A Friend of the Family (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Articles of Faith - full transcript

The Brobergs fight to restore normalcy as they prepare to face B. in court; Jan's anxiety about the mission snowballs with time; Mary Ann's questions about Mexico and growing disconnect with Bob lead her to a gut-wrenching decision.

Who wants to ring the bell?

Pleased to meet you, Jan.

I'm Bob.


You are unforgettable.

You remember that stuff
you did with the other boys?

Berchtold went
and took Jan horseback riding,

and they were supposed
to be back some time ago.

You have been chosen.

You will have special child

with male companion.

You have been chosen...

They said their names
were Zada and Zethra.

And what do they want?

The only way
that he would consider

bringing Jan back
is to marry her.

Peter Welsh, FBI.

We tracked him to a hotel
in Mazatlán, Mexico.

So Zada said they are going
to be watching us all the time.

They're gonna look like
regular people, okay?

This is a reminder
of the mission.



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They're gonna look like
regular people.

Mary Ann.

I'm so glad Jan
and Brother Berchtold

were found safe.

Oh, that's kind.

Everyone knew
he'd never hurt her.

The newspapers
are just ridiculous these days.

I just hope
they bring him home soon.

A manic depressive
does not belong in jail.

If only it were
all that simple.

Hi there, Jan.

Nice to meet you.

So... been watching anything fun
on television lately?

"I Dream of Jeannie."


Oh, yeah.

My girls love that too.

All right, looks good.

Healthy and normal.

Now I'm going to ask you
some questions about Mexico,

and there are no wrong answers,

but it's important
that you be honest, okay?

Now, did Mr. Berchtold
ever touch you,

touch your body
under your clothes or expose...


Is there anything you remember
or would like to tell me?


All right, well, I'd like
to move to the pelvic exam now.

Just lay back, please.

There you go.

So... how is she?

Nervous, but most girls
have the same worries.

After I finished, she asked me
if she seemed different.

I said, "Don't worry.

You're just like other girls
your age."

And... the exam?

Were there any... findings?

Medically speaking,
her hymen is intact

and, um,

my exam was consistent
with what Jan says.

There's no sign
of any sexual contact.

Are you sure?

Mrs. Broberg,
you can rest easy.

Your daughter is pure snow.

♪ Outer space Santa ♪

♪ Shining up the stars ♪

♪ Outer space helpers ♪

♪ Packing them in jars ♪

♪ Milky Way workshop ♪

♪ What a busy place ♪

Just what the doctor ordered?

♪ For kids in outer space ♪

♪ I dreamed I had ♪

Did you miss Tastee Treet?

♪ And grew,
I dreamed I was a pilot ♪

♪ I flew and flew and flew ♪


If there is... anything
that we ought to talk about,

we should.

Like what?

Like places
that you and B went

and what you did together
the whole time

that you were in Mex--

I don't wanna talk about
this anymore.

You promised
that we could move on.

We can.

We will.

I've been debating
whether or not to, uh...

To show you something.

It's a marriage certificate.

Fella at the embassy
says it's real.

Why did he ask
for her permission

if he could do this
on his own?

I don't understand.

Do you think he really just
did it so they could come back?

I should've shown this
to you earlier,

but I didn't want you
to get worked up

until I knew what was what.

Dr. Rush...

says Jan's okay.

One blessing is she doesn't
seem to know anything

about this marriage nonsense.

So now it's our job
to help her just--

Get back to normal.

Berchtold is coming back
to Pocatello.

He'll probably make bail

and be right back out
in the community,

at least until the hearing.

- Just like that?
- He should be locked up.

That's why
the hearing's crucial.

We need to show
we have a strong enough case

to go to trial.
- A strong enough case?

He married her.

Well, he paid two people

to go to some court in Mexico
and say that their names

are Jan Broberg
and Bob Berchtold.

It's not quite the same thing.

Now, look, the fact is,
there's a whole lot

that we don't know about
what happened in Mexico,

and we're in a tough spot
if Jan keeps saying

that he didn't do anything wrong.

Jan doesn't lie,
a-and Dr. Rush said

that he didn't lay a finger
on her.

Can't imagine the state of mind
he must've been in

to get those marriage papers.

Don't think about
his state of mind.

Think about yours and Jan's

when you face him in court.

We'll be ready.

And I hope I don't have
to remind you,

you do not talk
to the Berchtolds.

And you tell your girls
not to be friendly

with his boys either,
even at school.

You can be sure of that.

Mary Ann?

I understand.

* ♪

- Dear heavenly Father,

I ask thee to give me a sign
on what I'm supposed to do.

I know the people from another
planet are watching.

I'm being good
and following all the rules

and I'm making sure
not to touch

my earthly father Bob.

Please protect Karen
and Susan and Mom

and please keep B safe

and bless him
and all of the Berchtolds too.

I don't wanna be vaporized.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

♪ If we make it
through December ♪

♪ Everything's
gonna be all right, I know ♪

♪ It's the coldest time
of winter ♪

♪ And I shiver
when I see the falling snow ♪

♪ If we make it
through December ♪

♪ Got plans to be
in a warmer town ♪

♪ Come summertime ♪

♪ Maybe even California ♪

- Merry Christmas.
- You hear the latest?

Berchtold got out...
- * If we make it through ♪

♪ December, we'll be fine *
- Merry Christmas.

Coats up, girls.

It's real chilly.

Isn't it?

It's cold in here too.

It is. Is the heater out?


No, it's on.

- Bob?
- Yup?

Window's open.

Was it Santa Claus?

Do you think
someone broke in?

Don't move.

This is a reminder...

of the mission.

♪ As his fingers ♪

♪ Softly fall upon my face ♪

♪ He lights the flame
of desire ♪

♪ And love is the foundation ♪

♪ We lean on ♪


What are you doing here?

Can I speak to you?


I'm really sorry.

Bob sent me.

You'll wanna hear this.

How's Jan?

She's, uh, she's fine.

What's this about, Gail?

'Cause, um...
y-you shouldn't be here.

Well, I came over
f-for your sake.

See, I'm... we've got a lawyer

who's gonna fix
this whole mess.

She's been helping my family,
and she'll help yours

if you talk to her.

That doesn't make any sense, Gail.

Why would your lawyer help us?

You remember
Jennifer Ferguson, don't you?

I know Jennifer.

She's always been
a good customer.

Well, that's
who's helping me and Bob.

Jennifer thinks having
this whole mess

out in public would just be
the worst thing for everyone.

Think of the kids.

Think of Jan.

You don't wanna
put her through a trial.

I am thinking of Jan.

Your husband kidnapped her
and needs to pay.

End of discussion.

He's not the only one
who made an error of judgment.

You and Mary Ann
knew how sick he was.

But that didn't stop you

from letting Jan spend...

so much time with him.

You practically
threw Jan at him.

- We did what?
- With his therapy,

his tapes, you...
you allowed that.

And you know
what I'm talking about.

That's what he says.

And it's not just Jan.

What is that supposed
to mean?

Bob and I are very open
with each other.

And he told me...

What you did.

But Bob says
if you aren't willing

to work with Jennifer...

Then it will go out in public

that you are a sinful man

with unnatural desires.

And it would just be awful
if it did.

Give Jennifer a call.

What did Gail want?

She asked if we would meet
with their lawyer.

Jennifer Ferguson.

Oh, I-I like Jennifer.

Yeah, well, she...

She has a proposal

that would, uh...

Make trial go away.

Trial does sound like
it'll be awful,

especially for Jan.


She said
horrible things, Mary Ann.

She--she said horrible things
about me.

What did she say?

I'm sorry.

Whatever it is,

it'll be all right.

I-I-I made a...

terrible, terrible mistake,

but I am--
I'm going to repent...

And that's all you need
to know.

You're scaring me.

What do you mean, mistake?

Me and Bob Berchtold...

It's nothing, but...

If we go to trial,
they are gonna...

they're gonna say things
like-like I'm a...

Like I'm a homosexual or...


You... and B?

I don't understand.

There's nothing
to understand.


- What?
- 16.

Oh, yes, it is. 60 plus 16.

Can I sit here?

You want to?
Nobody else does.

Of course I want to.

I'm not supposed to
talk to you, but...

I think it's okay.

Aren't you hungry?
- Not really.

I'm not feeling well.

You can have mine if you want.

That's okay.
You might wanna eat it later.

Nobody really talks to me
at all pretty much

ever since I came back.



I think they told everybody
not to talk to you about it,

but they didn't let me
go to that assembly,

so I dunno.

What assembly?


There was a whole assembly.

They wouldn't let Jasper go
because they were talking

to all the kids about me and B.

Why did they have
to make such a big fuss

that now everybody
at school treats me weird?

Janny, I'm so sorry.

I hate to see you unhappy.

You said
things would be normal.

I heard
from Gail again today.

I was thinking about that.

Maybe we should go see
Jennifer Ferguson.

See what she has to say.

We could let her
do all the talking.

A trial would be bad for Jan.

We are only here
because you are a good member

of the community, Jennifer,
and we--

You've always been
a good customer for many years.

Well, thank you, Bob.

Ruthie was asking about Jan,
by the way.

She says hi.

- Aw, that's sweet.
- Mm-hmm.

So we understand
that you have a proposal,

uh, for us?
- Yeah, of course.

There's a way
to avoid a public trial.

It'll just require
some paperwork.

What way is that?

Uh, and what is this?

Affidavits for you
to look over and sign.

You know what an affidavit is, right?

Oh, it's just legal jargon
for a statement of truth.

If you sign these papers,
we can set the record straight

about what happened
before Mexico.

That's all I need from you
in order to settle things.

This says
that Robert Berchtold

had permission to take Jan.

That's not true.

I'm sorry, but the other way
is a long, drawn-out trial.

I thought you didn't want that.

But this is a lie.

A trial
will be your worst nightmare.

We'll have to make a case

that you're unfit parents
who endangered your children.

I know you don't wanna see
your girls get taken away.

No one can do that.

I've seen it happen.

And honestly, we have so much
we could say here...

like how Bob suffers from
being a homosexual, for one.

- I am not--
- Do you wanna swear in court

under oath
that nothing sexual happened

between you and Bob Berchtold?

How would you feel if everyone
in the ward knew what you did?

But what you're asking us
to say is just not true.

How do you know what's true,
Mary Ann?

You heard the doctors.
Even your daughter says it:

nothing bad happened in Mexico.

I mean, do you really want
to pull your family apart

over this?

Why don't you look over
these papers again?

Can I get you a coffee?

You don't drink coffee.

Uh, how 'bout some waters?

Yeah, I'll get you some waters.

What were you thinking?

Where's Allen Funt?

Am I on "Candid Camera"?
- Garth.

How could you sign
a statement like that?

You don't deal
with the criminal lawyer.

That's Mr. Pincock's job.

He's the prosecutor.

We were just trying
to do what's best for Jan

to put this all behind us.

What's best for Jan is to put
that man under the prison.

So there still
will be a trial?

If I have anything
to do with it,

but you shot our case
right in the foot.

I-I'm sorry.
We didn't know.

The hearing is next week.

You are going
to release statements

tomorrow morning to the press,

and you are gonna retract
what you said.

We are sorry
for the inconvenience,

and we will do that right away.


I hate to blow my stack,
but what's done is done.

Now we just need to present
the best case that we can.

There will be no jury
at the hearing.

You will each
give private testimony

before the judge.

And Mr. Berchtold, well,

he's entitled
to face his accuser

so he will be in the room,

which reminds me,
I'm gonna need

that marriage certificate
from you.

I-I sent that back to Mexico.

You did what?

To get it annulled.

You didn't send
the original document,

did you?

That's a key piece of evidence.

Please tell me
that you have copies.

Oh, Bob.

figure something out.

Mr. Pincock's office
will be in touch shortly

to prepare you for the hearing.

- Thank you, Pete.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you, Mr. Pincock.

They're decent people.

They're just naive.

I am a Mormon too,
Agent Welsh,

but I wouldn't let some guy
do whatever the heck he wanted

with my kid.

And what if that guy
is your brother?

Or your best friend?

I have other cases.

Dear heavenly Father,

I'm still waiting
on instructions

from Zada and Zethra
on the mission.

And also, please forgive me
for lying in court tomorrow

if they ask about the pills
and the baby.

Please don't let them guess
that I'm only part human.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

State your name.

Jan Broberg.

Do you swear
that the testimony you give

will be the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth?

I do.

Have a seat.

Hey, Jan.

Would you tell the court about
your relationship

with Mr. Berchtold?

You don't have
to look at him, Jan.

You can look at me.

What's your relationship
with Mr. Berchtold?

Um, he's a really good friend
of mine.


You knew Mr. Berchtold
was unwell, didn't you?

I knew
he had various therapies,

but I'm not a doctor.

Can you tell us more about
the therapy you knew of?

His psychologist
recommended it.

He played these tapes
from his clinic in California.

What tapes, Mrs. Broberg?

Oh, they were just about him
being on vacation with his wife

on a beach.

He was supposed to...

Lie beside Jan
and listen to them

when she was asleep.

And you allowed this?

His doctor prescribed it,

and he was never alone
with her.

I would walk in the room
to put things away,

and I never observed anything
unnatural going on.

He was on top of the sheets.

You never thought
there was anything weird

about this process?

Sure, I did.

I'd never heard of this type
of therapy,

but... there's a lot of things
that I've never heard of.

And I accept that we have
to listen to doctors.

And Mr. Berchtold was like
a part of our family,

and I wanted to help him.

I-I thought he needed our help.

So what do you believe now?

Because you don't really have
any idea what went on

in Mexico, do you?

what your daughter's told you.

I suppose... that's... true.

And what did she tell you?

That she and B
just went on a vacation

and nothing bad happened.

And the doctors
find no evidence

of anything inappropriate,
isn't that right?

- Objection.
- And the allergy pills

they tested were just
regular allergy pills.

- Objection!
- So isn't it possible

that it's just like
your daughter

and all the doctors
and experts say

and Mr. Berchtold
didn't do anything wrong?

Your Honor, objection!

Ms. Ferguson.


No more questions.

I told Mr. Berchtold that day

that he was not allowed
to take Jan.

I was adamant,
and he betrayed me completely.

And what exactly
was the nature

of your relationship
with my client?

Would you say
you both were close?

Our families spent
a fair amount of time together.

Just your families?

Or did you also spend
a lot of time one-on-one?

Now and again,
we would get together.

But I will never let
Bob Berchtold anywhere near me

or my family ever again.

Prior to Mexico, my client
describes your relationship

to him as very close.


He says he shared a lot
of private things with you.

Did you feel comfortable
being open with him?

That's all in the past.

you've signed affidavits

saying you gave him permission
to take Jan on a road trip,

and now
you're telling us the opposite.

So how can anyone
trust your word?

Well, the good news is,

the judge is granting us
a trial.

you cannot take the stand

in front of a jury
like you just did.

How do you mean?

You were okay, Bob.
Not perfect,

but at least
you came across like someone

who actually dislikes the man
who kidnapped his daughter.

No more surprises.

We cannot let your history
with this guy

jeopardize our case.

It really didn't help

that Jan denied
being kidnapped.

She's had
a difficult experience.

now that she's back home,

it's important to make sure

that she keeps her head
on straight

when it comes to Berchtold.

Can I go get some water?

Yeah. Just right around
the corner.




You did so good in there, Dolly.

So good.

You are the only person
who cares what happens to me.

And we can't forget
about the mission, all right?

I'm doing everything
they ask me to.

I-I promise.

Good. Good.

I am so scared
what they'll do to us

or our families
if we don't stick to the plan.

I don't think I could bear it

if anything happened
to my boys

or if they made Susan
take your place.

Could you?

I wish I knew if they were
happy with me or not.

Do you think
they're still watching?

Oh, I know they are.

I know they are.

In the meantime,

you just gotta remember
everything we talked about.

All right?
Especially stay away from Bob.

Don't ever let him touch you.

You understand?


What's wrong?

Are-are you feeling okay?

I think so. How come?

You're not sick?


Are you hearing any voices?

Jan, what's wrong?

I just want you to know,
I'll protect you.

From what?

We're different, Susan.

We're special.

Broberg residence.

What kind of parents
are you?

You let that creep walk away?

Did he kidnap her
or didn't he?



I need a walk.

Hello, Brobergs.

Mary Ann, don't hang up.
It's me.

You're not supposed
to call here.

No, I know. I just--

I needed to hear your voice.

You're the only one who cares
what happens to me.

You saved me this week
at the hearing.

- I'm going to hang up.
- Please don't. Please don't.

Oh, it just kills me.

It absolutely kills me
to think I hurt you.

Can you find it in your heart
to forgive me?

You'll never know
how hard that was...

What you put us all through.

What went on down there?

Nobody will be straight
with me.

Well, look,
I've moved to Ogden

'cause my brother Joe
is the only one

who'll give me a job.

I come back every weekend
so I can see Gail and the boys.

Even if you never
talk to me again,

just getting to see your face
at church...

that's all I need.

But if you want me to just
answer every question you have,

I'll tell you.

Go on then.


In person.

I need to see you.

I need to talk
to you face-to-face

so you can understand.

I can't.

Everything I did

was to be with you.


To get closer to you.

That's the truth,

and don't you forget it,
Mary Ann.

Dear heavenly Father,

I kneel before thee humbly

to beg for thy forgiveness
for my transgression.

This guilt is...

Too great.

I ask thee humbly, Lord,

to give me the strength...

to do what I know
has to be done.

I'm glad you found the strength

within yourself to come to us

and admit
to this transgression.

Obviously, this is a matter
of great concern.

After discussion and prayer,

we've concluded
that a formal probation

is not enough.

But we do feel,
as representatives of the Lord,

that because
this was a first offense,

and since sexual encounters
with Brother Berchtold

were not numerous,

and because you show
genuine remorse,

that excommunication
is not merited.

We think
that your actions do merit

you being disfellowshipped.

Now this, above all,
is a loving process

to bring you closer to God
and his plan for forgiveness

and happiness.

We love you, Bob.

And we are here for you
as your brothers

in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

all: Amen.

Uh, there's something
that I need to tell you girls.

This morning I saw the bishop,

and he thinks...

well, we both think

that maybe I shouldn't
take the sacrament

for a little while.

Isn't everyone supposed to?

I didn't know you saw him.

Yes, this morning.

I've been disfellowshipped.

So you just went and had
a conversation with him?

Well, I spoke with my brother
about it first.

But I've cleared it up,
and we're moving on.

What's disfellowship?

It means that I can't
partake in the sacrament

because I've made
some mistakes,

but I will again soon.

As long as I keep going
to church and be good,

I can take it again.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Heavenly Father, I'm very sorry

I touched my earthly father
Bob's arm at dinner.

It was just for a second
so please, please

don't let the people
from another planet hurt me

or let Susan take my place.

I don't want anyone else
to suffer because of me.

And please
don't let them hurt Karen

or any of the Berchtolds either.


Brothers and sisters,
before we begin,

I'd like to ask us all to pray
for Jasper Berchtold

and the Berchtold family.

Jasper has been taken
with a very sudden

and confounding illness

that the doctors
are still trying to diagnose.

So please,
do keep them in your thoughts.

I made Jasper
a get well basket,

and I wanna take it over.

I just need
to tell him I'm sorry.

you think it's your fault

that he got sick?

That doesn't make any sense.

You always say show charity
when people get sick.

You're not going over there.

We were told not to interact

with the Berchtolds, Mary Ann.

B won't even be there.

He has to go back to Ogden
for work.

He's probably halfway back
by now.

We're supposed
to cut off all contact

with the whole family.

Jasper and the other children
haven't done anything wrong,

and we have to decide
what's right for us, Bob.

Well, than this one's
an easy decision to make.

shouldn't be punished

for their parents' mistakes.

Well, come in.

I wasn't expecting you.

Jan made this for Jasper.

Oh, my goodness.

She truly does have
the biggest heart.

Jasper will be so touched.

I'll bring it to him.
I go back to the hospital

tomorrow morning.

- I'll leave you.
- No!


♪ And I know that someday ♪

The doctors say
it might be something

called "infectious neurosis."

He just woke up and...

Couldn't move his legs.

We had to lift him down
from the top bunk.

I mean,
thank heaven Bob was here.

He had driven up
the night before for church.

Oh, my goodness.

I'm so sorry for Jasper.

All I can think about
is what else I can do,

how I can make him well.

When our children
are in pain,

it's hard to think
of anything else.

I've missed talking to you.

I tried to make
your meat loaf recipe.

It wasn't the same.

Well, I'll make it for you.


Mary Ann, I have to tell you...

Bob just feels so bad.

This whole thing
has wrecked him.

- I can't talk about all that.
- He's desperate to apologize.

I--I've never seen him
like this.

But I know how badly he wants
to make things right with you.

I think I'm gonna go visit
my mother in Garland tomorrow.

I knew you'd come.

I can only stay a short time.

My mother's expecting me
for dinner.

Whatever you say, Mary Ann.

I want you to tell me
what went on down there.

The truth.

Why don't you come inside?

I know how cold you get.

Come on.

Here you go.
- No.

All right.

Ah, gosh.

You look so wonderful.

Oh, no.

Stop all that.

You're right, yeah.

You just have so much goodness
in you.

I'm here because
I need to understand.

Help me understand
what went on in Mexico.

And why you got
those marriage papers with...

with you and Jan.

Well, dang it, Mary Ann.
You know why.

It's because Bob
called the FBI.

We had to get married on paper,

'cause we both wanted
to come back.

Otherwise I'd spend
the next ten years

in a Mexican jail, fightin'
to get back to the States.

Is that true?

Hell yes it's true!

That's why I never even
told her about it.

I didn't want her to think
we'd actually gotten married.

That'd be a little weird.
Wouldn't it?

Mary Ann...

It's a piece of paper.

I just had to find a way
to get her back home to you

without getting locked up.

I'm still so upset.

I could just about kill you.

You know, Mary Ann,

you have ruined my life.

Ever since
I first laid eyes on you.

Oh, hell.

I may as well confess it.

You're the one I wanted
to run away with.

I love you.

And only you.

But you--you're--

you're just so damned devoted.

What about Gail and Bob?

Bob doesn't deserve you.

I feel bad for him,

for the burden he carries.

He's a homosexual, you know.
- No, he's not.

I know my husband.

Will you sit down?


You just make me nervous

standing here like you're gonna
up and go.

Let me make something hot
for you to sip on.

You know, every time

I saw her standing here cooking...

I imagined it was you.

Everything she did,

it just reminded me how much
I wanted to be with you.

It opened up
something inside me, Mary Ann,

about the way I felt

and the way I feel for you.

I can't lose you again.

I can't.

Do you remember Henry's Lake?

Two summers ago,
you'd hop up on those skis

and then you'd be like
a princess on the water?

You were my star.

I wish I knew
where all the time went.

Oh, I know. I know.

We can't put back
all the pieces.

I always think of you
when I hear this song.

It's one
of my favorite tunes.

♪ If I could make a wish ♪

♪ I think I'd pass ♪

Where's my sweet Mary Ann

Wouldn't this be
the perfect life?

You and the girls
could move down here,

and we'd be our own family.

Have a life full of vacations,

sunshine, laughter, and love.

♪ Nothing to eat... ♪

We're all gonna live
like this.


♪ Making love with you... ♪


I have to get back.

Don't follow me.

♪ What more could I ask? ♪

♪ There's nothing... ♪

Bob does not
really appreciate

the miracle of what he has.

♪ Peace came upon me ♪

♪ And it leaves me weak ♪

♪ So sleep, silent angel ♪

♪ Go to sleep ♪

♪ Sometimes ♪

♪ All I need is the air
that I breathe ♪

♪ And to love you ♪

♪ All I need is the air
that I breathe ♪

♪ Yes, to love you ♪

♪ I need is the air that I ♪

♪ Breathe ♪

♪ Peace came upon me
and it ♪

♪ Leaves me weak ♪

♪ So sleep ♪

♪ Silent angel ♪

♪ Go to sleep ♪