A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 22 - Love Taps - full transcript

Events take a tragic turn at the dorm when Lena suspects a rapper named Dion is abusing Gina.

Hey, Lena.

What's up, home?

It befuddles me, Lena.

How is it that a rap concert
invokes more enthusiasm

than an upcoming election?

Maybe Byron should rap
his next speech.

And you know that.

Quit now, Whitney Gilbert.

You'll never be legit.


I'm very proud of my man.

I can't remember
seeing him this excited.

Gina, he gets excited
when he sees a miniskirt.

Oh, girl, you just jealous

because my man is popular
and yours is...

Oops, you don't have one.

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I'll kick the rest
at the concert.

If you all ain't there

you all ain't down, that's all.

That was smooth,
but tell me something.

Don't raps like that
diss the sisters?

Oh, man, what are you..?

You know, if you dedicate
your next rhyme to me

I'll put you
on my best friend list.


I'm sorry,
what was you saying, troop?

Oh, I was saying...



Oh, what a majestic sight
to behold.

Such grace, such charm...

Such bull.

Gina, watch your purse, baby.

I gave at the office, Ron.

Gina, I come in the spirit
of generosity.

I want to do your boyfriend
a solid.

He needs a job.

I know.

With my dedication
and I'm down's appeal

we could be living fat.

Dion, Ron wanted
to ask you about...

A job.

Yeah. My card.

"Ron John's
concert promotion."

Hey, and if that doesn't work

I also do the electric slide
while I mop.

All right, all right,
enough already.

I tell you what.

Let's see some of your hype
in action.

I'll be like the Don King
in the "thrilla in Manila."

Hey, yo, yo, yo, check this out.


Keep working on it, man.

Right on.

Why, thank you.

Our motto is,
"service in a flash

when you paying with cash."

Business is booming, man.

Think it will sell out?

Like my dad always said

"Washington's face
is on the dollar

but it got my name on it."

Your pop sounds chill.

Mine says rap is for punks
too lazy to get a real job.

He'll get over it.

No, not him.

My pop used to feel
the same way about my music.

He should.

Girl friends, I know it is
not in my nature to show off

but just this once...

Ah-ha! Hoo!

Look at this bruise.

Oh, girl, coffee table.

Y'all like my shoes?
Dion picked them out.

Did you keep the receipt?

Hey, my sisters.

I witnessed a crime last night.

I saw a woman being beaten.


I was on the roof
having my moon meditation

and then I hear this noise

and I see this man and he grabs
this woman by her hair

and he drags her down
to the ground.

Did you see who it was?

It was too dark, but I yelled
and then he took off

and the sick part is
that she limps off

after him.

That tofu you're eating
is giving you nightmares.

I just said that I saw
a woman being beaten.

I demand that you call
an emergency dorm meeting.

What if it was somebody
that we know?

Freddie, if something like that
was going on in my dormitory

I would know about it.

Aren't you forgetting
that e.H. Wright didn't believe

your sexual harassment claims

Dorm meeting at 8:00.

Thank you.

All right.

There are still
a few tickets left

for all you last-minute losers

but as they say,
better late than no jam at all.

You know what I'm saying.

Hey, Gina.


Hey, yo, t,
don't you got to jet?

Oh, no.

Hey, yo, t,
don't you got to jet?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, jet, yeah.

Hey, honey dip.

You sporting those kicks.
I likes.

They didn't have black.

Yeah, but you still got it
going on.

What do you say I make
your favorite tonight?

Steak, mashed potatoes, corn...

I know you like that corn.

I'll even take it
out of the tin this time.

A brother can't get
his girl to smile?

Um, Freddie saw us last night.

She knows what happened.

Who did she tell?


But she didn't see our faces.

Dion, why do I make you
so angry?

It's not you.

I'm sweating this concert.

My whole career's
riding on this.

What if my father's right?

What if I am a loser?

You are not a loser.

You know, before I came
to school this semester

he decked me
'cause I wouldn't quit rapping.

I just want to prove him wrong

but those talent scouts
might not even like me.

They'll love you.

You're the best.

You see why I love you?

Gina, I'll never,
never touch you again

unless it's like this.

Just make sure Ron don't be
hanging on you no more.

Ron? We're just friends.

Well, your friends
shouldn't be whispering

in my girl's ear.

Why do you think
I hired him anyway?

Look, I like to keep
my girl close

and my enemies even closer.

The only time
you're affectionate

is when we're alone.

I'm supposed
to put on a show for you

and your skeeze friends?

Hold up. My friends
are not skeezes.

Oh. So you the only one?

I've got homework to do.

Who you studying with?

Don't... don't walk away
from me.

You're hurting me.
Let go.

Let go! Let go!

If you can get into
a bad relationship

you can get out.

If you can't come to me

seek help elsewhere, please.

Freddie will be passing out

a hot line calling card...

That is right, my sisters.

You must never be ashamed
to say, "hey, I am in trouble."

Battery is the leading
cause of injury

among women.

Let's called this what this is.

This is not a domestic dispute.

It is an act of violence.

It is a crime.

Excuse me!

It's your life
I'm talking about, all right?

Pay attention!

It's getting a little late.

Yes, Kimberly.

Thank you, winifred.

Ladies, I really hope

you take what we said tonight
to heart... please.

Meeting adjourned.

Good meeting!

Thank you, ladies.

Spread the word.

That was a success.

Half the people didn't show up.

They'll talk about it tonight

but come morning,
they'll be on something new.

Miss Lena, you're always
such an inspiration.

Anything for you, doll.

Excuse me.

Oh! Girl,
you startled me.

I'm so tired,
I got to go to bed.

Come here.

Wait a minute.

What happened to your eye?

Oh, girl, I got into this fight

with this girl in Brooks hall.
I don't want everyone to know.

What's her name?
Where's she at?

Don't worry about it.
She gone, she gone.

You got into a fight
and didn't want to tell me?

Stop with the third degree,

Gina, if we're as tight
as I think we are

you will tell me
what the real deal is.

Maybe we're not that tight.

Well, you think
Dion would tell me?

That was you that Freddie saw

wasn't it?

That is not your business...

How did you get that
bruise on your leg?

I told you,
I bumped into my desk.

Gina, I thought you said
the coffee table.

It was just an accident, okay?

He's just nervous
about the concert.

So that gives him reason
to hit you?

I'm not asking you
to understand.

If you want to be my friend,
keep this quiet.

You are in trouble.

It's my trouble...

Not yours,
not anybody else's, okay?

You got it?

Yeah, I got it.



Well, if it isn't
little Stevie wonder.


Can I have a hamburger?

Why don't we make that
a steak, rare?

Forget it.
Excuse me.

If you loved yourself
as much as those new shoes

maybe you wouldn't need
those shades.

I don't need your steak,
your advice

or that funky little attitude.

What was that all about?

I am so worried about her.

I promised
I wouldn't say anything

but she is in real trouble.



Remember that little situation

that Freddie was talking about?


Oh, come on.

Gina would scratch his eyes out.

Well, she didn't.

I'm down?

You got it.

Kimberly Reese,
if things continue to flow

I'm going to be
the first drumming

concert-promoting businessman.

I'm talking limos, condos,
and you by my side.

You still got the magic touch.

She looks thrilled.

Something really serious
is going down with Gina.

Kim, please,
that's between me and you.

Some things
shouldn't be kept a secret.

What's going on?

I'm down, Dion

or whatever he calls himself

has been beating her.


Where did that come from?


She's got a black eye,
a bruised leg

and who knows what else?

Did you hear this from Gina?


We talk.
Of course.

And I've been promoting
that punk.

Kim, I want you to know

if you were Ron's woman,
I'd never beat you.

Is that a selling point?

Uh, well...

Speak of the sucker.

I need to have a little talk
with this brother.

Excuse me.

Can I talk to you?

I've always got time

for the man who makes me money.

Rumor has it that you get
off beating sisters...

Namely Gina.

Yeah? Says who?

A reliable source.

Them tired babes in there?

The little one's mad
'cause I won't give her no play

and the other one... Kim?

She's mad 'cause...

I won't give her no play.


I may be short

but my foot is long
and ready to be fired.

That's right... fired.

How about quit, punk?

You get off beating women?

Let's see how you do
against a man.

Slow up, Ron.

You better listen, short rib.

You're campaigning
for a butt-whopping

and you're about to get elected.

If you got problems
controlling your temper

there's places you can go.

Look, you need to go somewhere

with that Oprah Winfrey mess.

Y'all are soft.

Allow me
to raise your consciousness

with a poem
by the late pat Parker.

"Brother, I don't want to hear

"about how my real enemy
is the system.

"I'm no genius, but I do know

"that the system you hit me with
is called a fist."

Stay strong, my sisters. Peace.

All right, Freddie.

Amateur hour is over.

Thank you very much.

You won't get away
with what you did to Gina.

I'm dedicating a rap to you
at the concert.

It's called "you make me hot."

You make me sick.

Terrence, you should be
a little more particular

about the company you keep.

You know, I'm down, uh...

Everyone is tripping
off those rumors.

They just a bunch
of gossiping girls.

Yeah, yeah.

They're not telling the truth,
are they?

Oh, come on, troop.

Not you too?

Look, let me ask you something.

You ever hit a woman?


Be straight up.

All right,
well, once when I was nine, I...

Hit my cousin Wanda

but that's 'cause
she tried to kiss me.

Yeah? Well, when I was 14

I saw this guy
slapping around this woman

in the middle of the street

so I jump in, thinking
I'm going to help homegirl.

You know what she did?

She called the cops on me.

I learned two things from that.

Every brother
can lose it now and again.

Even my mom used to push
my dad to the limit.

And number two:

Whatever happens
between a man and a woman

is between that man
and that woman.

I'm trying to make sense of this

but I'm just not getting it.

That's 'cause
it doesn't make sense, Lena.

Gina, I need to talk to you.

Could we do it later?

I'm in a hurry.

I need to talk
to you now, honey.

You opened your mouth,
didn't you?

You are so two-faced.

She's your friend, Gina.

So am I.

It's not what you think,

Dion is the sweetest

most romantic guy
I've ever gone out with.

So I've heard.

He's just nervous
about the concert.

You know how I am...

I'm so self-centered

I'm always running off
at the mouth

and you know how I flirt.

There's no excuse
for what he did to you.

You're much smarter than this.

But he loves me...

And I don't want
to break up with him.

I just want him to stop...

Throwing jabs.

You're making
a big mistake, Gina

if you think
you can change that boy.

Well, I mean,
I can try, can't I?

Isn't love about sacrifices?

I mean, maybe I am being stupid

but I don't even care anymore.

I think you do, Gina.

I think you do care.

I think you're embarrassed
about that black eye.

Believe me,
I understand about sacrifices

but I'd rather sacrifice
my relationship

than my body...

Or my spirit.

Well... that's easy
for you to say.

I mean, you've always
got somebody.

That's right

and her name is whitley.


Do you really think

you need a man
who doesn't respect you?

I better not miss his call.

How about a refill?

No thanks, Mr. Gaines.

Now I know it's not my place

but it's old folks' nature
to butt in.

Mr. Gaines, I'm getting
too much of that lately.

I'll make it quick then.

Tell you a story
about my cousin ida Mae.

We grew up together.

Ida Mae was always saying

"I don't believe
my husband love me

unless he hits me
once a week."

Well, one day her husband
loved her to death

and we buried her last year.

Honey dip...

Can we go somewhere and talk?


It's okay, Lena.


Gina, I'll never trip on you
like that again.

I had no right
to get jealous over Ron.

I'm sorry.

If your apology's

going to be followed
by another fist

you can keep it.

It's not like that..!

Gina, I love you
more than I love myself.

Like Tina told ike,
"what's love got to do with it?"

Where you getting this?
Your friends?

They been butting in

'cause all of a sudden

people asking me
to refund their tickets

sisters talking about me
behind my back.

You trying to squash me?

I'm going to get counseling.

I need help, and so do you.

Says who? Freddie?

No, the mirror.

Maybe you should take a look.

We need to be alone.

Look, you all need
to mind your own business.

We just going to talk.

One of you call us?

What up with this?

I decided if someone's
hitting a sister

it is my business.

Not only do you rap
messed up lyrics

you live by them.


No, no.

I ain't going nowhere, troop.

They can't arrest me
for having an argument.

Miss, do you want
to file a complaint?

No one here has a complaint.

I do.


I want to fill out a report.

- Officer: Let's go.
- Gina.

Let's go.


You all right?

You know, you were right
all along.

I am much too cute
to be wearing these ugly shoes.