A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 1 - Honeymoon in L.A.: Part 1 - full transcript

Whitley and Dwayne recall their honeymoon in Los Angeles during the riots after the Rodney King verdict.

There is only one thing

that would make this victory


and that would be

if you would be my wife.


You taught me
how to depend on myself.

You taught me how to love.

You taught me how to love.

If we were all that
to each other

why didn't our
relationship work?

Well, good-bye, whitley Gilbert.

If there is any man
who can show just cause

let him now speak.

Or forever hold their peace.

Whitley, I love you,
and if you'll have me

I want you to be my wife.

What the hell are you doing?!

I'm sorry, Byron, I love her.

Die, just die!

Will you have me, Dwayne,
as your lawfully wedded husband

from this day forth,
to have and to hold

for richer, for poorer?

Baby, please!


I do!

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What a dream.

Good morning, Mrs. Wayne.

Oh, I really am married, huh?

Really and for true.

Woman, you are
very, very married.

What if I'm still dreaming?

Then don't wake up.

Stop switching the channels
of the boob tube

and seize the levers of power
of the voting booth.

My young brother...

Yes, homey, I'm talking to you.

Talk? Baby,
I'm about getting busy.

Isn't that sweet?

I'm married, honey.

Bet, I ain't looking
for no commitment.

I'm trying to get your
little Booty to vote.

I got to go.

You're going to hip-hip-hop
your rights away.

You need to work on your rap.

Come on.

I can't help it.

I'm on fire.

What happened to us
during my honeymoon was just...

I want to sound the alarm.

Tell the world.

But baby, you're annoying.

Hey, what's happening?

Oh, hello, Mrs. "leave
Byron crying" Wayne.

That's not funny.

I'm tired of those Byron jokes.

This is a new face
and a lovely one, I might add.

Ron Johnson at your service
with a smile.

What cemetery did you Rob?

Your name and year?

Oh, he already graduated, Dean.


Just an old wolf snooping
around for young buds.

Out, out, out, wolf!

I am not here to look
for some young bud.

I'm here to pluck
a freshly bloomed flower

Kimberly Reese.

Kim's registering
at medical school.

Got a big future ahead of her.

And don't you screw it up.

Dean, I've unpacked,
called my mama, my man Lance

and the head
of the business department

to discuss career opportunities
in a multinational corporation

for multilingual

of the female persuasion

but he ain't home.


I didn't know a tongue
could wag that fast.

Is there anything else
I should know about?

Yes. An hour of silence.

I can get with that.

Dean Dorothy
dandridge Davenport.

You can call me Dean Davenport.

Your name and year?

And can I get you a sewing kit?

Lena James, '95.

And this, Dean, is my style.

I'm Charmaine tyesha brown,
your roommate.

Did you get my letter?

All 18 pages.

I was brief,
and I've completely forgotten

you were trying
to hit on my man...

Who is your man?

Who is that?


Well, well, well.

He is so fine.

That's hillman's
new basketball star

Dorian Heywood.

Never trust tight buns
and a smile.

I heard that.


Oh, Kim, my beauty,
my empress, my queen.


Nefertiti of my heart.

I'd be entombed
with you anytime.

Will you be my mummy?

Oh, Ron.

You haven't lost that certain
poetic something.

Wait till you hear my drum solo,
"congas for Kim."

Let me hum a few bars.

No, that's okay.
I know the tune.

It's okay.

Oh, well. More importantly

I, Ron, "international
olympic Booty" Johnson

was... frequently faithful.

It's all right, Ron.

I mean, we made no promises
I couldn't keep.

What does that mean?

Why dwell on the past
when we have the future?

No, what does that mean?

While we're talking
about the future

can I bunk with you

a few nights?

I'm in between cribs.

I'll have to ask Freddie.

She's my roommate.

We're running this dorm

I have to look at her, ugh!
And that funky Shazza

when I come out of your bedroom
in the morning?

No. You'll see them
when you wake up

in the living room.

Oh, well, that's cool,
but one day, and soon

you're going to be begging
for Ron "mack daddy" Johnson

like I am.

Kimmie, kimmie!

Mrs. Wayne!

You look wonderful.

It's the glow of abstinence.

Colonel Taylor.
Hey, prof.

There you are, Dwayne,
and Mrs. Dwayne Wayne.

I still go by Gilbert.

Do you really?
You don't.

Oh, gosh.
Listen, listen.

How did your folks
take the news?

Dad was cool.

Mom sent us a funeral wreath.

No, she didn't.

With a note that said

"call me when you divorce
miss thing."

Look at her.

Some sisters just put

all their merchandise
in the window.

That's our other roommate.

Oh, hi!

I'm Charmaine tyesha brown,
your new roommate.

Hi. I'm Gina Deveaux.
Nice to...

Put that down.

I'm waiting for a man
to pick it up.

You're going to be
waiting a long time.

Trot your hot pants
to the registration booth

so we can get you voting.

You can drop that
politically involved routine.

You didn't even marry
the senator.

Which reminds me...

When will I get my toaster back?

I don't know about anyone else

but I want to hear
about the honeymoon.

Oh, yes.

It was pretty nice.

Not that kind of nice,
you tramps.

I beg your pardon?

You know what I mean.

Do I?

Would you tell the damn story?

We went to Los Angeles.

Was it nice?

During the riots.

It's a different world ♪

Everybody say "ho!"

What are you doing?

They're going to announce
the Rodney king verdict.

They'll say,
"guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"

Everybody saw that videotape.

You never know.

Are you going to tell me
the jury doesn't have VCR's?

This is america,
the land of justice for all.

Yeah, right.

Don't you remember how nice
those lovely salespeople

were to us today?

And we were
in the finest of shops.

Those salespeople
were on the jury?

Totally missed the point.

I'm lost.
What is your point?

Progress. This is not 1965
in Selma, Alabama.

Times have changed,
and so should this station.

Just because your money
is now good at Gucci

the struggle is over?

I'm not saying
it's over, Dwayne.

I'm just saying
it's not as hard.

For who? Most black folk
never get a chance

to test your theory in those
boutiques of democracy.

The brothers in south central
got it a lot harder.

South central?

Oh, that's where they shot
boyz n the hood.

Oh. I know
what you're thinking.

You... you're thinking:

Here I am,
Mr... Mr. Dwayne "homeboy"

with this bourgie

No, baby, that's not
what I was thinking.

Yes, you were.

I would never use no words
like flibbertigibbet.

Well, just because I don't spend
my life walking around

with this cloud of oppression
looming over my head

doesn't mean I'm not concerned,
informed and aware.

Whitley: You're going the wrong
way to go to the mall.

Dwayne: We're going to the forum

to get the tickets
to the game tonight.

You told me we were
going to Melrose court.

Are you crazy?

Look at the back seat
of the sled, Mrs. Santa.

Dwayne: I'm going to drop
this out of the car.

Whitley: That's my new dress.

Dwayne: Get off me.

Sick, sick child.

I am not sick.

I'm materialistic,
and I'll go to that mall

even if I have to walk
with my own feet.

Whitley: What are you doing?

I'll show you what I'm doing.


I'll show you what I'm doing.

Come on.


Okay, fine. Fine.

Put them suede orange mules
where your mouth is.


Your cantaloupe orange mules
where your mouth is.

Have a lovely trip.

See you.

She drives me crazy.

She drives me... wild.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, slim.

Whoa! Sure look good to me.

Look good enough to eat.

Sure wouldn't mind being a pleat
in one of them shorts.

Come on, shorty.

I'm talking to you, girl.

Last chance to change your mind

and come with
your loving husband mandingo

over to the forum
to pick up our tickets

for the game tonight.

Oh, you don't know who I am.

You want to ignore me now.

Have your little self
outside the mall

at 6:00 P.M. sharp.

I'll be back to get you.

If Denzel
don't pick me up first.

Denzel, Denzel, Denzel.

Or Eddie or Wesley.

You left her on the street?

I'm impressed.

Excuse me?



How could you treat
your sister that way?

Thank you.

That verdict is
all we need to prove

there's no respect
for black people here.

So you going to Africa?

They're not in love with us
over there either.

Yeah, I ain't seen any ads

saying "come back to Zimbabwe."

Don't cheat me, okay?

We need our own nation.

Oh, sarafina, please.

Yo, man, it looks like
you sweatin' my girl.

I just appreciate someone
who's politically aware.

Look, man, if we
going to be roommates

you might as well
be straight with me.

As fine as she is...
Slow, you blow.

That's not my style.

Besides, she's a sophomore.


Okay, who's going
to be the president

of your little nation?


The lilliputian nation.


Um, freshman orientation
is at 4:00, sweetheart.

Thank you.

Like I was saying,
the defense won their case

based on what
they claim happened

before and after the video.

If the prosecution
had done some prosecuting

we wouldn't even
be sitting here.

They only called six witnesses.

The defense called 49.

They didn't even call
Rodney king.

Rodney king
and his processed hair

did not need to take the stand.


Come on, Kim.

A couple of weeks
after the verdict

he was caught getting drunk
in a white neighborhood.

Stay home and drive erratic

in the comfort
of your own driveway.

That's pretty harsh.

I say it had nothing to do

with the prosecution.

When they moved the trial,
it was over.

The point is,
nothing ever changes.

Hi, everybody.

I take that back.


So, what's going on?

What in the hell
happened to you?

Freddie's going to law school.

Congratulations, winifred.

Thank you, my sister.

And you look fabulous.

Wait a minute.

Hold it. Hold it.

Thank you.

What is up with this
Robin givens look?

They're just clothes.

Are you serious?

Yes, I am, and I plan
to be taken seriously.

Freddie, you're buying
into the system

and you used to be
about something.

I am about something.

I'm about studying this system

understanding it,
so I can change it.

I'm your secret weapon,
little sister.

So if and when
you finally decide

to walk some of this talk
and march

then I will be the one

making sure you don't
get arrested, o militant one.

Good-bye, Tracy Chapman.

Hello, Barbara Jordan.

She's changed.

I, too, have changed.

I think L.A...
What happened in Los Angeles...

Has changed all of us.

Excuse me.

I was looking at that.

"Was" is right,
'cause I'm looking at it now.

Just a moment, missy.

The name is ianta

but you can call me
dark and lovely.

So quick with the zingers.

You don't understand.

I was here first,
looking at it first

- therefore it belongs to me...
- Miss Scarlett

That may work across town,
but you're in L.A. now.

Don't let me turn street on you.

Hey, honey, I ain't no magician.

Please give me the flower.

Oh, my god!

What happened?

They acquitted the officers

that beat up Rodney king.

How can they acquit them?

It was on tape.

We all saw it.

Girl, please.

They can beat us, kill us

do whatever they want to do,
and get off

just like they always have.

We still have
the constitution
to protect us.

When that piece of paper
was written

African people in this country
were slaves... all of us.

We sisters were considered
nothing but bed-warmers.

We have our rights now.

Well, they're not
going to deny me.

I'm an African-American.

Dear miss lamb chop,
stop worrying about integrating

and being accepted
and start thinking

about building...
For yourself, for our people

so that we can provide
a future for our children.

Radio announcer: This just in.

The simi valley jury

delivered a verdict
of not guilty

for three police officers...

Aw, no!

In the case
of the fourth officer

officer Powell,
it was a hung jury

resulting in a mistrial...

Damn! Damn! I knew it!

I knew it. Yeah.

No! Damn it! No!

Okay, stop what you're doing.

Stop it.

Why are you stopping me?

What did I do, huh?

What are we
stopping him for, sir?

I'm not afraid of you

and these windows
are bulletproof.

Well, I guess I brought
my uzi for nothing, man.

Drop it to the ground.

Man, where would I
be hiding a uzi?

The guy is in shorts.

Stop trying to control
the situation.

Put your hands behind your head

and step back.

You are under arrest.

Are we arresting him
for assaulting his tires?

You're getting on my nerves.

Why were you kicking
those tires?

This is a classic auto.

Your boy, Daryl gates, won, man.

Who are you calling "boy"?

Rodney king was dangerous

and under the influence
of p.C.P.

Don't! You know what?

"Pins and needles

"needles and pins.

A happy man
is a man who wins."

He's talking to himself.

Make out a report.

Make out a report.

African-American male...

Uh, 200 pounds...

200 pounds?

Me? 200 pounds?

Go on a diet, chubby!

Don't get vain with me.

Get near the car, near the car.

Attention, mall shoppers.

Due to the looting and fires
in the vicinity

Melrose court will be closing
early this evening.

Please evacuate the building.

Sorry, everyone, we're closing.

Miss, you have to leave.

But I don't have anywhere to go.

My husband's not coming
till 6:00.

Well, that's not my fault
or my problem.

Excuse me,
can anybody give me a ride?

Can I bum a ride
from you, please?


Dwayne. Dwayne.

Okay, Dwayne.

Okay, Dwayne,
you got to be home.


Hello. Hello.

This is whitley Gilbert.

Mrs. Wayne from room 410.

Yes, I'm at this Melrose court.

Could you send me
a limo right away?

Of course you can.

Well, send me a cab.

I don't care.

Look, if my husband calls

you be sure that you tell him
I got out a little early.

Hello? Hello!