A Friend of the Family (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Mission - full transcript

- They aren't back.

Female companion.

Female companion.

Female companion.

You have been chosen.

We are Zada and Zethra.

Our planet is dying.

Jan Broberg, you must save us.

You are one of us.

It is time for your
mission to begin.

- And please help
keep Jan and B safe

while they're gone.

And please tell them
to bring us presents.

In the name of
Jesus Christ, amen.


- Do you think that
Jan and Brother B

got in a car accident?

- Hello, Broberg's.

- Hi, Bob.
- It's Gail.

- Has she heard anything?

- She's offered to pick
up the kids for school

since B's not here.

That is very thoughtful
of you, Gail.

- Of course.

You know, the boys have
the spirit of mischief

in them this morning.

- Yeah, I hate to interrupt,

but have you heard
anything about Jan and B?

- Uh, no.

But the manager at
Pocatello Storage

said that he'd let
me sneak a peak

inside the unit we
couldn't see last night,

so I'll head over there
after I drop the kids.

Oh, and I left word
with the cousins

in Brigham City in
case he stops by,

so I hope to hear back soon.

- Well, let us know
as soon as you do.

- I will.

- You know what?

How about I head to
Brigham City myself? Huh?

- Oh, Bob, don't
drive all that way.

He'll probably just pull up
here the minute you leave.

- Oh, it's no trouble.
I'll leave right now.

You hurry back and park
yourself at home, all right?

In case he calls.

- Suit yourself.

- Bye now.

- You hardly ate. Can
I make you a sandwich?

- I'm not that hungry.

- Can I come help look for Jan?

- Yeah. Come on, get your coat.

Female companion,

you have been assigned
a male companion.

The male companion

will help you with the mission.

Go to the front
of the motor home.

- B, wake up. B.

- Dolly?

Oh, Dolly, you all right?

Oh, thank God you're okay.


Where are we?

I don't know.

You're bleeding.

- I am?


I remember driving.

And the instrument cluster
on the car going crazy.

And I stopped.

And that's when I saw them.

- Saw who?

- These lights in a...

In a circle, and
they're right overhead.

And they came down
right beside us.

And that's when a
couple of them emerged.

And they came, and they
pulled me out of the car.

And then they held
me by my arms.

- They didn't look...

They didn't look
strange or funny at all.

I guess they can look
like regular people.

I said to them, I said,
"What do you want?"

And they said you.

And I...

I tried to fight 'em off.

They were just too strong,
and then they overpowered me,

and then I... I blacked out.

Next thing I know,
you're waking me up here.


What is it?

- They... they talked to me.

They said their names
were Zada and Zethra.

And what do they want?

- They said they need
me to save their planet.

- They... they chose me.

- But why you?

- They said...

my mom is my real mom,

but my real dad is one of them.

Their leader.

- How do they expect
you to save them?

- They said I need to
meet the male companion.

And I think that's you.

My head is spinning.

- They said that
they'd be watching me,

and terrible things would happen

if I didn't complete
the mission.

Like, Karen would go blind,

and Susan would have
to take my place

because she's part alien, too.

And they'd vaporize
my eternal soul.

- Oh, honey.

Oh. Oh, oh, oh.


Hey, it's okay.

Oh, I'm scared, too.

I'm scared, too.


Here's what I know.

These people...

they exist,

and we have to do what they say.

Whether they're people like
you and me from another planet

or angels or whatever they are,

we gotta do it.

But you know what
else this means?

It means you're special.

I always knew you were,

but I guess I just
never knew how special.

I don't know how we'll
get through this.

But I am just so
glad it's you, Dolly.

- Hi, Dad. Hi, Karen.

- Hi, Brother Broberg.

- Hey, Freckle.


Why don't you guys go
and play in Susan's room?

You too, Bright Eyes.

Go and wash up.

- And I really think
that we'll just know

it's one big misunderstanding.

Well, hey, Bob.

Any luck in Brigham City?

- No, uh...

We didn't, um...

Why are you not at your house?

- Oh, well, I figured Mary
Ann could use some company.

Jasper's home, if they call.

- I went by the storage unit.

It was empty.

There was no motorhome.

But I'm still
waiting to hear back

from a few relatives, so...

- It's time we ought to
alert the authorities.

- Gail.

- What do you do
if you were Jenny?

- Mm-hmm. Well, thank you for
filling me in on the situation.

Do you think this fella
might hurt your girl?

- He'd never hurt
Jan. We just...

you know, thought we
should contact you.

- Sir, um... well, I...

- And we would like to request

that you keep this confidential.

- If you don't think
she's in danger,

and you don't want to file
a missing persons report,

I don't know what there
is to keep confidential.

Since there's a minor involved,

I'd advise you to call
the local FBI office

just to keep them informed.

- Uh... oh, all right.

Thank you.

- What did he say?

- He said we should call
the local FBI office.

- The FBI?

Mary Ann.

Mary Ann, please, I
just don't understand

what good could come from

And I just think that
we should think about it

just for a minute,
please. Please.

- Hello, you've reached the
Pocatello office of the FBI.

This office is closed
until Monday at 8:00 AM.

If this is an emergency,

please call the FBI's central
office in Butte, Montana.

It's closed till Monday.

They said if it's
a real emergency

to call the central
office in Butte.

- Central office?

- If it's just to
keep them informed...

- He'll be back by Monday.

- If he's not, we call the FBI
first thing Monday morning.

- He'll be back.

He will.

He will be.

- Peter Welsh, FBI.

- Sorry to sound
like a broken record,

but what exactly is
your relationship

with Robert Berchtold?

- Well, he's practically
a member of the family.

He loves his children
like they're his own,

like we love his.

And he's a member of our church.

- Sorry to interrupt. Pete?

- One sec.

Excuse me.

- The police found
Berchtold's Ford Maverick

near Snake River
about 12 miles south

of American Falls.

They found Jan's jacket inside.

Driver's side window was broken

from the inside.

And whoever broke that
window cut their hand

because there was blood
on the driver's seat.

- Do you think that he faked it?

- That's exactly what I think.

- Do you think it
has something to do

with his illness, I wonder?

- What illness is that?

- He'd been seeing a counselor
for his manic depression.

- It's one of the
reason Gail, his wife,

said we ought to
wait to call you.

- His wife said what?

- Hey, give it back!
- No! I got it.

- Hey, give that back.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

- Thank you.

- Excuse me for one moment.

- Tried to...
- I have it.

So it's mine for the day.
- Boys.

Hey, I just need five minutes,

if you could settle down
and go play in your bedroom.

And play nice.

I'm sorry it's such
a mess in here.

- It's all right,
Mrs. Berchtold.

- Ma'am.

Did you... Did you
notice anything

out of the ordinary
about your husband

in the past few weeks?

- He has his ups
and downs, you know?


I just wanna make sure that
we're not turning this...

private situation
into some kind of

big public nuisance.

- This is not a
private situation.

If your husband needs
help, he's not gonna get it

unless you help
us bring him home.

Mrs. Berchtold, the
longer he's out there

with Jan Broberg,
the worse this gets.

So is there anything
that you remember?

Anything at all?

- Are you aware of Berchtold

ever giving your daughter drugs?

- Oh, goodness, no.
- She's 12.


His wife saw him emptying
medicine capsules

into the toilet last week.

- Did he ever give
Jan any pills?

- He gave us allergy
pills for Jan

so she could go
horseback riding.

There may still be
some in the cabinet.

- I'm gonna need those please.
We'll send them to our lab.

- Of course.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- I'm Dr. Alan Milstein,

Mr. Berchtold's psychiatrist

from the Albert Clinic out west.

I was hoping to speak
with the agent in charge.

- That'd be us.
- In private.

- Sure.

- Do you think that's
the psychiatrist

that told B to listen
to those tapes of his?

- Thank you. Can you
wait outside, please?

- Mary Ann, Bob? Why
don't you sit down.

This Dr. Milstein seems
to know quite a bit

about your family.

I'm not sure how
to put this, but...

Do you know what a pedophile is?

- Is it a medical term?

- Well, actually, I'm just...

I'm just hearing the word
for the first time myself.

Apparently it's a condition

where an adult man
develops a fixation

on young girls.

- Fixation?

- Like, he's obsessed.

And Dr. Milstein says
your friend Berchtold

may have this condition.

- What's the treatment?

- What do you mean, obsessed?

- I honestly don't know.

- And a goose went up

and started walking and walking,

and then went "Ah!"

- It was super scary.

- Did it fly or just
give you a little beak?

- It gave me a little beak.

- I can't remember.

Did you take your
allergy pill yet today?

Here you go.

Good, good.

Remember to keep
taking those pills.

That way you stay...

- B?

B, are you okay?

B, wake up.

Your mission begins now.

You will have special child

with male companion.
- B?

- The male companion

will tell you how.

Drive south.

- B, wake up.
- Drive south.

Oh, hey. Hey.

What just happened?

- It was them. They
were talking to me.

The people from another planet.

- What else did they say?

- It is you. You're
the male companion.

- Whoa.

- We got recording
devices on Gail's phone.

Thank you. And his
both Joe down in Ogden,

and a few others.

Hopefully something turns up.

But I want to talk to
you about going public.

- Mr. Welsh, we
talked about it,

and, you know, with the
girls' school finding out

if all of this is in the papers,

it could make things
worse, not better.

- Not to mention
Gail and her boys.

They have it hard
enough without him

to put food on the table.

- I've got daughters, too.

I'm a religious man. Methodist.

You're good people.
I can see that.

And you're trying to
do the right thing.

Right now, the right thing

is whatever gives
us the best chance

of getting Jan back.

- Mr. Welsh.

- Pete.

- Pete...

we just want Jan back.

Tell us what you would do.

- I'd make sure every
newspaper in the U.S.,

Mexico, and Canada
knew about it.

- Then that's what we'll do.

- Great. They'll stop every man
traveling with a little girl

for a thousand miles.

And if he tries to go
to a train station,

stop at a bank, cross a border,

we got him.

- Remember, Jasper's
birthday's September 4th.

Just in case they ask.

- Reason you're visiting Mexico?

- Oh, just a little
father/son time.

- It's okay now.

- Enjoy your stay in Mexico.

Will do.

- One Mississippi,
two Mississippi,

three Mississippi...

- Elder Hinckley, we
all wanna thank you

for coming to our town

to offer Bob and Mary Ann
your prayers and your wisdom.

It's truly been a blessing.

- You're very welcome,
Bishop Paulsen.

My the Lord bring us all peace,
understanding, and wisdom.

- Amen.

- I pray daily for Jan
and those who are working

to bring her home.

And I pray for
Brother Berchtold,

that he may be healed
of his affliction

and return safely to his family.

- Thank you.

I should go collect the boys.

- Any news from the FBI?

- Agent Welsh says that, um...

two weeks is on the long side.

But we have faith.

- I can feel it.
She's still out there.

- I feel it, too.

I wish I knew what to do.

- The Lord will guide us.

I don't care if we have
to find her ourselves.

No matter how much
time it takes, we will.

We will.

- What's the matter?

You don't like it?

- I do.

- Come on.

You can tell me.

- I was just thinking
about what Karen and Susan

are doing right now.

I really wish things would just

go back to the way
they were before.

- Well, I do too, Dolly.

I do.


Come with me.

Look up there.

What do you see?

- I see the stars.

- Right.

And that, up there,

that is where you are from.

That's where Zada and
Zethra are right now.

Every time you look at the sky,

I want you to remember,

your people need you,

and they're watching.

There's little
kids up there, too.

Just like you.

They're on a dying planet.

And they're counting on you

to do everything you
can to save them.

- Hey, you look good in green.
- Hey, Joe.

- Hi. Oh, that's
a beautiful car.

Hey, can we get
this beautiful lady

in this beautiful car please?

- Hey, you like
this car? Half off.

I'm just kidding.

Who's got the phone?


Just keep selling these

This is Ogden Auto Traders.
This is Joe Berchtold speaking.

- Hey, there, Joe.

How's tricks?

- Good morning, Mary Ann.

We have news.

Hello, Mrs. Berchtold.

Where's Bob?

He's in Wyoming.

- Why is he in Wyoming?

- A psychic told his uncle
that Jan might be there, so...

- Bob doesn't
believe in all that,

but he thought it
couldn't hurt to check.

- Well, we'll have to
proceed without him.

Joe Berchtold got a
call from his brother.

There's a dozen phone
lines at the dealership.

Berchtold must have known
that we couldn't tap them all.

All that Joe would say is
that Berchtold told him

Jan was safe.

Joe doesn't trust the FBI, so
I would like you, Mary Ann,

to call Joe and see
if you can't get him

to talk about his
conversation with his brother.

- You think that if he knew
how broken up we are about Jan,

he might help us more?

- I can help, too.

I know Joe.

- Joe? Mary Ann Broberg.

I've got Gail on
the other line here.

We heard Bob called.

- Uh, yeah, yeah. I already...

I already told the FBI about it.

- Could you tell us?

- He just said that Jan
was safe. That's all.

Look, I'm not looking to get
mixed up into any of this.

- Joe, did he say anything

about where he is, or...

if Jan misses us?

- Truth be told, I wish
he never called me, okay?

Look, I don't want any
trouble with the FBI,

but I'm real busy here.

I gotta go.

- Joe.

It's Gail.

Did Bob say anything

about leaving us money?

- Uh, no, nothing about
that either, Gail.

- It's just, I have
all these bills here.

And I could really
use some help.

- Sell the Maverick.

- I would, but the
thunderhead broke the window.

I could just about
wring his neck,

and that car has
no insurance, so...

- Yeah, that's a bum deal.

Hey, well,

how about you let me
know if there's any way

that you can think
of me helping you,

and we'll talk real soon.

Now, take care, Gail.

- Joe...


If you talk to him
again, I want you to

tell him how broken
up Jan's family is.

How her dad and me can't sleep.

We just stay up at night,
thinking about her,

wondering if we're ever
gonna get to see her again.

I know that you're a decent man,

and you'd do anything
that you could

to help us get her back.

So if there's anything
that your brother said

that could have
slipped your mind...

- Look, I... I really don't
want to get involved in this.

There was one thing, okay?

It all just sounded
crazy to me, but...

he's really worried about
those kidnapping charges,

so he said that the only
way that he would be able

to bring her back
without facing jailtime

is if you give him
your permission to...

To marry her.

- Absolutely not!

No way. That... that's sick.

- I'm as sick about
it as you are,

but if it's the only
way to get her back...

- He is not going to marry
our 12-year-old daughter.

He's already married

to you, Gail.

- No, no, no,

I'm not saying that we sh...

I just think if there's a way

to shock him back
into reality...

- Gail. Right now,
I think it's best

that you go tend to
your family at home.

- I should go check
on the boys, anyhow.

- You take care.

- Let me know.

- We are not letting
him marry our daughter.

- Of course not.

But you don't need
to worry about that

because Mary Ann did such
a bang-up job on that call.

- I did?
- You did.

The fact that Berchtold asked
his brother to rely a request,

it means he's going
to be calling back,

and when he does,

we've got a shot at
tracking his location.

- You want a cigarette?

- Quit a couple years back.

The smell makes me sick.

- So you guys gonna
be here all week?

- This is Joe
Berchtold speaking.

- Joe, it's me.

What'd the Broberg's say?

I'm sorry, who is this?

- It's me. It's Bob.
Who else would it be?

- I'm sorry, Bob, you're
sounding kind of different.

Where are you?

- What'd the Brobergs say, Joe?

- They said they were
interested in your offer.

- They said that? They
said "interested"?

- Uh, yeah, yeah.
They want to do it.

- You feel pretty good
they're not stalling

or nothing like that.
- Yeah, yeah.

They just... They need
some time, you know,

to figure out all the paperwork.

- Okay, good. Good, good, good.

Tell 'em the sooner, the better,

okay, for all of us.

Well, I should go.

- Hey, Bob, you didn't
say, how's Jan doing?

- How's Jan's doing?

The heck you talkin' about, Joe?

- I don't know, they asked
me to check in on her,

see how she was doing.

They're worried about her, Bob.

- Well, you just tell them

to worry about that paperwork.

Bye now, Joe.

- It's been real
rainy here, you know?

Are you getting a
lot of rain by you?

Joe, you know I'm not gonna
talk to you about my location.

'Cause I wouldn't wanna put
you in that kinda position.

- What kinda position is that?

- I just don't know
what I would do

if somebody got in
the way of my life

and the way I live it.

Even if that somebody was you.

- Are you... Are you
threatening me, Bob?

- You just take care, brother.

- How was that?

- Did we get him?

Bob, Mary Ann.

We tracked him to a hotel
in Mazatlán, Mexico.

And we're confident that Jan
is with him, very close by.

The Mexican authorities are
working to apprehend him now.

But, I have to warn you,

Jan, when she returns, she...

She may not be herself.

- What do you mean?

- It's possible that
she could be influenced

like Patty Hearst.

- Jan's no Patty Hearst.

- We need her birth certificate.

We'll send that
down by messenger

to the federales.
- I'll go get it.

I'll bring it with
us on the plane.

- Actually, we would
advise against you two

getting on a plane right now.

It could be dangerous.

And, heck, you don't
even speak the language.

Let's just let the Mexican
police handle this.

Mrs. Broberg, are
you all right?

- Jan's birth certificate
is gone. He took it.

I know it was him.

- It's all right.
It's all right.

We'll find some other
documentation to send out.

- Pete... Agent McDaniel,
we are very grateful

for everything
you've done for us,

but unless is it against the law

for us to book a
flight to Mexico,

we are booking a
flight to Mexico.

- B! B.

Wake up, hurry.
- What is it, Dolly?

- They're here. The people
from another planet.

- Shit.

Take me, not her.

What are they doing?

- It's okay.
- You're hurting him! Stop it!

Let him go! No, don't!
- Whatever happens,

it's the mission, remember
about the mission.

- We'll finish the mission!

Just leave him alone!

- It's okay.

No! Leave me alone!

Get off me!

- We'll finish the
mission, I promise.

- Where are they taking us?

It's okay.

- Dolly, it's okay.
Dolly, it's all right.

It's all right, Dolly.

- Please don't leave me.

- Don't touch her. Hey!

It's you and me. It's
you and me, Dolly.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay, Dolly.
It's you and me.


Dolly, can you hear me?

- Silencio.

- Okay.

- Sir? Officer?


- Hey.

Two minutes.

- Vamos.

- Hey.
- B!

- Hey.
- Are you okay?

Did they hurt you?
- Did you let

that man touch your arm?

- No.
- All right, good.

Do you remember what they said?

You are not to have any contact

with any man other than
your male companion.

All right?

And that goes for you
so-called father on Earth.

That's especially for Bob.

You gotta remember, okay?

You're different.
You're special.

All right, you're not
like the other kids.


Come here. Come over here.

Do you remember
how we talked about

at some point there
would come a time

where we would both be tested?

- Yes.

- That time has come.

- What's gonna happen?

What are we gonna do?

- Well, you don't want
them to make Karen blind,

and you don't want them to
send a new companion, do you?

- No.
- Okay.

- Okay, okay.

Then your dedication to
the mission cannot waver.

We don't have a lot of time.

So Zada spoke to me directly.

Said they are going to be
watching us all the time,

and they're gonna look
like regular people.

We're not gonna
know who they are.

And we need to follow
four important rules.

Okay, number one,

we can't tell anyone...
anyone about Zada or Zethra

or their people.

Do you understand?

Two, we cannot tell
anyone about the mission.


you can't say a word to anyone

about how the allergy
pills make you sleepy.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Four, you can't tell
anyone about the...

The baby stuff.


You understand?

Say it back to me.

- Don't... don't tell
about Zada and Zethra

or the mission.
- Mm-hmm.

- Or...
- The pills.

- The pills.
- And?

- And the baby.
- Good, yeah. Okay.

Okay, good.

This is it.

This is it, Dolly, okay?

You break any of those rules,

they're gonna punish
Karen and Susan

and your mother, too.

And I don't want that to happen.

Okay, 'cause I love them.

And I know I want you
to love them, too.

All right, you understand?

- All right.

I got you something.


- Just a second, please.
Just a second, please!


This is a reminder
of the mission

and a symbol of our bond
which makes everything okay.

I don't know what's
gonna happen to me,

but I'm gonna stay strong
for you, Dolly, okay?

And you stay strong for
me. You stay strong for me.

I'm gonna be with you always.
I'm gonna be with you always.

Okay? I'm gonna be
with you always.

- Please let me stay
with him, please.

- All right, I love you.
I love you. I love you.

And I always will!

I love you!

Are you okay?

- Where's B?

What's gonna happen to him?

- We need to focus on
getting you home, all right?

- Be right back.

- Why can't he come
with us, though?

- I know, I know. We can
talk about all of this.

- What is this?

- She's here!

- Karen! Sue!

- Jan!

- Muah.

- Hi.
- I missed you so much!

I'm so glad you're home.

- Oh, thanks for
watching them, Sis.

- We have to show you
something, come on.

She's home.

- She's home.

- Please protect Mom and Dad
and Karen and Susan and B.

And please bless me to be
able to complete the mission

I was born to do.

And save Zada and
Zethra's planet

and the dying children there.

In Jesus' name, amen.