A Friend of the Family (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Gift of Tongues - full transcript

- Mrs. Broberg, Mr. Broberg,

I'm trying to wrap
my head around this.

What exactly is
your relationship

with Robert Berchtold?

- Well, he's practically
a member of the family.

He loves our children
like they're his own,

like we love his.

- And how were the
gals this afternoon?

You all have fun?

- I'm so glad the club chose

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull."

You should read this one.

- I will, as soon as I get

through that stack of
your books from last year.

- And that's why
George Washington

was a great man.

- All right, you
precious jewels,

women of destiny.

School lesson's over.

It's past your bedtime.

- I was teaching them
about George Washington

and the cherry tree.

- He rode everywhere
on horseback.

- Oh, that's my kind of guy.

All right, now say
good night to your mom.

- Night, Mom.

Come here.

- All right. Let me
tuck you in real quick.

- Night-night.

- All right, let me tuck you in.

Straighten those legs out.

Tuck, tuck, tuck,
tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck.

- Hey!
- Good night, sweetie.

- Good night, Dad.
- And you...

What are the two
things I tell you?

I love you,

and the Gospel is true, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- Right. Okay.

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- The time is now
yours until 10:00,

and at this time,

I'd like to invite anyone who
wishes to bear their testimony

to please do so.

- Brothers and sisters,

I feel moved by the spirit
to stand before you today.

My family just
moved to Pocatello,

and this community
has been so welcoming.

In fact, one family
in particular,

right here today, in this room,

welcomed us into their
lives a couple nights ago

when they shared
a picnic with us

right in our living room.

They made us feel like
we were one big family,

and their daughter
even sang for us

with truly the
voice of an angel.

- The Gold and Green Ball
feels like a long way off,

but before you know it,

spring's just around the corner.

wait for that night.

- Nick-Knack, how'd I do?

- You always do great, Dad.

- Bishop.
- Well done.

- You know, Marcus is gonna
get back from his mission

very soon.

- And after we did attendance,

we did the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then, we had lunch and recess.

Hey, look.

- What?

- "We sure enjoy your
family." The Berchtolds.

- Aw.
- Aw.

- All right, Brobergs.

- Cheese!

- Fromage.
- Fromage!

- You're reading it.

Thank you.

- That is just
like you, Mary Ann.

Thanking me when
I'm the one grateful

for you introducing
me to a great book.

I'll bet you don't even notice

how much you do
for other people.

You ought to make sure you
don't spend all your time

pleasing other people

and not enough time
pleasing yourself.

What do you say I start
driving the girls to school

in the morning?

Take a little work
off your plate?

- That's thoughtful, Brother B,

but they can walk once
it's warm out again.

I wouldn't wanna impose.

- You are the thoughtful
one, Mary Ann.

You set an example of goodness.

You inspire everyone around you.

I'll start Monday.


Good morning, Brobergs.

- Good morning, Brother B.

Good morning, B.

- Hey, B.
- Morning, Brother B.

- It's gonna be a great day.

- Don't mind my boys.

They're just tired from
all the jumping around.

- Yeah, we got a
trampoline. It's huge.

Big enough to sleep on.

- Wow, really?

- You should come try
it some time, Jan.

- Yeah, I want to.

Can I?

- Of course. Yeah.

Hey, who do you love the most,
other than your mom and dad?

- Well, good afternoon,
Mr. Berchtold.

To what do I owe this
genuine pleasure?

Afternoon, Broberg.

Say, how busy are you?

What do you say
you close up shop?

You and me go get some lunch?

- Well, what I say is...

My treat.

- On the house for
you, Mr. Broberg.

Your flowers made my
wife really happy.

- Oh! It's my
pleasure, Mr. Hong.

Thank you. That's
very thoughtful.


You know, truth be
told, I am on a diet,

but I'm easily persuaded.


- Something eating at you, B?

- Oh, I-I just, uh...

I look at you and
Mary Ann, and, uh...

Sometimes I wish I had the
kind of marriage you have.

And it's nothing against
Gail. Gail's a lovely girl.

- I was about to say,
Gail is a lovely girl.

- Sometimes I just feel
like she's given up

on trying to please me.

- Hmm.

- You don't know
what that's like

because you've got Mary Ann.

- Well, Mary Ann
is a great wife.

She's very loyal, honest,
and has a big heart.

- Plus those legs.

- Mary Ann's legs?

Come on.

Okay, yes.

- She has good legs.

I can't deny it.

- Mm-hmm.

- Bob...

would you do me a favor?

- Sure.

- Do you think Mary Ann
might give Gail some advice

on how to be more
attractive to me?

I think it might help with a...

intimacy problem we're having.

- Oh.

Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Sure. I mean, she
loves Gail, so...

- Really?

Thank you. That...


That's a load off my mind.

- Good.

- You're a friend, Broberg.

That's why I trust
you with this.

Tell you the truth,
a man like you,

a father and a church leader,

I wanted to be friends with
you from the moment I met you.

- Oh.


- Yeah, of course.

- Brother B,

if there is anything
that's on your mind

that's... That's
weighing you down,

you can unburden yourself to me.

- Oh.

Well, uh...

- Anything.

- You know, one time
I met this French girl

at mini-golf.

- French girl? In Idaho?

Was it Boise?



- Oh.

- She keeps turning around.

Something about the sun

just kinda drifting
across her face...

- The Berchtolds
are having problems.

- What do you mean?

- With intimacy.

- That's a shame.

- B wanted me to ask you

if you would give Gail
some, you know, advice.

- Me? What can I do?

- Well, you're a very
attractive woman,

so maybe you could teach Gail

how to be more attractive.

- He said that?

- "Those legs," he said.

- He said that?

- Mm-hmm.

Mary Ann Broberg,

the Betty Grable of Pocatello.

I've always said.
- Bob.

- B also told me about
some of the things

that he's repented
for in his past,

things that I've never
heard of in such detail.

- What things?

- Mary Ann Broberg

is gonna help you
become more attractive.

- She said that?

- I asked Bob

if she'd be willing to
give you some guidance.

- Thank you for caring
and trying to improve me.

- I'll never forget
how you looked

the first time I met you, kid.

Like a ray of sunshine.

- I just want you to be happy.

- Get to know the
Brobergs better.

- When you need a new
look, it's always best

to go shopping in
your own closet first.

This is just darling.

And the Gold and Green
Ball is a perfect place

to show off a new look.

- Truth is,

I haven't been able to
satisfy Bob in a long time.

- We're trying to change that.

- No matter how hard I try...

That is, when he's
around to notice at all.

- We need to find a way to
show off your pretty legs.

- You think my legs are pretty?

- Mm-hmm.

- Mary Ann?

Do you and your Bob
have a good relationship

in that department?

- Bob and I are well-matched.

He's a good, strong father.

Bob can be modest,

reticent even,

but nothing abnormal.

He is gonna love you
in this. Come on.

- He's coming! He's home!

- Okay, we're coming.
- Yep.

Just stand up nice and straight.

- You look great, Mom.
He's gonna love it.

- Thank you, baby.


- Ta-da!

- For the Gold and Green Ball.

Doesn't she look darling?

- Uh...

It's a real nice effort.




Oh, boy.

I messed that up, didn't I?

- She's...

She's just trying to please you.

- I'm sorry.

Now I'm mad at myself.

- If you give her a
chance, she can be

the wife you want her to be.

She's never gonna...

Never mind.

- Tell her what you want.

- She's never gonna be you,

Mary Ann.

Gail, honey.

Let's get a look at you.

- I wish I can go to the moon.

- Well, that would be an
adventure, wouldn't it?

- I'll say.

- You know, speaking
of adventure,

I'm gonna build
Jasper his own room.

- What? Really?
- Yep.

Oldest always has to
have their own room.

- I don't have my own room.

- Yeah, that's
right. You don't.


Well, you turn that
frown upside down.

The room you share
with Karen's huge.

Put up a wall is all.

- Our dad doesn't
do stuff like that.

- Yeah.

Yeah, old Bob's not so
handy with the tools, is he?

Well, it's a good thing
you know someone who is.

Hey, Brobergs,

who do you love the most,
other than your mom and dad?

Brother B.

- All right, rascals.
Everybody out.

- I handpicked
each one of these.

Some domestic, some from abroad.

This here is something
I just got in.

Jan, do you know
what a hope chest is?

- I don't think so.

Do you, honey?
- No.

- Well, a hope chest
is what a girl uses

to collect items

that she'd use when
she's grown and married.

Things she'll need to make
a home with her husband,

take good care of her own kids.

Something funny?

- I don't know.

Jan, come on. Let's go.

We've taken up
enough of B's time.

I've got errands to run, so...
- You know what?

I'd be happy to keep
Jan here at the store

if that would be helpful.

What do you think?

Bring her back home
a little later on?

See you again?

- Can I?

I want to test out the couches.

- I would pay top dollar
for such an important job.

No uncomfortable couches
here. That's a rule.

- All right, all right.
I will see you in a bit.

Bye, honey.
- Bye, Mom.

- All right, what do you
think? Which one first?

- That one.
- You're the boss.

- Take care now, Nicole.

- You too, Sister Broberg.

- You good?
- Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

I knew it was good
when I bought it,

but I didn't know
it was this good.

What do you think
about that one?

- I hope Jan wasn't too
much of a bother today.

- No, no. Are you kidding?

I can always use the help.

And Jan's like family,

which is actually what I
wanted to talk to you about.

You know, Gail and
I got to thinking,

if something were
to happen to us...

- Oh...
- No, no, no, no, no.

But if it did,

who would be better to
look out for our kids

than our other
family, the Brobergs?

- What a meaningful compliment.

What about blood relations?

I mean, don't you have any?

- Well, Bob...

Unfortunately, my
brother's not in the church

and Gail's brother
is a homosexual.

But you think about it, Broberg.

We sure would be happy
to return the favor

and look out for the girls.

- Oh, well, that's an
awfully kind offer,

but, uh...

if anything were
to happen to us,

the girls would go to
my twin brother, Dick.

- Mm.
- Yeah.

It's already been
arranged and agreed to.

- We'd be happy to take
Jenny and the boys.

- Yeah, we would be honored
to play that role for you.

Thank you.

That means the world.

Do you have paperwork,
Bob, with your brother?

You know, we're just
starting to think about this,

and I'm still learning
about the process.

- Ooh, uh, yeah, I think
we have it somewhere.

- In the bedroom.

I'm happy to show you.

This is where we keep
all the paperwork.

- Is that Jan's
birth certificate?

These tiny footprints.

- Sister Higgins
used the same recipe,

only hers was much
saltier, I think.

I'm not sure if it's the gravy
that has the sugar, or if...

- Jasper, can you
pass me the meatloaf?

- Sure. Here.
- Thank you.

- Bob?
- Mm-hmm?

- I did talk with Mary
Ann the other day...

When she was helping
me find a new look.

- About what?

- Oh, just... things.

You remember how we wanted

to get to know the
Brobergs better?

Well, I did, is all.

- You find out...

anything interesting from
Mary Ann about their...

Their intimate relationship?

- Mary Ann did say

that Bob can be a bit...

reticent at times.

- Huh.

- Old-fashioned.

- That sounds like Bob.

- I went to B's store,

and we had fun teasing
each other and everything.

Fun, fun, fun.

Then I came home and had dinner,

and I got ready for bed.

- What are you writing about?

- Just the fun we had
with the Berchtolds.

- Joel said we could sleep on
their trampoline next week.

- I'm so excited!

- Yes, we're sleeping over
on the trampoline next week!


- Sister B?

- Sweetheart, what's
the matter, huh?

- I had a nightmare.

And I guess I kicked,

'cause when I woke up, my
nightgown was all tangled.

Well, you're all right now.

Why don't I make you
some warm milk, huh?

- Jani, what are you doing up?

- Jani had a little nightmare,

so I'm gonna make
her some warm milk.

- Well, that should
do the trick.

Sister B knows best.

You think you might need

another one of your
allergy pills, Jani?


Oh, look at you!


You're doing great!



Come on.

Here we go!

Yeah! Whoo!

Whoo! Oh, you are
something else.

Mary Ann.

May I have this dance?

- Here we go. Five,
six, seven, eight!

- There you go!

- Yeah! Whoo!

You've been dancing with
a lot of women tonight.

- Just biding my time

till I could dance with you.

- The other night when
you said Gail wasn't me...

What did you mean?

- Just thinking about
what could have been...

If I had met you earlier.

Another life.

You and me.

Who knows?

You are unforgettable, Mary Ann.

- I have actually thought
about maybe selling,

you know, gifts, candies,
things like that.

- His car is in
your driveway a lot.

- Hiya, Nicole.

How were the girls?

- Real good, Sister Broberg.

- Glad to hear it.

- Now, are you all right
getting home, Nicole?

- Oh, yeah. I like to walk.

- All right. Here you go.

Jan had a pretty bad
nightmare about an hour ago,

but she got back to sleep.

- Oh, no.

I'll ask her about
it in the morning.

Thanks, hon.

It was a fun night.

- Dear Diary, I'm so excited.

This week, I'm
going to see a play

called "No, No, Nanette."

It's a real play
with real actors.

I can't wait.

- Look at you.

A vision in the living room.

What are you ironing now for?

- It's Jan's for tomorrow.

Oh, did I forget to mention?

Jan's going to Seattle
with the Berchtolds.

- Seattle? But...

What do you mean, Seattle?

Mary Ann, we have plans

to see my brother and
his family this weekend.

- I already said yes.

Next time, I'll ask you first.

- Next time?

No, no, Jan is not going.

- Bob, don't be silly.

If you'd seen the
way it came up,

B and I didn't even know
that Jan was listening.

And then, he was talking
about going to a real play

with real actors,

and she got so excited

she ran in from the other room.

- Well, be that as it may,

we have other
plans already made.

- I already said she could go.

- Well, then call
them and unsay it.

- Just a minute.


- I'm sorry. I know it's late.

- What's going on?

- Well, I just came by to see

if you would please just
reconsider letting Jan come.

- I will not. I've
made my decision.

And, um,

I don't appreciate you
coming here at 9:30 at night

to push the issue.
- Bob.

- Jan will be so disappointed.

- Jan will be fine.

She's had
disappointments before.

You can leave her
concerns to me.

- And Bob just feels like
it's a matter of principle.

He gave her his word, is all,

and he would hate for
her to feel betrayed.

- Did he send you over here?

- He's so upset that he
canceled the whole trip.

- He canceled the whole trip?

- He says if Jan can't
go, none of us are going.

- Well, I can't believe
he'd be so juvenile.

- Please, Bob.

We're all packed.

The boys are heartbroken.

- Fine.

Fine. Fine.

She can go to Seattle.

- Thank you.

I'll be by first thing in
the morning with Jenny.

Have a good night.

- Bye, Dad.

- Hi, Jan.
- Hey, Jan.

- Hello, Jan.
- Hi.

- Great suitcase.

- Is that yours?
- Yes.

- Here we go!

- Boy, that was some drive, huh?

- Who gets to pick the
radio on the way home?

- Ooh.

Any takers?
- Me.

- Me.
- Me.

- No, you had your turn.

- Mm-hmm.

I could eat this
steak all night.

Oh, Jan.

You feeling all right?

You getting a little
sleepy, honey?

Maybe I should take her back
to the hotel room, okay?


Come here, Jani.

Come here. Let me
help you out, okay?

- I wonder what Jan's
doing right now.

- Yeah, the Berchtolds
are so much fun.

Brother B is so nice.

Not to mention Joel and Jasper
and Jacob are super nice.

- I love playing outside
with Jasper and Joel.

- Your steak okay, honey?

- The trampoline is so fun!

- Remember when Brother B
got us all those sweets?

- Yeah, Brother B is amazing.

- Did you hear that
Brother B got snowmobiles?

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Ooh.


Hey there.
- Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad.

- Hey, honey.
- Hurry, Jani.

- Oh, she was such a good girl.
- Hi, baby.

It really was just
the perfect trip.

Jan got a little sick,

but she was fine in
the morning, though.

- Oh.
- We think maybe it was

the carbon monoxide
from the car trip.

- Did any of the boys get sick?

- It could have
been carsickness.

- We need some family time.

Just our family.

- Oh, um...

Well, of course, we can...

We can just...

- I was just trying to find
out what happened with Jan.

- Yeah, well, my
stewardship is this family.

- I don't see what
that has to do with...

- Well, it has to do

with who is responsible
for this family,

and it is Bob Broberg,
not Bob Berchtold.

We are not one family.

We're two families,

and when I make a decision

about what is best
for my family...

For our family...
Well, that's it.

That is that.

Now, I appreciate
you both very much,

but for a little while, we
need to spend some time apart.

- Sure, Bob.

I understand.

- Hi.

Hey, Bob.

- Brother B.

- I, uh...

I stepped on your toes,

and I should've seen it,

but I was too wrapped up

in my own...

My own self and my own kids.

Jasper's got quite
a crush on Jan,

and he was pushing for
her to come, and...

I messed up.

And the love and respect I
have for you and Mary Ann,

in my heart...

I see what I did,

and I owe you an apology.

So that's it.

I'm sorry.


Thank you, B, for...

those kind and
sincere sentiments.

- Let me take you out to dinner

as a gesture of apology.

My treat?

They put the lights lower
here at dinner than lunch.

- Yeah, I haven't
been here for dinner.

- Me neither.

I am so happy, Broberg.

Didn't feel right having
conflict with you.

- Well, I appreciate that.

- I know I'm too
attached to your family.

I know.

And I'm ashamed of myself

in the way I've violated
your boundaries.

You see, my... my childhood,

it wasn't as nice as what
we're giving the kids here.

You see, when I was growing up,

my stepfather didn't want me.

He misused me.

Heck, the hired help around
the property misused me.

I was trash.

And the only thing I could offer

was that I took care
of my little sister.

It's the only reason he
let me sleep in the house.

So all my life,

some part of me thinks

if I could just make

a kid like her happy...

Maybe I'd be worthy of respect.

So I just want to be worthy
of your respect, Broberg.

Yours and Mary Ann's.

- You are. You are worthy.

Every man has worth in
the eyes of the Lord.

- Well, they say that, but...

When I was a boy, I did
some shameful things.

- B.

Nobody's perfect,

myself included.

- What did you ever do wrong?

- Oh, nothing much.



when you mentioned, uh...

I did things too when
I was a little boy.

You know, kid stuff.

- Like what?

- Nothing.

- I think it'd help me to hear.

- Oh.

You know, sometimes,

you know, with the
old neighborhood gang,

we would, uh,


mess around.

- Mess around how?

- Nothing. Just...

We'd look at, uh...

We'd look at, uh, girly books.

Topless ladies, and...

Well, we'd, um...

We'd touch each other.

But that was just
dumb boy stuff.


- Hey, Bob.

There's no need to
feel bad about that.

That's normal.

That's normal!

- You're... you're
right. You're right.


It's normal.

- Oh, you had me scared
for a minute there, Bob.

I'm thinking, what is
Broberg gonna say now?

Oh, brother.

- Toothpick?

- No, thank you.

I had a real nice time tonight.

- Me too.

You remember when I was
talking about my marriage?

- Sure.

- Yeah.

Only gotten worse.

- I'm sorry.

You know, maybe there's a
professional you both could...

- No, I'm just so darn
sexually frustrated.


- Well, just...

think about your vows
and ask the Lord to...

- Yeah, I don't know
what to do about it.

You remember that...

Stuff you did with
the other boys?

You know, the...

The kid stuff?

- Yeah.

- If you really care
about me, Broberg...

I need a little bit of that.

Brother B, that's...

- Please?

Just help me out, brother.

Just this once.

- I...

I don't... I don't know, B.

- Please.

Think about my marriage.

I need your help to avoid
a more sinful action.

- I-I-I-I...

I want to help you,
B, but I don't...

- Are you really
gonna leave me alone

to deal with this
on my own, Bob?

I'm suffering real bad.

Real bad.

That's good.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, that's what I need.

Oh, don't stop.

Oh, yeah.

It feels fucking good.


Oh, shit.


Oh, Broberg.

Sorry for swearing
at the end there.

Ought to wash my
mouth out with soap

when I get home.


How do you say "thank
you" in Norwegian?

- Hi, hon. How was your day?

It was fine.

- Bob, should we try the thing
we tried the other night?

- Um...

I'm pretty tired.

- Dad, B's building a wall
so that I have my own room.

- I hope this is okay, Bob.

What a
gorgeous morning it is.

Hey, who do you love the most?

- Brother B.
- Yes!

Brother B! Brother B!

Brother B!

- How long are you
gonna keep me down here?

- My lawyer says I'm
not even supposed

to be down here anymore.

- It's your lucky day, boy.

- They're sending
you back to Idaho.

- It's about time.