Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 9 - Superman's Wife - full transcript

A beautiful policewoman is asked to pose as Superman's wife in order to help him break up a gang of bank robbers.

Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


All right, you crook, I
want straight answers.

Any time you
don't tell the truth,

this lie detector shows it.

You know I wouldn't fib to
you, Inspector Henderson.

You'd better not.

Your name is Duke Barlow, right?


You and your pal Whitey Krell

were caught robbing
the Fifth National Bank?


Superman nabbed us in the act.

How many more of your
men were in on the job?

DUKE: None of them.
Just me and Whitey.

SUPERMAN: How about that,
inspector? Is he telling the truth?

According to this he is.

But you do admit to being part

of a large criminal

The biggest.

It was till you horned in.

More than half the
gang's been put in jail

the last few months,
thanks to you.

But there's still
plenty of us left.

That we already know.

What we want to know is
who's the brains of the outfit?

Who plans the crimes?

I couldn't tell ya.

We just get the
orders from the top,

then go out and
do like we're told.

Yes, but who is he?
What's his name?

I couldn't say.

All we know him by is Mr. X.

The polygraph says
he's telling the truth.

I told you I
wouldn't fib to you.

[SIGHS] All right.

Take him out. Lock him up.

Inspector, you're never gonna
clean up this crime syndicate

until you find out
who that head man is.

Yeah, you can say that again.

But how can we catch
him when his own mobsters

don't even know who he is?

Mr. X.

There must be some way
to learn his true identity.

Yeah, we've been working on it.

I've had the whole department

working day and night
and getting nowhere.

Not even a clue?

Not even a hint.

Send Sergeant O'Hara in.

Oh, one of the detectives
working on your case?

Yes, and one of
the best on the force,

and just as baffled
as the rest of us.

And when O'Hara's baffled,
that's really something.


You sent for me, inspector?


I want you to meet Superman.

Superman, this is
Sergeant O'Hara.

Well, I'm glad to know you, sir.

It's my pleasure, sergeant.

Inspector Henderson tells me

you've been working
on the case of Mr. X.

Yes, without much
luck, I'm afraid.

I've even been trying to
get inside his organization,

but I haven't been able
to figure out a way yet.

I see.

Sergeant O'Hara...

will you marry me?


Why, I'd be delighted.

"In an exclusive
interview with Lois Lane,

"Daily Planet reporter,

"Superman revealed his
surprise marriage last night

"to Miss Helen J.
O'Hara of this city.

"The newly wedded couple will
reside at the bride's apartment

"on the 18th floor of
the Beresford Arms.

Golly, this will
be the first time

anybody will know
where Superman lives.

PERRY: What of it?
JIMMY: Well, I-I mean,

if we keep the Beresford
Arms under surv...

Survei... llance...

If we keep an eye on
the Beresford Arms,

we'll find out who Superman is.

Don't be ridiculous, Olsen.

Obviously, he isn't gonna go
in and out through the lobby.

He'd use the window.

Besides, aren't
the bride and groom

entitled to a little privacy?

Why, of course they are.

And incidentally, Miss Lane,

you told the story of Superman's
marriage very well indeed.

Thank you, Mr. White.

At least he did me the courtesy

of giving me the exclusive
instead of Clark Kent.

Golly, you sure are
lucky, Miss Lane.

It's the scoop of the year.

Yeah, I'm sure lucky all right.

Why aren't you out working?

Well... I don't have
any work to do.

Well, go out and find something.

Yes, sir. Yes. Right away.

I've always known how you've
felt about Superman, Miss Lane.

I guess his marriage
hit you pretty hard.




We didn't have a bit of
trouble grabbin' her, boss.

Yeah, that story
in the Daily Planet

told us where she lived,

and the rest was easy.

I was sure it would be.

What's the meaning of this?

Why should these men
take me out of my apartment

and bring me here
against my will?

My dear Mrs. Superman.

Shall we say that
I had an impulse

to have you here as my guest?

And when I have an
impulse, I never fail to gratify it.

So welcome to my headquarters.

Headquarters? Who are you?

My associates call me Mr. X.

You must be the man the
newspapers are talking about.

The head of the crime syndicate.


Now, if you'll excuse me
while I make a telephone call.

HELEN: You can't
hold me prisoner here.

You'll never get away with it.

When my husband hears about...

Oh, he'll hear about it.

I'm calling a friend
of his right now

to make sure that he does.

But he won't do
anything about it.

This is one time that Superman

is going to find
himself quite powerless.

Hello, Daily Planet?

Connect me with Clark Kent.


Hello, this is Kent speaking.

What did you just say?

I said this was Mr. X speaking.

My organization is holding
Mrs. Superman as hostage.

Will you contact him and
give him this message?

Unless he stops
interfering with our activities,

he'll never see his wife again.

Will you tell him that?

You bet I'll tell him.

And when I do, you'd
better duck for cover.

He'll come over and tear
your place down brick by brick.

Oh, no. No, he won't.

In the first place, he
doesn't know where we are.

In the second place...

one wrong move

and Mrs. Superman's health

will suffer very
severely indeed.

You wouldn't dare
harm Mrs. Superman.

Oh, no?

I wouldn't bet on
that if I were you.

Hello? Hello!

You see how clever I am?

Superman won't
dare try to rescue you.

The only way he can
protect you from harm

is by staying away

and keeping his nose
out of my business.

You've got it all figured
out, haven't you, Mr. X?

You'd be surprised
how well I have it figured.

For instance,

take this television camera.

It transmits over a
closed private circuit

to this receiving set.

HELEN: What do you use it for?

You'll find out. Blinky.

BLINKY: Yeah, boss.

You know where I
want this connected.

BLINKY: Pier 96?

MR. X: Exactly.

Now get going, fast.

Now, we'll give him
10 minutes' start,

then we'll put the second
step of my plan into operation.

What step is that, boss?

We phone Perry White,
publisher of the Daily Planet.

Yes. Yes, I see. Oh, really?

You think there might
be a story in it, eh?

Well, excuse me just
a moment, please.


Come in here a moment, please.
I have an assignment for you.

Bring Miss Lane with you.

JIMMY: Yes, sir. On the double.

Now, you were saying?


Pier 96, eh?

Okay. I've got it.

Well, thank you very much.
Thanks for calling. Goodbye.

You sent for us, chief?

Yes, uh, what do you know
about Pier 96 down at the harbor?

Pier 96? Well, it's one
pier beyond Pier 95.

Well, that's a big help.

Pier 96. Isn't that the
one they haven't used

for the past two or three years?


Have you heard about anyone

parking a bathysphere
down there recently?

Well, don't look at
me. I didn't park it there.

What is a bathysphere?
Something you take a bath in?

It's a diving bell,
you blockhead.

You go under the water in it

so you can study
the floor of the ocean.

I do.

Oh, no, I don't. Not me.

No one's asking you to.

I just want you and Miss Lane

to go down there
and look it over.

I've had an
anonymous phone call.

We might find an
interesting story in it.

Oh, wait a minute. I
think I'll go with you.


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This will be one of the biggest
and most daring robberies

this city has ever seen.

Three million
dollars just like that.

But why are you
telling me all this?

Because you'll never repeat it.

Look, boss.

Blinky's got his TV
camera switched on.

So he has. So he has.

Well, well, well.

We are in luck.

My phone call to Perry White
worked better than I thought.

What do you mean?

Well, he not only sent
the two reporters to Pier 96,

he went there himself.

Now we'll start the
third step of my plan.

Hey, look, boss.

That Olsen punk,

he don't wanna
get in that thing.

Don't worry. He'll get in.

Newspapermen are
noted for their curiosity.

Daily Planet?

Get me Clark Kent.


Hello, Kent speaking.

What's that? You say you've got
Lois and Jimmy and Mr. White?

That's right.

And since all three of them
are friends of Superman,

I thought perhaps you
might like to warn him

that they're in the
gravest danger.

That's what I said, Pier 96.

Not at all.

Glad to oblige.

If I know Superman,

he'll be on his way to Pier 96
as soon as he hears the news.


We've got to go inside it.

The man who phoned me said

that's where
we'd find the story.

What if it starts going
down while we're inside?

How can it when there's
no one working the controls?

And besides, lots of people

have taken rides
in bathyspheres.

All you do is close the hatch,
and the water can't come in.

What if it leaks?

For heaven's sake, if
you're scared, say so. I'm not.

Come on, Jimmy. Come on.

Oh, all right. I'm
coming. Don't rush me.



Miss Lane, come out of there.

All set, boss.

Now sink 'em, boss.


What's goi" on here?

We're sinking.


Superman, do something.

Not while we're still
dropping, Miss Lane.

You wouldn't have a chance.


this is Mr. X.

You're now 250 feet
below the surface.

You'll stay there until I
decide to bring you up again.

He not only has your
wife in captivity, but us too.

I warn you, don't
try anything rash

if you value the lives
of your companions

and the safety of Mrs. Superman.

Isn't there anything you can do?

Well, Miss Lane, I
could break out of here

and swim to the surface, but...

Then why don't you?
We'll swim up with you.

Not at this depth, Jimmy.

The water pressure would
crush you in an instant.

You mean we're stuck here?

I'm afraid so, Miss
Lane, for the present.

Blinky should be back
from the pier at any minute.

You come help me
with the dynamite.

You, uh, gonna
leave her here alone?

She won't escape.

As you can see,

the windows are barred.

The door has an excellent lock.

Just make yourself at home.

Superman, can you hear me?

I may not have much time.

Is that your wife?

Mr. X and his crime syndicate

are planning the biggest
robbery they ever pulled.

There's an armored truck
taking $3 million in currency

to the Federal Reserve Bank.

It's coming by a back road,

but Mr. X knows the
route and the schedule.

When it crosses the
old wooden bridge

over Southport Ravine at 3:00,

they're going to
blow up the bridge.

The truck will fall in the
ravine and burst open.

The gang will grab the
cash and make a getaway.

Superman, this is
Sergeant O'Hara.

Do you hear that?

Mr. X and his crime syndicate
are planning the biggest...

She called herself
Sergeant O'Hara.

Yes, I heard.

So... you're a policewoman.

Yes, and I'm pretty
proud of it too.

She was cut off.

He probably caught her
giving me the message.

But she'd already given it.

Why do you suppose
she started all over again?

Because she wanted them to think

that she hadn't had time
to give me the message.

That she was just
beginning to talk.

Lucky we caught you
before you had a chance

to tell Superman our plans.

Not that it matters now.


This is Mr. X.

Too bad your wife turned
out to be a policewoman.

I'm afraid she's about
to retire from the force


As for you and your
companions, I regret to inform you

that I have decided
to let you stay

at the bottom of the
harbor from now on.

That means we're doomed.


It's the biggest
story we've ever had,

and we'll never
get it into the paper.

At least you can save yourself

by smashing out
of this bathysphere

and swimming to the surface.

Oh, no, Miss Lane.

I've already told you

what would happen
to all of you if I did that.

I know, but the water
pressure can't crush you.

At least that's the only way
you can stop the robbery and...

save your wife.

Blinky should be
back in five minutes.

It's time we left for
the Southport Bridge.

What do we do with her?

We take her along.

What for, boss?

As a policewoman, she's probably
deeply interested in explosives.

I'm sure she'll be interested
in what I have in mind.

Interested, not
necessarily happy.


The armored car should be
here in exactly 17 minutes.

Then we'd better get busy
with the dynamite, eh, boss?

Yes, do a good job.

I'll stay here and keep
an eye on Mrs. Superman.

It should be quite an explosion.

Too bad you won't
be here to tell about it.

Miss Lane's right, Superman.

No matter what happens to
us, you've got to get out of here.

It's a quarter of 3 now.

They're gonna blow up
that bridge in 15 minutes.

I know. I know.

If there's only some
way to stop them

without sacrificing
all your lives.

JIMMY: If you were
only on the outside,

you could just lift
the bathysphere

up to the surface.

Lift it?

That's it.

Jimmy, you've just
given me an idea.

Now, that plate holds the
cable to the top of the sphere.

If I can pull the plate off
and get ahold of the cable,

I can pull us up.

Of course, a little
water may come in,

but I don't think
it'll be dangerous.

Let's try.

We're goin' up!


All set, boss. Good.

Come along. We'll inspect it.

I don't wanna see it.

I said come along.

You too, Dugan.

Expert workmanship.
Tie her to the rail.

What for?

You'll see.


Go ahead. Tie her.


I hope that won't be
too uncomfortable.

Does it matter?

Not really.

In a few minutes,
you won't feel it at all.

I sure hope he makes it.

If he doesn't,
it's all up with us.

And your wife.

How about it, boss? Is
it time to light the fuse?

How long have
you got it set for?

It'll burn exactly five
minutes, then whammo.

Well, we'll wait just
a few minutes more.

The armored truck is
still eight minutes away

with $3 million aboard.


What do you say,
boss? Ain't it about time?

You can prepare to light it
in exactly one more minute.

Hurry, Superman, hurry!

It's six minutes to 3!

I can feel these wet
pants shrinkin' on me!

Now, boss?

Thirty seconds.


We're breaking the surface.

All right, Miss Lane.

Open the door and
step out on the pier.

It won't budge.

Stand back, please.

Superman, come on.

I can't, Miss Lane.

If I release this cable,

the sphere will
go to the bottom.

But you can't stay there.

I realize that. Now please go.

What are you gonna do?

Eventually, after
you get out of here,

I'm going to let
go of this cable,

and the sphere will sink.

Then I'll swim to the surface.

Now, will you kindly
get out of here?

We'll get a couple of
hundred yards away

to be on the safe side.

Now light the fuse.

In five minutes
it'll all be over.


Any moment now.

What's the cotton for, Blinky?

Makin' earplugs.

Ooh, I never did
like loud noises.





Turn around and take
the other road into town.



Just about time.


What'd ya say, boss?

He said it's just about
time for the blowup.





Come on.

Now let's go collect
our $3 million.


I'm sorry to disappoint
you, gentlemen.

The only place
you're going is to jail.

Eh? What'd you say?


Shoot him, you
clowns. Shoot him!

I give up.

That's the first wise
decision you've made today.

So you see, Superman and
I weren't really married at all.

He figured that if Mr. X
thought we were married,

he'd try to get at
Superman through me.

He figured right, and it
almost cost you your life.

That's my job, Mr. White.

And I had to get
inside the gang.

You're a brave man, O'Hara.


now that you're not
married to Superman, uh...

I might ask you to marry me.

If I were the marryin' kind.

Oh, thank you.
Thanks a lot, Jimmy,

but I think I'll
just wait around

for Superman to ask
me again, for real.

Well, I feel I must warn
you, you've got competition.

Well, Jimmy, it looks like
ordinary fellas like you and I

don't have a chance anymore.

These young ladies
don't seem to think

there's anyone in the
world but Superman.

BOTH: Well, is there?



NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.


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