Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 6, Episode 7 - The Big Forget - full transcript

An anti-memory vapor, developed by Professor Pepperwinkle, is stolen and used to commit crimes.


Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


I did not faint.

After all, I'd been
awake almost 48 hours.

I was tired. I fell asleep.

That's right, Jimmy.

And when you woke
up, you wrote a fine story.

How about that?

Superman rescues
us, captures the crooks,

and Miss Lane and
I get another scoop.

As easy as that.

Oh, I'm glad you
think it was that easy.

Incidentally, Kent,

where were you when
all this was going on?

Oh, chief, now, you know
that. Yesterday was my day off.

Well, I'm sure glad it
wasn't Superman's day off.

It will be a sorry day
for you and Olsen

if Superman ever
takes a day off.

You two couldn't do a thing

for yourselves without his help.

Except maybe get
yourselves killed.

Suppose we did

a real front-page story.

There's no use discussing
it. It's just not possible.

Would it be worth a little
raise in the pay envelopes?

Like that $10 you
promised us two years ago?

PERRY: I promised you a raise?

Yes, you did.
Which we never got.

If we got the story
without Superman's help,

how about that raise?

Oh, I suppose so.

Okay. You heard him,
Clark. Let's go, Jim.

Just a minute.

I have a right to
protect my own interests.

I want to see this great
story from its formative stages.

You mean, you're gonna
work with them on the story?

That's precisely what I mean.

It just happens that I
used to be a pretty good

working-man's reporter myself.

[MUMBLES] Oh, brother.

What did you say?

Oh, ha. Uh, nothing...
Nothing at all, chief.

But if you are gonna
work with us on this story,

you've got to promise one thing.

I've got to promise you?

Miss Lane's right,
chief. I mean, Mr. White.

This time you're
gonna have to promise

to let us run the show.

[LAUGHS] I'm afraid
they've got you, chief.

You've made yourself a
deal. You're stuck with it.

Well, that's settled. Let's
get our campaign started.

Sure, Miss Lane.

And, uh, you keep
yourself in readiness.

We may be needing you.

You know, it's
easy enough to say

we'll get a front-page scoop.

But... where do we start?

I don't know, Jim.

What about, uh...

Oh, maybe getting the goods

on a real big-time lawbreaker?

That's risky, but it's good.

What do you have in mind?

Well, who would you say
is the biggest crook in town?

Mugsy Maples, I guess.

You're absolutely right.

LOIS: Mugsy Maples has
committed more crimes

than any other crook in
the history of Metropolis,

and the law still can't
catch up with him.

Maybe we can.

Well, Knuckles,
did you do like I said

with that nosy reporter
from the Gazette?

I sure did, Mugsy.

Right now he's taking
a bath in the river.

Can he swim?

Not unless he can swim with
two cement blocks on his feet.

Well, that's what he gets

for snooping around
here after a story.

If there's one
thing I don't like,

it's nosy people.

Especially newspaper reporters.

Me too.

Well, Professor
Pepperwinkle, how are you, sir?

It's been a long time

since you've dropped
in to see me, sir.

Oh, it has? That's odd.

I don't remember
we ever met before.

Ha. Won't you sit down, sir?

Oh, yes, yes. Thank
you. Thank you.

Now, tell me...

have you perfected any
new inventions lately?

Oh, yes. Yeah...

Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.


What's that, uh,
dinosaur powder?

Uh, no, no. That's
anti-memory vapor.

Ah. One whiff

and you can't remember
anything that's happened

in the last 15 minutes.

Ha-ha. And it's guaranteed
to work every time.

Have you tried it? Oh, yes, yes.

But, uh, that didn't
prove anything.


You know, I've got
such a bad memory,

how could I tell?

But I, uh... I thought you
might, uh, test it for me.

It-it-it... It's quite harmless.

Well, now, I wouldn't
mind, you understand,

but I'm afraid I
might be immune to it.

However, there's Lois
Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

Oh, they're in
Mr. White's office.

Do you remember
where that is? No.

It's just around the
corner. Let me show you.

Oh, yes. Right
around the corner.

Here's your... Oh, thank you.

There we go. To your left, sir.

Thank you, thank
you. Straight ahead.


The fact is, you
haven't turned up

any kind of a story
since our little deal.

Well, we're working on it.

In fact, we expect a
break any minute now.


Professor Pepperwinkle.

As I say, I don't remember
how I came to invent it,

but I know that it works.

Wait a minute, professor,

this is a brand-new

You just came in.

Ooh, so I did. So I did.

Well, anyway, if you'll
just let me squish it at you...


You won't remember
anything that happened

in the last 15 minutes.

You mean that...?
Anti-memory vapor.


Yes, indeedy.

Uh, would anyone
like to, uh, test it?

No. Don't squish it on me.

I'll tell you what
we'll do, professor...

Leave it with me,
I'll have it tested.

Give you a full report.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Anti-memory vapor. Oh, man.

Well, he's a little eccentric,

but some of his inventions
have worked in the past.

And every time any
one of them did work,

they caused nothing but
trouble for everybody concerned.

And got us a good
story every time.

You mean, if this
gizmo really works,

we might get another story?

Well, sure. Just like the
one on Mugsy Maples.

PERRY: I forbid it.

You're not gonna fool around

with any goofy inventions
or Mugsy Maples.

Uh, uh, uh, uh, chief,
remember the agreement.

No interference.

Oh, it's this sitting
around not doing nothing

that's getting me down, Mugsy.

We ain't been able
to pull a decent caper

since last September.

I know, I know. But
something will turn up.

I got a sneaking hunch

our luck's gonna
change real fast.

Hey, do you really think so?

Why, sure, it always...

Hey, wait a minute, you.

Wait a minute.

Where do you think
you're going, huh?

Oh, a wise guy.

Now, look, when I
ask you a question,

I want a respectable
answer, understand?

Hello? Hello?

battery must be dead.

You mean, you don't know
what I'm saying to you?

Yes, it is nice weather.

Now, listen to me,
you little weasel...

Don't you see, Knuckles,
he can't listen to you.

Now, lay off of him,
will you? He's harmless.

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MUGSY: Now, like I was saying,

I got a hunch our luck's
gonna change real soon.

As a matter of fact,

I been thinking about a
little job we might pull...

Ixnay, boss. Ixnay.

Don't spill nothing
in front of strangers.

Will you relax?
He can't hear us.

Ah, you made me forget
wha... Oh, yeah. This is the...

The job. The job I been casing.

There's a
finance-and-loan company

that's always got about 50,
60,000 bucks in their safe.

Hey, that sounds pretty good.

Uh, what's the
name of the outfit?

It's the Acme Loan Company,

on the corner of
13th and Broadway.

Fourteenth and Broadway.

Oh, yeah, thanks, that's right.

Wait a minute.

What are you trying to do?

So you been faking, huh?

Let me at him. I'll find
out what he's up to.


MUGSY: Okay, nosy,
you gonna come clean,

or do we cut you
down and let you fall?

No. I'll talk. Wanna talk?

Don't cut that rope. Let me in.

Now, you come clean first.

Now, tell us, what are you doing
listening to our conversation?

I'm trying to get a...

story for the Daily Planet.

A reporter.

All right, come on in here, you.

Get down there.

Who do you think
you are, anyhow?

What are you trying to pull?

Hey, you know what
Mugsy does with reporters?

He doesn't do anything to me.

One whiff of this
anti-memory vapor,

and you won't
remember I came in here.

Hey, boss, dig him.
Anti-memory vapor.

Yeah, it's true. Watch.
I'll prove it to you.

Whose office is this?

What's this?

What am I doing
in these clothes?

He's faking again, boss.
Let me knock him off.

No, no, wait a minute.

Maybe the stuff in
that can is for real.

Here, let me have it.

It's a good thing
we got this left over

from the time we used
tear gas in that bank holdup.

Hey, cut it out, boss. That
stuff might be dangerous.

It didn't kill him.
Now, hold still.

Where am I?

Hey, boss, what are you
doing with that gas mask on?

And who is this guy over here?


You mean, you really
don't remember him?

I don't even remember
coming in here.

Neither do I.

Lucky for you, you don't.
Now, scram out of here.

Yes, sir.


Goodbye, now. Whoever you are.

Case you wondered
why I turned him loose,

he can't do us no damage.

Whatever he heard us talking
about, he don't remember.

Well, uh, what was
we talking about?

I don't remember, neither.


That means this anti-memory
vapor really works.

And that means
we're gonna get away

with the perfect crime.

Not just one, but
dozens of them.


We're gonna rob
every big-money outfit

in this town, starting with
the Acme Loan Company,

and working right up
to the national banks.

And if there are any witnesses,

we just give 'em
one whiff of this,

and they won't remember
what we look like.

They won't even remember
there was a robbery.

Hey, that's pretty good.

Yes, sir, Knuckles,

with this anti-memory vapor,

we're really gonna go to town.

Yes, sir. It... H...

There's only one hitch.

What's that? It's empty.


How do you like that?

Hey, boss, wait a minute.

There's something written
on the bottom of this thing:

"Professor J.J. Pepperwinkle,

64 Hope Street, Central, 42768."

Here, let me have that.

What are you gonna do, boss?

What do you think I'm gonna do?

Here, hold that, will you?



Uh, Professor, uh... Uh...

Oh, yes, yes.

Uh, uh, Pepperwinkle speaking.

Uh, professor, this is
Dr. Horatio Maples, uh...

Me and my colleague, Dr. Nelson,

is wondering if
you have any more

of your anti-memory
vapor available.

Oh, uh, yes, yes, I... I'm
sure I have another can.

Uh, just a moment.


Mm. Whipped cream.

Ah. Hm.



Shaving cream.

Oh. Uh... Uh...

Yes? Yes, I just found it.

Now, if you'll tell
me where you are,

I'll bring it to you right away.

No, no, no, no, don't bother.

We'll pick you up
on the way to the job.

The job? Uh, what job?

Well, you see, like
I was saying, uh,

me and my, uh,
colleague is doctors,

and, uh, we wish to use
your marvelous vapor

to make sad people forget things

they don't wish to remember.

Splendid, splendid.

Well, right now we're on our way

to see a patient at the
Acme Loan Company.

Uh, he gets very unhappy
whenever he remembers

how much money he has.


Good. We'll be
there in 10 minutes.

Come on.




Oh, no.

A daylight robbery at
the Acme Loan Company.

One hundred thousand dollars,

and they don't even
remember how it happened.

They don't remember?

That means Mugsy Maples
must've pulled the job.

He must have squirted them
with that anti-memory vapor.

And it's all your fault!



I still say we shouldn't
have come here

looking for Mugsy Maples

without first notifying
Inspector Henderson.

We're not looking for Mugsy.

We're looking for
evidence against him...

if he was nice enough
to leave his door open.

I still say this is too risky.

What if Mugsy Maples
catches us searching his office?

How can he, if
he isn't even here?

I called first to make
sure, and no one answered.

I still say it's too risky.

Now, now, chief, you
remember our bargain.

On this story we're
giving the orders.

You agreed to do
whatever we said.

All right, all right,
start looking for clues.



Professor Pepperwinkle?

Police headquarters?

Inspector Henderson, please.

Well, well... we got company.

Oh, yes, inspector.

Yes, this is Superman.

Could you meet me

at Mugsy Maples'
office right away, please?

But it's just around the
corner from headquarters.

You could make
it in two minutes.

All right.

Half an hour then.

There's no need to
be alarmed, Miss Lane.

These gentlemen are
using my anti-memory vapor

for the good of mankind.

Oh, I'll bet they are.

Look, what we wanna
know is what's the big idea

busting in here and
frisking the joint?

Well, I-I'll tell... I
mean to say, uh... Uh...

You can't threaten
me with that gun.

I'm Perry White,

publisher of the Daily Planet.

Reporters, huh? Nosy reporters.

Including our phony
window-washer friend.

Okay, everybody, come on.

But where are you taking us?

To the country.

I got a beautiful
place in the country.



Ah. Hello, inspector.
Nice of you to come.

Is this what you wanted
to talk to me about?

What's that?

Lois Lane's handbag.

Well, it wasn't here
a little while ago.

She must have
been here since then.

And she must
have left in a hurry.

You suppose Maples
has taken her somewhere?

If he has, he's got Perry
White and Jimmy Olsen too.

They're all working together.

Then they're all
in danger together.

We've got to do
something, and do it fast.

I intend to.

But what can we do?

There's no telling where
he may have taken them.

Inspector, this must be the
clue that we're looking for.

As you can see,
this a private phone.

It has no dial and no number.

A lot of good that does us.

It may do us a lot of good.

There's only one reason

for Maples to have
a private number.

It must be a direct connection
to some secret hideaway.

Isn't that what you'd say?

Yes, I'd say that.

Now, if we can just trace
this connection to its source.

Oh, you can't do that.
There must be millions

of phone lines all
through the city.

How can you trace
any single one of them?

By listening.

Inspector, here's
what I want you to do:

Pick up the receiver of this
phone and just start talking.

Talking? To nobody?

That's right. I don't
care what you say.

Just count from one to 100.
But keep going. Don't stop.

But why?

Because by using
my super-hearing,

I'm going to follow your
voice along the wire.

And sooner or later,

it has to lead me
to the other end,

wherever that is.

I see.

Do you really think it'll work?

It has to. Let's get started.


One, two, three,

four, five...

six, seven, eight, nine...

10, 11, 12...

All right, everybody out.

Come on. Hurry it up.

Let's go. Come on.

All right, come on, come on.

Don't make me do all this work.

Here we go.

All right, everybody,
come on. Let's get going.

Right down the cellar.

Come on, that
means you. Come on.

Move, move.

86, 87, 88, 89...

90, 91, 92, 93...

94, 95, 96...

MUGSY: Okay. Downstairs, pop.

I'm not gonna take another step.

You can't get away
with this, Maples.

But I am getting away with it.

So far, $100,000 worth.

And the prof's
anti-memory vapor's

gonna get us plenty more.


This is beautiful.

The witnesses can't even
remember who robbed 'em.

The law's got nothing to go on.

They can't even touch us.

What about Superman?

Chief, don't even
mention his name.

LOIS: If Superman
takes a hand in this,

we'll never get that raise.

Come on, come on.

Cut out the chatter
and downstairs.


Wonder who that could be.

Shut up. Go get it, Knuckles.

Hey, Mugsy, suppose
it is Superman?


If it was Superman,
he wouldn't knock,

he'd bust the door down.

Yeah, sure, that's right.

"Yeah, sure, that's right."


LOIS: Clark.

Golly, Mr. Kent, what
are you doing here?

Well, I just followed you,
Jimmy. Looks like I goofed.

You can say that again,
buster. Who are you?

Just another Planet reporter.

Another one, boss.

I never seen so many
nosy newspaper people

in one place, did you?

No, but I'm kind of glad

to have 'em all
gathered together.

Makes it a lot easier to get
rid of 'em all in one bunch.

All right, everybody.
Come on, downstairs.

You heard him, get going.

Okay, right in here,
folks. Come on. Hurry it up.

Come on, get a move
on. Hustle up. Get in there!

Come on. Hurry it up.

You too. Come on.
Sit down. Get in there.

All right, now, sit down and
make yourselves comfortable.

You're gonna be
here a long, long time.

Tie 'em up, Knuckles.

MUGSY: Come on, sit down.

Get your hands behind your back.

KNUCKLES: Sit down.
Give me your hands.

MUGSY: Hands behind your back.

I said take a chair,
buster. That includes you.

Sit down.

Yes, sir.

Hands behind you.

402, 403, 404, 405...

Well, that ought
to hold 'em, boss.

Yeah, for as long as they live.

Which won't be very long.

Here, hold this.

Sorry me and Knuckles
can't stick around,

but I'm afraid it wouldn't
be healthy for us.

What are you gonna do?

Gonna take this
little pellet here...

open up this bottle of acid...

and drop the pellet in.

And I'm gonna
close it real quick.

This stuff is murder.


Come on, Knuckles.

Nobody could live in here
more than five minutes

after those fumes
start to spread.

There's something's
wrong. The handle's broke!

Wait a minute. You mean,
we can't get outta here?

We're goners,
just like they are.

Oh, no. We gotta get outta here.

MUGSY: Open up.

a little harder. Open up!


Raise or no raise...

if we could only get
word to Superman.

You'll get the raise anyway.

Superman or no Superman.

Thanks a lot, chief.

If we ever needed
him, we need him now.

Well, there's no point

in trying to keep this
a secret any longer.

I can't believe it.

Mr. Kent is Superman.

PROFESSOR: He is? Why, so he is.

Oh-ho-ho. We
gotta get outta here.

I think you better
stay for a while, boys.


I sure hope this stuff works.

Come on, junior,
we've got work to do.

Thanks, Mr. Kent.

Come on, Jimmy,
knock the door down.


Yes, you. Knock it down.


You. Go on, take a whack at it.


Try again, now. Here we go.



Now, go untie our friends

and get them out of
here as quick as you can.




713, 714...




716, 717...

You can stop counting
now, inspector.

Because of you,
our friends are safe,

and Mr. Maples'
caught with the goods.

Because of me?

Because of you, you mean.

Oh, no. If you hadn't
kept this line open,

we'd never have made it.

Oh, incidentally, do
me a favor, will you?

And don't mention to anyone

I was connected
with this in any way.

If that's the way you want
it, you've got my word.

Good. Now, you can pick them up.

It's the fourth
estate on the left.

And that's four
miles outside Bellville.

Route 26. Right.

Let's face it, chief.

Superman didn't
rescue us this time.

I did. You?

Well, like he said,
chief, let's face it.

None of us remember anything

after we were taken
to that place in the car.

So Jimmy must have
broken his bonds,

knocked out the two crooks,

knocked down the
door and rescued us.

It's not possible.

Obviously the can
of anti-memory vapor

fell out of Mugsy's
pocket when...

When I knocked him out.

That's why none of
us remember anything.

But who was the
one that wasn't tied up

when we started to come to?


Ipso facto, I'm your hero.

A hero, I might
add, with a $10 raise.

Hey, just a minute.

I'm in on that raise
department too, remember?

All right, all right,
you'll get the raise.

Oh, dear, dear, it seems a pity.

What seems a pity?
That we get a raise?

No, I mean, it's a pity I
seem to have forgotten

the formula for making
my anti-memory vapor.

I'll never be able
to make anymore.

Don't you think
it's a pity, Mr. Kent?

Oh I do, professor.
I do, indeed.

There are a great
many things it'd be better

for people not to remember.


NARRATOR: Don't miss
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Superman is based
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