A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 19 - Dancing Machines - full transcript

Whitley spends time with one of her students. Ron and Freddie throw a dance marathon in their new club.

What did I say
about coming in late?

It was inconsiderate
and disruptive

to the rest of the class.

Thank you, Charmaine.

This fly hottie stopped me

and asked for my digits.

That's more important
than getting

to my class on time?


Next time
that door will be locked.

It's not like
I ever miss anything.

I'm teaching you about
respect and responsibility.

I appreciate it,
but I'm just here to get an "a."

You can solve this equation?

I was doing tougher problems
in diapers.

And that was just last week.

And your mama's still
begging to nurse me.

What did I just tell you
about respect, Terrell?

We don't talk
about people's mothers in here.

How would you feel if I said

your mama got so much hair
under her arm

look like she got
buckwheat in a headlock?

That would be pretty good,
Mr. Wayne

but if you did,
I wouldn't sweat it

'cause I'd just say
your mama's so dumb

she thought a quarterback

was her tax refund.

£ ooh £

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ come what may £

£ I realize that I'm ready £

£ I'm ready £

£ 'cause I finally
heard them say £

£ I heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, now,
here's our chance to make it £

£ here's our chance £

£ if we focus on our goal £

£ focus on our goal £

£ if you dish it,
we can take it £

£ we can take it £

£ just remember
that you've been told £

£ that it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from,
yeah. £

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How many times is he going
to have to write that?


'Cause my dis was
50 times funnier than his.

Keep talking,
you'll be writing an essay.

This ain't third grade.

You act like that,
that's how it will be.

I always wanted to say that.

What's your plans for summer?

Being that money is tight

whitley and I got
a bunch of travel brochures.

Once a week, we're going
to pick a different one

and go on a mental
vacation together.

That's pathetic.

Look, I thought
you were applying

for that summer management
position at kineshewa.

Everybody and their mama

probably sent in applications.

They don't have
your qualifications.

Careful. He's touchy
about mamas.


Touch the board.

I thought about it

and I'm tired of being broke

and I know it's killing whitley.

But I think I'd be too tempted

to roll with this job

instead of coming back here.

I love watching
the young bucks come up.

What is it now, Terrell?

I'm touched.

Touch the board.


You wouldn't believe
what happened today.

I assigned my students

to write about their
favorite role model

and little iesha wrote about me.

Of course, it's because
she said I'm not embarrassed

to wear the same blouse to work
every single day of the week.

What's wrong, pookie?

Colonel Taylor thinks
I should apply

for this stupid job
over at kineshewa.

What stupid job?

A managerial position
in research and development.

I would be overseeing
the creation

of computer games,
educational programs...

That is perfect for you.

Go for it.

I don't know if I'm qualified.

You got a 3.8
grade point average.

How many people do you know
that have a full class load

a full-time job,
take care of a woman like me

and still keep up
a 3.8 grade point average?

There's no space for that
on the application, baby.

Put on that application that
you are a brilliant engineer.

Put on that application
that you're my Dwayne Wayne.

Okay, that's what I'll put.

They're lucky to have you
as a manager, okay?

Just as lucky as I am
to have you as a husband.

That job belongs to you, Dwayne.

I believe in you.

It means we will spend
our summer in Japan.

I could make that sacrifice.

Did I ever tell you

how sexy you are
when you're supportive?

I'm even sexier in a kimono.

Write it down for me.

"Dwayne Wayne."

Hey, colonel.

How you doing, colonel?

You going to need
a house sitter this summer

to feed the plants
and water the dog.

Other way around, Ron.

Hold it, hold it.

I don't have this job yet.

One look at your credentials,
and you in like Flynn.

I got to interview
with the vice president.

If you want to stand out,
invite him over for dinner.

Why would the vice president
want to come to my house?

That shows initiative.

That's a great idea.

Call him, pookie.

What, from here?

Right. "Mr. Yoshida!"

No. Use the pay phone.

He's so silly.

You talked me into it.

Brilliant engineer doesn't
know how to use the phone.

I love him, but sometimes,
I'm telling you...

Hi. My name is Dwayne Wayne.

I applied for...

Yeah, that's me.

They know him.

Is Mr. Yoshida there?

Can I speak to him?

Thank you.

They're putting him through.

Mr. Yoshida, yes.

Hi. Dwayne Wayne.

Really? Thank you.

We're scheduled
for an interview Thursday.

Would you like
to come by my house...

You're busy Thursday.

He's busy on Thursday.


What is it, Kim?

Shut up!

You're free tomorrow. Great.

Well, your secretary
has my address.

Okay, sir. Bye-bye.

Well, he said

he heard a lot about me
and he knows who I am

and he's looking forward
to dinner.

It will be the best dinner
this man has ever had.

I'm going to plan the menu
and spruce up the house

but first, I need to buy me
a new dress.

Thanks for the support, baby.

Whoo! My girl.

Go, baby, go, baby, go.


You look beautiful

but don't you think
this is a little too much?

Of course not.

It's traditional.

If you were Japanese.

You're entertaining
a Japanese businessman.

You should make him
feel at home.

I don't want to offend him.

I'm not going to offend him.

You know how it is over there.

You lived there for,
what, four months?

You were with that girl
keekacoocoo for two months.

It's kinu, baby.


You don't hear me

calling Byron "Benji."

Besides, she didn't get me...
You did.

Let's get back
to the matters at hand.

My mother has taught me

how to have
a beautiful dinner party

and I studied all afternoon
to be a Japanese hostess.

Hold on.

Why should you never
stand your chopsticks

in your rice?

'Cause it's an insult.

Very good, smarty-pants.

What do you do

when Mr. Yoshida
hugs you good-bye?

He won't hug me
because Japanese people

don't like public displays
of affection.

That means no groping me
during dinner.

I'll try and refrain.

Oh, arigato.

Do itashimashte.

My girl!

Baby, I really do want this.

I know, pookie.

I hate saying it
because that means

I have to come through.

You will come through.

You'll get this job.

I believe in you.


What did I tell you
about being supportive?

Dwayne, not now.

We got 20 minutes.

You're just nervous.

Yes, I'm nervous.
I'm that too.

You're nasty too.

It took me two hours
to get into this thing.

Oh, no.

Come on, baby.

This is no way
to start an interview.

He's going to love me.

The wife's supposed
to open the door.

That's right, that's right.


What brings you here?

Mr. Yoshida sends his regrets.

He couldn't make it.

I'm taking his place.

You're working
with Mr. Yoshida.

Come on in.

Did I come at a bad time?

Hey! Whoa!

Hey, ho...

We're very happy
to see you again, kinu.

I heard you two got married.

Yeah, we're married.

Hello, Dwayne.

Happy, happy, happy.


Thank you.

Can I get you
something to drink?

Ginger ale, please.

Coming righty up.

Thank you.

It's been a long time.

It sure has.

I know this is a job interview

but don't I get a hug?

Come here, girl.

Of course you do.

Oh, how have you been?

Here's a little something
to cool you down, kiki.

Thank you.
How charming of you

to wear a traditional
Japanese kimono

in honor of this interview.

You look absolutely adorable.

Danke schon.

Would you like to take a seat

before the Sushi gets cold?

Kinu. Dwayne,
in the center, please.

Everything looks so good.

I don't know where to begin.

Why don't we begin
at the beginning.

What strange twist of fate

has brought you with us
tonight, miss kinu?

After graduating from Avery,
I took a job

at the international division
of kineshewa.

I heard
you were doing really well.

Yeah, I kind of scurried up
that corporate ladder.

Anyway, now I'm working
for Mr. Yoshida

which is, of course,
why I'm here.

So... my Dwayne will be working
with you?

Oh, no. I'm being transferred
to New York.

Lovely town. They are lucky
to have you. Eel?

Oh, no. Thank you.

Anyway, rumor has it

you're a big-time corporate
art buyer for e.H. Wright.

We're both on the fast track.

Whitney's a teacher now.

Oh, really?

I heard there was a shortage.

She's doing fantastic work
with these kids.

Let me freshen your rice bowl.

Let me help you, babe.

Could you bring me
another chopstick?


There's a shortage, huh?

There will be a shortage
of teeth in her face

if you keep saying that.

I know this is hard on you.

Don't state the obvious!

This is hard on me too

but we got to be professional.

I'll be there for you
through the green tea ice cream.

After that,
I can't make no promises.

Who in Hades
does she think she is

drilling you like that?!

She was interviewing me.

I know you think it went well

but to me, it is obvious
she's still very upset

over your breakup with her.

She's not that petty.

She's a woman.

She's that petty.

I'm not going out like that.

I'm the right man for this.

I'll go to that office
tomorrow, get that job

come home to a slamming
congratulations party

and I'll freak my wife.

That's what I'll do.

Okay. Just be sure
you invite miss kinu

'cause I want her to see that.

Excuse me.

Hey. Come on in.

How you doing?


Before we get started

I just want to apologize...

Oh, no, I need to apologize.

I know I showed up
without warning

but I couldn't resist.

It was very unprofessional
of me.

I hope you can both forgive me.

It's forgotten.

Thank you.



I also want to apologize

about how I left things
when we broke up.

Oh, Dwayne,
that's long forgotten.

Okay. Good.

Now that we're past that

let me say I've worked
for kineshewa for three years.

I'm one of hillman's top
graduate engineering students.

I have the drive and the vision

to push kineshewa
into the future.

We know I'm the perfect man
for this job.

I'm sorry, Dwayne,
but, um... you're not.

Excuse me?

Dwayne, you are a great engineer

but Mr. Yoshida hired
someone else this morning.

Two years ago

they were begging me
to work for them.

Now there's a greater pool
of qualified engineers.

I'm really sorry.

I fought for you.

So this has nothing to do
with the fact

that I chose whitley
over you, right?

Dwayne, the man
we chose has a 4.0.

What's your g.P.A.?

The man we chose
speaks fluent Japanese.

He's also in the top
five percent of his class

he's spent the last
three summers working for us

and he's designed a new program

that we are implementing.

And just for the record, Dwayne

I am very happily married.

When do the real snacks arrive?

When you leave.

You could have
at least kicked down

on some no-name dip.

Over by the mirror.

Hey, y'all call this
a party or what?

How did it go?

Just like I expected.

I knew it, I knew it.

Let's get this party started.

Hey, congratulations, partner.

Now you can buy some furniture
for this shabby crib.

I'm tired of getting splinters
in my butt.

When do I get to pack
all the clothes I'll buy?

You don't, baby.

I didn't get the job.

You didn't get the job?

What's the matter?

What's happening with the music?

It's that kikookala.

No, no, whitley.

Some other guy
was more qualified.

More qualified?
She was jealous.

Nah, it was the vindictive
wrath of a woman scorned.

No. He was just better
than me.

The same thing happened
to me with med schools.

It's all right.

It was my fault.

I told you to have dinner
with him.

Can't argue with that, colonel.

Don't worry about it.

What is this... a pity party?

We're having a party.

Come on, turn the music back on.

Grab some raisins.
Come on.

Hey! Ho! Hey!

We really have
a lot of studying to do

so we're going to go.

I'm really sorry.

Bossman, better luck
next time, hear?

But don't forget...
Patient man ride donkey, see?

Look, uh, Dwayne,
Dwayne... um...

It's all right.

No. I'm going to leave.

I feel terrible.

If there's anything I can do

maybe a phone call or something.

It's their loss, partner.

If you need me,
and you need to talk

you know where to find me.

It's really no big deal.

Ron, put the raisins back.

And the olives.

And the peanuts.

You ever heard
of a grocery store?

Cheap and stingy.

We was going.

I told him we was...
Come on, yo.

We didn't know.

I'm so sorry, Dwayne.

I know how much
you wanted that job.

It's no big deal, baby.

So what exactly happened?

Nothing really happened.

Now that we got the house
to ourselves and this new dress

what do you say we start
that party?

Did she tell you why
they didn't hire you?

It's not important.

Come on, now.

You going to make me fly solo?


Whitley, just drop it!

I said nothing happened.

Sorry. It's this little
pesky cold I got.

I was on my way to school

when I saw this baby bird
on the sidewalk.

He had no wings, so I said
I got superglue...


Damn. That was too easy.

Say, we go from hillman
to Richmond

and it's approximately 50 miles.

If it takes us one hour
from time t=0 to time t=1

you can apply Newton's method...

Excuse me, Mr. Wayne.

You're the professor,
but that ain't right.

What's not right, Terrell?

You apply
the mean value theorem.

You're right.

I'm sorry. So we, uh...

We apply the...

Why don't we take the rest
of the day off.

Excuse me, Mr. Wayne.

We're only 25 minutes
into the class

and my expensive tuition says
I get a full 55.


I thought you had a late class.

I didn't want to miss
the end of the cartoons.

How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?

Feel like talking?

Yeah, I'm talking.

I'm fine, baby.

About the job.

I didn't get the job...
End of story.

But we know why you didn't.

Why don't we just drop it.

Just drop it, okay?

Are you following me?

We know why you didn't
get the job.

She's still angry.

She's taking her revenge
out on me through you.

What do you want from me?

I want you to talk to me.

You're not listening.

It wasn't about you.

It wasn't about her.

It was about me.

They got a new guy...

Some kid with a 4.0 g.P.A.
Who speaks fluent Japanese.

They're using programs
he implemented.

I wasn't good enough, baby.

And I can't take you to Japan
for the summer

buy you a new couch,
and new clothes.

I can't, I can't, I can't,
I just can't.

I don't care...

That much.

I do, sweetie.

If I got to look at you

in this pink blouse
one more time

I'll kill somebody.

So Dwayne,
you just didn't get this job.

I always get the job.

I always come through.

I've always been the best.

Lately, I feel like...
Like I'm slipping.

Like I'm losing.

I just want to give you
what you deserve.

I have what I want, Dwayne.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Look at the year
that you've had.

Now, I know i'm-I'm petite

but... you can lean
on me.

You're not that petite, baby.

I got a big heart.

And a big butt.

Oh, oh...

Don't talk about it.

Stop! That's mine.

I'll talk about it.


I'm sorry.

I believe in you, Dwayne.



Say it again.

The "believe" part,
or "always" part?

The "believe in me" part.

I believe in you.

Say it again.

I believe in you.

Kiss me.

Say it again.

I believe in you.

Say it again.

I believe in you.

Say it again.

I believe in you.

Oh, I love you.

All right, animals, listen up.

The minima and maxima

are always located
at the critical points

and are denoted

by "f" of... Terrell!

How you doing, Mr. Wayne?

I'm doing fine.

Can I rap with you for a second?

Yeah, sure.

You did a really good job...

Hey, teacher's pet.
My man.

You did a really good job...

Thank you. I'm glad
to see you back too.

Speaking of which,
what did I tell you

what happened the next time

you came into my class late?

You said a lot of things.

Let me remind you... I said
the door would be locked.

No, no! See, I remember...

I remember...

Think about it.

I get your point, Mr. Wayne.

Come on, I got a test
today, Mr. Wayne.

This ain't right, Mr. Wayne.

Mr. Wayne, Mr. Wayne,
I got French... Mr. Wayne!

I gave you an apple.
Come on!

Gina, please.

Mr. Wayne, open the door.

Hey, hey, y'all!

This isn't funny.

Hey! Hey!

Don't! Don't! Hey!

That's right.