A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 25 - Save the Best for Last: Part 2 - full transcript

Surprise and shock are the themes of Whitley's and Byron's wedding day.

Rise and shine, my little bride.

Time for mother's
special bride's breakfast.

Just enough sustenance

without producing
that unsightly tummy bulge.

Whitley, please,
promise me today...

Do not fall on that buffet
at the reception.

Nothing terrifies a man more
than the sight of his new bride

looking like Moby the whale.

What day is it?

It's only the most important day
of your life.

And mine.

Put these cucumber slices
on your eyes.

We can't have you
walking down the aisle

looking like Mrs. Magoo.

Yes, I must be beautiful
for... Byron.

Yes, we must be perfect today.

Here, baby.

How is Mrs. Douglas?

Mama, she's so nice...

Really? Don't talk
with your mouth full.

I'm sure she must be wonderful

but anything is wonderful
after those yahoos, the waynes.

I learned a lot
from those yahoos.


How the other half
shouldn't live?

Darling, you should really feel
very relieved

because you've done much better
for yourself.

Byron is an entrepreneur.

He's a senator.

He's a businessman.

You're going to make
a wonderful first lady.

Aren't you jumping the gun?

I don't think so.

I have always believed
that you are destined to live

a better and happier life
than I've lived.

Am I?

Oh, absolutely.

Here, darling,
have a piece of toast.

What is this?

I don't know.

Oh, mama!

I've had it
for a little while now.

I bought it when
you were three weeks old.

It suited you even then,

Thank you, mama.

Darling, I have waited
so long for this day

and finally, finally,
it is here, whitley.

Mama, Dwayne came to see me
last night.

Did you pick
your garter for today?

Do you want the satin and lace
or just the plain one?

Did you hear me, mama?

I do not wish to discuss
that Lily-livered cad

who broke my baby's heart

and ruined one of
my better dinner parties.

The breakup wasn't
all his fault, mama.

Whitley Gilbert,
today is your wedding day.

There should be only two men
on your mind:

Byron, because you love him

and your father,
because he is paying.

Now, I do not want
to hear another word

mentioned about
that other individual.

Is that clear, missy?

Yes, mama.

Good, darling.

Just think

in a few hours, we'll have

the pleasure of the company
of Monica

your father's new bride
and her silicone memorial chest.

Happy wedding day!

Ladies, ladies

you will give me a headache,
which will cause me to frown

and drive me
to an early face lift.

Morning, aunt Marion.

Oh, Courtney,
you look so adorable.

I wanted to apologize.

I wanted whitley to select you

as matron of honor.

Relatives are meant to be taken
for granted.

Oh, Camilla, Camilla, Camilla!

It's so good to see you again.

I'm sure it is.

But it's Kim.

Kim. I've never been
good with names.

I'm much better with faces.

Yours has gotten thinner
since I saw you last.

Ladies, breakfast
is being served.

Please eat slowly.

There will be no burpers
in this wedding procession.

Hear, hear.

We will convene here
at 11:15

to beautify ourselves.

I'm really psyched.

Maybe you want to come earlier.


Whitley, remember, darling,
cucumbers, cucumbers.

Come on, you can do this.

Oh, man,
I don't want to wear this.

Hey, partner,
are you ready?

I got some time.

Not if you're riding
with me, you don't.

I'm hoping to sneak a peak
at the maid of honor

Kim "good googa-mooga" Reese!

What one good woman will do.

You think you got her?

I don't know.

Maybe in a year or two or ten

she and I will take
that stroll to forever.

You could do a lot worse.

Well, let's get going.

Time and the wedding
wait for no man.

Hey, partner,
I don't think
I'm going to go.

Are you sure?

When I was talking to Kim
the other day

she didn't think
whitley was over you.

I lost that fight
a long time ago.

So, just take my gift for me.

Well, yeah, if I can
tell them it's mine.

Just tell them
I got sick, all right?

Okay, I'll be right back
after the ceremony.

Unless, of course,
Kim invites me to her place.

You'll be back.

Well, here they are...

Winter and spring.

Greetings, Marion.

Don't you look dapper, darling?

How are you, Marion?

I'm splendid, Monica.

You look as scrumptious
as a piece of pastry...

A tart.

Let's put the gift away.

Marion, we missed you.

I'd like for you
to meet my mother.

Mercer, whitley's father.

My mother.

Glad to meet you.
Mrs. Douglas.

Call me imogene.

Oh, it's so good to meet you!

Please don't crush
my crepe de chine.

Oh, i'm so sorry.

She's just as lovely
as her daughter.

Oh, how kind
and observant of you.

I am so pleased to meet you.

This is my wife, Monica.

Oh, Byron, Byron

Byron, if only
I were 20 years younger.

But you're not.

Byron, how you doing?

You ready for the main event?

Very much so.

I'm extremely lucky.

Yes, you are.

Let's all go in
and greet our guests.

Monica, why don't you
count the presents?

She can count, can't she,

Honey, you interviewed
the lady at least six times.

What kind of babysitter
wears slingbacks?

I think I'll go home
and check on the baby...

Oh, no, no.

Oh, you look gorgeous,
Mrs. Gilbert.

Better than eunice Johnson did
when her daughter got married.

Mr. Gaines, I'm so happy
you could come.

I almost didn't.

Why ever not?

I heard someone else
was catering the affair.

You know I've won prizes

for my pig's feet
and fried okra.

Perhaps you could cater
my ex-husband's wife's sweet 16.

Why don't you make yourselves

and I'll see you
right after the ceremony.

Thank you.

You even look better
from the back.


I was just agreeing with you.


Ah, winnie-poo.

Honey, I got to say

that even in the midst
of this capitalist excess

this disgusting display
of conspicuous consumption

this exercise
in bourgeois exhibitionism

it's beautiful to see you.

You too, my prince.

So, Troy, is your BMW
a '92 or a '72?


It's winnifred.


It's okay.

Who are you?

I don't recall
hiring a reggae band.

No, this is my soulmate,
Shazza zulu.

Oh, really?

Now that I see
the two of you together

I realize how perfect
you are for each other.

Although I have a problem

with excessive lifestyle

you look good!

My, my, what a firm handshake.

A man's hands
offer a tiny inkling

of his soul's strength.

Indeed, indeed.

Would you mind sitting
in the back row

so your crowning glory
won't block anyone's view?

Reverend soams, reverend soams.

My favorite clergyman.

Sister Marion,
my favorite parishioner.

You look too young

to have a daughter
getting married.

Reverend, how you do go on.

Well, I certainly would like to.

Mrs. Gilbert.

Excuse me.

Ronald, Dwayne's roommate.

Tell me, where is he?

He apologizes,
but he's unable to attend.

Well, what a shame.


Remember, we line up
according to height.

As maid of honor, Kim

you're responsible
for taking whitley's bouquet.

Courtney, I've got it.

I am merely trying
to be of some help

to those unschooled in the ways

of miss Emily post.

Well, you sound

like miss Emily
sitting on a post.

She should be so lucky!

Well, pardon me for living.

Fire-breathing bride over here.

Man on the floor.


Get out!

Hey, look at that.


Hey, Kim.

What are you doing here?

I came to sneak a peak

and you look marvelous.

You look okay too, whitley.

Thank you, Ron.

Dwayne was unable to attend.

He's feeling a little
under the weather.

He sent his apologies, though

and I brought his gift.

How thoughtful of him.

Maybe you should go, Ron.

Save me a dance.

Bye-bye, dreamboat.

Hello, shipwreck.

Bye, dinghy.

You look beautiful, my sister.

I came up to tell you
how happy I am for you

and in spite of our many
philosophical differences

I really admire you, whitley.

Thank you, winnifred.

Is there a violin in the house?

Whitley, whitley, it's showtime.

How's my Princess?

Fine, daddy.

I am so proud of you.

I haven't done anything
for you to be proud of.

You're marrying a man
who can support you.


You have been
a wonderful daughter.

Ladies, 20 minutes
till curtain time.

Marion, it's a wedding,
not showtime at the Apollo.

Bridesmaids, please
man your battle stations.

I'd like Kim
to stay and help me.

I would probably be
of greater assistance.

I think not.


You do realize that
the next time I see you

you will be
Mrs. Byron Douglas.

Yes, mama.

Good-bye, my baby.

Girls, form a line.

See you downstairs, sweetheart.

I love you.

I love you.

I didn't get a chance
to give you this last night.

It's something blue.

It's beautiful.

Well, I have
my grandmother's earrings.

They're old and borrowed.

And my mother's bracelet...
That's something new.

And now your hankie...
I have something blue.

So it looks like I'm ready, huh?

Thanks to me.

Can you believe this day
has finally come?


Who would have thought
six months ago

when I broke up with Dwayne...

Who would have thought?

Well, I guess that's what life
is all about.

It's full of surprises.

That's why I feel
so... nauseated.

But nothing a little seltzer
won't cure.

Maybe you shouldn't...

Shouldn't what?

Maybe you shouldn't put
too many pins in your veil.


With too many pins

one could stick me in my head.

That would be disastrous

wouldn't it?

Can you help me
put this on, Kimmy?

I'd love to.


Good-bye, whitley Gilbert.

Mmm! Buns of steel.

I do love a man
in a morning coat.

Control your hormones, Gina.

It's a wedding.

Weddings are about hormones

and I am in the spirit.

Stay out of my way

when it's time
to catch the bouquet.

You know, honey,
maybe I should go call home

before the wedding starts.

No. It's all right.

Go Kim!

Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today

in the sight of god
and this company

to join this man and this woman
in holy matrimony.


Who's giving the bride away?

I do.

You may do so now.

But before I begin

I can't resist the urge
to share a memory of the bride

whom I've known

since I dipped
her diminutive form

in the baptismal font.

Wake me when this is over.

Byron, whitley has always been
a woman who knew her own mind

and with her as a wife

ye shall never want.

Even as a small child

she was an expert fund-raiser

at my church.

My baby.

At five, she was known to say
in a booming voice

to those who put change
in my collection plate

"I don't want to hear
the clank of quarters.

Only the rustle of bills,
and a check will do."

My baby! Yes!

And as her husband, Byron

I trust that you will nurture
her faith in miracles

making the impossible happen.

That's whitley's strength
and her beauty.

Oh, she's so lovely!


Mama, mama...

It's going to be okay.

It's okay.

We'll see you
after the ceremony.

Matrimony is an honorable estate
instituted by god

and, therefore, should not be
entered into unadvisedly

or lightly,
but reverently, discreetly

advisedly, soberly

in the fear of god.

Mm-hmm, that's it.

Into this holy estate

these two persons present
come now to be joined.

If there is any man
who can show just cause

why they may not lawfully
be joined together

let him now speak

or forever hold their peace.



Will thou have this woman
to be thy wedded wife?

To live together
after god's ordinance

in the holy estate of matrimony?

Will thou love her

comfort her, honor and keep her

in sickness and in health

and forsaking all others

keep thee only unto her

so long as ye both shall live?

I will.


Will thou have this man
to be thy wedded husband?

To live together
after god's ordinance

in the holy estate of matrimony?

Will thou love him, comfort him,
honor and keep him

in sickness and in health

forsaking all others

keep thee only unto him

so long as ye both shall live?



Baby, this is your cue
to say, "I will."

Whitley, what's wrong?

Baby, speak up.


You all right?

Why ain't she talking?

Go on, reverend, go on.

I can't until she responds.

Well, she means "yes."

Well, she's got to say "yes."

I will.

Will you?

Blessed are those

who ask the questions.

Whitley, I love you

and I want you to be my wife.

What are you doing?!

I'm sorry! I love her.

Die! Just die!

Will you have me, Dwayne,
as your lawfully wedded husband

from this day forth

to have and to hold,
in richer, for poorer?

Baby please!

I do.

Wait, wait!

You all heard it.

You heard it.

She said an, "I do."

But to whom?!

I... I'm sorry, Byron.


No, whitley!

Is anybody getting
married here today?

Hey, hey, hold it!

Yes, we're getting married.

I'm Dwayne.

By the powers vested in me

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

Do it, boy.

Wait! Wait!

What is going on here?

Hi, ma.

"Hi, ma"?