
to happen to Superman,

believe me, but this story's
important too, you know.

Clark, I think you're
afraid of something.

Mr. McTavish won't
hurt you, Mr. Kent.

I think you're both
imagining things.

Let's get back to work, huh?

Well, I'm not gonna let
Superman down, even if you are.

CLARK: Where do
you think you're going?

Back to see the professor.

What good will that do?

I don't know.

But somehow that
kryptonite has to be destroyed.

Ah, now, that's
a good idea, Lois.

A very good idea indeed.

I'm sure Superman
would be very grateful.

And I have a good mind
to tell him how you've acted

about this whole thing.


Oh, dear, dear, Miss Lane.

I do understand your request,

but, uh, if I take
out the kryptonite,

I might kill him.

And if you don't, someday
it might kill Superman.

Yes, that's true.

Oh, dear, dear.

Uh, do you understand,
Mr. McTavish?

I'll try not to hurt you,

but... But maybe it
won't matter anyway.

Uh, but i-i-if
something goes wrong,

how can I explain, Miss Lane?

He trusts me.

I know, professor. I
feel as bad as you do.

But people all over the world

depend on Superman
for so many things.

Yes, I know they do, uh,

and I'm a selfish old man.

Uh, but, uh...

Can I let him finish the piece

before I, uh... I operate?

Of course.

Here's the microphone,
Duke. Right on this table.

McTavish, don't let them...

You can't just break
in here like this.

We already did, lady.

This is the girl from
the Daily Planet, Duke.


So this is Mr. McTavish.

Take three steps
forward, McTavish.

See? See?

Oh, it's not that amazing.

Any scientific
genius can build one.

Yeah. But nobody ever made one

that Superman couldn't
bust even if he wanted to.

You know, boys...

I kind of hope Superman tries to

interfere with our little plan.

We could get rid of him and
the Daily Planet all at once.

The Planet. Then
you're the ones...

Yeah, we're the ones.

McTavish, do something, please.

Slade told me
how he works, lady.

Professor can't talk.

Whoever has this
microphone is the boss.

Well, what are we gonna do

with the professor
and Miss Lane?

Well, the professor,
we leave here.

So he tells the police

about three men snatching
a robot named McTavish.

Who's gonna believe that?

What about the girl?

Oh, she's another story.

She could back him up.

I'm afraid you'll have to

come with us, Miss Lane.

McTavish. Follow me.


Well, she should have
been back by now.

Who is it of whom
you're speaking, Mr...?

Lois, of course.

Jeepers, that's right.

I mean...

you do have a
point for conjecture.

Still, there's no sense
in worrying, I suppose.

If one needn't worry
about Superman,

I suppose one needn't
worry about Miss Lane.

Needn't one?


Operator! Operator!


Hello. It's Clark Kent.

Oh. Oh, yes, he
is. Just a moment.

It's for you, Jimmy.

Hello. Jim Olsen speaking.

Hi, Professor Pepperwinkle.

Jeepers, that's terrible.

You stay right there.
I-I'll do something.

You might like
to know, Mr. Kent,

that Miss Lane and
Mr. McTavish have been stolen.

Wh...? What are
you talking about?

No, no. Never you
mind. You're too busy.

I'll do something.
Now, just a minute.

No matter what
you may be thinking,

I haven't ignored this thing.

In fact, I already arranged
to contact Superman myself.

Oh, jeepers, I'll come with you.

Oh, no, you won't.

You're gonna stay right
here, and that's an order.

Stick by that phone
in case anybody calls.

Yes, sir.


Boys, I hope McTavish
can last the night.

With him in our organization,

there's nothing we can't do.

Make a right turn

at the next
intersection, McTavish.

And what's more,

we don't even have to

cut him in on the profits.


Your dirty racket
isn't bad enough,

now you're turning
Mr. McTavish into a criminal.


Easy, professor. Easy.

Uh... Superman. Superman.

They... They took Miss
Lane and Mr. McTavish.

I know. But where?

Did they say anything?
Anything you could remember?

It was all too confused.
Uh, nothing made any sense.

We've got to find them.

Whoever they are,
we've got to find them.

Well, they were masked.

I don't even know
what they look like.

Now, think,
professor. Think hard.

Anything they said,
anything they did.

Uh, I can't remember anything.

Besides, if you get too
near McTavish again...

I know, I know. He's
loaded with kryptonite.

I-it could kill you.

Yeah, we'll worry about
that when the time comes.

Right now we have
to find Miss Lane.

I'm terribly worried about her.

How can we find her?

Oh, dear, dear...

There's just one possibility.

Yes, professor?

Uh, before I knew
it what it was,

it gave off a very
peculiar and odd sound

on my Geiger counter.

That's worth a try.
You get that counter,

and I'll fly it all over
the city if I have to.

No, no. I'm afraid
that wouldn't work.

You'd be flying too
fast for it to register.

Oh, de...

Well, we... We could
cruise around in my car.

Yeah, that might take
days. But let's hope it doesn't.

Uh, I'll... I'll get
my Geiger counter.

Do that. Mm-hm.

This remote television camera

will show us everything
that's going on here.

Good. We can control
the whole operation

from my apartment in town.

So just in case
anything happens...

What do you mean, "happens"?

Well, we simply don't
trust that bomb, Miss Lane.

It's liable to go off the
minute it's assembled.

So that's why you
needed McTavish.

To assemble a bomb.

What happens if it doesn't
go off when he gets it together?

We hope it won't.

We have other
plans for that bomb.

We can always come
back for you if we have to.

You and McTavish.

And no matter what happens,

you're watching history
in the making, Miss Lane.

Walk over to that
desk and stay there.

Goodbye, Miss Lane.


I almost hope it does
go off here, McTavish.

I don't stand a chance anyway.

And with you in their
power, nothing can stop them.

I'm afraid it's
hopeless, Superman.

We haven't gotten
any kind of reaction.

We'll just have to
keep driving till we do.

Oh, it's all my fault.

I-I never should
have built McTavish.

Now, professor,
everyone needs a friend.

You're no different.



That's it. That's it.

Must be around here somewhere.

No, not necessarily.

It simply means McTavish
has passed this way.

W-we'll have to follow
it like a radio beam.

All right, McTavish.
We're ready.

First, pick up the
chassis, McTavish.

We're getting closer, Superman.

Closer isn't good enough.
We have to be there.

Now, McTavish...

walk toward the balloon.

Now, McTavish,

put the chassis down
by the square box.

That's the maximum
reaction, Superman.

McTavish is very close.

Look, professor.

That warehouse right over there.

It's the only
building around here.

That must be it.
Thank you, professor.

But, Superman, the kryptonite!

Now, McTavish, open
up the bomb housing.

Now, McTavish,

pick up the chassis.

LOIS: Superman!

Miss Lane.

How did he get there?

Look, this is perfect.

Look, he's weakening already.

Superman, get back.

It might explode any second.

I have to g-get you loose.

Superman, no!


Go ahead, Superman,
rescue the fair lady.


McTavish, quick,

put the chassis in the box.

Close the box, McTavish.

Connect the box to the balloon

and let it go up
through the skylight.

There goes the end of
the Planet, Miss Lane,

and the end of Superman.

McTavish, walk toward Superman.

No, McTavish. It's me.

Uh... Uh, move away, move away.

I didn't count on him.

McTavish, walk toward Superman.

No! Listen to me.

Move away. Away.

Toward him,
McTavish. Toward him.

Uh, back, McTavish! Back!

Forward, you junk pile. Forward.

No, no, McTavish, uh, back.

You must listen to me.

To me. Forward.

Back, back, back!

Back. Back, McTavish, back!

You'll be all right
now, Superman.


Thank goodness
it's not too late.

Isn't it, Miss Lane?

What about the Planet building?

We're guiding the
bomb to it right now.

Jeepers. What won't
these advertising people

think of next?

What a crazy publicity stunt.

Give me that, Jimmy!

Jeepers. Now I
know I'm dreaming!


How will we know
when it happens?

Uh, you'll know, gentlemen.

I assure you, you'll know.

The bomb!

Get it... Get it out of
here! It'll go off any second!

I'll get rid of it

just as soon as I have your
written and signed confessions.

Uh, yes, sir, Superman.

Give me that.

H-h-h-how did you find us?

I just followed your radio
beam right back here.

See? I told you that modern
junk would get us into trouble.

Give me that.

There, now, Superman.

Will you...? Will you take
it out of here now, please?

Of course. Oh, one more thing:

Um, you boys won't
leave here, will you?

We'll wait right here
until you come to fetch us.

But get that out
of here. Please!



Oh, my, my, my.

How I wish I could
have seen their faces.

But what if the bomb
had gone off, Clark?

Oh, I daresay, Superman

could have smothered it, Lois,

but he thought they
deserved a good scare.

I'm sorry I was

angry at you, Mr. Kent.

Jeepers, if you hadn't
contacted Superman...

Oh, forget it, Jimmy.

Everything turned out all right.

Yes, everything
came out all right.

Even the kryptonite
out of Mr. McTavish.

Uh, he's not strong anymore.
He's just an ordinary robot.

But he's still kind and
gentle, and my friend.


Jeepers. And what a cook.

You see, Clark, you have

no reason to fear Mr. McTavish.

Oh, I'm sure you're right, Lois.

After all, it was Superman
who was in danger.


NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.