A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 24 - Save the Best for Last: Part 1 - full transcript

As Whitley prepares for life with Byron, she is left torn after Dwayne visits her on the night before her wedding day.

That's a pretty fancy box there,

What's in it?

Wedding gift for whitley.

Check it out, check it out.

Nice, huh?

What in the hell is that?

Are you just going to throw it

through the church window
with a note attached?

No, she's having
a garden wedding.

So you're just going to hurl it

straight at brother Byron?

I'm going to hurl it at you.

This is a little egg

that whitley and I saw
in a department store.

We were going to buy it
for our first apartment.

I want her to have it.

Her and her senator hubby.

He'll like it too.

Why torture yourself
going to the nuptials?

I was invited.

You were also once engaged

to the bride-to-be.

Yes, and now we're friends.


And what, man?

I can handle the idea
of whitley marrying Byron.

Can you handle the reality?

Listen to me.

I'm a grown man.

I make my own decisions

and I've decided that
I'm going to this wedding.

Well, go ahead.

It's your world.

I'm just visiting.

When does that tour bus
depart from my business?

No need to get testy.

I'm just looking out for you.

I appreciate it.

Did you get them a gift?

Oh, but of course.

You got them some cash.

No, just a card.

Simplicity says it best.

It says you're cheap.

Now you know that Kim's
graduation gift

kind of tapped me out.

The gift so magnificent

you haven't decided
to give it yet.

I bet you I give it to her
before she marries

somebody else.

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Far out, man.

How can a family

so insensitive
to flora and fauna

have such a beautiful garden?

It's called a gardener.

Whitley's family's
got serious bank.

Can you believe that our sister
is getting married tomorrow

right here
in mother nature's bosom?

Hi, I'm whitley's cousin,

Which one of you spinsters
is the maid of honor?

I won the coin toss.

Kim Reese.

You know, whitley
was my maid of honor

just seven months ago.

I hope you know

you're bucking a long-standing
family tradition.


Girls! I'm sorry
I couldn't meet you.

I was in the kitchen.

Introducing me
to the cook, queenie.

Do you do anything
on your own here?

Where is that
wedding coordinator?

This event is tres desorganise.

It's fine.

We can have
the wedding rehearsal

without Mrs. Godfrey.

Seeing as I was married

seven months, three weeks
and two days ago

to dear myron...

Which rhymes with Byron...

I'm more than qualified

to step in and steer
this rushed affair.

First, my medication.

If you'll excuse me

all this pollen
is making my face swell.

Pardon me.

You did give your mama
the right address?

Yes, yes.

She's going to adore you.

If she doesn't,
you'll be in trouble

because she likes everybody.

When are the ushers coming?

Soon, Gina.

Are they fine?

Yes, Gina.

Are they single?

Yes, Gina.

Knowing you, they've got jobs.

Yes, Gina.

Sister, sister,
I got to talk to you, please.

Listen, everything is...
It's perfect.

It's really so beautiful.

I just have one
little itty-bitty concern.

Please don't throw rice.

It chokes little birds.

It... it's tradition, Freddie.

So is being a virgin
on your wedding night.

Where is
that wedding coordinator?

The woman of the hour!

It's about time.

It certainly is.

I was going
to cancel your check.

What's the going rate
for a mother-in-law?


Yes, whitley.

My mother, imogene Douglas.

It certainly is a pleasure
to meet you.

Byron said you were gorgeous.

I'm so sorry about that.

My wedding coordinator
is a little late, you're
a little early...

Hush, child, you are forgiven.

Byron, look at you.

A senator and husband
all in one month.

Your father would be so proud.

I know he'll be looking down
on this blessed event.

Oh, mama, now.

My mama sends her apologies.

This event has been
overwhelming for her.

She's spending
the night in the spa.

Well, I'm sure she's just
as lovely as you are, dear.

Where's your powder room,

Oh, yes, ma'am.

Through these doors

up the stairs and to the right.

She's lovely, Byron,
just lovely.

Why can't I think

before my lips start a-flapping?

Just relax.

Mama's going to be fine.

Ushers in the house.


Eyes this way, my friend.

This way, this way.

How you doing, man?

I'm good, how are you?

Whitley, this is
my brother, Troy.

Just call me
"Helen of."

Congratulations on your degree.

What kind of law
will you specialize in?

Troy will specialize
in family law in New York.

Prenuptials, custody cases,
ugly divorces.

I gots to get paid.

You must be hungry, Troy.

Come on, let me introduce you
to the cook, queenie.

You can have good
southern-fried cooking.

Kimmie, I'm getting married!

Isn't this exciting?

Everything is so lovely.

Did I tell you
governor Wilder is a maybe?

He is single, girl.

Just think, girls

24 hours from now,
this garden will be filled

with the most prominent members
of the community.

Eating, mingling, ogling me

in the most beautiful dress
you've ever seen.

And when the party is over,

Where is my mind?

I left my Nana's earrings.

Oh, my goodness, I can't
get married without them.

Where are they, whitley?

In my jewelry box
in my apartment...

Back on campus.

It's all right.

I'll go get them.

It's 45 minutes away.

You're going to miss
the rehearsal.

I'll live.


You're a perfect maid of honor.


I've got my gift,
my purse, my keys.

You've got plenty of breast milk
in the refrigerator.

Breast milk?
Whose is it?

One guess.

Oh, my goodness.

How did you
get them into
those little
bottles? Eww!

Maybe I shouldn't go.

You don't want to miss

whitley Gilbert's
bachelorette party.

Well, I'm just a little nervous.

This is my first time
leaving the baby.

Well, it's my first
time babysitting.

I'm just kidding.

It's just a little joke.

You just keep her upstairs

and away from
Byron's bachelor party.

I hear you.

If it's anything like
the one piccolo went to

it is going to be scandalous.

I want a full report.

Okay, it's five bucks extra

if you want me to spy

and ten if you want pictures.

Mama, it was just a rehearsal.

But it was so beautiful.

I don't know if I can
take it tomorrow.

I hope you can, mama Douglas

'cause we'll be videotaping it.

She's lovely.

Just lovely.

Queenie's cake
is still delicious.

You know, speaking of delicious

where is that fine mother
of yours?

She's at the spa,
but she'll be here tomorrow.

She's looking forward
to seeing you, reverend soams.

Well, thank you.

Remember those vows.

Yes, sir. Yes, we will.

The video man's coming
at 1:00.

The photographer
from jet will be here.

We've picked our scriptures,
kimmie's getting my earrings...

Hello, hello, hello?
Remember me?

The man spending

the next 50 years with you?

50? You're not dying on me
that soon, are you?

You're right.

I plan to grow
very old with you.

I'm your fountain of youth,

Ooh, talk that talk.

You know, I'm sure
there will not be

one dull day with you,
Mrs. Douglas.

Mrs. Byron Douglas III.

Has a nice ring to it.

Almost as nice as the ring

I'm going to put
on your finger tomorrow.

Will you, whitley Gilbert

take me to be your
lawfully wedded husband?

I do.

Say it again.

- I do.
- And again.

- I do.
- And again.

I do.

Yeah, who is it?

It's Kim.

Kim... Kim!

It's Kim.



Hi there, Kim.


How are you?


I thought you were in Richmond.

I came to pick up something
for whitley

but you and I need to talk.

Do we have to do it
in such bright lights?

I cannot believe this...

The night before the wedding

and nobody's called it off.

Girl's really going
through with it, huh?

Yeah. I don't think
she's over Dwayne.

Can't you talk
some sense into her?

Last time I opened my mouth

Dwayne and whitley
broke off their engagement.

That's my point exactly.


Yeah, yeah.

You are so devious.

Except when it...
Comes to you.

Is that right?

Remember when I told you
that I was going to, uh...

Prove myself to you?

I hope you don't think
you're going to do it in there.

Not yet, but...

When I opened up my heart to you

I also opened up
a Kim Reese account

and here are the fruits
of my labor.

I hope they're helpful in yours.

How sweet.

You better open that bag.

I hear these telescopes

are all the rage
at medical school.




So, uh...

What's the prognosis,
Dr. Reese?

I think whitley and Dwayne

could definitely benefit
from one of these.

Oh, isn't that special?

Yes, it is, girl.

I figured I'd get her
something practical.

That way,
if she gets stood up again

she can still use it.

Kimmy, what took you
so long?

I took the scenic route.

What scenic route?

I'll tell you later.

You're a lifesaver.

Girls, these earrings
have been in my family

for five generations.

They've walked
down many an aisle.

I couldn't break that tradition.

I'm glad
I never got to wear them

'cause everyone who has
is now dead or single.

one more little snide remark

and you're going to your room.

So just shut up.

Thank you so much
for my presents, ladies.

Well, we saved
the best for last.

you promised me no stripper!

Oh, I lied.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Come on.

This is highly
inappropriate behavior

for the wife of a senator.


I ain't married yet.

Go whitley!

No... no, dear, no.

I haven't heard
any crying at all.

Lena's taking care of the baby?

Yes... good golly! Lordy.

What's the matter?

No, I wasn't talking
to you, dear, no.

Oh, dear, dear, dear.

How does she do that?

It sounds like you guys

are having a party
over there too.

Yeah, I guess
you could call it that.

That's great, that's great.

Oh, my goodness, well...

I just gave birth.

Get away from me.


What was that?


No, honey, I'll call you back.

Yeah, I love you more.

Call you right back, honey.

Oh, lord.

It feels so good
to have a state senator

who won't renege
on his campaign promises.

If your education bill
gets passed...

Dwayne, Dwayne, Dwayne

use your eyes.

This is my bachelor party,
and you are boring me!

I'm boring you?

Just remember
what I said about that.

Come up for air, brother.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about
your vacuum cleaner imitation.

I like Byron.

I'm not the petty man you are.

I like Byron too

but he's not marrying
my woman tomorrow.

All right, everybody,
grab a glass.

I'd like to make a toast

to my big brother, the senator.

I'll drink to that.

A man without whom
I would have appeared

an angel in my parents' eyes.

A man who can do no wrong

and has continued
in that tradition by marrying

one of the most beautiful,
intelligent ladies I ever met.

Come to think of it,
how did you do that, Byron?

I just got it like that,
that's all.

Hear, hear to Byron.

Hear, hear to me

for making
these slammin' pina co-ladas.


Dwayne, you cutting out?

Yeah, man,
I don't need to be here.

Where you going?


Be cool, man.


Excuse me, excuse me.

I hate to...

Lady in the house.

I hate to interrupt

but did anybody see
any milk in the refrigerator?

Yeah, I used that

to make these
slammin' pina co-ladas!


That was breast milk, Ron.



Why don't you go to bed?

What are you still doing up?

I was going
through my jewelry box

and I came across
this little pink piece of paper

with some vows
that I wrote for Dwayne.

Seems like a lifetime ago.

You were in love with him
three months ago.

I spent the night with him.

There's a difference.

For men, maybe.
For you, no.

Are you awake?

Are you listening to me?

I'm not in love
with Dwayne anymore.


You know what's best for you.

Now I do.

Look, I'm sorry
I haven't been very supportive

these last few weeks.

What are you talking about,

You're very supportive.

You're the most giving person
I know.


But what happens

when that person
who needs me most

gets married
and doesn't need me anymore?

Fiddle-faddle, Kim.

I'll always need you.

All right, all right.

Break it up.

It is past your bedtime.

You need your beauty sleep.

I'm not going to have
aunt Marian fussing

'cause your eyes
are toting shopping bags.

A veil can only hide so much.

We better get some sleep.

Tomorrow's a big day.

I've got it, queenie.

Who is it?


What are you doing here?

I don't know.

I, uh...

I jumped in my car
and I started driving.

The next thing you know

I was on the i-95
headed to Richmond.

I don't know anybody else
in the neighborhood

so here I am.

I don't believe this.

I do not believe this.

Whitley, I know it's late,
but what I have to say

cannot wait
until tomorrow morning...

Do not do this to me.

Listen to me.

Tomorrow you're going to be...

You're going to be
Mrs. Byron Douglas.

I just want to spend
a few moments alone

with whitley Gilbert.

All right.


When we were together,
I made a lot of mistakes

but I never meant to hurt you.

It seems despite
all our good intentions, Dwayne

we, we...

Keep hurting each other
over and over.


I didn't realize

that I was putting
so much pressure on you.

As much as I hate to admit it

it's exactly what I needed
to get my act together.


You know, you set a standard...

And I couldn't hang.

I wasn't quite ready.

When I first came to hillman,
you know, I was Joe knucklehead

goofy freshman
with flip-up glasses.

Couldn't buy a date.


But I ended up with you...

Free of charge.

The woman I couldn't stand

became my... my best friend,
my girl, my lover

even though you challenged me
every step of the way, babe.

Well, you know me,
all or nothing.

Well, you better not change.


I thought that I would always
be dependant on a man.

I thought that's just the way
it was going to be

but you taught me
how to depend on myself.

You taught me how to love,

You taught me how to love.

If we were all that
to each other

why didn't
our relationship work?

Yeah, I don't know either.


I always knew

you'd make
a beautiful bride, whitley.