A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 2 - Honeymoon in L.A.: Part 2 - full transcript

Continuation from Part 1. Whitley and Dwayne recall their honeymoon in Los Angeles during the riots after the Rodney King verdict.

I don't know about
anyone else but

I want to hear
about the honeymoon.

It was pretty nice.

Not that kind of nice,
you tramps.

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Hey, what are you doing?

for the Rodney king verdict.

We know what they'll say...
Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Have your little self
outside the mall

at 6:00 P.M. sharp.

See you.

Radio announcer:
The jury delivered a verdict
of not guilty

for 3 of the 4 police
officers accused

in the beating trial
of Rodney king.

Oh, no!

Excuse me.

Can anybody give me a ride?

Can I bum a ride
from you, please?


Dwayne, Dwayne.

Put your hands behind your head!

You are under arrest!

The only thing that was
going through my mind

was that I might not
ever see my baby again.

What about me?

Get a life.

He has one, Freddie.

Does that mean we're hitting
the mattress tonight?




In the midst of all this

I guess you didn't get
a chance to see no
movie stars, huh?

No, but the cops almost
got a mug shot of me.

Up against the car.

Roof on the hands of the car.

Other way around, sir.

Hands on the roof of the car.

It's a convertible.

Hands on the roof,
hands on the roof.

Put your hands on the roof.

That's the roof.

Lower, lower.
The roof is up here.

Right there.

Your behavior is argumentative

erratic and suspicious.


So's yours!

He was kicking tires. Let it go.

Here, put...
Back on the roof.

Lower, lower.

I'm going to cuff you.

Stay calm. Stay calm.

You don't know how calm I am.

Yeah. Calm, calm.

Here, here.

Let me help you.

I got you.

They're ordering us off duty.

Sarge: Off duty?

Stay where you are.

Hey, man, I ain't moved.

The hands is on the roof.

I ain't moved, I ain't moved.

You... hand it to me,
hand it to me.


Get back to the
station immediately.


What? Off duty?

We just went on duty.

We're arresting someone.

I just cuffed him.

I cuffed one hand.

I cuffed his dangerous hand.

It's against procedure.

I... sorry, sir.

Sarge: What the hell
is going on?

You don't understand.

Our... our lives are
threatened every day.

I guess that makes us brothers.

Those cops let you go?

Police command wanted
their boys out of south central.

Oh, yeah, they could
have gotten really hurt.

You're not aware
of the pressures police face.

My dad was shot
before these riots.

They have a hard job.

I'd kiss chief Willie Williams
if he walked in here.

Yeah, kiss them
so they kick you back.

You can't trust anybody
in a uniform.

Now that's true because
I can't stand my mailman.

He's always crushing
my catalogues.

Lena, it's not the uniform.

It's the person behind it.

You want a woman like Lena

you can't play the shy role.

She is one of the almighty's
finest creations

but, she is also a sophomore.

A college sophomore
ain't no different

than a high school senior.

Bust this.

This isn't over.

It's going to federal court.

Which is why you should vote
to elect the officials

that choose your judges.

Like that's going
to change anything.

Like complaining

is going to change anything.

It won't happen twice.


They've had...

What is it, honey?
Can I help you?

The men's room?

That way.

Thank you.

Right on.

Greetings, y'all.

What's happening?

And may peace,
like incense from ancient Egypt

be an aromatic
to your higher consciousness.

I just got back
from my summer on the nile.

By way of Trenton.

Anybody seen Freddie?

My king!


What happened to you?

They're just clothes!

I knew you was going
to law school

but damn!

You were my love goddess,
my earth woman

my Aphrodite.

What does this mean?

It means she's giving up
them hippy-dippy space boots

and planting her feet firmly
on terra firma.

Translation, inspector gadget?

It means she's transcended

to a new degree
of social interaction.

A level unto which
you have yet to escalate.


Coming through.
Got coffee, hot and black.

Like my man.

Yeah, and now I want
some gossip to match.

Dwayne and whitley
were telling us

about their honeymoon.

I hope I didn't
miss nothing good

'cause me and velma's
always looking

for fresh inspiration.

You are so nasty.

I ain't got nothing that good.

We were in Los Angeles
during the riot.

You were with the looters?

Stole a bride on your wedding

and a VCR on your honeymoon.


Where are you, Dwayne?

Oh, god!

How could this happen to me?

Did you get that hibachi?

You wanted a waffle iron.

Hurry up.
We're double-parked.

But I want a boogie board.

You already got two.

Yeah, but I don't have
day-glo pink to go

with my flip-flops.

Oh, all right.

Make it quick, dear.

Oh... my feet are killing me.

I told you to steal some shoes.

Boy, you'd think
after all these years

they would finally make
one of these in a real size.

We can't do this.

With what I spend here,
they owe me.

Look at this tennis skirt.

You don't play tennis.

I do. If you ask me,
this is the way to shop.

No more annoying salesgirls.

I hate it when they breathe
down your neck.

Hello, do I look like
a shoplifter?

We know who steals.

I hope they riot weekly.

They should stop complaining.

They bring it on themselves.

"They" who?!

Who is "they"?!

What are you doing
about the problem?

You tell them, honey.

Don't you let any ugly old women

standing around yapping
bring you down.

They're a disgrace to our race.

Well, you know

not everyone's as classy as us.

That's right, honey.

Hey, brother, I'm a little lost.

We all are till you join
the revolution.

Can you tell me how to get
to Beverly Hills?

Lie, cheat, exploit anybody
who ain't you.

I'll show the way
if you give me a lift.

No problem.

And some friends?

Okay, cool.

Okay, brothers, rock and roll!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What the hell?!

Hey, man, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Welcome to the revolution.

We liberating the merchandise.

What will this prove?

That my mom and dad

can finally have furniture

in the living room.

My motto is "take a love seat

not a life."

It's free! Free at last!

Not free! You take, you pay.

Mr. Sung, you going
to join the Dodgers?

Why look for trouble?

Yo, this is
Mr. Sung.

He gets rich keeping the black
man tanked up on hootch.

I cash checks, give credit.

Where's the police?

Where you going with that?

We're needy.

You need six-packs?

I work hard for what I have.

Give me that.

It ain't right.

I came from the ghetto
just like you.

Get out of my way.

You call this black power?

I see video.
Police officers guilty! Guilty!

And the korean
that killed latasha harlins

because she thought
she was stealing?

I am not korean! I'm Chinese!

It's the same thing!

I know what you're thinking.

It was messed up, but this
ain't going to bring her back.

Give me this.

I just stole that.

This is for latasha!

Where you going
to shop at tomorrow?

How you going
to hold up your heads?

Hey, no! Where
are you going?

That's a rental car! I
have to pick up my wife!

I cannot believe you, Dwayne.

Seriously though, if I was there

if that were me,
I would have gone off.

Lena, seriously though,
seriously though

we got $1 billion in damage

because brothers was ripping up
their own neighborhoods.

That because of 12 years
of reaganomics

and four years of beating
around the bush.

No, no, no, no.

This goes far beyond

The real problem
is white people.

They don't understand us

and they don't want
to understand us.

You should tell my mother.

Her mother's white.

And my ex-wife.

His ex-wife is white.

Oh, that's wonderful.

I have a cousin like that.

I wasn't talking
about your mother, Freddie.

Who were you talking about?

Every white person
except for my mother?

I guess white people

don't have the monopoly
on bigotry, do they?

If we had strong black leaders

none of this
would have happened.

We do have
strong black leaders...

Maxine waters, Jesse Jackson,
brother Malcolm.

Man, you need to check
an obituary column.

Malcolm died in 1965.

But I cannot wait
to see Denzel in that movie

with his fine, redheaded,
bow-tie-wearing self.

I'm glad you see him
as just another brother

to push up on, Gina.

Have you... even...

Read that book?

You were saying?

Miss Angela d.

Lena, you need to channel
this passion and frustration

into the ballot box.

I am tired of voting
for the lesser of two evils.

When did you vote?

The last time
we held an election

you were what,
about 14 years old?

Be that as it may...

Sister, you need to vote.

Listen to this man.

We need to command the respect
of all political parties.

Hey now.

That's why i'm

a card-carrying member
of the republican party.


All right!

Are you crazy?

There's no use
in influencing folks

who aren't going
to be in office.

Why y'all are on the Titanic
with those democrats

I'm voting
for the winning ticket.

People, people

don't listen to this dunderhead!

It may make sense in theory,
but we're not talking theories.

We're talking about life!

In the streets!

And I was out there living it!


I'm going to find you!

Love will find a way, I say!


May I offer you a garbage bag

for that added bit
of insulation?

Oh, no, thank you.

I'm fine.


You don't look fine.

This is supposed to be
my honeymoon.

Oh, no, no, no.

No crying.

We can't waste water
in this town.

Could you sit a little downwind?

Whoo! Yes!

I must add Cologne
to my shopping list, mustn't I?

Where is Dwayne?

Maybe he's with Martha.

Who's Martha?

I don't know.
Who's Dwayne?

He's my husband!

He was supposed
to be here at 6:00.

I don't know how
I'm supposed to find him.

Blacks and whites
are beating each other up.

They're looting, burning.

What is happening?

What always happens.

Every generation...

St. Louis, Chicago,
watts, Newark.

And it's not just
about color, you know.

Oh, no, no.

It's about being invisible...
Like me.

And when you're invisible

you have to shout!

Otherwise people
don't notice you!

That's what's going on
in this city...

People are shouting!

You have to shout
or you'll go crazy!

Go on and try it!

There's no...

Yes! You'll feel better!





That's coming along



This is your roving
news reporter, Melissa brulay

here with
an exclusive news break.

Excuse me.

As Beverly Hills
hunkers down bravely

could you please give us

the homeless response
to the riot?

Go get her.

The homeless response?

Well, what's your response?

What are you doing about this?

Well, moving...

I was living under the delusion
that things were getting better

for black people
in this country... not!

Thank you very much.

You asked me a question,
then you walk away.

We're not listening to the truth
about black and white

about the homeless

about what this verdict
really, really means.

This is Melissa brulay
trying to sign off.

If you're sitting in the comfort
of your living room

looking at this
like it's a movie

I'm here to tell you,
it's for real, baby.

You can't turn your TV off.

It won't go away.

We're still going
to need to shout.



Hi, baby.

That's the most romantic story
I ever heard.

It's a moment I'll never forget.

Y'all are just too much.

Black love is so beautiful.

It's a shame that the rebellion
had to go this far

but now folks are listening,
white and black.

That's what we thought
after watts.

Remember, gaines?

We'll see what effect this has.

A lot depends on what we do
after we leave this room.

We got to work together

so that your children won't feel
that their only solution

is to burn their own
communities down.

Why are you people

sitting around on your butts?

This is not congress.

Well Dean, you better
get used to it.

You can never get these people

to do what you want them to do

when you want them to do it.


That's why I have spurs
on my heels.

Ball of fire!

Reminds me of velma
in her prime.

We got to get back
to registration.

Before you do that

I have some mail for you
in the apartment.

All right.

All right, now, watch this.

Excuse us, ladies.

This is my roommate, Terrell,
and my name is Dorian.

Hello, Dorian.

It's nice to meet you.

This is my roommate, Lena,
and I'm Lena.

I'm Charmaine.

Don't forget Gina.

How you doing?

It's uplifting to meet three
such committed hillman sisters.

Y'all are like the rainbow
after the storm.


Yeah, like the rainbow.

Don't mind my partner.

He's... he's on
the shy side.

Would you ladies care to join us

on a pilgrimage to the pit?

If you paying, I ain't staying.

Peace, baby.

Bye, my love.


I just want you to know
that I respect you.

I beg your pardon.

I really mean it.

You're in law school.

You're doing something
with your life.

I admire people of action.

The only reason that you're
even paying attention to me

is because my hair is combed

and I'm wearing heels.

This is so like you...
Superficial, sexist

chauvinist, a republican...



Oh, there you are.

Listen, I've been thinking.

While you're looking
for a place to stay

I would like you
to bunk on the sofa.

But the only problem

is convincing Freddie.

But I'm sure you'll
think of something.

Hey, Fred.

Oh, there's that earring.

And what's wrong with him?

This is a first.

Ron Johnson is speechless.

Keep up the good work, Kim.

You know, baby,
there is something

that I always wanted
to tell you.

That you're a stupid,
oafie, dummy-butt

with those chopsticks?

Yes, I am

but I'm also a stupid,
oafie, dummy-butt with you.

I love you.

So tell me something
I don't know.


When I first laid eyes on you...


I thought, I pity the poor man

she's going to end up with.

When I first saw you

I said, that boy's
going to be alone

for the rest of his life.

I guess we both were wrong, huh?

I guess sometimes
two wrongs do make a right

Mr. Right.

Mrs. Right.

Baby, I know our honeymoon

was not the way
we expected it to be.

But it changed
our lives, Dwayne.

Our lives and the lives
of all our children.

All our children?

Okay, Dwayne

I think it's a little early
to be talking about...

Oh, you're absolutely right.

Talk is cheap, baby.

If there's one thing I learned
on our honeymoon

it's to get busy
and take action.

What are you doing?

I'm getting busy
and I'm taking action

and I'm taking action
and I'm getting busy.

I'm not digging
this tarzan/jane...

You will dig whatever
I say you will dig, woman

'cause when I say dig it,
I mean dig it.

Now, brace yourself

'cause we're going
to get to work on Dwayne junior

and whitley junior
and the twins.


Yes, and we're going
to get little cleopha.

That's one of your mama's
country-bama names.

And don't forget tawanda,
lawanda, shimi shandita...