A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 3 - Interior Desecration - full transcript

Now living together for the first time, newlyweds Whitley and Dwayne clash over whose belongings they will use to furnish their apartment.

Have I told you how happy I am

with our new life together
in our new home?

Oh, baby, I'm happy too.

But tell the truth.
Don't you miss Ron?

About as much as I miss
your mother.

Hey, come here.

I miss our furniture.

When's he going to bring it?

Soon. He's not getting paid
till it's delivered.

I'm going to be late
for this conference.

I got to go, pookie.

Hey, whoa.

What's with this name tag?

"Hello, my name
is whitley Gilbert."

Whitley Gilbert
is my professional name.

Everybody knows me as Gilbert.

They'll have to get
used to you as Wayne.

That's who you are.

Whitley Wayne.

Doesn't really have
a "wing" to it.

Well, then, give me back
that wedding "wing."

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Four more.

Three more.

Two more.

And take it to the right.


Hey, hey!

Are you aware of the time?

It's 5:48 A.M.

I'm glad you're
a morning person too.

It's not morning yet.

Morning means sun.

Do you see any sun?

Have I disturbed you?

No, I was just laying here
for eight hours.

I'm sorry.

I just want this step routine
to be perfect.

Oh, it is perfect.

Perfect for knuckleheads.

You're right.

It's much more productive
to drool on your pillow

until 12 noon,
but to each her own.


Oh, Wesley, don't.

Dwayne, does this
look better here...

Or over here in the dining room?

Oh, baby, you don't want to hang
that "wish I was a warhol"

do you?

Nothing personal,
nothing personal.

This was given to me
by an up-and-coming artist.

Great. Let's up and hang it
in the garage.

Hey, somebody's mama's
out on the front yard

and doing some very
uncomfortable-looking exercises.

No, that's our landlady,
Desiree Porter.

She's a visiting professor.

Visiting from where, Neptune?

She's a very
well-respected authority

on dramatic literature.


I respect anybody
that can move like that.

She's pretty flexible

for an old girl.

Oh, my airplane.

That is a thing of beauty.

It's a thing of tetanus.

This airplane is special to me.

I made this when
I was a freshman.

It took me all semester

to drink this many beers.

Dwayne, I think...


Dwayne, I think we need
to pare down a bit.

I guess we're a little crowded.

I'll tag the things
we don't need.

Ron can get rid of them.

For an additional fee,
of course.

Of course.

Man, this love seat has seen
some good old times, hasn't she?


If these pillows could talk.

You'd be in some deep trouble.

Whoa, baby, what are you doing?

A public service.

Whitley, this couch
is very special to me.

Sentimental value.

Your first piece from
the salvation army?

In case you forgot

it was the first time
that me and you...


I thought the first time...


You got to go.

I'll see you later.

I'll pick up the rest
of this stuff later.

What did you tell that boy..?

He didn't tell me nothing.

Why do you want to get rid
of my love seat?

Do the words "horrific eyesore"
mean anything to you?

I just thought that my sofa
has seen less wear and tear.

But it's pink.

I don't think I can
live with a pink couch.

Can you try?

I think you might be able
to convince me a little more.

Hey, wait a second.

How come all my stuff is tagged
for the furniture graveyard?

Don't be ridiculous, Dwayne.

What's mine is yours,
and what's yours is gone.

Good morning.

I thought you were sleeping.

I've been up for quite a while.

I was just going to make...
Some hot...

Cakes. Hot cakes.

Freddie, I didn't get
much sleep last night.

I didn't either.

I couldn't stop thinking
about kissing you.

Good morning.

Kim, good morning.

Good morning, kimmie.

How did you sleep?

Just beautiful, wonderful.

I was peaceful.

How could you possibly have
a good night's sleep

on this couch?

It's really crowded here.

This place is too small.


The beauty of this morning
is enhanced by the memory

of last night's trip
to the motherland.

You know, it is
a little crowded in here.

And always too early

to wake up to the apostle
of negritude.

Forgive me, Kim, and excuse me.

Don't you want some coffee?

No, thanks.

I'll call you.

You'll ca..?

Freddie, what is wrong with you?

He clearly said
he didn't want any coffee.

I know you don't like the man,
but I expect you to be civil

as I am to this llama.


Did I stutter?

My sister, perhaps you would be
exhibiting less hostility

if you invited your guest
into your bedroom.

Wait a minute.

That is none of your business...

My king.

Damn, baby, maybe you need
to meditate more

on what life would be like
as a single woman.

I'm going back to bed.

What does Shazza do?

Excuse me, Kim.

He happens to be a...

A thinker and a visionary
and a seer and...

And a llama.

Whitley, please,
you have to give up something.

Okay, pookie, listen to this.

How about I take the Wayne name?

Then can I keep
some of my stuff?

You have such a big problem.

What's the problem?

You have a control problem.

Excuse me.

Maybe this isn't
the right time to ask.

Then don't.

What do you want?

Well, I have to find
my own place.


I didn't even ask yet.

May I bunk on the sofa
for a couple of nights?

What did you do to my kimmie?


It's not right for me
to hang there.

You can stay with us
till you find another place.


He'll stay on my couch.

It will be sitting on the curb.

Says who?

Did we not decide that?


All bets are off.

All bets are off.

Okay, fine, honey.

I'll wash my hands
of the whole thing.

You go through everything,
pick out what you want.

I'll live with it
like a good wife.


Ron, get rid of this.

Get rid of that.

Please get rid of this.

If you have anything to say,
you say it.

I'm tired of your manipulating

martyr attitude.

Thank you, Dr. Freud.

I'll take my severe
psychological problems


Have a nice day.

You're treading on
thin ice, buddy.

Take her stuff
and get rid of it.

I don't care where it goes.

Just take all of her stuff...

Whoever you are,
I applaud your sense of drama

but it is wreaking havoc
with my lalique.

Can I see the baby?

Lalique is a vase.

A very valuable vase,
you, you... homeboy.

I'm Ron Johnson.

I'm sure you are.

I'm Desiree Porter,
the landlady.

Would you know some place
I could store all this?

May I suggest the town dump?

Oh, go ahead!

Just a minute.


Just a minute, people.

This is why, traditionally

stepping has not been
a co-ed activity.

From where I stand

there's too little stepping

and too much Booty watching
going on.

Dean Davenport, being that
height hall is a co-ed dorm

a co-ed step team could only
lead to the deeper exploration

of the relationship between
the sisters and ourselves.

Well, thank you, Jesse.

That is exactly
what I'm afraid of.

Yo, Dean,
we just doing the steps.

We just doing the steps.

The guilty party knows
exactly who she is.

I saw that.

Come on.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Yo, Lena, step on in.

I do not think so,
not the way y'all look.

What's the matter with
the way we look?

Yeah, girl, don't knock it
till you try it.

Oh, she's tried it.

Remember this?

Didn't you compete with that
last year?

She sure...

I was a freshman.

Excuse me for maturing.

And that's not what I did.

Look and learn.

Girl, that was decent.

Teach us that step.

Right now, I'm more worried
about working on my writing

and my political activities

instead of sitting up here
shaking my butt, talking about


Excuse us, sister souljah, okay?

Word, Lena, word.

This is wack.

Our people need unity,
not just some dance steps.

What are you talking about?

Stepping is about unity.

It's one of our traditions.

It goes back to
the South African boot dance.

Mine workers did it.

That may be true, but today,
it's dorm against dorm

fraternity against fraternity.

It divides us
more than anything.

But does it have to?

Well, you know...

Tell him, Lena.

I have things to do.

Yeah, we got things to do.



Don't you hit me again.

Where are you coming from?

The basement.

Ron, where did you put
all my things?

Oh, your landlady,
the queen of royal weirdness

told me I could store it
down there.

Oh, it's still here.

Oh, thank you!

Whoo, I can only imagine
what you're like

at a furniture warehouse.

Hey, bunny?

Silent partner.

Hey, man, how you feeling?

You seen my wife?


Hey, bunny.

Listen, about this morning.

I hate when we fight.

Me too.

Hey, what's..?

What's that phone doing here?


I thought Ron got rid of
this phone this morning.

He probably forgot.

Anyway, we need another
working phone in the house.

Yeah, I guess so.

Oh, I forgot.

I have groceries in the car.

Let your big, strong husband
get that for you, baby.




What are you doing?

Where's my lamp?

This lamp wasn't here before.

That lamp has always
been there, Dwayne.

This lamp, the phone,
and this picture.

Where did you stash
all this stuff?

I can't remember
any other lamp but that.

Okay, you're lying
and you're sneaking.

From now on, you use your stuff
and I'll use mine.

Separate but equal.

That is ridiculous!

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.

There I was on the front lawn

walking robeson, my pomeranian

when the poor darling
was almost annihilated

by a flying object.

I discovered it was this.

I can only assume that the lamp
decided to kill itself.

I bought the bed.

I get the bedroom.

You make other arrangements.

So I bought the toothpaste

Mr. Plaque man.

I bought the toilet paper.

You'll have to make
other arrangements.


Did you grade that test
from this morning?

I can't wait to tape
that "a" to my door.

The test was at 9:00,
it's only noon.

I understand.

Problems at home.

Mr. Gaines.


Married life
should not be this hard.

Says who?

If one thing I've learned

it's all about compromise.

Velma gets what she wants,
and I compromise.

Did velma have problems
taking your name?

She couldn't wait to be
Mrs. Vernon gaines.

That must have
made you feel good.

Yeah, but it probably
had more to do

with her maiden name.

Velma Mae hogbone.

It's a wonder I married her.

But I'd do it all over again.

Thanks, Mr. Gaines.

Hogbone, huh?

That's rough.


Oh, no, no, no, that's mine,
thank you very much.

When I don't want somebody
to read something

I leave it on a public table.

It's my poetry.

It's pretty good.

It's private.

What part did you like?

That line about

411 emergency
reconnect the community.

911 maybe?

Yeah, whatever.

Dorian would sound good
saying that.


Not that it matters

you being mature and everything

but Dorian took Terrell's place.

And what good is poetry
if nobody hears it?

What good is having a job
if nobody sees you do it?

Now get to it.

You don't understand, kimmie.

Wait till it happens to you.

I have to give up everything,
my style, my taste, my name.

What is left?

Your foolish pride.

My foolish pride
has gotten me plenty.

I can play that man like lotto.

He'll come crawling back
on his knees.

I'll have him marching
to my tune.

Hey, whitley.

Hey, Kim.



You don't talk about my man,
I won't talk about yours.

Case closed.



Whitley, I'm not going to spend
another night like last night.

I can live without furniture,
I can't live without you.

You're my wife and I love you.

Let's go work this out.

Come on.


Can you believe it?

They doing it again.

I hear you.

Boot dance.

Break it down.

Kick it out, y'all.

You were right, Dwayne.

We were happier when
our apartment was empty.

It was never empty.

We were always there.

Yeah, we plus Ron.

Oh, thank you for
your hospitality

but I will impose
upon you no longer.

It was no problem at all.

Can we get you a cab?

Can we drive you?

No, that's all right.

I can walk.


This is cause for celebration.

Hey, hey, hey.

Don't celebrate too loudly.

My apartment is right underneath
your bedroom.

Baby, you can keep the warhol.

And the phone and the couch.