A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 12 - Occupational Hazards - full transcript

Whitley borrows Dwayne's credit card without his knowledge to buy a new suit for a job interview and struggles to find a way to pay him back. Lena and Charmaine bond after Charmaine's boyfriend Lance dumps her over the phone.

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This is the most
important interview

I've had since I lost my job.

Heresford auction house
is world reknown.

What do you want me to wear
to this interview

your boxer shorts?

That might guarantee you
the job, baby.

I need a new outfit.

Stop it, woman.

We can't afford it.

I can't go out on this interview

in that same
pink polyester nightmare

with the detachable pearls

that I've worn
to every other interview.

That thing is bad luck.
It's cursed.

No, it's paid for.

Go away, Ron.

Special delivery for...
"Mrs. Chipmunk Wayne."

Mom sent you a package?

It's not ticking.

"Dear little minx
of a daughter-in-law.

"Just whipped these up for you.

I knew
you could use them."

Okay. See?

Yeah. Go ahead.

Moms hit that just right, baby.

You can wear that
to your interview.

And there are two more in here.

Lucky you.

Dwayne, they're not really
corporate enough.

Wear a jacket over it.

I got to...

Don't leave me, pookie.

I love you.

Don't let kinishewa
work you too hard.

You're going to miss your plane.

Baby, I love you.

Good luck on the interview.

I'll call tomorrow, and don't...

Buy anything.
Buy anything.

Thank you. Now promise.

I promise.

Say it again.

I promise. I promise.

I promise.
I promise.

I promise.

I promise.

I promise I ain't going to wear
this fugly thing.

£ ooh £

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ come what may £

£ I realize that I'm ready £

£ I'm ready £

£ 'cause I finally
heard them say £

£ I heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, now,
here's our chance to make it £

£ here's our chance £

£ if we focus on our goal £

£ focus on our goal £

£ if you dish it,
we can take it £

£ we can take it £

£ just remember
that you've been told £

£ that it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from,
yeah. £

I don't know why

we have to start off
the reading group

with waiting to exhale.

It's a depressing book written
by a frustrated sister

who can't get a man.

Sounds like your autobiography.

Terry mcmillan happens
to be a contemporary author

who has proven
to the publishing world

that black folks do read.

You know, velma read that book

and she's been in a bad mood

ever since.

I had difficulty relating

to that kind of man trouble.

Then don't show up.

I wouldn't miss it.

It's my responsibility
to impart hints

for a successful relationship

to those who are not
as fortunate.

Lance and I draw
on mutual respect

and a commitment
to communication.

Long-distance communication.

Only until
the day after tomorrow.

Lance is coming.

I can't wait.

Ooh! That makes two of us.

Tonight I'm going down
to club Mercury

to check out this band
I'm thinking of managing.

Can I coerce you
into being my date?

Since Kim's away

I have to be here
for the reading group.

I'm sorry.

That's all right.

I can wait.

But not much longer.

That's for sure.


She's in Ohio for her dad's
surprise birthday party.

Oh, I forgot.

I had such a bad day.

I feel like the butt
of life's bad joke.

Would you like to
come in? I just made
some dinner.

I couldn't.

I wouldn't want to interrupt.

Really, it's fine.

Good. I brought the wine.

Today I had an interview
for a job

that had my name written
all over it.

How did it go?

I didn't get it.

How do you know?

Two other women were up

for the very same position.


One was the daughter
of the c.E.O.

The other was the wife.

There you have it.

Nothing wrong with nepotism

as long as it's in your family.

There will be more opportunities
and interviews.

But winnifred, this was perfect.

It's so unfair.

I am a college graduate
that will never, ever work.

Give me that.

Can't you do...

Seltzer! Salt!
Seltzer! Salt!

Oh, no!

It's ruined.

It's not even my suit.

I borrowed it.

What do you mean?

I used Dwayne's credit card
and purchased it

but I put the tags in.

I was going to take it back

Now what am I going to do?

The shoes and the suit
cost $700.


Are you crazy?

Whitley, I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You're not as sorry
as Dwayne's going to be

when he gets that bill.

Thank you for reminding me, Ron.

Why don't you take off

your little beige suit

and go get a blue collar
and a job?

Why don't you,
Mr. Black enterprise?

Hey, managing bands
is very enterprising.

If you have a band to manage.

I'm working on it.

Okay, you two, stop it.

You could always go
to unemployment and file.


Oh, I couldn't do that.

That's for slum people
who can't get jobs.

You seem to fit
that description.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

E.h. Wright paid for it
through payroll taxes.

This is true.

And you were fired?

Laid off.

Okay, listen.

Just go down
to the office and file.

Oh, winnie, winnie,

It does sound practical.


But I can't.

Come on...

A Gilbert never takes handouts.

Remember, you're a Wayne now.

I'll call first thing
in the morning.

All right, girls.

The floor is open.

I have to admit,
I loved the book.

I read it in one sitting.

Out loud.

If I have a girl,
I'll name her Savannah.

She was so strong
and independent...

But I will be married

way before I'm 36.

Let's hope so.
Let's hope so.

Maybe that's what Terry
was saying...

We shouldn't feel worthless
without a man.

We don't have to dog our men.

Society is doing
a good enough job.

We've always felt responsible
to protect the image of our men.

They don't need protecting.

They need loving,
and lots of it.

Nobody's going to improve
the situation

by writing characters

that are nothing
but role models.

You all can't tell me
you don't know men

who fit the description
in that book.

Wait a minute.

Whose reality
are we talking about?

Until you write "welcome" on
your back and lie down

can't nobody make you a doormat.

My beloved Lance is nowhere near

as canine as the brothers
in that book.

Well, doll, he's just a puppy.

Give him time.

I'll get it.

Are we too late to be included?

Oh this is so deep.
Dig this sisters

in a larger sense
that's what we were
just discussing.

Sorry, it's a women's
reading group.

What good is a one-sided

about a book that concerns

between men and women?

Am I right, Lena?

Come in.

Ladies, we are here

because reading is essential.

The more you know,
the farther you go.

That means
you ain't going nowhere.

I can't speak
for any of my brothers

but I saw myself
through this book

and I didn't like what I saw.

I'm ready to change

and I think
other brothers are too.

I know I am.

This was an honest
and searing novel...

A tough love letter
to black males everywhere.

Sounds like somebody read
the back cover.

Dorian, you talk a good game

but actions do speak louder
than words.

Yes, Lena, and my first action

was coming here
to join this discussion.

This book is from the female
point of view.

From the male point of view,
the women in this book

don't take responsibility

for their actions.


Well, he is right.

If you lie down with dogs,
you're bound to get fleas.

Girls, girls, girls.

We're looking
for the wrong things

in a man.

Like the size
of his bank account

or the kind of car he drives...

Right, Freddie?

You have to look
for the emotionally supportive

sensitive human being.

Yeah, just like me.

See, that's the problem
with you all.

You always want
what you can't have

but I'm here to tell you,
you can all have me.

Brother, we don't want you.

Baby, you better take
what you can get.

I'd rather suffer.

And you have been.

Your mama.

Huh? Huh?

I'm whitley Gilbert-Wayne.

I called for an appointment

but by mistake
I got disconnected.

That was no mistake.

I hung up on you. Next?

Excuse me.

I was standing here.

You should be standing
at the end of the line.

But how do I get an appointment?

Fill out an application,
a personal history

have your personal

get in the line

marked by the first letter
in your last name

and wait...
Just like everybody else.

Which part of that
didn't you understand?



I missed you too.

Filled-out application,
personal history

personal identification...

Beat you to it.

"Whitley Gilbert-Wayne."

Which name will you be
filing under?

Gilbert-Wayne. I'm a newlywed.

I guess my invitation
got lost in the mail.

Which is your married name?

Wayne, but I go
by Gilbert hyphen Wayne.

Then you should be
in the "w" line. Next!

Okay, Gilbert.
Let's go with Gilbert.

Security. Security.

It's not necessary for...

Please don't make me go
to another line.


I have been waiting here
all day.

Have you no pity?

Have you no heart?

No, but I do have a job.

Good morning, claims officer #5.

It looks like my wish came true.

I thought
you worked the "g" line.

Oh, I do get around.

Well, you look lovely.

I wish I could say the same.

Where is that mink?

Oh, the mink.

It really wasn't mine.

I borrowed it.

These are my real clothes.

You see, I need your help.

Yes, you certainly do.

So you're recently unemployed.

That's right.

You will not be eligible
for benefits

if your dismissal
was due to any misconduct

in the workplace. Was it?

Oh, no.
I didn't do anything wrong.

My unemployment
was a direct result

of cutbacks due to recession

claims officer #5.

What is your real name?

Claims officer #5.

So I can assume this is

an accurate account
of your previous earnings?

Yes. In those glory years.

Before you can receive benefits

we have to be assured that
you are seeking employment.

Oh, I've been looking.

Take a look at these heels.

Put it back on.

Just showing you.

Given your experience
in the field of art

I have several job openings
you might be interested in.

Tree pruning.

I think I need something

a little more artistic
than that.

Pet portraits.

I couldn't possibly
after the death of titi

last November
on that cold, cold day.

His little feet frozen
upright just like this.

His jaws locked tight...

His eyes slinked...

Knock it off!

Virginia road commission.

What's that have to do
with my art degree?

They need somebody
to paint the lines

on the highway.

Can I have my money
and go home, please, ma'am?

If you're eligible

you might get a check
in two to six weeks.

Two to six weeks?!

I can't possibly wait that long.

You'll have to wait that long

if you want the money, honey.

That voice and that attitude

won't help you get
a job anytime soon.

You listen to me, #5!

I can get a job on my own

and I don't need you
giving me those handouts.

When I do get my job,
you best believe

it will be one
with a real future.

You know, it's time to close.

I ought
to charge you people rent.

All right, I'll close up.

You go on home.

Well, thank you,
'cause I got a date

with a hot tub of epsom salt
and a pumice stone.

Whoo! Hot night, huh?

You got to get it when you can.

I'll bet.

Miss mabelline, you look lovely.

Thanks, Mr. Gaines.
Good night.

Good night.

You don't have
to help me clean up.

No problem.

I have to wait for my...

I know. Your beloved Lance.

Hey, Lena.

Hi, Dorian.

I thought I'd stop by

and see if you want me
to walk you back to the dorm.

Well, that's real nice.

Um, I have to stay here
and clean up.

If you can wait,
that'll be cool.

Sure. I'll help you put up
the rest of the chairs.

Hello. Pit's closed.


Oh, hold on.



Lance! Where are you?

New York?

You missed the train?

Next week?

Lance, we've been planning this
for months.

Wait a minute.

What are you talking about?

Best for all concerned,
or best for you?

I think I'm going to walk
Charmaine back to the dorm.

Is that all right?

That's fine.

I'll see you there.


You know, it's just as well
you're not here, Lance

'cause I don't want
to hurt you either.

No, no, I'm fine.

Well, yeah.

I mean, there has been
an upperclassman

who has shown
considerable interest in me.

Don't be sorry, Lance.

I'm not.

You want to talk
about it

or should I just
leave you alone?

I'm fine.

It's not the end of my life.

It's just the end
of a relationship.

A four-year relationship.

He didn't even have the nerve

to break up with me

Said he missed his train.

He's probably too scared
to get on it.

How could he be such a dog?

Go ahead and say it.

I know you're dying to.

Say what?

"I told you so."

No. I wanted
to tell you

everything will be all right.

There will be
so many fine brothers

trying to get at you

they have to take a number.

You think so?

No. I was just trying
to make you feel better.

Look, everything is
going to be fine, okay?

We're all here for you.


That's what it's all about.

Thanks, Lena.

Come on, girl.

But look, let's get
one thing straight.

Dorian is mine.

Keep your hands off him.

Now that you mention it...

What did I just say?

You ain't really got him
in the first place.


Um, honey, you sure

Kim is not going to surprise us?

Baby, she's in Ohio.

She doesn't get back
till Sunday.

There's a whole state
between us.

Do you know what I feel like?

Yes. You feel like heaven.

Well, yeah, but I...

I really feel like
taking a walk.

Wouldn't that be invigorating?

If I get any more invigorated

I'm going to have a meltdown.

What was that?

What was that noise?

What's wrong with you, Ron?

Why are you so jumpy?


Now I'm not comfortable.

I'm sorry, Freddie.

It's just that...

I don't feel at ease
being alone here.

Are you telling me
you're not over Kim yet?

No, Freddie...

Honey, i'm... I'm over Kim.

It's just that...

Well, this is our first time

and I want it to be
romantic and special.

Okay, well, what about
the hillman Hilton

by the airport?

Don't tease me. Come on.

I'm kidding.

Be serious.

Why don't we go to that quaint,
little bed-and-breakfast.

My place?

I don't have a kitchen.

That's not a bed-and-breakfast.

I don't want breakfast.

Get your coat.

Hello, sir.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Hello, ma'am.


This is your telephone sales rep
from the world of braids.

Is combing your child's hair
a painful experience

for both of you?

It needn't be anymore with
the new video bust them naps.

Order now and receive
at no extra charge

the world of braids.

Has your child always wanted

to look like
the lovely raven Simone?

Well, now he or she...





How long have you been here?

Long enough to wonder
what the hell you're doing.

This place
looks different, baby.

Did you move
a lamp or something?

Where's the sofa, whitley?

I didn't get the job,
and I tried so hard.

Oh, poor...

No, no, poor you nothing.

Where is the sofa, whitley?

Did I neglect to tell you

that I had to sell the stuff
for $200?

So now I owe you five.


Go ahead and yell at me.

No, I'm not going to yell

because that would only make you
feel better.

But pookie,
I went behind your back.

I got your credit card,
and I bought a $700 suit.

Seven hun..!


How could you..?!

Seven... seven!

But now...

I'm not going to yell.

Move! Move!
Move! Move!

I'm not going to yell at you.

But I love you, pookie

and I'm going to make
these calls.

See, I'm dialing, pookie.

I'm going to pay you back
every penny.

Oh, hello.

Is your child tender-headed?

where's the refrigerator?

80 bucks.
I'm down to 420.