A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 23 - Special Delivery - full transcript

Byron's opponent brings details of a stripper in Byron's past to light but Byron refuses to fight back, and just wants to discuss the issues. Byron wins the election and proposes to Whitley which upsets Dwayne. Jaleesa gives birth...

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Only 48 hours to go.

Now, I know you're all exhausted

but the good news is,
we have hutchinson on the run.

Oh, wait, wait.
Here's a campaign

A scandal has erupted in
the campaign for State Senate.

Exotic dancer "Amber waves"
has come forward

with a story of her alleged
liaison with one candidate.

He was in Washington

at some women's rights

I was in a hotel room

delivering a personalized
strip-o-gram for Mr. Douglas

or as I called him
"never can say good-Byron."

We'll have a live remote
from the Douglas headquarters.

What mind could sink that low?

We're not going to stand
for this, are we, Byron?

Where did they find her?

Central casting.

She doesn't even look like
a stripper.

Oh, yes, she does.

Mr. Douglas, Mr. Douglas,
can I get a statement?

Not right now.

It's all right.
Come on in.

I'm here live at
the Byron Douglas headquarters.

Mr. Douglas, how do you respond
to the allegations?

I will not turn this campaign

into an exercise in mudslinging

but I will challenge my opponent

to a debate on the issues.

Andrea depriest has the senator

at his campaign headquarters.

Senator hutchinson,
how do you respond?

A debate would be
the icing on the cake

but of course,
with Mr. Douglas involved

let's just hope
no one jumps out of that cake.

Debate. That is
perfect, Byron.

Now you can set
the record straight.

I will debate the issues
and leave my personal life out.

Don't worry, Byron.

I know you didn't do it.

Okay, let me have one more bowl
of that 12-alarm chili.

That spicy food...

That will get me
to the delivery room.

Brad, yeah, you better
come down here and get her.

Yeah, I don't have
that kind of insurance.

I do admire Byron's principle,
but how can he stand by

while someone's slinging dung
all over his good name?

Well, whitley,
it's his name, not yours

and you need to trust him
and respect him sticking
to the issues.

I do trust him.

Did you notice
how he didn't dignify

those allegations
with any... plausible excuse?


And how he used silence
as a political weapon

instead of backpedaling

with some kind
of reasonable explanation?


He never really came out

and said, "my, I never met
that woman," did he?

Uh, nope.

Ron, I need to discuss

a political matter
with you, please.

Oh, well,
politics is not my forte.

I got to find that stripper.

Oh, well, then, let me lend
my considerable expertise.

Where is that stripper?
I told you, you can't
trust these people.

We're going to be late
for the debate now.

You did pay her, didn't you?

She'll be here.

She probably got
her tassel caught in...

I don't want to hear it.

Telegram for Denzel.


You told me
to make sure she showed up.

I am so sorry
to drag you into this.

Hi. I'm looking for Denzel.

That's me.

And don't tell me...

You're Wesley snipes.

Hey, you're getting paid,
aren't you?


That will be enough.

let the woman do her job.

We are here
to discuss politics, Ronald.

Well, you must be Republicans.

We work
for Byron Douglas' campaign.

I'm out of here.

Just how much
is Mr. Hutchinson paying you?

If I have to hurt you

it's extra.

You're still on the clock,
baby doll

so sit your... dangles
on down in that chair.


What I do is my business.

Not when you're slandering
a decent politician.

There is no such thing.

Nothing like stepping
on people to make a buck.

He knows from where he speaks.

I'm not going to apologize
to anybody for trying

to feed my kids.

Strippers have children.

And you're working for a man

who never passed
a child care bill?

What is she running for?


I have never
even met hutchinson.

I dealt with his woman
in their hotel room.

His wife.

The redhead with glasses.

His wife doesn't even have
red hair.

Family man hutchinson

got a little something
on the side.

Oh, oh, miss?

Miss... ma'am...

Um, you and Byron were never in

a hotel room really, were you?

Yes, we were.

Anything else you want to know?

No. That will be all.

Excuse me.

How do you make the tassels

go different directions?

Percentage of unemployed

as of the last fiscal quarter

was three point...

No, Byron, 3.4.

Mr. Douglas?

Ron, I got the skinny
on the fat cat.

I'd like to wish you
the very best of luck.

I mean that sincerely.

Nice tie.

Mine's not so telegenic

but it was given to me
by my lovely wife

and my five children
for father's day.

I like to keep it
close to my heart.

We struck gold.

Mama's maid, mamie,
got confirmation

from hutchinson's maid, Sadie

- that he's doing his campaign manager.
- What?

Wait a minute.
I have a picture.

Look at the way she wears
that dental floss.

Can I have this
when you're done?

Byron, this is so important.

I have some great information.

I got in touch with Amber waves.


You believed that story?

Well... you didn't deny it.

But anyway, the point is...

The point is
that my staff sent me

a strip-o-gram for my birthday.

She danced, she left.

That's all that happened

and you are
way out of line on this.

Please take your seats.

Mr. Douglas to the podium.

Byron, wait...

Less than ten percent
of the women on welfare

have more than three children.

Only 1.5 percent of the state
budget goes to welfare.

The so-called "welfare queens"
sapping your tax dollars

are a mere figment

of my opponent's imagination.

Our real enemy
is the glaring disparity

in school aid
between rich districts

and poor districts.

My three-part program
would... one

increase state sales tax
by one-half percent

thereby creating revenues

for poorer districts.

Two, appoint
an emergency task force

to study the most cost effective
use of medical dollars

and three, establish
statewide centers

for the homeless
and the unemployed.

The greatest natural resource
in the state of Virginia

is her people.

Let's not let them go to waste.

Well, unfortunately,
my opponent's three-part plan

is one-part fantasy
and two-parts naivete.

In my district

the unemployment rate
is only two percent.

Uh, correction, senator.

As of last month,
it Rose to 3.4 percent

but in my mind

one person out of work
is one too many.

Well, be that as it may, uh...

I'm... well, I...


Well, let me just say this
in closing.

The denizens
of this fair district

are faced with a choice...

My 24-year record of leadership

steeped in faith
and family values

or this fly-by-night

with his focus
on facts and figures.

Now, when I say figures

I am not talking
about percentage points.

Now, it has come to my attention

that Mr. Douglas,
my esteemed opponent...

A striptease aficionado...

Is involved with a sex kitten

who has cavorted
with at least one other

that we know of
in the Douglas camp.

A woman who is involved
in a sexual harassment scandal

an African-American woman

whose ancestors
have owned slaves.

Well, Mr. Douglas...

Just what is it that goes on
in your headquarters?

Sounds like bedlam to me.

Well, first of all...

Let me say, senator

that it's my privilege

to be associated
with whitley Gilbert

and secondly, senator hutchinson

if you spent as much time
on the affairs of state

as you do on my personal affairs

we would not be faced

with overcrowded classrooms,
beaches defiled

with toxic waste,
inadequate health care

shelters filled with homeless,
staggering unemployment

corruption in
the local government.

How could you
let that slime bucket

get away with that, Byron?

What is wrong with you?

Don't you want to win
this damn election?

You found the stripper.

Now you're telling me
how to run things.

I was trying to help you.

You have to fight fire
with fire, Byron.

That's the only way
I know how to fight.



but that is the name
of the game these days.

What are you going
to tell your constituents

when they're homeless
and jobless

and under hutchinson
for another four years?

That you lost honorably?

Well, maybe
we'll start a new trend.

Maybe this time
the nice guys will win.

Excuse me,
Mr. Douglas.

How do you respond
to these latest allegations?

I don't.

He don't.

Back to you, Jess.

Look, we've been
through this a thousand...

Just one more time.

All right.

All right, okay.

Oh, god.

Oh, baby.


So when the contractions...

Slow down. Slower.

When the contractions
are five minutes apart

we go to the hospital, okay

and you will push,
push, push, push

and I'll be there, all right?

And then, the doctor will...

Come on.

Clear the mucus
from his little mouth and nose

and then I will cut
the umbilical cord.

Oh, my god, no.

Oh, baby,
there are tears in your eyes.

Six, seven and eight.

One, two, three...

Jaleesa, why can't we
just watch the TV

and look at the videos?

This is not a spectator sport

so just keep dancing.

Okay, jaleesa, bust this.

There you go.

Okay, stay there
and I'll get it.

Freddie, you're here.

How long can you stay?

I came
to borrow your video camera.

I want to capture
election night...

Be part of the process.

Ooh! Oh, Freddie!

I think you are.

I'm having my first contraction.

Wait. Contraction,
as in baby?

Terrence, call your father.

He should be
at the campaign headquarters.

Right. Call dad.

Okay, I am going
to burn some sage

to balance the vibrations.

Uh, jaleesa.

The line is busy.

Shouldn't we call your doctor?

No, I think we'll be okay.

We should have plenty of time.

Let me try it.

I don't think
I'll have another contraction

for at least
another 15 or 20... oh!

Okay! Okay! Okay!

Okay, sister, I got you.

Take it easy.

Hello. Yes?

Douglas for senate headquarters.

Whoever you are

you should
be ashamed of yourself!

Oh, god, he hung up!

Come on, sit her down.

Come on, sister.

You're doing all right.

Terrence, go run
and get your father.

Right, jaleesa.

Come on, my sister.

- Easy does it.
- I feel better now.

Ron and Kim
are going to be here any second.

Freddie, we can't wait for them.

They're late and I'm early.

Here. This is for the baby.

You can use it
till he gets here.

That's very sweet, Terrence.

Now go and get your father!

Oh, god. Okay.

Freddie, I want you
to call 911, please.



What's the number?

How we doing?

Well, it's pretty close.

Right now, it's neck and redneck

but we still got
a few hours to go.

We're going to get him.

How you holding up, man?

Well, I tell you what.

Six months ago

all I wanted to do
was win the election.

Now I'm not sure
it was even worth it.

Stop it, stop it.

Excuse me, miss Gilbert.

You're the eye at the center

of this campaign storm.

As the election
hangs in the balance

is there anything you'd like
to get off your chest?

There's been a lot
of muckraking in this election

and it's all come
from one direction.

Meanwhile, important issues

like taxes, health care,
the environment

have been buried
in a political mud slide.

Byron Douglas believes

that we should focus
on the issues

and I agree with him.

If you'll excuse me,
I have to go vote.

Hope you do too.

The doctor is going
to meet you at the hospital.

I want you to think white light.

Stop talking and keep walking.

Come in.

You ready, Fred?

Jaleesa's having her baby.

The baby baby?


Relax, Ron, okay?

Jaleesa, is your bag packed?

Do you have your lamaze kit?

Yes. It's upstairs
by the bedroom door.

I'll get it.

Have you been timing
the contractions?

Yes, they've been coming
about every two...

Get her to the hospital.

No. We should...

Stop it!

Do something, Kim!

You got to do something!

Dr. Reese, you're on!

Do something.

You're the doctor.

Kim! Kim!

Oh, no!

Hey, hey, hey

hey, hey...


No, no...




Mr. Gaines:
We got the baby!

Send her our love.

I know how difficult it was

for you to do
what you did with the reporters.

To be quiet?

- No, to suppress your instincts.
- TV reporter: The polls have closed

And with 90%
of the votes tabulated

we have an upset.

The 24-year incumbent
has been defeated.

We did it.

We won, man.

Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!

Speech! Speech!



First of all

I want to thank you

for all your support
and your energy

and I only hope
that I turn out to be

the kind of senator
that you deserve.

Please forgive me

for rephrasing
my campaign slogan, but...

Without your help,
which was invaluable

I would be invisible.

Now, there's only...

There's only one thing

that would make
this victory complete

and that would be, uh...

If you would be my wife.



Right here?

In front of all these people?

Well, I want everyone to know
how much I love you.

Don't you have a comment?


Yes, you have a comment

or yes, you'll marry me?


Look. The baby's got my toes.

I should have been there.

Yeah, but you got my video.

That's the next best thing.

Thanks, Freddie.


Hi, baby.

Look, look.

Watch this.

Sweetheart, sweetheart,
we were there.



Next time, I will be too.

Next time?

Why don't you
just give me a minute, okay?

I'll give you
the rest of my life.

I love you, jaleesa.

And I love you too.

I love you too, baby.

We'll see you guys
at the hospital.

Bye, y'all.

We'll be seeing you.

Bye, Mr. Gaines.


Congratulations to both of you.

Thank you.

So, uh, when's the wedding?

Well, we haven't had
a minute to discuss it

but I don't believe
in long engagements.

And I don't believe
in keeping the senator waiting.