A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 20 - Great X-Pectations - full transcript

Terrell is expelled after he starts carrying a gun to class, but he and Dwayne attempt to convince the Dean to give him one more chance.

Do you know why you're going
to be punished, Dashawn?

Yes, ma'am.

We do not disassemble our desks

or the desks of other pupils.

Desks cost the school big money.

Do you have big money?


Then don't do this again.

Do you want the school
to sue you?

You don't want a
team of lawyers and
policemen coming in

and confiscating
your Barbie dolls

and your Suzie bake oven,
do you?

No, ma'am.


So we understand each other.

You're dismissed.

You just have to know
how to handle these kids.

£ ooh £

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ come what may £

£ I realize that I'm ready £

£ I'm ready £

£ 'cause I finally
heard them say £

£ I heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, now,
here's our chance to make it £

£ here's our chance £

£ if we focus on our goal £

£ focus on our goal £

£ if you dish it,
we can take it £

£ we can take it £

£ just remember
that you've been told £

£ that it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from,
yeah. £

we don't need Dashawn's help.

This used to be my desk.

I'm sorry about that.

My daughter's been doing that

the school is
falling apart as it is.

Since she was four.

Taking stuff apart

putting it back together
all strange.

Turn on the light switch,
toilet flushes.

I just don't know
what to do with her.

She's not a bad child.

It's just that she's...

She's a bit of a tomboy.

It's just that ever since
her mother passed away

she doesn't get
much female influence.

The only time
she even sees a grown woman

is when she's in your class.

She talks about you
all the time.

No, I don't.

I respect the way

you're putting
extra time in with her.

A lot of teachers
wouldn't do that.

Well, I'm far more
than just a teacher

and these children
are not just students to me.

They are little points of light.

Of course, some are dimmer

than others.

But I would do anything
for them...

Absolutely anything.

Miss Gilbert-Wayne

I think we know each other
pretty well.

Well, you been in here 27 times.

I'm in a bind.

I need your help.

Well, don't edit yourself.

I'd do anything.

I have a job interview

in Washington, D.C.
this weekend.

It's a big opportunity for us

and I don't have any place

for Dashawn to stay.

Well, uh, Mr. Curtis...

Call me Otis.

Otis Curtis.

Um, have you no close
relatives in hillmantown?

No, we move too much.

Friends? Church members?

I wouldn't mind
staying with you.

Isn't that sweet?

Thank you so much.

You're such a good person.

Help free political prisoners.

Come to the benefit
for amnesty international.

I just love amnesty's products.


Don't they make
that lemon carpet cleaner?

That's amway, Gina.

Oh, amnesty, amway...

How goes it,
my little black pantheress?

These are the most
apathetic people

in the whole world.

I been for here three hours.

I got three signatures,
including yours and mine.

You can scratch my name off.

Ron, this is
a very important cause.

Well, I don't mean
any offense, baby

but so what?!

You got to give the people
what they want.


All these people
want to do is tune out

and forget the world's problems.

It's called having fun.

How about we have
a rump-shaker contest?

Now that's a good idea,
'cause they love shaking.

That could work.

We can have it at the club.

I am joking.

I'm not.

That's disgusting.

Plus, it will never work.

Oh, really?

Say, brothers and sisters

the place where
the blues will be played

is proud to announce

its first annual
amnesty international

rump-shaker marathon.

Now, it's going to be
$20 a couple

and there will be
a $1,000 cash prize

to the winner.

Where are we going
to get $1,000?

Trust me, baby.

I'll find a corporate sponsor.

Lena, would you spend
all those hours

on the dance floor with me?

I'll take what I can get.

Sign here, Lena.

You know, it warms
the vestibules of my heart

to know we're doing our part
to protect human rights

all over the world.


$500... I could buy my books
for next semester.

Yeah, and pencils too!

Girl, get a life.

Sign me up for the dance contest

and a new leather suit.

You have to have
a partner, Terrell.


Gina what?

You want me to go with you,
my little freshman?

Let me think about it.


Little boy, please...
I need a man.

Fine, fine.

Go on with your big
clown feet, bozette.

Now, uh, Charmaine,
I know you love money

more than you hate me.

You right.

Sign us up
as the winning couple.

Now what's up
with that kool-aid smile?

My man, what makes you two think

you're going to win?

It's going to be me and Lena.

After all, she ran track
and I play ball.


Well, so, naturally,
we tend to excel

at all things physical.

Choirboy, I can think
of one thing physical

you two definitely
ain't excelling at.

Yeah, but see, brother,
I'm a Christian.

Now, what's your excuse?

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Dashawn, use your little fork.

Get those elbows
off the table, please.

There's your salad fork.

This big one picks up
my salad better.

Besides, I could stick
a whole hunk of lettuce on it.

You're not supposed
to be sticking

a whole hunk of anything
on your fork.

You're supposed to take
little, bitty bites...

Like this.

You look like a rabbit.

Baby, that was a great dinner

but I'm late.

I got to go give Ron

his weekly basketball lesson.

You playing ball?

Can I come?

We're going to do girls' things.

It will be fun, Dashawn.

You can make finger sandwiches.

Look, Dashawn,
we can have a girl's talk.

Your daddy told me
that you haven't discussed

the birds and the bees yet.

We can talk about that
if you'd like.

All right.

What you want to know?

I thought you was
going to ask me questions.

Girl, I'm in the sixth grade.

That's fourth grade stuff.

So, let's move on
to the social graces.

As a young child, I was
fortunate enough to attend

the little missy charm school
in Richmond, Virginia.

The first lesson of the day
was always... to curtsy.

What I need to learn that for?

The curtsy is a polite way
of showing respect.

You never know when
you'll see royalty.

Next time Princess di

comes to the wayland street

I'll give you a call.

Where are you going?

To the court
to watch some hoops.

Watch that attitude.

I got your daddy's phone number,
and I will use it.

You'll get the worst
tongue-lashing of your life.

Go ahead. Ain't nobody
stopping you.

Otis Curtis.


You little bad seed!

Hold up, miss i-need-a-man.

Now, ain't he a freshman?

I was talking to myself.

I said,
"miss Gina?" "Huh?"

"You need a man to keep up
with you"

and, so, there it is.

Couldn't find any upperclassmen?

Girl, couldn't even
give it away.

Brothers and sisters

welcome to the first annual

amnesty international
dance marathon.

Okay, okay, dig it.

Listen, I don't want
to bring everybody down

get too heavy, okay

but as far as human rights go

the state of the world
couldn't be worse...

Fascism, degradation, torture...

And a $1,000 cash prize,

For every hour you dance,
you get a five-minute break.

If you stop dancing,
you're out of there.

Lights out, buddy. It's over.

The last couple left standing
is the winner!

All right, couples.

Get on your marks.

Get set.


Baby, this is an incredible
thing you're doing.

You know that.

Donating all this money
to amnesty.

All what money?

The proceeds from the contest.

No, you get your 25%.

Excuse me. 25%?

Yes. That's my final offer.

Do you know what you are?

I am a capitalist.

If you want

we can call the whole thing off

but 25% of nothing

is a lot less
than 25% of something.

All right. 30%.

35, Ron. I mean it.

What are you doing? Dang!

As my friend snagglepuss
would say...

"heavens to murgatroid!

I get to dance in the arms
of a junior, even."

Come on, snagglepuss.

Lena, that's all right
for a b-more girl

but I'm from n.Y.C.

We do a little something
like this.

Lena, we need to conserve
our energies.

Tired already, flash Jordan?

You ain't all that.


Lena, that move you was doing?

You weren't putting
enough energy into it.

It goes like this.

Brother, I think not.

Oh, like that?

You can't dance, uh-huh.

When I get out of prison
I'll show Riddick bowe
what a real man is.

Does the word "listerine"
mean anything to you?

Ah, ah, ah, you two
stopped dancing. Out!

Thank the lord.

All right, all right.

Make way for the new d.J.,
grandmaster gaines

and I got chilly on the Mike.

We had a pleasant afternoon

and we'll have
a pleasant evening.

Can you get
the pigs-in-a-blanket

out of the oven.

See, girls' day can be fun.

I used to cook with my mama.

She was pretty...

Like you.

You're a pretty
little thing yourself

especially in that new dress.

No, I'm not.

Besides, look at me.

I look stupid.

You do not.

You look like
a genteel young lady

who's very grateful
to her teacher

for dropping $48

at the ribbons and bows shoppe.

Now, let's go out there
and have a good time.

I ain't going like this.

Come on. They'll love you.

Trust me.

I want to see your bid.

Presenting Dashawn Curtis.


Oh, I'm sorry.

Look at the shoes.

Dashawn, you look beautiful.

Are you comfortable?

Do I look comfortable?

Dashawn, I'd like for you
to meet Kimberly Reese

and Spencer boyer.

They're medical students.

Hello, sir, ma'am.

Don't call me ma'am.

It makes me feel so old.

But you are old.

Let's just dig in, everyone.

Ms. Gilbert-Wayne,
some classical music

would go great
with this lovely dinner.


What a wonderful suggestion.

Only a limited quantity
left of the zirconium unicorn...

That was weird,
'cause I turned that on, and...

£ hey! Ho! Hey... £

I know what's going on,
you little prankster.

How do I turn it off,
by ringing the doorbell?

Actually, yeah.

"Actually, yeah."

The next thing I want to hear
is an apology.

I'm sorry.

Well, you should be.

Calm down, whitley.

You got to admit it was funny.

I'll go get us drinks.

Wait a minute.

How did you do this?

Not how. Why?

The blender attacked me.

I'll clean you up.

You stay there,
you little MacGyver...

And say your prayers.

That's some mighty complicated
electrical tinker-and-tankering.

I've seen my dad do that stuff;
It's easy.

You can fix all this?

Take me ten minutes.

You get the lower body
I'll get her upper body.

She's just a little girl.

An evil little girl.

This is not how you deal
with a child.

You're right.

There's a bush out front.

I'll get a switch
and whip her butt.


Go down to Barney's

and get us some ice cream.

Everything will be fine.

We'll fix it.

I could use some fresh air.

I don't like Barney's ice cream.

Isn't that a coincidence?

I wasn't going to get you any.

That's right.

Try this one.

Mon, you know,
she's four for four.

I can't believe it.

What's going on?

Whitley, Dashawn is amazing.

She's doing calculus problems.

No wonder she's bored
in this remedial class.

She needs to be
in a gifted class.

Oh, really?


That problem's
not that difficult.

All you have to do
is multiply the...

What's that little number
in the corner called

next to the big number?

It's an exponent,
Ms. Gilbert-Wayne

and if you need
a tutor, i'm

for about $5 an hour.

All right,
we're in our 15th hour.

You get a five-minute break.

Five minutes.

Ron, please, I'm broke.

I have one dollar.

I'm thirsty. Hook me up.

Normally, I wouldn't do this,
but what the heck?

Thanks, man.

Hey, a dollar only
gets you a sip, man.

Wait, I have a five, man.

In that case

you can have the whole can.


What you doing with that money?

You asked for it.

Oh, no. You been dancing
too long.

These drinks are donated.


I paid $8.50
for this shot glass.

Ron, what is going on here?!

Supply and demand...
They have a need.

And you have the greed.

If it wasn't
for my so-called greed

you and your cause
would be nowhere.

What's wrong
with healing the world

and making cash money
on the side?

Why am I with him?

Looks like you're running
out of gas, homie.

You're the one

sucking down them sodas.

Why don't you put them cans

in the bags under Lena's eyes.

Three couples left,
dancing for justice.

Two couples left,
dancing for justice.

Dorian, I feel like
I'm about to fall out.

Lena, come on, Lena, Lena...

Push, baby, push.

I'm not pregnant.

I'm just sleepy, all right?

Listen to me...
We're in it to win it.

Wake up! Come on.

Charmaine, what's your problem?

I got to go to the bathroom.

Did I ever tell you
my favorite Bible story?

It's Noah and ark.

Did you know that?

It rained for 40 days
and for 40 nights.

Water, water everywhere

and not a drop to drink.

Oh, but, Charmaine

you drank yours already,
didn't you?

Come on, Charmaine, hold on.

I got to go to the bathroom!

Think about your books.

Think of Niagara Falls.

I got to go!

All right, we have a winner!

Lena James and Dorian Heywood.


Here you go, Dorian.

Come on up here

and say a few words.

It's getting late.

Thank you, Freddie.

Well, I'd like
to say that, one...

This is not just
about me and Lena

winning this $1,000 cash prize.

Two, this is not about

getting our picture
in the school paper.

You see, this is about

me beating Terrell

who doesn't know
when to shut up.

Now, I just got
one thing to say:

I'm up here,
and you're down there.

How you like me now?

Is that what
this is about to you?


Slamming your friend?

Some pocket money for your club?

A $1,000 prize?


Freddie, this is just a contest.

Yeah, baby, and 35%
of the profits...

Let me clue you in
to a little reality...

No, Ron, let me clue you in
to a little reality, okay?

A brother named Geronimo Pratt

has been in prison
20 years for a crime

that a lot of people
don't think he committed.

He can't go up for an appeal

because he was a black panther.

And I feel sorry
for the brother.

You can't just feel sorry.

This is a world where students
get burned to death

for participating
in demonstrations.

This is why I had this marathon.

We could end up
in some jail cell

because we express
the wrong opinion

but you don't have to worry, Ron

because you don't have
an opinion.

You don't care about anything.

Freddie, I want to give
my check to amnesty.

I think they need it
more than I do.

Oh, Dorian...

Thank you, thank you.

I'm glad that someone
was listening.

Good luck.

And Freddie, listen...
I hear you.

I'm a little short on this
"we are the world" tip.

Excuse me for trying
to get my act together.

I'm trying to show I care
in my own little sort of way.

How, Ron?

By selling donated drinks
at five bucks a pop?

Okay, I was wrong. I'm sorry.

But you can have
that money, okay?

It's not about the money.

Freddie, I'm not like you.

I don't sit there and cry

every time I read a newspaper

but I care about things,
and I care about you.

More than this 45%
you're going to give up?

45? We said 35%...

How much?

Well, what you said.

Well, that's a start.

Still love me?


Mmm, baby.


Hey, yeah.

Yeah. Did we win?

Yeah, we won.

Listen, Lena?

I gave all of our money
to amnesty.

Oh... you did what?

Lena, go back to sleep.

No, uh-uh.

Put me down!

Control yourself.

Your daddy should be here
any moment, if we're lucky.

Here's a little something
for you.

I don't use that scent anymore.

Thank you.

You got everything?

You packed the dress
I bought you?

Yes, ma'am.

You realize we have
the whole rest of the year

to work on our conduct problem.

I guess so.

Hi, daddy.

Hey, baby.

Mr. Curtis.

Did you behave yourself?


Somebody lying.

How did your interview go?

It went great, great...
Got my fingers crossed.

We need another meeting
about Dashawn.

Dashawn, can't you act right
in people's house?

This isn't a bad meeting.

Mr. Curtis?

Last night, Dashawn was working

on college-level math problems.

You have a very gifted child.

I always knew she was smart.

We move around so much

she's never in one school
long enough to get adjusted.

Try telling a principal
your daughter's a genius

when she's getting d's.

Just everybody thought
she was a troublemaker.

I can understand that.

I don't know how to thank you.

Take your child home.

I'm going to see you

bright and early
on Monday, Dashawn.

It was quite an eventful,
adventurous week.

Bye, Mr. Wayne.
Bye, Dashawn.

Ms. Gilbert-Wayne.