A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 18 - Lean on Me - full transcript

When Dwayne applies for a job he really wants, Whitley offers encouragement and support.

£ ooh £

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ come what may £

£ I realize that I'm ready £

£ I'm ready £

£ 'cause I finally
heard them say £

£ I heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, now,
here's our chance to make it £

£ here's our chance £

£ if we focus on our goal £

£ focus on our goal £

£ if you dish it,
we can take it £

£ we can take it £

£ just remember
that you've been told £

£ that it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from,
yeah. £

hey, everybody!

Hey, black people!

Dwayne, please.


She's having my baby!


Velma will probably

start knitting the baby
a wardrobe tonight.


And don't let her get started

with that be-dazzler gizmo.

Your baby will wear
more rhinestones

than Lola falana.

Just think, man, five years ago

you were a scrawny,
little sophomore

running away
from responsibility.

Now look at you, man!

You're married...

And about to have a baby.


Still scrawny.

Not for long.

I'll gain
as much weight as my wife

pound for pound.

No, don't make that promise.

Uh-uh, don't do it.

By the end, velma's feet
were so swollen

I had to buy her
a pair of clown shoes.

Nah, and they was tight.

She's having my baby!

We know!

But what you don't know

is that this beautiful woman
has agreed to be my wife.


Dwayne, we're flying back
from Japan for this.

You promise me.

Yes, yes, yes.

Baby, I promise.


Yes, kinishewa offered me a job.

80 grand.

80 grand?!

Well, bye, Dwayne.

Japan. That's so far away.

I know, kimmie.

But we can talk on the phone

for three minutes
for nine million dollars.

Or I'll write you.

We'll come to Japan

and y'all can come to Jamaica.

Now, listen, shabby ranks.

Now, you're getting a gem.

A precious gem.

Now, you better treat her right.


Did you tell your parents?

Our mothers are coming
to help us pack, and...

We haven't told them
about the baby yet.

Knowing them,
they'll want to deliver it.

So when are you going
to tell them?

When the baby turns 18.

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Hi, honey.




Oh, hi, baby.

I'm glad you're here.

I need your advice.

Well, you can start by giving
superfly his furniture back.

That's not funny.

I'm sorry.

Oh, baby, my day was a mess.

I just met the faculty member
of the law journal board.

And guess what?

The man loves Clarence Thomas.

He thinks he's a genius.

And your problem would be?

My sample article, baby.

"Clarence Thomas,
he's just no thurgood."

It's a suicide mission.

Then write about something else.

If I change my topic,
it's unprincipled.

Not if you get what you want.

Sweetie, I'm thinking
about suing Dwayne Wayne.

Don't be so silly, little baby.

I fail to see the humor in this.

What is this about?

That grammar boy idea

that's going to rock
the sentence structure

to its foundations?

No, it's not
the grammar boy idea.

It was my idea.

It was my idea!

It was mine!




You have gone crazy.

You're suing your best friend.

Ex-best friend.

And this is about principle...

Something you're
supposed to be big on.

I am when it's a principle
that counts.

You're fighting out of greed.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you just run back

to your little pinhead
law school friends

and you guys
can have a good time

arguing over contracts
and tarts...


The word is torts!

Tarts are what maybe
you should go back to dating

'cause at least
they don't talk back.

Now I know why
I like kissing you so much.

It's the only time
that you shut up!

Well, now I know why
I was dating you.

I was doing research
on the stone age.

You little homo habilus.

Oh, oh, no...

Don't question
my sexuality, baby.

£ someone's in the kitchen
with dinah... £


Or should I call you richmunk?

It's my favorite son-in-law.

What a difference
a dime makes, mama.

Oh, darling, don't be so mean.

We're just all so excited
about this new opportunity.

Will there be anything else,
Mrs. Gilbert?

Uh, no, Antonio, thank you.

Just wait in the car, please.

Hm, you better wear
that uniform, sugar.

Or don't.

Well, we came all dressed
to start packing.

But before we start packing

let's do a toast to the kids.

Bring out the bubbly, Marion.


Mama, I can't have alcohol.

I have something to tell you.

What's wrong, sugar,
you born again?

No, but you're warm.

She's expecting.

Expecting what?

You mean, you're having a baby?!

You mean miss thing is
about to have an itty-bitty...

Ahhh, honey...

Oh, gosh!

Oh, my god.

Oh, my...

Good gracious!

I mean, so soon?

They've been married for a year.

I don't mean soon for them.

Soon for me.

Am I ready to become
a grand-mere?

You might as well
get out the mirror.

You're about to be a Nana.

You're going to be
the sexiest grandmothers ever.

That is so true.

But my darling little girl.

Oh, you're going to be a mommy.

A mommy.

So, mommy, you have to sit down

and rest yourself.

That is the attitude

that is the express train
to a flabby bottom.

You want the girl
to have flat feet?

Louise sojay's daughter
gained 90 pounds

during her pregnancy.

It took two polaroids
to get one snapshot

of that child.

So you get up.

I have to call reverend Newton

and let him know

there will be a new member
of the congregation.

Why, is he coming to Tokyo?

You're not going
to delay the trip?

Or cancel that sucker.


I am not about
to have my first grandbaby

born in a room
with rice-paper walls.

Japan is one of the most

scientifically advanced
countries in the world.

But it's so far away.

And we will miss
the baby's first steps.

And his first birthday.

And her christening.

And who's going to baby-sit?

Ma, they have baby-sitters
in Japan.

I don't trust those people.

They might steal the baby

or feed it seaweed or something.

And what sense will my baby
granddaughter, Tiffany

have of her
African-American roots?

Hello. I love
that name tinequwa.

Tiffany. Tiffany.

Hold it, ladies!

It's not going to be
tinuquwa or Tiffany.

It's going to be a name
chosen by me and my wife.

Right, baby?

Right, pookie.

But the ladies do have a point.

We were so hasty
in our decision...

Whitley, we went over this.

We're going.

You're not going.

You are not going.

Don't tell us what to do.

Don't tell me
what I won't tell you.

I am the mother of the mother.

I am the mother of all mothers.

You are not going to Japan

to have this baby.

Well, first of all,
you're not my mom.


No, no, no.

Wait a minute.

Do you see what you did?

Was it something we said?


I want to tell you

I think that's going to be

one beautiful baby.

Whitley, choose
its name carefully

because they named
my cousin glodine

and she wanted
to work in a neon shop.

Yo, miss Wayne.

What's up with
this move to Japan?

How can Mr. Wayne
dis the school

and the community like that?

It's kinishewa's idea
to go to Japan.

Nobody cares what I think.

I'll just have the baby

nurse it, feed it,
burp it, educate it

love it for the rest
of its life.

And another thing,
Mr. Man, Mr. Freshman

I'll get as thin as twiggy

or take that express train

to a flabby bottom if I want to.

It's nobody's business!

Don't walk away from me.


No. Take it easy.

So disrespectful.

I'm sick and tired
of everybody...

"Blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah!"

I hear you.
I hear you.

Take it easy.


I don't have a job.

I'm leaving everything
and everyone I know

and I'm sitting here

sharing my most
intimate problems with you.

It's not the first time,

You and I used to talk,


Remember when you took me
to that caveman club?

Uh... yeah.


But this should be
the happiest time
of your life.

You're having a baby.

It's so overwhelming, Ron.

It's incredible, though,
I mean, if you think about it.

Right now, sitting right here
with us

there's a little life
inside of there.

I don't know who it is,
but I love this person.

I just wish I was sure
about other things in my life.

Oh, whitley, you two
are going to be okay.

You have each other.

Dwayne is your best friend.

He's your best friend too.

And he hasn't told me

but I know he misses you
terribly, Ron.

Uh... can I get you
something to eat?

Don't change the subject
on me, boy

but I'd like a short stack,
some hush puppies

buttered grits, biscuits,
and a diet cola.

All right.

I'll have somebody
bring your food,

That's your best friend...

Whitley, please.

That's between me and him.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm not supposed
to talk about this, either.

Forgive me, o husband of mine...

Master of the household.

I'm sorry about earlier.

Everything is just
getting to me.

Well, you have to bear
with me, Dwayne, okay

'cause I'm scared.

I don't know any Japanese.

I'm scared too. Okay?

But my father always told me

when things get too comfortable

it's time to move on.

He wasn't trained
to be a bus driver.

He was a musician,
and when I came along

he gave all that up

so he could be there
for me and moms.

He never complained.

He said he had a safe job.

This isn't about
80 grand a year, sweetie.

This is about going
one step further.

You just remember that.

Ron's idea helped you
make that step, Dwayne.

Hey, ho!

Hey, ho!

Give me some.

Come in!


Hello, Marion.

Look at you.

You finally made it.


Have you ladies been drinking?

Oh, shh.

Define drinking.

Stand up, woman.

Adele, where are the kids?

Woodson, did you see the view
from the dining room?

It's so special a view.

Go look at the view.

Adele, what the hell
is going on?

See, that's what I mean.

Always accentuate the negative.

Where's the trust
in this relationship?

Maybe it's at the bottom
of this bottle.

Give me some more.

Hey, dad!


Father Wayne.


Oh, father Wayne

will you hear
my confession, please?

What is going on

around here?

Dad, um...

We wanted to tell you

Whitley's going to have a baby.

I'm going to be a grandfather?

That's what I said.

Did you hear that, Adele?


This is my proudest day.

This is indeed

a very auspicious occasion.

Very... very suspicious.



The ladies organized this

long distance
with Mr. Gaines

four days ago...

When they were sober.

Yeah, I composed
this little ditty

and it's about
the Princess and four-eyes.

And it goes a little
something like this:

£ it was four years ago
at hillman £

£ a skinny boy fell in love
with a upscale gal... £

£ when your heart's on fire £

£ and there ain't
no water 'round... £




I might club you
and drag you down the stairs.

I made the law journal today.



Congratulations, sweetie.

That's fantastic.

Thank you.

And I didn't have
to compromise my principles.

And you're the first person
I wanted to tell.

I don't know why.

Maybe 'cause I'm cute.

Please stop this silliness

and come to Dwayne
and whitley's farewell party.

Rain check, baby.

Ron, they're going
to leave tomorrow.

He's not my friend.

Honey, he just said
that stuff to you

because he was angry.

You said to me

the only reason
you like kissing me

is 'cause it's
the only time I'm quiet.

I mean, you were kidding.



Don't be so mean.

I can't believe you.

Have a good time.

I don't want
to leave you here, baby.

Come on, baby.

You just go.

You have a good time, and you...

Tell me all about it
when you get back.

That's my girl.

May I have
your attention, please?


As a parent, you have
lots of hopes for your kids.

You look down into that crib,
and you say, "hey..."


"Maybe he can be president."

Yeah, yeah.

Well, son,
you've gone a lot further

than I ever dreamed.

Wherever life's road
leads you and whitley

know that your mother and I
are with you

every step of the way.

Every step of the way, chippy.

Dwayne... man,
I've watched you grow

from a boy into a man

and I want you to know,
I'm proud of you.

I never expected you
to end up with whitley.

None of us did.

But I'm so glad

that you two found each other.

And I can't wait
to have your child

in my class in the year...


Not bad!

A toast, a toast, a toast.

To my lovely son-in-law.

To my daughter.

If you have a girl

may she have my looks.

And if you have a boy,
may he have my looks.

Whitley, your mama think
she diahann carroll.

Mr. Wayne.

I've always had female teachers

and most of them were white

but being in your classroom
is the first time

I saw what I could become.

You know what else,
Mr. Wayne?

We hope you make it
and come back.

A lot of brothers need you.

Not just brothers.

Mr. Wayne, you made hillman
feel like home.

Whitley, you tried

and I appreciate that.

I'd like to say something.

I met whitley's things
before I met her.

My freshman year,
I walked into our room

and I found her
chintz easy chair

and her monogrammed toothbrush.

I knew right then
that we would never be friends.

I've never been so wrong
in my life.

You have helped me
through a lot.

I really appreciate it.

Not only do you have
a Princess attitude

you have a Princess heart.

My brother, my sister.

I, I'm not just talking
for myself

because, oh, Dwayne

man, you know what I'm doing

and don't make me go there.

Sister, it's too much.

I'm not centered.

Very touching.

Inarticulate, but very touching.

Six years,
and I feel like I grew up here.

I never knew that one place
could mean so much to a person.

You go outside
into that cold, ugly world

and you have
a place to come back

where people say, "we love you"
and "you're all right."

Mr. Gaines

you fed me...

Yes, I did.

And shared your wisdom.

Whatever I could
understand of it.

Colonel Taylor

you taught me

that, hey,
I could learn anything.

Freddie-la, you challenged
my world views

and let me see
that I was right all along.


you taught me about friendship.

Dwayne, you taught me
about love.

And I'll never forget
any of you.

I'm going with you, baby.

We'll never forget any of you.

Hillman will always be
in our hearts.


I think we should thank our moms

for putting this together.

They may be drunk and crazy

but their hearts
are in the right place.

I'd like to thank my students

for teaching me

more than I could
ever teach them.

Well, actually...

Shut up, Charmaine!

Some friends couldn't make it.

Some people who taught me
not to take life so seriously.

Some people who taught me
about brotherhood.

People like Ron Johnson.

I came to hillman
as an only child

but now I'm leaving
with a whole lot of brothers

and a whole lot of sisters.

And a lot of fathers too.

Thank you for being my family.

£ although we've come... £

£ to the end of the road £

£ still I can't let go £

£ it's so natural £

£ you belong to me £

£ I belong to you £

£ no £

£ to the end of the road £

Sing it, children!

£ still I can't let go £

£ it's so natural £

£ ooh... £

£ you belong to me £

£ I belong to you. £

You leaving me?!

Oh, no, chippy, don't go!

All right, y'all.

You'll miss your flight.

I can't take it.

Save some tears for the airport.


I'll wait for you in the car.

Freddie, uh...
Freddie told me

about your toast last night.

I should have been there.

I wish you had, man.

Listen, about this idea,
I was tripping.

I saw all that money.

It was your idea.

You deserve half the money.

But you put the game together

and you presented it
to kinishewa...

Still, you came up
with half the idea.

I have to send you
half the money...

Dwayne, put it
towards little Ron

or Rhonda's
college education fund.

Um... I, uh,
I made this for the baby.

You didn't make this.
You bought this, man.

Just tell whitley I made it,
all right?

You know, it would make me proud

if you would be
the godfather of my child.

I got you back.


Hey, man, y'all better jet.

Come on.

I guess we better jet.

Take care of yourself, brother.

You take care... brother.

You be a good boy, ronaldus.

I'll miss you, whitley.

You ready to go, baby?

Off to a different world.